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@rolandwasheeeere @NerdRage42 @ellenor2000 @enby_of_the_apocalypse The analogy exposes the fact that NerdRage42 has a problem #activism. He expects ppl to keep their sense of ethics to themselves, keep their head down, & not advocate moral responsibility. I’m not vegan but ideologically I am aligned w/vegans. I take issue w/vegans who actually do keep their head down. It’s insufficient to just take personal responsibility w/out advocacy.


Thus, many of us (if not most) are left in need of assistance to acquire housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc. Without this assistance, everything breaks down, we are left to beg on every corner, sickness spreads, children die, our bodies fill the streets, & society unravels. Capitalists know this. Yes, they need us to feel desperate & insecure enough to remain motivated (coerced) to sell ourselves to them for survival, but they also need at least a minimal degree of stability to maintain their racket. They need our vulnerabilities & insecurities to be somewhat stabilized and kept at bay just enough to keep us afloat. Because they need our labor and consumption. This requires a welfare state. So, the welfare state was born.

When land & the means of production are held in public hands (as they are under socialism), by and for the masses, a welfare state becomes obsolete. Because we are no longer commodities left to sell ourselves in a job market. Basic needs are no longer commodities that are hoarded & sold for profit. The fruits of our labor no longer go to owners, but rather are retained by us to satisfy the needs of our families and communities.

- Hampton Institute (Facebook)

#Socialism #anarchism #activism #disability #FuckCapitalism

We have been conditioned to believe the welfare state is a form of socialism when, in fact, it is a feature of capitalism.

When land & the means of production are placed in private hands for profit (as they are under capitalism), the masses are immediately rendered landless & homeless commodities who must sell ourselves to capitalists for wages that may or may not allow us to purchase basic needs, which also become commodities in this process. Like all markets, the "labor market" is driven by competition to fill a limited number of "jobs." Many of us are unable to find buyers to purchase our labor, so we remain "unemployed." Many of us are unable to find full-time jobs or adequate wages, so we remain "underemployed." Many of us have physical or mental limitations that render us "unmarketable" commodities.


- Hampton Institute (Facebook)

#Socialism #anarchism #activism #disability #FuckCapitalism

6 hours ago

We are Jundullah, a community of Islamic activists seeking to promote the betterment of society through Islam and opposing the oppression of individuals and the world.

We fight against environmental exploitation, governmental corruption, and the oppression of LGBTQ+ people and other minorities.

Our agenda is to decry evil, and to promote the good in life - Islam.

#introduction #introductions #islam #activism #environment #environmentaljustice

20 hours ago

@MattHodges @tokyo_0 Limiting access through paywalls may hinder the understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by marginalized communities. It is essential to consider inclusive approaches that promote empathy, education, and social change.

I do understand the general opinion on this matter after all. 👍 #IchBinArmutsbetroffen for example #activism

Strongly disagree with this crazy method of #protest targeting great works of #art that have *nothing* to do with the subject - it alienates supporters:

"In Defense of the Art-Targeting Climate Activists", Project Syndicate (

#Environmentalism #Activism

1 day ago

Many well-meaning groups run websites to support people working for social change. Often change that would threaten the selfish, short-term interests of the wealthy and powerful.

Far too many of those websites serve spyware like GoogleTagManager to their visitors, which collect their personal data. This personal data is then fully available to any governments that participates in the "5 Eyes" spy alliance, using tools like #XKeyScore:

#activism #surveillance

Michelle Hoffmann - DVI
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Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Just Say Gay! Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee #justsaygay #dontsaygay #tshirt #shirt #unisex #cotton #tees #activism #black

Just Say Gay Tshirt
Sampath Pāṇini ® ✅
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The Glacier v Teamsters decision by the US Supreme Court prompted me to tie together some personal threads in a post for paying subscribers:

#history #family #story #patriarchy #leadership #management #values #activism #poetry #politics

Alex Granford
2 days ago

Win for activists but probably a defeat for artists, exhibitions and cultural diversity in the country…

British Museum ends BP sponsorship deal amid pressure from climate activists

#culture #art #oilandgas #activism

Trump has asked the judge overseeing his criminal case in New York City to step aside, citing the judge’s daughter’s ties to a Democratic organization.

So, Trump thinks that judges with close family members who are politically active should recuse themselves on cases with political implications.

