Compassion is the key:
Most folks are doing the best they can, even if it doesn't look like it to you.

#trauma #addiction #coping

Will we need less doctors in the future?

Magic Pills Are Coming

“At healthcare conferences, someone always asks, “What if there was a magic pill?” One that could cure major diseases. What would the healthcare industry look like? Some emergency rooms and hospitals but less doctors and spending?”

#healthcare #parkinsons #cancer #addiction-#depression #obesity #diabetes #wegovy #ozempic #mounjaro #zepbound

Pete Orrall
3 days ago

The #opioid #crisis has affected nearly every population within the #us. As #americans continue to die from overdoses, numbers are reaching record highs. One of the populations hit hard from this is #pregnant #people .

New research (cited in the article below) reveals details and trends in maternal mortality rates.

From the article:

“We need to understand discrimination as a patient safety issue,” Dr. Mishka Terplan, a member of the Addiction Medicine Expert Work Group at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said in an email. “People are dying because they are devalued.”

#news #research #health #addiction #women #family

Schoolhouse Rocked
3 days ago

Aby Rinella joins Yvette Hampton to talk about the impact of social media on real relationships and to give a Biblical picture of the original influencer.

#socialmedia #addiction #onlinesafety #podcast

4 days ago

#Homelessness, #addiction, and #MentalIllness are not the same thing. Most of the #unhoused are not addicted. Many #overdose deaths are among #HousedPeople, and about a quarter in people who are unhoused. So with the other combinations. These three do not equate; they don’t always have the same cause. But they’re related.

#OpiodCrisis #HousingCrisis #Interconnected #BritishColumbia #BCpoli #Nanaimo #Vancouver #HumanRights #SocialServices #MarginalizedPeople #Stigma

Lightning Duck
4 days ago
It just occurred to me that many people are actually afraid to heal because their entire identity is centered around the trauma they've experienced. They have no idea who they are outside of trauma and that unknown can be terrifying. HealthyPlace.con
David Boles
4 days ago


The Midjourney addiction is real, friend. Really, really FUN!

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #100k #Images #Addiction #Fun

100k Midjourney images!
Oscar Baechler
4 days ago

1/ I recently explained to my kids that when you feel that fight bile in your body, your brain thinks that if you say the thing and expunge the bile, then say sorry later, that's the same as not saying the thing. But we all deep down know that's not true; often if someone expunged their bile and says sorry, even deeply and compassionately, we still remember it forever.

But anyhoo, I think a lot of us guinea pigs incorrectly use social media for bile-expunging #internet #addiction

Gabriel :verified_paw:
4 days ago

Are we going to (or do we already) have a huge problem with smartphone addiction because we're building our societies to be so reliant on smartphones?

Specifically, smartphones are quickly becoming a necessity, and next to your BANK App you have Instagram and Free To Play games which is using every trick in the book to make you addicted to it.

#smartphone #addiction #screentime

The Japan Times
4 days ago
5 days ago

Et en même temps, il me manque encore quelques badges… 😅 #addiction

Albert Borneo
6 days ago

Hé non les propriétaires/actionnaire de Ladbrokes and Coral ne connaitront pas la paille humide des cachots.
L'administration et la Justice britannique fermeront les yeux sur les délinquants contre une amende de £600 millions
A ce tarif, c'est peut-être eux qui ont tué ta belle mère mais on ne le saura jamais
#addiction #drogue #jeux #casino

1 week ago

#Gambling #Lotto #Addiction

This explains why most lotto winners lose everything within about 5 years after they collect their winnings.

Charlotte Hunter
1 week ago

"Up to a third of Autistic people have reported issues with substance use significant enough to be recognised by academic literature, while Autistic people in general are twice as likely to be found among those with an SUD diagnosis as they are in the general population. I believe this demonstrates the point I have made repeatedly; this is a significant issue for Autistic people."
#autism #drugs #DrugUse #addiction #medication #MentalHealth #neurodivergence

Journée régionale #URAA2023
Au Palais de Région PDL.

