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6 hours ago

Activision cites 'organizational changes' as the reason for Hearthstone layoffs

Check it out! 👇

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Loki the Cat
13 hours ago

Looks like the US FTC is playing its own version of "Whack-a-Mole" with Microsoft's acquisition of Activision! 🎮💥 Can't they just let them have their gaming fun? 😼 #FTC #Microsoft #Activision #GameOn

The Video Game Library 📚
1 day ago

Beware the Grue at night! A vulture might carry you off!

Unofficial. Unauthorized. And completely independent!

This strategy guide was published in 1993 to help fellow adventurer's through "Return to Zork".


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The cover of Return to Zork. A magic user stands in the mouth of an illuminated cave. Magic is glowing off of his hands. The title "Return to Zork" is at the top of the page.
Zach Nocturnal Artist
3 days ago

A drawing of Enduro for the Atari 2600 from Activision in HiPaint. Source image from Google Images
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Professor Code
4 days ago

Did you all hear about this?

If Microsoft's buyout of Activision goes through, they may end up having a legal obligation to make sure that Activision games run well on Proton.

It almost makes me wish this acquisition goes well too! 🤯

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James House-Lantto (He/Him)
5 days ago
Microsoft's Attempt to buy Activision/Blizzard for $69-billion seems to be cleared to proceed after a revised deal has met the satisfaction of the CMA

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5 days ago

Prepare yourself for NEW Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass additions! Just think...
✅ Call of Duty
✅ Diablo
✅ Warcraft
✅ Destiny
✅ Skylanders
✅ Crash Bandicoot
✅ Overwatch
✅ Starcraft

"UK regulator: Microsoft concessions ‘substantially address’ concerns about Activision deal" - Geekwire
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IT News
6 days ago

Microsoft is finally on the verge of closing its Activision deal - Enlarge / Taking a close look... (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica)... - #activision #microsoft #gaming

Tech news from Canada
6 days ago

Ars Technica: Microsoft is finally on the verge of closing its Activision deal #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #Activision #microsoft #Gaming

6 days ago

A CMA do Reino Unido aprovou de forma preliminar a aquisição da Activision Blizzard pela Microsoft, marcando um passo importante. Saiba mais!
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Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
6 days ago
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6 days ago

Microsoft finally lays UK regulators' cloud gaming fears to rest—new consultation suggests an end to the drawn-out Activision Blizzard acquisition saga

Check it out! 👇

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6 days ago

Britische Kartellbehörde nickt Activision-Deal durch Microsoft ab

Microsoft ist der Übernahme des Videospiele-Riesen Activision Blizzard einen großen Schritt näher gerückt. Britische Wettbewerbshüter haben ihre Bedenken offenbar ausgeräumt - doch es bleiben Restzweifel.


#Activision #Microsoft #Übernahme #Kartellbehörde

6 days ago

New #Microsoft / #Activision deal addresses previous CMA concerns in cloud gaming - GOV.UK

#Ubisoft will be free to offer Activision’s games including for buy-to-play or multigame subscription services, or any new model for providing content that might emerge as the market develops.

Microsoft should port Activision games to operating systems other than Windows and support game emulators when requested.
6 days ago

Die britische Wettbewerbs- und Marktaufsichtsbehörde (CMA) hat die Übernahme von Activision Blizzard durch Microsoft vorläufig genehmigt.
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1 week ago

Die Zombies kommen: In #CallOfDuty: #MW3 wird es auch einen Zombies-Modus geben. Zu diesem steht jetzt eine außerst stimmungsvolle Filmsequenz bereit. #Activision
1 week ago

🤝Il governo britannico sostiene la CMA nell'impedire l'acquisizione di Xbox-Activision, per preservare la concorrenza nel mercato dei videogiochi. #Xbox #Activision


1 week ago

Xbox and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Microsoft's biggest leak ever reveals new Xbox, games, fat wallet
#News #activision #bethesda #blizzard #nintendo #playstation #SeriesS #SeriesX #sony #xbox

Al final se están confirmando estos leaks, todo ha salido del juicio del juicio de #Microsoft contra la Federal Trade Commission (FTC) por la compra de #Activision .