Sounds a lot like Clarence Thomas and his wife’s Republican activism, huh?

#SCOTUS #trump #activism

2 days ago

Some Infinite Ink web pages are now wearing orange.
#InfiniteInk #WearOrange #Activism #Hacktivism

2 days ago

(A longer version of a reply I gave on resistance to climate-change action)

While I agree that there is resistance to accepting the bad news, I'm going to give most people the benefit of the doubt and suggest that it's probably not a conscious, rational-but-erroneous process. And it's not dishonesty.

Along with the normalcy bias, that allegorical frog-in-a-pot syndrome, there are sometimes connections between negative behaviours and self-identity that make some changes genuinely uncomfortable, even to the point of distressing.

Consider smoking as an example. A relative of mine refuses to quit because "it's what I do". When I talked to her about it at length and without a "quit!" agenda, she related that she had been lonely at school, but when she started smoking the cool kids became her friends. So asking her to stop was an affront to her being acceptable.

WRT climate-action, whether it's driving a large car or eating lots of meat or anything else, *if* that behaviour is part of your self-identity then being told to stop doing it can be seen as an attack on your self-worth. And 'them' making the 'attacks' louder and more strident is never going to convince you do it, and may well create more entrenched defensiveness, to the point of denying that the reasons to change are applicable, or even real. These are not just "you can't tell me what to do" rebels (although there are some of those), but people who feel genuinely upset about being told that what they like to do is, effectively, evil.

It's not the same as the denialism of industy-level players protecting their profit, and it's not going to be easy or quick to fix.

I don't have an easy solution to that kind of resistance, but I suspect that it's going to be slow and gentle, rather than loud and fast. By all means continue and increase awareness raising. But confrontation is unlikely to win the day in some of the battles.

#climate #ClaimateAction #activism #ausol

"The trigger of anxiety is not climate truth; it's the unsettling silence of inaction echoing against that truth".
#climateanxiety #activism

Dhyan Nada
3 days ago

Climate activism 101 is understanding "Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet" better than the proponents of fossil production and capitalist growth. Studying this 2021 book by Professor of Physics Tom Murphy and reading his blog "Do the Math" will take some effort, but produces hard knowledge about the causes of climate catastrophe and the desastrous outcomes of an anthropocentric world view. Highly redommended

#climatejustice #climate #activism

Goldman Mill
3 days ago
Verdant Square
3 days ago

What struck me most about those who rioted was how long they waited. The restraint they showed. Not the spontaneity, the restraint. They waited and waited for justice and it didn’t come. No one talks about that.

- Toni Morrison

#AbolishPolice #Abolition #anarchism #activism #Protest

Birds Books and Bullshit
4 days ago

There are lots of different ways to protect people's rights. Find the one that works for you and have at it!

#Rights #Pride #Community #Activism #Culture #Fight

Rest In Paradise
4 days ago

Award-winning feminist writer Ama Ala Aidoo, who served as Ghanaian education minister in the 1980s, was the first published female African playwright, and fought against the “Western perception that the African female is a downtrodden wretch,” has died at 81. #obits #rip #feminism #activism #antiracism #africa #ghana #obituaries #restinparadise

🇺🇦 Jocelyn Etienne
4 days ago

I have just answered the quite well-thought survey about #scientists’ and #academics’ considerations when thinking about their professional role in times of #climateChange – initiated by Maien Sachisthal (University of Amsterdam). Maybe like me you had initially skipped that email, it is worth answering (they say their contact base is from corresponding authors addresses in some journals).

Mostly whether one would engage in #activism/ #advocacy, why and what could hamper this.


Climate News Now 🌎
4 days ago

England cricket team bus blocked by 'Just Stop Oil' protesters ahead of match.

But 'Just Stop Oil' appeared not to realise the #uk cricket team were on the bus.

The latest protest action from 'Just Stop Oil' is calling on the government to halt new fossil fuel licensing and production, comes days after two of its demonstrators invaded the pitch at the Gallagher Premiership rugby final.

