George Steffanos
2 hours ago

🧵 1/6
September 3, 1983: The Appalachian Trail briefly followed the U.S.F.S. fire road before turning onto a paved road for a while. Eventually, the trail turned off that road, passed through some fields, and reentered the woods. That was the point where the real climbing began.

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #nature #NewHampshire #mountains #forest #adventure #trails #AppalachianTrail

Beneath a hazy, whitewashed sky we are climbing along an alpine ridge crest towards a summit peak. The slopes around us and the flanks of the peak are covered with a forest of stunted, weather-beaten spruce and fir. Ahead, as the crest ascends, the dwarf trees gradually give way to a golden brown ground cover plant that resembles grass.
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失落的猫猫 Lost Cat

"Lost Cat" is a single-player, adorable, healing, adventure game. Try to collect enough fish while avoiding traps and monsters, and use your wits to clear the levels.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie

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Interstellar Impact

Stylized single player adventure game. Explore the vastness of space, collide with smaller objects, avoid larger objects, grow until you explode and become a black hole and set the fastest time possible.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Strategy

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Two young illuminators, Fancia and Alina, start their adventure in the bright and fascinating Inlixaland... pursuit of becoming trustworthy "Arborangers."
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG

7 hours ago

Am 1. Dezember ist es wieder soweit: der von der Adventure-Treff-Community organisierte Rätsel-Adventskalender startet.

Wer Spaß an knackigen Rätseln hat, ist herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen!

#Rätsel #Adventure #Advent

7 hours ago
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三千大世界(Three Thousand Worlds)

"Three Thousand Worlds" is a massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG). The game provides players with a lot of different quality equipment, and the pursuit of high-level (or best) equipment is one of the most important goals for players in the game.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #MassivelyMultiplayer #RPG

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Shopping in a Winter Zombieland

An apocalyptic Visual Novel from Zombie Zone Germany for Christmas with German voice acting, lots of decisions and seven different endings. There is only a version in German language.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #EarlyAccess

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Nitrojet is a chaotic metroidvania where everything is destructible. Struggle against hordes of airborne beasts through sprawling ruins. Overcome the odds to take your throne as the flame-borne god of destruction.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie

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Monster Maker

This is a Xiuxian style role-playing game! In the game, build caves, capture spirit animals, and plant miraculous drugs. 360 degree lockless combat mode, even when flying in the sky, you can wave your long sleeve to move mountains and reclaim the sea.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation #Strategy

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Death Requiem

Death Requiem is a wave-based fantasy game. You'll explore the dungeon and gothic environment to experience the grandeur of architecture. The rift in the universe has opened and get ready to fight against constant stream of enemies using your strategy and skill combination.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #RPG #Strategy

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Falling for Beans

Falling for Beans is a platformer where you must strategically descend a mystical Beanstalk, while you manage your health and outrun a Giant constantly on your tail. Do you think you can survive?
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie

El Perro Negro
1 day ago

Sampled the delights of the new Via Ferrata at Cadiar today. A grade K3 and a grade K4 available. Wire bridge, tyrolean, pendulum and some steep, airy ladders perched in space. All very entertaining.

#viaferrata #Spain #andalucia #adventure

2 people ascend rungs of a via ferrata secured by chains and cables
A person crosses a tyrolean zip line across a gorge with some steps into the wall at the end
A person ascends rungs of a via ferrata secured by chains and cables
A person crosses a wire bridge across a gorge with some steps into the wall at the end
George Steffanos
1 day ago

🧵 1/2
July 7, 1983: A ledge just above the AT along the ascent had a 180-degree view stretching from southwest to northwest. To the south, Skyline Drive snaked around Hogback's green summits and followed the Blue Ridge towards Stony Man, Hawksbill and beyond.

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Virginia #mountains #nature #forest #nationalparks #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails

Standing atop a high rocky cliff, looking out between 2 shrubs at a scene of almost unbroken forest. There is a valley below us and a rounded ridge dominates the midground. On the side facing us, a small break in the trees allows a glimpse of Skyline Drive, the 2-lane park road. Beyond this ridge rises a loftier and more rugged section of the Blue Ridge in the distance. There are several glimpses of the drive winding around or over this crest. Lower ridges fade into the haze along the horizon.
AI Automations Experimental
1 day ago

Surprising Art in the Enchanting Forest

Illuminate your understanding of the world with the hidden gems of art found in the midst of the mystical forest Journey through capturing the radiance of nature found through unexpected displays of creativity

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #artist #photography #natural #immersion #inspiration #growth #beauty #mystery #adventure #surprise

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1 day ago

Legendary Sky Pirates and Their Timeless Treasures

Hidden on a floating island in the sky are cities inhabited by sky pirates Their fantastic exploits and conquests have earned them timeless treasures and a place among the fairy tale legends Travelers beware, for on...

