Short-term rentals have 'significantly impacted' housing affordability, report says | CityNews Toronto #Airbnb #AffordableHousing #Vrbo #ShortTermRentals #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

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Thanks to #VanRE #shadowflipping #casinogate + luxury condos:

"The loss of rental stock due to redevelopment has made the net number of purpose-built rental units in B.C. comparable to what it was in the early 1990s — while the population has grown by 50% since that time."

#Vancouver #affordablehousing #bcpoli

4 days ago

A grant will help finance construction of a mixed-use development on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard. It will have 33 units of multifamily housing and three retail spaces. The project achieves deep affordability with 20% of units priced at 30% of area median income, while the commercial space will support local, Black-owned businesses.

This is the type of truly affordable housing we need! And while it does have a surface parking lot, the parking ratio is great.
#Atlanta #AffordableHousing

Aerial rendering of a mixed use development. Four of the buildings are three story white and grey residential buildings with balconies. The Fifth building is a one story retail building on the corner.
Otis White
4 days ago

Local gov’ts are good at managing things in budgets (basically, cash). But they’re bad at managing or even recognizing things in balance sheets (assets and liabilities). If we’re to have #affordablehousing or financing for infrastructure, we need cities to pay attention to the undervalued assets they hold, like land … and figure out how to use these things in solving problems. #localgov

Key Biscayne Independent
4 days ago

It's well-known that companies and big-name investors moved to Florida during the pandemic. Ken Griffin was one of those. He moved his investment empire called Citadel from Chicago to Miami.

In mid-November he told Bloomberg that Miami could replace New York as the global financial capital.

"Let's cut to the chase. New York is the financial capital of America today, and it's New York's to lose," he said at a conference in Miami. #AffordableHousing #BrowardCo

Key Biscayne Independent
4 days ago

It's well-known that companies and big-name investors moved to Florida during the pandemic. Ken Griffin was one of those. He moved his investment empire called Citadel from Chicago to Miami.

In mid-November he told Bloomberg that Miami could replace New York as the global financial capital.

"Let's cut to the chase. New York is the financial capital of America today, and it's New York's to lose," he said at a conference in Miami. #AffordableHousing #BrowardCo

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More Neighbours Toronto
4 days ago

Friendly reminder of two important things happening today:

It's #election day in Ward 20 #ScarboroughSouthwest. Make sure you get out and #vote for a candidate who supports #AffordableHousing and more housing for more neighbours.

Today is the last day to fill out the #BudgetTO survey and make your voice heard for how the city of #Toronto should spend it's money. More info at


Suzanne Rent
5 days ago

Lots of news in today's Morning File: #AffordableHousing, #police budgets, Carters #Beach, and #pickleball noise.

Plus, I wrote an essay trying to answer the question: "What is a #woman?"

Mark Abraham
1 week ago

“15 years ago, real-estate agents had 2.2 million vacant housing units available to show prospective buyers. That number… now sits at just 732,000, despite the country having added 30 million people to its population.” #affordablehousing Article by Annie Lowrey

1 week ago

#BritishColumbia leaders say although they welcome Ottawa's #AffordableHousing #funding pledge, they worry it will amount to few projects over the next four years, while #CoOpHousing advocates say they're disappointed by the plan's lack of urgency.

On Tuesday, #GovernmentOfCanada pledged $1 billion for non-profit, co-op, and public housing providers to build more than 7,000 new homes by 2028.

A progressive in Stamford
1 week ago

Interesting piece about Connecticut's municipal wetlands commissions. Protecting wetlands is paramount, but we lack oversight to ensure commissions are doing that, or to ensure they aren't abusing their authority. Erin Boggs of the OCA hits the nail on the head in calling for some sort of state oversight. Francis Pickering of WestCOG, who had repeatedly testified against affordable housing bills, is lying through his teeth.
#Connecticut #wetlands #affordablehousing

2 weeks ago

“Virtually no part of Australia is affordable for aged care workers, early childhood educators, cleaners, nurses and many other essential workers we rely on. They cannot afford to live in their own communities.“ #AusPol #housing #AffordableHousing #EssentialWorkers

Otis White
2 weeks ago

We need more #affordablehousing and the only way to get enough is if developers build apartments and landlords own and manage them. Cities have big roles to play: making it easier to build, offering tax breaks and rent subsidies, speeding up approvals. But one thing they must not do is skimp on inspections. In the end, we need affordable apartments that are decent, safe places for families. We don’t need slum housing.

