Aaron John Dizon
21 hours ago

any recommendation for a good #accessible #Audiogame? no to text base for now. #GoodMorning #Blind #Blindness #Games

Zhian N. Kamvar
1 day ago

I'm looking for a new job (remote or #PDX), please boost!

I am a research software engineer with 11 years experience developing interdisciplinary scientific software that is robust, #accessible, and user-friendly.

I have experience in population genetics, #BioInformatics, #ReproducibleResearch, and #PublicHealth. My main language is #RStats, but I can also speak #Python, #JavaScript, #Lua, #C, #XML, etc.

#GetFediHired #RSEng

The following thread describes why you want me on your team


@cbdawson Ever heard of #RSS & #Atom ?

They are #accessible and they provide people with easy access to links with text they can just read and don't clog mailboxes!


#Discord is just bad and it doesn't do anything people use it for good at all.

It doesn't replace a #public & #accessible #documentation nor does it work good as #messenger or #chat nor does it work for #calling and #ConverenceCalling...

Discord is just bad and everyone who considers using it for anything serious like a #FLOSS project should get forced to reconsider because Discord is ableist garbage and has unacceptable ToS!

♍️ Heather 👩🏻‍🦯
5 days ago

@Pixelle_3D @djghettoredneck It's like this. Until #Android is as #accessible for #blind people as #Apple, the answer is a big fat no!

Verbal Kint
6 days ago

Pour que finalement, dans ce parcours en quête de #velo #accessible , oui des expertises existent, mais elles sont à chercher ailleurs que du côté du corps médical (qui l'eut cru ?)
Avec en bonus une photo de moi sur un vélo ^^

6 days ago

For any of the detracters out there, here is the official #Forza #accessibility feature list directly from the studeo. If that isn't proof enough this thing will be #accessible, I don't know what is. Have fun reading.

Amber Hinds
1 week ago

WordPress Accessibility Day is less than a week away! Read more about the event on WP Tavern and register to attend today.

#WordPress #accessibility #a11y #WPA11yDay #accessible #captions #ASL

Freedom Scientific
1 week ago

Join the revolution of accessibility! The "Next Big Thing" Contest is your platform to shape the future of JAWS and ZoomText. Share your software ideas now:

#Accessible #Accessibility #a11y #FreedomScientific #JAWS

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

I am SOOOO weary of this UI fighting me with the autocorrect when I try to type an #Accessible #Hashtag.

I just submitted an issue to eliminate hashtag autocorrection over in the #mastodon repo. Please upvote!

And the UI just fought me again. Mind-blowing that this issue hasn't already been addressed.

@disability #Disability #ScreenReaders #UserExperience

1 week ago

@junesim63 Looks like yet another train setup that isn't really safe for me to use, as a cane& joint brace user of a #Disabled person, so I'd still be holding driving my car as the most #Accessible & safe mode of travel. It also wouldn't be safe for my spouse who's even worse with stairs than I am.

And yes, I caught the almost bait & switch between commuter & leisure trip trains, as some trains in the USA have at least similar cars & amenities as these Finnish leisure trains do, so my main issue takes the lead here.


1 week ago

Had a great experience at the new Nob Hill (#PDX) Warby Parker yesterday, thanks mostly to a very cute doctor at the new location, but sheesh, you'd think they'd have a much more #Accessible web site.

James Scholes
1 week ago

From the "WebKit Features in Safari 17.0" page[1]:

> Without the #ARIA search role, search functionality is not made properly #accessible to all users — a problem that’s far too easy to create.

Absolutely nobody is blocked from accessing search features because a form has no landmark role around it. They're blocked by the use of inaccessible mark-up within the form, like unusable custom combo boxes and incorrectly nested filter controls. I'd love to see some solutions to those problems, rather than a new element which moves the needle on web #accessibility by precisely zero points.


