17 hours ago

"Delta is committed to free Wi-Fi, but not on this plane." Why bother announcing that at all? 🤔 #air #travel

Benoît Perrier
1 day ago

Not the French band. Sur la Discover Weekly. #air #np

Air LP cover
Vadim aka t-maker
2 days ago

Russia shows the world its true colors by continuing an air campaign to stop Ukrainian #grain exports that were supposed to ease a global #food #crisis. Russian #air #strikes #killed four people in #Ukraine and caused significant #damage to #infrastructure at the Black Sea port of #Odesa and to grain storage facilities. 19 #drones and 11 cruise #missiles were shot down overnight. The grain storage facilities that were destroyed were hit by 2 supersonic missiles. #war

Christophe Grébert
2 days ago

"On aime la bagnole. Moi, je l'adore"
#Macron, 24 sept. 2023

> 1.565 occupants de #voiture ont trouvé la mort sur les routes en 2022, sur un total de 3.267 morts et 236.834 blessés

> 4 français sur 10 respirent un #air très pollué, avec un taux de particules fines supérieur aux normes de l’OMS

> 95% des Français ne bougent pas assez pour rester en bonne #santé (Anses)

> De + en + de français se ruinent pour la voiture. Certains y consacrent un quart de leurs revenus (11% en moyenne)

6 days ago

Holy smokes. Attention #GenX.

If you were a child of the 80's, you gotta watch 'Air' on Prime Video. This movie is crazy 80's, acted & directed by Ben Affleck & Matt Damon & utterly phenomenal.

I hate shilling for Amazon but GAWD, I wanna buy this movie on 4K UHD if it's every available on Blu-ray.

"Air" - Prime Video

#air #jordan #nike #primevideo

Christophe Grébert
6 days ago

LE SAVIEZ-VOUS ? Les principales pathologies liées à la #pollution de l'#air sont... les maladies cardiovasculaires.

Les particules fines pénètrent le système sanguin et jouent aussi un rôle dans le développement de cancers ou de la maladie d'Alzheimer

Christophe Grébert
6 days ago

#France : 6 français sur 10 se déclarent inquiets par la pollution de l'#air, selon une enquête Kantar pour l'association #Respire

75% savent que la #voiture est responsable. Pour autant, 4 sur 10 refusent de remplacer leur voiture thermique pour une électrique

News18 India
6 days ago

Sources said after the Indian government came to know about the snag in Trudeau’s plane which delayed his trip back home, India offered him the aircraft meant for the country’s prime minister. However, Trudeau refused to accept any help and decided to wait for a new plane which was also diverted later
#Trudeau #Missteps #DiplomaticTussle #India #Air #KhalistanStand #Exclusive

Visions of Napa
1 week ago

Bad air quality has put kitty in bad mood due to closed windows. She cannot properly stand guard duty over the house if windows are shut.

#Cat #CatsOfMastadon #Air #smoke #CAwx #SFBay #California

Cat sitting under a closed window, looking past the cameral with unhappy and slightly frustrated or angry eyes.
1 week ago

It's been a while since I have had to use this #weather slide, but there will be a return of some #smoky #haze to the #Northland from #wildfire #smoke from Canada.

Conditions are looking favorable for some #air #quality concerns for those with #sensitve #breathing issues in the Rainy River Basin through Thursday evening.

#wxtooter #wx #MNwx

An Air Quality Alert is in effect for Itasca and Koochiching counties through the late evening of Thursday, September 21, 2023.  It is for people with sensitive breathing issues as wildfire smoke returns to the Northland.
A view of what the potential smoke levels in the atmosphere will be in the Northern Plains and western Great Lakes regions just before noon on Thursday, September 21, 2023.  They are in the light category, but could be a bit heavier in the area where Minnesota and Canada border.
Premium Chakra
1 week ago

Quote: Touch the Earth with your feet, lift your face to the sun, breathe the air, listen to the birds and the wind through the trees. Glory in the creation that surrounds you!
#Earth #air #creation #trees

Downshift 🇺🇦
1 week ago

98% of Europeans breathing highly damaging polluted air linked to 400,000 deaths a year

Traffic, industry, domestic heating and agriculture are the main sources of PM2.5 and the impact is often felt disproportionately by the poorest communities.