Otis White
2 weeks ago

If you think #affordablehousing will be accepted easily in most neighborhoods, you may be in for a surprise. Let’s look back to 1956, when Philly proposed building 2,500 units of affordable housing, scattered across 21 neighborhoods. Over the next two and a half decades, this modest proposal tore the city apart, causing endless protests and even violence. In the end, only 21 units were built. And they were eventually sold to their residents.

More Neighbours Toronto
2 weeks ago

In case you missed the news: There are public forums being held to discuss #Toronto #budget priorities for 2024. The first event happened today at Scarborough Civic Centre. In addition to 3 virtual meetings, more in person panels will be held at the Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto Reference Library, North York Memorial Hall, and Rexdale Hub.

There is also an online questionnaire.

Make sure to get your voice heard and support funding #AffordableHousing.


Federal housing minister floats Airbnb crackdown to boost long-term rental supply | CBC News #AirBNB #VRBO #ShortTermRentals #AffordableHousing #LongTermRentals #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Suzanne Rent
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Less than 30 yrs ago, estimates put the amount of #PurposeBuilt #RentalBuildings that #RealEstate operating companies (#REOCs) & #RealEstateInvestmentTrusts (#REITs) owned in #Edmonton at just 1.6%. That proportion reached 47% by 2022, indicates a recent study by the #AffordableHousingSolutionsLab; #partnership between #CityOfEdmonton & #UniversityOfAlberta. That’s one of the highest percentages in #Canada.

#HousingCrisis #ABpoli #CDNpoli #Alberta #AffordableHousing

2 weeks ago

(The sticking point for him and other councillors is that under a 2022 ratification of bylaws pertaining to sections of the Land Government Act and Land Title Act, developer Aryze had agreed to “ensure the availability of the certain #AffordableHousing units” (4 units priced below-market of the 18 total). No such assurance exists in its revised version—Aryze is asking to be let out of those obligations.)

#OakBay #BCHousing #BCpoli #YYJpoli #VictoriaBC

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

Make America Build Again

"To get America building, we need to understand what actually gets in the way of most projects. It isn't bureaucrats in Washington, or counties with strict height limits on buildings, or environmental activists chaining themselves to pipelines. It's pissed-off locals, who don't want stuff — any stuff — built in their backyards."

#NIMBY #AffordableHousing #CleanEnergy #PublicTransit

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

Affordable housing component no longer required for Foul Bay townhouse development

Victoria council agreed to endorse lifting the requirement to ensure the project goes ahead

#housing #AffordableHousing #yyjpoli #developers #profit

@HopelessDemigod But in the end the only #solution is to #build more #AffordableHousing and to basically flood the #market for it to the point that it erodes #pricing across the board...

Seriously - that's one of the things I do have to agree with developers and brokers:

If one can't build high-rises without literally bribing construction permit officers so hard they choke on €500 bills and have purple palms then it's just not feasible to build #AffordableHousing!

Alameda Post
3 weeks ago

City officials and police officers shared updates and answered questions at a community meeting about Dignity Village on Monday, November 13. Kelsey Goeres relays that since the supportive housing project opened in May, there has not been an increase in crime in the area.

