Christian Tietze
10 hours ago

#Adobe Illustrator: Shape builder vs pathfinder

Wow this is quite complicated!

20 hours ago

Has Adobe’s newest feature has taken Ai too far?

#adobe #photoshop #ai #photography

If, like me, you're looking to move away from Windows to Linux, you will have found that a lot of Adobe products don't run natively on Linux. I found this neat list of alternatives (2020)
For video production I would also add kdenlive and glaxnimate to the list #adobe #linux

1 day ago

@medienvirus Sehr informatives Video, das eindrücklich zeigt, wie stark #Adobe #GenerativeFill bestimmte Retusche-Arbeiten in Photoshop verändern wird. Ehemals stundenlange Frickelarbeit wird auf Knopfdruck erledigt.

Die generative Füllung ist aus meiner Sicht das bislang überzeugendste Werkzeug von #AdobeFirefly. (Sogar die Perspektive bei Bildern mit Architektur stimmt).

1 day ago

Also... Also... Also... Ich habe nur ein Wort für Adobes neueste Funktion in Adobe Photoshop Beta:


Und warum es gleichzeitig ein absoluter Meilenstein ist, ich es jetzt schon suchtgefährend Liebe 🥰 und wie viele Jahre meiner Lebenszeit ich durch Retusche fast schon unnötig verloren habe, erfahrt ihr in diesem Video zu Generative Fill❗

#adobe #generativefill #ki #aiart

c't Fotografie
1 day ago

Kleine Kameras zu großen Preisen – die Fotonews der Woche 21/2023

Fuji, Canon, Leica und Sony bringen neue Geräte auf den Markt, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein können. An allen Vieren zeigen sich die verfestigten Trends.

#Adobe #ctFotografie #Canon #Fotografie #Kamera #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Leica #Sony #news

Jan Keno-Janssen in einem von KI generierten Frack neben dem echten Eifelturm.
Jacob Tender
1 day ago

Playing around with #Adobe #Photoshop's generative fill features this evening. This is a seriously powerful tool.

Video showing various items being generatively removed from a scene in front of a man at a bar. Then The background is entirely replaced by a forrest and the table replaced with a fallen log.
Naw McNopington
2 days ago

I won’t be impressed by Adobe generative fill until it can create shoulders for all the cropped photos people send me.

#adobe #graphicdesign

Mason Pelt dot com
2 days ago
2 days ago

@stroughtonsmith @gruber I'm working on an app and service that shows me videos that I'm rendering away from my computer and me push notifications and live activities of whether it errors or completes. Best part is, it uses a QR code pairing system so you can invite other people to view the progress as well. It runs in #Adobe Media Encoder. The goal in the end is to choose the amount of privacy you want to send from your computer as well.

Vai man tikai tā izskatās, vai arī #Adobe #Firefly visu laiku izmanto interneta pieslēgumu (vai arī tas ir blakusefekts tam, ka #Photohop nav sen aiztikts)

Markus der Mäusegaukler
2 days ago

Ein Kurzvideo mit „Elisabeth von Xanten“ welche ihren Ruhestand zusammen mit Ihrer jüngeren Schwester „Charlotte vom Itzelberg“ genießen darf ist online bei #YouTube
Dieser Beitrag darf übrigens wie alle anderen auch gerne verteilt werden.
#Mäuseroulette #Mäuseroulett #SpielmitderMaus #Mäusespiel #Maushausen #Gauklermaus #Mäusegaukler #video #adobepremiere #adobe #premiere #youtube #youtubekanal

Jerry Weyer 🗳
2 days ago

Wien ass schéin a wien ass ellen? Wéi gesinn Männer a Fraen aus (divers op jiddefall net) ?

Wéi entstinn esou Biasen? Meng Hypothes: #Firefly gëtt vun #Adobe hieren Stockphotoen gefiddert - déi sinn net divers, also ass et d'AI och net.