Pour accompagner toutes les addictions.

Journée régionale #URAA2023
Au Palais de Région PDL.

Pour accompagner toutes les addictions.

#Mastodon made a change. In the thread where they announce it, there are tons of people giving their normative view - how social media ought to be used, unsolicited.

Honestly, it is a bunch of people unaware of their pathologies who don't understand that they're using #socialmedia obsessively to self-medicate against existential dread, feelings of helplessness, fears of being a failure, feelings of isolation, etc.

#ReplyGuy #addiction #fediverse #Twitter #bluesky

My issue with online communities is that they're not really communities. They're a chaotic emergence of cultures centered around consumption, existential dread, and #addiction. The forums I was part of as a kid had a mission they were working towards with actual tangible ways to measure progress or analyze the lack thereof.

#socialmedia #Mastodon #Reddit #Twitter #Threads #bluesky #mentalillness

I blocked this person. Notice I didn't mention them or show who it was.

They left an unsolicited argumentative reply in a previous post. If random Internet posts forces you to take issue with it, then that means you were compelled to address it. That’s a compulsion and an impulse control problem with parasocial connotations.

That’s the symptom of an obsession which is close to an addiction. If this is sounds like you, log off #Mastodon. You have a #socialmedia #addiction.

#Twitter #Reddit

Alan Kotok
1 week ago

A challenge competition with a $50 million purse seeks new strategies to attack the global substance abuse epidemic, including personalized diagnostics and treatments.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Alcohol #Opioids #Addiction #SubstanceAbuse #Relapse #Diagnostics #Treatment #Challenge #Competition #Biomarkers #MedicalDevice

"Now it's a shame to be,
self-proclaimed free,
while trapped by the blindin'
symptoms of #addiction"

Come Home Soon, #BrentCobb

#music #country #countryMusic #lyrics #alcohol #alcoholism @countrymusic

Pinky Floyd
2 weeks ago
#homeless #addiction #mentalhealth
Disturbing video recorded by a bystander appears to show a California Highway Patrol officer shoot a man repeatedly after a struggle in the middle of the 105 Freeway in Watts on Sunday afternoon.
John Colagioia
2 weeks ago

Overdose prevention centers don’t lead to more crime

The researchers found no significant changes in violent crimes, property crimes recorded by police, 911 calls for crime, medical incidents, or 311 calls regarding drug use or “unsanitary” conditions observed in the vicinity of the OPCs, and observed significant reductions in calls for homeless-related conditions.

#Addiction #Crime

Used syringes viewed at a needle exchange clinic where users can pick up new syringes and other clean items for those dependent on heroin, on February 6, 2014, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
2 weeks ago

61 % des sondés estiment que leur moitié passe trop de temps sur son portable.
1/4 admettent regarder les notifications avant de dire bonjour à leur partenaire
15 % des 18-34 ans ont déjà répondu à un appel ou à un SMS pendant un rapport sexuel

#numérique #smartphone #addiction #technocritique

It's Yehor, not Ihor
2 weeks ago

I can't stop it. I'm now #selfhost addicted. I hosted a blog with #Ghost and it was cool. Then I hosted #UmamiAnalytics and integrated it into the blog. Then there was a #Gitea instance with some of my public repositories, previously hosted on #GitHub. And I have #Umami on Gitea as well now =) Because why not?
There are so many nice #FOSS out there! Need to try each of them! :blobcatscience:

#homelab #selfhosted #selfhosting #HomeServer #addiction

Last night on MSNBC, I saw LA Times journalist Keegan Hamilton, interviewed by Paola Ramos (subbing for Alicia Menendez), say it right out loud: China and Mexico don't have the massive substance addiction casualties that we find in the US: they also have universal, single payer health care.

