going live to play more Cuphead! (from 5:30 to 9:00 PM EDT)

new ears + ARKit blendshapes yippie!!!

also late and back to destroying the birds

#VTuber #EnVTuber #VTuberEn #Twitch #TwitchStreamer #VTuberUprising #MelodyWisp #VStreamer #TwitchAffiliate #SmallStreamer #SmallStreamers #Gaming #Cuphead #AuDHD #ADHD #Autistic #Queer #Disabled

Richard Hendricks
10 minutes ago

5 objects in one night is a real #ADHD in #AmateurAstronomy moment haha

By the way, if you're curious, the huge spike in adults being diagnosed with ADHD is only partially due to increased awareness.

The big reason is Long COVID. Evidence is mounting that LC significantly worsens ADHD symptoms. Many people who were asymptomatic or could manage with behavioral therapy alone are now seeking medication.

#ADHD #longcovid

4 hours ago

I waxed half of my room!
(Actually,twice. My cat walked on wet wax.)(using less toxic wax but worried)

6 hours ago

My son has #adhd which makes it super hard for him to do homework in a timely manner. A couple months ago I mentioned pomodoro and after struggling with one section of an assignment for hours, he asked me how long the intervals are. I didn't know off the top of my head and before I looked it up he said, "nevermind - I found an app".
It looked like it helped him but I'm proud that he is trying things to help himself. #parenting

How does one choose an #adhd diagnosis person? I mean on what basis should they be evaluated?

Obvs they should have some kind of relevant training. But other than Just visit them and see what I think?

7 hours ago

An update…

“I’m going to make a really pretty thin slice of a game with banging soundtrack and publish it somewhere.”

#gamedev #indiedev #adhd #neurodivergent #opensource #foss

Johnny Profane Âû
7 hours ago

Support an #ActuallyAutistic elder who creates content for free.

Your tip helps me share my #AutisticJoy. As a thank-you, pick one of my art pieces, 40" movie-poster illustrations... free. 🙏


#AutisticAdults #ADHD #AutisticElder #AutisticPride 1/

8 hours ago

What it feels like working in tech and being open about having #adhd

@iamada I usually don't even notice how I always walk like I'm late-but-too-dignified-to-run until I'm walking with my wife.

So the answer is: Because of non-#adhd people with shorter legs.

Thorwegian ❄️
8 hours ago

ah, they finally renamed SCT to CDS:

it's not in the diagnostic manuals. people who have it usually get an #ADHD diagnosis instead.

they're basically separating this group out into a new disorder because the symptoms are different enough, but it's still under active research.

Dziś mam mega dobry dzień, moje #adhd w końcu mnie polubiło. Tymczasowo.

Zmyłem naczynia, gotuję obiad, posprzątałem mieszkanie, posprzątałem kuwety kotów, podałem kotom leki i cóż, cisnę dalej. Zostało mi obrobić najnowszy podcast (wczoraj nagrywałem wywiad), może ogarnąć parę rzeczy. :)

Took a day off #adhd meds yesterday since it was basically just me here alone on a day off.

I didn't like it.

By afternoon I was quite despondent. I gave up trying to create *any* #guitar lead sheets because I couldn't figure out how organize *one particular* song.

I had trouble getting to #sleep then had vivid, disturbing dreams.

1h after taking a dose this morning yesterday's lead sheet makes perfect sense and I can't wait to dig in.

10 hours ago

Starting to think having to switch #ADHD meds is a good thing.

70mg (max dose) of Lisdexamfetamine taken four hours ago and feeling zero effect.

Hopefully new meds arrive early next week.

Dietrich Moerman
10 hours ago

After nearly two years of public speaking on #ADHD and #neurodiversity, I finally got to it to add an event list on our company website:

There's more events in the pipeline, and some unannounced.

If you are looking for a (remote or Benelux) speaker on #neurodiversityatwork for your event, let me know!

I have done all of these things, but especially leaving mail unopened. For months.


Ahhh, the #ADHD decision paralysis of having the day set aside to play games, and being unable to choose which game to play.

miriam heddy
18 hours ago

Just came from watching a performance of #WaitingForGodot at the #ShakespeareTheatreOfNJ and it was so brilliant!

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Samuel Beckett had so accurately described what it feels like to have #ADD / #ADHD?!