Wéi "ugly" interpretéiert gëtt, gesitt der jo selwer op de Biller.

Wat geschitt, wann den HR-Tippchen no enger "beautiful secretary" sicht? Wiem säin CV gëtt da wuel ausgesicht wann mer esou biased AIs Choixën treffe lossen?

2 days ago

Sigh. With every release, Adobe is maniacally set on adding new whizzbang features while failing miserably to ease core productivity tasks.

#Adobe #Photoshop

c't Magazin
2 days ago

c't 3003: Die neuen KI-Funktionen in Photoshop und Premiere ausprobiert

Adobe hat in Photoshop und Premiere neue KI-Funktionen eingebaut. Die werden den Arbeitsalltag immens verändern, glaubt c't 3003.

#Adobe #ct #KünstlicheIntelligenz #AdobePhotoshop #news

Jan-Keno Janssen wird in der Photoshop Beta bearbeitet und bekommt einen Papagei auf die Schulter und eine Krone aufgesetzt
2 days ago

Falls ihr mir dabei zuschauen wollt, was ich mit den neuen #AI Funktionen von #Adobe Photoshop so anstelle:

#AdobeFirefly #Tutorial

Jerry Weyer 🗳
2 days ago

Gleew kengem Insta-Food-Pic wats de net selwer manipuléiert hues!

#Adobe #Firefly an der #Photoshop beta geet erstaunlech gutt. Bei méi “busy” Szenen muss een awer wéi fréier villes selwer rotoscopen.

De Schokola mat Avocado-Toast ze ersätzen ass easy, aus enger Foto d’Autoen mat Beem ersätze war awer net sënnvoll méiglech. AI kann och net alles ;)

Stephen Shankland
2 days ago

The Photoshop Firefly generative AI rules say nothing about a ban on ostriches or emus, but I can't get either into my photo for some reason. I suspect fowl play. OK that was a bad old joke, but I really can't get them in!
#AI #Photoshop #generative #Adobe #Birds #PromptEngineering

Adobe Firefly warning about generated images violating guidelines
Michael Tanzillo
2 days ago

In this tutorial, I show you how to use Adobe's new AI Generative Fill in Photoshop. This project begins with a 3D-modeled character created in Adobe Illustrator and rendered in Substance 3D Stager and ends in Photoshop with Firefly giving us some fantastic environments (and some googly eyes!)

#Substance3D Stager
#Adobe #MadeWithSubstance #GenerativeAI #AI #AIArt

Aaron Hockley
3 days ago

@danielpunkass This makes sense. #Adobe used "Sensei" as its branding for all of its AI-powered R&D and tools for a while and it actually got talked about. Apple could do the same, and Apple Intelligence is the perfect name in that it fits how they've been naming things lately and of course, the #ai acronym.

3 days ago

Allein heute(!) ist die Marktkapitalisierung von #Nvidia um $200BN gestiegen, was mehr ist als die Marktkapitalisierung von 472 S&P-Werten, darunter:
#Cisco (197,3BN) #AMD ($174BN) T-Mobile ($168BN) #Adobe ($168BN) #Nike ($166BN) #Disney ($166BN) #Netflix ($162BN).


Chris Zero
3 days ago

I really recommend #AdobeFirefly. The quality is up there with Midjourney, much better than Dall-E 2, and ethically sourced from artists who consented to their work being used.

It also embeds the fact that it was generated by AI in the image.

#AIEthics #AIArt #Adobe #Midjourney

An AI generated picture of a world tree, reaching into the heavens, surrounded by golden light and ripples in the fabric of reality.
3 days ago

Elevate Your Brand with this Adobe InDesign Brand Guidelines Template: #templates #adobe

4 days ago

Популярний генератор зображень зі штучним інтелектом #AdobeFirefly тепер доступний для всіх. Все, що вам потрібно, це #Adobe Id

David O'Brien
4 days ago

The #Adobe #CreativeCloud app hates it when you ⌘Q it.

