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(1 d ago) ATel 16374: The occultation of Betelgeuse by Leona: recovering the stellar surface brightness of a red supergiant, with a diffuse telescope, on Dec 12 1:12 UT...

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Tatjana Scheffler
2 hours ago

7.5 work days before the winter break (sorely needed), optimistically not counting the weekend. 2 resubmissions are basically done and will get sent this week, 1 has already been postponed til next year (*sigh*). 1 paper to finish (🐝 ), and 5+1 reviews if I don't want to take them into the break (which I don't). Plus teaching, admin, meetings as per usual. #todo #academia #accountability Thank goodness the kids are big and very accommodating/self-reliant.

Thomas Kahle
2 hours ago

Habe heute Entwicklungsgespräch. ☝️ #academia #Fedieltern

Vic McFizzlesticks
7 hours ago

So #academia is basically pouring your very life into your work so you all your colleagues can throw shit at it and deny you tenure? Or even the chance to try for tenure?

No, thank you.

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(1 d ago) ATel 16374: The occultation of Betelgeuse by Leona: recovering the stellar surface brightness of a red supergiant, with a diffuse telescope, on Dec 12 1:12 UT...

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Michael Marek
13 hours ago

I taught a session this morning in a longer online leadership course for a volunteer organization I am part of.

I used a modified "flipped learning" plan in which, before coming to class, the students watched a video and read some focused 1-2 page source documents.

That allowed the class meeting to be a rich discussion of those sources. Narry a PPT slide to be found while we were live.

I was on camera the whole time we were live, and for much of the advance video. I got quite a few thumbs up at the end of the class meeting. 🙂 👨‍🏫 🖥️

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Simon E. Fisher
15 hours ago

About that mysterious new project in my department...
#academia #research #science #language #communication

A cartoon by Tom Gauld.
Two scientists are crossing campus, the first wearing a scarf, the second walking a dog on a lead.
"So everyone's talking about this mysterious new project in your department..." says the first scientist. "Are they?" the second scientist responds evasively.
The first scientist tries again: "Something about non-human cognition and communication enhancement, I heard..." But the second scientist remains steadfast. "We're not supposed to talk about it."
"Can't you tell me anything?" asks the first scientist. "You'll find out when we publish, but it's pretty big news." says the dog.
Philip N Cohen
15 hours ago
Philip N Cohen
16 hours ago

Talking to Bari Weiss, Melissa Kearney @kearney_melissa says this. She really must identify this website, for which an entire discipline is being maligned for (horror) inclusivity. I don't see text like this on the top journal pages, but I might be missing it.
#familyscience #Academia

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(24 d ago) ATel 16336: Fermi-LAT daily aperture light curve of T CrB now available...

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"To address questions about the real appearance of St Anthony, we applied body mass estimation equations to the osteometric measurements taken in 1981, during the public recognition of the Saint’s skeletal remains. Both the biomechanical and the morphometric approach were employed to solve some intrinsic limitations in the equations for body mass estimation from skeletal remains. The estimated body mass was used to assess the physique of the Saint with the body mass index."

Mongillo J, Vescovo G, Bramanti B (2021) Belly fat or bloating? New insights into the physical appearance of St Anthony of Padua. PLOS ONE 16(12): e0260505. #OpenAccess #OA #Research #Article #Science #Academia #Academic @science

A) St Anthony giving his blessing, Giotto School. This portrait is considered to reflect the true effigy of the Saint. Padova, Basilica del Santo (1238–1310), Giovanni Pinton/ Archivio Fotografico Messaggero di Sant’Antonio, 2020. (B) Giotto, St Francis appears in the Chapter of Arles, ca. 1295–1299. Assisi, Chiesa Superiore of Basilica di San Francesco. In the detail, St Anthony is illustrated suffering, with a bloated abdomen. (C) Bust of St Anthony, detail. Bronze sculpture by Roberto Cremesini, 1995. This is a scientific reconstruction of the ’real’ face of the Saint, based on the skull found after the recognition of his body in 1981. In the reproduction of this bust, the artist relied on the advice of three scholars: C. Corrain (anthropologist), V. Meneghelli (anatomist) and V. Terribile Wiel Marin (anatomopathologist). Photo by Giorgio Deganello/ Archivio Fotografico Messaggero di Sant’Antonio, 1995. (D) The 3D Forensic Facial Reconstruction of St Anthony of Padua. Cicero Moraes—Opera propria, CC BY 3.0,

"Medieval hospitals were founded to provide charity, but poverty and infirmity were broad and socially determined categories and little is known about the residents of these institutions and the pathways that led them there. Combining skeletal, isotopic and genetic data, the authors weave a collective biography of individuals buried at the Hospital of St John the Evangelist, Cambridge."