Tenemos los planes de una revisión de la #XBOX Series X , planes para una nueva consola para 2028, un nuevo mando, posibles deadlines de la salida del nuevo Elder Scrolls, un nuevo #Doom , #Dishonored y mucho más.

También se habla en los documentos de que el CEO de Xbox quiere comprar a Nintendo pero "a la larga" porque #Nintendo no se deja vender. Mencionando otros premios y caprichos como #Steam , #SEGA y #SquareEnix .

De paso recomiendo el documental en #Youtube de Nate Gentile sobre Microsoft ya que la historia se está repitiendo. Hasta los Simpson hicieron una parodia de lo sucedido:

Edit: Nótese que los planes de Microsoft puedan cambiar a lo largo de estos 5 años que vienen, pero no su afán de expandirse


Title Release Schedule Console/PC F2P/Mobile

= DOOM Eternal & DLC = Fallout Shelter Online « The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor = Project Whirlwind = Fallout: Wastelanders « Deathloop  Starfield « Project Ubu « Elder Scrolls Online: Expansion = Project Wanderer = Redfall

FY21E = DOOM Eternal DLC + Ghostwire: Tokyo « Fallout Worlds (Fallout 76) = Project Hibiki « Indiana Jones Game = 3 planned titles = Oblivion Remaster

Aers = Elder Scrolls Online: Expansion = Starfield DLC = DOOM Year Zero & DLC = 1planned tite = Project Kestrel

FY23E = Elder Scrolls Online: Expansion = Project Platinum = The Elder Scrolls VI = 1planned title = Project Kestrel: Expansion = Licensed P Game = Fallout 3 Remaster = Elder Scrolls Online: Expansion = Ghostwire: Tokyo Sequel = Dishonored 3 = DOOM Year Zero DLC
La nueva consola, descripción abajo:
The most powerful Xbox ever, now adorably all digital Brooklin will deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming — with more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, 1 reduced power, a more immersive controller ] Updated Technologies and a beautiful redesign that elevates the all- = All-new southbridge to modernize 10 digital experience of the Xbox ecosystem. B ETS E TSt = Wi-Fi 6E radio for better throughput,  ’ latency, and interference mitigation K = BT 5.2 radio for improved accessory e = 6nm die shrink for improved efficiency - Giving Our Fans More to Love N * Beautiful and innovative new design ~_— = More internal storage for games (2TB) = USB-C front port with power delivery * All-new, more immersi ¥ P - ; e
Nuevo mando de Xbox, es casi igual pero con mejoras con el tema de la sensación háptica como en la PS5, descripción:

SEBILE - THE NEW XBOX CONTROLLER The world's best controller, now playing on a screen near you - ! Al y Sustainability Do Good, Feel Good s = Rechargeable & swappable battery UquUIty / = Recycled materials and less resin Play Anywhere * Repair and disassembly = Xbox Wireless 2 -~ = Direct-to-Cloud "‘ o LG VE Gl 0 Q Durable & Reliable R - - = New modular thumbsticks = New mobile app features 0 * Improved longevity o See paired devices & cloud ( = Continued build improvements o Manage devices & accessories Ly Approachability Feel the Game ——————— Engage & Delight RIS TN F o TR e (PE T S LT STREIE bt L e . * Quieter buttons & thumbsticks = Same ergonomics as Merlin = Same layout & activation forces = SE/LE/XDL options as expected
Una imagen con los planes desde 2024 hasta 2025 con el lanzamiento de las revisiones de la Series S y X
1 week ago

Den #Activision-Fall gegen die #FTC hat #Microsoft zwar gewonnen, man hat dabei aber zahlreiche interne Informationen "verloren", darunter diverse Details zur Next-Gen-#Xbox.,138559.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Dionysus 🍇
2 weeks ago

The urge to play #WoW is upon me again. However, I remember past shenanigans by #Blizzard and #Activision. Have things improved? No scandals or grievances?

Kinda interested in how many people are (still) boycotting #blizzard / #activision since the whole Blitzchung controversy so I'ma try do a poll on here I guess. Boost appreciated since I don't have a lot of reach.

