After trimming started becoming a weekly thing, it was time to accept reality...

It was time to buy an eyebrow trimming kit.

Aging is a funny thing. And by funny, I mean a cruel bastard because no, I don't want my eyebrows to look like Sam

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Photo from Amazon of an eyebrow trimming kit
close up photo of Sam Waterston's hairy eyebrows
Sterling Ericsson
20 hours ago

Reversing aging on a cellular level is a massive undertaking to research.

Many successful methods involve extensive gene therapy treatments in order to even minorly affect cellular age.

Now, Harvard-MIT scientists have used an assay to screen for relevant reversal molecules and have identified multiple chemical cocktails that seem effective and more readily usable than gene therapy.

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🗣️Older Adults NEED Unilateral ExRx

Ages 66-94 years young💥

RockSTARS💫 from my class at the Malden Senior Center.

✅Isometric + Dynamic 
🔥Strength + Power Training
🗣️Social Connectivity

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Jonathan Z Simon
1 day ago

The University of Maryland just made a very nice PR video that highlights some of our current work, featuring colleague Samira Anderson, student Dushyanthi Karunathilake, and myself. The work itself takes an entire team, including @StefKuchinsky. #aging #auditory #neuroscience #neuroplasticity

The Japan Times
2 days ago

The number of people in aged 80 and over bracket swelled by 270,000 from the previous year to 10.1% of Japan's total population of around 124.6 million #japan #society #aging #elderly #population #surveys

The Japan Times
2 days ago

The number of people in aged 80 and over bracket swelled by 270,000 from the previous year to 10.1% of Japan's total population of around 124.6 million #japan #society #aging #elderly #population

3 days ago

a piece on #aging from #CommonDreams

"Suppose the disabilities of age mean you can no longer safely live in your own home. Well, you’re on your own. Unless you can afford to move to some kind of assisted-living facility, you’re in real trouble. Your main alternative is to spend down most of what you own, so you qualify for the pittance that your state Medicaid program will pay a (most likely for-profit) nursing home to warehouse you until you die"

#health #healthcare #care #USpoli

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
3 days ago

Oh! And I got an e-bike. 15 mph uphill in the Portland suburbs feeling godlike. #BikeTooter #aging

This is a small e-bike. Can barely get my stubby legs on it
3 days ago

Our conference, #IBID2023, starts soon in #Senftenberg. From 17-19.10.23 scientists will meet in Senftenberg to exchange ideas about #neurodegenerative diseases, #aging processes, #immunology, #cancer, #bioanalytics, #bioinformatics and in vitro #testsystems. It is an open access conference (free of charge). More information is available here

Announcement of the #IBID2023 in #Senftenberg.
4 days ago

#Aging #Seniors

At least 1 doctor thinks people will live to over 120 years old w/in a decade. If so, we're going to have to redefine "old age."

Not sure I want to live THAT long but, if I do, it's my health, quality of life and ability to maintain my independence that will be most important to me.

Warner Crocker
4 days ago

Two kinds of aging people in the world. Once they realize they’re closer to the end than the beginning:

1. Fuck it. I’ll be gone. It’s their problem.

2. Fuck it. I need to try and make things better and clean up the joint before I head out.

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The Japan Times
4 days ago

The number of centenarians in Japan is estimated to have reached a record 92,139, led by women, who account for 88.5% of the total. #japan #elderly #aging #lifeexpectancy

Matteo Cesari
5 days ago

Frailty is associated with the clinical expression of neuropsychological deficits in older adults

"...the relationship between neuropsychological and global cognitive function was dependent on #frailty..."

