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#Activists disrupted a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces fundraiser held in #midtown_Manhattan chanting that the FIDF has "blood on their hands."

Activists say they are calling out the event’s hosts, which include major players in the #NYC real estate industry.


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15 hours ago

"He is allowing for the starvation of the Palestinian people.”

Activists and state representatives are on hunger strike outside the White House to demand President Joe Biden call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

#ZohranMamdani #MadinahWilsonAnton

#Humanists International to Launch 2023 #Freedom of #Thought Report

The #FreedomofThought Report is a unique, annual, worldwide survey of #discrimination and #persecution against #humanists, #atheists, and the #nonreligious.
Now in its 12th edition, the Report serves as a vital tool for local and international #activists to lobby #governments for change, providing the evidence needed to make reliable and #authoritative claims.

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#Greenpeace #activists began a #protest at a ship the company is using to conduct research, boarding the #ship & using #kayaks to thwart equipment use.

Arlo Hemphill, project lead for #OceanSanctuaries & #StopDeepSeaMining with #GreenpeaceUSA, joins #TerraVerde host & #EarthIslandJournal managing editor Zoe Loftus-Farren to discuss the risks of #DeepSeaMining, the status of international #SeabedMining regulations, the ongoing protest in the Pacific & more.


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#Pakistan #SupremeCourt began hearings on Dec 1 on a petition by #HumanRights #activists seeking to halt #deportation of #AfghanRefugees, a lawyer said, as authorities are combing refugee settlements in an effort to find & send home thousands.

More than 370,000 #Afghans have fled Pakistan since Oct 1, after Pakistan vowed to expel more than a million undocumented #refugees, mostly Afghans, amid a row with #Kabul over charges that it harbours anti-Pakistan militants.

Estelle Platini
1 week ago

"Class relations within party organizations shape and set clear limits on the involvement of working-class activists."

A review of Raphaël Challier's book, "Simple militants. How political parties demobilise the working classes":

#politicalParties #parties #partisanship #activists #grassroots #politics #sociology @sociology

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Quick hi to all new #sauna #activists - Dec 21 will be our next official meetup at #phoenixbad, for details check and our discord or Lemmy.

Many of our members go more often - for example @hansamann will be at Phoenix already on Nov 27, tomorrow, 1730 with a few from our community.

Just let us know... 🔥❄️🚀

#Toronto #police #arrest #Pro_Palestine #activists in #pre_dawn #raids

if anyone is guilty of a hate crime it's the To police in this stunning abuse of procedure to stifle activism.

On this day before Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA, I'm #grateful for my #colleagues (aka #edibuddies) around the world, my #authors around the world, & #activists who share info, helping me people as kindly as possible. May the world be good to all of you. #Bookstodon

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Don't trash #activists for fighting for #SocialJustice & #EcoJustice.
Pretty much ALL the #HumanRights & #environmental protections we have now are due to longtime acts of targeted #CivilDisobedience.

Thank activists who aren't paid (huge myth!). Don't be thanking fucking politicians for changes that benefit #humanity & environment. Govt doesn't change their toxic shit without facing lots of activism first - having #citizens rise up against their BS/harmful policies.

2 weeks ago

#Israel and #Israeli settlers aren't the way they are because of Judaism. That's how settler #colonialism and settlers are. Even #people who are #political radicals, who have experienced #oppression as an ethnicity themselves, etc. can become twisted into believing and doing horrible things as Settlers. Look at the #Irish in #Ireland vs Irish #American settlers #politically. #Australia ended up with a disproportionate amount of human rights and #workers rights #activists in its initial groups of settlers (as #convicts), it lead to nothing in the face of joining settler colonialism. Colonialism routinely makes monsters of the #colonizers.

Scapegoating Judaism just lets other settler colonies off the hook for similar brutalities.

2 weeks ago

#TheBreach’s analysis shows #Canadian #media’s #DoubleStandards extend beyond #CBC #News, has taken majority of heat from critics since #Israel began its bombardment of #Gaza last month. In Montreal on Sat, #activists #blockaded entrance to CBC’s building & doused doorways in red paint, while #CTV office across street was unscathed.

The analysis found that 2/3 of #CTVNationalNews broadcasts from Oct. 7 to Nov. 7 featured more #Israeli voices than #Palestinian voices.

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2 weeks ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 4 hours ago

Thea Hillman
Thea Hillman (born 1971) is an American intersex activist, poetry slam performer, and writer. Hillman was an early advocate for intersex rights in the United States and served as chair of the Intersex Society of North America board from 2002 to 2005. Her 2008 book, Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), won the Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Literature

#Activists #Intersex

2 weeks ago

As #Israel continues its bombardment of #Palestine, #Palestinian #activists & allies in #Canada have been drawing attention to the role that institutions such as #governments & #universities can play in either advancing or mitigating the violence in #Gaza. Recent #protests taking place at #McGill & in #Montreal have #CalledOut the alleged #complicity of #Canadian & #Quebec governments, as well as the McGill administration, in supporting the ongoing #genocide in Gaza

2 weeks ago

Lovely Peeps! 👋

Came across this today: "Five Questions To Ask A Prospective Bishop"

This stood out: 'What is the nature of their vision? True vision does three things: it sees things as they are, both the sorryness & grandeur; it connects people to each other in both curiosity & solidarity...'