#AbsurdistTheater #AbsurdistLife #Neurodiversity

Icarus Fidget
20 hours ago

We should be creating a bunch of new stuff or trying to create advertising that gets people to buy our stuff. Instead, we created whatever this is. #shalleaux_graves #adhd #icarusfidget #what #weird #showerthoughts

#knitting ok guys I am too ADHD knitting a scarf for a friend and I got too sick of the orange so I skipped ahead… I am NOT sorry… will use the orange in another project… also not choosing to follow pattern exactly. Ha ha I never do. I am randomly doing the lace sections and making them random height #Adhd

Lacy knitted scarf going from yellow to orange to pink with ball of orange cut out from cake of yarn that has pink purples and blue to use
Ada :v_trans:
23 hours ago

Bonus question: How do trans people not power-walk everywhere?

It's faster, safer, yet somehow frowned upon? Like, who would want to be outside longer than necessary?

#trans #adhd #avpd

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
1 day ago

I don't like how #livestream chat is flooding at fast speeds during the streams of popular #Twitch streamers. I cannot keep up with the fast moving text WHILE I process the stream itself. New text are a lot less frequent in smaller streamers which lets both me and the streamer read the text with ease.

So what's the point of having a chat when people's text are going in and out too fucking fast for anyone to read them. Your text will just be swept away amongst the emojis. #ADHD #SocialMedia

Tyrone Slothrop
1 day ago

@meredithw This happens to me *all the time* even though I don’t have #ADHD (I think) 🤔

BeAware :verified420:
1 day ago

Get yourself ready for #Halloween on #Mastodon this year by using my new icon for #IceCubesApp on #iOS!

It's free to download. Though if you enjoy the app, you should tip @dimillian a few buckaroos for this awesome app! And follow the official account for updates @IceCubesApp

Also includes my new icon based on #neurodiversity!

#ADHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergence #fediverse #apple #iphone

josh (they/them)
1 day ago

A better #introduction after some sleeps:

I'm a DBA in the Inland PNW. It's pretty but also pretty dumb place(just like all the dumb places other people have to live). In addition to my current job I have also been an adult-ish:

* a social case worker (housing),
* high school teacher (photography),
* a photographer,
* graphic designer (page layout at the local alt weekly),
* #ADHD,
* stage manager

I have two kiddos (Oldest is just now leaving home for uni, Younger is entering grade 4).

1 day ago

Hark! A person with #ADHD has decided that this will definitely be the time they will become focused and organised. The other 56 attempts were just a practice run and don't count.

What are your favourite
- Time trackers
- Website/App blockers
- Pomodoro Apps
- Apps like Obsidian but not Obsidian
- Organisational tools
- Focus tools

OSX/iOS and Websites :)


Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 day ago

My wife & I are intending to continue streaming our multiplayer Subnautica playthrough (using the Nitrox mod) tonight from 19:30 (BST; UTC+1) on Twitch 🎮

We'll probably be gaming for a good few hours & you're welcome to come watch us :TransHeart:

#streaming #Twitch #queer #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #PCGaming #Subnautica

Jessica F. McGrath
1 day ago

#AuDHDProblems getting into the shower takes 45 minutes, because of the number of sensory and logistical conditions to be fulfilled before taking a shower is possible, and the amount of #ADHD junebugging that will occur in the process of fulfilling them.

Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:
1 day ago

@meredithw never thought of it as related to #adhd. Most creative people I know go through this. "The problem of a blank sheet" I heard it being called.

1 day ago

I've been reading @QuestionableContent for a very long time, and just this month Jeph has brought in a new character who so completely encapsulates it, it's actually kinda scary.

This panel in particular is verily ripped from my own life, many times over; people assume you did the self-sabotage on purpose and want to understand why, and you have no answer, so you do this to spare yourself the discussion, and them the long process of reaching that conclusion on their own. #ADHD

A screencap of a single panel of a recent Questionable Content comic strip, which two sisters, Ayo and Yemisi, are talking.

Ayo has just told Yemisi after arriving from college at her door, unannounced, that she did not attend a single class while at University and has almost certainly lost her scholarship, and while she is not diagnosed, it has been heavily suggested by other characters that she has Executive Dysfunction due to undiagnosed ADHD. 