#Neurology #Neuropsychology #Geriatrics #Aging

5 days ago

Research Lab Specialist / Aging and Neuroscience

University of Southern California

The candidate will be working on a project to map vertebrate #brain #aging as part of a nationwide collaborative effort. #AgingBrain

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

sollee (e/acc) 🟨⬛
5 days ago

Ending #ClimateChange
#Asteroid mining
Cheap #nuclear fusion power
The end of #death and #aging
#humanity alongside #AGI
City lights on the #moon
The terraforming of #Mars
Harnessing stellar #energy
Interstellar colonisation ships
Human flourishing for a million years

"Do something hard. Do it for everyone who comes next. That’s it. Existence will take care of the rest. Just build."

join us @ e/acc
our main hub is on the birdsite.
#eacc #tech #futurism #future

Bruce Mirken
5 days ago

"Suppose the disabilities of age mean you can no longer safely live in your own home. Well, you’re on your own. Unless you can afford to move to some kind of assisted-living facility, you’re in real trouble. Your main alternative is to spend down most of what you own, so you qualify for the pittance that your state Medicaid program will pay a (most likely for-profit) nursing home to warehouse you until you die." #Aging #disability

PLOS Biology
5 days ago

Is it possible to stop cellular #senescence? That’s the aim of senolytic drugs.

This #PLOSBiology Perspective looks at how discovery of the senescence-associated secretory phenotype enabled the development of #senolytics.

#aging #agingresearch

Cartoon showing a senescent cell releasing senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) factors and these factors promoting tumor progression.

3 months short of 50 years old, and it's time to where eye glasses full time.

Sigh... 🤷🏽‍♂️

#Aging #Eyesight #Curmudgeon

6 days ago

I won't say that I worry, yet, but I am aware that as an elder (65) living alone, uncertain about future housing, disabled, dependent on Social Security, I am aware of how tenuous my situation is. And I am aware that I am far from the only one.
"Elder Care Should Be Collective. The Atomization of Aging Is a Giant Mistake." #Truthout
#Aging #Elders #ElderCare

Poetry News
6 days ago
Tech news from Canada
6 days ago

Wired: Palantir’s Reputation Stalks Its Bid for the UK’s National Health Data #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Business/ArtificialIntelligence #healthcare #BitterPill #Business #medicine #aging #data

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 week ago

@dabertime "How I learned to stop worrying and Love the imperfections of the mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain as it kills me by slowly generating free radical ions over time"

#Biology #Science #aging #physiology #chemistry

1 week ago


到 2050 年,全世界的人口负担率(退休人员与工人的比例)都将快速上升。相比下对韩国的影响尤为显著:每100名工人中将有78.4人领取养老金,而不是现在的23.6人。在中国,领取养老金的人数也将增加近两倍。


🧬 如果您错过了《人口,究竟意味着什么》

#Demographiccrisis #Aging #China

Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
1 week ago

Why Has Science Become an Old Man's Game?
…reason why the scientific #workforce may be #aging: compositional changes arising from a slowdown in hiring over time.
…is not the inevitable result of an aging society or of fundamental forces in the production of knowledge.

Hiring larger numbers of young faculty could increase productivity, potentially shift the direction of research to more novel & relevant directions

1 week ago

Rural older adults tend to live further from their adult children, receive less financial support from them (but more hands-on help), have worse health, and more functional limitations than their urban peers. #rural #healthdisparities #aging #caregiving #NICHDImpact

PLOS Biology
1 week ago

Cells can counteract #aging by transmitting mitochondria asymmetrically. This study in #yeast shows how oxidatively damaged #mitochondria are selectively retained in the mother cell to prevent inheritance by the next generation. #PLOSBiology

Joseph Lim :mastodon:
1 week ago

@abejaclaustro @Ruthie
#Dementia care & the societal challenges of #aging communities are our contemporary conundrum. It is sad that #caregivers (both amateurs & professionals) are not afforded sufficient resources nor support. 1 in 10 Japanese are now in their 80's or older - so will many other countries be aging.
Thru more sharing, surely, better sociopolitical frameworks & policies supporting empathetic #agedcare & resources for the associated caregivers ought to become top #election issues?

