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@hszakher the public sector (the world over) has a massive role to play. In their outsourcing of all thinking and action on digital technology to the increasingly odious #siliconvalley ventures they are failing their mandate to serve their constituents. They spend public money and it should be spent optimally for the public good.

Tech development and support cannot be free, but feeding dinosaur oligopolies extracting rents, or, even worse, continuing the endorsement of #adtech is inexcusable.

how can we encourage small brands and bloggers to rely on commmunity support instead of selling their followers out through ad tech on their sites?

how do we encourage small brands and bloggers to join the masses against the corporate surveillance?

#infosec #privacy #security #surveillance #adtech

Max Leibman
1 week ago

Is it ethical to use ad blockers and anti-tracking technology?

Here’s my stance: in print media, was it ethical to flip past a magazine ad without reading it?

Anything that makes skipping ads harder than that—or that gives advetizers one byte more data about me than they would have had when I picked up a magazine off the newstand—is an overreach, and fair game for me to block or evade by any means necessary.

#AdBlocker #AdTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

A former colleague of mine who apparently turned to the dark side is now a Vice President of some #adtech company getting rich off of dismantling democracy. When I pointed out the above situation on Twitter a couple years back, he finally revealed himself by flipping me off emoji style and making his negging unignorable.

If pointing out always-on devices pisses of an adtech executive that much, I know I'm onto something.

2 weeks ago

I don't even know what a "healthy" online community would look like.

Higher signal-to-noise, less exposure to the random, low effort, incoherent stuff?

More evenly distributed discussion, less disparity between influencers and lurkers / applauding mobs?

Less anonymity, more of a "real people" small community feel?

We more or less have the means to produce any #fediverse platform we want, but what do we really want?

The #adtech universe found dark #ux patterns, but is silent on good ones

Ellen Timmer
2 weeks ago

De G7, dat zijn toch die Angelsaksische landen die de digitalisering hebben laten ontsporen met #adtech en andere ellende?

"G7-leiders bereiken akkoord over vrijwillige gedragscode #AI " - iBestuur

»#Google search ads spotted in compromising placements: #Adtech report exposes brand safety and #adfraud risks lurking in the Google Search Partners network.« #tech #media

Alexandre Nderagakura
2 weeks ago

1/2 Some highlights from Google Chrome doc about Privacy Sandbox, especially about Protected Audience API + header bidding :

1️⃣ Key word : Sequential auction (contextual auction with HB + Protected Audience auction = a winner between the two auctions)

2⃣ In a sequential auction setup, the contextual auctions is executed before the Protected Audience auction runs

#adtech #advertising

DC Deejay
2 weeks ago

I feel like I've been shouting into the void for the last five years (previously on Twitter) about our democracies being undermined by #disinformation in general, as well as #adtech and #microtargeting in particular.

Well here I am on #BBC sports looking for a preview for tomorrow's #Spurs match, and here is Adolf fucking Hitler presented by Taboola for absolutely no fucking good reason.

We're not gonna make it if the billionaires can do as they please to protect their billions.

#democracy Sports featuring ads about Hitler.
2 weeks ago

Policymakers and activists are pushing to reform digital platforms to counter #disinformation. Most efforts focus on content moderation and fact checking, but little attention is being paid to reforming the digital advertising market. #adtech #socialmedia

3 weeks ago

Most people here know about the issues with Big Tech (TM), like privacy issues with ad tracking, data analytics, ...

But most 'normal' people out there in the neighbourhood don't. And they will never frequent the online places and sources that talk about this stuff.

Wouldn't it be good if there were some kind of 'tech awareness' forum (groups, meetups, ...), where these issues were to be discussed?

Is there something like that in NZ already?

#privacy #surveillancecapitalism #ai #adtech

My company is recruiting a #sre !

We are an #adtech (or do we say #martech now?) company, but not an evil one, I swear.

We work with #aws #gcp , that kind of stuff

All the details are here (sorry for the linkedin link)


DC Deejay
3 weeks ago

We need to figure out how to prevent the right's successful manipulation of our information spaces before they're elected to office in every western democracy.