Inskip S, Cessford C, Dittmar J, et al. Pathways to the medieval hospital: collective osteobiographies of poverty and charity. Antiquity. 2023;97(396):1581-1597. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #England #Cambridge #Medieval #Hospitals #Osteology #Charity #Archaeology #Archaeodons #Genetics #Science #Academia #Academic @archaeodons @science

Fifi Schwarz
1 day ago

'The task of countering colorblindness is thus not merely to see race again, but to reenvision how disciplinary tools, convention and knowledge-producing practices that erase the social dynamics that produce race can be critically engaged and selectively repurposed toward emancipatory ends.'

#DeZinVanHetBoek #TheEssenceOfTheBook 80/52

#Boeken @boeken
#bookstodon @bookstodon
#Academia #CRT #CriticalRaceTheory

Bookcover Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Luke Charles Harris, Daniel Martinez HoSang & George Lipsitz - Seeing Race Again. Countering Colorblindness Across the Disciplines
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(23 hr ago) ATel 16374: The occultation of Betelgeuse by Leona: recovering the stellar surface brightness of a red supergiant, with a diffuse telescope, on Dec 12 1:12 UT...

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Cassandra Good
1 day ago

This quote from the (just resigned) chair of Penn’s BOT captures the real failure of (former) president Liz Magill at the House hearing:
"'Over prepared and over lawyered given the hostile forum and high stakes, she provided a legalistic answer to a moral question, and that was wrong"

As a (Jewish) Penn alum & a college prof, I’m deeply concerned by what’s happening with political & donor interference in #highered—while also frightened by surging antisemitism.


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(1 d ago) ATel 16373: OGLE-LMC511.16.41797: A second transient supersoft X-ray source without a classical nova eruption...

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Philip N Cohen
2 days ago

Wow, Zotero & Retraction Watch just stopped me from citing a retracted paper that had been hanging around in my bibliography. How great is that?

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(3 d ago) ATel 16365: Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a: pre-discovery observations with LATTE at Lulin Observatory...

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Jacopo Mazza
2 days ago

I’m teaching a new course next term and I am considering not to make lectures’ slides available to students in advance.

Has anyone done the same? Experiences? Would you recommend it?

#econtwitter #academia #academic

2 days ago

How can we restore public trust in science? (op-ed)

Science is becoming ever more politicized, leading to reduced trust in the scientific process and the knowledge it produces.

#science #scicomm #scicom #sciences #sciences #politics #academia

2 days ago

The #Sorbonne (@sorbonne_univ_) is cancelling its subscription to #WebOfScience and shifting to #OpenAlex (@OpenAlex).

"Sorbonne University has decided to redirect its efforts towards the exploration of open, free and participative tools. This decision is in line with the University’s overall policy of openness."


Brian Gettler
2 days ago

On January 15th, I will be taking part alongside several other scholars in a symposium organized by Wilfrid Laurier University on legacies of racism and colonialism in Canadian universities. My talk will focus on the use in 1860 of funds held in trust for First Nations to bail out McGill College.

Institutional Histories: Reckoning with the Past - Reimagining the Future (9am-2:30pm, EST, online)


#histodons #CdnPSE #academia #McGill

A card showing a window in an ivy-covered wall and including the details found in the post.
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( >1 mon ago) ATel 16319: Independent Discovery of a Probable Nova in M31...

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(5 hr ago) ATel 16373: OGLE-LMC511.16.41797: A second transient supersoft X-ray source without a classical nova eruption...