Athena Andreadis, PhD
1 week ago

Earlier this year, I promised to reactivate my personal #blog but reneged on this. Here's an update, with a vow to do better: "Dwindling into Silence"

#aging #life #friends #writing

Michael Fenichel
1 week ago

From my summer “spring cleaning” through (literally) decades of saved clippings and cartoons (on paper), some of which I digitalized. Here's a favorite.

#humor #aging #perspective

I HAVE NOTICED : Everything is farther away than : it used to be. It is even twice as far to the corner and they. have added a hill. | : ' I have given up running for the bus; it leaves earlier than it s used to.,. ‘ : It seems to me they are making the stairs steeper than in the old days. And have you not@ced the smaller print they use 1n | the newspapers? There is no sense in asking anyone to read aloud anymore, as everyone speaks in such a low s e o JOoxcesTacanchardly-hear them. - The material in dresses 1is so ~ skimpy now, especially around the hips and waist, that it is almost impossible to reach one's : shoelaces. And the sizes don't g ‘run the way they used to. The - 12s and 14s are so much smaller. . ~ Even people are changing. They mgiéam 0y own age are soimuch older: . T ran into an old classmate the e

This week's epiphany: All of us in our 40s or older who have put off writing even though it's something we've always wanted to do have no reason to criticise ourselves for not doing more of it sooner. Our views of the world change and mature as we get older, so being older and wiser is actually an advantage. It might not be true for everyone, but it does tend to be for people who are deeply reflective, as most writers are. #writing #aging #wisdom

Ian Campbell
2 weeks ago

New work blogpost is up - recently went through a situation where my aging father lost his cellphone.

I took the moment to review what we did ahead of time that helped, and what we could've done better.

If you're in a position of responsibility for aging loved ones, I hope this gives you some good pointers.

#aging #cybersecurity #infosec

Alan Kotok
3 weeks ago

A new crowdsourced competition seeks more robust early indicators of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias using analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

#News #Press #Science #Business #AlzheimersDisease #Dementia #Diagnostics #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #DataScience #Aging #NIH #Challenge #Competition #Crowdsourcing

4 weeks ago

Rewatched The Company of Strangers last night. It gets more beautiful and poignant as the years go by. An @NFB and Canadian treasure.

#NFB #CanadianFilm #aging

1 month ago

#Old Age #Dementia #Aging
I don't feel bad for him because he's clueless that it's happening.

I feel bad for his staff who have to try to "cover" for him and his constituents who have someone w/dementia "representing" them.

The same applies to Feinstein's staff and those of us in CA who are still represented by her.

F*cking resign already -- both McConnell & Feinstein. 😡

BTW, I'm 72 going on 73 and I'm NOT being "ageist." If you're too old/infirm to do the job, let someone else do it.

Prism & Pen
1 month ago
PLOS Biology
1 month ago

Is #CaloricRestriction the only diet that improves aging health? @Dorottya_Horkai @HouseleyLab &co show that dietary change from glucose to galactose, without restriction, can result in healthy #aging in yeast #PLOSBiology

Ross A. Baker
1 month ago

When your new release radar is mostly remasters of songs older than you, not only are you no longer cool, you probably never were.

#Music #Aging

Night, Dark And Stormy
1 month ago


I'm just on the threshold, but I am beginning to embrace Old.
I embrace all that I have lived and all that I have loved. All I have survived and how I have, and have not, thrived.
I embrace wisdom and knowledge and increased empathy, compassion and understanding.
I embrace moving a little more slowly and noticing more around me. And yes, the pains and creaks that give me the grace to do so.
And I relish really fitting into my skin and not giving a crap if someone likes me for who I am, or not.

Youth-glorifying culture is a mindset; don't subscribe to it.

#old #older #aging #Crone #crones #cronepower


I do not recommend using the term 'stagnate'. That implies absence of change.

Changes in population, New Mexico 2010 to 2019.