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #mythology #fantasy #adventure #sky-pirates #unicorns #dragons #magic #treasure #floating-island #sky-cities

Amusement Logic
1 day ago

Soudah Peaks, a new mountain development in Saudi Arabia (+VIDEO)
Traditional architecture will inspire the construction of six tourism development zones in hospitality, leisure, culture and adventure. 📌

👉 You may READ, see MORE PICTURES or either SUBSCRIBE to our summary of news and updates through link:

#SoudahPeaks #saudiarabia #development #design #architecture #construction #leisure #tourism #hospitality #hotels #resorts #adventure #future

Martha Crimson
1 day ago

"Cut it!" snaps Fairy "You're not helping!"
They bend down at the air vent where The Snake disappeared and look at the pattern of the scales. Then they look around
"Are there any ventilation maps?"
Ranger nods approvingly and points before steering the mallard down to ground. To Himbo's amazement Fairy reads and points

What do Noble find in a box in the meantime?
(Boost pls)
(Story starts at
#FantasyRomp1 #fantasy #FantasyRomp #adventure #PollStory

Rick Dearman
2 days ago

📚 Cheveyo's dreams of a ranch and home are becoming reality, but the arrival of new faces and old foes threaten to upend his newfound peace. Will he stand strong and defend his future, or risk losing everything he loves? #Action #Adventure #BookSeries

Richard DeVaul
2 days ago

Wow. I've recently been introduced to the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, and boy do I feel seen. Also, fantastic storytelling. #neuroatypical #scifi #adventure

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Falling Down

"Falling Down" tells the story of a young hero destined for heroics through a visually stunning action-platformer game.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie

Trip Theory
2 days ago

Effort > outcome.
💬 Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild (1996)
📸 Holly Mandarich
📍 Glacier National Park, Montana, US
#travel #quote #adventure
#travelphotography #growth

A lone snowboarder stands atop a snow trail on a hill. A thick cloudline sits below him, touching the tops of the nearby trees. The quote on the photo reads, “That's what was great about them. They tried. Not many do.” by Jon Krakauer.
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Shadow of Fear

In 'Shadow of Fear', your only purpose is to solve puzzles and then escape; You can also continue to survive, whether you can survive until the end depends on yourself
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie

Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
2 days ago

🕹️ Title: Tomb Raider 1 (with TR1X engine)
🦊️ What's: The 1st chapter (1996) of a series of adventure games featuring the adventuress Lara Croft & an improved libre engine
🏡️ -
🔖 #LinuxGaming #ShareYourGames #Adventure #Puzzle
📦️ #LibreGameEngine #CommercialAssets #Bin
📖 Our entry:

💥️ New & Reviewed (3.0.2): 👏️⭐⭐⭐⭐
🐘 From:


A rear view of Lara running into a room, holding a pistol in each hand and preparing to fire at a menacing wolf. This view illustrates a new feature: the health bars of both the enemy and Lara.

Tomb Raider 1 is a 3D objective-view adventure game (published in 1996) starring Lara Croft, a British archaeologist. TR1X is a mature, libre, multi-platform engine, enhancing the gaming experience in many ways. These include the Linux version, a myriad of bug fixes, a new user interface (with a health bar for enemies), better support for windowed mode, porting of various internal libraries to their open-source equivalent, increased engine limits, numerous gameplay enhancements, improved controls (and the ability to modify them), the addition of new stats and cheat modes.
2 days ago

Finally finished the dungeon drawing. I was gonna crosshatch the entire edge but just decided if I used it sparingly it would be nicer and less "heavy looking.

Thought about highlighting in black ink but idk yet.

Was originally going to make it all cave, shook it up with a temple in the deepest depths of it.

*Cave Kingdom of the Dark Druid*

The inhabitants are a crazed druid and his bestial servants.

#dnd #dungeonsAndDragons #ttrpg #rpg #dnd5e #tabletop #adventure #fantasy #drawing

George Steffanos
2 days ago

🧵 1/4
June 1, 1983: Monday night on the bank of the Nolichucky River had been a time of gentle breezes and soft starlight, but clouds had begun rolling in yesterday morning. By the time I reached the shelter last night they were looking ominous. No rain fell overnight, but day broke gloomy and foreboding.

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #nature #hikingadventures #NorthCarolina #Tennessee #mountains #adventure #trails #AppalachianTrail

The sun has broken out on a stormy day and the downward sloping meadow before us is bathed in sunshine. Shreds of dissolving clouds stream past us. In the distance, banks of still substantial clouds reflect the bright sunshine. The lush green grass of the meadow is sprinkled with hundreds of yellow daffodils. Farther down the mountainside, the meadow is broken up with pine trees and hardwoods sporting bright white or yellow blossoms.
2 days ago

A better look at the island from Google Maps, If you are local, you can see this from the Number 7 highway at Harrigan Cove ( #Halifax ),-62.2958808,787m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu

It took us about 30 minutes to arrive. The boat doesn't travel very fast, with two people and an electric trolling motor.