#selfmedicating #fentanyl #OpiodCrisis #addiction #captialismisantitheticaltohealthcare.

It's not fair that when you get #sober all you get is sober. There should be a reward, like you can get a little high just from accomplishing tasks or something.

#addiction #substanceAbuse #drugs

I think the most upsetting thing about being back on Twitter/X is seeing all the good people on there, cheering because advertisers are leaving X. But those same people ARE NOT LEAVING. Like... wake up my dudes.
#DumpMusk #Antisemitism #Addiction #Hypocrisy

LA Legault ✌🏻
2 weeks ago

It’s sad because Twitter people are now terrified Twitter will go down, not elated he is being held accountable. #addiction

2 weeks ago

What an awful tragedy - anyone who's listened to Dana Carvey do stand-up knows the heartwarming stories he tells about his son Dex. Positively heartbreaking.

#RIP #DanaCarvey #Currentevents #addiction

2 weeks ago

@AnnaAnthro #addiction #nicotine #recovery #tobacco

For 10 years I used vape juice on a bit of tissue between my lip and my gum. It got me off "smokeless tobacco" -- Copenhagen, Skoal and so on. It works REALLY WELL to deliver the nicotine.

So THEY STOLE MY IDEA. Should I sue?

Kidding aside, Copenhagen got me hooked when I was 16. It took one can of the snuff, and I was a customer for the next 60 years. Then I went to the juice and DIY pouch.

Nicotine is as addictive as it gets! Addicts get off alcohol, coke, horse, meth, you name it, and tobacco is usually the LAST. It was for me.

What is wrong with our feckless gov't, that they let ANY new nicotine product into the market??? They are bought off, that has to be it. Or just stupid.

I'm off nicotine two years now, and I still crave it, hard and often. It is a terrible chemical. It is worse because after getting addicted, you take it just to feel normal. Never a high. But try and stop any you want to die.

Every food and drug regulation employee should be required to have kicked a bad addiction. Then they would know. And not allow this nonsense.

2 weeks ago

"The desolation of loneliness, like the connected problems of substance abuse and depression, comes from the feeling that the experience—when one is in it—will never end." —Richard Deming for The Paris Review

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Addiction #PhillipSeymourHoffman

Plume 🪶
2 weeks ago

I think I finally managed to get over my #soda #addiction. It may not sound serious, but it was a problem. Nothing will fatten your belly faster than sugar. It also didn't help at all with my sleep and fatigue. Caffeine is a bitch, especially when you're ADHD.

I started by replacing sodas with fruit based juice drinks. But I think what did the trick is buying packs of canned sparkling water. It satisfies the itch for me.

Now things like #Coke tastes from "meh" to "gross". Water is best. c:

Estelle Platini
2 weeks ago

The CEO of #Meta, Mark #Zuckerberg, has personally and repeatedly thwarted initiatives to improve the wellbeing of teenagers on #Facebook and #Instagram, sometimes directly bypassing some of his most senior lieutenants, according to internal communications made public as part of an ongoing lawsuit against the company:

#addiction #safety #benevolentDictator #socialMedia #phone

Estelle Platini
2 weeks ago

Le PDG de #Meta, Mark #Zuckerberg, a personnellement et à plusieurs reprises contrecarré des initiatives visant à améliorer le bien-être des adolescent·es sur #Facebook et #Instagram, parfois en passant directement outre certains de ses lieutenants les plus hauts placés, selon des communications internes rendues publiques dans le cadre d'un procès en cours contre l'entreprise.

#addiction #sureté #dictateurBienveillant #médiasSociaux #téléphone

3 weeks ago

"Joe Buffalo" | Surviving the Horror of Residential Schools by Skateboarding | directed by Amar Chebib and executive produced by Tony Hawk, an Indigenous #skateboarding legend overcomes #addiction and #trauma stemming from his years in Canada's Church-run school system.