Mason Pelt dot com
4 days ago

Adobe Is Adding Generative AI Tools To Photoshop

I know it was coming and I'm still not sure how I feel.

Adobe Has Added New A.I. Capabilities to Photoshop, Allowing Users to Edit Images Using Text Prompts

Artists who use Photoshop have a new tool on their drop-down menus: artificial intelligence. Adobe yesterday introduced the A.I. capabilities of its six-

#Adobe #AI #ArtNet #BrianBoucher #Photoshop

Michael Tanzillo
4 days ago

A teaser video from my new YouTube #Substance3D Painter Course! In 15 minutes, you can follow this transformation from a model to a fully textured Ping Pong masterpiece!

#3d #3dart #3dartist #Substance3D #animation #VFX #GameArt #SubstancePainter #Adobe #MastoArt

Mandu 🥟
4 days ago

this is mind blowing stuff. what even is a photo now?

#adobe #photoshop #GenerativeFill

4 days ago

@ant_pruitt The #GenerativeFill function was introduced yesterday by #Adobe on PS (Beta) desktop. I tried it and was impressed. Are you going to do an upcoming episode of #Handson about this? #aiart

4 days ago

Adobe is getting in on the tech world's generative artificial intelligence (AI) craze.

#ai #artificialintelligence #tech #news #adobe

Chris Mackintosh :verified:
4 days ago

Adobe is adding AI image generator Firefly to Photoshop.

#adobe #photoshop #ai

Adobe Firefly editing in Photoshop with generative selection.
4 days ago

So, how soon before adobe realizes 80% of generated content is going to be "strip this model's clothes" or "give wonder woman a dick"?

It's all about shareholders. I give them a week max. What's your guess?

AI art generator – Adobe Firefly

#adobe #ai #graphics

4 days ago


#Adobe #firefly #aiart #画像生成

Stephen Shankland
4 days ago

TIL Adobe has a web-based podcast recording tool.
#Adobe #podcast

Vertex Rage
4 days ago

Experimenting with Adobe's new beta generative AI to place my old 3D Ogre model in different environments - the results are pretty impressive! 🧙♂️💡

#AdobeAI #3DModeling #GenerativeAI #IndieDev #GameArt #Blender3D #b3d #3dart #photoshop #adobe #aiart

Dave Mark
4 days ago

Adobe 5-minute Firefly beta demo, showing off "generative fill", which uses #AI to add elements to your own photos.

There's a lot to see here, a lot to unpack. But it is absolutely worth a look. (via @gruber)

and this Adobe Live stream with more detail:

#Photoshop #Adobe #Firefly

A. Lee Bennett Jr.
4 days ago

Hoping #Adobe will acknowledge there’s an actual #programming #bug in recent versions of #Acrobat and it's not just operator error. When a #PDF is opened and set to #FitPage mode, Acrobat will #truncate a small bit on the bottom, as shown by the slight scroll up and down in this video. Adobe support had me try both Read Mode and Full Screen Mode, and the bug still exists. (One rep amusingly told me to use Command+C instead of the correct Command+L for Full Screen Mode. :-) )

Screen recording demonstrating how a bottom sliver of PDFs are truncated when opened in Adobe Acrobat and viewed in Fit Page Mode.
Dr Bob
4 days ago

A picture used to tell a 1000 words 🧐
Now just a few words can completely change a picture 🫤

"Adobe Head of Digital David Wadhwani joins #Bloomberg's Alex Barinka and Scarlet Fu to discuss how the company is rolling out Adobe Firefly generative artificial intelligence into the design workflow, allowing users a way to add, extend, or cut content from images using simple text prompts.”

#adobe #photoshop #Firefly #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #GPT #ChatGPT #photography

4 days ago

Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

> Adobe is warning some owners of its Creative Cloud software applications that they’re no longer allowed to use older versions of the software. It’s yet another example of how in the modern era, you increasingly don’t actually own the things you’ve spent your hard-earned money on.