The trend of greatest growth of senior citizens is expected to continue for at least a decade.

(And compared to our neighboring states TX, AZ, CO and their rapid growth...New Mexico is shrinking.)

I wonder what demographic changes are projected to take place in 'stagnant' California in the next decade?


Changes in population, New Mexico 2010 to 2019.

The trend of greatest growth of senior citizens is expected to continue for at least a decade.
Bob Jamieson
1 month ago

Dementia risk study finds 11 key factors behind condition

Predictive tool ‘significantly outperforms’ others available and could help avert about 40% of cases
Scientists have identified 11 risk factors for dementia and used them to develop a tool that can predict whether someone will develop the condition in the next 14 years.

#dementia #aging #health #MentalHealth

1 month ago

I have a hypothesis that the average adult's capability for problem-solving continually decreases as they age, but we're all too proud/insecure to acknowledge it. 🥴

Imagine how different the world would be if we chose our leaders based on their problem-solving skill level rather than popularity and "experience" (read: age).

#whatif #aging #psychology #politics #neurodivergent

Tara Price
1 month ago

A talented woman I know wrote this reflective article which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Sharing because you might too.

#Barbie #Aging #Women #Writing

This is also suggested by human DT imaging!

Atlas of the #aging #mouse #brain reveals white matter as vulnerable foci

Universität zu Köln
1 month ago

🦠 🔬 Das Geheimnis des #Mikrobioms entdecken? Forscher*innen @CECAD der #UniKöln enthüllen, wie winzige Lebewesen in unserem Körper unser #Altern und unsere #Gesundheit beeinflussen ⏳ Mehr dazu im neuen #UniMagazin ➡️

🦠 🔬 Discovering the secret of the #microbiome? Researchers @CECAD at #UniKöln reveal how tiny creatures in our bodies influence our #aging and #health ⏳ Read more in the new #UniMagazin ➡️

Got some new compression socks. They’re literally the most comfortable socks I’ve ever put on, compression or otherwise. And they’re stylish.

Some old skateboarder designed them. His brand is called “Old Bones Therapy.”

Check ‘em:

#Health #CompressionSocks #Skateboarding #Aging #Skateboarder #Socks

My elevated crossed legs with my black socks with red and white stripes at the top and my Vans shoes.
SinclairLewis [Minnesota]
1 month ago

I think this was the hardest goodbye of all. I’ve had a pair of chore boots consistently since 1982 (not these). What does an older lady in a condo need chore boots for? Any suggestions?

#downsizing #aging #gardening #Minnesota

A black pair of chore boots standing next to my (former) hosta garden.
Bernhard Schermer
1 month ago

🙏 Please help us spreading the word ...

Interested in Aging Research?

Aiming to understand age-related diseases & pathologies?

📣 📣 📣 Up to 12 positions for PhD candidates available in 2024!

Join our CGA in Cologne :koeln: :dom: :koelsch:


#Biology #Aging #Ageing #Metabolism #Kidney #Altersforschung #Alternsforschung #Biochemistry #Genetics

CGA call 2024 announcing up to 12 fully funded Ph.D. positions in Cologne
1 month ago

So Japan famously has an aging population due largely to a low birth rate. In today’s WTF news it seems the birth rate figure is probably lower…

Somebody with better Japanese than me can probably explain in more detail, but as I understand it, if a non-Japanese woman has a child with a Japanese man, the baby is counted… but the woman isn’t.

合計特殊出生率 実態は公表値よりもっと低かった…専門家が「信じられない」統計手法とは

#Japan #Aging #AgingPopulation #JapaneseNews #Birthrate

SinclairLewis [Minnesota]
1 month ago

This what my grief looks like.

#downsizing #aging #MyFormerKitchen #cooking #baking

A really bright white kitchen with modern cupboards and tons of counter space. At the far end is a large bay window.
SinclairLewis [Minnesota]
1 month ago

I am down to one mystery box. The only label says “fragile.” What do you think is in it?