Yemisi looks concerned and is saying "But- but you worked so HARD for it [that is, her scholarship.] How could you let it just-"

Ayo has an extremely (falsely) sunny expression on her face and is giving a double thumbs up, and is saying "I dunno! Guess I'm a real worthless piece of shit!" in this sort of boisterous, defiantly upbeat, highly characteristic way.

So much of the undiagnosed adult ADHD social experience is encompassed in this image, it ought to end up in diagnostic manuals.
1 day ago

So when you get your #ADHD diagnosis after you've spent 50+ years just living with it, and finally get some help, it's a trip.

Like, when you are young and you look around at things with functional systems and you *understand* them but cannot seem to make them work for you, yea though you try to for days/weeks/years, it makes you conclude certain things about yourself long before 50 years have passed.

And then you learn that you just needed a pill that was always available. That's a trip, man.

Ann Bergin
1 day ago

I just downloaded to read Keith Turvey's chapter on "England’s essentialist teacher education policy frameworks as double texts".

Useful reading for those of us concerned with issues of deprofessionalization and flattening and misuse of evidence bases.

He makes a specific argument about the policy documents misrepresenting the cognitive science of cognitive load. Hugely concerning wrt educational needs of #dyslexic and #ADHD kids.

This chapter argues that the current essentialist framing of what teachers need to know in teacher education policy in England (Department for Education [DfE], 2019a; DfE, 2019b), uses these policies as double texts. That is, the ITT Core Content Framework [CCF] (DfE, 2019a) and Early Career Framework [ECF] (DfE, 2019Db) prioritize certain knowledge bases whilst placing other vital knowledge and skills for the effective professional development of student teachers and Early Career Teachers, out of sight. This is done through the omission of important theory and evidence, the narrow and isolated representation of evidence from cognitive psychology (Turvey et al., 2019; Baird, 2022) and the monopoly of the narrative of evidence in teacher education and development. Through a brief
1 day ago

Currently reading "Extra Focus: quick start guide to adult ADHD"

This paragraph seems to be on point for how I operate. Oh no.


passage from the book Extra Focus: quick start guide to adult adhd
book cover
1 day ago

The rebel teen to neurodivergent adult pipeline. #adhd #actuallyautistic

Thorwegian ❄️
1 day ago

Psych2Go | 8 Struggles of Being a Highly Intelligent Person

came across this video while looking for something completely different.

some of the things on that list resemble #ADHD symptoms a bit, such as being unconcerned with detail and being easily bored if the task isn't novel.

Eli Rivera
2 days ago

The blessing of endless energy on the dance floor. #ADHD

The biggest disadvantage of adhd, which, apart from the lack of ability to focus consistently, absolutely interferes with my life and which I would like to get rid of as soon as possible? Rejection sensitive dysphoria. 🙄#ADHD

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
2 days ago

Do laundry, #adhd #procrastination fam and you too may be visited by the Furry Linen Fairy #catsofmastodon

Instead of three wishes I got two bites and a scratch
Funkatron (Ed Finkler)
2 days ago

Having a tough one. Really feeling like a fuckup. I see how confusing I make things and miss what seems obvious to everyone else. Wasting people’s time. I am very embarrassed.

I hate ending the week like this. #adhd

Idris They/Them
2 days ago

Need a new hand tattoo to remind me that no one’s coming to help me, not even when I ask for it.

#Exhausted #RSD #ADHD #AuDH #Autistic

Want to celebrate daily life wins with unique enamel pins? Back this fab #Kickstarter! There's much more to this offering than I can explain here. Check it out!

Only 1 more day for Early Bird rewards, so don't wait, don't hesitate — please support an amazing #trans illustrator. And remember, pins make great gifts!

(the creator, Dex, is a good friend of mine, & I’ve seen this project from the very first sketch. I believe in it 1000%)
#ADHD #Adulting #trans #LGBTQIA

Adulting and self care gold star pin designs  in a variety of colors and text banners.
Random Geek
2 days ago

My meeting notes have a "meanwhile" section to jot down things my #ADHD brain briefly fixated on, so I can let that thought go for now and get back to the meeting.

kim moes
2 days ago


I write. It literally soothes me, even when it makes me angry, excited, or sad.

2021/2022 I suffered slow mental health decline, followed by the world crumbling around me. After a whopper meltdown, some ongoing medical treatment, and writing, I began to climb out of the ashes. Then...