#traffic #carbon #agriculture #farming #heating #industry #environment #pollution #air #breathing #europe

Visions of Napa
1 week ago

Below is the link to the Purple Air real time map, where you can look up the air quality in your neighborhood.

The air quality in Napa is >162. Blech. No opening windows tonight and tomorrow I may have to wear an N 95 on my walk because of air quality alone.

#Air #CAwx #smoke

1 week ago

There goes the neighborhood

#air #ppm25

air quality map of the bay area - red, 159 unhealthy
Jonathan Matthews
1 week ago

Happy to report that my shiny new (super low-end!) #MAudio #Air 192|4 #AudioInterface works out of the box on #ChromeOS over #USB, both as a #soundcard and as an #XLR #mic-in.

As an #audio newb, I mostly chose it for the big knob in the middle!

Now I know it's working (and won't need to be returned) I might even take the plastic cladding off the front panel+knob ... 😱

A black M-Audio 192|4 audio interface sitting on a wooden surface. It has a big shiny knob in the centre and blue LEDs on the right hand side. It has wires coming out its rear. A measuring tape at the front shows its width is just over 7 inches.
Hannah Strobel
1 week ago

Aranet4 CO2 - NALTIC Industrials, LLC

However when considering infectious air control, a reading above 600 ppm may indicate too many people in the room and thus ventilation & fresh air needs to come in to lower the risk of infectious air building up

a lot of people breathing in the same room/area
the potential always exists that someone in the group may be infectious

High levels of CO2 simply means,
open windows or ensure good #air filtration or dismiss your crowd

Vadim aka t-maker
1 week ago

My posts about the #war are very similar to each other. In short, Russia continues its strikes and continues to kill #civilians. Russia carried out new #air #strikes and #shelling in #Ukraine overnight and early on #Monday, killing at least four people. Air defense shot down 18 out of 24 Russian #drones and destroyed 17 cruise #missiles over the #Dnipropetrovsk, #Poltava and #Khmelnytskyi regions. #Danube River ports that are used to export #grain had been also targeted.

Knox Bronson
1 week ago
Knox Bronson
2 weeks ago

{sunday} Graphicai ~ Untitled

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: 2a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; 3a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 5a time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones


2 weeks ago

📻 📻 📻

dzisiejszy #DXing poza betonem i zakłóceniami miasta...

#shortwave #radio #SW #SSB #AIR #listening #XHDATA #Tecsun #HanRongDa

na zdjęciu czarny plecak i rozłożone, gotowe do spakowania: czytnik ebooków, trzy globalne radioodbiorniki wielozakresowe, dwie antény zewnętrzne, scyzoryk, multitool, klucze i okulary przeciwsłoneczne w etui.
2 weeks ago

#Career #CivilServants include #professional staff across the government who stay on when the presidency changes hands. They vary widely, including #law enforcement officers & #technical #experts at agencies that #Congress created to make rules aimed at ensuring the #air & #water are #clean & #food, #drugs & #consumer products are #safe.

Knowledge Zone
2 weeks ago

#Infographics: #Air #Pollution is the greatest environmental threat to public health globally and accounts for an estimated 7 million premature deaths every year.

Air pollution and #ClimateChange are closely linked as all major pollutants have an impact on the climate and most share common sources with greenhouse gases.

Pollution Action Note – Data you need to know.

2 weeks ago

Zum ersten Mal habe ich mein #macbook #air #m1 zum Ruckeln gebracht: #worldcommunitygrid rechnet auf 8 Kernen, mehrere Downloads nutzen meine volle DSL-Bandbreite aus, und im Browser läuft Netflix 😂

Dr Joe Pajak
2 weeks ago

Creating healthy #schools:
'🇺🇸US schools that used improved outdoor #air #ventilation together with other mitigation strategies had lower rates of Covid-19 transmission compared to the rest of the community.' Report: @JohnDMacomber et al., @HarvardHBS

Krzysztof Kołacz
2 weeks ago

Mark Gurman donosi, że Apple może nie wprowadzić na rynek w tym tygodniu oczekiwanej liczby odświeżonych akcesoriów z USB-C. Na nowe iPady także jeszcze poczekamy.

najnowszym odcinku podcastu „The MacRumors Show” Gurman powiedział, że Apple nie zaprezentuje żadnych nowych modeli iPadów podczas jutrzejszego Apple Event, ale ma skupiać się wyłącznie na zegarkach Apple nowej generacji i iPhone’ach.

