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7 hours ago

Heir of the Dog | Victorian Comedy Pixel Point & Click Adventure Game from Lucy Dreaming Developer
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Virtual Moose
15 hours ago

I was going to write a post recommending adventure games to play during winter but it looks like the Adventure Games Podcast has done a series of episodes doing just that and doing a much better job than I ever could have. I highly recommend the series, which is still going on, that recommends games based on regions. I’ll link to each episode below. Each page has a link to the podcast audio but also lists all the games mentioned and links to their pages.

Winter Odyssey: Journeys Through the Cold Part One – Arctic and Alaska

Winter Odyssey: Journeys Through the Cold Part Two – Canada

Winter Odyssey: Journeys Through the Cold Part Three – Scandinavia & Nordic Countries

Winter Odyssey: Journeys Through the Cold Part Four – Eastern Europe

Winter Odyssey: Journeys Through the Cold Part Five – USA

There’s only a couple of games I’d like to add to this list. It’s possible they’ll come up on the podcast too since the series isn’t done yet but I think they’re worth a mention.

Heroine’s Quest is an adventure rpg inspired by the Quest for Glory series and my favorite of all the ones that have come out since that series ended. Like Quest for Glory, you choose between one of three classes, with each class giving you different solutions to puzzles. The game also adds some survival mechanics since you are in a snowy climate, but these can be turned off with the difficulty slider. It’s a really nice game and best of all, it’s free. I’m glad that the Steam page basically has tip jar DLC though because it’s a really impressive and long game and I felt like I should give them some money while playing it.

Watch Over Christmas is a nice one to check out if you’re looking for something with a Christmas theme. It’s just a solid adventure game that’s family friendly and never felt too frustrating since it had some nice features like hotspot highlighting and the puzzles weren’t too difficult.

The Puzzle Agent series is a great one to check out if you’re looking for something focused entirely on puzzles, without the exploration elements. The games feature fantastic artwork by Graham Annable and a wide variety of puzzles that always felt fair to me. It’s unfortunate there aren’t more games in the series but at least Graham is still creating a lot of great art on social media and through his shop.

If you have a friend to play adventure games with, the We Were Here series is a nice choice. You and a friend must talk through walkie talkies as you work together to explore a frozen castle and solve puzzles. The first game is free and short so it’s a nice way to try this style of game out before buying more.

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Animation Arts Games
2 days ago

Join Tessa Carter and her talking robot friend on her journey across a foreign planet and towards a better understanding of herself.

MONOLITH is out now on Steam and GOG !

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2 days ago
2 days ago

Przygodówkowe wieści - nowy odcinek przeglądu już na blogu.

Tym razem wspominam o grach Rosewater i Owl Observatory, które pokazano ostatnio na zwiastunach.

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Virtual Moose
4 days ago

It’s not surprising that there’s a lot of tabletop rpgs based on video games. They often have an interesting universe to base a tabletop game on and many already have rpg mechanics, where while it’s not a 1:1 conversion to a tabletop game it does give designers a place to start. What I was surprised by was the number of tabletop rpgs that are based on or directly inspired by adventure games. I knew a lot of ttrpg creators grew up playing them but there’s quite a few that mention specific games or license the IP. Here are the ones I could think of but please let me know if the comments if I left anything out.


With Myst being one of the best-selling games ever, it’s not surprising that it has inspired a few tabletop rpgs. Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond is a game that uses the Myst license and uses the FATE core system for the foundation of its rules. The game is strongly influenced by Uru/Myst Online and has players exploring modern or historical D’ni and the ages connected to it. The game has received a few smaller supplements as well as a larger sourcebook that was recently Kickstarted and focused on the reconstruction of D’ni

There’s lots of fan games too. Bring the Page With You is a free one-page ttrpg where there is no GM/DM and is focused on players collaborating together to create Myst ages.

Text Adventures

There’s also a few games inspired by the Infocom-era of text adventures. Parsely is a collection of games where a group of players control one character by telling one player, known as the Parser, what they would like to do in the form of text adventure commands and the Parser describes what happens next. The collection even features a trilogy of Zork-like games known as Action Castle. The creator of Parsely has a few games in the series on their Itch page.

They’re not the only one to develop group text adventures. Goldfinch Games has developed a couple Out-Loud Text Adventures as well, with one in an abandoned amusement park and one at an abandoned spaceship.