#Activism #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis

Amsterdam :heart_gay:
4 days ago

Our present is a gift from the past...
#gayart #gay #gayhistory #activism #history #aids #politics

Killer Rabbit 90
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#Atlanta and #AtlantaPD are desperate to criminalize peaceful protesters and supporters "Atlanta Police Arrest Organizers of Bail Fund for Cop City Protesters" #TrumpedUpCharges #PoliceHarrassment #StopCopCity #activism

Queer Lit Cats
4 days ago

Pink News: NYC Pride’s first asexual grand marshal explains why including ace people at Pride is so important #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Activism #Features #Asexual #Pride #US

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Today in Labor History May 31, 2010: Israeli commandos boarded the Gaza Freedom Flotilla while it was in international waters and killed nine Turkish civilians, a few of whom may have been armed with metal bars and knives. The Flotilla was bringing supplies in solidarity with Palestinians living under the Israeli-Egyptian blockage of Gaza. Human Rights groups concluded that most, if not all, of the deaths were consistent with extralegal summary executions.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #zionism #israel #massacre #solidarity #gaza #blockade #palestine #racism #turkey #activism

The INS Nitzachon at Haifa naval base being readied for the operation. By Israel Defense Forces - Israeli Navy Preparing for Flotilla Operation, CC BY 2.0,
5 days ago

The criminalisation of environmental protest
Getting arrested while “standing in the way of the destructive machinery.”

"Activists involved in the protest that saved the Franklin River say the environmental win would not have been possible under today's anti-protest laws."

"In New South Wales, laws have been introduced which penalise protesters who block major #roads with jail time for two years and a fine of $22,000.

The #HumanRights #Law Centre claims “the laws are part of a "worrying trend" over the past decade in #Australia.”

"The right to speak up publicly and draw attention to a cause … is an essential component of our #democracy
environmental #Activism #DirectAction #Laws #NSW #Logging #CatastrophicCimateBreakdown #Climate #Transition #ZeroEmissions #UN #RightsToFreedomOfPeacefulAssembly #AmnestyInternational

Muted generation, public art
Jay BⒶker
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Private Spies Hired by the FBI and Corporate Firms Infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp #FBI #Surveillance #protest #activism #Discord #Reddit #WhatsApp

5 days ago

I'm so impressed that these #students were so brave in a state like #Kentucky but it wasn't until u read about the #allyship of Principal Sherri Duffs that I cried.

This is inspirational.

(qualifier: Just got home from a painful medical procedure and coming down from adrenaline but still.)

#queer #trans #activism #hope #TheKidsAreAlright

6 days ago

#SanFrancisco #housing #legislation #MuncipalGovernment #activism #TenantProtection

"The archive may be the largest source of stories on how San Francisco went from never passing a tenant ballot measure until 1992 to now having the nation’s strongest tenant protection laws. The city also has the most powerful protections for SRO hotels and rental housing."

6 days ago

Look, if a FOSS community uses iconography in their logo in political support of anything other than FOSS, and you endorse it because this aligns with your personal activism - how do I politely put it?

You're the one being divisive as you went outside your mandate to unify people around FOSS. You deliberately swung a red flag at a bull whereas interaction through inclusivity would have dissolved away any prejudice or bias - if it were even to arise.

#activism #closedSUSE

Freedom Press
6 days ago

Protest against the Bibby Stockholm, on land and water
#Activism #BibbyStockholm #DirectAction #Falmouth #Portland #Solidarity

Poster reads:
Duke of Germany 💫
6 days ago

🗨️ ✨

" The richest one percent is the most dangerous parallel society in our democracy. "

~ Marlene Engelhorn,
millionaire heiress & activist

#OnePercent #Activism #Quote #MarleneEngelhorn

Portrait photo of millionaire heiress and activist Marlene Engelhorn


-Sima Lee

#queer #trans #anarchism #pride #activism #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise

Arturo Padilla :mastodon:
1 week ago

An exhibition of #KeithHaring art and activism makes clear: ' #Art is for everybody'

In the #1980s, Haring's cartoon-like images were everywhere — his figures of dancers, hearts, babies and dogs remain pop culture motifs. A new exhibition celebrates the artist who died in 1990 at 31.

#LosAngeles #NewYorkCity #activism

New #Intro
I post on #Jewish topics here on Babka social but also at

For general and activist/political stuff check out: - #Activism and #Oklahoma mostly

I'm part of the #Reform and #Humanistic movements of #Judaism. As a proud convert, I fight discrimination against converts and POC in Jewish spaces.