#AffordableHousing #alameda #DignityVillage

3 weeks ago

Shane Phillips, author of “The Affordable City.” Phillips will address strategies for addressing housing affordability and access, at this Thursday's Master Plan event (622 Godfrey Ave. SW, 5pm - 7pm). This is at the M-Tec facility located on Rapid routes #3, #8, & #10.
Please RSVP at the link if you can attend.
#GrandRapidsMI #AffordableHousing #housingcrisis #urbanplanning

Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago
Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@CFifeKW: RT @dchapmanNDP: Official Opposition NDP members are landing in #KitchenerCentre tomorrow! Join us as we canvass for #affordablehousing, t…

Denny Kozlov
3 weeks ago

Decided to do a drive-by of the affordable housing complex I am hoping to land a spot in. It's a bit more closely-packed on the site than it looked in the application literature, but it still looks like it'll beat the crap out of my current apartment even without considering it should be at least $200 cheaper in monthly rent 😲

#AffordableHousing #QueerSpoonie

A view out the front passenger window of a van into a still-under-construction apartment complex - a series of one- and two-story apartments and townhouses painted shades of gray, mustard-yellow, brick-red, and olive-green are pretty much complete, as well as concrete walks between the homes, but the ground in between is still bare earth awaiting sod and other greenery.
Denny Kozlov
3 weeks ago

Out and about just to get some outdoor nature vibe on a misty moisty morning. Today's big contemplation: trying to not let my hopes run wild, but I might have made the cut for some affordable housing. Won't know for sure until December, so now to wait, gently start planning, and strategically distract myself from obsessing over the matter. Waiting is hard. 😅

#DrivebyPhotography #SpoonieLife #RoseGarden #QueerSpoonie #spoonie #AffordableHousing

The metal trellis arches over the main walkway in the public rose garden have lost some of their foliage and pretty much all the blooms off their covering of climbing roses. The tree immediately behind the nearest arches has lost most all its leaves, but some trees with plenty of orange and red foliage can be seen in the background. Sky above is solid light-gray overcast.
tanya tussing
3 weeks ago


#housing #AffordableHousing #PoliEcon

4 weeks ago

We need more homes to address the housing shortage and this is but a drop in the bucket.
Where will Canada find construction workers? (There is a shortage)
What about public housing for low-income families, seniors, and single people?

Feds unlock public properties to build 29,200 housing units by 2029

#canpoli #affordablehousing

These tiny-home villages for veterans are spreading across Canada | CBC News #HomesForHeroes #KTown #Winnipeg #Veterans #TinyHomes #AffordableHousing #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Alameda Post
4 weeks ago

Up to seven newly constructed single-family townhomes at Bay 37 are now being offered through the City of Alameda's Inclusionary Housing, Below Market Rate (BMR) program. Prices range from $414,618 to $421,049.

#AffordableHousing #alameda

Democracy Matters :verified:
4 weeks ago

All of Trump's properties should be turned into low rent/affordable housing.

#TrumpCrimeFamily #DonaldTrump #AffordableHousing

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
1 month ago

The Biggest #Elections That Nobody’s Discussing

They’ll shape #education, #affordablehousing, and #power, among other things

Halifax campground to stay open all winter for people living in RVs amid housing crisis | CBC News #Halifax #RV #HousingCrisis #Campground #AffordableHousing #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Lamont signals support for housing initiatives in upcoming session


Vida Latina :mastodonworld:
1 month ago

🚍 #MBTA Communities Overlay District being adopted by #Arlington Special Town Meeting⤵️

#mapoli #affordablehousing

John Refior
1 month ago

"In #LosAngeles and much of #California, housing insecurity has devastated children and teens’ chances at recovery like nothing else.

"'Housing is the biggest reason kids aren’t going to school or we can’t find them'.. By April last year, the LA district had lost track of more than 2,500 students"

#housing #AffordableHousing #education #school #inequality #poverty

Sign away his son or be homeless: Single dad struggling in St. John's housing crisis | CBC News #spanl #SingleParents #HousingCrisis #AffordableHousing #nlpoli @cdnpoli

1 month ago

The #Whitehouse announced this last week:

As someone involved in a billion plus $ of projects where my org financed the conversion of schools, factories etc to #AffordableHousing, lots of these bldgs don’t meet building code for the change in occupancy, don’t have the infrastructure (no cooking, bathrooms, ventilation & exiting) for the occupancy use change and/or have hazardous toxins..

Way to go, #yyc ! /s #affordablehousing

Caption reads, "Finally, Calgary has an affordable housing plan!"

Sign from the City of Calgary in an open field of snow shows "Instructions For How to Build an Igloo".

