@Rob500 @BleepingComputer still, I've to agree with
@me :
That whole #TLS shit is rubbing me totally wrong.

If @mozilla wants to raise money, they should look at providing #AddedValue without compromizing the core product...

They could decide to make a cool #AddOn & #SettingsSync that one could either #SelfHost or get done by them.

Mike Kuketz 🛡
3 days ago

Ich habe den Text bzw. die Add-ons in der Empfehlungsecke zu #Firefox aktualisiert. Viele Add-ons, die früher unerlässlich waren, sind heute überflüssig bzw. der Funktionsumfang wird von uBlock Origin übernommen. Schaut mal rein. Bei Fragen einfach direkt hier oder im Forum. 👇

#firefox #addons #addon #datenschutz #sicherheit #browser

L. Falkenstrom
1 week ago

Raspberry Pi Zero 2W med Geekworm X306 UPS shield och kylfläns monterad över.

Supporten i Kina har varit snabb på att svara på de inledande frågorna men får se om jag får hjälp med hur man läser av status på batteriet och får den att stänga ner vid lämplig batterinivå.

#raspberrypi #geekworm #addon

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W med Geekworm X306 UPS shield plus kylfläns.
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W med Geekworm X306 UPS shield plus kylfläns.
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W med Geekworm X306 UPS shield plus kylfläns.
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W med Geekworm X306 UPS shield plus kylfläns.
Mike Kuketz 🛡
2 weeks ago

With this Firefox AddOn, you can finally #MakeScrollbarsVisibleAgain :-)

> Give your browser a personalized touch with custom scrollbar colours! You can select from any range of colours and toggle between the default width and thin scrollbar... or hide it altogether if that's what floats your boat.

#Firefox #AddOn #accessibility #customization #scrollBars #UserInterface #mastodon

Screenshot of one of my polls in my timeline. On the left side, there's a dark purple scroll bar. It's better visible than the default one (which is barely visible), but it's also not visually disturbing
Screenshot of the settings menu of the Add-on. I created a scrollbar with dark-purple (Hex colour: #590f5e) foreground colour and dark grey background colour (Hex colour: #242832).
1 month ago

🚀 Hey Mastodon community! I'm excited to share my first addon for Home Assistant OS! 🎉

If you're using a Raspberry Pi and need to increase your swap memory, this addon is for you! 💻 It's super simple and easy to use, and I hope it can help out some fellow Home Assistant enthusiasts. 😊

Check it out on Github:

Let's spread the word and make Home Assistant even better! 🙌

#HomeAssistant #RaspberryPi #Addon #SwapMemory #SmartHome #OpenSource #MastodonCommunity

dr. Sybren
1 month ago

The upcoming version of Flatterer is going to have some nice new operators in there, speeding up working with the add-on considerably.

Flatterer turns a 3D model in Blender into a set of shapes suitable for laser cutting. It’s aimed at easily exporting boxes, enclosures, and other made-for-laser-cutting designs to SVG.

#lasercutter #b3d #blender3d #addon #maker

Screenshot of a panel in Blender, titled 'Edge Options'. It has options for 'Kerf Compensation' and 'Engrave', and operator buttons 'Select Export Edges', 'Separate Mesh into Faces', and 'Extrude Fingers'.

@vantablack So it's an #aftermarket #addon... Interesting...

you know that feeling when instead of working, you accidentally create an accessibility-centric theming system for your project?

i didn't either, but looking at this makes me too happy to care

#accessibility #addon #MarkMySearch

The pop-up page for the Mark My Search browser add-on in Firefox.

It sports a beautiful "solarised dark" theme, and contains options which control the add-on's activation (it is a highlighter).
Devin Prater :blind:
2 months ago

Oh yay, the quick notetaker addon for NVDA was updated!