Uresia: Grave of Heaven is a system-neutral setting book by S. John Ross that is strongly inspired by the Zork series, with there even being a section explaining how it influenced the book and why they love the series so much. The book is now available for free here. Check it out and then consider hiring him for book or map design if you’re a ttrpg designer. The author also wrote a Z-Machine text adventure game that ranks as Polite on Andrew Plotkin’s cruelty scale. This game is also available for free.

Point-And-Click Adventures

I found a few games on inspired by point-and-click adventure games. Pocket Full of Stars is a cozy two-player ttrpg inspired by Samarost where the players have the roles of an Astronomer and the Storyteller and work together to tell a story about a giant jumping from planet to planet and meeting people.

Loom is a fan fiction game based off the classic Lucasarts adventure game of the same name. It’s a solo journaling game where you explore the game’s world using the mechanics described in the book and write about what happens. Both games are available as Pay-What-You-Want.

Citizen Sleeper

With it being so strongly inspired by indie tabletop rpgs like Blades in the Dark, it would make sense that Citizen Sleeper has its own tabletop rpg. It’s not actually out yet so I can’t say much about it but it is available for pre-order here.

TTRPG Supplements

Instead of developing their own systems, many designers have created supplements for existed games. Blood Mountain Resort & Spa is a free download for fantasy ttrpgs. Inspired by the Monkey Island series, players explore a pirate themed resort. The NPCs are statted for DURF but the rest of the supplement is built to be system neutral.

In Other Waters: Tidebreak is a supplement for the horror ttrpg Mothership that is set in the In Other Waters universe. The supplement is playable in either as a group or solo and designed to be less stressful than the typical Mothership adventure.

Let me know if I’ve left anything out. I would love to know what else exists out there. If you enjoyed this article you can play any of my tabletop rpgs inspired by adventure games like Accomplice, my Gabriel Knight inspired solo game, Alone in Cyberspace, inspired by Hypnospace Outlaw, Friendship Quest, my two-player map drawing game, and ERROR, a play out loud text adventure. The first two games are paid but just take a free community copy if you’re interested.

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Tom Servo
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Tom Servo
4 days ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 3:30 AM CST I will be doing episode 4 of Sam and Max : Beyond Time and Space I'm a #smallstreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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Virtual Moose
6 days ago

It’s the first of December and this year is coming to an end. Hope it’s been going well for you all. There was some really exciting stuff this week.

Not indie game related, unless you count indie game soundtracks, but today is Bandcamp Friday so consider buying some music. Spotify really doesn’t pay anything and buying music (or at least use a streaming service that pays better royalties) is the only way they can really keep doing this for a living.

Going to the Store for Baby Formula at 6AM on Black Friday
Going to the Store for Baby Formula at 6AM on Black Friday is a good and very relatable Bitsy game for any parent.

The Lawnmower Man
In the early 90s it felt like the film adaptation of The Lawnmower Man had a video game on every single platform so it makes me happy that there is now one for PICO-8.

Annie May – Pixcrew
Rose has made a ton of great character creators and the newest one is worth your time too.

Markus Ritter – Ghosts of the Past
Markus Ritter – Ghosts of the Past is a FMV point-and-click adventure game described by the developers on the Steam page as “queer cheesy trash” and that is a 100% accurate description. Fortunately I am a goblin for FMV trash, especially ones inspired by Gabriel Knight 2, so this is absolutely for me. That said, it is EXTREMELY cheesy and might be too much for some people, so I would maybe recommend playing the free prequel game first to see if it’s your thing.

Madvent Calendar 4 – End of the Line
Since it’s December, we also have a new Madvent calendar from the HauntedPS1 community. Every year they release a free anthology of small horror games with a Playstation 1 aesthetic, with a new one unlocked each day. They’re really nice collections and it’s impressive that they manage to put together one of these every year and for free.

#adventureGames #fmv #gaming #indieGames

After all these years of putting it off we finally finished it! We had such a fun time co-oping together. :dragncool:

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Okay, everyone who was in one of those "wouldn't AI coming to adventure games be disastrous/improbable/weird" conversations we had at @adventurex earlier this month should probably pay attention to this.

Point and click adventure Zarathustra uses AI Art and AI Voices

As someone who cannot art for shit, I can absolutely see why a person would do this. And it's not like they're charging money for the game. But I find it somewhat disheartening in a field of game development where "lovingly handcrafted" is kind of a given.