#Adobe #Photoshop #Logiciel_propriétaire #RevueDePresse #Shaarli2Mastodon

4 days ago

@Robertthebruce Ja, die sitzen da seit 30 Jahren und wollen auf meinen Rechner. Bin sozusagen der #Adobe Endgegner

4 days ago

Blizzard and Adobe tap generative AI tools to be 'co-pilot' to humans - The goal of introducing generative artificial intelligence tools by the ... - #artificialintelligence #blizzarddiffusion #paloaltonetworks #generativefill #generativeai #nikesharora #jimcramer #blizzard #adobe #ai

4 days ago
A stag in a wet alley at night, screenshot of the video of the firefly new capabilities.
A stag in a forest, screenshot of the video of the firefly new capabilities.
Tech news from Canada
5 days ago

Ars Technica: Adobe Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” AI tool lets you manipulate photos with text #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #machinelearning #AdobePhotoshop #imagesythesis #AdobeFirefly #Biz&IT #Adobe #Tech #AI

IT News
5 days ago

Adobe Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” AI tool lets you manipulate photos with text - Enlarge / An example of a 1983 file photo of the Apple Lisa computer th... - #machinelearning #adobephotoshop #imagesythesis #adobefirefly #biz#adobe #tech #ai

apfeltalk :verified:
5 days ago

Firefly: Adobe erweitert Photoshop mit dem AI-Bildgenerator
Adobe hat angekündigt, dass das beliebte Bildbearbeitungsprogramm Firefly um ein neues KI-Werkzeug namens "Generative Fill" erweitert wird.

Mit dieser Funktion können Benutzer Bilder schnell erweitern und Objekte mithilfe von Textanweisungen hinzufügen oder entfernen. Generative Fil
#BlickberDenTellerand #News #KI #Firefly #Adobe

Michael Tanzillo
5 days ago

Extremely to announce my brand new, completely free Substance 3D Painter Course!!

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Substance 3D Painter, a powerful and widely used texturing software in 3D design and digital content creation.

#3dartist #3dart #vfx #animation #gamingindustry #fashiondesign #3d #Adobe #Substance3D #MadeWithSubstance #SubstancePainter #Tutorial #Training #digitalart #digitalartist

Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

A before-and-after comparison with a delivery van I added with Phtoshop's AI tool, called generative fill, to a photo of San Francisco by night. 5/

#Generative #AI #Photoshop #Photography #Adobe

Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

The Firefly tool in Photoshop sometimes bungled geometry and made other compositing mistakes. But check out how well it handled lighting on the hippo photo at the top of the thread and where its feet are on the gravel. Generally pretty convincing. A friend asked me if it was a sculpture. 4/ #AI #Photoshop #Generative #Adobe #hippo

Philip Kiff
5 days ago

Last week Adobe released a new cloud-based "Auto-Tag" API (Application Programming Interface) for developers. Somewhat buried in the limited media coverage of the API are two interesting items:

1. Adobe plans to include this cloud-based Auto-Tag in their free Acrobat Reader this fall.

2. There's a free demo (requires Adobe account registration):

Some notes and thoughts follow.


#Adobe #PDF #AutoTag #API #accessibility #tagging

Aaron Hockley
5 days ago

#Adobe has released "Generative Fill" in a #Photoshop beta, adding the ability to use #AdobeFirefly to add new elements to scenes or generate new backgrounds.

Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

And of course there are trust issues. A lot of what Firefly can be used for is fanciful fun, and Adobe prohibits its use for porn, violence, and fakes that can harm people. But inevitably this technology, whether in Photoshop or somewhere else, will be used to create images that fool people. So: don't believe everything you see on the internet. 3/ #AI #Adobe #Photoshop

Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

It took me 20 seconds to plop a hippopotamus next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Adobe has built its Firefly generative AI tool straight into Photoshop, and it's a big deal. The beta is out today.