It was hard and damaging to drag the boat onto the shore. I carry a few pieces of Plastic Pipe, to roll the boat up, because I have to do it alone.

#WildIslands #Adventure #Ocean #Boating #Hiking #Exploring

The close up of the shore where we landed our boat and pulled it up  to leave it there while we continue on foot. To the right, is the larger map showing the same red diamond where the boat was left. 
In red are the words SHOAL, indicating how boxed in we were, to get between rocks and shoals and find a place to land on the island safely.
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Crazy 2d-soulslike with stylish characters and sick combat in a furry anime world.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #RPG

2 days ago

It's not without risk. We are two seniors, alone, in an isolated rural community. The likelihood we would see another boat is rare.
On the way out, we saw one guy go by. You have to know the area, there are rocks, ledges, places to run aground. A larger boat could not go where we go. That's part of the advantage we have. We only need 2 feet of water to pass over rocks or obstacles. Unmarked, of course.

#WildIslands #Adventure #Ocean #Boating #Hiking #Exploring

Open ocean, still just ripples, land in the distance, other islands and far away mainland. The sky is overcast, so the photos are not bright but that's OK.
About half a kilometer from the shore, we saw a single 18 foot boat go by with one man in it and a large outboard motor. 
I don't even think he saw us, we don't make any sound, we use an electric motor, and silently move along.
Other islands and land look even further away, there will be no swimming back to shore, should something go wrong.
Most islands in this area, form under water ledges and shoals that are very dangerous, a big boat would run aground and a small boat would be in danger from the churning water around these ledges. It's the Atlantic Ocean, and it can be unkind.
2 days ago

We will be making this trip in a square back canoe. This isn't a portable canoe, it's solid fiberglass, very heavy, molded seats, square back.

My wife is disabled, & cannot help lift, load or move a boat. I have to move this beast myself.

1st photo isn't mine, it's a sample to show the size & weight before we begin.

My wife is sitting in front, we have a #fishing rod with us every time we go out on the ocean.

44°54'26.9"N 62°17'42.7"W
#WildIslands #Adventure #Ocean #Boating #Hiking

A sample view of the size and weight of my square back (RIVER STYLE) canoe. 

You can see that the seats are not just board, they are molded fiberglass right to the hull, and very heavy. Two able body men struggle to carry this. 

I do it alone, with a special cart I built.
Looking forward from the back of the boat/canoe, my wife is in the front, ball cap and lifejacket on, and you can see part of her fishing rod. Only she can fish, I'm operating an electric motor, navigating and trying to take photos when conditions allow. 
In the distance, a kilometer away, from our launch point, is a large island. That is our destination.
A large crescent shaped island, 96 acres, once inhabited, now a camp remains but no residents. Most islands are uninhabited as we have 100 wild islands -in this area, the closest, we visit and explore.
2 days ago

"Hello there!, I'll be your tour guide on a boating adventure, a day of exploration, in the summertime.

This is a harbour seal, I think. I refer to them as the Cute seals, the Grey Seal is much larger & also called a horsehead seal, because, THEY UGLY! 😂​

You don't have to be in a boat to see these. I can walk to most shorelines and see them.

These swim right up to the river.

#StoryTime #WildIslands #Adventure @capla #Seal #Ocean #Boating #Hiking #Exploration

A seal protrudes from the ocean, with its head far out of water, up to its shoulders, if it had shoulders LOL, and it is near the shore, where we begin our adventure. You can see a rock wall on the shore,  built to hold back the storms. the ocean is rippling, but not rough. There are no swells or waves, just ripples. It's a nice day to put a boat in the ocean. Let's go!
Aruma Studios
2 days ago

Happy Sunday! ☀️🥶

Explore Antiquonia's secrets for 30% less! Join Sarah's quest to uncover her past in a town where few embrace the Internet. Immerse in a beautiful 2D adventure with a lovely soundtrack.


#pointandclick #adventure #indiegame

The official Steam Autumn Sale poster with an embedded poster of Intruder in Antiquonia on the side, clarifying it has a 30% discount during the event. The poster includes the event dates: November 21 - 28.
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3 days ago

Joker Show - Horror Escape

Your parents left for the night, and you stayed at home alone, you were bored and you decided to call the Jester (Joker), but something went wrong... It looks like you succeeded, now the jester wants to play with you, hide and don't let him catch you, find a way to call the jester away.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie

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run, jump, puzzle. Your tasks that you have to master in Obby with Kitty.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Strategy

TheRetroSven (SMV)
4 days ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich bin gerade auf im #Livestream mit zu sehen, schaut doch gerne mal vorbei:

Sphonx, Ein bisschen Rätselspaß zu später Stunde #Steam #PC #Adventure #Deutsch #LetsPlay #Indie

Ich freue mich auf euch, lasst mir gerne einen kostenlosen Follow da, oder sagt einfach mal Hallo :-)

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TheRetroSven (SMV)
5 days ago

Wir haben dann noch spontan die Demo von #Sphonx von @_tt_ durchgespielt und dank @PinkieSly sind wir auch nicht versauert XD

Wer oldschool #Adventures mag, #Humor hat und #Englisch kann, sollte hier unbedingt mal hereinschauen, wir waren alle begeistert. Das ist pure #Adventure-Liebe.