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Philip N Cohen
3 days ago

I made a public use file of my 2022 survey of academic social media users, N=400. It's here, with survey materials: (I used it to identify people for the interviews that which feature in my forthcoming book, Citizen Scholar.)
#academia #openscience

"Our results highlight the joint importance of network structure, commitment, and psycho-linguistic aspects of social interactions in characterizing grassroots collective action, and contribute to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that drive processes of behavior change of online groups."

Cava, L.L., Aiello, L.M. & Tagarelli, A. Drivers of social influence in the Twitter migration to Mastodon. Sci Rep 13, 21626 (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Science #STEM #Research #Computer #Computerscience #Information #Technology #IT #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Academia #Academic

Ergative Absolutive
3 days ago

I can't decide which portion of R2's comments are more irritating:

The brief statement along the lines of, 'You're missing crucial references--please cite these 15 extra articles'


The full single-spaced page objecting to TWO SENTENCES in which I summarize their recent article. R2 suggests that I more fully describe the exquistie and precise control over stimuli and beautiful systematic results and describe in more detail etc etc etc.



Solarpunk Presents Podcast
3 days ago

So, I (@arielkroon ) wrote a blog post based a little bit around some of my thesis research, and mostly around my opinions about things. It's called "Fantasy, feminism, and philosophy," and it makes me nervous to put it out there, mostly because - as a gender studies degree holder - I have experienced first-hand the negative backlash when I apply the "f" word to genre criticism.

That said, if I hate a thing, I don't tend to talk about it. I don't wanna waste my energy on something terrible. And so I am incredibly critical of the stories that I absolutely love, because I'm a big ol' nerd academic and it fills my heart with joy to find theories that apply to character, plot, and worldview.

Ahem. I'm digressing. Fantasy is so important! You could argue from a genre standpoint that solarpunk is a type of science fantasy. And that's why it's so important to investigate it. My utopia is necessarily gonna be different than yours, because I'm mired in my own biases and can't see outside of my own umwelt without help.

I'm soapboxing again, whoops. Go read the post!

#solarpunk #SolarpunkPresents #fantasy #sff #sciencFiction #ScienceFantasy #Philosophy #umwelt #bias #worldview #feminism #feminist #LiteraryCriticism #Critique #Criticism #MyFavesAreProblematic #Academia #academic #AcademicNerdery #Theory

"In this study, we developed a soft robotic model of the right heart that accurately mimics RV biomechanics and hemodynamics, including free wall, septal and valve motion."

Singh, M., Bonnemain, J., Ozturk, C. et al. Robotic right ventricle is a biohybrid platform that simulates right ventricular function in (patho)physiological conditions and intervention. Nat Cardiovasc Res (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Research #Cardiology #Medicine #Health #Bioengineering #Heart #Engineering #ComputerScience #Biotechnology #Robotics #Science #STEM #Academia #Academic @science @engineering

a, Overview of the bioinspired and biomimetic approach used to create a biohybrid beating right heart. Initially, a freshly explanted porcine heart underwent chemical treatment, after which the native myocardium was hand-dissected and replaced with a robotic counterpart while preserving the endocardial scaffold. b, The assembly of the RRV was imaged with micro-CT, revealing the preserved intracardiac structures. c, Schematic of the RV’s complex shape, fiber orientation and wall motion (left). The image of the heart showing fiber orientation in the basal and apical loops is reprinted from Buckberg et al.12, with permission from Elsevier. The physical model of the soft robotic myocardium shows the placement of individual actuators in the synthetic myocardium (right). The outflow tract of the RV contains infundibular muscles that also contribute to RV ejection through contraction. The contraction of the outflow region can be achieved by placing a circumferential actuator across the infundibulum. The numbers denote the respective actuator placement corresponding to the RV motion shown in the schematics on the left. SVC, superior vena cava.

"The present study has highlighted the gene-culture co-migration with the demographic movements that occurred during the past two millennia in Central and East Asia. Additionally, this work contributes to a better understanding of the distribution of immunogenic erythrocyte polymorphisms with a view to improve transfusion safety."