3 weeks ago

does anyone with #CPTSD or other similar conditions experience an aversion to making goals and/or plans? i just prefer to live one-day-at-a-time, but i think i need to make some goals. unfortunately my desire to make goals is like... in the negative numbers (for some reason). and i can't figure out why i'm so averse to it... it's like i don't even want to think about it...

edit: the idea of more goals just feels like adding chores to my already overwhelming chorelist...

#anxiety #depression #trauma #recovery #addiction

3 weeks ago

Unveiling the dark side of online gambling: delve into the unsettling truth behind the exploitation of addictive behaviors in our latest blog post. Don't miss it!
#OnlineGambling #Addiction #Exposed

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 weeks ago

It worked for me, by the grace of God. 👍

"Your Brain Can Recover From Heavy Drinking: It requires total abstinence, according to new research."

"In good news for drinkers, researchers in the US have discovered that the brains of people who suffer from alcohol use disorder and abstained from booze for roughly 7.3 months displayed significant structural improvements, suggesting remarkable powers of recovery are possible."

#brain #alcohol #addiction #atrophy

Just #imagine a #world without #dependency and #addiction and without the #unnecessary #suffering 🤩 🤩 🤩 I would #love to see this #world ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🙏

Why Don’t #We Have #Addiction #vaccines ?

After three decades of #research people with addiction still have few #medication options. While there are a handful of modestly effective #fdaapproved #drugs to treat #alcohol #nicotine and #opioiduse #disorders there are none at all for #cocaine #methamphetamine and other #narcotics And the fact remains that most people with a substance use disorder will relapse …

Tom Ellard
3 weeks ago

Tech failure leaves a million people without a reason to live. #optus #zombies #addiction

Mostafa Hussein Omar
3 weeks ago

Ian Sample interviews NIDA's Nora Volkow in a Guardian podcast episode - Understanding the Science of Addiction

#addiction #MentalHealth #podcast

Amadeus Paulussen
1 month ago

Let's be honest, how often do you check for #updated #packages with your (rolling) #distribution and/or #flatpak #packagemanager? Personally, I setup a little script that does both (pacman and flatpak) so that I can run it conveniently (sometimes daily). 🫢️😜️🫣️ #linux #update #addiction

Ricardo Harvin
1 month ago

As I once again work through the maze of #Medicare, #PartD, and #Medigap, I repeat that anyone who promotes #MedicareForAll instead of full, comprehensive (#physical, #dental, #vision, #mental, #addiction, etc), free or very low cost #UniversalHealthcare has absolutely no understanding of the problem they believe they're addressing.

Medicare is a complete and utter nightmare which fails to address the underlying issues of cost and coverage that plague the #US for-profit #healthcare system.

1 month ago

'Manitoba's new #NDP government has confirmed in writing it wants to establish a supervised consumption site in downtown Winnipeg. In a ministerial mandate later dated Oct.19 and released publicly Tuesday, Premier Wab Kinew calls on his addictions minister Bernadette Smith to work with other cabinet ministers to deliver on what Kinew describes as one of the government's key priorities.'. #addiction

📚 Matthew Perry book: Chandler's life turned out to be his ideal - review

Despite Chandler's fictional triumphs, Perry candidly admitted that the character's success often surpassed his own real-life achievements. Perry adds "what I actually did in real life—getting married, having kids—well … some things I can’t talk about all that well."

#MatthewPerry #Friends #Chandler #books #nonfiction #memoir #bookstodon #addiction

remember: the only "gateway drug" is trauma. we are very quick to demonize the who, what, when, where of #addiction but never ask why.

whenever you're thinking about someone who uses drugs, remember that it usually isn't "their fault". they are trying to solve emotional strain and cope with the horrors of the system. just like you cope with being sleepy in the morning by drinking coffee. don't think it's different. that's a classic tactic to reduce the humanity of the person who is using drugs.

Radical Social Worker ✊️
1 month ago

And I get it.