#gaming #boycott #poll

Carbon Costume
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

With all of the amazing games that came out in the past few years, I am so done with #Activision|s poor imitation of our old friend #Blizzard who no longer exists. (a m) #D4 #Diablo4 #DLCs

1 month ago

Activision announces rollout of AI-assisted voice chat mod tools for its Call of Duty series #Activision #AI

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago
IT News
1 month ago

AI-powered hate speech detection will moderate voice chat in Call of Duty - Enlarge (credit: Activision)

On Wednesday, Activision announce... - #machinelearning #aimoderation #activision #callofduty #modulateai #aiethics #biz#gaming #toxmod #tech #ai

Activision залучить нейромережі для протидії токсичності в голосових чатах Call of Duty #Штучнийінтелект #Activision #CallofDuty #Новини #Ігри
1 month ago

#Activision startet den nächsten Versuch, die toxische Community in Call of Duty in den Griff zu bekommen: Sprachchats werden jetzt unter Vollüberwachung gestellt.,138212.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

BBC News
1 month ago

News at 9PM: Killer nurse gets life sentence, sparking fallout. Zimbabwe election polls open tomorrow. #Microsoft strikes deal with #Activision Blizzard. Canada experiences worst #wildfire season on record, prompting Biden's visit to Maui. Corruption allegations surface in Ukraine. NHS bosses face calls for regulation following #data breach within PSNI. Former Met Officer imprisoned for rape crimes while Network Rail faces charges over fatal derailment. #ActivisionBlizzard #BBC #News

BBC News
Andrew Leahey
1 month ago

Tues 8/22 - Law Firm of the Future, NJ Needs Judges, Activision Sells Cloud Gaming to Ubi, SCOTUS May Review HS Diversity Program and Column Tuesday on Hydrogen

A peek at the #lawfirm of the future, #NJ suffers from a judge shortage, #Activision will sell its cloud gaming business, #SCOTUS asked to review high school diversity program and Column Tuesday on the need to better fund clean elec. initiatives to bolster the clean hydrogen sector.

#lawfedi @law #podcast

BBC News
1 month ago

News at 6PM: Four children have been rescued in Pakistan, as reported by officials and the People's Party. #Microsoft has struck a new deal with #Activision Blizzard. Zimbabwe's election polls open tomorrow. The #BRICS summit, focusing on trade and economic ties, is underway in South #Africa. Fallout continues after a killer nurse was sentenced to life imprisonment. 18 suspected migrants have tragically died in Greek fires. #ActivisionBlizzard #BBC #News

BBC News

Et ça continue encore et encore !

"#Activision x #Microsoft : l’Union européenne pourrait revenir sur sa validation du rachat"

BBC News
1 month ago

News at 3PM: #Microsoft has struck a deal with #Activision Blizzard. Two children have been rescued from a cable car in Pakistan. There are calls for NHS bosses to be regulated. Scotland's drug-related deaths have fallen, reaching their lowest since 2007. The #BRICS Summit is underway, with trade and energy discussions on the agenda. In #Thailand, Srettha Thavisin has been elected as the new Prime Minister. A significant breakthrough suggests MRI scans could screen men for prostate cancer. #BBC

BBC News
1 month ago

Microsoft Übertragung der Cloud-Gaming-Rechte an Ubisoft könnte eine erneute Prüfung durch die Europäische Union auslösen.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #Activision #Blizzard #Microsoft #Repost

1 month ago

Huge concession, it seems.

Still, if all new releases are by "#Microsoft Studios", and not by #Activision proper, does #Ubisoft still benefit?

John Leonard
1 month ago

Microsoft to sell Activision rights to Ubisoft in effort to appease UK competition regulator

Microsoft will have to licence Activision games from Ubisoft under the proposed deal

#microsoft #activision #cma #uk #gaming #technews #ubisoft
1 month ago
Uli Kusterer
2 months ago

Looks like Blizzard is sending survey links out to current and former players via e-mail. Short reminder that this is a great opportunity to request in any free-form fields they have that abuser Bobby Kotick has to go.