It made me think of #Mastodon; not perfect, but filled with #artists, #activists, #scientists, #philosophers, & #geeks, all trying their best to connect & uplift.

💛 you all.

Democracy Labs
2 weeks ago
Podcasts for progressive activists with tips from the frontlines
Angela G
2 weeks ago

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

For all of you out there fighting hate and -isms. Know that you are not alone. #activism #activists

Do not go gentle into the night.   Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dr Pink
2 weeks ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 5 hours ago

Luanne Peterpaul
Luanne M. Peterpaul is an American politician, lawyer, and former judge serving as a member-elect of the New Jersey General Assembly for the 11th legislative district.

#Activists #American #Lesbian

2 weeks ago

Google #Activists Circulated Internal Petition on #Israel Ties. Only the #Muslim Got a Call from HR.

Employees are internally #protesting #Google’s Project Nimbus, which they fear is being used by Israel to violate #Palestinia #humanRight's


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3 weeks ago

Why These Israelis Refuse To Join The Army

“I objected to serve in the Israeli military because I refused to serve the apartheid regime of Israel.”

These siblings don’t want to be part of Israel’s oppressive system, so they refused to serve in Israel’s occupying army.

It cost one of them their freedom.


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3 weeks ago

“Social policy #activists daily campaign for our public services; e.g. the NHS, welfare, housing etc, which are often our only fallback against social & economic #inequalities so prevalent in modern societies & that are caused significantly by #capitalist systems & beliefs. Such ideologically based policy profoundly affects our abilities to live healthy, dignified & meaningful lives, not to mention limiting many of us from satisfactory economic participation in society.”

3 weeks ago

Wasté Win Young:
'Take Courage, Keep Going for our #Takojas'

By Wasté Win Young
#Lakota, #StandingRock
November 10, 2023

"The showing of the documentary 'End of the Line' in Sewanee, Tennessee was probably the most emotional response I’ve witnessed and felt. A lot of people came up to me afterward and they were visibly crying. One young woman couldn’t talk and I hugged her for a long time. She said that she and her mom had gone camping in North Dakota and drank water from the #MissouriRiver.

"A lot of the youngins in college had never even heard of #NoDAPL. There was an anthro professor who was so moved. He said he showed his class the documentary last year as well. I felt the love and am beyond thankful. I told them that they could help by submitting comments for the #DAPL environmental impact statement.

"I think my spirit needed this as much as they needed it because yesterday as I got home, I got the word that the Eighth Circuit ruled against #WaterProtectors in Dundon.
This is no surprise in the court of the #colonizer — two of the three judges were appointed by #Trump. One judge was sleeping during the arguments. Smh. Houwn I really cried...

"Despite these decisions made by #WhiteMen who think they are the law and that their say is final — it is not. It never will be.

"I know we have to keep going, that we persevere for our takojas and future generations. Even on the days when I wanna curl up and sob dramatically with my mom and dad or lay in bed with my kids and dogs all day.

"I know that there will be justice for our people and allies in this world and the next. Blíhíčiya — take courage. We keep going."

Waste Win Young, Lakota of Standing Rock, North Dakota, previously served as Standing Rock's Historic Preservation Officer and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico Law School. She is a leading voice for the rights of water in the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

#WasteWinYoung #StandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife #IndigenousActivist #ClimateJustice #Activists #EndOfTheLine

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in #WashingtonDC to call on #Israel to stop #killingcivilians in #Gaza. Marione Ingram, an 87-year-old #Holocaustsurvivor, is among the #activists protesting against Israel's actions.
The protests are in response to #Israeli Prime Minister #Netanyahu's rejection of a #humanitarian pause in the #assaultonGaza.

3 weeks ago

#Oregon Police Obsessively Spied on #Activists for Years, Even After #Pipeline Fight Ended

"Internal emails obtained by #SiskiyouRisingTide and Information for Public Use show police treating even the most placid #SocialJustice activities as sites of criminal threat."

Registration required to read full article:

#Siskiyou #ClimateActivists #WaterProtectors #ACAB #CriminalizingDissent
#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife

Hello fellow #hackers, #activists, #tinkers, and #privacy advocates, did anyone try this? looks good, a #gemini client with pure #VIM keys is something I miss on #amfora etc #LeaveTheCentralizedAndBloatedWeb #usenet #gopher #irc #matrix #fediverse #2usenet

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1 month ago

"Young Activists to Biden: Change Course on Gaza — or Lose in 2024"

Good for those kids! That's exactly what they have to do. The Democrats have to realize that our votes are not *a given.*

#USNews #USPol #Gaza #Democrats #activists

1 month ago

#Surveillance, #raids and #arrests: #Europe cracks down on ‘#DirectAction#climate protests

Some countries are invoking legal powers often used against #OrganisedCrime and #extremist groups.