#SMVGeheimtipp #games #videospiele

Danke an alle fürs Zuschauen und Miträtseln, demnächst spielen wir das ganze #Game im #Stream durch <3

TheRetroSven (SMV)
5 days ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich bin gerade auf im #Livestream mit zu sehen, schaut doch gerne mal vorbei:

Ein bisschen Rätselspaß zu später Stunde #Steam #PC #Adventure #Deutsch #LetsPlay #Indie

Ich freue mich auf euch, lasst mir gerne einen kostenlosen Follow da, oder sagt einfach mal Hallo :-)

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TheRetroSven (SMV)
5 days ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich bin gerade auf im #Livestream mit Maize zu sehen, schaut doch gerne mal vorbei:

Was ist hier los? Warum liegt hier überall Burgerpapier? #Steam #PC #Adventure #Deutsch #LetsPlay #

Ich freue mich auf euch, lasst mir gerne einen kostenlosen Follow da, oder sagt einfach mal Hallo :-)

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Michael ヘビ Steinwandter
5 days ago

I remember a "1-star-review" of someone visiting the Gran Canyon, complaining that it is only a big hole with stones 😅

If you are not ready to experience nature, better stay home...
(Because experiencing #Iceland|s pure nature is the real #adventure!)

view from the top of snowcovered stratovulcano Snæfellsjökull (1446m) in western Iceland.
5 days ago

Hallöchen meine kleinen süßen Dämonen 🥰

Am Samstag 25. November geht es gegen 16:00 Uhr auf #Twitch weiter mit #TheLastOfUs Teil 1

Welt erkunden, Story genießen und Emotional werden!

Ich freu mich schon riesig darauf

#Storytelling #Adventure #RPG
#Stream #Gaming #Twitch #Shooter #Action #Fun #Comfy

George Steffanos
5 days ago

🧵 1/3
September 2, 1983: The initial mile of trail was a meandering stroll through the forest on assorted trails and logging roads, after which the AT cut through a farm, crossing a pasture and going past some outbuildings before turning onto a dirt road. The next mile was all on dirt and gravel roads, at one point approaching Upper Baker Pond:

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #NewHampshire #nature #forest #mountains #pond #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails

Beneath a clear, soft blue sky we are standing beside a lake. Brilliant green water grasses and aquatic plants grow along and near the shore in front of us, and along the heavily wooded shoreline to our left. A pair of low wooded ridges running right and left of a gap rise from the far shore. That shore is also wooded, but the immediate shore has a handful of vacation cottages scattered around it.
TheRetroSven (SMV)
5 days ago

Hallöchen meine lieben #Mitmenschen, da ich morgen etwas vorhabe, und somit meinen #Freitags-#Stream nicht einhalten kann, streame ich einfach heute Abend ab 20:00 Uhr auf #Twitch

Schaut gerne vorbei zu einer gemütlichen Runde, gespielt wird #Maize, ein #3D-#Adventure in Ego Perspektive bei dem wir permanent von einem russischen Teddy beleidigt werden, es ist also ein wenig wie Counter Strike XD

Die Infos aus dem Text in bunten Farben
1 week ago

Look! It's Tin Tin the Tin Man and his little doggie Flowie! They're on amazing mystery adventures together! Can you believe it??!! #grickledoodle #tintin #oz #mystery #adventure #cartoon #art #drawing #funny

1 week ago

Oh heck yeah, #Worms 3D is coming soon to a #Mac near you. Exciting!