My views on #Israel/#Palestine are complicated.

Tags: #Peace #ShalomSalaam #HumanisticJudaism #JewishArt #DemocraticSocialist #Mazeldon #Jewdiverse

Freedom Press
1 week ago

Non accidental death of an activist
Cathy was a fatality of the war without bullets, a term she coined to refer to the many vicious forms of violence being waged on people deemed surplus to the requirements of neoliberal capitalism.
#Activism #CathyMcCormack #Glasgow #neoliberalism #Solidarity

Cathy smiles into the camera

"Sure, she was at Stonewall. But that’s hardly the only achievement that harm reductionist and trans rights advocate Miss Major Griffin-Gracy has under her belt. The 82-year-old community organizer drove San Francisco’s first needle exchange van back in the day. In her time at the Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center, Major founded a 24-hour drop-in center named GiGi’s PLace that she stocked with comfy couches and mirrors so that her gurls (preferred nomenclature for her trans sisters) could do their face before heading out for a shift of sex work."

#queer #trans #anarchism #pride #activism #HarmReduction #MissMajor

Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

When I was in Wellington, New Zealand, I was entranced by their unusual crosswalk icons. I asked my new friends there about them. I was told a story about a drag performer and activist by the name of Carmen Rupe. She was a trans woman who was also Māori (native people of NZ).

Her story is pretty cool. And it’s awesome that NZ honored her this way.

#Trans #Transgender #LGBTQ #DragQueen #Drag #Wellington #NewZealand #NZ #GenderEquality #Activism #Maori

Close-up of a green crosswalk signal using a silhouette of a feminine body type with large hair in a walking pose
christina d-h
1 week ago

Wow, this forthcoming book looks great:

"amid intensifying public pressures, a profound planetary industrial transformation is underway, challenging the reigning age of plastics and fossil fuels....a form of collective resistance that spans local, regional, national, and planetary sites and scales, environmental justice, climate, pollution, health, extraction, land rights, workers’ rights, systemic racism, and toxic colonialism"

#NewBooks #oil #petrochemicals #activism

christina d-h
2 weeks ago

⚓ 🚫 Just looked up the Contested Ports project website to send someone and thought I'd post here:

#ports #shipping #activism #Ecology #labor

Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

New book: "Let This Radicalize You by Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba ... is both a how-to guide for community activists and a deeply-felt assessment of how we can better support one another to sustain lifelong involvement in progressive efforts. Throughout, the book combines practical advice with the belief that a better and more equitable world can be fought for and won."

#books #community #sustainability #activism

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

It's been one year since the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in #Uvalde. The people of that town are still seeking justice.

From the archives: A town's tragedy awakens memories of a history of civil rights #activism in the southwest #Texas town in @gusbova's investigation.

This story won an award from the Texas Institute of Letters.

#news #guns #politics #USpol #MassShooting #schools #SanAntonio #history

So there is this #YouTube channel called "Queers of the World", and I recently gave an interview for the channel. It now got published. I speak about my #intersectional approach to #activism, #debian, #elc, #venib and #visibility - enjoy! #lgbtqia #lgbt #trans #nonbinary #queer

Fynn Becker
2 weeks ago

Germany trying hard to make climate activism illegal.

This is a clear political message:

“Please ignore the climate crisis. Nothing to see here. But if you dare to fight for your future, the police will come for you.”

#ClimateCrisis #Activism

José Manuel Barros
2 weeks ago

One of the best websites on #Activism is "Beautiful Trouble" (in several languages). A wealth of information on stories, tactics, theories, principles and methodologies. An example: the power of ritual.

"The ritual you choose need not be elaborate for it to have a powerful impact. You can imbue your guerrilla theatre with some of the power of ritual just by borrowing its rhythms. Imagine two characters on the street: a military general and a politician, slowly tossing a huge sack of money back and forth across a wide expanse. In between, a regular Joe, sitting forlornly, watches the sack sail back and forth. Nearby, a spokesperson hands out a fact sheet that tells the rest of the story. Often this kind of nonverbal, ritual-like performance, which repeats a simple but visually arresting motion, can be more powerful and effective than a full-length skit crammed with facts and figures".
#Artivism #BeautifulTrouble


Website of Beautiful Trouble with multiple examples of activism.
Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago
Freedom Press
2 weeks ago

