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Stone in Abstract #mastoart #art #alcoholink

Henry Darger’s Ghost
1 month ago

This isn’t done. I want to do some work with red wire but I don’t have enough of it to experiment.

“What you need is someone strong to guide you” Tool - Opiate

I don’t really care for Tool. I like them okay, I guess. Someone close to me, damn near my twin, loved them. This wound up being about him so Tool it is.

Anyway, covered a canvas in large flake sea salt and dropped alcohol ink on top and it filtered down to the canvas board beneath.

#MastoArt #alcoholink #tool

It’s a background of a sky, bright colors at the bottom and dark at the top to create a gradient.  Gradient colors, a very nearly glowing, warm orange, fuscia, deep purple, and a cold, black-ish purple.  There are four dark blue clouds in the top half of the painting. To start this painting I covered the entire thing with large flakes of sea salt. I used bottled alcohol inks (same colors as the gradient listed above) to drop onto the salt where it filtered through to the canvas board below. The alcohol doesn’t melt the salt and after it dries and the salt is removed, it leaves speckled effect.
Same as the description in the other pic in this post, however it shows the whole thing while waiting for the alcohol inks to dry.  The colors are more vibrant because the top layer of salt absorbs a lot of the ink before it trickles down to the canvas board beneath. The other picture looks more clearly like a sky.  This looks like a more fuzzy sky.  I wear some thick glasses - without them I can’t see clearly past a few inches in front of my face.  If I were looking at a sky with these exaggerated colors without my glasses, this would look very close to that.
Henry Darger’s Ghost
1 month ago

I will be retaking this picture once I study camera settings again. Like 10 years ago I got into light painting and thought I remembered more than I do.

Anyway, I love Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and usually make something DT related when I want to paint but don’t know what. Sky’s alcohol ink, Tower’s watered-down and layered gouache, field of too many roses is acrylic.

“A man who can’t bear to share his habits is a man who need to quit them.”

#acrylic #gouache #alcoholink #darktower

Very simplistic painting of The Dark Tower in a field of roses with a psychedelic-ish sky. Before any painting was done I textured the sky portion with short, vertical strokes (difficult to see in this picture) and the tower portion using Bob Ross’s technique for making mountains with a palate knife. The sky was made by covering the sky portion with flakey sea salt and then dropping the red and orange alcohol ink through the salt where it would form colorful cloud-like blobs. The tower was made by putting clear water in various parts of where the tower would go and then used heavily watered down gouache to push the paint where I wanted it, and then added more black where necessary to give it a rough obsidian look and feel. The texture of the field of too many roses was created entirely by pain. First I made a green layer using acrylic paint, then I made “stamps” out of some old wire. I dipped the “stamps” into red paint and applied it to the green layer, then repeated until I had a field filled with too many flowers.
Cody · Mushroom.Haus
2 months ago

Found the old wrist rest I'd made with alcohol inks a year or so back... Even with minimal UV exposure, it has NOT aged well.

Y'all, if you're into resin, steer clear of Pinata inks. Just zero color fastness whatsoever. So glad I never tried selling these things...

#resin #resincasting #alcoholink

A resin wrist rest that has faded and yellowed with age.
The underside showing the original colors.
Deborah League
5 months ago

Dragonfly & Lotus Pond. Reminds me of stories my mom would read to us about gardens and forests inhabited by fairies, gnomes, talking animals, insects and more. Beautiful, innocent societies filled with love, laughter and sparkling lights.


#mastodon #mastoart #art #artist #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #fediart #dragonfly #alcoholink #fantasy #painting #symbolism #goodluck #insect #colorful #buyintoart #artwork #illustration #nature #fantasy

Dragonfly Over Lotus Pond features a colorful giant damselfly gliding over two vibrant pink lotus pads growing up out of electric blue water on tall stalks. The blue sky sparkles as if alive and two tall flower pods sway in the breeze. The application of unusual and vibrant colors lends an air of fantasy to this otherwise natural scene.
5 months ago

#Art #digitalart #procreate #mastoart #alcoholink

My first attempt at digital alcohol ink painting with Procreate.

Abstract digital alcohol ink painting using Procreate. Pale mottled teal background with a hot pink hourglass shape placed diagonally on the canvas and a deeper teal shape laid across the pink background, with blue scrolling in the center and gold metallic spray behind the teal image. Edges are filmy and fading into transparency.
Sue Zipkin
6 months ago

A simple dragonfly on an alcohol ink marbling texture.

What's really exciting is there's a pop up sale on Redbubble: Mugs, wall art, stationery, and more. Any design. 20% off with code TEACH20.

Find this art and more of my dragonfly art at :

#Sale #watercolor #alcoholink #artistsonmastodon #AYearForArt #Dragonfly #Spring

This is a stylized dragonfly, watercolor, painting, with line, art and playful designs. It is large, and it sits on a alcohol ink background that has circles, and the colors are greens and blues, with subtle transparent colors, mixed in. The dragonfly has translucent white wings. It is a rectangle format.