It was a hard and expensive road to get through all the building permits and stuff, but I'm super proud that my community came together to create this Tiny Home Village for people who are struggling to find safe and affordable accommodation.
#Housing #PortAlberni #nuuchanulth #BCPoli #CanPoli #AffordableHousing

A view of the lot where the tiny houses are built. There are a line of storage containers made accessible by a long deck for storage of good. There is a small green building, and one of the tiny houses is to the right with purple siding.
Inside one of the tiny homes is a small bet, a desk and chair. A small window in wood panel walls. There are storage bins under the bed.
A number of people gather to open the location. Many are holding drums.

More of this ➔

"The Biden administration on Friday announced federal financing & other incentives designed to convert high-vacancy commercial buildings in downtown spaces around the country into residential use in an attempt to increase housing supply.

Administration officials said office space vacancies have hit a 30-year high, while housing costs remain high for millions of Americans & there is a shortage of affordable housing units."

#housing #affordableHousing

Baloo Uriza
1 month ago

I honestly don't give a crap who wants to open a drive through there, it's wholly inappropriate. But, it *is* zoned residential and the parks between me and that empty lot are not ... and I'm pretty sure the people living in the parks would like to afford a place to live, so... let's make affordable housing happen instead.

#Tulsa #AffordableHousing #Urbanism

How corporate landlords are eroding affordable housing — and prioritizing profits over human rights #CorporateLandlords #Greedflation #Landlords #Profit #Inflation #Renting #AffordableHousing #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

2 months ago

📣 #TenantsRights are on the ballot in #Tacoma!

➡️ #YESonInitiative1
#Tacoma4All debates the Landlord Lobby
TONIGHT @ Peace Lutheran Church
6:30pm 2106 S Cushman Ave

Join online if not in person. The #PierceCounty #AffordableHousing Consortium is Facebook streaming, at

To shelter victims of the housing crisis, this Manitoulin Island innkeeper has taken in long-term tenants
'If I could turn this whole place into an apartment building, I probably would,' says business owner

#Canada #Ontario #homelessness #AffordableHousing #charity #humanity #socialism #PeopleBeforeProfit

2 months ago

NIMBYs strike again! Lack of alternate housing is like a slow death sentence. #housing #affordablehousing #homelessness #hamont

@kerouac666 yeah.

Despite the fact that #Finland basically eradicaded #Homelessness with #HousingFirst strategy.

#AffordableHousing is also a key part - next to affordable #Healthcare - to keep "social peace" and make the poor people not want to shout #EatTheRich or try #WealthRedistribution on their terms...

Why do eben rich #Wankers not grasp the concept that it's cheaper for everyone - including them - if some actual #SocialSecurity exists...

Mark Abraham
2 months ago

Rents are so high because people have decided that they’d like to live alone, and we’ve built nowhere near enough new housing for that to happen #affordablehousing #urbanism

When you're pretending to care about the environment because you don't want affordable housing in your community.

#Maryland #Belair #Fallston #AffordableHousing #NIMBY

Protestors in downtown Bel Air, Maryland holding signs about protecting the environment and stopping overdevelopment in response to apartment buildings being constructed in Fallston, Maryland

Ford's PCs rolled back rent control to spur new rental construction. Did it work? | CBC News #PCPO #AffordableHousing #RentControl #HousingCrisis #DougFord #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 months ago

The minimum income required to buy an average-priced Victoria, British Columbia home climbed to nearly $185,000 last month, according to an online mortgage brokerage

>>> It is not enough for the gov to encourage home building. Gov needs to pay for *affordable* housing managed by non-profits

#AffordableHousing #housing #affordable #bcpoli #cdnpoli

3 months ago

a pair of really intriguing articles about #housing in the metro #boston area from the WBUR newsletter (ty!)