During the corporate return to the office (RTO) phase last year, I was tossed out of the corporate window. Instead of landing with a splat, I spread my writing wings to fly (read: take a one-year unpaid leave of absence/sabbatical).

The universe shined on me while I took this opportunity to write my face off. Since August 2022 until now (Sept 2023), 22 pieces of my heart and soul have received acceptances from journals online and in print. There is an eight-year-old girl inside me screaming for joy at the chance to be let out of her corporate prison.

When life gives you lemons, trade them for something more useful.
Or, when life demands a forced (and impossible) return to the office after a mental health breakdown, embrace the opportunity to be your true, authentic self.

Currently, I'm fascinated with #microfiction +/- 100 words. However, I write and read several formats, genres, and word counts.

Too much intro? I'm a writer with #ADHD, this is the SHORT version 😂

#pennedpossibilities #wordweavers #writerscoffeeclub #writers #writing #writer #amwriting #writerslife #writingcommunity

Daveography :yesbike:
2 days ago

The more I learn about Nicole Byer, the more I love and appreciate her.

#TIL she loves #yeg / #Edmonton, and also received an adult #ADHD diagnosis.

#CBC #NicoleByer

after #rsd, I think my biggest #adhd problem is overwhelm and the avoidance/emotionally dysregulated responses to it.

Avoid avoid avoid while it gets even more overwhelming and finally explode when I'm forced to deal with it.

Over the years I developed strategies for some of this, but having named and identified the issues I can maybe search for help on the significant remainder.

And just recognizing the "I'm shutting down due to overwhelm" is starting to be really helpful.

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 days ago

After 13 months of waiting, Teen2 is finally getting an appointment for his #ADHD diagnosis.
Hoping it will help him get the support he needs in college...🤞

⠠⠵ avuko
2 days ago

After having spoken with a good number of ND people recently, I now have two things I think* are possible indicators of ND people (whether they know it, or not):

1) hypermobility
2) caffeine self-medication (I’ve heard “caffeine doesn’t keep me awake”/“doesn’t effect me much”/“helps me focus/context-switch/socialise”.)

The second one surprised me, although looking at my own relationship with caffeine it probably shouldn’t have.

*) I am not a doctor, and it doesn’t matter what I think anyway.
#Autism #ADHD #neurodivergent

2 days ago

Dear #ADHD ers. I just had a thought.
Have you also been told many times that you are very limber/flexible?
Is that something that comes with ADHD?

Thorwegian ❄️
2 days ago

found on an #ADHD page.

tying to stay calm when you're an easily excitable person whose feelings are mainly controlled by external stimuli isn't easy.

if you're that kind of person, and you don't want to be on drugs all your life, your environment is going to need adjustment.

does this make you a bit of a snowflake? well, if so, do you want to be a happy one or a sad one?

Aitch - Þei/Þem
2 days ago

I downloaded and started reading the first of @cjrando’s BioTech Legacy books (BioTech Legacy01: Stars Rain Down) the other day, and while the #ADHD means I’m struggling to read in general right now, (apparently I’m 7% in lol), I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far. Y’all who are into #SciFi should definitely go have a look!

3 days ago

Oh, to be a privileged ADHDer! Where even your mess gets mentioned in Vogue.

I do love Sophia Coppola, but can't help thinking of all the talents, and the talented messes that the world will never get to appreciate or see.

Pictured: Sofia Coppola’s studio photographed in 2000 for Vogue, Photography by Bruce Weber

#ADHD #Creativity #Mess

Sofia Coppola’s studio photographed in 2000, large posters on the wall,  paper strewn everywhere
3 days ago

Okay, new #ADHD treatment plan

Week One:
Methylphenidate 18mg modified-release tablets (taken in morning)

Week Two:
Methylphenidate 36mg modified-release tablets (18 * 2) (taken all at once, in morning)

Week Three:
Methylphenidate 54mg modified-release tablets (18 * 3) (taken all at once, in morning)

All with Methylphenidate instant-release 10mg tablets on top (one a day at 2pm)

So I'm starting again, which is frustrating, but at least I have the instant release as a top up from the start.

Hope this goes okay... very very anxious this morning.

Plöp Plöp
3 days ago

That #adhd feel of: let's just grab a sweater before going to the farmers market, right I wanted to tidy up the closet, oh these sweaters and jeans really need to be mended, I should at least mark all the fragile bits. And then it's somehow at least an hour later and you still don't have a sweater on.