Extreme views are be filtered into the mainstream - my guess is via dark money funded microtargeting (only intended audiences will ever see it) on Facebook, Instagram, X and YouTube - via campaigns that make Fox/OANN/etc nightly crazy talk seem like common sense to the targets.

It might be too late already.

#disinformation #adtech

3 weeks ago

From experience: nobody cares about the #DoNotTrack. And using it just adds another bit of info to fingerprinting browsers.

The one thing I would not endorse, rather choose blocking than relying on goodwill of #adtech.

#privacy #browsers

DC Deejay
3 weeks ago

Never allow conservatives to take office, anywhere, example number 3,451,782:

"The NHS has caused controversy by handing the US spy technology company Palantir a £330m contract to create a new data platform, triggering fears about the privacy of patients’ medical details"

#politics #democracy #spytech #adtech

Dmitry Kudryavtsev
3 weeks ago

It’s funny that people think that #AI will take over our jobs, while at the same time, with all the computation power we have, the best targeting that advertisers came up with—is shoving me Spanish ads because my IP is originated from Mexico.

And I don’t event speak Spanish that good to care for their ads.

#ads #adtech

3 weeks ago

That looks like yet another net neutrality battle to fight out.

#privacy #adtech #netneutrality #enshittification #surveillancecapitalism

3 weeks ago

"Page Visibility API" considered harmful.

The purpose (save resources) is very sensible.

But the implications of such an API are positively Orwellian.

The potential for abuse by #adtech and #bossware is chilling.

Why, oh why, don't browser makers and W3C *ever* stop to think before inventing Yet Another Shockingly Intrusive JS API?

And offer the option to disable it?

3 weeks ago

#IAPP 2023 in Brüssel: BlnBDI Meike Kamp diskutierte gestern auf dem Europäischen #Datenschutzkongress mit Datenschützern aus ganz Europa über die Vereinbarkeit von personalisierter digitaler #Werbung und #Datenschutz sowie über die Auswirkungen des #DigitalMarketsAct und der #DigitalServicesAct auf #Adtech.

Foto der Podiumsdiskussion am 16. November auf der IAPP 2023 in Brüssel zu "Future Regulation of AdTech: EU DPAs’ Views and Insights": (v. l. n. r.)
Caitlin Fennessy, Vizepräsidentin und Chief Knowledge Officer der IAPP, 
Bertrand du Marais, Beauftragter der CNIL und Mitglied des französischen Staatsrats,
BlnBDI Meike Kamp sowie
Prof. Dr. Hielke Hijmans, Präsident der Kammer für Rechtsstreitigkeiten und Vorstandsmitglied der belgischen Datenschutzbehörde.
Glyn Moody
4 weeks ago

Publishers are falling out with ads. This is where they are turning to for revenue - good; time to kill off surveillance advertising, and this will help... #adtech #publishing

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 weeks ago

#Cybersecurity #Privacy #DataProtection #DataBrokers #AdTech: "Internet browsing data is being collected and sold in greater detail than previously thought, increasing the likelihood that individuals’ identities can be ascertained from the anonymised information, a new report has found.

Web users have for years been grouped by data brokers by traits such as their broad professional sector or interests, inferred from their browsing history. This anonymised information is then sold to advertisers so they can target specific categories, or segments, with personalised marketing.

An investigation by the non-profit Irish Council for Civil Liberties published on Tuesday shows the number of segments is greater than previously thought, including data on many influential and sensitive professions that were not known to be sold to advertisers.

Data has been put into segments used to target judges, elected officials, military personnel and “decision makers” working in national security, it found."

Apple Halts Shake-to-Open-Ad Feature, Multiple Apps Affected

“The “Shake to Open” feature uses the phone’s gyroscope permission… E-commerce platforms have been placing a large number of ads on various apps, which can be triggered in different ways, including clicking on the ad page or shaking the phone. Once triggered, the phone page will be redirected to the shopping apps.