And, at the risk of sounding both precious and pretentious, the implications for the genre as an art form should this prove to be worthwhile are worrying.

Well spotted, @gamingonlinux

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インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
3 weeks ago

We had the opportunity to speak with @nekobungi, a manga artist who recently released the emotional and beautiful Neko Can Dream in English! We got to talk about telling queer stories in both manga and video game format, and addressing contemporary themes through retro limitations!

#IndieTsushin #IndieGames #Interviews #GameDev #IndieDev #Manga #Doujinshi #NarrativeGames #AdventureGames #GBStudio

Tori and Neko in the bar. Tori says, 'I believe you have the potential.'
Neko standing near the bed of a sleeping woman. Dialogue asks, 'Will you look into her dream?'
Cover of Alice Sherlock: The Rubious Nebula
Cover of Locusta in the Skyscraper
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Will be going live on #Twitch at 2:30 AM CST continuing my blind playthrough of Sam and Max : Beyond Time and Space. I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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Personal Nightmare I was enjoying it until I reached day 4 I messed up and cause I didn't do the right thing on day 3 I can't finish the game I wasn't alerted about this until I read the comments on another video about this game anyway check out my #Twitch stream and please boost this post as I'm a #SmallStreamer

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Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST I will be checking out the DOS game Personal Nightmare I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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3 weeks ago

in celebration of space quest ii's 36th anniversary (november 14, 1987) i've recorded two of mark crowe's finest animated EGA/16-color backgrounds from the game in 1080p :)

#adventuregames #SierraOnline #art

A rocky mountainside with a gargoyle-like face, with a waterfall spilling out of its mouth.

A second clip shows several waterfalls in a dark cave, all spilling into a central lake.
Michael Klamerus
3 weeks ago

Wrote about my favorite adventure game streamers. It's very possible I left some out (sorry) but all of the people here are worth checking out


Virtual Moose
3 weeks ago

I don’t watch streamers too often but when I do, it’s usually of adventure games. It’s my favorite genre of game and I like watching people figure out puzzles or talk about why one doesn’t work when they come across a bad one. Luckily there’s a ton of great folks streaming adventure games and this list only covers a very small amount of them. Generally I find all these streamers to be relaxing and I’m not into streams where people are yelling a lot.

Emmxyzzy – Streamer from Australia that plays MS-DOS games, which includes a lot of adventure games. They translated the first commercial Czech MS-DOS game to English, The Secret of Donkey Island.

sonneveld – Another streamer from Australia that plays a variety of adventure games, with a focus on older games. They also helped translate The Secret of Donkey Island into English.

SummerB76 – Very chill streamer with a focus on adventure games but there’s also plenty of other fun streams like the ones for wine making simulator Hundred Days with her brother who makes wine in real life. Also a speedrunner of the new Colossal Cave remake by Ken and Roberta Williams.

pixel_turkey – Streamer focused on retro games, which includes a lot of adventure games. Also a great pixel artist

The Genesis Temple – Games historian that streams a ton of obscure games as well as games in other languages and live translating them as they are played.

robotspacer – Streams a variety of adventure games and has also been building an adventure game for the Macintosh using World Builder

Julia Minamata – Developer of The Crimson Diamond that streams development of the game every Tuesday night along with playing some retro games.

LotusLovesLotus – Indie game streamer that includes a lot of new adventure games and single player story-driven games.

PS_Garak – Every Tuesday night Ben, Sarah, and Grayson do a comedy stream where they play adventure games (both new and old) and go on fun tangents.

BogusMeatFactory – Variety streamer that includes playing a lot of adventure games and text adventures.

decafjedi – Streams a variety of games but plays retro adventure games every Wednesday night. Also created Stair Quest and the first Space Quest fan site.

The Obscuritory – Video Game History Foundation member and owner of The Obscuritory website Phil Salvador streams incredibly obscure games on Wednesday nights.

Grundislav – Francisco González, the developer of the Ben Jordan series, A Golden Wake, Shardlight, and Lamplight City has been streaming development of his newest game Rosewater!

ivydupler – Video game voice actress for games like Whispers of a Machine and Unavowed streams a variety of games, with a focus on adventure games and the Nancy Drew series.