#downsizing #aging

Piles of book boxes on a white carpet. There’s a black portfolio, a tote bag and one box in front that’s just labeled: fragile.

We've built transportation systems that isolate rather than connect. We need complete networks--of people, of infrastructure, of connections between modes--so all of us can get where we need to go.

#CarCulture #driving #transportation #infrastructure #walking #walkability #BikeTooter #cycling #BikeEverywhere #transit #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice #accessibility #disability #aging #SafeRoutesNow

Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 months ago

these aging fingers
with each 5-7-5 tap
haiku in motion

#amwriting #observations #aging #arthritis #syllablecount #wisdom #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines #smallpoems

Celine Latulipe
2 months ago

Please help my summer research student complete his study. We seek older adults in Canada who use online banking to participate in a one-hour online (Zoom) study about setting up a delegate account so a family member or friend can safely assist with banking tasks. Please feel free to share this with others! Participants must be willing to have their web cam on and screen share while they try out our prototype. This study has been approved by our REB. #canada #finance #aging #winnipeg #fintech

Cole Haddon
2 months ago

'Meditations on Mortality and Cinema: Kurosowa, Scorsese, and Friedkin'

A bittersweet cinematic awakening awaits many filmmakers as they approach the end of their lives.

“Just when you learn how to do it, you're too old. Except in your dreams."


#film #movies #cinema #filmmaking #screenwriting #directing #MartinScorsese #AkiraKurosawa #williamfriedkin #art #aging #mortality #lifelessons

Director William Friedkin looking at the camera, holding up a finger as if to say, "No, no, no."

Steps are good for you! And it doesn’t have to be in intimidating amounts, but this study suggests if you can get more, it’s better:

‘The analysis of more than 226,000 people around the world showed 4,000 was enough to start reducing the risk of dying prematurely of any cause. Every extra 1,000 steps beyond 4,000 reduced the risk of dying early by 15% up to 20,000 steps.’

#aging #health #smartwatch

Adrian Segar
2 months ago

Are you old yet? I'm not. I agree with Nobel Prize winner Rosalyn Yalow, who said: "As long as you're learning, you're not old."

#LifeLessons #AreYouOldYet #aging #skateboarding #learning 

are you old yet? a photograph of the 69-year-old skateboarding college professor Tom Winter
The Japan Times
2 months ago

The temperature hit 40 degrees Celsius in Date, Fukushima Prefecture, on Saturday — marking hottest day this year in Japan — as a heat wave continued to scorch the country. #japan #sciencehealth #climatechange #heatwaves #heatstroke #elderly #aging #fukushima

2 months ago

Wishing we all have the strength, indomitable beauty, and tenacity of these highway rest stop roses. #bloomscrolling #rose #roses #naturephotography #beauty #aging

A close-up photo of some late season highway rest stop rose blooms. The rose blossoms are deep pinkish-red, fading to mottled dark pink and white, and they’re simple, open flower heads - like a wild rose not a David Austin rose. They were photographed looking down on them, and little bits of their still-green foliage and the brown bark mulch of their planting bed are visible in the background.
Baloo Uriza
2 months ago

I love these two and I just think it's great they're living their best life. To this video's topic thesis, I really think we need to get past society simultaneously trying to claim we're too old to enjoy life by the time we're 30 and yet somehow simultaneously failures we haven't trust-fund-baby rich people milestones by the time we're 30. I'm 41 and don't really have intentions to stop obsessing over cartoon animals, bicycling or games.

#Furry #Aging #Greymuzzle

2 months ago

Dr Sanjay Gupta says the #USA govt has misled the public for 70yrs about the #medical benefits of #cannabis.
He apologizes for being part of that misleading message.

Gupta looks at the issue on #CNN, “The Whole Story, Weed 7”, Sunday, 6 August 2023, 7pm CT.
Repeat on #YouTube.

