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Eisblumen am Gehweg. Seltene Schönheit. Art Deco Walking.
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Verfrorener Gehweg in Neuleopoldau.
José Manuel Barros
19 hours ago

"Dark MAGA: The Latest Cycle in the Far-Right Aesthetics Laundromat" by Tim Squirrell (2022).

"Many people reading about the latest development in right-wing extremist aesthetics might think little of it or find it laughable – after all, Dark MAGA attempts to make a septuagenarian former President look cool and edgy. The problem with this reaction is that it both writes off the movement as fundamentally unserious – which it is not – and allows for further amplification by journalists and others who cover Dark MAGA as light news."

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Jody Hughes
5 days ago

I look more and more these days for human connection in art.

It matters to me that the #photography I look at is made by a human being. There is a connection between viewer and photographer that matters to me.

It matters to me that #music is made by human beings. The breaths of human singers and wind players matter to me. The physical actions are the essence of the art.

I need to be able to trust that humankind was the creative force behind art. Everything else is increasingly a form of dead to me.
#AI #aesthetics

Thanks to the #uva chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students for asking me to speak tonight. I hope I was able to give you some context for these rules we are all beating our heads against and how we can build a better and more free world. #architecture #zoningreform #aesthetics #equity

Answers in Reason
1 week ago

Can Beauty be Objective? – SciPhi: 032: Davidian

What? Beauty Objective? But isn"t it in the eye of the beholder? We all understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which by definition is subjective, but can there be such a thing as an objective standard of beauty? We Cover Off What we mean by Subjective and Objective The Definition of Beauty...
Read More ''Can Beauty be Objective? - SciPhi: 032" »

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clint verdonschot
1 week ago

I'm doing a seminar in a few weeks on #Heidegger and #poetry, and obviously, his reading of #Hölderlin is on the menu. However! I've never quite warmed to Heidegger's readings of Hölderlin, nor indeed his understanding of poetry in general. Does anyone know of a good (published, peer-reviewed) criticism that challenges Heidegger's reading of Hölderlin head-on?

@philosophy @poetry #aesthetics

aespa -- Drama

I was looking at some comments about Dreamcatcher -- Shatter, the song I chose most recently as #KpopOfTheWeek, and I saw one commenter had written that it reminded them of aespa.

That comment prompted me to go back to "Drama". I did not like the MV when I first saw it, partly because the song itself did not immediately appeal to me and also on account of my being tired of these types of dystopian science fiction/video game settings. Consequently, I looked instead at the music show stages.

This M Countdown stage made me think again about the song. Although I still find Karina's opening disagreeably reminiscent of obnoxious teenagers in talkback mode, and I do not love "Dramamamama" and "Girls in the back" , I found myself warming to the melodic passages. In general as far as aespa is concerned, I incline more to Ningning-Winter than to Karina-Giselle.

I love the outfits for both idols and back up dancers here, and I think the set decoration works well too. I very often enjoy stages like this, where narrative is virtually discarded and the whole performance moves away from specific symbolic content to a greater emphasis on audiovisual form. I also wonder how much my experience of the music is shaped by the pleasure I take in the visual. More on this last point in future posts...

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2 weeks ago

#CfP für die #Tagung "#literarästhetisches Lernen außerhalb des Klassenzimmers – #interdisziplinäre Perspektiven”, die vom 11. bis 13. März 2025 in Münster stattfinden wird.

🗓️Deadline für Abstracts: 10. Januar 2024

📌Weitere Informationen: #Aesthetics #Literaturdidaktik #fidavlnews @germanistik @litstudies

3 weeks ago

A Rajasthani local ferrying a passenger in the early hours of a sunrise in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Photo by Shreyas Sane. Taken with Sony ILCE-7M3.

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A person riding a camel at sunset with birds in the sky
3 weeks ago

Photo by Kacper Peciak, Greece. Taken with Nikon D3300.