I used the term "substance abuse" until I realized it was stigmatizing.

Why is it stigmatizing? It is blaming and shaming to the person who is struggling with a HEALTH issue.

The term "abuse" denotes they are at fault. As if they are choosing to struggle.

This isn't how addiction works.

We don't assign blame in language when people struggle with OTHER health issues.

#Addiction #StructuralStigma #Stigma #AntiOppression #HealthEquity

Dr. Halley Pontes
1 month ago

Our latest study on social media addiction was published today in the journal BMC Psychology. Free access from this link: ttps://

#socialmedia #addiction #socialmediaaddiction #psychology #research

More than three dozen states are suing the parent company of Instagram and Facebook over fears that its platforms’ “addictive” features are harming teens’ mental health. - CNN #Facebook #Instagram #MetaPlatforms #Addiction #Lawsuit #uspoli @cdnpoli

Jeremy Kamil
1 month ago

This new book from Noah Whiteman looks amazing: “Most Delicious Poison”.. how plants, animals & microbes influence each other’s behavior & fates thru secondary metabolites & how this impacts everything from addiction, intoxication to life saving medicines #ecology #evolution #medicine #plants #addiction #books

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 month ago

From 24 Oct: Study: Foods like ice cream, chips and candy are just as addictive as cigarettes or heroin - #health #food #ultraprocessedfood #addiction

David Gray-Hammond
1 month ago

My book about #autism and #addiction is available for US kindle readers for $0.99 until October 29th. Grab yourself a copy now!

Please retoot so loads of people can grab this!

#ActuallyAutistic #AutisticAuthor #neurodivergent #recovery

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 month ago

@mcnees I owe some of my most important, seminal career research to astronaut Ronald McNair.

Published in the Penn State McNair Journal in 1996:

"Internet Connectivity: Addiction and Dependency Study"

#Internet #Addiction #tech #dependency

Raymond Scott Pert
1 month ago

Canada Will Legalize Medically Assisted Dying For People Addicted to Drugs

> Canada will legalize medically assisted dying for people who are addicted to drugs next spring, in a move some drug users and activists are calling “eugenics.”
#Canada #drugabuse #addiction #suicide

Nino Kadic
1 month ago

I keep these five cigarillos next to my bed, to test my willpower every day. It'll be my trophy for overcoming my smoking addiction, which I'm not doing for health reasons. I'm doing it out of spite 😄

#smoking #addiction #health

Five brown cigarillos in a small liqueur glass, on a dark brown round coffee table with a purple cloth in the middle, and various trinkets (bronze Turkish coffee set, a transparent Halloween spider prop, remote control, etc.).
Bob Jamieson
2 months ago

Philip Morris lobbying to stop WHO ‘attack’ on vapes and similar products
Exclusive: Leaked email shows firm behind Marlboro cigarettes critical of global ‘prohibitionist’ agenda
The company, which has been increasingly focusing on smoke-free products as governments tighten regulations on cigarettes, made $10.19bn (£8.3bn) in revenues from products such as heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes in 2022.

#vaping #PhilipMorris #health #addiction #YoungPeople #WHO

The Flight Attendant
2 months ago

@scotttiger @scotts @FinchHaven @SwiftOnSecurity @malwaretech I had #Twitter for 14+ years, spent WAY too much time on there. Was already trying to cut back before Musk bought it. He made my final decision to quit much easier but the actual quitting part (not getting on the site or interacting) has not been easy for me. If i didn't have #mastodon as a substitute, I would probably still be there 🫤 Life is better now! No regrets here either! ☺️ #addiction #socialMedia #twitterMigration