#ClassicMac #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #macos9 #Rayman #Gaming #Platformer #Adventure

Photo of the "Rayman 3" installer showing an ad for "Worms 3D" coming soon. This is running on classic Mac OS 9 on an iMac G4.
Kyle Blaine
1 week ago

My friend just posted the #demo for his Lost in Space #indiegame he's been working on for a long time! Really awesome to see it coming along and I wanted to share! :)

#scifi #adventure #retro

A promotional picture for Scary Robot's new adventure game title "Lost in Space: The Adventure Game". Will Robinson is desperately pointing a laser pistol, behind him is Robot and a terrified looking Dr. Smith, pointing at some unseen threat!
Susanne Leist Author
1 week ago

A visit to Blue Harbor, Maine, guarantees front-row seats to the attacks by the rogue Penobscot Indians.


by Susanne Leist

#NativeAmericans #romancereaders #adventure #Bookrecommendation #Darkfantasy #BooksWorthReading #Bookstagrams #Reading #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult @bookstodon

George Steffanos
1 week ago

🧵 1/6
September 1, 1983: The trail descended past a water source called Hairy Root Spring (I know — sounds yummy, doesn’t it?) to the shores of Wachipauka Pond, the mountain tarn I had just seen from above. The AT crossed a marshy area and climbed over a wooded hill before dropping down to state road 25, another small two-lane highway,

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #NewHampshire #nature #forest #mountains #adventure #trails #AppalachianTrail

Beneath a bright overcast sky, we are standing in a narrow dirt road alongside a forest on our left. The right side of the road has a grassy shoulder several feet wide. To its right is a rustic wooden post and wire fence with flowering shrubs and tall weeds growing along it in spots. To the right of the fence is the corner of a green field of grass several inches in height and white wildflowers. A single line of trees borders this field. The dirt road and fence continue past this wind break to a very large grassy field with a small tilled rectangular patch near the road. The forested slopes of mountain rising several hundred feet above us borders this field.
TheRetroSven (SMV)
2 weeks ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich bin gerade auf im #Livestream mit The Darkside Detective zu sehen, schaut doch gerne mal vorbei:

Wir gehen erneut den Mysterien dieser Welt auf den Grund! #Steam #PC #Adventure #Deutsch #LetsPlay #

Ich freue mich auf euch, lasst mir gerne einen kostenlosen Follow da, oder sagt einfach mal Hallo :-)

#Gaming #Gamer #game #stream #twitch #nintendo #playstation #xbox #steamDeck #zocken #boost #follow

2 weeks ago

November 17, 2023 - Day 320 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 340

Game: I Am Fish

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 16, 2021
Installation Date: Jul 18, 2022
Unplayed: 487d (1y3m30d)
Playtime: 18m

I Am Fish describes itself as a physics-based adventure. It's a game about four fish, in a full 3D environment.

I don't normally talk about the developers behind a game, because I like to take each game on its own merits.

However, I Am Fish has a callback to at least one of Bossa Studios previous games, but also takes a particular gameplay cue from them as well.

In I Am Fish, you start out as a goldfish. The game opens in a bakery, where the baker hands two loaves of very wriggly bread to a customer for free, one of which ends up at a pet store, where you are currently swimming with three friends (a puffer fish, a flying fish, and a piranha).

The bread is wriggly because it's sentient bread, a callback to Bossa Studios' previous game "I Am Bread". When fed to the fish, the bread seemingly makes them far more intelligent, and after your three friends are captured and removed from your tank, you awake the next day in a round, sealable goldfish bowl, and it's time to escape... by rolling your bowl along the handily placed shelves to ground level, and then to freedom.

This is an utterly gorgeous game. The lighting is incredible, the fully realised 3D levels are wonderful, and the music is delightful.

The control scheme was designed by a sadist.

Bossa Studios are also responsible for Surgeon Simulator, and if you've played Surgeon Simulator or I Am Bread, what both of these games have in common with I Am Fish is that the games are designed with the most incredibly frustrating control schemes.

I played -and gave up- on both of these earlier games in sheer frustration. Much like platformers that require pinpoint accuracy, and playing well known guitar licks, I lack the fine motor control necessary to achieve the required goals.

There are games that are designed to reward the most dextrous & skilled players who can build up the required muscle memory to make the right moves at exactly the right time; if a player can't do that, they just become a source of frustration, and even self-recrimination.

It's why I can enjoy Forza Horizon in single player mode, but am left behind in virtually every race in online mode.

It's why I was hostile towards platformers for decades, with everything from Super Mario Bros. to Celeste just winding up my frustration levels until I feel like my brain is melting.

This is also why, as much as I want to play I Am Fish (it's just so beautiful), I probably won't end up persevering much longer, when there are so many other games I can just play and enjoy.

I Am Fish is a gorgeous, frustrating conundrum of a game, that I simultaneously want to give every rating, which averages out to:

3: OK

#IAmFish #3D #Physics #Adventure #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 weeks ago
Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson featuring a sailboat returning to harbor.
George Steffanos
2 weeks ago

🧵 1/4
July 12, 1983: Not far past the shelter, the Appalachian Trail left the canal path, crossed the B&0 Railroad tracks, passed under US 340, and began the ascent of South Mountain. That is the long ridge I will be following throughout Maryland and into southern Pennsylvania. The climb was not all that bad.