By Euronews Green with Reuters
Published on August 10, 2023

"#SimonLachner had plans to glue himself to a German city thoroughfare in June to call public attention to #ClimateChange. Instead, he ended up in police custody before he'd even left his home.

"Lachner, 28, is one of thousands of #activists caught up in a European crackdown on direct action protests which gathered pace last year. #Protesters are demanding urgent government action against climate change.

"#Roadblocks on major motorways in #Britain have caused traffic chaos, protests at #oil installations in #Germany have disrupted supplies, and in #France, thousands of activists and police clashed over #water usage, leaving dozens injured.

"Determined to prevent such protests from strengthening further, states in Germany and national authorities in France are invoking legal powers often used against organised crime and extremist groups to wiretap and track activists, Reuters found, based on conversations with four prosecutors, #police in both countries and more than a dozen protesters.

"In #Berlin alone, police have spent hundreds of thousands of hours working on more than 4,500 incidents registered against the 'The #LastGeneration' and '#ExtinctionRebellion' groups, according to previously unreported data from police.

"State authorities in Germany are widely using preventative #detention to stop people from protesting, including holding at least one person for as long as 30 days without charge.

"This is permissible under Bavarian law, the prosecutors consulted by Reuters said.

"Lawmakers passed new surveillance and detention laws in France in July and in Britain in May. Britain is making it illegal to lock, or glue, yourself to property.

"France has used an anti-terrorism unit to question some #ClimateActivists, the police confirmed to Reuters.

"The governments in Germany and Britain said the response to the protests was aimed at preventing damaging criminal actions. The French government declined to comment but has previously said the state must be able to combat what it calls 'radicalisation'.

"Activists say they turned to direct action after the failure of other protest strategies. #CivilDisobedience has a long history in #SocialMovements, including in the fight for the vote for women and the US #CivilRghts movement."

Full article:

#BigOilAndGas #Fascism
#Corporatocracy #ClimateJustice #OilAndGasIndustry #Environment #HumanRights

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Join us at @CCC 's #37C3 conference track "Sustainability & #Climate #Justice"! We're thrilled to focus on the pressing issues of ecological injustice and ecosystem collapse. If you're passionate about creating a sustainable, just, and #democratic #digital future, we invite you to submit your presentations by November 11, 2023. We're particularly keen to hear from underrepresented groups and those from the global south.


@bits_und_baeume is actively involved, creating a #community area for #digitalization, #sustainability, common good #technology, and #freedom rights enthusiasts. Expect insightful lectures, collaborative #learning, #creative #projects, and vibrant discussions in a peaceful, respectful atmosphere. Challenge outdated ideas and tackle tomorrow's problems today.

Remember, "All Creatures Welcome," and "Be Excellent to Each Other."

#hackers #activists, #artists #learning, #creative #projects

Picture of Some wooden signs saying 'Bits und Bäume' and 'Nice 2 See U'
Bits&Bäume Bewegung
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The @CCC is back, inviting #hackers #activists, #artists, and technology enthusiasts to the renovated #Hamburg Congress Center. Expect insightful lectures, collaborative #learning, #creative #projects, and vibrant discussions in a peaceful, respectful atmosphere.

Join us at the #37C3 conference track "Sustainability & #Climate #Justice"! We're thrilled to focus on the pressing issues of ecological injustice and ecosystem collapse. If you're passionate about creating a sustainable, just, and #democratic #digital future, we invite you to submit your presentations by November 11, 2023. We're particularly keen to hear from underrepresented groups and those from the global south.

@bits_und_baeume is actively involved, creating a #community area for #digitalization #sustainability, common good #technology, and #freedom enthusiasts. Challenge outdated ideas and tackle tomorrow's problems today. Remember, "All Creatures Welcome," and "Be Excellent to Each Other."

Picture of Some wooden signs saying 'Bits und Bäume' und 'Nice 2 See U'
1 month ago

Israeli Arabs arrested over #Gaza social media posts

Dozens of Arab citizens of #Israel have been arrested in connection with social media posts about the war in #Gaza.

By Sara Monetta, October 21, 2023

"Israeli Arabs - many of whom prefer to be called #Palestinian citizens of Israel - make up a fifth of the country's population.

"#HumanRights #activists worry this spike in detentions is due to the #police adopting a wider interpretation of what constitutes incitement to violence."

#Censorship #NoWar #BigBrother #ThoughtCrime

1 month ago

The people of #Ecuador just made #ClimateJustice history. The world can follow

Voters won a huge battle with the #OilIndustry – proving that we can’t save the planet without robust democracy

by #StevenDonziger, August 31, 2023

"Days ago, voters in Ecuador approved a total ban on oil drilling in protected land in the #Amazon, a 2.5m-acre tract in the #Yasuní national park that might be the world’s most important #biodiversity hotspot. The area is a Unesco-designated biosphere reserve and home to two non-contacted #Indigenous groups. This could be a major step forward for the entire global climate justice movement in ways that are not yet apparent.