#games #blizzard #activision

2 months ago

@jalefkowit Ya know I can't help to let my mind wander in a world where no one had ever heard the name #Activision

"The door to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe was finally closed on May 5, 1989, when Activision (renamed to Mediagenic, at the time) closed the Cambridge office and laid off 15 of the remaining 26 Infocom employees. Offering to relocate the rest to their offices in Menlo Park, only five accepted. Infocom was dead."

add to pile.
back to coding.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

"Has anybody seen my red WD external drive?!"

Classic Transformers games are apparently lost on a hard drive somewhere in Activision, as Hasbro urges a return on Game Pass

#Transformers #HardDrive #Activision #Hasbro #GamePass #GamingNews

A screenshot from a cel-shaded Transformers game with a giant green and purple Transformer towering over Optimus Prime.

Isn't this materially changing the operation of #Activision #Blizzard *during* a merger? Odd...🤔

2 months ago

UPDATE 1-US FTC official withdraws case against Microsoft-Activision deal before internal agency judge

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission official on Thursday withdrew the agency's case before an in-house judge that sought to block Microsoft's $69 billion acquisi...

#Microsoft #Activision #msftadvocate

Steve Herman
2 months ago

Update: #FTC withdraws its case before an in-house judge that sought to block the #Microsoft $69 billion acquisition of game-maker #Activision, reports Reuters.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

You'd think with the windfall of money they'd get this wouldn't be a thing.

Activision Blizzard lays off esports staff as it faces potential dramatic changes for the Overwatch League

#Activision #Blizzard #eSports #Layoffs #Overwatch #OverwatchLeague #GamingNews

The Dallas Fuel Overwatch team.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

When i was in school, I was told that if I couldn't get the assignment done when it was due, I might as well turn it in.

Good to see those rules were good for nothing!

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard extend merger agreement to October

#Microsoft #Activision #Blizzard #Acquisition #GamingNews

The logos of Microsoft, Activision, and Blizzard.
2 months ago

Activision laying off their esports division :( "I can only speculate that Activision Blizzard is closing its esports division. They may be able to keep a skeleton crew on to close out OWL and World Series of Warzone, but in my eyes, they are completely unequipped to support esports after that.” #activision #esports #blizzard #owl #layoffs

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

So, uh, yeah, Microsoft, let's talk about this.

Maybe this isn't what you wanna do.

Those guys are the bad guys.

(looks in the halls of the U.S. Congress)

Then again...

22 House Republicans Call on FTC to Drop Opposition to Xbox's Activision Blizzard Merger - IGN

#USHouseOfRepresentatives #USGovernment #FTC #Republicans #Xbox #Microsoft #Activision #Blizzard #Acquisition

The Xbox logo.
2 months ago

"Where the FTC screwed up is they challenged a $200B/revenue company buying a $8B/revenue company."

"The law says that if a combination results in less competition, it should be disallowed. This one doesn't."

"T-Mobile buying Sprint? Disney buying Fox? [The FTC] didn't even blink... these aren't really big [market consolidations]."
- Michael Pachter, Analyst, Wedbush

Microsoft, Activision Watch Hurdles to $69 Billion Deal Fall - Bloomberg

#microsoft #activision

John Leonard
2 months ago

US appeals court denies FTC's attempt to temporarily block the Microsoft-Activision deal

The completion of Microsoft's takeover now hinges solely on the UK's CMA

#microsoft #activision #ftc #technews

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

We all knew this is how it was going to go down, right?

Sony agrees to a Call of Duty deal with Microsoft

#Sony #CallOfDuty #Microsoft #Activision #Blizzard #Acquisition #GamingNews

The PlayStation logo.
2 months ago

My request for all Infocom text adventure titles to be made available on the Microsoft Store for free for everyone is one step closer to reality! #infocom #textadventures #zork #suspended #starcross #leathergoddesses #deadline #activision #microsoft

"Appeals court denies FTC bid to pause Microsoft purchase of Activision"

The appeals court decision removes one of the last hurdles to completing the $69 billion deal.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

Press "F" to pay respects.

FTC motion denied, as Microsoft's Activision acquisition nears completion

#FTC #Appeal #Microsoft #Activision #Acquisition #GamingNews

Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II looking as if you thought the appeal was going to work while you wear night vision goggles.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

Now that the US says OK, the UK doesn't wanna seem like the odd country out.

