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#Welcome to the #fediverse

Here you can find some ideas on how to grow your #network and have a rewarding experience on #Mastodon and beyond.

The most important thing: people are the #algorithm.

8 hours ago

Again in #LinkedIn
I've found a #poll there asking what's better: a long post or an #article
If you wanted more vies, it would be better for you to write a post that the #algorithm will promote.
I'm getting tired of posts abut the algorithm.
There is something else that I barely if at all is talked about: #content which is something you search for.
Screw the #newsfeed and try to write articles people will find useful.

asmaloney (Andy) 🌎
11 hours ago

Finally some interesting & useful AI news!

"We reverse engineered the low-level assembly sorting algorithms discovered by AlphaDev for sort 3, sort 4 and sort 5 to C++ and discovered that our sort implementations led to improvements of up to 70% for sequences of a length of five and roughly 1.7% for sequences exceeding 250,000 elements."

#NotChatGPT #AI #sorting #algorithm #cpp #LLVM #ReinforcementLearning

Andreu Casablanca 🐀
4 days ago

I just published my new article about the #LZ77 #compression #algorithm, with some interactive simulations 🤓

4 days ago

Recommendation systems are useful, but sometimes we just want to discover new things by ourselves. In this article I present 6 alternatives to "the algorithm".

#algorithm #youtube #radio #ethics #blog #recommendersystems #AI #datagovernance

Alexander Vollberg
5 days ago

Ja, #algorithm|en sind unzuverlässig und im besten Fall harmlos und komisch.
Ich höre eigentlich oft über
@Spotify Musik.
Aber wirklich den Geschmack von mir, haben sie auch nach Jahren nicht getroffen.
Geschweige denn auch nur annähernd konsistente #Playlists vorgeschlagen.

Alan Kotok
6 days ago

Primate Genome A.I. Model IDs Human Disease Variants

A #genomic systems company created an artificial intelligence #algorithm from #primate genomic data that identifies possible disease-causing #mutations in humans.

#News #Science #Business #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Databases #Proteins #AlphaFold #NeuralNetwork #Sequencing #Collaboration

Mandrill, a primate species

Stop calling it the #algorithm — as in the "Twitter Algorithm".

It is a "Recommendation Engine".

Trash Robot
6 days ago

suppose you take #cardboard #trash and cut it and glue it into a cube. then you put some soil in the cube and do some kind of experiment. You could grow #worms, do a compost, grow #mushrooms build a battery from trash, grow the beginning of a tree, and possibly stack the cube with other cubes in a whole system of cubes. then you take videos of your results and put them all on a #peertube instance you host on laptops from the trash. You replicate this to millions of people, all hosting peer tube instances and uploading video results of their soil in trash cube experiments. that's a lot of data on what we can do with soil in cubes. we have goals we want from this, vegetables and mushrooms to grow, systems to get working. We can create algorithms which read in the video data and crunch on it to create summaries which people can use as a feedback loop to get the cubes working like they want. initially, this "#algorithm" is just #gardening enthusiasts watching and making their own videos. But as we scale we can add more trash servers which host software that automates more and more of the tasks.

this would be the internet of #soil.

it begins with a self-replicating 4 inch cardboard square, which replicates here:

Jeff Brown
1 week ago

@stux @Gargron

Apple demonstrating the power of the #algorithm

m naudin
1 week ago

Pour ma compréhension : c'est bien ça le « Machine Learning »❓😉
#machinelearning #ia #algorithm #artificialintelligence #intelligenceartificielle #puzzle

1 week ago

In today’s world, AI systems are used to decide who gets hired, the quality of medical treatment we receive, and whether we become a suspect in a police investigation. While these tools show great promise, they can also harm vulnerable and marginalized people, and threaten civil rights. Unchecked, unregulated and, at times, unwanted, AI systems can amplify racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

The Algorithmic Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, build the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases. We’re building a movement to shift the AI ecosystem towards equitable and accountable AI

#ajl #privacy #AI #Algorithm #Discrimination

Mastodon Migration
1 week ago

@ArtPhotosDesk @rwg @ClimateMigration Yes. It is somewhat labor intensive, but do not see how it can be done differently.

There is also a potential pitfall here that the phrasing (ie. "scouring") of the subject post above highlights. That is, can you trust the motives of the curator of the topical account?