1 week ago

Dans cet épisode du #podcast du @podcast on a une super démo (en anglais) de l'interface audio #Vocaster Two de #Focusrite. Une mini console de mixage très ergonomique avec un logiciel de contrôle très #accessible car les concepteurs font le job pour que ça le soit. J'ai déjà ce qu'il faut mais ça donne envie !

David Harvey
2 weeks ago

One of the four Aussie owned Banks has just announced a role for an #Accessibility consultant, but the other three will have to wait! Would you rather wait, or, switch to a fully #Accessible, onshore, New Zealand bank built by Kiwis for Kiwis? You can, and the waitlist is still open! #Banking #MakingDebutBank Making Debut Bank | Rethink Banking

2 weeks ago

Apex is an #opensource #PHP based framework designed for efficient and robust web #development. Following a "simple is good" philosophy, Apex utilizes standardized methodologies via #PSRs to provide an easy learning curve and flexibility allowing you to develop in any style or design you prefer. And the version 2.0 integrates #ChatGPT and is apparently #accessible with a #ScreenReader. More info here on #reddit

Rachel Breeze
2 weeks ago

On the 28th September I'll be speaking about Building and Deploying #Accessible Websites at #DUUGFest.
My Nexer Digital colleague Matt Wise will also be there giving a talk "What you should be testing in #Umbraco" #A11Y #DF23 #Community
There's a whole bunch of great speakers and inspiring talks,
for more info

2 weeks ago

I'm searching for an #accessible #rss feed programme that could sync my feeds to a web-based feed service like feedly, so I could use my beloved "Lire" Rss reader app to read the same content on Windows and iOS. Not sure such a thing exists, but le's try anyway! Boost appreciated! Thanks.

2 weeks ago
Foto. Ein Bahnhof mit Wartekabine.
Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
2 weeks ago

"How my broken elbow made the ableism of computer #programming personal"

'... Amy Ko’s accident gave her an insight into the degree to which her discipline caters mainly to non-disabled people, reinspiring her to invent more #accessible programming languages ...'


2 weeks ago

How do you make #data #visualizations #accessible to the #blind and visually impaired? JooYoung Seo (who is himself blind) is developing a tool for this purpose, using a mix of sound and #Braille. He'll soon make it #OpenSource.


2 weeks ago

I really should watch more #LetsPlays by #Welonz (used to be #MaterWelonz, but shortened her name, which is a shame). The way she reads out everything and comments on everything she sees makes her videos really #accessible; effortless audio description!
Well, not *quite* audio description, but I find that distracting anyways. Just a cool person enjoying herself and commenting on things. It's chill and wholesome.

James Scholes
2 weeks ago

Three things are certain: designing a new #screenReader for every new #accessible #videogame is not a sustainable nor effective strategy. But by the time it becomes broadly accepted that other parties should've been doing the heavy lifting all along, companies will be too invested in their 27 separate, inferior efforts to push for better. Meanwhile, there will be very little crossover between the people making the decision not to hold the Microsofts, Steams and Sonys of this world to account, and the group of users actually relying on the accessibility affordances. Happy playing.

Stephanie Ortoleva
2 weeks ago

#HiddenDisability parking spaces at Scanlan’s Yard
The sunflower car parking spaces are in a safe location, not immediately located beside the road and are the same dimensions as a wheelchair #accessible parking space.
#InclusionMatters #InvisibleDisability #DisabilityInclusion #accessibility

photo of parking space labeled “hidden disability” with a sunflower logo
Stephanie Ortoleva
2 weeks ago

#HiddenDisability parking spaces at Scanlan’s Yard
The sunflower car parking spaces are in a safe location, not immediately located beside the road and are the same dimensions as a wheelchair #accessible parking space.
#InclusionMatters #InvisibleDisability #DisabilityInclusion #accessibility

photo of parking space labeled “hidden disability” with a sunflower logo
2 weeks ago

@com @BlindGirlVlogs83 Life-saving information should be made global and accessible, do we have any #accessible first eight information out there?

@lea google is just shit.

I can recommend / #FrogFind made by #ActionRetro which takes #DuckDuckDo and makes shit #accessible...