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A close up of a metal structure with a blue sky in the background
Robot Talk
3 weeks ago

📢 New Episode Alert!

This week, @claireasher chats to @Jorvon_Moss from Digikey about making robots at home, and robot design and aesthetics.

Listen now:

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3 weeks ago

Photo by Michał Bińkiewicz from Łódź, Poland.

License CC0, get it here:

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An overhead view of a red tennis court
1 month ago

Photography by Lena Polishko, taken with Canon, EOS 6D Mark II.

Published under CC0 license.

#Photography #Aesthetics #Art #Minimal #Minimalism

A woman in a red dress is sitting on a blue staircase

So I recently found out what the #FrutigerAero #aesthetic is (like that of Windows Vista), and looking back on the cover #art I made for my track “Unlimited Data” over 2 years ago, it looks very Frutinger-Aero-y! :MOULE_Happy:

(It was themed around early 2000s mobile phone ads after all, so maybe that’s why. Never knew it had a name! :MOULE_Ha:)

#Artist #Cartoon #Aesthetics #FediArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #Cute #CartoonAnimals #Aero #Y2K

The cover artwork for my track “Unlimited Data”.

It depicts three anthropomorphic cartoon animals jumping happily in the air with their eyes closed:

1. Delgado, a bull with blue plaid buttoned shirt, black pants, and yellow shoes, holding a laptop.

2. Rocky, a raccoon with green and black spiky hoodie, light green pants, and red shoes, holding a tablet.

3. Melody, a skunk with a magenta hoodie and magenta headphones, grey pants, and orange shoes, holding a guitar and mobile phone.

They’re jumping on a huge glowing bright neon green grid ball between two thick blue lines, in front of a city with cartoonishly bent buildings and windows with satellite dishes, satellites, and cellular towers everywhere.

The background has a light blue grid ball with varying line thickness and other balls going across it, giving this cover artwork a very Frutiger Aero aesthetic.
1 month ago

There's beauty in simplicity.
Photo by Mike Dorner. Taken with Nikon D3200.

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Riped banana on pink surface.
1 month ago

"Pink fruits" by Alex Gruber from Vienna, Österreich
Published on August 6, 2019
Camera: Canon, EOS 5D Mark II

Download full 5206x3326 photo for free:

#Photography #Art #Minimal #Aesthetics #Minimalistic #Minimalism

Minimal pink fruits, a grape of sorts, all pink
1 month ago

A shape, by Nic Chi, Singapore.

#Pastel #Colors #Aesthetics #Photo #Art

Pink wall paint, corner shape. Pastel colors.
1 month ago
White pendant lamp
David August
2 months ago

I wrote a post about how art, stories and entertainment are not elective.

#art #stories #entertainment #aesthetics #PhilosphyOfArt #criticism #film #tv #movies #television

by David August: 

Someone said that the trades of making TV & film are not vital. 

I felt compelled to reply: 

No, that’s not even a little true. The American people spend more money on entertainment than food, & have for years now. No civilization, none, has ever existed without art & entertainment. I’m sorry you believe it is elective, but there is no indication, exactly none, that what the creative people who make film & TV do is optional. 

Since the advent of language itself, people have told each other stories to make sense of a confusing & often scary world, & before then still had the need, not merely the want, to make sense of their experiences, & stories & art have done that. 

Not only does neurology, psychology, biology & more science bear that out, but I dare you to try to survive without encountering any art or stories. It cannot be done. Art, stories & creativity are deeply human. 

Yes, not everyone agrees, but they’re gonna have to tell a story to explain why ;)
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

The #Beatles were #creative in melding different #musical genres, writing their own #songs, and creating some new #sounds (but not types of #music) after their early years of ripping of the work of #Black #musicians.