Conversations with Curtis – The lead actor of the FMV game Phantasmagoria 2 started doing interviews with the cast of the game at the beginning of the pandemic, which has evolved into doing streams of the game he was in as well as other adventure games, both old and new. Highlights include his streams with the lead actress of Phantasmagoria 1 and co-host Daniel doing a ton of interviews with classic adventure game developers. It’s also just been fun watching someone who is new to games developing opinions on the genre and correct takes like new adventure games being just as good, if not better, than classic adventure games.

#adventureGames #retroGames #streaming

4 weeks ago

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992) is one of my favourite adventure games. It had a great story and it's a shame they didn't adapt this into a movie.

#retrogaming #retrogames #gaming #adventuregames #lucasarts #msdos #90s

4 weeks ago

Retro Game Aliens by qbert: It's a game about feeling nostalgic for #AdventureGames from the 1980s! Play through three different games to rekindle your love for old PC games. Made by a games journalist who also makes #zines of the history of Japanese games!!

#デジゲー博2023 #IndieGames

1 month ago

for the past ten years, i've been working with Adventure Game Studio both professionally and as a hobby, for #adventuregames and non-adventures alike

@Kastchey on the AGS forums plotted the number of AGS games registered in the AGS db vs. year, over the past 20 years.

it provided some fascinating insight into the use of the IDE/engine, and confirmed to me that interest in AGS has been declining steadily for the past ten years

A line graph showing the number of games created with Adventure Game Studio, from 2000 to 2023.

2002: 50
2003: 100
2004: 130
2005: 170
2006: 125
2007: 120

... and so on. The data points begin to slowly and steadily decline after the peak in 2005, ending in 2023 with 50 games.
Tom Servo
1 month ago

Halloween may be over but I am finishing up my challenge of doing one spooky game for each letter of the alphabet I will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST I will be checking out #Underdread I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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1 month ago

Sadly I wasn't able to get to Phantasmagoria 2 : Puzzle of Flesh my throat gave out after Phantasmagoria check out my #Twitch stream and please boost this post as I'm a #SmallStreamer oh and Happy Halloween :

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Tom Servo
1 month ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:00 AM CST yep Halloween what do I have in store for you well Phantasmagoria and the unrelated sequel Phantasmagoria 2 : Puzzle of Flesh yep a double header. I'm a #Smallstreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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Tom Servo
1 month ago
Tom Servo
1 month ago
Tom Servo
1 month ago

Kudos to #RedBarrels #Outlast is the first game that made me quit out cause it scared me so much. Check out my #Twitch stream to find out how freaked out I got and please boost this post as I'm a #Smallstreamer

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After all these years I'm finally checking out Alice: Madness Returns! It has a few bugs but it runs well enough for an older game. The graphics have aged pretty well! It also runs nicely on Steam Deck! The only downside is the lack of cloud save support.

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Alice floating down to wonderland.
Alice standing in a more sepia part of Wonderland.
Alice getting ready to ride a teapot.
Hannes Papernoise
2 months ago

Guess the character!

The AdventureX narrative and adventure games conference is coming!

4th – 5th of November in London

More info:

#PointAndClick #AdventureGames #VideoGames #NarrativeGames #Illustration #adventurex2023

Tearcell Games
2 months ago

Do you believe in the place where your fear, doubts and stress goes to fester? To marinate and grow? Best to keep it organized while you can.

#indiegame #godotengine #wishlistwednesday #pixelart #pointandclick #horror #adventuregames #somnipathygame

An egg graveyard/storage facility.
Tom Servo
2 months ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST spooky month continues with #Kholat I'm a #Smallstreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

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2 months ago

I gestured at the buildings of #NewOrleans around us and said “This is the setting for the adventure game…” and then Amy started cringing audibly because she thought I was going to say “…Deadly Premonition 2!” but instead I said “…#Norco!”