#AI #Adobe #Photoshop #Generative #hippo

An AI-generated hippo stands next to two actual people photographed on an overlook above the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.
Jake Beamer
1 week ago

Wow, (over) 30 years of the PDF. I use them daily. From the linked article:

"The concept of PDF - Portable Document Format - actually began with the Camelot Project in 1990. And Camelot itself would be nothing without the very backbone of the idea, PostScript, which started all the way back in 1985, and kickstarted the desktop publishing software revolution.

Back in those days, cross-platform compatibility was a nightmare, which led Dr. John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, to initiate that project. Its goal was simple in its concept but ambitious in its execution: create a format that would enable anyone to send any document electronically to anyone else, and that person would be able to read and even print it with its formatting perfectly preserved. us jaded computer users nearly at the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, this may sound like nothing to be excited about, but back in the 80s and 90s, which was the personal computer’s infancy, this was a big deal.

...back then, you couldn’t be sure which software someone would be using. You wouldn’t even know which fonts were installed on their machine. If you used one that wasn’t in that other computer’s repertoire, it could at best mess up your document’s formatting. To make matters worse, there was the Mac/Windows divide which was often viewed as a deal-breaker. Many remained convinced a file created on one type of computer could not be opened on another."

#PDF #PDFs #TechHistory #1980s #1990s #Adobe #fonts #DesktopPublishing #Apple #Windows #tech #history #publishing

Red on white 2-color Adobe PDF logo graphic.

@benjamineskola For example, if you were to use the #Adobe suite or #BalckMagicResolve or whatever you likely want to "get s**t done" and not he prevented from doing so my #Windows, so #macOS is tue platform to go.

@benjamineskola @marcan that's just one of many #CCSS (Commercial Close-Source Software)...

Besides #Adobe, #Apple themselves as well as a shitload of others (from #AVID to #Serif [#Affinity Suite] and from #Microsoft [#Office & #VisualStudio] to #BlackMagicDesign [#Resolve] as well as #Autodesk) do deliver CCSS for #macOS.

Software makes Operating Systems &
Operating Systems make Hardware.

@marcan #finalcutOS clearly runs circles when it comes to regular #CCSS from big vendors, including #Apple themselves.

Noone buys #Apple's #macOS for being a #Unix - at least boone I know if, cuz those use #brew anyway.

Instead, people buy Hardware running it because they are being forced into using #Adobe stuff and don't want to suffer from Aneurisms because #Windows sucks.

heise online
1 week ago

Barrierefreiheit: Adobe veröffentlicht Accessibility Auto-Tag-API für PDFs

PDFs lassen sich mit Adobes Accessibility Auto-Tag-API künftig schneller barrierefrei machen. Der Dienst setzt auf dem KI-Framework Sensei auf.

#Adobe #AdobeAcrobat #Barrierefreiheit #PDF #news

1 week ago

Photoshop = photoshopped

GIMP = gimped?

Hmm. I gimped my pixels. But I didn't have to put up with #Adobe's bullshit.


1 week ago

Can any of you recommend websites with royalty-free templates for #Adobe #AfterEffects?

#motion #design #motiondesign

DansLeRuSH ᴱᶰ
2 weeks ago

#ClosedSource : Losing your licence because you're using a version of #Photoshop that predates the #Adobe Creative Cloud suite ?

Nico Rohrbach
2 weeks ago

I need a page transition in a #PDF and there are tools in InDesign and Acrobat for exactly that. But if such a transition is set: nothing happens if the PDF is “presented” in full screen.

Looking for this problem in the Adobe Support Community Forum reveals: this is a known problem in #Adobe #Acrobat since well over 2 years!

What a steaming pile of crap this application is.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this.

However, my heart goes out to video editors everywhere.