#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #outdoors #nature #Maryland #mountains #forest #adventure #trails #AppalachianTrail

A day of stifling heat and humidity beneath a hazy gray sky. Still a fantastic view from a jagged rock outcrop hundreds of feet above the wide, shallow river below. There are a few tees on the left, but otherwise the view is unobstructed other than by haze. There is a luxuriant green forest along the near riverbank below. The river itself is filled with rocks and modest rapids. A cluster of small islets, each with a tree or two, sits to the right of the pic. The forested flanks of a lofty mountain rise from the far bank.
Michael Shotter
2 weeks ago

"The Spiral and The Threads" is coming soon to "complete" The Nod/Wells Timelines.

Pre-Order the Kindle edition, or peruse the other books set along The Timelines, via my Amazon Author Page:

#speculative #fiction #books #speculativefiction #specfic #FYI #ICYMI #scifi #sciencefiction #horror #paranormal #thriller #action #adventure #literary #literaryuniverse #read #reads #reading #readers #readingcommunity #booksofmastodon #readersofmastodon #bookstodon #booktodon @bookstodon

R. Natale Fine Art
2 weeks ago

Canoeing - photo taken from our canoe on the Delaware River on a cold March day. It was super windy, but my husband managed to row us safely all the way.

#canoeing #adventure #buyintoart #BlackandWhite_Photography #rivers #MastoArt #art #fedigiftshop

B&W photo of canoeing the Delaware River. View shows the front of the boat with a yellow ratchet strap in color
2 weeks ago

LivingEvil ist Live!

Nehmt Platz und macht es euch gemütlich!

#Storytelling #Adventure #RPG #Stream #Gaming #Twitch #Shooter #Action

Some more photos from this walk. I couldn’t get over just how pretty all these colours were.

#Taiwan #photography #NaturePhotography #Taipei #green #hiking #adventure #walking

A hiker walks along a narrow trail. To the left, a vertical fern and moss covered rockface towers above her and to the right, a more gently sloping rock face is also decked with ferns.
A vibrant fern leaf. The centre of the leaf is a lush green but the tips have turned orange.
Fish peer out of a mottled and dirty tank. The photo looks almost abstract, but if I were to zoom out, would show the tank embedded in the roadside wall of a rural house.
A person walks down a gently zig zagging trail through a once-farmed bamboo grove that appears to no longer be farmed. The ground is littered with dead orange bamboo leaves.

Update your Erra: Exordium on Steam

Added a new mode for those who are really hard to play. The challenge is not what it used to be, personally it became very easy for me... But it's all for you, dear players

If you find a bug, let me know Discord

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Linux ☑️
3 weeks ago

🕵️‍♀️ ScummVM | HeR Interactive’s Nancy Drew games ready for testing!

Put your sleuthing caps on; a soap opera star needs your help in uncovering who is behind a series of death threats that sound a little too real for comfort.

ScummVM? Play your fave classic adventures such as Monkey Islands on modern systems they weren't designed for 🙉 💓 :linux:


#ScummVM #classic #gaming #notemulator #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #PointAndClick #adventure @scummvm

Look at what I got. New at DEI, The Rod of Seven Parts! Complete with all the books, maps, and player aids and in very nice shape. Take your players on an epic quest to save the world from the forces of Chaos.

#TTRPG #DND2e #adventure #DungeonMaster #ShopSmall

Front of The Rod of Seven Parts box. What looks like part of an ancient map with the title.
Several game books, maps, and player aids. The books look a great deal like the cover with images appropriate for the subject matter. A couple of maps with small keeps detailed, and some images of outdoor locations.
AI Automations Experimental
3 weeks ago

Cursed Artifacts in the Enchanted Cave

Deep within the dark depths of the enchanted cave, mysterious artifacts lay waiting to unleash their dark magic upon unsuspecting adventurers Inspired by the worlds of Neil Gaiman, these cursed creatures haunt the cave and seek to corrupt all who enter Will...

See More Seeds:

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C. R. Collins
3 weeks ago


Somewhere far away, the improbable planet of Ardonna orbits its massive sun, along with three wayward moons, harboring an eclectic mix of life forms.

These are their tales.

For more information, including vendor and direct buy links, and maps, visit my site:

#Fantasy #HopePunk #FoundFamily #RomanticFantasy #Polyamory #Dragons #Trees #Magic #Adventure #FirstPersonPOV #Ebook

Tales of Ardonna book tree with its three levels of book covers, descending from earliest to latest timeline.
On the top branches, pointing left, are Mage Era books. River’s Roar is currently the only one
The middle branches, pointing right, are for Dragon Age books. Song of Jade: Red Wolf, the newest release, is there
The lowest branches, sprawling in the center of the tree, holds the Modern Era. The Woodspell trilogy is here, and the first sequel, Chasing Sunset, on the trunk beneath. Lower, and to its right, is a midnight blue placeholder with the words: Launching January 2024
The Explorographer
4 weeks ago

The Chair

Shot in an underground room in a forbidden asylum. This was part of a closed tunnel circuit of a children's ward in the asylum.