#nvda #addon #accessibility

Jodsclass 🏴‍☠️☕
2 months ago

#mastodonair extension for Firefox really improves the look & feel of mastodon for me. Larger compose box, rounded corners & my own preferred colour scheme. Well worth the installation. #mastodon #customization #extension #firefox #addon

Jennifer Morency :verified:
2 months ago

#Google halts purge of legacy ad blockers and other #Chrome #Extensions, again "Back in November 2018, Google outlined a plan – overly ambitious in retrospect – to revise the Chrome browser extension API for the stated reasons of security, privacy, and performance." The real reason was to weaken ad blockers, but uBlockOrigin Lite for MV3 works so beautifully that it's defeats Google's purpose 😉 #AdBlocker #browser #addon

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

Consent-O-Matic preferences screenshot
2 months ago
Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 months ago

Great news! 👀 A few weeks ago, I asked the Feedbro devs if they could enhance their Web browser plugin to better handle Mastodon RSS feeds, and the latest version 4.15.6 is already improving the Mastodon experience by displaying article titles! 👍

#Feedbro #RSS #Mastodon #Web #Browser #Addon #Extension

Screenshot of Feedbro version 4.15.5 Web plugin in Chromium showing no titles for Mastodon RSS feeds.
Screenshot of Feedbro version 4.15.6 Web plugin in Chromium now showing titles for Mastodon RSS feeds.
2 months ago

On right the tool bar with more option and also login if you become one of the contributor #blenderkit #addon #blender3d #b3d

2 months ago

Our new #blender #addon is live! 🔥🎇🎆
Outline FX generation and management super quick and easy, go get it here:
- :gumroad: Gumroad:
- :ko_fi: Ko-fi:
- :blender: BlenderMarket:

Tutorial (EN):

Tutorial (IT):

2 months ago

Thank's to the great "StreetPass for Mastodon" #BrowserExtension made by @tvler, I discovered that @compiler_explorer had a #Mastodon account!

The #addon scans websites you visit and collects their #fediverse handles if it finds any. It's here:

#CompilerExplorer #godbolt #cpp #cplusplus #programming #foss

Abdou Bouam
2 months ago

My Blender addon Grungit is now 100% Free. Grab a copy from BlenderMarket now

Grungit automatically adds wear and tear and also dirt for your models, and it works both with Cycles and EEVEE. More info on the product page.

#B3D #Cycles #EEVEE #free #blender #addon

3 months ago

Soo, falls ich hier mal wieder Sachen poste, die ich so verbrochen habe, wie letztens die #Android #Tasker Funktion oder früher mal mein #Minecraft #Bedrock #Addon

Den Krempel gibt's ab jetzt frei zugänglich in meinem Google-Drive!

Den #ZDF #Videoplayer mit der Tastatur bedienen?

Ich habe jetzt nochmal das #UserScript für #Greasemonkey aktualisiert auf Version 0.2:

Cursortasten vor und zurück, f = fullscreen, p = play/pause


#Addon #Tampermonkey #Böhmermann #ZDFMagazin

3 months ago

@Homoevolutis0 @Graycot I just use regular #Firefox. On Android it's #IceRaven for #Addon support, but I might switch to #Fennec soon.

A shoutout for a pretty cool #TextTranslator #Firefox #AddOn i've just found. 👍

- better than actual DeepL AO coz no user-registration needed
- I still use #FirefoxTranslations AO for full-page translations, but this new AO is nice for individual words/paragraphs
- no Permissions needed
- i WANT to use #Fosstodon's native tool, but as already discussed*, tis, um... "unreliable" 🤭
- faster / less-clicks than using DeepL site via bookmark


Ich habe mit Hilfe von #ChatGPT ein #UserScript für das #Firefox #Addon Greasemonkey geschrieben, das für die Podcasts bei eine einfach bedienbare Oberfläche erzeugt.

Dadurch kann mit großen Buttons z.B. zurückgesprungen oder die Abspielgeschwindigkeit erhöht werden. 👂

#Greasemonkey für Firefox:

Beispiel-Seite von fyyd:

#Tampermonkey #GreasyFork #HakenDran #Podcast #FYYD

Neue Oberfläche des Userscripts für auf einem Smartphone
Marc Véron
3 months ago

@rabln Zum beispiel mit dem #Firefox #AddOn
können #Cookies als Netscape HTTP Cookie File exportiert werden. Das ist eine Textdatei; wenn man die ersten Zeilen entfernt kann man die Daten auch als CSV z.B. in LibreOffice Calc einlesen.

@kuketzblog Eine schöne Alternative ist der BibBot in Verbindung mit einem digitalen Bibliotheksausweis für ca. 10€/a: #firefox #addon #paywall

4 months ago
4 months ago

Instant Asset Addon für #Blender ausprobiert, nach einiger Zeit stürzte das Programm komplett ab. Hmm. Weiss nicht, ob's an K-Cycles liegt oder am #Addon.