Behold, my goodest friend Dex's kickstarter that I've watched evolve from the very first sketches to this glorious official launch.

Proudly celebrate your daily life wins with cute enamel pins!

Dex is a phenomenal artist & independent illustrator, there's lots more to the project than this one image shows, and I really want all the pins.


#ADHD #Adulting

Green background with the phrases "Adulting Gold Stars"  and "Enamel Pin Set with Interchangeable parts" framing images of three round pins. The pins each have a central gold star, text on a colored background, and a white text banner. Left pin is red behind the words Self Care Gold Star, and the banner text reads,  I treated myself"  Center pin is blue, Adulting Gold Star, banner text of "Stayed on task. The right pin is coffee brown, and reads "Adulting Gold Star, Caffeinated and ready to go."
3 days ago


YOU Bounce off the walls
I am a little less sleepy and able to achieve 25% more of my basic tasks
We are NOT the same


Meow :verified:
3 days ago

From what I recently learned, #adhd can also be a co-morbidity of #autism. So this means I really have to explore this potential relationship because I might be able to get workplace accommodations that will help me that would otherwise be unavailable.

Meow :verified:
3 days ago

I think I might have #adhd. I know really know nothing about it. I am going to look into getting evaluated for it. Medication aside, does anybody have a list or a website they can refer me to for commonly asked/approved workplace accommodations? Also maybe a website that explains it well?

Grant Gulovsen
4 days ago

I used to make fun of my father for listening to the "Easy Listening" station when he was reading or doing work.

Now that I'm older I realize that was the 1980s & 1990s equivalent of all the "ADHD music to study by" YouTube channels I was using.

And now I've stopped using those and am listening to easy listening background music on when I'm working. 😂

Sorry, pops. 😬

#music #ADHD

Random Geek
4 days ago

Hyperfocus for hours to get my Linux desktop config just so. Fourth test run, there's an error somewhere that the window manager doesn't log or report.

(faint sound like dry twigs snapping in my head)

Reboot into Windows.

#ADHD life

4 days ago

ADHD has become an identity, not just a disorder. We need a new way to talk about it | Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | The Guardian

#adhd #neurodiverse #pelagic

My #ADHD problem is that I'm too good at entertaining myself, especially with a computer which is also the tool I have to use to do all my work


haliphax 👾
4 days ago

Jeep fits in the garage again. Massive win this week for executive function. 🧠 #ADHD

Eric H
4 days ago

We are going through a major change at work. And by major I mean *we usually have 6-months to do this but we have 6 weeks*. I have never felt more alive with all this tasty, stressful adrenaline. Sometimes my #adhd makes life fun!

Ally Manthey
5 days ago

#GutenMorgen ihr Lieben aus dem #Fediverse,
ich wünsche euch einen guten Start 🚀 in den Tag.
Heute ist #Weltkindertag. Deswegen ein kleiner Reminder:
#Teilhabe ist ein #Menschenrecht. Auf Schule und Bildung bezogen heiẞt das:
#Inklusion #Nachteilsausgleich #Notenschutz stehen unseren Kindern zu!!!!!
Kommt gut durch den Tag🤗

#Fedieltern #LRS #Legasthenie #Dyslexia #ADHS #ADHD #Fediparents

Steven Saus [he/him]
5 days ago


Accommodation Or Abuse: The False Choice Managers Have With #Neurospicy Employees

Do you want to be a leader or manager who actually works *with* your neurodivergent employees, or do you want to create a hostile, toxic, and *inefficient* work environment because of the fragility of your ego?

#adhd #audhd #autism #business #discrimination #neurodivergent #neurospicy

Scott Williams 🐧
5 days ago

Looks like my insurance now won't cover my #ADHD meds, so it's $400 for a one month supply. This is after meeting my annual out of pocket maximum.

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
5 days ago

By @adhdjesse on the Xitter.

A tweet by @adhdjesse - 

Lazy = don’t want to do the thing.

ADHD = I desperately WANT to do the thing, but I just can’t seem to START doing the thing.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
5 days ago

Teen2, ADHD, initially decided to give college a go and... it lasted a week.
I can see the discouragement and disappointment in his eyes.
I also know there is no trying to change his mind because he is so fragile mentally right now.
I need #encouragements and the strength to stand by him against all the judgmental remarks of the family who don't understand #ADHD