"This vote is important not only for Ecuador and for the Indigenous peoples in the Yasuní, who now have hope of living in peace in perpetuity. It is also a potential model for how we can use the democratic process around the world to help slow or even stop the expansion of fossil fuels to the benefit of billions of people.

"The Yasuní referendum proves that real democracy that respects the popular will can be a powerful tool for transitioning to a sustainable future. Ecuador’s state oil company, #Petroecuador, had been producing nearly 60,000 barrels a day in the Yasuní. It now must figure out how to dismantle its entire operation and go home. When in history has a popular vote ever forced an oil company to cease active drilling? Never.

"The Yasuní vote was not the result of a business decision made in a boardroom or government office. It was the product of two decades of #grassroots organizing by citizens and #activists like you and me. I know because I have been to Ecuador more than 250 times to work on a historic pollution case against #Chevron on behalf of the Indigenous people there. Many of the same Indigenous leaders and activists who helped fight Chevron organized the Yasuní vote.

"At the same time, the vote underscores how important it is to protect our increasingly fragile democracy. Without a robust democracy that allows citizens to place issues of critical importance on the ballot without the intermediation of elites, the Yasuní referendum never would have happened.

"The flipside is that powerful #OilAndGas companies understand the threat a real citizen-based democracy poses to their power. They fear a society where citizens can put referendums on the ballot without the approval of business leaders. Those of us in the climate movement often can’t even stop to focus on the connection between democracy and climate justice because we’re so focused on dealing with the immediate crises taking place before our eyes, such as the Maui fire.

"In the United States, it is not broadly known that the #FossilFuel industry quietly funds a national lobbying campaign that has introduced draconian #antiprotest bills in at least 18 states. These laws threaten anyone #protesting at an oil or gas facility with huge fines and serious prison sentences; some states even impose criminal liabilities on non-profit advocacy groups that support the protesters. These are really laws of intimidation designed to stop protest before it happens. And they are also manifesting in other countries including #Australia, the #UnitedKingdom and #Germany.

"As a result, many Americans who have committed #peaceful acts of non-violent #CivilDisobedience – central to the birth of our country and a cornerstone of our political tradition – now face decades in prison. In Atlanta, #Georgia, 42 people have been charged by prosecutors with 'domestic terrorism' for trying to save the city’s last green canopy in the #WeelauneeForest. Local police are trying to raze part of the forest to build a military-style police training academy, colloquially called “#CopCity”, that already resulted in the first police killing of a climate activist in US history. (The police have said that the activist, Manuel Paez #Terán, was used a weapon; activists dispute that claim.)

"The Atlanta cases represent a frightening escalation of attacks on #FreeSpeech and protest in the US. None of those charged – whom authorities accused mainly of vandalism and arson – committed a direct act of violence against another person. Nobody was injured other than the activist shot and killed by police while sitting in the forest.

"That this is happening in a city considered to be one of the cradles of the American civil rights movement shows just how entwined corporate and police power have become in their efforts to erode democratic rights.

"The prosecutions in Georgia are also occurring in a broader context where the right to vote has been seriously impaired. Voter suppression is now a regular feature in many US states, with ludicrous laws being passed to throw out votes. In this short century, two presidents have taken office in the US who did not win the popular vote. Votes are constantly thrown out for the thinnest of reasons, as journalists such as Greg Palast have meticulously documented.

On top of these threats to democracy at the state level, the US #supremecourt and its unelected, mostly #FarRight justices are weakening both our democracy and its ability to regulate the fossil fuel industry. The court has consistently approved measures like voter ID laws and felon disenfranchisement that make it more difficult for historically marginalized groups to vote. It has also, of late, decided its role is to strike down popular legislation, so who knows what they’d do to a popularly won ban on oil drilling.

"I am an #EnvironmentalJustice and #HumanRights lawyer, but one reason I spend significant time focused on issues of democracy is because I simply cannot do my work if our political system does not allow the political space to advocate freely. After I helped Indigenous peoples win a major pollution case in Ecuador, I was detained for almost three years in the US after being targeted with the nation’s first-ever corporate prosecution. My own case is a reminder that the normal rules of democracy can easily be suspended when entrenched economic interests face a serious enough threat to their bottom line.

"As I write this, a heat dome in the US sits over the entire midwest and is affecting 100 million people. Fires have destroyed millions of acres of land. A tropical storm just smacked southern California for the first time, and the historic town of Lahaina in Hawaii burned to the ground with hundreds of people still unaccounted for. In the meantime, the oil industry is reporting record profits, creating enormous incentives for a small group of powerful shareholders to maintain their power by shrinking our democratic space.

What the referendum in Ecuador teaches us is that democratic processes when coupled with strong grassroots organizing can produce startlingly effective results. Taking a cue from our friends in that brave country, the next major move for the climate justice movement could be to launch a national campaign to put the simple question presented in Ecuador before the American people in every state that allows citizens to place their own questions on the ballot. The question is whether we can vote to end the destruction of our planet by the burning of fossil fuels.

"It is clear we cannot trust either of the two major US political parties – both of which mostly support fossil fuel expansion – to adequately address this crisis. We simply cannot save the planet without first protecting and strengthening our democracy."