Amazon cleaners to lead coordinated strike action
“We are all frustrated and we are overworked, our demands are just and fair. They don’t talk to us right, they talk to us like children."
#Activism #CostOfLivingCrisis #LondonLivingWage #Solidarity #Strikes #UnitedVoicesOfTheWorld

The rich don’t stay rich because they’re “frugal”. They stay rich because they used capital gotten from colonial/capitalist exploitation to build an army of automatons called the police and military to enclose, protect and gatekeep the shit they stole, the land, means of production, natural resources etc, and a highly responsive state apparatus to manage it all for them. They know better than many of us do that cops and colonial conditioning are all that’s separating us from what’s ours.

- Afrofuturist Abolitionist of the Americas (Facebook page)

#anarchism #activism #AbolishPolice #Capitalism #Decolonise

Critical Theory in Berlin
2 weeks ago

"What I think we need to do is to develop more thoughtfully and mindfully an understanding of how norms change and what prevents them from changing."
The trailer for the Benjamin Lectures with Sally Haslanger is online. Feel free to share and spread it.

#SallyHaslanger #CriticalTheory #Socialchange #Socialtransformation #Philosophy #Activism

Black activists are extremely controversial.

Native decolonizers are extremely controversial.

Kanaka Maoli nationalists are extremely controversial.

Anti-Zionists are extremely controversial.

Queer radicals are extremely controversial.

Marxists are extremely controversial.

Corporate media pointedly ignore all of them.

But those media love to cover Jordan Peterson and other reactionary hacks (including neo-Nazis). They don't provide that coverage because the subjects are controversial (see above). It happens because corporate media have an affinity for regressive ideas and a vested class interest in promoting them. By conditioning debate around spectacle, with a cast of smug and unlikable protagonists, reporters and pundits can ignore economic and racial injustice, even as they gesture at disapproval of the provocateurs they cover. (You disapprove of Peterson? Great! Maybe start ignoring him?)

Don't let reporters and pundits absolve themselves of introducing awful people to wide audiences by hiding behind sensationalism. The world has tons of controversial thinkers who are also insightful and compassionate. Arbiters of the newsworthy don't want to cover them. And they wouldn't be allowed to, anyway.

Pay attention to all that is missing from corporate media rather than assessing what they offer. The real story, as always, exists in the systematic absence of certain narratives.

- Steven Salaita

#anarchism #queer #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #activism

2 weeks ago

"Indigenous nation in US seeks to block billion-dollar port project in Canada

Lummi Nation in Washington state says it holds transboundary rights and that Canada has failed to ‘consult and accommodate’"

#indigenous #environment #ClimateChange #activism #legal #canada

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

There are good people of conscience, everywhere...

#Palestine #israel #history #politics #peace #news #activism #thursday #joinin @histodons #hope

John Abbe 🍃 🌊 is Life
3 weeks ago

@glightly They come from all over, and seeing any one of these bands is an experience. Maybe there's one or more near you?

Also I'm pretty sure this isn't the only event they gather for. #music #activism

The Armchair Activist
3 weeks ago


From Sierra Club: Stop a #Climate Disaster in #Alaska! ConocoPhillips' Willow Project, one of the largest proposed new oil schemes on US public land, would create as much pollution as 76 coal plants and threaten wildlife and local communities. It could undo #cleanenergy progress we've made and lock us into #fossilfuels for another 30 years. Tell Biden: We need climate solutions, not more #oil projects on public lands.

#activism #environment #planet

MOOSE. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management (CC BY 2.0)
3 weeks ago

How do you approach the most insidious aspects of new technologies? Artist Manu Luksch has her way.

Come and hear more from her at the #ARTIVISM conference, 23-25 June in #Berlin & online.

Get your tickets now:

(quote from 2019 Somerset House interview)

#berlin #activism #art

Heidi Li Feldman
3 weeks ago

If you want to DO something about the House Republicans’ efforts to blackmail Congress into ill-advised, unnecessary spending cuts to avert a debt-ceiling crisis, #IndivisibleTeam has some concrete suggestions. #USpolitics #DebtCeiling #Activism

T. T. Perry
3 weeks ago

I want to learn more about campaigns to improve textbooks (e.g., de-center white people, remove stigmatizing language, reduce bias) through progressive pressure. What can I read that will bring me up to speed? #AskFedi #USPol #Question #Education #Activism #Progressive #Politics #LGBTQ

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 weeks ago

Great news! I just learned that you can make all the noise you want in the Texas State House, as long as you don't hit 85db!