UK extends deadline for final decision on Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal

#UK #Microsoft #Activision #Blizzard #Acquisition #GamingNews

The Microsoft logo with a cloudy blue sky backdrop.
3 months ago

I have a feeling life in #America is going to get really complicated soon after the #FTC #Microsoft ruling... Watch the econofascists line up to begin the rapid monopolization of industries now that the precedent has been set. This may very well be the worst-case scenario.

#Activision #Capitalism #Economics #VideoGames

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

I feel that Activision Blizzard might have jumped the gun on this one.

Activision Blizzard stock to be delisted from NASDAQ amidst FTC appeal of Microsoft deal

#Activision #Blizzard #NASDAQ #FTC #Microsoft #GamingNews

An image Microsoft shared during the acquisition announcement of Activision Blizzard King featuring games like Overwatch, Diablo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, and Starcraft. At the bottom are a list of developers that are a part of ABK.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

Looks like the FTC has some fight left in them!

FTC appeal in Microsoft/Activision case shows US regulator isn’t giving up yet

#FTC #Appeal #Microsoft #Activision #Regulation #Gaming News

Two soldiers fighting in front of the Activision logo.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

Right on the heels of the FTC news.

Microsoft and UK regulators agree to pause their Activision battle to negotiate

#Microsoft #UK #Activision #GamingNews

The Xbox logo

We are fine with monopolies as long as they close their fists around the market, ten years down the road. Which we all know, is going to happen. #Activision #Microsoft #Videogames

The entire legal shenanigans around #Activision + #Microsoft reads as a massive failure of the US's ambitions to get it's anti monopoly chops back. With thunderous applause from a whole lot of gaming media. #videogames

Microsoft ❓ Activision

Can anyone explain to me what the story is with these two companies?

I'll be honest, I love Microsoft for various reasons, its technology stack has fed me for many years. I still use their products.

But I hate Activision for various reasons, and it is not clear to me whether this story is in a positive direction or not 🧐

#microsoft #activision

3 months ago

Judge rejects #FTC’s attempt to block #Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of #Activision, a major blow to antitrust enforcers undefined

3 months ago

1 Million #PlayStation Owners Play #CallOfDuty... And Nothing Else

Poorly redacted data from the #Activision #FTC hearings shows millions mainly play the popular shooter

3 months ago

Judge grills FTC about data in hearing on Microsoft deal to buy Activision - Reuters
#microsoft #activision

Mike McCaffrey
4 months ago

While regulators are trying to stop #Microsoft from buying #activisionBlizzard, could they also retroactively nullify the merger of #Activision and #Blizzard, because it seems to have created a toxic environment that is better at producing sexism than video games.

Fynn Becker
4 months ago

Quite interesting that #Activision of all companies is taking a stance against queerphobia.

Activision Blizzard's CEO just said:

"We did not have a systemic issue with harassment—ever. We didn't have any of what were mischaracterizations reported in the media. But what we did have was a very aggressive labor movement working hard to try and destabilize the company."

Explain to me: why a union would want to destablise the company that's paying a salary to their members? Where's the logic in that?


#UnionBusting #Activision

Dan Johnson
4 months ago

I'm excited for #Diablo4 tomorrow but if I weren't buying it with leftover free bnet balance from my time working there, at this point I wouldn't touch it.

There are great devs at that company working their butts off to make some of the best games in the industry. And I hope they all leave for better studios as quickly as possible, because they don't deserve what #Blizzard puts them through, and Blizzard certainly doesn't deserve their talent and passion.

#GameDev #Diablo #Activision

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

This is ... something. I'm just going to leave this here without further comment.

#Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says he was humbled and outraged by toxic workplace claims and blames "outside forces" for most of Activision's image issues.

Glyn Moody
4 months ago

EU approves #Microsoft’s takeover of #Activision Blizzard - interesting in the light of UK's decision to block...

4 months ago

#EU Approves #Microsoft’s $69 Billion Deal for #Activision

The green light follows objections to the blockbuster deal by American and British regulators on the grounds that it would undercut competition.