Gurman powiedział, że trwają prace nad nowym iPadem Air z ulepszoną specyfikacją i być może zadebiutuje on podczas październikowego Apple Event.

Gurman uważa, że w październiku odbędzie się kolejna premiera produktów Apple, podczas której zobaczymy:

  • nowego iPada Air,
  • nowego iPad mini,
  • nowego iMaca z procesorem Apple M3.

Nowe akcesoria z USB-C

Jutro Gurman spodziewa się premiery kilku nowych akcesoriów z portem USB-C. Od dawna spekuluje się, że Apple może zaprezentować jutro nowe etui ładujące dla słuchawek AirPods, nową wersję AirPods Max oraz – nowy MagSafe Duo z USB-C. Okazuje się, że z tej listy tylko ostatni produkt mamy szansę jutro zobaczyć.

Bloomberg donosi, że firma nie zdąży odświeżyć w tym roku linii słuchawek AirPods. Jeżeli tak się stanie, w co wątpię, to słuchawki AirPods Max, które nie były aktualizowane od czasu ich debiutu w 2019 r., będą najdroższym produktem w portfolio słuchawek firmy i jednocześnie takim, który nie obsługuje nowych funkcji, które zadebiutują wraz z iOS 17.

#air #airpods #e4e4e4 #ipad #m3 #magsafe-duo #max #mini #plotka #plotki #usb-c-2

Keith D Johnson
2 weeks ago

2. "The sheer quantity of chemicals being dumped into the environment is quickly growing. UNEP counted the annual release of toxic chemicals in 2006 at 6 million tons, but Worldometer estimates the current release at 10 million tons—a 67% increase in a little over a decade.
Perhaps the most frightening biological impact of many endocrine-disrupting chemicals is their tendency to alter #DNA expression in ways that can be inherited by subsequent generations. It’s long been known that #environmental factors (#food, #air, #water) can cause genes to be switched off or on, or dial their expression up or down. Sometimes the effects are transgenerational, and continued presence of chemicals in the environment can amplify biological impacts from one generation to the next."

3 weeks ago

Air pollution kills 3,200 Australians a year.
"Air pollution is the world’s single greatest environmental cause of preventable disease and premature death. In Australia, it’s linked to more than 3,200 deaths a year at an estimated cost of A$6.2 billion."

"Decarbonising transport will improve air quality as well as reducing emissions."

Killer mobility (Bushmaster like combustion tanks: SUVs)
Treating the Earth's air/atmosphere as a tip
Slash and burn 'plantation' forestry
'Burning everything down before it might burn' culture
#FossilFuel #transportation #cars #trucks #traffic #HeavyMachinery #roads #bushfires #smoke #NativeForests #NSWlogging #BellingLogging #burning #HazardReductionBurns #smoke #pollution #air ##climate #OneHealth

Xavier Santin
3 weeks ago

Hi Fedi !

After a series of temporary #exhibitions around the Elements #Fire, #Water, #Earth and #Air, the permanent exhibition of the #NFT series of digital photograms Four_Elements is online on #Akaverse.
Enjoy your visit !

#Metaverse #NFTs #Photography #Art #Tezos

View of the permanent exhibition of the NFT series of photographs "Four_Elements" in metaverse.
3 weeks ago

Stop logging native forests in a climate and biodiversity emergency Pt 1
Logging NSW native forests - How is the air pollution and greenhouse pollution monitored?

Logging operations by NSW State Forestry involve road enlargements lasting months before the actual extraction takes place. The forests paths are trailblazed to push the huge and heavy machinery into biodiversity habitats. All this is done with fossil fuel-powered heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. These actions contribute to the emission and/or creation of health-harming air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

“Heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) disproportionately contribute to the creation of air pollutants and emission of greenhouse gases—with marginalized populations unequally burdened by the impacts of each.”

Traffic-related pollution leads to premature deaths through direct air pollution.
“Traffic-related pollution can trigger a variety of health problems, including asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, heart disease and ultimately premature death. Air pollution from heavy-duty vehicles is higher in urban settings, in areas close to interstate highways and along truck routes.”

