Jeff Cliff 🦝
7 minutes ago
#ElectionDay #AbElection2023 #abvotes

It's voting day #alberta people !

Vote early, vote once
Canadian History Ehx
3 hours ago

In Canadian history, 14 women have served as a premier. Three became premier by defeating an incumbent premier.
Three times, 2 women have become premier & Opp. leader in a provincial election: PEI (1993), Alberta (2012, 2023).
Alberta has had the most female premiers with 3.

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Anyone else in #Alberta feeling really queasy about today's election? I don't know if I can even bear to watch the results, and I'm usually a political junky. Maybe better to enjoy one last night of ignorant bliss and face potential doom in the morning. Born and raised in this province, and it's the first time I've ever considered leaving but here we are. 😞​

#albertaelection2023 #abpoli

L'Osservatorio Esteri
4 hours ago

#Elezioni #Canada #Alberta
Urne aperte in Alberta per il rinnovo dell'Assemblea legislativa. Le urne rimarranno aperte fino alle 20:00 (le nostre 04:00)
Dei quasi 3 milioni aventi diritto al voto, 758.000 hanno già votato per posta.


Kyle Davis
5 hours ago

Today is the day: If you are in #Alberta, get out and vote!

The high turnout in advance voting was encouraging, but please (please!) go to your riding’s polling place if you didn’t do advance. It is now or never.

#AbVotes #yeg

Calgary Climate Hub
5 hours ago

Whoever wins on Monday has the critically important job of LEADING #Alberta towards #NetZeroBy2050, which means important work needs doing NOW. Here is a policy we will be advocating for on Day One. We hope you'll join us.

Full Platform here:

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7 hours ago

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Election du jour ➡️ Provinciales en Alberta 🇨🇦

A cette occasion découvrez notre page dédiée à cette province de l'ouest du Canada.

Résultats des élections provinciales depuis 1905 et galerie de portraits des Lieutenants-gouverneurs et des Premiers Ministres.

#Alberta #Canada #Provinciales2023 #Legislatives2023 #elections2023 #elections #ElectionResults

16 hours ago

#Wildfire is burning out of control in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦 The U.S. is sending more Hotshot crews up North.
The Idaho City Hotshots, Logan Hotshots, and Snake River Hotshots are reserved for mobilization.
#Alberta #NovaScotia

Andrew Iwaniuk
16 hours ago

Bracing for the election results in #Alberta tomorrow. We have a choice between logic and reason and conspiracy fueled right wing lunacy and I fear the locals will opt for the latter. If that does happen, healthcare and education will be in complete free fall. This sucks.

Raymond Scott Pert
17 hours ago


>However, between 2015-2019, the #Alberta NDP conducted the province’s first major labour law overhaul in 30 years to bring Alberta’s labour codes in line with the rest of the country. These reforms included single step union certification, restoring public sector workers’ right to strike, increasing the minimum wage to $15, modernizing occupational health and safety laws, removing the cap on WCB earnings, improving overtime and leave provisions, creating labour protections...

18 hours ago

Lucic still ‘enjoys the game,’ wants to play in NHL next season -> by [Aaron Vickers / Independent Corresponden]

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Lucic still 'enjoys the game,' wants to play in NHL next season -> by [Aaron Vickers / Independent Corresponden]

“In #Calgary, there are a number of ridings that could be settled by just a few hundred votes.”

Election day looms in #Alberta after heated campaign between Danielle Smith, Rachel Notley #abpoli

LM Little
19 hours ago

@pinhman Conservative-libertarian govts are so focused on making the rich richer that they blindly promise and enact tax-cuts. Nothing good has come from tax cuts anywhere in #Canada either and the #Alberta election is proving that no lessons have been learned.

Missing People Canada
20 hours ago

Missing Man in Edmonton, Alberta - Isaac Strutt, 46 - #Edmonton #Alberta #missingperson #missingpeoplecanada #missingincanada

Isaac Strutt, 46, was last seen on the evening of Saturday, May 27th, 2023, walking near the Edmonton Garrison at Mons Avenue and Range Road 224.

He is described as a white male, 5’8” tall, 154 lbs with short brown hair.He was wearing brown work boots, green camouflage shorts and a...

More Info:

Missing People Canada
20 hours ago

Missing Woman in Grande Prairie, Alberta - Reva Yvonne Canning, 34 - #Grande Prairie #Alberta #missingperson #missingpeoplecanada #missingincanada

The Grande Prairie RCMP is reaching out to the public for help in locating a missing woman identified as Reva Yvonne Canning from Grande Prairie.