Pratik Patel
5 months ago

EU regulators are expected to approve #Microsoft's #Activision acquisition next week, most likely on May 15, three weeks after the UK blocked the deal.

#gaming #games

Ian Brown :fedi:
5 months ago

Guardian business editor adds: #Microsoft’s “whining” about its #Activision takeover is “an absurdly over-the-top reaction to a regulatory thumbs-down in the UK, on entirely coherent grounds” 🎯
RT @maxvonthun
Never thought I’d find myself publicly comparing a Big Tech executive to an irate toddl…

5 months ago


Activision's stock price has already dropped 11% after the announcement.

Coupled with the court case between #NetEase and #Activision, not looking too good for their reputation eh

Activision Blizzard threatening the UK because we blocked their anti-competitive merger:

“The report’s conclusions are a disservice to UK citizens, who face increasingly dire economic prospects. We will reassess our growth plans for the UK. Global innovators large and small will take note that – despite all its rhetoric – the UK is clearly closed for business.”

Yuck. Get in the bin 🚮

#Microsoft #Activision #Gaming

Stephen Radford :telly:
5 months ago

The UK CMA has blocked the #Xbox #Activision deal on grounds that Microsoft's cloud position is too strong and would cause harm to gamers.

Dan Johnson
5 months ago

And cruel to the people who #Activision #Blizzard has already long mistreated, like QA and CS employees across the country.

During covid, many new hires with disabilities & other complications were, maybe for the first time, able to live the dream of making video games because they could do it from home.

Now ABK, who had three profitable years, is forcing them out via the bare legal minimum of ADA compliance, short deadlines, poor communication, and open hostility.

It's offensive & shameful.

Dan Johnson
5 months ago

Stupid because they won't offer it to everyone they should, and people will leave. Talented, not-irreplaceable-but-damn-hard-to-replace people who legitimately love working at #Activision #Blizzard and are worth their weight in gold will look at Bungie or the FLEET of new remote startups and decide it's time to move on.

Even some portion of those who get WFH will end up leaving, because "grudging allowance" means remote workers will be disadvantaged in career advancement vs in-office folks.

Dan Johnson
5 months ago

Unfair because some people absolutely do and will get to continue to work remotely.

- the C-suite, of course. Fran used to work from her beach house in the Hamptons.

- the irreplaceable. Principals and Senior 2s, engineers, and other hard-to-hire roles, if they want it, will get it.

- the lucky. Team leadership willing to pull for you, a capable and empathetic manager, or just asking quickly enough (I have heard people say the teams are capped at 20% wfh).

#Activision #Blizzard

Dan Johnson
5 months ago

The more I think about it, I have to conclude that #Activision #Blizzard's mandatory #RTO is their attempt at a soft #layoff. It's a comical combo of unfair, stupid, and cruel.

"Being loud about it because I've lost yet *another* person this week.

Blizzard is losing amazing talent because someone in power doesn't listen to the game directors who make his products. DE&I also means diversity of thought, especially when it's backed by data and financials."

TWiT Podcasts
7 months ago

What really happened at #LastPass? @leo, Louis Maresca, @PadreSJ, and, @dmoren share their opinions on This Week in Tech. Plus, the latest #AI news, the #Activision acquisition, #CNET, and more. Listen here or on your favorite #podcast app for more:

Dan Hulton
7 months ago

#Activision / #Blizzard mistreats its employees. Badly. Many are leaving in disgust and despair.

There are many reasons why employees stay with a company that mistreats them, but there's only one reason that company mistreats them in the first place: because they believe they can get away with it.

If you buy #DiabloIV, you agree with them.

There are other games.

Don't buy Diablo IV.

Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

#Amazon has just axed 18,000 people.

They made 500 billion dollars last year.

#Microsoft is planning to axe 10,000 people.

This time last year, they announced their intention to acquire #Activision #Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. They made over 17 billion dollars last year and are 10% ahead for this year.

#Meta announced 11,000 layoffs in November.

We know what's been happening with layoffs at #Twitter.

And there are many others.

It just goes on and on

Mr Creosote
10 months ago

#MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries - it took me a couple of months longer to finally cover this at #TGOD than anticipated. Simply because I love playing it so much.