AI-Powered text-based video editing & more released for Adobe's Premiere Pro

#AI #VideoEditing #Adobe #PremierePro #CreativeCloud #TechNews

The Adobe Premiere Pro icon being displayed on an Macbook.
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know of a tool to help manage collections in #Adobe #Lightroom and #LightroomClassic? I get 100GB of Adobe cloud storage (work provided, can't upgrade), and effectively unlimited local storage, but Adobe makes it really awkward to move collections between the two (

Surely there must be a tool out there that manages or automates the procedure?

It seems that every other (or not every) earnings call will be splashed, soaked, and dripping with calls to integrate "AI". A-i this, a-i that. You might make a mistake and get a certificate in #adobe illustrator thinking it will boost your value to your employer, and you know what. You probably could get a raise if did that right about now.

It's so freaking insane. Even Robin Hood $Hood got a 4% bump ahead of the open because they said they would offer ai analytics to their customers.

@nic221 odd how I am a fan--of both #Google search and #AI--but I hate #Adobe *so much* (for their abusive licensing) that I now wish I could pirate #Bard even though it's free; if the Adobe partnership takes root, I'll probably get the chance!

heise online
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Adobe Firefly Beta im Test: Midjourney-Konkurrent für Kreative

Aus Alltagssprache generiert Firefly Bilder, rendert texturierte Typografie und gibt Farbpaletten für Vektoren aus. Wir stellen die Beta auf die Probe.

#Adobe #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news


Oho! I wonder if the same shortcut pack exists for Studio One... I shall google!

Good luck on escaping the grabbing hands of Avid.

I'm still trying to escape #Adobe... :'(

If you have an Adobe account, take a moment to check your Adobe privacy settings.

Lots of discussion earlier this year about Adobe's Content analysis section.

#privacy #Adobe

heise Security
3 weeks ago

Patchday: Adobe schließt Schadcode-Lücke in Substance 3D Painter

Es gibt wichtige Sicherheitsupdates für Adobe Substance 3D Painter. Wer damit 3D-Modelle bearbeitet, sollte die Anwendung aktualisieren.

#Adobe #Security #Sicherheitslücken #news

Pat Castaldo
3 weeks ago

Adobe software has definitely reached the “maybe don’t upgrade ever again” stage.

Today’s Illustrator update brought me an ad while I tried to save a PDF and then the PDF saved blank because the defaults are set to PDF 1.4 which apparently don't work anymore (it saved as a PDF 1.7 fine).


Adobe dialog encouraging me to share a link instead of saving.
Adobe save as PDF dialog with Acrobat 5 selected.
3 weeks ago

When did that happen: If you edit a scanned #pdf in #adobe Acrobat. It will not only convert scanned text into actual text but will let you do so in a font that looks pretty much exactly like the typeface used in the original. Even glyphs that aren't on the page look perfect. This is totally amazing stuff!
Not to give you any ideas but forging documents has never been easier. 😉

kernpanik 🐾
3 weeks ago

A Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius), spotted near Dresden, Germany.

camera: #FujifilmXT2
lens: #Fujinon #XF150to600
noise reduction: #Adobe (AI-based)

#photography #nature #wildlife #birds
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A medium-sized bird with brown, black, white, and blue feathers, sitting in a tree.
Antti Peltola
3 weeks ago

I remember when #Adobe was allowed to purchase its sole serious competitor off the market (#Macromedia) with regulators saying nothing about it.

Boiling Steam
3 weeks ago

Adobe: "just in case you forgot that we were assholes, here's a reminder"

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

Single strongest tacit endorsement of the Affinity by Serif suite of digital design & production apps (Affinity Photo, Designer, & Publisher for macOS/iPadOS/Windows) ever: #Adobe #Affinity #software

If you can replace #Adobe tools in your workflow today, great, more power to you! Not everyone can, sadly.

Tools like @inkscape, @Krita and @Blender are fantastic and built with love and energy and care. But in many cases they are still not an option for a lot of creative types.

So support them if you can. Use them if they work for you. Help improve them if you have the skills (that includes writing documentation, and working on better UI/UX!).