#OilAndGasIndustry #ClimateCrisis #StopCopCity #ProtectTheForest

Andrew Thompson
1 month ago

@ChrisMayLA6 thanks for this. We’re slightly better of in #Scotland …until #climate #activists are branded as #terrorists.

1 month ago

How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

"Criminalisation does not happen in isolation. Experts say that deploying the legal system is part of a spectrum or playbook of escalating tactics deployed by corporations and their allies to divide communities, distract leaders and weaken social movements. The tactics reported by activists include online attacks, defamation, police surveillance, security deployments and violence."

“If we don’t stop the endless extraction of natural resources, the environmental and climate destruction will continue, and we’ll see more and more authoritarianism because criminalisation and violence is in the DNA of this economic model.”
#activism #activists #protests #NeoExtractivism #CriminalisationProtest #EnvironmentalDefenders #HumanRights #CivilLiberties #ClimateCrisis

For #Kolkata’s #LGBTQ #rights #activists the #battle is not yet over

According to #LGBTQ #rights #activists, they will now take up the matter with the #Union #government entrusted with the #task of forming a #panel to decide the #rights and #entitlements of the #LGBTQIA #community in #India.

2 months ago

The #RedNation Account of Thursday’s Shooting






An agitator opened fire on a prayerful celebration in #Tewa Territory (#Española, #NewMexico) shortly after 12PM local time on Thursday, September 28. This was a premeditated act of violence. The agitator shot #JacobJohns (#Hopi and Akimel #Oodham in the torso. Johns was protecting a #peaceful group of community members assembled at the Rio Arriba County Annex Building, along with half a dozen community #peacekeepers. The gunman was heard saying 'let’s do this' to a small group of men immediately before opening fire. At the time of the shooting, community members were celebrating a postponement of the reinstallation of a Juan de #Oñate statue that was previously removed from Alcalde, New Mexico on June 15, 2020. Rio Arriba County officials planned to reinstall the statue on Thursday morning in its new location in front of the county annex building, but postponed the reinstallation after community members and activists mounted pressure earlier in the week. News of the postponement came as a relief to organizers, who turned the planned #PeacefulProtest into an impromptu peaceful celebration with speeches and a community feed.

"Before the shooting, the agitator was seen antagonizing the crowd, saying racist remarks, referring to attendees as 'Indians,' and at one point proclaimed himself to be a follower of #QAnon. The agitator also made a point to introduce himself to the media present and requested to be photographed and filmed. In the moments leading up to the shooting, the agitator attempted to approach the small crowd of mostly Indigenous women and children congregating around the event’s speakers in front of the building’s main entrance. Video evidence shows that Jacob Johns and other community peacekeepers successfully stopped the agitator from approaching the crowd. Eyewitnesses speculate that the shooter was trying to break through the crowd to shoot the speaker, or to jump on the cement pedestal to get a vantage point with the intent of carrying out a mass shooting. Video footage also shows that community peacekeepers did not pursue the agitator once they had successfully removed him to the other side of a wall separating the sidewalk from the complex. Despite this, the agitator reached under his sweatshirt with his right hand, drew a pistol, pointed, and shot one round into the crowd, hitting Johns in the torso. Additional ammo was seen tucked into his belt by eyewitnesses and on camera. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the agitator quickly adjusted his aim after shooting Johns and pulled the trigger a second time with the intention of shooting Malaya Peixinho, one of the attendees, but the gun jammed, preventing the release of further rounds. Upon realizing he could go no further with his planned attack, the shooter turned and fled into the complex’s parking lot, got into a white Tesla, and sped off. Additionally, eyewitnesses report the shooter attempted to unjam his gun as he fled. The shooter was later apprehended eleven miles away by New Mexico State Police in Pojoaque, New Mexico.
Despite Rio Arriba County citing concerns for 'public safety' as the rationale for postponing the reinstallment, the county offered no protection for Indigenous community members on Thursday. In fact Rio Arriba county and leaders at all levels of government were made well aware of the high possibility of gun violence. Denise Williams, mother of shooting victim Scott Williams, who was targeted at a 2020 Oñate protest, said prior to Thursday’s event she called Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s office, the office of U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, New Mexico State Police, the office of the New Mexico Attorney General, all members of U.S. Congress representing Valencia County in New Mexico, and all New Mexico state representatives and senators from Valencia County, to warn them of the high chance of gun violence directed at attendees. State senator Elizabeth 'Liz' Stefanics was the only one to respond. Immediately after the shooting Scott Williams’ father, Dan Williams, called the governor’s office again to tell her that she “had blood on her hands” for failing to properly respond to both shootings.