#ios #adtech #advertising #apple

Lukasz Olejnik
4 weeks ago

My comment in The Register about phasing out third-party cookies in the most popular browser Chrome. This is an issue of privacy and competition. It is a regulated territory, subject to competition and data protection laws. Privacy improvements are welcome #privacy #web #security #cookies #adtech

Aloïs Thévenot :verified:
4 weeks ago

New research: we show that sensitive “RTB” data about United States lawmakers, judges, and military personnel is widely traded - and Google is also sending U.S. RTB data to China - #adtech

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 weeks ago

#EU #Europe #Cybersecurity #RTB #AdTech #Privacy: "Real-Time Bidding (RTB) allows foreign states and non-state actors to obtain compromising sensitive personal data about key European personnel and leaders.

Key insights:

Our investigation highlights a widespread trade in data about sensitive European personnel and leaders that exposes them to blackmail, hacking and compromise, and undermines the security of their organisations and institutions.

These data flow from Real-Time Bidding (RTB), an advertising technology that is active on almost all websites and apps. RTB involves the broadcasting of sensitive data about people using those websites and apps to large numbers of other entities, without security measures to protect the data. This occurs billions of times a day.

Our examination of tens of thousands of pages of RTB data reveals that EU military personnel and political decision makers are targeted using RTB.

This report also reveals that Google and other RTB firms send RTB data about people in the U.S. to Russia and China, where national laws enable security agencies to access the data. RTB data are also broadcast widely within the EU in a free-for-all, which means that foreign and non-state actors can indirectly obtain them, too."

Glyn Moody
1 month ago

“Brand safety” shows up the lie of programmatic advertising. If #adtech were as smart as we are all told, it would be simple to avoid clashes with the content ads are shown against. If it were dumb display advertising, nobody would think a brand was deliberately advertising on an unsavoury site. But because it is claimed to be perfectly matching ad to outlet to viewer, the only way for advertisers to even hope to be safe is to stay as bland as possible. @jasonkoebler

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

There are undeniably instances in which corporate monopoly power benefits progressive causes, but these are *side-effects* of corporate power's main purpose, namely: taking money and power away from working people and giving it to rich people. That is what monopoly power is *for*.

Which brings me to #AdTech, #BrandSafety, and the demise of #Jezebel, the 16 year old feminist website whose shuttering was just announced by its latest owner, #GOMedia:


Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 month ago

#Media #News #Journalism #SentimentAnalysis #Algorithms #Advertising #AdTech: "Spanfeller and Great Hill Partners have, surely, mismanaged Jezebel in ways both big and small, and Spanfeller and G/O haven’t given anyone a reason to take their words at face value, but the subtext here is that Jezebel’s content was hard to sufficiently monetize.

This should not be the case considering that millions of people read it and chose, specifically, to visit Jezebel every month. But this is unfortunately how the internet works now, and has for a long time: News terrifies brands big and small, to the point where “brand safety” and “brand suitability” have become gigantic industries that have brought even giants like Facebook and Google to heel.

In theory, the “free market” should reward publications that are doing important work. The more people care about a given issue the more they’ll read news stories about it, which should give publications covering it traffic and ad dollars. In reality, the advertising industry has singled out the issues the audience cares about most, like reproductive rights, as unsuitable to sell ads against, even though a ton of people want to read about them. This helps explain the precarity of publications like Jezebel, despite it being more vital to its audience than ever."

1 month ago

"“The closure of #Jezebel also underscores fundamental flaws in the #ad-supported #media model where concerns about ‘brand safety’ limit #monetizing content about the biggest, most important stories of the day—stories that create huge traffic because people read and share them,” "

#adtech is fundamentally broken, and it's "leaders" some of the most acrid wastes of organic carbon in the history of eternity.

IT News
1 month ago

Unlock AdTech with 7 best AI tools in 2023 and beyond - The dynamic era of programmatic advertising is here. So, precise targeting, ad per... - #programmaticadvertising #digitalmarketing #developer #adtech #apps #ai

IT News
1 month ago

Data broker’s “staggering” sale of sensitive info exposed in unsealed FTC filing - Enlarge (credit: da-kuk | E+)

One of the world's largest mobil... - #personallyidentifyinginformation #federaltradecommission #onlinedatamarketplace #onlineadvertising #onlineprivacy #sensitivedata #locationdata #databroker #kochava #policy #adtech #ftc #pii

1 month ago

Did I get anything wrong or miss anything? From my memory a reasonable timeline on #adtech or no?

