Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

Title: "Is this proof that Elon Musk and Ben Affleck are secretly Valorant fans?"

Subtitle: "They really are just like us."

Are you stupid????

No, they are not "just like us." The resemblance between #Muskrat, #Affleck, and the regular folks in the audience is an extremely superficial one. If you, on the basis of this resemblance, think they are just like us, you're an idiot.

That news source is also gone from my feed.

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5 months ago
5 months ago

#Cavill’s #Superman, Gal #Gadot’s #WonderWoman, and #Affleck’s #Batman were pretty much perfect casting. No notes.

Lex Luther on the other hand… ugh.

BierLustConi 🍻
6 months ago



Absolut deiner Meinung. Ich gehe am Freitag das zweite mal ins Kino.
Michael Keaton wieder als Batman zu sehen, ist einfach wunderbar. Auch die ganzen anderen Cameos sind toll gemacht. Leider bedeutet der Film auch Abschied nehmen von #Affleck #Gadot und dem gesamten #Snyderverse.

Comic Crusaders
6 months ago

The Flash #CVReview
Once the DC/National Comics logo appeared I knew that Andy Muschietti's The Flash was going to be a crowd-pleaser for comic book enthusiasts, and once again Warner Bros. did not let our community down. Loosely following Geoff Johns' Flashpoint epic as well as Flash creator Gardner Fox's "The Flash of Two Worlds",...
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6 months ago

Hm, the #Fediverse has some potential for #improvement:

I found the
#Lemmy community on and wanted to comment on the contained post in which somebody asked

"Hello fellow Daredevil fans! When did you become a fan of the character? I started around 2002 when the Bendis/Maleev comic series was coming out monthly around the time of the less-than-loved Affleck film. The character has been one of my favorites ever since."

So to answer I viewed that post through my Lemmy instance as and commented there, but all I got was a spinning wheel. I didn't work.

The community appears as the group on #Mastodon, but the contained post from isn't found in Mastodon search (although the user is). So no luck here, too.

Same with
#Calckey. I can't find the post. And with I even got a "500 Server error" when searching for it.

This is what I wanted to answer:

I became a
#Daredevil fan more than 50 years ago. John #Romita (who just recently died aged 93) did Daredevil before he was asked by Stan Lee to take over Spider-Man, and I guess, it's Romita's drawings that got me to crave for the comics. Later the story got more and more interesting, too. The #Affleck film has a Director's cut that I own on DVD, and it's quite good. (It's very different from the theatrical cut.) I also saw the #Netflix show, of course, but it's still the #Comics that interest me most. These days I have a Marvel Ultimate subscription, and I often read old Daredevil comics on the iPad."

Willemijn Dicke
11 months ago

Wát een film. Machester by the sea. Ik hield t niet droog. En ik vind Casey Affleck interessanter dan zn broer.
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