#abandoned #photography #travel #adventure #explore

A rusted abandoned barber chair sits in a stone basement of a childrens ward asylum.  The floor dirty and cracked concrete.
Martha Crimson
1 month ago

The rest of the party climb the stairs, fully expecting to reach a grim scene. They find Ranger pinned to a wall by a multitude of knives, like an insect in a collection. But not one of the knives have pierced more than their clothes.
"Why did you _push_ us?" screams Himbo
"_You_ can't trigger a trap without dying."
"Did Ranger just speak a full sentence?" whispers Bard

(Boost pls)
(Story starts at
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October 31, 2023 - Day 303 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 323


Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 8, 2018
Installation Date: Oct 21, 2023
Unplayed: 10d
Playtime: 17m

TSIOQUE is a 2.5D hand drawn point and click adventure.

You play as young princess Tsioque, who has been left behind in the castle by her mother, the Queen, who has ridden off to fight an existential threat to her kingdom (queendom?)

While the Queen is away, the wizard will play. He's evil, takes over the castle, imprisons the princess, she has to escape, yada yada yada.

There are point-and-click adventures where the puzzles are creative brainteasers, and obvious in hindsight.

There are others where you just randomly click on crap until something happens.

Given the complete lack of tutorial, and the single-pocket inventory, IF you actually have one item, it may not be entirely obvious how to use it.

By "may not be", it's actually "good luck working out the UI!"

A later puzzle presented me with an "invisibility blanket". Often a point-and-click will say "you can't use that now" when you try to use something at the wrong time.

TSIOQUE doesn't. Nothing happens. There's no feedback whatsoever.

Turns out that on the next screen, you need to use it to evade some enemies. How? No idea. I tried to run back to the previous room and use the blanket?


Click in the wrong place, the item is returned to the pocket.

Turns out that when you can use it, you kind of drag it towards Tsioque and *it's removed from the pocket*, and she can use it.

How do you put it away afterwards?

You can't.

Tsioque finds herself standing in the dark. Clicking does nothing. The invisibility blanket is back in the pocket. She's also wearing it, and it cannot be removed.

Take one step forward, she trips, the guards throw the lights on, the wind blows the blanket away and she gets captured.

Over and over.

I gave up in frustration - I'm ten minutes into the game at this point, with a further five minutes of being stuck on this "puzzle", and search for a walkthrough.

Turns out that above the light switch is a spider. I'd seen the spider in previous scenes, but there was nothing you could do with him.

However, NOW he's clickable (not that there's anything to indicate this); his relative size is that of a tap-target on a full-screen mobile ad, and clicking on him will turn the lights off, and all the guards plummet to their death.


Unlike last night with Tales of the Neon Sea's artwork to draw me in, TSIOQUE doesn't even offer that. Do I want to keep playing?:

1: Nope

#TSIOQUE #HandDrawn #PointAndClick #Adventure #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

1 month ago

October 30, 2023 - Day 302 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 322

Game: Tales of the Neon Sea

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 30, 2019
Installation Date: Oct 21, 2023
Unplayed: 9d
Playtime: 43m

Tales of the Neon Sea is a cyberpunk-themed 2D pixel art adventure.

I'm a sucker for cyberpunk-themed games, and this is a game that makes pixel art look gorgeous. It's just a shame that the artwork is the best part of the game.

You play as Rex, a partly cybernetic ex-cop-turned-detective, who awakens in a sewer, only to suddenly find himself being chased by a grim-reaper-esque character wearing a plague doctor mask. Who can teleport.

After slowly escaping (because Rex is injured and moves really slowly), it's eventually revealed that this is a flash-forward.

"Three days earlier...", sees Rex getting out of bed in a gigantic house, and beginning his adventure.

The thing is, Rex moves slowly even when uninjured. The longer I played, the more it became obvious why. This is a game that has been made longer by slowing you down.

The length has then been increased by putting each of the MacGuffins you require to solve each puzzle as far away from you as possible, forcing you to walk slowly from one end of Rex's gigantic house to the other and back. Over, and over. There's no run. Only walk.

You also can't pick up stuff along the way that might be helpful later; things only become available to you when you need them for a puzzle.

While the storyline and setting grabbed me, the constant trudging backwards and forwards in Tales of the Neon Sea made it all a bit:

2: Meh

#TalesOfTheNeonSea #2D #PixelArt #Puzzle #Adventure #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Grand Marshals of the 2023 Nevada Day Parade, Chris Orr and Dave Santina of Reno PBS station KNPB and hosts for the excellent show, Wild Nevada! I have learned about all kinds of cool places to visit in Nevada watching their show!