Petit, F., Minnai, F., Chiaroni, J. et al. The radial expansion of the Diego blood group system polymorphisms in Asia: mark of co-migration with the Mongol conquests. Eur J Hum Genet 27, 125–132 (2019). #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Research #Article #Science #STEM #Genetics #Biology #Asia #CentralAsia #EastAsia #Demography #Migration #Academia #Academic @science @biology

Main migratory and trade movements in Eurasia since the Neolithic. The nomadic mongoloid Xiongnu people established their first empire in the Northern regions of Mongolia between 209 BCE and 93 CE to migrate thereafter to Central Europe, where they mingled with the Franco-Germanic populations. The plotting of arrows indicates general trajectories and do not represent the actual course taken during the movements of populations
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(5 d ago) ATel 16358: The accreting millisecond pulsar LMXB MAXI J0911-655/Swift J0911.9-6452 appears to be returning to quiescence...

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Hendrik Erz
3 days ago


In my third article on academic websites, I walk you through some preconsiderations before actually setting up a website. Please read on to get an idea what you will want to do with your website! #academia @academicchatter

Tony Pennino
3 days ago

Anyone thinking about getting me a Christmas present need look no further.
#professor #academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon

A mug that says the following: STUDENT TEARS (STILL WARM)
Keith Wilson
3 days ago

I’ll be giving a short presentation on #GenerativeAI and assessment next week based on my experience teaching #Philosophy and #EthicsOfAI at #UCD. #HigherEd #academia

Nume MacAroon Ⓥ
3 days ago

I just finished my hour-long interview with Oxford University concerning their study of Mastodon and decentralized social media.

They were especially interested in what we’ve done here at Veganism Social, as we have our own fork with custom features that address common complaints such as content discoverability.

Veganism Social’s use case was exemplary of the benefits of decentralizion. Our moderation is uniquely anti-speciesist, and the community has a clear purpose beyond ‘general’.

My analyses of the technological and sociological benefits of decentralization are extensive. I (currently) have a deep understanding of Mastodon’s code-base, and how to use it. I also worked as a software developer for centralized social media, and now moderate a subreddit with 100k members.

I could not possibly exhaust myself of exhilarating insights to share.

Surely, the Oxford study will broaden awareness of how decentralized social media will benefit society.

Next time my wife asks me to stop info-dumping, I’ll banter that Oxford might think it’s worth listening to. 🤭

They’re sending me an Amazon gift card as compensation, and of course I’m spending it all on candy.

@technology @Gargron @Mastodon @feditips
@fediversereport @fediverse

#Mastodon #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Oxford #Academia #Vegan #AnimalRights #FOSS #SelfHosted #MastoAdmin

Ergative Absolutive
3 days ago

I had a student pass her viva a few months ago, and her external examiner did that really gross thing where he said, 'You need to update your references to cite me.'

Except the citation he wants her to include wasn't published when she submitted her thesis.

The guy's a full professor. He does not need extra citations from a PhD student's thesis! No one reads theses anyway besides the examiners. She'll cite you when she publishes, dude, geez, get over yourself.


Duncan Yellowlees 🎓💬
3 days ago

"its more of a comment than a question"

Don't be this person.

Use the Q&A to ask interesting things or give the speaker a chance to clarify/show of.

If you want a turn you should have submitted a talk.

#Conferences #Academia

A hand drawn picture of an audience. the person at the front has their hand up and is saying "it's more of a comment"
Flipboard News Desk
3 days ago

The University of Pennsylvania's president apologized for how she said she would handle remarks in the university community calling for the "genocide of Jews."

ABC News reports:

#Antisemitism #Pennsylvania #Academia #News

Pito Salas
3 days ago

@ramin_hal9001 I love ruby, but lately I’m much more of a python person. #ruby is the superior language imho (and I can list reasons). #python in many ways is very similar. In the end though we adopt a language and its ecosystem. I teach and in #academia python is far better known and popular.

T. Austin Brown
3 days ago

Just realized that the case I’m teaching tonight “Merrill Lynch’s Interfunding v. Argenti” consistently refers to the plaintiff as MLIF. Let’s see if we get through the whole case without a MILF joke from the peanut gallery. #law #academia #teaching #milf

Philip N Cohen
5 days ago

Who's got an #ai machine that identifies anonymous reviewers by comparing their writing to the academic corpus? Should be pretty easy. Asking for myself.