This is the result of the #plainting experiment with alcohol inks that I teased the other day; based on a photo of my friend's cat, Ripley.
"Sweetest Woe"
#cat #copic #alcoholink #penplotter #mastoart

Deborah League
6 months ago

When I created this abstract painting, I wanted to capture the essence of tropical flowers rather than something representational. I feel like the playful and dynamic arrangement of the blooms and unusual, vibrant colors helped me get where I wanted to go. Let me know what you think!

Art -

#mastodon #mastoart #AYearForArt #art #artwork #artist #flowers #alcoholink #mixedmedia #digitalart #painting #floral #colorful #abstract #buyintoart

Abstract Tropical Blooms mixed media painting. A stunning and lively artwork that captures the essence of tropical flora. The piece features an abstract interpretation of several blooming flowers and foliage, all arranged in a playful and dynamic manner. The background is a vivid blue color that evokes the feeling of a sunny day in a tropical paradise. The flowers themselves are depicted in bold and bright colors, and are composed of various shapes and sizes, ranging from large and fluid strokes to small and intricate details. The use of color, shape, and composition in this artwork creates a sense of movement and rhythm, as if the flowers are swaying in a gentle breeze. "Abstract Tropical Blooms" is a perfect piece of art for anyone who loves nature, color, and abstraction, and will add a lively and vibrant touch to any room.
6 months ago

Found out later that alcohol ink is very toxic and you should not finger paint with it like I did in this video. I definitely had alcohol ink all over my hands. I did a very reckless thing because I didn't bother to research. I almost want to take this video down but it's my only video getting views so now I feel like a bad person for wanting to keep it up.
#AlcoholInk #ArtBlunder #ArtFail

Jolanta Anna Karolska 🧿
6 months ago

Butterflies remind us that even though we may go through periods of darkness and struggle, we have the power to transform ourselves and emerge stronger, more beautiful, and capable of taking flight toward new horizons.

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An abstract painting portraying a butterfly in a multicolored background..created with alcohol inks on yupo paper..created by me Artbyjolla
Hues: green, yellow, red, blue, pink,black.
6 months ago

The idea for this came from a #SillyCuratorPrompts #ArtyRoar

"I am the Huntress of the Day! Watch me roar after this butterfly"

I am not sure if this came out okay. I am trying the figure out how to use alcohol ink so this was a learning experience. 🦋

I also apologize for being late to Caturday this week.

#MastoArt #AlcoholInk #painting #caturday #Cats

A orange and red cat is standing on all fours with her mouth open in a yell and she is looking up at a butterfly flying away from her. The butterfly is also orange, red and yellow. The background is green and blue. There are pink and yellow swirls in the sky around the butterfly. The mood is whimsical. The cat is swishing her tail frantically.
Deborah League
6 months ago

Desert Oasis. Deep in the desert, no escape. Searing heat from the sun, trapped by surrounding hills. Out of nowhere, a welcome respite of cool grass & blue water. Real or a mirage?

Art -

#desert #alcoholink #painting #cactus #oasis #heat #sun #desertlife #mastodon #mastoart #art #water #mirage
#artist #AYearForArt #landscape #wallart #homedecor #ArtMatters #artwork #fediart #mountains #meditation #calming #peaceful #welcome #respite

Desert Oasis alcohol ink art print. Deep in the desert there is no escape from the unrelenting heat. The searing sun beats down on you and the surrounding rock hills trap the heat. Then, out of nowhere, a welcome respite of cool grass and refreshing water appears. The lushness pushing back against the angry red desert. Is it real or a mirage?
Deborah League
8 months ago

Yay, my favorite posting day of the week because it #Caturday! Whimsical painting of three watchful cats sitting on a green cushioned bench at the window, watching pink blossoms fall from the cherry tree outside.

Work is here -

#Caturday #mastodon #mastoart #catsofmastodon #cats #cat #art #artist #AYearForArt #fediart #wallart #homedecor #cute #catart #mastodonart #animalart #illustration #AlcoholInk #whimsicalart #catlover

Whimsical painting of three watchful cats sitting on a green cushioned bench at the window, watching pink blossoms fall from the cherry tree outside. The warm colored wood of the window frame and bench with it's green cushion compliment the yellow ochre rag painted walls featured in the image. Anyone who's ever lived with a cat can appreciate the alert body stance, cocked head and curled tail of the cats as these fascinating creatures observe the movement outside. Original painting, alcohol ink on Yupo paper.
Amanda Coryell
8 months ago

in 5 days I turn 45!

A great #birthday #present would be #donations to my #Ko-fi so that I can do my next #ArtProject which is a certain type of #ResinPourArt that uses both #Resin and #AlcoholInk.

Any help to get me started on this project would be amazing as this is something that could be #sold online and at #Conventions which means I could help my family financially which is hard to do when on #Disability.

Amanda Coryell
9 months ago

I hope I can get some money together in the next 9 days so I can buy the things I need for my next #ArtProject. I want to start making #coaster #art with #resin and #AlcoholInk.

Why in the next 9 day you may ask? Because the 19th is my #Birthday and it would be awesome to start my new #project then or to at least order the things I need then!

If anyone wants to add to my birthday project #fund it would be an appreciated present for this gal!

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Art therapy or just art, not sure #alcoholink #painting #TraditionalArt