Immediately after the shooting, two Rio Arriba County Annex employees denied children seeking shelter from the shooter entry into the building. They proceeded to come out, yelling at people to leave, and made disparaging comments about attendees and Jacob as he fought for his life feet away from them. The cops did not show up in a timely manner despite the shooter being in the same parking lot as the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s office, and it took several more minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Eyewitnesses report the complete absence of police intervention. The event’s organizers assembled a community peacekeeping team to provide the only public safety measures present on the ground. Without hesitation, Johns and half a dozen other Indigenous men and allies volunteered. When Johns was shot, it was attendees who provided the first medical response, saving Johns’ life. The first law enforcement officer on the scene ordered the community members providing medical assistance to move away, but they refused because the officer did not identify himself as a medic and made no other attempts to provide assistance.

We are incredibly alarmed that pretrial services have recommended the agitator be released without cash bail. We know from first-hand experience that politically—and racially—motivated shootings like this embolden other like-minded vigilantes who hold the same contempt for #IndigenousPeople and organizers. The agitator and his sympathizers pose a very real and serious threat to all Indigenous people, and to Indigenous women activists specifically. The establishment, which Alex Naranjo himself lauded as 'a system that we’ve lived with for 400 years,' circles its wagons to protect Indian killers who are colonialism’s foot soldiers. This means there is virtually no formal protection or justice for Indigenous people, women, and activists in these times of heightened danger. We call upon all national, tribal, state, county, and city officials, and movement allies, to condemn this racist attack and demand safety and protection for Indigenous people, women, organizations, and communities. We call upon everyone to contact your officials and apply pressure.

Demand the following:
1. Do not release the shooter!!
2. This must be recognized as the racially-motivated hate crime it is at all levels of government.
3. Protect Native women!!

As of now, the shooter is being held at Rio Arriba County Jail in Tierra Amarilla. The bond hearing is scheduled for Monday at 11:30AM at the Rio Arriba Magistrate Court. We will inform the public of any further updates.

Pray for Jacob Johns and his family. A GoFundMe has been set up to help support him and his family during this recovery. Donate and circulate the donation request.

The Red Nation Podcast will be recording an emergency live episode about Thursday’s events on Monday, October 2 at 5PM MT. The Red Nation and NDN Collective will be discussing the event’s wider significance for the Native liberation movement.

Further updates, The Red Nation social media channels, news reporting, and other links can be found at

Our first press release and original demands can be found at


#IndigenousNews #Activists #NativeAmericanActivists #conquistador #colonialism #LandBack #MAGA #MAGAExtremists #PeacefulProtests

2 months ago

My friend was shot by a Trumper in a #MAGA hat at a peaceful #IndigenousRally. Please help.

by RL Miller, September 30, 2023

"I went to Santa Fe, NM this week for a US #ClimateAction Network conference. During the conference we covered #decolonization and how Santa Fe/NM has been stolen from #Indigenous, first by Spaniards and then by Americans. Several of us decided to attend a rally in opposition to re-erecting a statue of Juan de #Onate, a particularly odious Spanish #Conquistador who massacred an entire pueblo and cut off the right foot of every able bodied male Native. His statue was taken down in 2020 by #IndigenousActivists but the county of Rio Arriba was supposed to take up, on 9/28/2023, an agenda item of re-erecting the statue. We #USCAN folk, including my friend #JacobJohns who is Indigenous, showed up to support. It was a lovely, peaceful, prayerful rally. (The county shut down its building and kicked the agenda item over a week.)

"For two hours I observed a Trumper in a MAGA hat harass, troll, and disrupt the rally. Toward the end of the rally, the speaker asked for all the children to gather. At that point the #Trumper tried to charge the group. A scuffle broke out; they pushed him back behind a low stone wall; he jumped over the wall, pulled out a gun, and shot. My friend Jacob took a bullet to the chest, likely intended for the children.
Jacob was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital and airlifted to Albuquerque. He had his spleen removed, but he's young and strong with the heart of a warrior and was in stable condition undergoing surgery last I heard yesterday.
The Trumper was arrested and charged with attempted murder. We all gave statements to detectives, and one of my twitter pix is evidence showing that the Trumper was harassing us for two hours.

"Your inboxes are likely overwhelmed with appeals from political folk, but please do not look away from the political violence in this country. Donate and share this Go Fund Me to support Jacob and his family:"
USCAN is working with local Indigenous groups to amplify their voices, make sure this statue doesn't go up again, and bring the shooter to justice. I will have an additional ask in the coming days; this is an AND, not an OR request. Thank you."

#IndigenousNews #Activists #NativeAmericanActivists

2 months ago

#JacobJohns Shot at #Onate Prayerful Protest Undergoing Surgery

By Carlos Martinez Censored News, September 29, 2023

"#Indigenous #ClimateActivist, artist, musician, and father Jacob Johns was shot in the chest this morning, Sept 28.2023, during a No Juan de Oñate statue peaceful protest in #Tewa territory (more commonly known as Española, New Mexico). Jacob put his body between women and children when the shooter charged towards the altar. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Albuquerque and had surgery.

"The shooter, who was wearing a red #MAGA hat, is in custody of tribal police. We ask everyone to please pray with us that he survives this surgery and that doctors have the strength and wisdom to help him.