Climate disruption leads to weather extremes and disasters (bushfires, floods, drought and heatwaves) All involves human suffering, and impoverishing the web of biodiversity.

These 'extras' or externalities are not on any balance sheet. The robbing of habitat and the associated impacts on residents and wildlife deminish the web of life.

There seems to be no monitoring of the pollution cause inside wildlife habitats, the human habitat (Bellingen/ Gleniffer homes) and the global atmosphere. (Climate Change Detection and Attribution)

Pt.2 and links:
Stop logging native forests in a climate and biodiversity emergency Pt 2

#FossiFuel #machinery #HDVs #trucks #pollution #exposure #Air #externalities #OneHealth #NSWLogging #logging #BellingLogging #Bellingen #RosesRoad #GlenifferRoad #Climate #GHG #SaveTuckersNob

The Coding Beard
3 weeks ago

"The AirFly Pro is a transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack of the seatback screen and pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled earbuds or headphones. It can improve your audio listening during flights, which we tested on recent flights."

#flights #air #headphone #travel #frequent #bluetooth

Spaceflight 🚀
4 weeks ago

#LAtimes 📆 Sept. 4, 2022 "Two #asteroids in the belt between #Mars and #Jupiter 🪐 have more #iron, #nickel and #cobalt than exists on #Earth. Ultimately these products could be not only #mined ⛏️ but also #processed in #space, reducing #pollution of both the #air and #water on #Earth"

"Both #NEAs have surfaces with 85% #metal such as iron and nickel and 15% silicate material, which is basically #rock"

Picture: #RASSOR on #Ceres

#AsteroidMining #SpaceMining #SpaceRobot

A new tool in the fight to save the planet?

Many democracies do, in theory, guarantee their citizens the #right to clean #air, #water, #farmland, #forests and other #natural #resources.

The idea of getting #judges to enforce this guarantee in more places is not unreasonable. Governments would merely be held to promises they’ve already made.

The Montana ruling, for instance, rests on an explicit promise in the state’s constitution

(And a 6th-century Roman doctrine.)

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

May the air you breathe be good air – fresh, free, crisp, healthy, clean. Not stale, recycled, old, expelled, and trapped. And let the thoughts you think be deep ones – profound, questioning, innovative, daring. Not stale, recycled, old, expelled and trapped.

Peruvian Landscape art print --

#peru #southamerica #mountains #air #breathe #freedom #arat #artist #stevehenderson #mastodon #mastoart #news #nature #fediverse #fediart #buyintoart #ayearforart #artwork #andes

Oil painting of the Andes Mountains in Peru, overlooking a small town in the valley.
Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

"New #UN guidance affirms #children’s right to a clean, healthy #environment. The General Comment explicitly addresses the #climateEmergency, the #collapse of #biodiversity and pervasive #pollution.
It specifies that States are responsible not only for protecting children’s rights from immediate harm, but also for foreseeable violations of their rights in the future due to action, or inaction, today. States can be held accountable." #children #childrensRights #water #air

Syrians in rebel-held Idlib have dug out underground bunkers near their village to shelter from air attacks by the Syrian regime and Russia. Subscribe to our...
Syrians carve out underground shelters to hide from air attacks | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
1 month ago

Official statement from #Marine #Air #Corp #Station #Miramar on FA-18 #hornet crash, which occurred last night at 11:54pm PST. #aviation #plane #accident

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. (August 25, 2023) We are aware of an accident involving an F/A-18 Hornet in the vicinity of MCAS Miramar at 11:54 P.M. PST. This aircraft is not part of 3d MAW but was operating out of MCAS Miramar. The crash site is on government property east of the air station and there are no indications of damage to property on the ground. Search and rescue actions are ongoing. An investigation has begun. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

For queries and updates, please contact the MCAS Miramar Communication Strategy and Operations office at 858.307.6000 or

Xavier Santin
1 month ago

Last days visit my showroom dedicated to the element Air.
Photography exhibition of digital photograms.