@billiglarper @ownohmanny @derPUPE kinda depends...

All the issues can be adressed when only keeping the #ISO-Standard - compliant Superstructure and opting for efficient #drywall construction.

OFC it does take more time and space to make them #accessible but that's with all #housing.

And a #container designed for housing costs less than €10k with furniture and turkey ready to use as a single item - this includes delivery and all the certifications re: stability and energy efficiency...

Rene Ludwig
3 weeks ago

Seems to be fully #accessible for #Screenreader users. It even has support for #Talkback actions.

3 weeks ago

Curious to know, but are there any guides for creating an #accessible setup for #broadcasting to #Twitch I've heard of #OBS but I've never used it, especially with #NVDA

3 weeks ago

Now you do not have to wait for me to give myself an #altText challenge with my #mixAndMatch #sketches.

You can visit
to generate a bunch of #mixedUp #drawings for yourself.

If you get a combination you like, you can #share the unique URL generated for you.

I will upload a lot more #pencilDrawings in the next few weeks.I will add proper #accessible ALT text to the generated images in the next code update.

Aa always, the full #JavaScript #sourceCode is linked.

Two stacks of notecards. The top two cards combine to form a sketch of a mountain range riding through a cloudy sky on a blimp like craft, trailing a stick figure from a rope ladder.
3 weeks ago

“Each of us has a role to play & responsibilities to uphold,” the statement says. “Our elected officials must #lead by example & #govern effectively in ways that deliver for the American #people. This, in turn, will help to restore #trust in #PublicService. The rest of us must engage in #civil dialogue; #respect democratic institutions & #rights; uphold #safe, #secure & #accessible #elections; & #contribute to #local, #state or #national improvement.”

3 weeks ago

If you want to #GetOutTheVote then work to make your community #accessible. Over 26% of the population has a #disability. You willing to sacrifice over a quarter of the population’s votes because you can’t be arsed to mask in public?

Or to demand universal default vote by mail? Or to demand DeJoy be removed and the USPS repaired from the damage he was hired to do?

Or to take responsibility for making sure all polling places are accessible - not just ramps, but accommodations for any and all disabilities, INCLUDING transport. Not just to vote, but every day.

Or work to eliminate ID requirements, which are nothing but racist, ableist, classist voter suppressions that violate the federal law prohibiting poll taxes.

And mask. Make masking mandatory in and around polling locations. And healthcare. And indoors in public.

Make your community accessible year round. If you only care about getting our #DisabledVotes, you don’t care about your community, and have no right to expect our votes.

And before anyone tries to “if you don’t vote for blue…” if I’m dead because of Democrat policies why the FUCK do I care about YOU facing fascists next year after I’m gone?

Work to make your own community fully accessible year round, and then the over a quarter of your community’s population that is disabled will be able and willing to vote for the folks who made life measurably better for everyone.

What #license should #Squarepants compiler and libraries have?

I understand very little about software licensing.

The language still uses a lot of code originally written in #Elm, which mostly uses the BSD-3.

Squarepants is meant to be an #accessible, #functional #ProgrammingLanguage for interactive applications.

I think I want to find the right compromise between making the world a better place and allowing independent developers to make money with it.

My big-picture priority is to give power to the powerless and erode entrenched powers.

Any suggestions from people who have spent more time than me on this would be welcome.

3 weeks ago

9 ans déjà ?! 🎂

Depuis 9 ans, nous œuvrons chaque jour pour un #numérique #accessible. Et notre engagement, lui, n'a pas pris une ride !

Merci à toutes les personnes qui ont rejoint de près ou de loin notre aventure 🥰

Joyeux anniversaire Access42 🥳


Le chat dessiné Pusheen et d'autres chats sont attablés à une table recouverte de pâtisseries et sautillent. On peut lire le texte « Happy Birthday ».
3 weeks ago

Can anyone provide suggestions for #accessible at-home COVID-19 testing if you're #blind? Happy to pay if needed. The USPS website,, says that the program is no longer available as of May 31. Thanks!