Scott Robeson
5 days ago

Dear department chairs:

When someone volunteers to write a promotion evaluation on relatively short notice and then submits a 3-page letter, along with a brief bio and cv as requested, please acknowledge receipt of said letter and thank the letter writer.

All the professors


Flipboard Science Desk
5 days ago

Citizen science projects tend to attract white, affluent, well-educated volunteers. Here’s how one team of researchers recruited a more diverse group to identify lead pipes in homes.

From @TheConversationUS:

#Science #CitizenScience #Research #Academia #DEI

5 days ago

#usa #academia / seems like accusing everyone of #antisemitism has a chilling effect… who knew

“[…] Among those practicing self-censorship since the Israel-Hamas war began, 81 percent said they were withholding criticism of Israel, compared with 11 percent withholding criticism of the Palestinians. Concerns about offending students and pressure from external advocacy groups were cited as the top reasons.


Jim Wald
5 days ago

MIT grad student on #antisemitism

"I am the daughter of a #Jewish mother and an #African-#Muslim #immigrant father" . . . .

"I was forced to leave my study group because my group members told me that the people at the Nova music festival deserved to die because they were partying on stolen land.”

Ummm ... 🤔

#Israel #Gaza #academia #rape #massachusetts #NewEngland #NativeAmerican #Indigenous

"l was forced to leave my study group
because my group members told me
that the people at the Nova music
festival deserved to die because they
were partying on stolen land.” Listen to
@MIT student Talia Kahn on the rise of
antisemitism on her campus.
Eli Kowaz (@elikowaz) on X
Map of Indigenous peoples and territories in what is now New England and eastern Canada:

Kwinitekw Environs This map expands from the previous one to the larger network of Kwinitekw, showing Wabanaki wélhanak, mission villages, and neighboring Native territories from Sobakw, the sea, to Ktsitekw, the St. Lawrence River
Warrick Ball
6 days ago

"Most scientists don’t enjoy writing grants."


"Here’s how to change that."


"Specialists share how to make the experience more enjoyable and foster a sense of belonging."


#academia #academicchatter

"This book provides the first full history of phrenitis. In doing so, it surveys ancient ideas about the interactions between body and soul, both in health and in disease. It also addresses ancient ideas about bodily health, mental soundness and moral 'goodness', and their heritage in contemporary psychiatric ideas."

Thumiger, C. (2023). Phrenitis and the Pathology of the Mind in Western Medical Thought: (Fifth Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #History #Ancient #Philosophy #Medicine #HistSci #Psychiatry #Mind #NonFiction #Academia #Academic #Book #Books #Ebook #Ebooks #Bookstodon @bookstodon (68)

Book cover: Phrenitis and the Pathology of the Mind in Western Medical Thought
(Fifth Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

"We analyze the average sonority of basic words of nearly three-quarters of the world’s languages, and confirm a positive correlation between sonority and local temperature. Our findings suggest that lower temperatures, over the course of many centuries, lead to decreased sonority. Our research provides further evidence that climate plays a role in shaping the evolution of human languages."

Tianheng Wang, Søren Wichmann, Quansheng Xia, Qibin Ran, Temperature shapes language sonority: Revalidation from a large dataset, PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2023, pgad384, #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #Language #Languages #Environment #Climate #Evolution #Anthropology #Academia #Academic @anthropology

Global distribution of MSIs across 9,179 language varieties from the ASJP database. Color of dots represents the MSI of the language, with redder dots indicating higher and bluer dots indicating lower indices. The fill color of land areas represents the mean annual temperature.
6 days ago

Female PhD students are less likely to graduate with honors (cum laude) than males.
When dissertations are evaluated by committees including a larger proportion of female scholars, the difference disappears. Great work by Tijs Bol @uva_amsterdam
#inequality #academia #phd #phdlife

6 days ago

🚨SHARP EC is urgently looking to fill 2 recently vacated positions: Director of #Conferences and Director of #Awards, starting ASAP and running through SHARP's Annual General Meeting in 2025.

Please circulate widely!