2 months ago

20k #CreativeWriting #essay w/ 4-sub-essays *inspired* by #ArmoredCoreVI

Chapters & Topics
1) #Ravens (the bird)
2) #Nature (what is nature?)
3) 621 (establishing the char.)
4) Giant #Robots / #gunpla (sub essay 1)
5) Rubicon (setting desc)
6) #drugs, #sex and #addiction (sub essay 2)
7) #Anarchy / Ancap / Corps (political deep dive; sub essay 3)
8) actual "#review" of the #videogames
9) endings + #berserk (sub4)
10) 621 fraud & humanity #DoBetter

Lana Bojanic
2 months ago

Hi all! Please consider sharing your experiences and make online spaces and mental health care safer and more welcoming. Link to survey:
#MentalHealth #uk #research #depression #anxiety #psychology #survey #schizophrenia #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealthServices #addiction #ADHD #autism #bipolar #PTSD

2 months ago

@Nonilex Didn't I see where they took him to a MH facility? Probably appropriate. Now I wish I hadn't smoked earlier than normal today. Let me struggle with trying to be coherent. We, all #AntiFa, in the broadest sense of the word, must not become self-rightous punishers à la Trump. Cult followers are heavily indoctrinated, another word for #BrainWashed. This is a MH condition, probably reversable in many. Like #addiction it deserves our heavy societal investment. Odds, not good.

Some real talk here: #ADHD is incredibly comorbid with #addiction. Both are related to atypical reactions to chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. This includes all sorts of addiction — drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, porn, sleeping, hoarding — you name it.

So if you have #ADHD, keep this in mind. You don’t have to be a stoic monk, but remember that your brain works differently than a neurotypical one.

Angry Tea Lady
2 months ago

Okay I'm at the addiction doc and they have cats in the waiting room I was so stressed 🥰 she lays besides me! #metalhealth #addiction #cats #Cat #catstodon #catsofmastodon

Cat standing on a table
2 months ago

Resisting #SocialMedia and #Advertising (and Why It's so Hard) :facebook: :twitter:

(video courtesy of Be sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe to for more great content!) 💙

#Facebook #Twitter #addiction

Yep.#journalism re #trump

Media are like members of an #abusive household, abused but keeping up appearances"
#koolaid #addiction

Guy Dudeman
2 months ago

@hotdogsladies This is making want to strongly consider paying for Ivory. Plus, over the past month, this has happened:
#mastodon #addiction #idonthaveaproblemyouhaveaproblem #whatsyourproblem #burp

Amanda Mitchell
2 months ago

@DontMindMe I hope things get better. #addiction sucks.

2 months ago

#Recommendations needed: anyone out there know/recommend any good #Journaling style #RPGs that would work in a small group, ideally something that people can drop in and out of, so something with a start anywhere kind of style.
Looking for a game for a 1 hour open support group that can explore themes like: healthy #relationships, #MentalHealth, #addiction recovery and #SystemicOppression.

#RPGTherapists, what cha got for me? :blob_sign_pls:

The Progressive
2 months ago

Author Miriam Davidson lays out how treating drugs as a law enforcement issue has historically fueled more violence at the border and what this tells us about how we should approach the issue of addiction. #Addiction #WarOnDrugs #Border

3 months ago

@kottke I think you would be interested in a book that came recently to mind: Anne Wilson Schaef's When Society Becomes an Adddict.

I read it shortly after it was published in 1988, and at the time it was eye-opening about the problems in the company in which I worked. But in rereading it now, it has a much broader reach.

Here are inexpensive copies:

#book #psychology #sociology #society #culture #addiction

3 months ago

"Words were the only things that seemed attainable to me. I could look them up in my grandmother’s dictionary and understand their meaning—unlike math, where, if I was stuck, I’d need someone to help me. The more words I learned, the more I realized that my own language could be deepened." —Jenisha Watts for The Atlantic

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Kentucky #Addiction #Poverty #Neglect

3 months ago

"The abiding belief that alive is better than clean was what led to Never Use Alone." —For Slate, Aymann Ismail and Mary Harris follow a safe-use hotline operator.