Sean Randall
3 weeks ago

several months ago someone sent me a #link to a very #simple #website/ or webapp that let you #text-chat with someone else who also had the link. it was a very #minimalist web interface, nice and #accessible.
Any takers?

Tommaths (he/him)
3 weeks ago

On describing myself visually, as a speaker at the beginning of a talk/workshop:

I'd love to hear people's thoughts about this, especially if you're someone that this practice is aimed at, and especially *not* from anyone who attempts to use 'woke' as a slur.

I'm struggling with it. I believe this is primarily aimed at folk with some level of sight loss or blindness. Whilst my eyesight isn't perfect I by no means find myself disabled by the things I encounter in society in terms of vision, so this is why I'm soliciting advice/opinion from those who do: when a speaker describes themself does that improve your experience in some way? How? Why?

I'm asking because I find describing myself really uncomfortable. Whatever I _say_ my internal description is something like "I'm a classically unattractive, short, fat male who looks like he's stuck in a bag regardless of what he wears. Without facial hair he's even more noticeably overweight and with facial hair it grows so patchily it looks like he's been chewed..." etc. Thinking about describing myself visually is depressing & I feel that many of the fully sighted folk I talk to would rather not know.

This conflicts with my desire to contribute to making the world more #accessible, so I ask again: does self-description improve things for you? If so, how/why?

I appreciate any constructive comments.

James Purser
3 weeks ago

Re last boost.

An interesting article that looks at the positives that bike lanes and more pedestrian focused civil planning can bring People with disabilities.

I'm pretty sure that no one in the disabled community is arguing against bike lanes and "walkable cities", rather what they're asking is that they don't get left behind in how those experiences are built.

#accessiblecities #disability #wheelchair #accessible #cycling

What are some #ADHD #NetZero or #Accessible -friendly options you would add into the design if you were building or renovating your home?

Tomorrow morning I meet with an #Architect to help me design a big home reno and I’d love your ideas💡

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 weeks ago

Regarding #simplicity 👆

Have a look at #ArkUI

It is a "fully customizable, #accessible and #unstyled #UI component [framework]".

No #Bootstrap. No #Bloat. Just use your own #CSS. Love it! ❤️

I've just used their Select component and it works so intuitively!

They have a guide on how to style their components (there are multiple ways):

#WebDev #WebDevelopment #Vue #React #Solid #A11Y

3 weeks ago

When asked how his morning was going at the showers in Accessible camping at #EOTR on Saturday morning, one chap with a walking frame thought for a moment and then replied, “well, I’m the right side of the grass”. I can’t stop thinking about this.
#Festival #Accessible

Technology can accelerate learning at school, enhance productivity at work, and create fun ways to play and engage with friends and family. But if you’re someone who has difficulty using traditional technology controls like a keyboard, mouse, or game controller, you might feel like you’re being left behind.

In the first part of our two-part interview, we introduce you to Cephable Founder and CEO Alex Dunn. He shares his background, the story behind Cephable, and how the company is working to provide more flexibility around user interaction with technology through their innovative free app.

#technology #tech #accessibility #accessible #startup #entrepreneur #disability #disabilities #UX #innovation #podcast #podcasts

At the top of the image, it says "Changing What's Possible: The Disability Innovation Podcast". Underneath, it says the company name "Cephable" and shows their logo (an octopus tentacle in pink, white, and blue). On the left side, it says "Season 2, Episode 9. Alex Dunn discusses how Cephable is changing how we control technology." On the right there is an image of Cephable's expression controls where the app is analyzing movements of a young girl's face to control a device.

@gopal @Tusky @teamtuck Also, there are currently not mobile #Firefish clients that are as #accessible or usable for #blind and #LowVision / #VisuallyImpaired users as #Tusky is. If Tusky were to add support for Firefish, it would help close that gap.

Lett Osprey
4 weeks ago

A lot of people I follow are writing / boosting about #Bike friendly cities, taking back areas from cars and building it back "pedestrian friendly".