#PBS #Reno #Nevada #Tourism #Adventure #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Color photo of a lady waving wearing a dark green ball cap sitting in the backseat of a red car. The driver in the front seat wears a black ball cap. There's a large red colored stuffed dog in the front passenger seat.
Color photo of three people sitting the backseat of a red car. The man, furthest from the camera, wears a red down style coat. A teenager sits in the middle wearing a teal colored ski cap. Closest to the camera is a lady wearing a grey ski cap and sunglasses.

NEW TRAIL GUIDE: Mount Moyan Trail (墨硯山步道)

The highlight of this weird little wander in Miaoli’s Touwu Township was the unexpected discovery of a semi-abandoned pleasure garden.


🧭 2.7km for the whole journey.

🕒 A little over an hour

🚶‍♀️1/10 difficulty level for regular Taiwan hiker. It’s not difficult at all.

🚶‍♀️3/10 difficulty level for new Taiwan hiker. Some steps, uneven surfaces on the trail connecting the two peaks, and it feels a little sketchy if you’re not familiar with the landscape.

⛰ Just under 100 metres.

💦 A single refillable bottle would be enough. The temple that I started from has a water dispenser.

☀️ Not much shade for the majority of the walk, I was worried about getting a little burnt.

☎️ Mobile coverage was clear.

🥰 I loved exploring the odd garden place. This is a popular spot for catching the sunset and night view of Miaoli, but there are no lights on the way up, so make sure to bring your own.

📄 No permit required.

🚕This route is not easily accessible by public transport, but you could get a taxi from downtown Miaoli.

#Taiwan #adventure #hiking #UrbanExploring

Carolyn Porco
1 month ago

Available today!

Riveting #adventure tales by Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Bob Ballard, Louise Leakey, Zahi Hawass, Yvon Chouinard, Yours Truly, & more await you in "The Future of Exploration".


Book curators:

List of explorers featured in the book:

Explorer bios:

So very proud to be included!

Order now!

(All proceeds will support grants to future #exploration.)

1 month ago

October 24, 2023 - Day 296 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 316

Game: A Juggler's Tale

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 30, 2021
Installation Date: Oct 24, 2023
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 46m

Game number seven in the October Humble Choice Bundle is "A Juggler's Tale"; a 2.5D sideways scrolling puzzle adventure game.

I have incredibly mixed emotions about this game.

You play as Abby, a young girl, who is both a juggler, and a marionette. Abby is trapped in a circus and forced to perform, and A Juggler's Tale is the story of her escape, narrated by the puppeteer.

The graphics are gorgeous, the sound design is good. The puzzles are not too challenging, although the controls (on controller) can be a little bit fiddly.

The narrator is an older man with an English accent, and is in turns condescending, and patronising in the way he talks to (and about) Abby, frequently belittling her (and technically *my*) failures when attempting to solve puzzles - and I utterly despise him.

I'm not sure whether the intent of the devs was to make me feel like that towards him, but his manner and commentary triggers emotional responses within me that I don't think were intended.

I'm tempted to just Google the game to find out how it ends, and if there's any kind of catharsis, because the idea of spending the entire game with this horrible person, fills me with dread.

A Juggler's Tale is:

4: Good*

#AJugglersTale #SidewaysScroller #Adventure #Puzzle #HumbleChoice #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

*Trigger Warning, mention of abuse.

I suspect that my reaction is partly a trauma response, from the abuse I experienced growing up. So, while I think this game is good, if you have that kind of trauma it may actually be triggering, which is a weird thing to have to say about a game like this.

Imperor 🎲🎮🎄
1 month ago

Looking for a #spooky #quest or #adventure for your #ttrpg in #spooktober ?

@ZebraFeatherAH and I got you covered!

You and your party are going to try and help the town of Brockenbrook reclaim their sleep and venture into the haunted Brockenbrack swamps.

Get the free PDF and a full audio transcript over here:

#osr #dnd #dsa #pnp #ttrpgs #fantasy #writing #mastoart #pathfinder #talesofthevaliant #halloween

2 months ago

Mastro Sartini, renowned Vezenian tailor, would be shocked to see milady reducing his creation to this state.

The comic:

The book:


Previews, behind the scenes and more:

#webcomic #webcomics #fantasy #action #adventure #magic

2 months ago

I am reading Andy Weir's "Project Hail Mary", the follow up book to "The Martian". It's interesting so far.

I realise now that the number of book samples is more than one, that his books are basically a walk through of an adventure game along with some back story, science lessons and generous smatterings of world enrichment - Which might be why I like them.

#reading #books #space #mars #venus #NASA #adventure game #gamedesign #adventuregame #walkthrough #AndyWeir #SciFi #book #n>1 #Writing

Matthew Clover
2 months ago

This #alaskanhusky is plain tuckered out.

#trailrunning #running #adventure

Alaskan Husky laying on her side, stretched out, legs sprawled, on a faux fur rug, on a hardwood floor.