@jonny I literally rather pay €10 p.a. for the #Owl #AddOn on @mozilla #Thunderbird and bill that to said org rather than having to deal with shit like #Outlook.

Also I demand that basic standards like #IMAP & #SMTP as well as #CalDAV & #CardDAV be offered instead of bs like #MAPI which is a shitty protocol that should be illegal alongside #OOXML & #XPS...

4 months ago

something that's been really frustrating during my pre #manifestv3 #firefox switch has been the google docs experience. From my *extensive* combing through the #mozilla #addon store, reddit, #github, etc there is no #extension that can splice in #googledocs clipboard APIs or offline functionality, nor is there any electron apps. Its frustrating bc it seems like this is possible but the #obfuscation present in the official docs offline extension likely makes this more difficult. (1/2)

#introduction hi, I'm Dom :D

I'm a lover of systems, which manifests by my work on retro-futuristic games and contribution to #FLOSS software. I obsess over projects, care about the code I write, and make them free for everyone to use. #gamedev #programming #linux

My favourite ever project has been Mark My Search, a browser #extension that highlights search keywords. I wrote it primarily for others but also use it daily, and am hugely proud that it helps some people in their work! #firefox #chrome #addon #webdev

I've been an ally since I knew they existed, and queer since I realised I was more. I'm purging my brain of the normative media it has passively consumed, and making myself flexible so I can fully accept others for who they are. Would love to get to know more people of any orientation (: #lgbt #lgbtqia +

Also a huge introvert - rivalled only by my capacity as a nerd - but one who loves to talk with new people and listen

Daniel :verified_root:
4 months ago

Kleine Addon-Empfehlung:

#LibreRedirect leitet automatisch Links um auf privatsphärefreundliche Alternativen zu #Youtube, #Twitter, #Tiktok, #Imgur, #Reddit, Übersetzer uvm.

Man kann sogar Instanzen automatisch auf Latenz testen lassen, um die schnellste funktionierende für sich zu finden.

Für #Firefox und #Chrome.

#Addon #Datenschutz #Privatsphäre

Dmitri Popov
4 months ago

Link of the day

Sidebery add-on for Firefox:

Probably the best tool for managing tabs.

#firefox #mozilla #browser #addon

Tut Willy 🔱
4 months ago

Snowflake is a system that allows people from all over the world to access censored websites and applications.

#browser #addon #plugin #bypass #censorship

Elias Probst
4 months ago

@tarek you might have success using a #UserAgent switcher #AddOn in #Firefox.

Humbird0 Fandom
4 months ago

Restores RSS live bookmark support to Firefox 64 and above.

#Firefox #Extension #Addon #RSS #Atom

Humbird0 Fandom
4 months ago

Advanced Feed Reader - Read news & blogs or any RSS/Atom/RDF source.

#Firefox #Extension #Addon #RSS #Atom

Humbird0 Fandom
4 months ago

Forget Me Not
Make the browser forget website data, except for the data you want to keep.

#Firefox #Extension #Addon #Privacy

Humbird0 Fandom
4 months ago

Simplified interactions on other Mastodon instances than your own.

#Firefox #Extension #Addon #Mastodon

5 months ago


Update: Don't know if you're on a desktop or phone, but on my desktop, when I hit reply on the other server, it resolves back to my homepage, brings the comment from the other instance into my Getting Started panel, and opens up a reply comment as though it was on my server.

#FediAct #AddOn for #Chrome and #Firefox

Mike Kuketz 🛡
5 months ago

Ich habe die Empfehlungsecke mal wieder etwas überarbeitet. Insbesondere den Firefox-Teil. Einige Add-ons, die früher noch notwendig waren, sind heute Teil von Firefox oder überflüssig. Daher habe ich das ganze etwas abgespeckt und neu geordnet.

#addon #firefox #browser #security #datenschutz

5 months ago

I am over-the-moon with this new #Browser #Extension, #FediAct for #Chrome. Makes interacting with other #instances totally seamless.

No more copy URL, paste into search, then basically interacting with a shadow profile just to like/boost/follow.

Love this #AddOn (I am not associated with this in any way other than using the heck out of it!) Edit: Sorry, extra "a" in AddOn.

Damien Mayance
5 months ago

The french #gamedev event #ADDON is back on 16th & 17th May 2023 @ Rennes, France!