While I am quite fan of all of this, I have ONE request while doing this.

Please do NOT forget that #disability is a thing, and that we NEED to have #accessibility for everyone.

Able bodied people HAVE to include disabled people when making these decisions.

A city is not welcoming, if it is inaccessible.

This is more than having wheelchair ramps here and there. For many, it means getting where you want to go using as little energy as possible, as energy is a limited resource for many.

I also want to add that always open public restrooms, easily accessible is required to make a city accessible and welcome for everyone. A city without a good amount of well kept public restrooms easily available everywhere, is a hostile city for a lot of people.

This, sadly, is true for almost every city.

Make cities green, but,

Naomi Lawson Jacobs
4 weeks ago

#Blog: "Making Disability Theology Accessible (Because It's About You and For You)." In which I reflect on how #research should be #accessible to the people it's about. With a summary of my article on neurodiversity and theology, from kind friend and disability theologian Tanya Marlow. #AcademicChatter

John Lipsey
1 month ago

Good morning, mastodon! Well, it’s finally happened. The changes to Castro, and the fact that I need to go into individual podcast feeds and manually refresh them in order to show up in my inbox, finally made me reach my breaking point. It’s time to switch podcast players. Any #Accessible #Podcast client #Recommendations? Something that handles chapter support, and also gives me the ability to view episodes in an inbox fashion without having to download them until I’m ready to listen to them… Basically, Castro the way it used to be, would be preferred. I will settle for the closest I can get, though. Thanks in advance.

Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

I'm refreshing my email signature and need your help! I've built aesthetic signatures in the past, but I never thought about accessibility. Time to change that! Any #hacks, recommendations or best practices?
I want my new signature to look good AND professional AND be screen reader friendly!
I currently plan to test it with Windows Narrator, any other tools I should use?

I really appreciate your help, thanks❤️
#CreateDesignsNotBarriers #accessibility #accessible #FediAsk #FediHelp

@josh +9001%
Same goes with any other standard-compliant browser:

If a #website is not fully useable in #LynxBrowser it's ableist and not #accessible and needs to be fixed!

Sean Randall
1 month ago

can anyone advise? I had a nice #windows app for letting me use #soundfonts as default #MIDI output rather than the Microsoft builtin rubbish. It was free and #accessible and now I can't even remember what it was called. Is anyone using anything like that compatible with a #ScreenReader

Charli Jo
1 month ago

📣 Just learned about #BeMyAI, a new feature in the #BeMyEyes app! 📱 It uses #ChatGPT4 to describe images for the visually impaired. While it's still in beta, it's a promising step toward making the world more #Accessible. Can't wait to see how it evolves! 🌟 #TechForGood

Seedy Three Sixty
1 month ago

Have any #blind people used #Qubes and is it #accessible? I've been wanting to try it for a while. #QubesOS #accessibility

1 month ago

This is so unacceptable in 2023. (Or any date after the early naughties)

We need a #standards based, #accessible web that can be accessed by standards compliant browsers of all types. We're sliding back into monopolies controlled by #google and #apple who are untrustworthy shepherds of an open web.

#webDev #browsers #accessibility #webStandards #compliance #webDesign

A phone screenshot showing a popup reading "it looks like you're using an unsupported browser. You might not be able to use or view parts of our website, including our online banking service. Try switching to chrome or safari" 
The website is
1 month ago

does anyone know of a floss #accessible #podcatcher which works on #linux? I use a normal rss feed for that, sometimes even Thunderbird, but being able to play directly from the podcast application is obviously a benefit. Preferably, it should also support the new technologies shows use nowadays for podcasts, I think you know what I'm talking about. If y'all don't know of any, I'll start opening a11y issues on those I know, maybe that's a good thing though

Zhian N. Kamvar
1 month ago

I've taken the plunge and moved instances to hachyderm, so here is my #introduction

Hi! I'm Zhian!