Reader, I loved #DeadlyPremonition 2 but it is an objectively not a good game. I feel like it was made for me personally and no other person.🛹⚜️ #VideoGames #AdventureGames

2 months ago

I did a #topsters chart for the #AdventureGames I've played in the last 20 years at different times and with different levels of enjoyment. #TheLongestJourney was my favorite, hands down. #BrokenSword was my go-to for mystery/art. #Agon Lost Sword of Toledo was good for the story and southern European setting, I Have no Mouth was the most shocking, #Sanitarium was a mindfuck and the others, classic and new, I'd recommend anyway. #Gaming #Videogames #PCgaming #Playstation3

A topsters chart with adventure games I've played. The Longest Journey, Dreamfall Chapters, Dreamfall TLJ, Broken Sword 1 and 2, I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream, Sanitarium, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Beneath a Steel Sky, Agon the Lost Sword of Toledo, The Secret of Monkey Island, Syberia 1-3, Black Mirror, Amnesia Dark Descent, The Cat Lady, 7th Guest, Penumbra Black Plague + Overture, Portal, Norco, Mysterious Island and Heavy Rain.
13 barn owls in a trench coat
2 months ago

Point and click adventure Trüberbrook is free on GOG!

#FreeGames #AdventureGames

Daniel Albu
3 months ago

Happy 28th anniversary to Sierra Online's Phantasmagoria!

Phantasmagoria was released on August 24th, 1995!
(On the same day Windows '95 was released)

#SierraGames #AdventureGames #RetroGaming #PCGaming

Joe Lanman
4 months ago

The thing that really surprised me about Case of the Golden Idol was how good the story was, its really interwoven into the puzzles and a great tale
#videogames #adventureGames #puzzleGames #indieGames

Joe Lanman
5 months ago

Case of the Golden Idol is so good, highly recommended mystery game. Good podcast here, though with some spoilers
#adventureGames #videogames #indieGames

Julian Murgia
5 months ago

10 years after it was released I *finally* finished #GoneHome . That game has been waiting for me to get through for YEARS in my backlog. #adventuregames #walkingsim Go play it if you haven't yet. (edited to remove spoiler, sorry)

Ami Angelwings
5 months ago

Oh since I'm on a video game music kick, do people know that there's a classical composer on YouTube who is making symphonic recreations of the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis soundtrack? It's still on-going (he just got to Atlantis itself because he had to cover all the music from the different paths) and they're AMAZING.

#videogames #vgm #gamemusic #adventuregames #indianajones

Michael Klamerus
5 months ago

Inspired by the work @yochaigal did with ttrpgs, I have made a form where adventure game/interactive fiction folks can add their Mastodon account to a living csv that new Mastodon users can use to easily find folks on here and import into their account.

The form and csv are available here:

#adventuregames #interactivefiction

5 months ago

6. King's Quest 1 - The Original is one of the weakest, but it gets a pass for being so old. It has the infamous rumpelstiltzkin puzzle, tons of softlocks, and enfuriating random encounters that can destroy your run of the game. It embodies some of the worst things in adventure games, but it also didn't know any better. #retrogaming #adventuregames #sierra

5 months ago

5. King's Quest 4 - I know this is high on a lot of folks list, and it used to be for me, but after replaying the game again, it just didn't click. I love the setpieces and the music of the gamrle, but I felt that it was hindered by a lot of arbitrary puzzles and the infamous nature of sierra parser adventures with deadly STAIRS! This entry is probably the most egregious of all for that.

#retrogaming #adventuregames #sierra

5 months ago

4. King's Quest 2 - This was my very first King's Quest game and there was just something about it that was alluring. I've always been a fan of the disjointed adventure game where the emphasis was on individual setpieces the revolve around a puzzle and I felt King's Quest 2 does a great job at being that style.

It was fun to explore and just see what you found. It isnt the best designed game, but I dig it. #retrogaming #sierra #adventuregames

5 months ago

3. King's Quest 7 - While the game has its flaws, King's Quest 7 is such a beautiful game. I appreciate the move Sierra made into this Don Bluth-styled animations and art and wish we had more games in that style for them.

KQ7 did seem amazing quality of life stuff that needed to be implemented in all adventure games like the retry button post death and a chapter select. Definitely worth a playthrough. #retrogaming #adventuregames #sierra

5 months ago

2. King's Quest 3 - This was the last King's Quest game I played in the series and easily became one of my favorites. It subverts expectations across the board for what folks considered King's Quest in so many ways. The beginning quarter of the game is so distinct and immersive. It is so enchanting!! #retrogaming #adventuregames #sierra

5 months ago

Good morning everyone! Let's rank King's Quest Games!

1. King's Quest 6 - To me this is rhe quintessential game. It has fantastic design, amazing art, delightful voice acting and embodies wholeheartedly the spirit of the series in a way that is easily forgotten throughout its lifetime. This is a must play for Sierra point and click fans #retrogaming #adventuregames #sierra