#NFT #CleanNft #Tezos
#Photography #Art
#Nature #Air #Sky #Clouds
#fediArt #MastoArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters

View of my shoowroom dedicated of element Air. View of differents photograms.
Jeremy, aka Jaharmi
1 month ago

@bigzaphod @dldnh I added a Sensiron SCD-40 sensor to an “electronic conference badge” I assembled. This sensor also seems very accurate and was similarly eye-opening. (Opening windows for part of a day this summer has helped my headaches a lot.) If you’re into DIY/electronics/home automation, may be able to buy and put together good components more cheaply. I want to tie something like this into Home Assistant.

I’m also considering whole home air exchange now.

#co2 #carbondioxide #sensor #air

1 month ago

Where are the public shelters from fire, heat, smoke and floods?

Our relentless combustion of fossil fuels and a government hell-bent on logging native forests will set people and wildlife up having to deal with fires, smoke, heat and floods increasingly.

Where are the cooling centers, heat shelters, fire shelters, smoke shelters?

Safer Air Center activated due to poor air quality

Cooling Centers by State, Emergency Preparedness and Response: Extreme Heat

Life at 50 degrees

#ClimateRefugees #ClimateEmergency #NSW #deforestation #bushfires #smoke #air #pollution #Emergency #Preparedness #PublicShelters #climate #shelter #governance #FossilFuels #risks #DisasterResilience

1 month ago

Air quality in #Spokane #WA is very poor due to #wildfire #smoke. N95 + Corsi Rosenthal day. #AQI #air #quality #WAwx

Grant Denkinson
1 month ago

" #York #Air #Map makes #AirQuality information accessible and empowering for #cyclists and the wider community. This innovative map-based project has evolved from a collaboration between conceptual artist Clare Nattress and atmospheric scientist Dr Daniel Bryant in 2022 after Clare spent three months collecting air #pollution data on her #bicycle, with Dan analysing the results. pollution from ground level and reveals recurring pollution hotspots."

Kailee ♾️
2 months ago
2 months ago

#Chemical companies’ #PFAS payouts are huge – but the problem is even bigger

#3M, #DuPont, #Chemours and #Corteva have agreed settlement in the billions for #polluting drinking #water with ‘forever chemicals’

by Tom Perkins, Aug 3, 2023

"“When the chemical giant 3M agreed in early June to pay up to $12.5bn to settle a lawsuit over PFAS contamination in water systems across the nation, it was hailed by attorneys as 'the largest drinking water settlement in American history', and viewed as a significant win for the public in the battle against toxic 'forever chemicals'.

“A second June settlement with the PFAS manufacturers DuPont, Chemours and Corteva tallied a hefty $1.1bn. But while the sums are impressive on their face, they represent just a fraction of the estimated $400bn some estimate will be needed to clean and protect the nation’s drinking water. Orange county, California, alone put the cost of cleaning its system at $1bn.

“‘While over a billion dollars is real money, it is a virtual drop in the bucket of potential utility costs to monitor, remove and dispose of these contaminants in accordance with anticipated federal regulations,' the American Municipal Water Association trade group said in a statement.

“Moreover, the two settlements include just over 6,000 water systems nationwide. Utilities that were not part of the suits but have PFAS in their systems can claim some of the settlement money, or they can sue the chemical manufacturers on their own.

“That means the settlements only represent the first wave of utility lawsuits to hit #ChemicalManufacturers, legal observers say. Because PFAS are so widely used and the scale of their harm is so great, chemical makers will get hit from a range of legal angles, and some suspect the industry’s final bill could exceed the $200bn paid by #BigTobacco in the 1990s.

“The number will be 'very large', said Kevin McKie, an attorney with the Environmental Litigation Group who represented a water management company in the 3M case. Though the 3M settlement does not cover all the nation’s costs, it is a strong start, he added.

“‘A good settlement is one where both sides walk away a bit frustrated’ is the old saying,' McKie said. 'Of course I would have liked a bit more money but I do believe they got as much as they could at this time, and there’s a lot more to go.'

“PFAS are a class of about 15,000 compounds used to make products across dozens of industries resistant to water, stains and heat. They are called 'forever chemicals' because they do not naturally break down, and are linked to #cancer, #KidneyDisease, #liver conditions, #immune disorders, #BirthDefects and other health problems.