My favorite professional moment of the year to:
- meet awesome people
- learn new things from great talks

And you can submit a talk using this form:

#indiegame #indiedev #events #rennes

Elias Probst
5 months ago

@larsmb the #Firefox #AddOn "Mastodon - Simplified Federation" takes many of those pains away:

Zero Dean
5 months ago

I bought #GridModeler for #Blender3D by @kushirocg during a #BlenderMarket sale a while back, but have yet to use it. I just finished watching this beginner tutorial for the #addon and wow, what an amazingly useful #b3d tool! I knew it would be (that's why I bought it), but it's even more impressive than I thought.

Stay tuned for some experiments!

Absolute game changing add-on for adding and editing points on a spline by: LeanderSilur…

#b3D #blender #addon

Joan Albright
5 months ago


Do you have a working knowledge of #WorldOfWarcraft, way too much free time, and/or a love for #Accessibility features? Then we need your help!

#BlindSlash is a helper #addon that allows #blind players to enjoy #Warcraft with their friends or even on their own, but in order to make the world #accessible we need sighted players to help them find the way. DM me for a Discord link if you'd like to help us map this sprawling world for even more people to enjoy.

Elias Probst
5 months ago

@retrohondajunki @SabinaKnight @Turnimunt @Quinnae_Moon @tsetiady to make it easier to interact with users on other instances when using a browser (Apps take care of the complexities in the background), use this #Firefox #AddOn:

There might be something comparable for other Browsers as well.

5 months ago

Just released a convenient and free little #addon that allows you to access #GeometryNodes documentation with a single click in Blender!

Get it for free here:

Short video about it:

#Blender #B3D #BlenderCommunity #Blender3D

Firefox Translations: Mozilla system to translate langauages in your browser *locally*, without using a server. Amazing!
#translation #extension #languages #language #mozilla #firefox #addon #ai #+

5 months ago

Hi having great news for all users of my extension „Mastodon – Simplified Federation“!

It was not easy, but we finally got a release that makes it work again with modern Mastodon (v4) instances!

In addition, check out the cool new logo!

More details:

#Mastodon #MastodonSimplifiedFederation #addon #extension #Firefox #FirefoxExtension #FirefoxAddon #update #release #Fediverse

New purple Mastodon icon with an A instead of an M and an arrow at the bottom.
6 months ago

#FediFollow is now #FediAct and v0.9.0 is released with performance optimizations, bug fixes and an indicator for unresolved toots.


#chrome #firefox #browser #extension #addon #mastodon #fediverse

6 months ago

If you use #Firefox, remember to use containers. This is an excellent feature that other #Web browsers lack.

Containers help you to isolate #Web pages in order to reduce cookie-based #tracking while also improving security.

For example, you might want to use a container for your news, another for banking, etc.

They are also a great way of using multiple accounts for the same Website, by creating a different container per account.

In order to automatically open different Websites in their corresponding container, you can use the Multi-Account Containers #addon.

Jan Andrle
6 months ago

Another addon for Firefox and Chrome for better interaction on non-home mastodon instance. See
#mastodon #tips #firefox #chrome #addon #extension

gif showing that you can boost/star/… on different (non-home) mastodon instance
brave rabbit
6 months ago

Small update to the #toolshelf #addon for #blender3d addressing some issues regarding mistyping. #b3d #productivity #workflow

6 months ago
Gerade mal mit dem mobilen Webinterface von #Friendica mein #Fancybox #AddOn ausprobiert.
Klappt richtig smooth. Man kann die Bilder mit Wischgesten rechts/links blättern und mit hoch oder runter wischen wieder schließen.

Diese Gesten bin ich genauso von meinem Android Client (#FediLab) gewöhnt, sind also sehr angenehm für mich. 😊
Video demonstrating how the fancybox update for Friendica is helping managing image attachmenes on mobile web interface
6 months ago
Ich habe mein erstes #Friendica #AddOn names #Fancybox noch mal etwas poliert. Ich glaube, jetzt ist es erst einmal vollständig. 😊

* Mehrere Bilder eines Posts kommen nun in eine Gallery (vorher war es immer nur das erste).
* Jeder Post hat nun seine eigene Gallery (vorher konnte man durch alle Bilder der Seite in einer Gallery durchblättern)
* Die Gallery kann jetzt "loopen". Vom letzten kommt man zum ersten Bild und umgekehrt.