I am recovering #bioinformatician and a research software engineer. I've used #RStats for the last 10 years to provide tools for researchers. I currently work for @thecarpentries, where I recently finished building The Carpentries Workbench ( to support authoring #accessible lessons for #DataScience. I toot about #cats, #biking, #FOSS, and #puns

David O'Brien
1 month ago

Everyone benefits from an #accessible toilet on a moving train.

#accessibility #a11y

An accessible toilet on my local train service. 

It’s a bit antiquated but everything is there. 

Wide door
Lots of grab rails/handles 
Big, clear buttons and switches to operate the door and flush mechanisms
Simple, large text labels around the basin

Who doesn’t appreciate these things on a #shoogling train?
Greg Lopez
1 month ago

Whew! Now that the hard part of moving my #blog over to #Wordpress is done, I have a #question for all the Wordpress admins out there: I'm looking for a #accessible #theme for my blog that will comply with #A11Y standards, looks good both on #desktop and #mobile screens and most importantly is #free Anyone got any #recommendations It would also help if the theme is compatible with #JetPack as I use that plugin to make it possible for #IAWriter to connect and let me publish straight to Wordpress.

@rysiek I'll never disable my #AdBlocker out of principle because these sites won't respect my #privacy and literally lie into my face!

If they'd care about #Privacy they'd make their shit #accessible, #SelfHost #ads, not use #Tracking and shit like #CloudFlare...

Patrick W
1 month ago

Does anyone know of an #accessible subnet calculator? Thanks!

Stephanie Ortoleva
1 month ago

Being equitable doesn’t mean everyone gets the same; it means everyone gets everything they *need*
#DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityPolicy #disability #DisabilityJustice #InclustionMatters #inclustion #accessible

Drawing of adult bear taking other animal children ice skating: dogs, cats, a sheep and an octopus. She gives each animal two skates, leaving the octopus sad and wanting more than two skates. The adult bear says, “Everyone gets TWO. I can’t just do something DIFFERENT for ONE student.” The caption below states, “YES, YOU CAN.” Artist – NeuroWild
Stephanie Ortoleva
2 months ago

Being equitable doesn’t mean everyone gets the same; it means everyone gets everything they *need*
#DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityPolicy #disability #DisabilityJustice #InclustionMatters #inclustion #accessible

Drawing of adult bear taking other animal children ice skating: dogs, cats, a sheep and an octopus. She gives each animal two skates, leaving the octopus sad and wanting more than two skates. The adult bear says, “Everyone gets TWO. I can’t just do something DIFFERENT for ONE student.” The caption below states, “YES, YOU CAN.” Artist – NeuroWild
Marie Belanger
2 months ago

Today's Thing of Beauty: exposed #brick wall. 2019. Never meant to be a final surface,this was exposed in preparation for #elevator installation at #ttc #sherbourne station #toronto #Ontario #Canada #subway. It's beautiful. At least to me. #photography Photobyme. #a11y #accessible #accessibility

Exposed brick at Toronto Transit Commission  Sherbourne subway station.  Since removed to make way for an elevator
Léonie Watson
2 months ago

@plehegar describes how new work comes to @w3c and the safeguards that are in place to make sure #W3C standards are #interoperable, #accessible, and that they've considered #privacy, #security, and #internationalisation:

Currently taking a #DataVisualization course for #Blind folks, and all I can say is that #VSCode is a prime example of why engineers should never be trusted to build good usable apps. No usability nor good design considerations at all, just a mish-mash of awful choices that aren't using common nor accepted #Accessible design patterns over on MacOS. Desktop apps aren't and shouldn't be websites and should take full advantage of what AppKit or what the native OS offers you in terms of controls.

2 months ago

Just got a note from a friend that his team at #Amazon is adopting my #Infosec Show and Tell meeting format.

I really do get such a pleasure performing this service for our peers each week and I really believe it can improve community and security adoption.

If you have a few minutes, please consider reading and sharing. Also, if theres anyway to make the post more #accessible, LMK!