#BookHistory #PrintCulture #Academia

We are looking for an enthusiastic, well-organized colleague able to maintain good communication with local organizers, to become the Director of Conferences. If you are interested please send any questions or a 200-word expression of interest, outlining your suitability for this role, to SHARP President Danielle Fuller at by 19 January 2024.

Director of Awards supports #Scholarship by organizing prizes and fellowship awards. Early career members of SHARP welcome! (There are free books involved!) If you are interested, please send any questions or a 200 word expression of interest, outlining your suitability for this role, to SHARP Vice President, Shafquat Towheed, at by 19 January 2024.

6 days ago
El Duvelle
6 days ago

So is this the deal with the new @eLife system:
1- you send your preprint
2- it is reviewed (if they so choose)
3- you eventually upload a final “version of record”
4- you send the reviewed preprint (+reviews) to another journal for publication

Has anyone tried that step 4? Do the “other journals” accept to publish something that’s already been reviewed by eLife?

Of course, you could do 3 instead but does having an eLife paper under the new system “count” for your CV?

Edit 1: here’s an explanation of the new eLife process:

Edit 2: clarified the link between step 3 and 4 (either/or, not both)

#Publication #Research #Academia #eLife

Yann Büchau :nixos:
1 week ago

Sitting before the 'proof' version #Springer sent me of my article.

What should I say. They butchered it. It's full of copy-paste-kinda errors. E.g., apparently they manually removed all of my #siunitx usage, removed spaces between numbers and units. There are even *typos in author names of citations*. How does that even happen, when it's #BibTeX generated!? Apparently they manually write it out somehow?

This is beyond me. 🤦

#PhDLife #academia #publishing #TexLaTeX

Max Planck Institute Magdeburg
1 week ago

🗓️ Save the Date: December 7, 2023, 🕑 Time: 2:00 p.m. - AI Tools at OVGU 🤖💬 | 📍@MPI_Magdeburg | 👥 Panelists: @tomkalei, @MMagdowski, Sebastian Stober, Eduard Buzila

🎧 Preparation 👇 @Eigenraum

#AI #ChatGPT #OVGU #Academia #PanelDiscussion #TechnologyInEducation

Koen Hufkens, PhD
1 week ago

@timnitGebru I see so much of this in #academia. The classic, after I get tenure excuse. Which then becomes, after I get full professorship. etc. Basically putting of speaking up, when they do have tons of privilege already, but won't recognize it (and further legitimizes all sorts of injustice).

*sorry this hit a sore spot*

Tony Pennino
1 week ago

Just signed the contract for the inclusion of my article on James Baldwin's Blues for Mister Charlie in the volume Edward Albee and the Emergence of Difference and Diversity in US and World Theatre, 1950s-1970s to be published in a year by Routledge.
#professor #academia #academicchatter #academicmastodon

Frederik Borgesius
1 week ago

‘An analysis of 5.8 million authors across all scientific disciplines shows that the gender gap is closing, but there is still a long distance to go… The researchers found that men outnumbered women 3.93 times among those authors who started publishing before 1992, but only 1.36 times among those authors who started publishing after 2011.’ Paper: #academia #science #publishing #discrimination

Upol Ehsan
1 week ago

People who share their academic job packet samples with others-- y'all are angels 🫶

You do more for DEI than entire multi-million dollar institutes 💯🔥

I will definitely pay this forward.

#Academia #phd

Nino Kadic
1 week ago

My paper on monadic panpsychism, a theory I developed in my PhD dissertation, has been accepted for publication in Synthese! 🥳

@philosophy #philosophy #academia

Screenshot of an email in the Gmail Android app. The app colour is very dark pink with white text. The email says: "Dear Dr Kadić,

Based on the reviewers' recommendations, we are delighted to accept your paper Monadic Panpsychism for publication in Synthese. Congratulations!

Before the paper is sent to production, a few steps are needed. Please de-anonymize the manuscript, restoring (if applicable) any references to your work that may have been anonymized, and adding acknowledgements (if needed)." (The rest is cut off from the screenshot).
1 week ago

The first Annual Disabled Student Survey is the largest ever carried out into university accessibility in the UK. They received over 1,300 responses from disabled students and guess what? #HigherEd has a serious problem with #AcademicAbleism.