"Jacob, who is Hopi and Akimel O'odham, has dedicated his life to Indigenous and #ClimateJustice. He is a skilled muralist and speaker, and specializes in non-violent, peaceful 'artivism'. He has a teenage daughter, Lily, she and his other family are currently flying from Washington State to Albuquerque New Mexico to be by his side.

"This inspirational man has put his life on the line over and over again to make a better world for his fellow humans, and now he and his family need your support to recover from this terrible hate crime. As you can imagine, being a climate activist is not lucrative work to readily afford major life- saving surgery. We are humbly requesting your donations to help cover his recovery, his medical bills, and to help support his family needs during what will likely be a very lengthy recovery period.

"This comes just two months before Jacob will be leading an #IndigenousWisdomKeepers Delegation at #COP28 to advocate for #IndigenousSolutions to #ClimateChange. Please pray with us for his recovery and donate if you can."

GoFundMe link:


#ClimateActivism #IndigenousNews #Activists

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

The "Good, Bad, and Ugly" of #ClimateChange mitigation in #charts.

The linked article shows things that are working, things that aren't, and things that may make it all worse, and has comments and suggestions for each.

It includes a call for personal action as well because, though too many #climate #activists hate that, we need an Everything, Everywhere, All at Once strategy for climate solutions that literally leaves *nothing* that helps undone.

2 months ago

09-23-2023 - #Seattle WA

Dozens of #protesters showed up at the Seattle International District Union Station on Saturday, for a planned march to the Seattle Police Officers Guild #SPOG, demanding JUSTICE for #JaahnaviKandula #JusticeforJaahnavi

Relatives of victims of the Seattle #Police Department spoke before the beginning of the march, while car and bike brigades began organizing in the background. Pictured directly above and behind the parking lot where the car brigade was organizing, (3) Seattle Police officers are seen looking down at protesters. Not-journalist Jonathan Choe was also buzzing around in skin-colored flip flops with plaid shorts, expertly recording footage using a cell phone.

After marching down 5th Ave S, the group changed over to 4th Ave S. While largely uneventful of serious problems, a continuous stream of vehicles traveling south on 4th Ave S drove into oncoming traffic to go around the #protest at one point including a full size #Darigold semi-truck #281100, with trailer, middle-aged white female driver, putting many at risk.

While most drivers behind the protest were not a problem, another middle-aged white woman with braided hair and a wooden cross swinging from their rearview mirror, in a silver Subaru Crosstrek or Outback, repeatedly and aggressively accelerated toward the rear of the car brigade, while honking and stomping their brakes over and over. This went on for some time.

Also at an eastbound facing intersection a Seattle Department of Transportation #SDOT truck #34202 XMT61730D with trailer purposely laid on a very loud airhorn for what seemed like at least a full minute, in an attempt to disrupt the march to SPOG.

After arriving at SPOG #activists and victims spoke of the Seattle Police Department #SPD and other local city departments, taking turns using megaphones speaking about tragedies involving loved ones. Victims and activists voiced calls for police accountability and plans to functionally transform police interactions. Candles were assembled in the shape of a heart on the ground in front of SPOG but had difficulty staying lit, partially due to the on-off rain that was occurring.

Meanwhile a #drone appeared above the gathering, possibly a DJI Mavic. It was speculated to be either from SPOG or Not-journalist Jonathan Choe. Then an unknown police or media #helicopter circled from above a countless amount of times, creating a distraction for some. We believe this to be the same helicopter that kept making passes above Union Station earlier. Also an unknown-to-us media company continued to hover around with large cameras, which eventually created a disturbance.

At the beginnings of getting dark with increasing rain, the march began heading back northbound on 4th Ave S, and was largely similar to what occurred when previously traveling southbound. Albeit what seemed like less traffic due to diminishing sunlight. While expected honks occurred from some #motorists at one point a female driver in what we believe was a newer dark colored KIA sedan asked what the protest was about. About 4-5 minutes later the driver became irate and started creating a scene, although nothing serious occurred. With the sun fully down and increasing rain, the march ended not far from the Union Station on 4th Ave S. The car and bike brigades went their separate ways, and protesters dispersed into the dark Seattle streets.

09/25 edit: Added additional protesters photo and additional photo of King County Transit Service Supervisor SUV. This SUV was generally ahead of marchers by about a city block. Unclear purpose as they didn't seem to manage anything.

Photo of posters taped to SPOG fence in front of SPOG building, Jaahnavi Kandula centered, Jaahnavi poster with pink background, Jaahnavi seen smiling, brown hair. Poster text My Value has no limits hashtag #JusticeforJaahnavi Left of Jaahnavi poster Herbert Hightower Jr 1979-2004 pictured holding child in arms, right of Jaahnavi poster picture of Jesse Sarey, 1993-2019
Photo of protesters leaving Union Station, signs seen, Her life is PRICELESS, Justice for Jaahnavi yellow sign, Justice for Jaahnavi blue sign.
Photo of protesters and signs, Convict Kevin Dave yellow sign, Jail Killer Cops orange sign.
Photo of activists speaking using megaphone, left side person wearing black hoodie with black mask and black beanie, right side person speaking black jacket teal or green shirt holding cell phone, SPOG fence seen in background with posters of victims of police violence.

Great to see some of my fave people to follow from the ShXt app now here on masto. I know for some activists/journos the transition isn't easy. Appreciate you!

#Leftists #Activists #Journalists #Mastodon

Petra van Cronenburg
3 months ago

I'm not saying I'm old but when we demonstrated and made sit-down #strikes, peaceful #civilDisobedience was considered one of the highest goods of #democracy. Every school taught that #demonstrations are a fundamental right. Only old Nazis and CSU-members called environment #activists with worst swear words. We had no glue but chains. Companies changed their politics because of the protests (e.g. ban of FCKW/Flue-gas desulfurization). #activism #OldPeopleOfMastodon

‘Nobody is #safe in #Chechnya’: #Life of #torture #survivor accused of being #gay at risk, #activists say.

He fled Chechnya to Armenia after being jailed, beaten and electrocuted by #police accusing him of being #gay. Now, a #campaign is calling on the country to ensure he isn’t #extradited back to #Russia on spurious charges.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Armenia #Russia #Chechnya #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Genocide #Discrimination #Homophobia #Transphobia

3 months ago

Nevada Ranger Violently Rams and Arrests #ClimateProtesters at #BurningMan Roadblock

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, August 27, Updated August 28, 2023

#BlackRockCity, #Nevada#Climate #activists shut down the highway leading to the Burning Man Festival. A Ranger violently rammed the roadblock where one woman was chained the barricade, and then pointed his weapon at protesters at close range.

"The Ranger, driving a Pyramid Lake Ranger vehicle, a tribal vehicle, then violently arrested one woman, throwing her to the ground, as shown in the video by Freedom News. The video also shows those delayed on the highway tearing down the road block in the heated debate.

"The climate protesters, #SevenCircles, said they stood for #anticapitalism, pointing out the excesses of resources being used in the desert."

Read more:

#NonviolentProtest #ACAB #AntiCapitalist

Re-tooting because I had my account set to unlisted (had some kiwi trolls recently)....

I am on an instance that has no language rules. If you suffer from #racism and #discrimination on the #fediverse, try out Paktodon.Asia. It’s the first (and only) Pakistani-run server, with an emphasis on the Global South (this is not a geographic term, but rather, socio-political), and a good home to #activists.

The admin and mod also don’t scare easily. They will fight for you. You have a voice. Use it.

Eli Rivera 🍉
3 months ago

Sure, let's share IDs and biometrics with Elon and Israel 🙄

This is such a #security threat for #activists, #HumanRightsDefenders and #NGOs. #Twitter/X is a dangerous place.

#NaomiWu and the Silence That Speaks Volumes

"When #China's prodigious tech influencer, Naomi Wu, found herself silenced, it wasn't just the machinery of a surveillance state at play. Instead, it was a confluence of state repression and the sometimes capricious attention of a Western audience that, as she asserts, often views Chinese #activists more as ideological tokens than as genuine human beings."

4 months ago

💖post from @joelle reminded me of #library #book:
#Information #Activism: A #Queer #History of #Lesbian #Media Technologies by Cait McKinney.

From the publisher: “…how these #women developed communication #networks, #databases & digital #archives#activists brought people and their visions of #justice together… media technologies animate the collective and unspectacular #labor that sustains social movements, including their #antiracist and #trans-inclusive endeavors.”

The book cover for Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technology by Cait McKinney. The cover is in yellow with black text, hand writing in the top and two hand drawn female symbols, based on the the cover of the call log created by the Lesbian Switchboard of New York City, 1980-81.
FediFollows ☃️
4 months ago

#Activism & #Activists picks of the day:

➡️ @kixes - Journalist & human rights activist in Singapore

➡️ @privacyint - NGO campaigning to protect the right to privacy

➡️ @JonathanMBR (main) & @Jonathan (blog) - Kenyan teacher & volunteer helping to educate disadvantaged children

➡️ @torproject - Non-profit organisation maintaining the Tor network, which allows anyone to communicate anonymously over the internet


Christoph Fink (he/him)
4 months ago

Thanks for an inspiring workshop ahead of my upcoming #MSCA @EC_REA research project, @barbaralaa, @ulrich_leth, and Alec Hager #PlatzFürWien #WirMachenWien #Radlobby, and my fantastic supervisor @univienna

I gained eye-opening insights into how #urban #cycling #activists choose certain roles for their public and media presence. This is at the core of my research that will start early 2024 @fedibikes @mastobikes #cycling @geography #socialanthropology #urbangeography @ethnography

Five persons sitting around a table that is scattered with paper, pens, and Finnish chocolate :)
Kriszta Satori
5 months ago

On the third anniversary of #China ’s national security law #HongKong offers #bounty for info to capture exiled political #activists - Nathan Law talks to the bbc about what it means:

8 months ago

Reminder: the Mastodon instance I co-admin at is open to #activists and #NGOs.

We created it to give mission-driven orgs a Mastodon presence that aligns with their values and is managed by trusted people. Let me know if you're interested in an account!