4 weeks ago

I have not edited the story any further. It is 1 to 1 from ChatGPT. But the prompt is a bit special.

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Sam Müller
4 weeks ago

"The Absent Echoes: A Cautionary Tale of Escapism and Awakening" - a ChatGPT Story

The Neuss
2 months ago

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Paul Welty
4 months ago

A big challenge I see with ChatGPT or any AI writer is that it “breaks” the writing learning process.

It can easily and affordably replace first-draft or low-level writing, for the use of _currently_ experienced writers and editors. Unfortunately, writers become good writers by writing, and they frequently start by writing content like this. If there is no more opportunity to learn through this kind of writing, how are we going to make the next generation of writers?

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Paul Welty
4 months ago

The outputs of ChatGPT or other AI-based writing can easily be abused, just like any writing. You could use it to generate (merely) SEO-based content. You could fail to read and edit its outputs. You could consume this content without being critical. All these things already happen today. Just because content is generated by some AI doesn’t change the basic rules of reading, writing, and criticizing.
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Paul Welty
4 months ago

If I am looking at a text, I am utterly not interested in how the text arrived. I will judge the text on its own merits. This includes whether the author is human or AI. #ai #aiwriter

Wendy Baldwin ✍️
5 months ago

Even the good has a limit.

The polish is a reflection of the corpus the AI is trained on (a black box) and ultimately presents a narrow range of options and a small set of the many possible legitimate forms of linguistic expression for any given communicative context/function.

Never take its advice without deliberation. If you don't like a suggestion, ignore it. It does NOT (and cannot) know better than you.

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Wendy Baldwin ✍️
5 months ago

The AI-based writing aid field is getting crowded—DeepL has just launched DeepL Write.

As far I can see, it's similar to other tools (Writefull, Grammarly, etc.).

So use it/them with care—they are good at pumping out natural-sounding sentences in English (i.e. adding polish), but they cannot understand, reason or communicate (i.e. they cannot assess meaning, relevance, coherence and cohesion, voice, stance and all the other deep aspects of successful human communication).

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Paul Welty
5 months ago

Been reading/hearing a lot lately on AI-generated content esp the CNET articles.

The consensus seems to be that there needs to be full disclosure it was AI-written.

I don't agree. AI-writing should be judged by the same standards that any writing is. Is it factual? well written? non-plagiarized? etc.

There's a lot that goes into non-AI writing that is never disclosed. All kinds of editing, collaboration, etc. And never mind ghost writing.

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Paul Welty
5 months ago

How The ChatGPT Watermark Works And Why It Could Be Defeated
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Should You Quit Your Academic Job?

I asked an AI Writer for advice. Here's what it said 👇

Blog post 👉

Post was written using

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Spending the day playing with

1600-word essay generated in <30 seconds 🤯

The result = pretty good!

Has my role as a writer been reduced to fact-checking, performing a Grammarly check, and adding a little flavour to the text?

Seriously questioning what the future of writing looks like at this point.

Also, reflecting on the equity of these tools in higher education. There is a fee involved in using the tools. It's not that high, but it means that students with $$$ are once again at an advantage.

Will HE providers of the future purchase enterprise subscriptions to level the playing field so that all students have access?

So many questions!!!


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Paul Welty
6 months ago

Is anyone else blown away by the quality and potential impact of the #AiWriter #AI #Writing work products from tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, or wherever? I routinely write, edit, buy writing, and buy editing, and this seems like it's going to be hugely disruptive at least in the "middle" writing world that I mostly inhabit ... blogs, brochures, marketing copy, etc. Most of the few random first-draft tests I've done are at least as good as the product from experienced human writers in these areas.

Hobson Lane
6 months ago

@smicur @scottjenson @jalefkowit I don't see the hyperbole. I think we see it happening before our eyes. Exponential change is hard to notice. It's so horrific that we can't look away, we just stare mesmerized like a deer in headlights.

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6 months ago

Suffice to say this #AI isn’t a capitalist. #AIwriter #AIwriting

Write a story about Elon Musk, Jeff Bazos, Tim Cook, and Bill Gates going into a bar:

Once upon a time, four of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world decided to meet up at a bar. Elon Musk, Jeff Bazos, Tim Cook, and Bill Gates were all there, ready to discuss their latest projects and ideas.

As the four entrepreneurs talked, they began to realize that they had more in common than they had previously thought. They all shared a passion for innovation and a desire to make the world a better place.

The conversation went on for hours, and soon the bar was filled with laughter and ideas. By the end of the night, the four entrepreneurs had made a pact to work together on a project that would revolutionize the world.

And from then on, Elon Musk, Jeff Bazos, Tim Cook, and Bill Gates worked together to make the world a better placed

Wrote a 2200-word blog post today!


Easy 👇

1. Used to sketch an outline and built the skeleton of the article.

2. Added additional content from additional desk research, notes from my second brain in Obsidian and following up on ideas raised by Jasper.

3. Rewrote the whole thing in my own words.

4. Optimised the text for SEO / Google search results

5. Uploaded to WordPress and published 🥳

My takeaway:

I strongly believe we should be teaching students how to use technology to write rather than penalising them for working with tools commonly used in industry.

You still need foundational knowledge to create, evaluate, and craft writing, even if you initially use AI to create it.

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Posting my progress for my #AccountabilityBuddy project


Notion has just introduced an AI writer feature! Looks like JasperAI but build into Notion... interesting.

Magic 🪄 Join me on the alpha waitlist!

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10 months ago

Inside a radical new project to democratize AI
A group of over 1,000 #AI researchers has created a multilingual #LargeLanguageModel bigger than #GPT3—and they’re giving it out for free. #llm #bloom #nlp #AIWriting #AIWriter #BigScience #OpenSource