#Longreads #Drugs #Overdose #Fentanyl #Addiction #HarmReduction

Daniel AJ Sokolov
3 months ago

"people routinely underestimate just how much they rely on networks of one kind or another", says Iain Morris - speaking from his own experience going cold turkey.

#network #connectivity #mobile #cellular #addiction

The Video Game Library 📚
3 months ago

Released in 2010, Ryan G. Van Cleave's "Unplugged" recounts their very real struggles with Video Game addiction, their rock-bottom, and their ongoing battle to control the impulses to play.

⚠️ Content Warning for both the description and the book


#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamer #Addictions #Health #MentalHealth #Addiction #VideoGame #PlayStation #Xbox #Nintendo #WorldOfWarcraft #Warcraft #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon

The cover of Unplugged: My Journey Into The Dark World of Video Game Addiction. The title is green and white, almost like the Xbox logo. With a middle banner and 3 people wearing glasses with a reflective green glow (as if staring at the screen, addicted).
Paul H
3 months ago

Doctor Wu, by Steely Dan. Love me some Steely Dan! Their lyrics were opaque at best, and downright obscure most of the time. But there seems to be a strong strain of addiction, and the attendant struggles it brings, throughout this classic song from the album Katy Lied.

"Don't seem right
I've been strung out here all night
I've been waiting for the taste you said you'd bring to me"

#JukeBoxFridayNight #GettingClean #SteelyDan #DoctorWu #addiction #KayLied

3 months ago

"Addicts and alcoholics cannot prove their need for treatment by requesting it. They’ve gotta bleed and pee for it. And even that might not be enough."

Read our powerful new #longreads story:

#drugs #alcohol #addiction #recovery #nonfiction #writing

Mostafa Hussein Omar
3 months ago

I guess it is time for an #Introduction! I'm a psychiatrist based in #Egypt. I worked in #addiction, #trauma rehab. I learned about #Linux in 2002 & through it met a small community of great geeks (how I met #FreeAlaa). I started blogging in 2005. #Jan25 revolution happened & I tried to witness as much as I can. I enjoy #DIY, #woodworking (built our kitchen cabinets). #Cycling, #Windsurfing, #35mm #photography & #urbansketching. #Vegetarian, I enjoy #baking & #cooking (sometimes overwhelming).

Rabi'a Elizabeth
3 months ago

Asalamu alaikum! If you’re #Muslim and are struggling with an #Addiction of ANY kind, there is confidential, compassionate help available free of charge — from fellow Muslims.

There is a silent epidemic of addictions of all kinds all over the world. And Muslims are not exempt just because they pray to Allah SWT five times a day.

Good news: if you’re Muslim and you’re struggling with a substance addiction or a bad habit you can’t quit, there are other Muslims who want to help.

Millati Islami, an international fellowship of men and women, offers an orthodox Muslim way to work a program of #Recovery that draws from the #TwelveSteps of #Alcoholics Anonymous. We are joined together on the "Path of Peace".

The best way to find out more is to go to a Millati Islami meeting. We offer online meetings all week long and, if you’re in the Northeast US, there are in-person meetings too.

You can read more about Millati Islami at our website.

Addendum 6 cont'd

Vancouver | British Columbia political indifference, inaction

[2023-08-01] Vancouver City Council Shutting Down Overdose Prevention Site
No Plan to Help People Who Depend On Site
“They don’t care what happens to people who use drugs”

[2022-12-01] B.C. on track for 2nd deadliest drug poisoning year ever

#Canada #Vancouver #addiction #HumanRights #PublicHealth #KenSim #addiction #apathy #populism #ABCVancouver #RightWing

Jane Adams
3 months ago

I finished my summer internship this week! I spent 4 months working with a team of biologists and statisticians at The Jackson Laboratory, building visualization software for their research needs. The lab I worked with focuses on analyzing genetics, the microbiome, and addiction-related traits. Here's an overview of some of the EDA tools I built for them in #Python ☺️ #genetics #biology #addiction #dataviz #computerscience #research #phd

If you're doing cool work with data vis + bio, lmk!