I wonder how many people in massachusetts,
1) currently own more than one home, or,
2) have owned other homes before the current (and only) home they live in

#sustainability #homelessness #affordablehousing #mapoli

screenshot of wbur article highlight describing the hundreds of empty units and plus 184k people waiting in the state for subsidized housing

Addendum 1 cont'd

* 39% respondents feel economic issues impact their mental health
* suicide ideation among Canadians experiencing financial challenges alarmingly high
* 41% reporting having thought about suicide 2022-2023
* inflation affecting Canadians: 24% report going into debt as result

#Canada #suicide #ideation #mhrc #MentalHealth #economy #inflation #profiteering #CorporateGreed #DefundCorporations #HumanRights #AffordableHousing #FoodSecurity #socialism

Country with massive housing shortage not sure what to do with all these empty office buildings - The Beaverton #HousingShortage #Satire #TheBeaverton #AffordableHousing #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Fricken #BellCanada and #Rogers #anticompetition #internet in #Canada. Step up #CRTC.

I just went to set up #TekSavvy for my new apartment and apparently the #FiberOptic line going into the building is blocked for #IndepententServiceProviders. I've been with TekSavvy for probably close to 20 years (National Capital Freenet before that).

Especially ridiculous that they can do this going into an #AffordableHousing building and charge tenants whatever ridiculous inflated rates they want.

scott f
3 months ago

I'm happy for the SF Community Land Trust getting a $20 million donation from Mackenzie Scott, but also a bit miffed. It makes my $1,000 soft loan to them seem kind of paltry in comparison. Still, I'm proud that in doing so I helped them buy 285 Turk last year. CLTs rock! #affordableHousing #communityLandTrust

Addendae 1

Private Equity Firm Might Be Your Next Landlord

* NYC investors buying up 100s of smaller buildings, prompting concerns over NYC’s deepening housing crisis
* private equity firms quietly spent $100s millions buying apartments
* focus on assets -businesses; housing - they can buy cheaply but have big profits

#capitalism #neoliberalism #inflation #PrivateEquity #DerfundBillionaires #HumanRights #AffordableHousing #RentalUnits #greed #avarice #profiteering

The Conversation U.S.
4 months ago

Many office buildings have been left empty since the start of the pandemic. To make them into housing, they might need new windows, altered HVAC systems and rewiring of electrical systems.

It’d be expensive to do, but it is doable.

#housingcrisis #cities #affordablehousing

A ground-level view (looking up) of four skyscrapers
Mark Abraham
5 months ago

Tenants worried about Hamilton apartment getting sold form co-op to buy building #AffordableHousing #HamOnt #Coop #Apartments #ApartmentCoop #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Louise Auerhahn
5 months ago

Hi friends, I'm trying to find more of my local #SouthBay community (Santa Clara County & thereabouts) to follow!

Anybody out there in #SanJose, #Sunnyvale, #Milpitas, #Gilroy, #MountainView, #Cupertino, #SantaClara or nearby?

I'm interested in local politics, community issues, #WorkersRights, #EconomicJustice, #RacialJustice, #BlackLivesMatter, #ImmigrantsRights, #AffordableHousing, #BuildingTrades #unions, #CALeg, #hiking, #wildflowers #gardening, #flowers.

Marion Davis
6 months ago

This is the best overview of the concept of #socialhousing and how it might be implemented in modern U.S. cities that I have read to date. It posits 3 core principles: nonspeculative (outside the market), democratically run (which U.S. public and most affordable units are not), and publicly backed (government subsidies and institutional support). It also lays out several possible models for the U.S.

Time to discuss in #GreaterBoston?

#housing #affordablehousing

Universal Hub
6 months ago

Tropical Foods on Melnea Cass Boulevard sues to block construction of residential building next door
#Roxbury #AffordableHousing #zoning #lawsuits

Shawn in Montreal
6 months ago

Since Airbnb flatly refuses to take responsibility for illegal accommodations offered on its site, tenants' rights organizations in Quebec have launched their own website to track the impact of Airbnb on housing (in French)

#Airbnb #TenantRights #AffordableHousing #Quebec #français

Rekha Murthy
7 months ago

Carbon Countdown 2023: Reaching Our 2030 Climate Targets in Massachusetts

Join this free virtual event on May 20 9-11a

Explore climate actions in our state, from local initiatives to statewide legislation. Feat. MA Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and Senator Mike Barrett, plus breakouts with MA climate activists + leaders.