According to authorities, Canning was last seen in the Grande Prairie area on Wednesday, May 24. She...

More Info:

Paul Turnbull
1 day ago

Finally got the new kayaks out.

#Alberta #Kayak #Lake #Birds

Subaru Outback with two orange kayaks on the roof.
Looking out over the bow of an orange kayak to a tree line shore.
Two grebes floating in the reeds on a lake.
Lorraine C.
1 day ago

May. 27, 2023,
Canada's first-ever disaster report at the national level showcases the threats the country faces, the regions at risk, and what is needed for agencies and people to better handle future catastrophes

#Canada #earthquake #fires #floods #news #cdnpoli #Climate #ClimateChange #globalwarming #Alberta

Mike B
1 day ago

Who would have thought -Alberta government revenues are highly correlated with...oil price!

The NDP didn't "destroy" the Alberta economy, and the UCP didn't "fix" it. There are greater forces at play - such as world commodity prices.

If Alberta voters don't realize this, and work to improve our resilience, then we are destined to repeat our mistakes.

Remember to vote. #alberta #abelxn

Chart shows Alberta Government Revenue per capita vs. Oil Price (WCS)

Correlation is high, with a (Pearson) correlation coefficient of 0.91
Calgary Climate Hub
1 day ago

Whoever wins on Monday has the critically important job of LEADING #Alberta towards #NetZeroBy2050, which means important work needs doing NOW. Here is a policy we will be advocating for on Day One. We hope you'll join us.

Full Platform here:

#AlbertaElection #abpoli #ableg #yyc #ClimateChange #AlbertaElection2023 #Urbanism #ActiveTransportation


#Alberta politics made it into today's UK Guardian re #ClimateChange

I'm not a subject matter expert about politics in that province so I'm not going to comment further.

Hari Tulsidas :verified:
1 day ago

Oilsands lobby group spent $1.6 million to sway the Alberta election. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) ran ads and campaigns to promote pro-oil candidates and policies. This could undermine democracy and environmental protection in the province.

#oilsands #Alberta #CAPP

Markham Hislop
1 day ago

"@RachelNotley’s view of energy transition isn’t much more advanced than @ABDanielleSmith's.

But she can be persuaded by evidence.

Bottom line, that’s the leader #Alberta needs over the next 4 years"
#AlbertaElection2023 #AlbertaElection #ABleg #ABpoli

Raymond Scott Pert
1 day ago


>Ms. Smith’s reticence to dig deep on climate-change policy is understandable, because her track record on the issue spins like a greatest-hits playlist of the past 15 years in climate-denial talking points. her long-standing, kneejerk-contrarian relationship with climate science... #canpoli #alberta #albertapolitics #abpoli

Markham Hislop
4 days ago

Not only can we convert solar (and wind) into energy (electricity), but we now have plenty of efficient technologies to convert the energy into work, like electric vehicles, heat pumps, and industrial processes.

Follow the money, folks. Oil/gas has had trouble attracting capital for years. It's only going to get harder. Hello, #Alberta, you listening?

Missing People Canada
4 days ago

3 Missing Girls in Standoff, Alberta - Tiana Plume (15), Tahden Smith (14), and Tricia Crow Chief (12) - #Standoff #Alberta #missingperson #missingpeoplecanada #missingincanada

The Blood Tribe Police is seeking the assistance of the public in locating three missing girls who were last seen on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

According to authorities, Tiana Plume (15),...

More Info:

Under no circumstances should book bans be tolerated in #Canada. As usual it is hyperventilation over #SexEd, #sex and #gender driving calls for bans. Enough. Librarians do amazing jobs and take great care in shelving books on many topics for various ages as described clearly in this article.
#books #bookstodon #canada #saskatchewan #manitoba #alberta #libraries

6 days ago

Rex has a real bone to pick with… *checks notes*… #Alberta liberals.

What a dumb motherf*cker.

#abpoli #cdnpoli

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
6 days ago

@Doreen32128 @sewing Oh, thanks! I’m not actually an evacuee. I’m on a planned #roadtrip. The smoke was so bad that I didn’t dare camp in #Alberta. #Montana had our smoke last week but the winds have shifted and I’m surrounded by blessedly blue skies. Still, this #ClimateEmergency means that folks everywhere are facing potential disaster.