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 month ago

#Google #AdTech #AdBlocking #Adblockers #YouTube: "Chen was one of five Google employees who spoke at the Ad-Filtering Dev Summit in Amsterdam. The conference was sponsored by AdGuard, Eyeo (the parent company of AdBlock Plus), and Google. Google’s sponsorship and participation in the conference while YouTube is engaged in a high-profile war against ad blockers highlights the company’s complicated relationship with and participation in the ad blocking industry, as well as its ultimate power over people’s experiences on the internet.

Earlier this week, a YouTube spokesperson told me that “The use of ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service,” and said the site has “launched a global effort to urge viewers with ad blockers to allow ads on YouTube.” Google acknowledged a request for comment about its sponsorship of the conference and its general stance on adblockers but did not provide answers."

Alexandre Nderagakura
1 month ago

I was scrolling down a post on X / Twitter to check comments and then appears a sponsored ad :
- 17k impressions, 3 retweets, 6 likes
- Not following any account
- Only one follower
- The sponsored post is only the first and last name

It's good to see anyone doing sponsored advertising and in this scenario it's not disinformation because it's just the first and last name... However, "Community Notes" would help by allowing the users to note / rank the quality of an ad or the account #Adtech

Alexandre Nderagakura
1 month ago

1/x Flooding programmatic ecosystem with duplicated bid requests from the same inventory misrepresents the value of every ad impression (without talking sustainability, footprint carbon...) and can damage publisher quality. #AdTech #Advertising

Ondine B.
1 month ago

Meta will start charging users in Europe more than €150 a year if they don't agree to see ads.

Obs: There's no guarantee that the behind-the-scenes behavioural data collection will stop, only that users won't see ads based on their behaviour.
#privacy #dataprotection #meta #facebook #instagram #advertising #adtech

Please make sure to cut your personal carbon emissions to offset critically needed AdTech...

"The retail experience consumers want and deserve"

...ease, relevance, and transparency
— Cooler Screens

🔥⁠2023-10-22 cooler screens by j. b. crawford
⬆️⁠HN comments (arch:🗃️⁠2023-10-30)

#️⃣CatSalad #AdTech #Enshittification

Cooler Screen covering the glass cooler doors and (usually inaccurately) showing the product supposedly behind them.
Often broken Cooler Screen completely blacked out with paper notes stuck to the front to give customers a hint as to what is hidden behind.
Cooler Screen some store never bothered to setup showing the QR code required to configure the monstrosities from Docker Container Runtimes (IoT Edge, Kubernetes) in Azure Cloud running Java, Kotlin, C++, and Typescript for data, analytics and AI applications (vision AI, LLMs, recommendation engines, forecasting, etc), content management, and the advertising platform of customer facing and business user facing apps and services...

Or at least that's my guess. 🤷
1 month ago

"...tone of #metas
announcement makes it clear that the company is still prioritizing the ad-supported business...The service will only be launched in areas with strict protections around consumers’ data...The company writes in its blog post that it “believe in an ad-supported internet” and frames the new subscription exclusively as a product derived to meet European regulations."

Why #regulation matters. #adTech is trash.

1 month ago

So when you 'shut off' #Google #adtech targeting, you see what really drives the ad economy: random pharma, apocalyptic cult grift (e.g. Heavens Harvest "Emergency Survival Food"), MLMs, and it just gets worse from there.

AdTech is just garbage, all the way down.

It's why when folks say "but thats how this tech economy works" I'm like, then let it fail. I honestly can't see how paying for fewer legitimate, proper quality things is worse than a 'free/cheap' buffet of bullshit.

Between #Facebook offering extortionately expensive subscriptions to preserve their #privacy, and #Netflix pushing users from paid subs to free-with-ads, some might see vindication of the #adtech model.

Here’s the thing: nobody disputes that this model works for them as vendors and middlemen. The contention is that it does not work for anyone else, whether advertisers or consumers. The very fact of its huge profitability indicates that someone else is losing out.