“The chemicals are thought to be contaminating drinking water for over 200 million Americans. Tens of thousands of contaminated #PrivateWells are not included in the settlement. The chemicals are also widely used in thousands of consumer products from #DentalFloss to #cookware to #clothing, and have been found to #contaminate #food, #soil and #air.

“PFAS constantly cycle and accumulate throughout the environment, and removing them from water is costly. The highly mobile chemicals can slip through most utilities’ filtration systems. Granular activated carbon and reverse osmosis are considered the best options.

“Leaders in Stuart, Florida, which was the bellwether case in the 3M settlement, chose to take what they could get without further litigation. Bellwethers are cases that represent all the other plaintiffs in a multi-district lawsuit. Stuart estimated damages at up to $120m, and the city acknowledged the settlement would fall short.

“‘I don’t think we’ll ever get close to that much net to the city, so I think there is no making us whole,' Stuart’s city manager told the New York Times.

“Among those utilities going at it alone is the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) near Wilmington, North Carolina, which sits on the #CapeFear River about 75 miles downstream from a Chemours PFAS manufacturing plant. It cost the utility about $46m to develop a granular activated carbon system to remove PFAS, and officials estimate an additional $5m in annual operational costs.

“The utility declined to comment, citing ongoing litigation, but in a late June op-ed, the CFPUA director Kenneth Waldrop explained the motivation for not joining the settlements: 'The information currently available suggests that the proposed settlement, when divided among thousands of other utilities with similar needs, would be insufficient to meet the needs of our community.'

“The utility has a 'strong case' against Chemours which has the reserves to cover the full cost, Waldrop added. There is generally support for that approach among Wilmington-area residents, said Emily Donovan, a public health advocate who lives in the region.

“‘This is not our fault, but it has been made our problem, and the community mostly understands what’s going on,' she said.

“The settlements also drew unlikely opponents in 22 state attorneys general who urged the judge to reject the 3M settlement because it 'does not adequately account for the pernicious damage that 3M has done in so many of our communities', said the California attorney general, Rob Bonta.

“Beyond water utility settlements, chemical makers face personal injury suits. Most US states will also probably sue over #contamination of #lakes, #rivers and other #NaturalResources #Minnesota alone found eliminating PFAS contamination from its wastewater could run to $28bn.

“Local water systems that are not made whole will need help from the federal government, which 'basically abandoned public water infrastructure a long time ago', said Oday Salim, director of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Clinic at the University of Michigan.

“‘Any amount of money that gets shifted to the victims is helpful,' he added.
“The government could implement an excise tax on PFAS to help cover costs, McKie said, and he noted the chemical manufacturers are taking a significant hit. By some estimates, 3M’s PFAS liabilities may soar to as much as $30bn as claims roll in.
“‘That’s a pretty big chunk of the total size of their corporation,' McKie said."

#EPA #EPAFail #PFOS #WaterIsLife #ToxicWaste #ChemicalIndustries #ForeverChemicals

Alaska Native News
2 months ago

Alaska Air National Guard rescues two overdue teens near Trapper Creek
[the_ad id="30587"]

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska --  Alaska Air National Guardsmen of 176th Wing rescued two individuals reported overdue from a river inner tubing trip near Trapper Creek July 24.

A father of one of the teens contacted the Alaska State...
#alaska #air #national #guard #teens #trappercreek

2 months ago


#Air #quality #alerts will continue across the #Northland Monday night and Tuesday due to #wildfire #smoke from Canada. Conditions will slowly improve throughout the day.

After a dry night, isolated #showers and #thunderstorms return Tuesday. A few could be strong or #severe. The day will also begin a short #heatwave with some highs in the 90s.


#wxtooter #forecast #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

2 months ago

#Wildfire #smoke continues to travel from Canada and through the #Northland. #Air #quality has dipped to levels that aren't the healthiest for some people.

Air quality #alerts are in place through Tuesday, as a wind shift will bring improving conditions.

#wxtooter #weather #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A graphic showing the air quality levels over the western Great Lakes during the early afternoon hours of Monday, July 24, 2023.  They range from moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups in the Northland.
A graphic showing the current smoke levels over the western Great Lakes as of 2 p.m. on July 24, 2023.  It shows moderate levels over most of the Northland.
Air quality alerts remain in place across the entire Northland.  They expire at 6 p.m. Monday, July 24, 2023, for the Minnesota portion, noon on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, for the Wisconsin portion, and 11 p.m. (central daylight time) on Tuesday for the Upper Peninsula portion.
2 months ago

It's #dry in the #Northland so far this Sunday, but it's not a #sunny day for the region.