#Kraftwerk has been original #musically and #visually from their inception and created or inspired many genres of #electronic music and sounds, along with performance #aesthetics, from #Devo to #EDM and so much more.

cc @debonairetoast

clint verdonschot
3 months ago

Aesthetic Investigations has just published its new issue, vol. 6, no. 1:
A special issue, guest edited by none other than Paul Guyer, deals with questions of #architecture beyond the building. Ever wondered what makes architecture aesthetic in the first place? Whether architecture is inherently political? About the architectural and aesthetic status of ruins? Look no further than our current issue!
#aesthetics #AesthInv20231

Abdi-Hakin Dirie
5 months ago

An #introduction: Hello! I'm Abdi 👋🏾 Software engineer in NYC. Former #refugee. Lover of greenery/gardens, board games, #movies , canoeing, swimming, cycling, autumn, Japanese food, #coffee , and #tea. Fortunate to have done a lot of #travel

Other hobbies/points of connection:
#piano (playing #minimalist / #classical )
#photography ( #analog / digital )
#philosophy ( #ethics / #aesthetics / #phenomenology / #theology )
#comedy (I'll write a #joke and try it on friends)

Happy to be here! 🙂

5 months ago


I hadn't known that there is "modern orgy" design aesthetic.

But there it is.


clint verdonschot
5 months ago

My new #article finally out! @philosophy #aesthetics

In it, I address several concerns, both theoretical and, ultimately, art-critical, all converging around the question whether art itself can set itself theoretical (philosophical, historical, etc) aims.

If you'd like to read this essay, but can't access the full version, drop me a message and I'll send you a preprint (the full article before it was typeset by De Gruyter)

6 months ago

in the discussion of #BlackHorror, i never hear anyone mention "the wiz"! but there were things in that movie that scarred my little kid self! here is one particularly memorable scene, which felt very relatable to me as a city kid who used the subway.

#TheWiz #horror #aesthetics #the70s

José Manuel Barros
7 months ago

In recent decades, the concept of #Aesthetics has changed considerably, due to contributions from fields such as #Anthropology, #Sociology and #philosophy Even in political studies, aesthetics is beginning to be seen from points of view that are very different from those based on "beauty". Three very different and interesting examples:

➡️ "Existential Aesthetics" by Hans Maes (2022)

➡️ "Aesthetics and World Politics" by Roland Bleiker (2009).

➡️ "Aesthetics of the Everyday" by Yuriko Saito (2019).


Cover of the book "Everyday Aesthetics" by Yuriko Saito.
R. L. Dane
8 months ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this kind of thing.

#accessibility > #usability > #aesthetics

Screenshot of the toot linked in the body of this toot.
Bethany Brookshire
9 months ago

If you were looking for an excuse to sing in the shower (and who DOESN'T want to sing in the shower?), did you know it's good for you?

Good for your body and your brain?

Enjoyed talking with
about her new book for
@washingtonpost #art #brain #aesthetics #aesthetic

it's kat! 🍉
10 months ago

give me all the futura, please.
#font #bauhaus #typography #design #aesthetics

1920s advert for an automobile that uses futura black for its title ('le bretagne') & futura oblique for the body. at the bottom of the page, there's a sleek & simple black & red illustration of the car.
11 months ago

i lost my dog finn wo warning may 2020. and it took a while to be ready to and then actually find another companion. but when baby jasper showed up on craigs list july 2021 it all fell into place. he was in the guardianship of a young aspiring fashion designer who decided having the responsibility of her impulse adoption was a drag. it all worked out tho. and her penchant for aesthetics played to my own inclinations, because, in all honesty, i am cut out of the same cloth. but true beauty is not just superficial. it is radiant and eloquent and magical and amazing

jasper, day one with me july 2021. finn rip first time i went to meet him dec 2009

#rescuecat #fashion #beauty #cats #rehoming #loveislove #loss #connection #beauty #DogsofMastodon #aesthetics #puppy #CatsOfMastodon #dogsofmastodon #loss #recovery #throwbackthursday

siamese kitten under a table
baby siberian husky being held