This may be due to a perception that some kind of AI based recommendation algorithm would be less prone to corruption, but it seems like real experience argues otherwise.


Mustafa Kulle
1 week ago

Have you noticed how youtubers complain about the "algorithm" when they lose subscribers, but they never praise the "algorithm" when they grow in popularity?

#youtube #algorithm #complain #popularity #whining #tech

Me : Buy a laptop
The very advanced algorithm of Amazon: You have bough a laptop do you want to buy a laptop ?
Me : 🤦‍♀️

#amazon #algorithm #buy #laptop

The easiest way to get past the #music #algorithm is simply to ignore it and make what you want.
Sure... you'll end up writing in obscurity with no reward but isn't that just the same as hitting it but without the leg-work..?

1 week ago

"Twitter's Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization" by Smitha Milli et al

#Twitter #algorithm #arxiv

PS: If anyone knows if any of the authors are on mastodon pls let me know, people are so hard to find here.

Nika Shilobod
1 week ago

#twitter #socialmedia #algorithm #extremeism

Twitter's Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization

Twitter's Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization 

Smitha et al. 2023

As social media continues to have a significant influence on public opinion, understanding the impact of the machine learning algorithms that filter and curate content is crucial. However, existing studies have yielded inconsistent resuits, potentially due to limitations such as reliance on observational methods, use of simulated rather than real users, restriction to specific types of content, or internal access requirements that may create conflicts of interest. To overcome these issues, we conducted a pre-registered controlled experiment on Twitter's algorithm without internal access. The key to our design was to, for a large group of active Titter Lsers, simultaneously collect (a) the tweets the personalized algorithm shows, and (b} the tweets the user would have seen if they were just shown the latest tweets from people they follow; we then srveyed users about both sets of tweets in a random order. Our resuts indicate that the algorithm amplifies emotional content, and especially those tweets that express anger and oLt-group animosity. Furthermore, poltical tweets from the algorithm lead readers to perceive their political in-group more positively and their political oLt-group more negatively. Interestingly, while readers generally say they prefer tweets curated by the algorithm, they are less likely to prefer algorithm-selected political tweets. [...]

Granted I hardly ever use Facebook and I do obfuscate my patterns...
But I don't understand why the #algorithm would think I'd like a post about Starbucks & Twilight

Screenshot from Facebook: 'suggested for you'
Nasos Alaiskas
1 week ago

If you want your own #algorithm, you need to use #antenna in #calckey. It's so cool and by far the best way to get informed.

#fediverse is not #Mastodon

1 week ago

In summary, the key #impact is that the #study finds evidence that #Twitter's #algorithm may contribute to increased affective #polarization and amplification of emotionally charged content by selectively highlighting divisive tweets, even though it optimizes for user engagement. This highlights the need to better incorporate #user stated preferences into #algorithms to reduce #amplification of #problematic #content.

And you call this newsworthy?!

There's virtually no difference between #Twitter's and #Bluesky's approach to #algorithm feeding you with crap.

Telmo 🦕
2 weeks ago

When there is an #algorithm that favors posts based on the potential for controversy, it is not promoting dialogue but mediocrity. When there is an algorithm that favors images of the body, you are not promoting the look but impoverishing it.

#twitter #instagram

Günter :mildpanic:
2 weeks ago

One powerful thing about #mastodon not having an #algorithm -feed: simply unfollowing people is enough to not see their content anymore.

Josh Susser
2 weeks ago

Sometimes I wonder what #recommendation #algorithms would be like if they were built for #neurodivergent folks. Anywhere with an #algorithm seems to get things wildly wrong for me. I assume my #ADHD scattershot and #autistic deep-dive ways of engaging with topics confuse the hell out of heuristics tuned for NT levels of attention and engagement. Do my fellow NDs have similar poor experiences too? Or is this just how it is universally and all recommendations suck for everyone, no matter the neurotype?

(Note: Using "algorithm" to describe a recommendation engine is a bit lazy and ignores that much of what matters is the data the algorithm operates on, but I'm not up for dying on that hill today.)

Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

The term #Algorithm is Al-Khwarizmi translated into #Latin

The #scientist & #mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi lived from 780 to 850 AD in Persia & #Iraq.