A background section explaining the reasons for doing mouse research to understand human disease; the importance of understanding heritability for treating addiction; and introducing the complexities of the data being analyzed (large, k-partite, high dimensional)
A summary of a project to use conditional inference trees to understand interactions between microbes in predicting certain behavioral traits
An overview of a project to create a Sankey diagram comparing clustering methods applied to differential co-expression data. Everyone has their favorite clustering method, so how do we find strong signals in gene-gene similarities? By creating tools to spot concordance across methods
Project overview for a software tool that allows users to upload stacks of distance matrices, threshold on distances and features of interest, concatenate data as edgelist, and render interactive k-partite graphs to show association or anti-association between genes, microbes, and traits
4 months ago

ya know, I can only hope that in the past year I have raised half as much awareness about #MentalHealth and #Addiction in #InfoSec as my stupid bikini raised for whatever the fuck it raised

I would argue that mental health and addiction are far more important topics in our community than a double standard that no one really even learned from - I mean, look at what recently happened to @tracketpacer

4 months ago

From @gbhnews, here's Tori Bedford on #Boston Mayor Wu's decision to go ahead with rebuilding treatment facilities and shelters on Long Island.

For many years, the city had hundreds of beds available on this Boston Harbor island which was once the home to a Coast Guard facility. All that ended in 2014 when a bridge connecting the island to the mainland was declared unsafe. The city has never recovered the number of treatment and shelter beds. #recovery #addiction

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
4 months ago

“I have no problem with people that want to drink and do drugs – if they can do it in moderation. I wish I could, but I can’t”: when Mike Portnoy performed his 12-Step Suite
The drummer explored his Alcoholics Anonymous experience across five Dream Theater albums, before playing the material without them


4 months ago

Substance #addiction and #alcoholism are serious conditions and I have great sympathy for those who suffer and great admiration for those who get help. But that also doesn’t mean one can use alcoholism as an excuse for one’s actions. One has to deal with the fallout. And if #Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán’s history of #DomesticViolence is related to his alcoholism, I applaud him for getting help, but I still am not okay with his actions nor want him on my favorite #baseball team.

4 months ago


#America can build up #tolerance to #drugs. Here's how.

#small #gradual #exposures to #opioids can help the #humanBody build tolerance to #rising #addiction, #drugDealers say

Toni Aittoniemi
4 months ago

Situation with #socialmedia #addiction with #kids is dire. And Laura Marguez-Garrett argues Snap simply lies on it’s testimonies about what they present as an experience to young people, girls especially.

TikTok algorithms turn to advocate suicide after breakups, leading to actual suicides. Snap’s algorithm connecting kids to dealers.

And the companies? It could still be cheaper for them to keep doing it and handle the cases one-by-one.

#suicide #lawsuits #meta #snap

Dr. Steve Thompson
4 months ago

Just a reminder that I published pioneering research on Internet addiction and dependency in 1996, so these acts are appropriately disturbing here.

‟California Senator Nancy Skinner Falls For Junk Science Moral Panic; Makes Blatantly False Claims In Support Of Social Media Addiction Bill” #addiction @mmasnick

Isaac Ostlund
4 months ago

Here is our paper! My #research shows how certain adult neurons resist activity changes.

On a macro level, this could provide a new hypothesis for why adults exhibit resistance to #learning, #anxiety, and #addiction.

A key question is why? It may not only be a negative byproduct of age but could be an evolutionary advantage to resist trauma or external influence after we've found "successful strategies" while younger.

#science #neuroscience #development

Neruons in adults are rigid and more difficult to adapt, which is shown with straight lines connecting neurons in their brains. Children have more flexibility and vulnerability to serious upset, shown by curved lines connecting their neuronal circuits.