Ain Tohvri
2 months ago

This time of the year it's not really surprising to see #Meta (or #Google) ad revenue grow. Very much expected. #AdTech

Glyn Moody
2 months ago

Contextual Advertising Should Be Great for Privacy, But It Risks Being Undermined - the old Embrace, Extend, Extinguish at play once again... #privacy #adtech

Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

Same goes for Google/Facebook, the #adtech duopoly: not only do both companies charge advertisers and publishers sky-high commissions, clawing 51 cents out of every ad dollar, but they also illegally colluded to rig the market and pay themselves more, at advertisers' and publishers' expense:


Matthew Slowe
2 months ago

A great opinion piece by @iay about recent changes to #Chrome and the continued productisation of internet users for commercial gain #adtech #google

Use #Firefox 🙂

Let it be noted that I hate all those websites that show me a popup dialog with "Hey, you might login with Google" 😡

First, I'm not interested to log in. And second I don't use #Google. Stop bugging me.

Those dialogs are a freaking #ad for a shady #adtech company. Take yourself seriously.

Reuben Binns⁉️
2 months ago

Calling #DSA experts and #adtech experts!

Are (some) ad networks Very Large Online Platforms according to the DSA?

Does this come down to the question of whether a person targeted by an ad network is a 'user' of that ad network?

Open Rights Group
2 months ago

Meta is proposing a paid option to opt-out of advertising on Instagram and Facebook. It's basically extortion to have your right to #privacy protected.

Ads can and should be delivered without resorting to illegal #surveillance that violates users' rights and exposes them to predatory or discriminatory advertising.

If #Meta can't conduct their business legally, that should be their problem to solve not ours.

ORG's @marianods responds.

#adtech #GDPR

Quote from Mariano delli Santi, ORG Legal and Policy Officer: "Facebook is making a mockery of European data protection law. Under GDPR, consent needs be freely given, not extorted with a false choice between ‘pay or have your privacy violated’.
2 months ago

The User and The Beast is
Joana Moll's research for the #DisruptionNetworkInstitute. It focuses on how Ad Tech amplifies the surveillance of the military-industrial-security complex, leading to a silent militarisation of civil society:

#KillCloud #socialmedia #adtech #ux

Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

It's hard to be your #AuthenticSelf while you're under #surveillance. For that reason alone, the rise and rise of the surveillance industry - an unholy public-private partnership between cops, spooks, and #AdTech scum - is a plague on humanity and a scourge on the Earth:

But beyond the psychic damage surveillance metes out, there are immediate, concrete ways in which surveillance brings us to harm.


Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad
2 months ago

💃 🕺YES!!!!! and finally! The Norwegian Privacy Appeals Board has turned down Grindr's appeal! This means Grindr has to pay the NOK 65 million fine, based on our complaint and report, unless they file another appeal in the court system.

#privacy #GDPR #enforcement #adtech #onlinemarketing #OutofControl #consumersrights

Frederik Borgesius
3 months ago

Google wil niet op vragen van RTL Z op de dagvaarding reageren. Wel stelt het bedrijf in een verklaring op haar site dat ze nooit persoonlijke gegevens verkoopt.

Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, hoogleraar ict en recht aan de Radboud Universiteit, begrijpt dat het bedrijf dat zegt. 'Technisch gezien verkopen ze die data ook niet direct. Maar die dataverzameling blijft een privacyprobleem.'

#Google #tech #privacy #law #surveillance #adtech

Frederik Borgesius
3 months ago

Google did not respond to the journalist's questions about the subpoena. However, the company says in a statement on its site that it never sells personal data.

Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, professor of ict and law at Radboud University, understands the company saying that. 'Technically, they don't sell that data directly. But that data collection remains a privacy issue.'

Original article (Dutch):

#Google #tech #privacy #law #surveillance #adtech

Frederik Borgesius
3 months ago

Prof Lokke Moerel called for a ban on behavioural advertising.

The discussion really has changed the past decade. A decade ago, one didn't hear this view so often.