Also known as the father of #algebra,
Al-Khwarizmi's #book, "Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing” introduced systematic methods for solving linear & quadratic equations.

Using letters as symbols to represent unknown quantities, lay the foundation for symbolic algebra.

#Islam #Muslim #science #math

2 weeks ago

Have I Been Trained?
Search 5.8 billion images used to train popular AI art models. Find out if images on your site have been used to train LMA/"AI" generators, and choose to opt in or opt out.
#MLA #LMA #AI #Trainers #Algorithm #MachineLearningAlgorithms #Scraping #Copyright #OptOut

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

Hilariously scatological analogy from @daringfireball: “The new #algorithm that puts paying #TwitterBlue users’ replies at the top of every thread has ruined political #Twitter. It’s like letting people suffering from incontinence try on all the pants in a store before anyone else.”

Lance Walton
2 weeks ago

I need an #algorithm that can place N items into G groups such that:

* each group has at least 1 item
* the probability distribution for the number of items in a group is uniform, e.g. p(1 item) = p(2 items) = … = p(N-G+1 items) = P
* all groups have the same P

Any ideas?

The only idea I have is to choose a random number in the range [1, N-G+1], then randomly select that number of items & put them in the first group. Repeat with the remaining items, adjusting the range for the second group, etc. Then shuffle the groups to eliminate the tendency towards earlier groups being larger.

But I haven’t worked out if it satisfies the properties I want.

2 weeks ago

I love it when I'm watching Dr. Glaucomflecken videos on #YouTube and the almighty #algorithm serves me up ads for ambulance services, health insurance, and pharmacies.

It was especially apropos today given his newest video released this morning, a brutal takedown of employee provided health insurance ("Every plan comes with a complimentary Gofundme Page..."But I don't need a GoFundMe"..."Not Yet...")

#Comedy #Satire #HealthCare

2 weeks ago

I think I've reached the red yarn pegboard phase with my family. They think I'm overreacting to the coming tsunami of crap that is on the internet horizon. They don't quite get how the algorithms make you think you're being seen but ignored by tailoring feeds in a way that you and frequent followers can find you but anyone coming from outside that circle can't.
BTW is there an aware Yeshua following or Gnostic PeerTube out there?
#YouTube #PeerTube #Algorithm #ChannelBurial #Yeshua

For better or worse, I'm starting to take it for granted now that my day will get more interesting the instant I check in on #mastodon

It's automatic that I'll meet someone fascinating or catch a great insight. For sure I'll see great photography and cool pics of funghi or otters or some part of the planet I wish I was visiting right there and then.

The world needs an information crossroads. It cannot be held in private hands (a la #birdshite). It cannot be run by algorithms. Each and every person in the #fediverse must be their own #algorithm.

If the news media and content creators want us to make ourselves available to them, they must demonstrate their value to us - rather than shove themselves down our throats (take it or leave it). Is the Fediverse a harder place to sell things? Yeah. Because you have to sell yourself one person at a time.

It really does level the playing field in significant ways.

And the best part remains - to this day, since joining Mastodon - I have never experienced the agita and anger with which I approached #twitter.

That place made me crazy. This place makes me smile. I'll take that every single day of every single week.

Shu Daizi
3 weeks ago

Beyond missing Twitter (or rather the communities that came together on Twitter), here's another dirty secret: I miss the algorithm. Don't get me wrong, the algorithm was awful, and it seems to be much worse now, but I can't deny that it was helpful to have popular posts (within my interests) surfaced to me. Bluesky is claiming they will have algorithms on each instance (or whatever they're calling it), and that is interesting to me.

#Twitter #Mastodon #Bluesky #Algorithm

Derek Brauders
1 month ago

@kissane @natematias Algorithms, humans and their complex interactions. ☝️. A very good and interesting read about this subject, explaining some of the sheer complexities involved.
Highly recommended long read for anyone interested in this, whether scientist or (like me) an interested party!

#algorithm #humans

Jordan Hirsch :vbike:
1 month ago

Pandora is the only good #algorithm

Ben Miller
1 month ago

to be honest, I don't really use #Twitter anymore, so the for-you-#algorithm probably doesn't know better and just wants to force-feed me things #Elmo thinks are important. The result is as expected and described above.

Tracy Rosenberg
1 month ago

"They had none of that – just an out-of-focus image of a large Black man in a baseball cap that a faulty #algorithm had determined was me.”