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
6 days ago

@sewing #MeMayMade2023 Wearing my comfy scrub PJs while I drink my #CampingCoffee in Bigfork, #Montana. So relieved to be out of the #WildfireSmoke in #Alberta. I hope I have a province to return to.

1 week ago

It never surprises me when outlets like the Globe and Mail waste their column inches on BS discussion about corporate tax breaks. I am surprised that this has now extended to the CBC which spends an entire article wasting time “debating” the issue.

CBC is officially “part of the problem”.

#Alberta #AlbertaPoli #CBC

1 week ago

So if this was a normal spring day I would be out in the garden helping my partner plant whatever it is that she is planting.

But there are wildfires in BC and Alberta and the Air Quality Index is 11 so I am going to be inside today. The index goes to 10 BTW.

You would think this would be a major issue in the provincial election. You would be incorrect.

#Alberta #AlbertaPoli

1 week ago

If you are under 35 and a resident of the province of Alberta, vote. This is not about old people stuff. This is about your future. Vote. #albertaelection2023 #Alberta

1 week ago

Kyle Brittain: Incredible satellite imagery over western #Canada this morning.
Most of the province of #Alberta sits beneath the most solid blanket of #wildfire smoke I've ever seen. #abfire #ABfires

A pic from a satellite over Alberta as described.
There is No Dana (He/Him)
1 week ago

Alberta is on fire :( Stay safe out there #smoke #wildfire #Alberta

Robson Fletcher
1 week ago

As I drove out of Calgary today the smoke was so thick but just west of the city it’s been so, so much better.

I spent a lot of time this afternoon just breathing the air and looking at the blue sky and appreciating it all.

Amazing how much you take clean air for granted until it’s gone.

#yyc #Calgary #Alberta #ABfire #abfires #albertawildfires #wildfires #climatechange

Robson Fletcher
1 week ago

‘Wildfire seasons have been lengthening & fires have been burning with a greater destructive intensity.

I call it “21st-century fire” because that’s when fire really started to get weird. Before 2000, wildfire-generated pyrocumulonimbus thunderstorms were an extreme rarity.

Now they are a common feature; Alberta generated several of them in the first week of May alone’

#ABfire #wildfires #alberta #ableg #albertawildfires #climatechange

Robson Fletcher
1 week ago

Alberta Wildfire spokesperson Christie Tucker said there are currently 91 wildfires in Alberta's forest protection area, and 25 of those are out of control.

She also underlined just how severe this year's wildfire season has been, with 842,000 hectares burned so far.

"Last year, on this day, we [had] burned just 459 hectares. Not 459,000 — 459," Tucker said.

#ABfire #abfires #alberta #albertawildfires #wildfires

Jeff Samsonow
1 week ago

The air is trying to kill us in #Edmonton. 🔥💨 Wildfires are burning across the province and we may see the worst year yet for how much of #Alberta is scorched. Yes, the fires are getting worse. Yes, the #ClimateEmergency is already happening. Yes, how you vote matters. Voting for the NDP on May 29 is basically our last chance to do something, anything. #ableg #abVote #yeg #yegwx #abWildfire #abFires

Environment Canada air quality index is off the charts at 11+ and everyone outside is at risk.
Air monitor showing PM10 levels are at 739.4, meaning particulate matter in the air makes it hazardous outside.
Air monitor showing PM2.5 levels are at 407.8, hazardous, meaning particulate matter that can get into your lungs is a real danger if you're outside without a mask.

If we are going to fight against misinformation, lies and deception and promote a more informed society, we must better instill and ignite curiosity in our education streams.
#cdnpoli #canpoli #scicomm #canada #saskatchewan #education #alberta #ontario #science

The goal of any and all authoritarians.
Kill curiosity,knowledge gathering, and any questioning of actions by the leaders. They want blind followers. #Canada and #USA beware.
#cdnpoli #skpoli #alberta #saskatchewan #ontario

Robson Fletcher
2 weeks ago

Just how bad is the air in Calgary right now?

This chart shows the past five days.

Huge spike in particulate matter on Tuesday and, after a brief reprieve overnight, it's surging again today. 😷

#Calgary #yyc #alberta #albertafires #abfire #wildfires

Chart showing fine particulate matter peaking at 558 micrograms per cubic metre of air on Tuesday. Recommended maximum exposure is 80 micrograms over 1 hour and 29 micrograms over a 24-hour period.