Persistent northwest #winds have brought back #wildfire #smoke from Canada, creating quite the #haze in the sky and surface.

#Air #Quality Alert is in effect through Monday afternoon for the #Minnesota side of the region. Biggest impact will be to those with pre-existing breathing issues, as well as the young and old.

#wxtooter #weather #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A view from the camera on top of the KQDS-TV Fox 21 studio in Duluth, Minnesota towards the Aerial Lift Bridge and canal entry around 2:30 p.m. on July 23, 2023.  It shows a hazy sky and haze by the surface due to wildfire smoke from Canada.
Current smoke index graphic over the Northern Plains and Western Great Lakes region as of 2:30 p.m. on July 23, 2023.  It shows moderate levels of wildfire smoke over Minnesota, and it will be moving to the southeast over the next few days.
An Air Quality Alert is in effect for the Minnesota portion of the Northland through 6 p.m. on Monday, July 24, 2023.  Air quality levels could be unhealthy for select groups of people, such as those with pre-existing breathing issues, children, and senior citizens.
2 months ago
2 months ago

The air quality here is terrible today. I suspect it is terrible where you are too... if not today, probably some day soon. Because this is the new normal. 😑

If you don't already have a good quality air purifier for your home, might I recommend making a Corsi-Rosenthal box? They're cheaper and better than most commercially available purifiers.

I made 3 today. One for my house, one for my parents, and one for my sister. They're pretty easy to put together in about 45 min.

#AirQuality #AQI #smoke #Air #health #ClimateChange #AirPurifier #DIY

James Scholes
3 months ago

We recently bought a wi-fi-controlled #Cosori #Air#Fryer. Despite the device itself only having a completely flat touch screen, we were surprisingly able to set it up without sighted assistance. The #VeSync app is reasonably #accessible with #VoiceOver, too. #accessibility

‘It was an accident’: the scientists who have turned humid air into renewable power

The promise of #electricity from humid #air#hygroelectricity – is capturing researchers’ imaginations.

In May, a team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst published a paper declaring they had successfully generated a small but continuous electric current from humidity in the air.

“To be frank, it was an #accident,” says the study’s lead author, Prof Jun Yao. “We were actually interested in making a simple sensor for humidity in the air. But for whatever reason, the student who was working on that #forgot to plug in the #power.” map showing air quality this afternoon.

#Indiana #Chicago #Midwest #air #aqi #climate #climatechange map showing bad air quality in the Midwest and throughout the southern US.
Jon McLaren
3 months ago

#Milwaukee #Wisconsin area residents do not spend unnecessary time outside #air quality is rated as #dangerous for everyone.

3 months ago

I'm curious if all the #air #travel incidents are a result of an actual physical manifestation of COVID damage on brains, or just people losing their socialization skills during the pandemic?

Joe Pajak (Dr)
4 months ago

#𝐂𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐈𝐬𝐀𝐢𝐫𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝...
'𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 #𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐮𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 #𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭.’
@ImperialInfect @imperialcollege

Air can hurt you too
Some people say not to worry about the air
Some people never had experience with

#air #wildfires #climateChange #shitholeCountry #TalkingHeads

A screenshot from Google maps showing a sensor very close to me it's reading an Air Quality Index of 107
Screenshot of Air Quality in Google Maps for central NC. The AQIs range 86 - 162.
Kriszta Satori
4 months ago
Trash Robot
4 months ago

i had a dream that someone edited the code on my page in such a way that the css code was in the main text and then when i loaded it this morning i thought the dream was coming true and that someone had edited the page, but it was just taking time for the images to load.

but then i went and edited the code to make it true and screen shotted it and put it on mastodon.

an important point in the #dream was the yellow font. so this is a yellow font pointing at itself via self-replicating #css code. we use the five elements of #cybermagic for the full replication, and these are:


replicate the set with a box cutter, a ruler, and a sharpie using piles of #cardboard #trash.

screen shot of web browser pointed at which shows CSS code of itself.
Charles Harper
4 months ago

“Yet, if you enter the woods
 Of a summer evening late,
 When the night-air cools on the trout-ringed pools 
Where the otter whistles his mate,
 (They fear not men in the woods, 
Because they see so few.)
 You will hear the beat of a horse’s feet,
 And the swish of a skirt in the dew, 
Steadily cantering through
 The misty solitudes ,
As though they perfectly knew 
The old lost road through the woods.
 But there is no road through the woods.”