The better they get, the weaker Adobe becomes! 👀

This is your irregular reminder #Adobe are fucking dicks:

> Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

We need #FLOSS tools to get to the point where they can replace Adobe tools. Open alternatives are great, but they are sadly not there yet to replace Adobe tools for professionals.

And won't be unless projects like @inkscape get enough funding to develop to a point of being viable alternatives.

Yes, it is in no small part about the money.


Who makes the worst authentication processes and why is it Adobe?

You must be an #Adobe user. 😆

Philip Kiff
1 month ago

#Adobe software installations, licensing system, and cloud management on Windows is so intrusive, bloated, and unstable. Grrrr!

I really only need #Acrobat Pro, but it brings along #CreativeCloud (CC), which seems to require updates every week or two.

Last year, I tried to remove CC, but doing so eventually messed up my Acrobat install to the point that my license was no longer recognized and I had to erase everything and start over.

How I long for the days before cloud #licensing . #PDF

Neil Brown
1 month ago

> To load the report, you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® reader, available to download at

No, I won't, but thanks. Other PDF readers have been available for *years*.

#PDF #Adobe

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 month ago

Echoes of the past
Still standing
Secrets of the past

Montezuma's Castle is a Pre Columbian cliff dwelling. Built of limestone and clay, 5 stories tall with 20 rooms located about 90 feet up the sheer cliff wall. The dwelling gives a unique glimpse into the life of it's inhabitants, the Sinagua people.

The Art:

#History #architecture #Photography #Photo #indian #FineArt #MastoArt #adobe #Arizona #NationalPark #haiku #buyintoart #desert #Culture

Montezuma's Castle in Arizona is one of best preserved cliff dwellings in the country. Gian harvest moon rising behind the cliffs of the magnificent dwelling.
1 month ago

車内のディスプレイ広告に #Adobe#Photoshop の CM が流れたんだけど「あなたも Photoshop で白黒写真を(AI)でカラーにできる!」みたいな CM で、いや、たしかにそうかもしれないけど、その用途なら年間数万払わなくてもそういうサービスが他にもあるし、そもそも Photoshop だとそれ以外の玄人向けの機能が多すぎて逆にそういうライトな用途で使いたい人にとっては使いづらくて too much なのに、結局ユーザーのニーズにマッチするかどうかよりもとりあえずあんまりよくわからないライトな層にも今のうちにネームバリューを使って根こそぎサブスクに加入させちゃえばこっちのモン!みたいな、情報弱者を狙ったビジネスと似たものを感じてウゲーとなってしまった…(めんどくさいやつという自覚はある :tony_normal:

Snapped this photo of a rabbit in my back yard yesterday in the rain. Enjoying an evening snack. Tried out the new #Adobe #Lightroom denoise function - its nuts! Took this at ISO 5000 at 600m. #Photography #Wildlife #SonyAlpha #PNW

A photo of a rabbit visible in the center of the frame, the rabbit is facing the camera and looking in the general direction. The rain has made its fur wet, and it's sitting in deep green grass foraging. In the background are some rocks and a fence both blurred out.
Manfred :verified:
1 month ago

@marcedwards And on every update I need to remove the #CreativeCloud link from the finder sidebar…again

The ship sailed a long time ago and we will never get a new usable UI and performant #Adobe apps

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Adobe has a new AI trick up its sleeve: getting rid of photo noise in Lightroom. I've tried the new denoise feature, and it works. With bad noise in high ISO images, it can be remarkably useful, but be judicious to avoid making skin look plasticky. Adobe trained this AI with millions of photo pairs, the same shots with and without noise, to figure out how to remove noise best.
#AI #Adobe #photography #Lightroom

An example of Lightroom's new noise reduction technology getting rid of noise speckles on a photo of a child's face.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 month ago

The new version of Lightroom Classic has an AI denoise that is quite impressive!

Only works on RAW files and creates a new DNG though.

#Adobe #Lightroom