Ich habe bei mir schon einige Timelines durchprobiert, läuft bei mir jetzt echt prima! Auch in der mobilen Version klappt es. Ich nutze und teste allerdings nur Frio.

Das AddOn soll in das öffentliche Repository von Friendica kommen, also gerne noch mal die neue Version installieren und ein wenig testen. Vielleicht fällt euch ja noch etwas auf, was ich vergessen habe.

Das Update habe ich erst mal wieder in mein Repo gepushed:

Viel Spaß mit dem AddOn, hoffe es gefällt! 😀
Friendica Oberfläche, in der ein Artikel mit einem Bild zu sehen ist (die Erde aus Sicht der Orion Kapsel)
Friendica Oberfläche, in der nun nur noch das Bild als Overlay über die Friendica Oberfläche zu sehen ist
6 months ago
Geilomat! 😀 Mein erstes #Friendica #Addon ist fertig! 🥰

Mich nervte immer, dass Bilder, die an Posts hängen, einfach direkt verlinkt sind und mich somit jedes mal aus dem Lese-Flow rissen. Sie werden direkt geladen und man musste dann immer mit dem Zurück Button in die Timeline zurück. Oder man nutzte Tabs, was ich aber ständig vergaß (und "handlich" ist halt anders).

Mein Addon #Fancybox bindet nun die gleich lautende jQuery Library ein und ersetzt die Image Links so, dass sie in einem schicken Overlay dargestellt werden. Das Overlay erinnert mich sehr stark an das, was auch in Mastodon hoch poppt. Evtl nutzen die diese Lib auch?

Wer sich mein AddOn installieren will: Ich habe es in ein öffentliches #Codeberg Repo gepackt.
Vincent Tunru
7 months ago

I just released a new version of my "Obfuscate" Firefox extension. It adds a context menu to obfuscate part of a page:

Thanks to @dannycolin for the suggestion.

#extension #addon #Firefox

A context menu saying "Obfuscate/reveal selection", with some invisible text selected.
7 months ago

I got into an interesting exploration the other day helping an extension developer to figure out their options for asking for user input if one doesn't exist in the storage and continuing execution after a form has been filled.

#firefox #extension #addon #webextension #browserextension

Pixelcode 🇺🇦🕊️
7 months ago

Setting up #Snowflake is really worth it! Since I installed it on my #RaspberryPi, there have been hundreds of connections each day!

@torproject's Snowflake is a browser #addon or a stand-alone command line app that helps others anonymously connect to #Tor when their internet access is censored.

Let's help Iranians organise against the fascist regime of #iran! Let's provide russians with unfiltered news about #russia's war in #Ukraine! Let's fight totalitarianism!

Elias Probst
7 months ago

@grahamc in case you're using #Firefox for your web-based #Mastodon usage, give this #AddOn a try, which makes it quite a bit more comfortable interacting with people on other instances:

Strubbl 🐧
7 months ago

Hat schon mal jemand ein #Firefox #Addon programmiert, das noch aktuell gehalten wird und mag das mal zeigen? Ich habe keine Vorstellung davon, wie schwer das ist. Aber ich würde gerne eines programmieren.

Pixelcode Apps :verified:​
8 months ago

@mondstern just released yet another #TranslationRain for the Auto Tab Opener :firefox: addon! 🌧️ #i18n #release

The v2.10 #update brings 15 new languages, meaning that it's now available in an unbelievable 74 (seventy-four) languages, making it my most accessible software project so far! Many thanks to #Mondstern! ❤️

:firefox: Download from #Mozilla
:gitea: Source code hosted on #Codeberg


#AutoTabOpener is a #Firefox #addon that allows you to open multiple URLs at once and store them locally in your #browser.

Auto Tab Opener on Weblate: 26 strings, 74 languages, 100% translated. Use Weblate and join the community!

There's the following simple #Firefox #AddOn

It's basically a button that toggles image animation in about:config -- you therefore need to reload the page to stop all animations on it. There's also a feature that simply 'freezes' a gif (by repainting it onto a canvas), but this feature doesn't work for me.

Anyway, perhaps this addon is a starting point for developing a new addon that satisfies my needs. (I want the GIF to only be animated if the mouse hovers over it. Perhaps a red border should be drawn about 'frozen' GIFs, so that the user sees that that they can hover over it to show the animation -- essentially like in Mastodon.)

3 years ago

You get annoyed by having to enter your #Mastodon handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

#Firefox #addon #Fediverse