#Inclusion #Disability #Accessibility #Ableism #Academia

Michael Foster
1 week ago

A brilliant, timely LSE blog by @brembs

“…the Fediverse’ provides tools and technologies that are ideally suited to bring scholarly societies out of their digital caves and into the 21st century.”

“The root of their names contains their essential function, as described in 1660 for one of the first such societies, the Royal Society:

“Their first purpose was no more, then onely the satisfaction of breathing a freer air, and of conversing in quiet one with another, without being ingag’d in the passions, and madness of that dismal Age”.
#academia #research #academicchatter #socialmedia

I've had repeated experiences in academia where someone pumps me for free information (which they then monetize) or just outright lifts my work without permission/credit/citation. e.g.

How do you remain open so that you can be reachable for truly collaborative work that respects you & compensates you, yet closed when it comes to being viewed as someone whose work can be exploited? How do you approach this? @academicchatter #Research #Academia

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

From @brembs : "their handling of social technology is just a litmus test for how seriously a learned society is taking its role in our modern world and what perspective it has taken with regard to scholarship more generally."
#Academia #mastodonmigration

Yikes. Looking it up, this is the same LeConte family that many University of California buildings and streets are named for.

"LeConte and his brother, Joseph, were white supremacists, and a building named in their honour at UC Berkeley was renamed, as announced on July 7, 2020, because of their vigorous white supremacy writings in that regard."

#WhiteSupremacy #Academia #Science

Theresa Desrochers
2 weeks ago

🚨 Job Alert: Deadline Extended to Jan 1 🚨
Need some extra time to apply after SFN/the holiday? We got you. Please share.

Come be my colleague!

The Dept of Neuroscience at Brown University is hiring! A tenure-track Assistant Professor position is available for neuroscientists focusing in any topical area. If you wish to join our inclusive community of dedicated scholars & educators, info & apply @

#neuroscience #neuro #job #academia

Adult mouse cerebellum with Purkinje neurons labeled in red and axons labeled in green (Image by A. Tulloch, Jaworski laboratory)
Martin Rundkvist
2 weeks ago

A funny thing about the Swedish Crypto-Fascist Party is that while they hate #Gender Studies, they and their voters are an enormously fruitful subject for Gender Studies. Want to write a really hot study at the intersection of class, masculinity, sexuality, ethnicity and modernity? Come to Sweden and interview the men who join or vote for the "Sweden Democrats".

#svpol #academia

Tony Pennino
2 weeks ago

The students have now entered the pajama pants phase of the semester.
#academia #academicchatter #collegelife

2 weeks ago

Just started a new Lemmy community for sharing freely available full-length college courses and lectures. You can follow from Mastodon at @opencourselectures
#lemmy #fediverse #academia #selfstudy #learning

Nino Kadic
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know of any websites where I can check upcoming conference CFPs in India? 🇮🇳

A bit of a specific question, but I'm thinking of going there, so might as well use the opportunity 😀

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2 weeks ago
Retoot for


with Alt Text

Three people, doing the Plank exercise (leaning on forearms and toes), around a computer.

"How to run short and effective meetings"
Tatjana Scheffler
2 weeks ago

Was ist das deutsche Wort für "Acknowledgements" im Sinne von Angaben finanzieller Unterstützung / Projektnummern am Ende wissenschaftlicher Artikel?

Bitte nur Wissenschaftler*innen antworten und nur, wenn Ihr es wisst - Wörterbücher helfen nicht und hab ich selbst schon angeschaut.
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Bastian Allgeier
3 weeks ago

@TatianaIlyina in these times, it sounds like an important universal sentence, which can be used for almost all fields by just replacing the #academia hashtag.

#Academia would be a better place without the egomaniacs, incapable of collaborating, self-reflecting and recognizing own mistakes.

El Duvelle
3 weeks ago

Is #MDPI a predatory publisher?

(Asking in general, but feel free to mention specific journals)
(I know you want to, but let’s not discuss other publishers there 🙏)

Here’s a Wikipedia attempt at defining predatory publishing:

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