At the

#tech #ai #advertising #adtech #privacy #surveillance #dataprotection #gdpr

On cheap rejection

... As anyone who's implemented an adblocker or similar online annoyance filters is aware, automating the process of distraction rejection is a vastly more effective and less-attention-costly approach. Rather than individually reject cookies, or cookie notices, or trackers, or ads, or various interstitials / "recommendations" / nags / pop-ups / fly-overs, and the like, I've applied and created sets of tools which remove those without my further conscious awareness. Users of PiHole may occasionally check the dashboard blocking statistics and be amazed at how much not only useless but actively counterproductive crud has been avoided.

Information overload requires cheap, fast, regret-free rejection tools.[1] I've come to suspect that worldviews and models specifically function in this manner, identifying key information which we should focus on, and costlessly discarding the rest.[2] The article does nod to this briefly, particularly in the note referencing Gigerenzer & Gaissmaier, 2011, but on balance misplaces its emphasis, most especially in its suggestions....

An HN response to "Critical ignoring as a core competence for digital citizens" (2022)

#Attention #Noise #AttentionEconomy #Filters #BlockFuckwits #Rejection #NoiseRejection #CheapRejection #Disinformation #Misinformation #Propaganda #Advertising #Surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism #AdTech

Wendy M. Grossman
3 months ago

Newly posted on the @plutopia Plutopia News Network podcast: me, Jon Lebowsky, and Scoop Sweeney in conversation with Rob van Eyck, the man whose PhD dissertation explains in detail while #AdTech real-time bidding is illegal under #GDPR:

Aral Balkan
4 months ago
David O'Brien
4 months ago

Then just click the Bookmark and watch all those toggles slide left.

What this does is look for all the checkboxes on the page and, if they're not disabled, unchecks them.

So instead of spending 10mins scrolling and clicking toggles, one click fucks 'em all.

Now fuck off, you fuckers. I can read the article without gazillions of #adtech bastards monetising my history.

#Privacy #Consent #GDPR

Hippasus500 aka jwn2
4 months ago

The most irksome part of this banner is the assumption, “We know…” How dare they presume to know my ethics and values? … Unless, of course, they’ve purchased my profile from Google, Meta, data brokers, or all the assorted twatwaddle purveyors of #surveillancecapitalism & #adtech

Aral Balkan
4 months ago

“We see you’re using an ad-blocker.”

I see you’re douchebags.

#surveillanceCapitalism #adtech #web #tracking #douchebags

Screenshot of site in mobile Safari in portrait mode:

We see you're using an ad-blocker.

We know you want Raw Story ad-free for free, but we have an amazing unionized reporting staff, health insurance costs and need to keep the lights on. Get Raw ad-free - and get
AlterNet free!


Already a subscriber? Log In
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Ellen Timmer
4 months ago

#Surveillance advertising in Europe: The #adtech industry tracks most of what you do on the Internet. This file shows just how much. –

Aral Balkan
4 months ago

Whenever you see the words “ads”, “cryptocurrency”, “blockchain”, “web 3”, or “AI”, just replace them with “farts” and you’ll know whether you want them or not.

“Can the fediverse survive without farts?”

Yes, perfectly well.

“Will farts replace people?”

I hope not.

“The European Commission embraces farts.”

That’s unfortunate.

“This new startup wants to improve your life with farts.”

I’m good, thanks.

#SiliconValley #BigTech #farts #buzzword #bullshit #ads #adtech #blockchain #ai #web3

Aral Balkan
4 months ago

If you’re developing web sites that only run in Google Chrome, you are not a web developer, you’re a web destroyer.

#google #chrome #WebIntegrityAPI #WebDRM #web #dev #SiliconValley #adtech #PeopleFarming #SurveillanceCapitalism

Kathy Reid
5 months ago

Today in #SurveillanceCapitalism I went to acquire snacks and there were two of these #DOOH #DigitalSignage screens at the entrance. That circle at the top is a camera, I think.

The *really weird* thing is that it served me an ad for a Google Pixel as I approached it. It *was* serving a Bendigo Bank ad. There are no signs anywhere stating if this is using facial rec or beacons or other #AdTech. I am curious if it's doing age / gender classification from the camera.

Would love to see what my #FlipperZero can make of this.

Max Leibman
5 months ago

I am not opposed to all forms of sales and advertising, but let’s be clear:

Being marketed to is not part of the social contract.

#AdTech #marketing #ads #sales