Go forth!

#Texas #GunControl #StateLegislature #Activism

3 weeks ago
Mainly blue photograph of the National Glass Centre Sunderland with hand drawn additions that turn the building into a character that is shouting save me
4 weeks ago

How can #art and #activism be combined to tackle burning #socialissues, #surveillance, unethical corporations and corrupt governments?

Let's discuss at next conference #ARTIVISM: the Art of Subverting Power, June 23-25 in #Berlin & online.

Learn more & get tickets now:


4 weeks ago

The topic is #activism. It is always said that activism must be where it hurts the most. Many justify their continued presence on Twitter with this.

At the same time, it is said that you would betray the cause if you leave.

Let me put it this way. I wouldn't go to a right-wing populist event to network and then pay the organization there to promote my profile on their display.

Like, what the actual heck? 👀 #activism #TwitterExile

4 weeks ago

It's publication day for Red Enlightenment!

An exploration of how to approach spirituality in a way that engages with both science and social justice

Go grab a copy, link is in my bio!

#socialism #socialist #spirituality #spiritual #science #complexsystems #systemsthinking #environmentalism #marx #religion #theology #liberationtheology #christianity #buddhism #judaism #hindu #daoism #confucianism #activist #activism #communism #communist #commons #utopia #history #philosophy #socialjustice

Picture of book Red Enlightenment: On Socialism, Science and Spirituality, cover is purple sky and yellow clouds with red and white writing. Book is held by a smiling man with glasses and a beard
Serlwch ✨
4 weeks ago

David Shulman writing (and taking pictures) about words and actions in the anti-government, anti-coup, pro-democracy #protests against the #Israeli government:

This is a clear, clever and hopeful piece. I try to share Shulman’s optimism against what seems hopeless at times.

On a personal note, I feel quite privileged to have my signs overrepresented here (the bilingual ‘Judocracy is not Democracy’ and ‘Blood = Blood’ signs are mine, as well as the Unicode one).

#protest #democracy #activism

1 month ago

Easiest Online Actions to Help Make the World a More Progressive Place for All This Week

A few of your clicks will make a big difference!

#Click #activism #progress #democracy

Outi Leskinen
1 month ago

more screenshots from the idea

esp if you are a person of privileges, middle class, think of yourself as respectable and responsible person, have secure job... why not? really?

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #activism #quietquitting #TangPing #biodiversityLoss #nature #hours4climate #work #jobs

In some professions and working cultures it is not feasible to do hours4climate — do not do it if your livelihood depends on it. Avoid disclosing your particular action to your colleagues.
Tell us
You can anonymously pledge at so that know our combined impact. We also have a discord channel where we share experiences, ideas and improvements to this action.

"It's always interesting to me how White activists and advocates are heralded for the work they do for POC communities, while the POC's who do this work as a matter of survival are overlooked and often invalidated. Everyone can and should play a role when it comes to working for social justice, but not in a way that centers Whiteness, upholds White supremacy, and rewards White allies above everyone else."

- Dr Maha Hilal

#activism #racism #WhiteSupremacy

Sam Nabi
1 month ago

I built an online petition tool that's been used by several groups to successfully lobby for change in local governments. I find I'm getting more and more requests for help, and it's time to create a separate online home for this app. What domain name should I go with? #grassroots #activism #solidarity

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

As a professional #writer for 30 years who, more often than not, is underpaid for my #writing, this Writers Guild Strike hits close to home …

Please, pay #writers, people; #words make the #world go round :

#WritingCommunity #activism #news #TV #Hollywood #film #movies #media #entertainment #Tuesday #wga #wgastrong #wgastrike #Netflix #amazon #apple #disney #sony #ParamountPlus #today #JoinIn

Heidi Li Feldman
1 month ago

The #Mastodon4ZooeyZephyr #Mastodon4MissoulaDems fundraiser has surpassed $3000! This was the second and final stretch goal. I started us off aiming at $1000, which seemed doable, but no sure thing. Now, here we are at just over 3 times that amount. The ActBlue portal to give will remain open at

#Mastodon #ZooeyZephyr #MissoulaCountyDems #Montana #Democracy #Activism

651M carbon tons of domesticated & largely industrially raised mammals on earth.
Only 24M carbon tons of wild mammals.