From R. Kipling’s ‘The Way through the Woods’


These woods are in the area near Dunvegan Castle and there was a road at one time. It went up to the old ‘White Gate’ on the road to Portree. This was taken where the river flows nearby. It is a place that lends itself to imaginings and dreams. The wide-angled lens adds to the mysterious air.
Kriszta Satori
4 months ago

#Russian forces launched an #air #strike of “exceptional intensity” on #Kyiv, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration. #Missile #debris has fallen in different areas of the centre, including the #zoo

Kriszta Satori
5 months ago

#BBC News - #Ukraine war: Jet #pilots talk about the #air #war with #Russia
By Abdujalil Abdurasulov

SafeGraph Lands US Air Force Contract After Targeting Abortion Clinics

The #data #broker made famous for #selling #location #data related to #abortion #clinic visits has signed a #contract with the US #Air #Force and plans to provide information about “sensitive places” and “adversary state-owned enterprises” around the world, according to records obtained by WIRED. The company, #SafeGraph, told the military that its data can be used for “analyzing human activity for landing zone selection,” as well as to identify hospitals, schools, and houses of worship to “help avoid collateral damage.”

Flipboard Science Desk
5 months ago

Could genetically modified houseplants clean the air in your home?
Smithsonian Magazine reports on a Parisian startup:
#Plants #HousePlants #Environment #Air

ArtBear on Mastodon
6 months ago

25yrs since Moon Safari. Really is a lushly atmospheric album.

Air - Sexy Boy

#Air #music #Electronica #ChillOut #Pop #BearTracks #France #90s

Eric from Longbox Review
7 months ago

Just finished v1 of #Air. I quite enjoyed this! Looking forward to the other volumes I’ve already preordered. I also love the homage to Christina’s World with the issue 5 cover! #comics #art

ArtBear on Mastodon
7 months ago

25 years since Moon Safari! Still an absolutely awesome album. This track is like a big hug.

AIR - La femme d'argent

#Air #music #Electronica #Indie #TripHop #Pop #BearTracks #France #90s

Lucky Resistor
7 months ago

This fast-drying soap/brush dish can only be 3D printed in this airy but stable way. I introduce you to model LR2264, a fast-drying soap/brush dish ventilated from below.

You will find 63 different variants of this model. There are three different rim heights (7, 14 and 21mm) and widths and depths from tiny 52mm up to large 152mm. Download them from the Printables page linked below.

#3dprinting #soap #brush #dish #fast #dry #air #ventilated #printables

A 3D printed soap dish that has many holes and it air ventilated from below. Printed in a filament that looks like stone.
A render with closeup of the small structures and holes in the dish.
A render of the soap dish on a mirroring surface.
A drawing of one of the larger versions of the dish.
7 months ago

Drone News of the Week pt1 - A drone that can both fly and swim has been developed. It could be of great use in both surveying and rescue missions.

#GoodNews #Drone #Tech #air #water #development

Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

With your #feet on the #air and your #head on the #ground
Try this #trick and #spin it, yeah
Your #head will #collapse
But there's #nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself
Where is my #mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?

#Pixies #music

8 months ago

What if we familiarized ourselves with the land, the #water, the #air, all of their resident life forms, and tried them on in our #imagination, felt as them, became them?

What if we could cross over from our delusion of separateness into the reality of our connectedness?

What if we were skilled in applying our learning to the intrapersonal and interpersonal realms of self-understanding, social understanding, and the challenges of living in #community with human and non-human beings?


Jeff Gilchrist
8 months ago

Real life example of impact from #COVID #infection and why we need #clean #air

Hannah Davis ( taught a grad-level course on generative music at New York University, works with machine learning, data sonification (auditory equivalent of data visualization), and natural language processing ( ). 🧵 1/

The one page easy to share version is here:

Photo of Hannah Davis. Image from: