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"I have this theory... what makes all human endeavors interesting is a point of view." - #AdamSavage
Video: Some Interesting Thoughts About AI From Adam Savage

2 weeks ago


What Adam Savage Thinks About AI

9 min video

Interesting thoughts on AI and the creative process.


JW prince of CPH
3 weeks ago

Adam Savage basically nails at least part of what I've been trying to say about this whole #AI thing - two parts, in fact:

1. Even if AI could somehow produce useful content (which, for most intents & purposes, it can't yet, even though everybody seems to think it can), it will be literally point(of view)less.

2. Nobody on the user side seems to be able to point to anything resembling a compelling need; it's all vendor parroting & hypotheticals.

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3 weeks ago

I knew Cotton Bureau’s “direct to garment” printing wasn’t going to be as good as their first-run screen printing, but I didn’t think it’d be this bad.

The poor registration (almost 1mm out at its worst) and colour cast is disappointing considering the price and the four week wait 🙁 They seemingly didn’t/can’t add a spread on the overprint?

At least the @hypercritical tee in the same order will be screen printed when it arrives and should look good 🤞

@cottonbureau #CottonBureau #AdamSavage

A “Savage Aeronautics and Space Administration” t-shirt from Cotton Bureau.  It’s a black t-shirt with the word Savage in red across the front.  The direct to garment printing has poor registration and a lack of spread on the colour layer, resulting in the white base layer being visible as an edge on some of the red letters of the wording.  The red colour is also slightly orange.
A closer photo showing the poor registration of the overprinted colour layer, showing a large white edge on the text, particularly on the first two letters S and A.
A screenshot of the same t-shirt on the Cotton Bureau website showing what it’s advertised as looking like, with a richer red that is less orange.

Remember when on Twitter Adam Savage was asked what his fursona was and he said a lion? I did draw his fursona! And he SIGNED IT at FanExpo! Thanks to @Auraus and Sierralad for making it happen!

#furry #furryart #adamsavage #art

Adam Savage as a lion furry making a derp face
Adam Savage signing the print of his fursona making a derp face
1 month ago
1 month ago

Watch "Adam Savage Builds a REAL Starfield Starship!" on YouTube

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JW prince of CPH
2 months ago

"We wake up naked, everything else is drag" - RuPaul (here cited by Adam Savage)

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Len Peralta
2 months ago

I’ve had a few people send me this video. I am a part of the story #adamsavage tells in this video. Pretty cool to be a part of it. Also what a fond memory:

2 months ago

Great Scott indeed and, honestly I welled up a little

#AdamSavage at The Earl Hayes Press coming face-to-face with some very classic cinematic #props

#film #cinema

JW prince of CPH
2 months ago

I guess museum curators are also librarians after a fashion - these guys are so patient, both in their explanations & the on-going process of discovery and knowledge expansion.

In a world we like to call "the information society" I still can't understand why they aren't considered our superheroes.

#Tested #AdamSavage #MetropolitanMuseumOfArt

JW prince of CPH
2 months ago

More amazing #movie #props from Earl Hayes Press, plus something about chip bags in films that you probably didn't think of. Well, I didn't - but it's one of those "of course!" things once your learn it...

#Tested #AdamSavage

JW prince of CPH
2 months ago

Wren & Niko's reaction is, if anything, understated compared to how I'd respond to a tour of Adam Savage's cave by the man himself...

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Chris Samuels
2 months ago

I didn’t know I wanted to make this until I saw Adam Savage inspect it on his YouTube channel Tested. It’s the Rita helicopter blade sword from Edge of Tomorrow. I love the combination of a real world item used as a ridiculous Animie sized weapon.

#edgeoftomorrow #ritasword #props #adamsavage

Prop Rita sword from Edge of Tomorrow. Looking like a helicopter tail rotor blade.
Plastic 3D printer handle of Prop Rita sword from Edge of Tomorrow.
Plastic 3D printed blade of Prop Rita sword from Edge of Tomorrow.
JW prince of CPH
3 months ago

Do you know The Earl Hayes Press?

Did you say "No"?

You're wrong.

You do know Earl Hayes, you just don't know it. Every single printed prop used in the entire 100+ year history of #Hollywood film - every newspaper, magazine, poster, ID card, document, letter, label, banknote, plus a crap-load of stuff you wouldn't even think of as "printed"- was made there. Every. Single. One.

#films #movies #history #props #Tested #AdamSavage

3 months ago

Adam Savage Learns Sci-Fi Space Helmet Secrets!