651 vs 24 !

A cause of massive & spiralling problems, it is unsustainable & storing up significant damage for the future.

Trying to avoid products from animal industries, especially in our own homes, so using our significant consumer activism power is the only real way to change this.
#Environment #Climate #Sustainability #Consumer #Activism #Resilience

Complex vertical info graphic showing the volumes of mammalian life on earth by carbon weight.
1 month ago

Very happily following scientists, lefties, activists, journalists, neurodiversity and techies. But 85% of them are white, and I think that's not healthy as it limits my view on the world.

Do any of you have suggestions for me please? People of color I should follow, or Muslims / people of other beliefs than Atheists or Christians?

Main interests:
#activism #anarchism #antifascism #antiracism
#feminism #humanrights #PoliticalPhilosophy #privacy

it's kat!
1 month ago

early on in his career - which began when he was barely 18 years old - duke learned that he could bend people's perceptions by dressing
& behaving in certain ways. he cultivated his dapper persona in defiance of a racist public's misconceptions about black men. this was also a form of activism. duke wanted to be seen first as a musician. he could then reach them in a way that words don't.
#dukeEllington #art #music #jazz #activism

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Happy Birthday to Willie Nelson, who turns 90 today.

A country music legend and enduring social activist, Nelson’s life and legacy includes a lot of different themes to admire – revolutionizing country music, advocating for civil rights and pioneering the biofuel industry.

#WillieNelson #CountryMusic #History #Activism

Autonomie und Solidarität
1 month ago

Strategies for Countering Police Access to #DNA Data (Chapter 10)

"#OPSEC is military and intelligence jargon for "operational security" and refers to techniques designed to prevent their people being caught during or after an "operation".
The fact that we have to talk about such things at all when it comes to issues like exercising the fundamental right to freedom of assembly or small acts of civil disobedience is a clear indication of how far the state's mania for security and collection has already developed. It is generally better to invest resources on pushing back the security apparatus than in a technical arms race with state agencies!"

Download: PDF (read, A4 booklet, letter booklet) • TEXT

View Online

#Data #Police #Activism #directAction #Surveillance #antireport

Strategies for Countering Police Access to DNA Data (Chapter 10)

by Gen-ethisches Netzwerk


darunter aufnahme in einem Labor. Teil einer Hand mit Latexhandschuh bei der LAborarbeit
Martin Kelley
1 month ago

The historic Golden Rule peace boat is coming to #Philadelphia next month. Four amazing and crazy activists tried sailing into the Pacific nuclear test zones back in 1958 to protest nuclear weapons. It was restored a decade ago and is on tour. #SouthJersey local Sally Willowbee will tell stories of her sailor father.

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1 month ago

Pretty good security advice for activists on the latest Renegade Cut video. Some of it may feel “paranoid” to the average person but it does make sense to take these steps as an activist who runs a high risk of clashing with law enforcement.

Some of it isn’t realistically possible in some countries, e.g. you can’t get a SIM card from a store without formal identification. A lot of these precautions are also pretty expensive, although some have DIY alternatives.

I’d add one thing he doesn’t mention: don’t carry your burner phone and your everyday phone together while both are active. It’s easy to correlate the two devices when they share enough of a movement profile. Turn your burner phone off (fully disconnected like described in the video) far enough away from your home and workplace so it’s not correlated to where you live.

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Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

“Currently, inmates working for TCI are not paid for the work done while serving their time; the only inmates who are paid anything are the small fraction who are employed by TCI’s private sector #prison industries program.”

From the archives: Activists confront prison #slavery in #Texas, an early submission from our Digital Editor Kit @oconnell

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1 month ago

Can #BobMarley help the #FOSS movement? Think:

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”

This can be spun into:

People Emancipated from Intellectual Property → peiparian
Right to be Emancipated with Software Freedom → resfarian
Respect Emancipation from Oppressive Software → reosarian
Software User Freedom → sufarian
Respect User Freedom → rufarian

Plz use reggae & folk artists for inspiration. More suggestions for write-in votes needed.

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