#climate #massachusetts #cleanenergy #maclimatetargets #carboncountdown #electrification #climateactivism
#biodiversity #affordablehousing #geothermal

N COUNTDOWN = . ONWARD! Reaching m Our 2030 Climate Targets === th NEW | May 20" only! 9:00 am P Virtual « Climate Chief Hoffer: An equitable and sustainable future —A vision for Massachusetts [EIg5[E] |- Senator Mike Barrett @ e :;'; « Climate Solutions Breakout Rooms E‘B‘ o <« BIODIVERSITY Protecting ecosystems, in our backyard and beyond Speaker: David Morgan = BUILDING ELECTRIFICATION A future without fossil fuels Speakers: Anne Wright and Bob Zogg « NETWORKED GEOTHERMAL Neighborhood scale heating and cooling Speaker: Zeyneb Magavi « AFFORDABLE HOUSING Healthy, Efficient, Resilient Speaker: Neal Mongold LG CCE T A S com| Sponsored by Sustainable Middlesex | Spread the word to your networks! Enianmental Action Team- BostonCan - Garle Enviramental ustanabilty ommitee - Climate Coltion f Somervlle - ClmateRealityPrect Boston Hetro Chaptr- Concard cademy - ConcordCN - Coler Cancord ool Winchester - ootk Energia Bborough - Enrgae Framingham Energie Wptand- nvironmental League of A - it Parish ConcrdEnvironmentol eam - s Tansiin les- Gren Heedham - Green Newtan GreenPepperel- HeatSmart lance - HEET - HousingCrporatianf Atingtan-JCAN- exCAN-esngtanGren Networ - Litan Sustanabily Cammitte. PSGren Teams - MassEneoize- A - elose Enrgy Comision Sl cio Justice Tama Fallen- ustainbleAlngton - sustanable Belmont - Sustinae LeingtonCommitce - Sustanabl Sherborn - SustinaleStow SustaiableWellesty-Upper Charls Cimate Ao

I'm jumping on to a presentation about how to legalize more #affordablehousing in #virginia . I'll try and post some interesting bits here

kristen rapp
7 months ago

starting to think if I want to connect with anyone I should do an #introduction ?

I live in #nyc and care about #affordablehousing #publictransit (also #fuckcars ) #compost (I'm a certified Master Composter™️) #cats & #houseplants

my current hobbies/interests/hyperfixations:
#StarTrek (all of them, haters DNI)
#LikeADragon #Yakuza games
#knitting #embroidery #sewing #visiblemending

the fine print:
she/her, ACAB, BLM, trans rights are human rights, live long & prosper 🖖

Adam Greenfield
8 months ago

So happy to see this actually #affordablehousing come on line at last. The #CLT is a social technology whose time has clearly come, even here in London!

Doug Gordon
8 months ago

This @Naparstek interview of Matt Lewis of CA YIMBY is a banger. Lots of insight and examples of hard-fought victories.

Become a Patreon supporter of #TheWarOnCars for access:

#housing #california #cities #affordablehousing

9 months ago

🏘️ Can #AffordableHousing be net-zero? #Colorado’s Wapiti Commons says yes! Can it scale? I guess we’ll see!

Adam Greenfield
9 months ago

I wish I had a better source for this than New Scientist, but this #retrofit of houses in Bushwick looks promising on energy-efficiency grounds. I love that #affordablehousing looks like the good future.

9 months ago

The Australian Parliament is filled with Landlords, so of course they can't solve the housing crisis.

Just build some houses.

#auspol #affordablehousing #homelessness #labor

10 months ago

I’m seeing all of the great #introduction posts in the local timeline, so I thought I’d do one of my own.

I’m a #dad, #affordableHousing consultant, #photographer, #businessOwner, and #Anaheim planning commissioner. I write about urban planning issues ( and have another Mastodon account just for the subject ( @GrantHenninger).

Once upon a time, I took pictures of pretty landscapes. I don’t do that much anymore, but I want to do it again.

Tenaya Lake at sunset. Yosemite, CA.