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4 months ago

@js I was watching #AdamSavage on Tested (Jump to 2:40) where Adam says a lot of Aussie nicknames end in either Z or O. There was also a Reddit article ( I found this fascinating as the poster asked for people’s names and he’d given them their #Aussie nickname equivalent. Alas, no James I could find. #Australia

5 months ago

@geekmomprojects @concretedog

The work that @sophywong does with fabric and #3dprinting is just incredible!

There is a fair few details in the amazing interview #AdamSavage did with her a few months ago - highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet!

Andrew Linke
5 months ago

Great interview from #AdamSavage and #Tested about traditional techniques for building a codex book in the European style.

Make sure you watch past the first 5 minutes. The interview starts a little awkward as the curator settles into being on camera and Adam struggles to recenter himself after she makes a statement about book tech that surprises him.

But after that... they both settle in and it becomes awesome.


Model maker, #Mythbuster, and #Tested editor-in-chief #AdamSavage has a healthy obsession with historical #armor—he’s even made his own full suit of armor—but he’s never held a real #gauntlet from #history… until this #museum visit #video.

JW prince of CPH
5 months ago

Beverly Downen is such an amaaaaaazing cosplay builder - check out her Lucifer Morningstar from "Sandman", holy shite!!! 🤯 🤩 🥰

#cosplay #maker #costumes #tested #BeverlyDownen #AdamSavage

JW prince of CPH
5 months ago

Kayte Sabicer is both delightful & talented - this almost makes me want to watch whatever "Poker Face" is, just to see those puppets in action...

#Tested #AdamSavage #KayteSabicer #maker #StopMotion #SFX

5 months ago

#ttrpg #ScratchBuilt #StarWars #Starship #SciFi #TerrainBuilding step 8.
I begin using craft foam to decorate the cockpit of the ship. Shiny cardboard panels have been added to the hull, with a square hole-punch being used to cut some notches in them. Got that idea from #AdamSavage video on starship paneling.
I apply modpodge over the foam and masking tape over the moving parts of the swivel turret.
A couple dollar store legos are used to make some rectangular vent areas.

A starship built of cardboard and plastic junk.
Erik Sagen
5 months ago

As a longtime fan of Jim Henson Creature Shop and their creations, it's inspiring to see the incredible work that goes into bringing these characters to life. #JimHenson #CreatureShop #BehindTheScenes #AdamSavage #Tested

JW prince of CPH
7 months ago

Yes, I know, it's another example of the effort humanity is willing to put into warfare & weapons - but holy cr*p, I had no idea they made chainmail this elaborate, let alone that we still restore it that way...!

#tested #adamSavage #MetropolitanMuseumOfArt

7 months ago

They walk dogs... Adam Savage and Maggie #dogs #dogsofmastodon #adamsavage

Mary The Knife 🗡
8 months ago

Star Trek on my mind! 😍🖖

”The Original Star Trek USS Enterprise Filming Model!”

#startrek #adamsavage

8 months ago

I'm not one for tattoos myself, but if I had to have one, then the one #AdamSavage of #Mythbusters fame has, ruler markings for centimetres and inches on his arm, would be one I'd consider:

Fantha Tracks - Star Wars News
9 months ago

Adam Savage's Tested: The battle-damaged helmet of Darth Vader from Obi-Wan Kenobi - #StarWars #FanthaTracks #adamsavage #obiwankenobi

JW prince of CPH
9 months ago

The Xmas day unboxing I wouldn't mind doing myself, if anyone is making a gift list...

#PopCulture #nerf #alien #PulseRifle #Tested #AdamSavage

Ryan M Pierson ✏️📷
9 months ago

The DIY community on YouTube is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn new skills, fix things around the house, or simply be self-sufficient. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced handyman, there's always something new to discover and enjoy. #diy #youtube #tested #adamsavage

Ann K.
10 months ago
11 months ago

This is worth a watch just for the laughs even if you don't care about #channellockpliers.

4 years ago

Adam Savage speaks at DEFCON 17 - this is gonna be good. I haven't watched it yet though.
#AdamSavage #DEFCON

4 years ago

I bought Adam Savage's book, Every Tool's a Hammer, for some inspiration (hopefully). I actually had to stop watching his Tested Vlodcasts because the audio was atrocious (please Will, get someone who knows what they're doing) and I kinda got tired of hearing Adam name drop (yeah yeah, we know you know famous people). But he is an amazing maker, and hopefully it will be inspirational and entertaining.

#Mythbusters #AdamSavage #Books #Tested