#weed7 #weed #CBD #Hemp #marijuana #Aging #Gerontology #anxiety #OlderAdults #Seniors

My wife just informed me my chest hair is going gray... I said thanks for pointing out my aging, I'll return the favor some day. She said I could shave it and laughed, she laughed because I'm as hairy as f*cking Chewbacca so shaving would take sheep shears and forever! 🤪 I'm also gray on top and beard so I guess I'll be completely hairless with her method. 🤦

#aging #goinggray #adulting

Chewbacca from Star Wars smoothing his fur.
Böckli 平凡札記
2 months ago

Is there an age that you are too do certain things? For examples: learning to ride a horse or bungee jumping?

I understand that it largely depends on physical conditions of the individual. But what is your thought on this?

#Life #Learning #Age #Aging #NewMexico #LandOfEnchantment #GettingOld #Thoughts

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

Zebrafish and humans share a remarkably similar kind of skin.

This is allowing scientists to test potential treatments which could help reverse skin color loss in vitiligo and other diseases. Such treatments might also help counteract hair going gray.

#science #health #aging

Three swimming zebrafish. They are skinny and yellow with black stripes.
it's kat!
3 months ago

i have a lot of ideas that never get off the ground because i'm shit at promotion. the latest is a befriending service for elderly/housebound people where someone visits & they listen & share music with each other.
#befriending #music #records #society #socialEnterprise #ageing #aging

work-in-progress logo for a hypothetical social enterprise that is a music listening & befriending service for older people. against the left edge is the right half of a vinyl record & the right half of a pair of old-style headphones. toward the right edge, in stylised uppercase font, text reads 'vintage ears befriending club'. the entire image is in black & white.
EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
3 months ago

Well, I seem to have acquired a #StressFracture in my foot. Not sure how or when but my bones are increasingly fragile as I age. Just walking from room to room in my apartment was very painful on the weekend. So, I'll be wearing my hiking boots indoors and avoiding long walks until the pain alleviates.

Jacob Harris
3 months ago

It seems like it’s only a matter of time until a new heart medication is advertised to me with Dee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart” #genx #aging

Stephen Anfield
3 months ago

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

An estimated 5 million, or 1 in 10, older Americans experience elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Working together across our networks, we can generate awareness and foster action to end elder abuse. Let’s work to keep everyone safe as we age.

#PublicHealth #aging #awareness

3 months ago

Still haven't gone to bed? @Lstn2urmama
I'm up a bit early, but well rested. By dark tonight, I'll be a zombie.

Feeling pretty good this morning, mentally & physically. I had a brief Jog yesterday, 1st time I've run, even to the curb, in 20 years. My knees are not swollen, my body isn't as stiff as it usually is when I wake. I usually have to stretch out to move when I wake.
I actually felt like running again, but then I remember, I'm old. LOL
#exercise #aging #oldpeopleproblems

An old man, not me this time, bending and holding his hips, wearing sports shorts and track shirt. 
"I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing"
Man of Sand
4 months ago

Are there any good older Twitch streamers to follow? Like people in their 40s/50s streaming fun games while dropping #adulting and #parenting knowledge?


Was just flipping through new Street Fighter 6 streams and couldn’t handle the constant commentary and shouting LOL

#aging #adulting #streaming #twitch

Scientific Frontline
4 months ago

#Taurine deficiency is one of the driving forces in the #aging process of #humans and #animals. Treatment with taurine extends the lifespan of mice by 10 percent.
#Biology #Longevity #sflorg

4 months ago

The older I get, the less I care about 'age appropriate'.

#aging #retirement #life

Steve Faulkner
4 months ago

The all important first slide for my talk at a11yTO in October
No industry for old men

#a11y #accessibility #aging #WebsStandards #HTML

A laptop cover bag. The background is  the gubbins of an electrical substation in Wimbledon. Text: #a11y industry. Title text, yellow on a crimson background: No industry for old men.