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

@harriettmb I was just listening to @klillington on @marklittle podcast - The History Of The Future - and she also commented, almost exactly the same way, about the virtues of separating from #Twitter and it’s nasty #algorithm. Great #podcast by the way and excellent episode on #FreeSpeech issues


1 month ago

OMG, #LinkedIn is the same kind of abomination as #Facebook, only for the business world.

It's not a social network. It's a fiend that feeds on social networks and interposes itself into people's interactions. 💢

Learn how to please the #algorithm. Seminars on how to please the algorithm. Force people onto the platform. Force people to force people onto the platform.

Seriously, fuck them. Get the fuck out of our lives, #Mickeysoft.


mctavish (any)
1 month ago

... the porous, intimate boundaries between humans and machines ... wood, wire, resin, pitch, reed, thread, ink, grammar, syntax, algorithm, text/code => sound recordings, film, cloth, generative new media, print book ... scrawl

#GenerativeArt #algorithm #AbstractArt #drawing #weaving #quilting

Dee G Lloyd
1 month ago

Lucky for us, there is no #algorithm in the #Fediverse

Guido Schmidt
1 month ago

Spent the last few hours dealing with the jump flood fill algorithm at work until I realized it is actually the heart of an artwork by @toxi on fx/hash, namely De/FragV2 🤩

#algorithm #jumpflood #thingumbrella #fxhash #computerart #genartclub #generative #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #art #pixelfed

Elaine Rigues
1 month ago

It's as annoying as the "everything needs to have an #algorithm to "optimize" it" crowd.

No, you lazy fuck.

Mastodon Migration
2 months ago

Welcome #NewUser

If you are coming from Twitter, you understandably may feel like it is a lot quieter here. Mastodon is not "dead," but there is no #algorithm bombarding you with stuff. Here you develop your own user experience by searching out and following people and things that interest you. You can pretty quickly build a much more satisfying experience, but it takes a little effort. Following #hashtags is a good way to get started. Be patient and join in conversations.


Red Panda Coding
2 months ago

All right, so, the difference between an #algorithm and "AI" as it's understood by computer science is that the former is a set of rules that are followed strictly to achieve a result.

#AI, which is more synonymous with #MachineLearning (ML), is closer to how humans or animals process things: Learn until the trained behaviour is close enough in result that is feasable.

Creative Coding Utrecht
2 months ago

Day 2 of @incolico #iclc2023 is about to start! Joining remotely? Tune in on our livestream here: #livecoding #conference #performance #algorithm

Alan Kotok
2 months ago

Biotech, Undersea Researchers Partner on Carbon Capture Bacteria

A #microbiome #biotechnology company and an #undersea #research group are studying #microorganisms that thrive in and consume intense #carbon dioxide.

#News #Science #Business #CO2 #CarbonDioxide #ClimateCrisis #Microbe #Bacteria #CarbonSequestration #MachineLearning #Algorithm

Scuba diver collecting bacterial samples
PJ Coffey
2 months ago


Oof... there's a lot going on there. Having to release your paper because you're worried about minorities being denied jobs by poorly and obscurely implemented black boxes is never a fun time.


2 months ago

Italy has a problem with teachers.

An #algorithm was supposed to save time by allocating teachers on short-term contracts to schools automatically. Failures in the code and design severely disrupted teachers’ lives, reports our fellow Pierluigi Bizzini. ⤵️

@jon @Mastodon

I think it is a mistake not to have algorithms. #Mastodon does not need to push ads or its own agendas - so algorithms can be used for good. They can even be personally customizable, or even front-end only. They can help you manage huge followed streams and make sure you get the content you are most interested in. The way YOU choose, not some ad-driven attention whoring company.

Currently we, the users who follow numerous people and don't log in everyday, struggle here a bit with info management - assembling lists, custom timelines and hashtags. Using #algorithm can help to manage it more efficiently. No need to demonize it.

Technology is not good or bad by itself, it is all about what purposes and what people it serves.

Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

There's a council meeting coming up on April 25 here in NYC with several items related to the use of biometric recognition and identification systems on the agenda.

#nyc #news #FacialRecognition #AI #algorithm

Screenshot from the linked website listing items on the agenda:

T2023-3298: The Use of Biometric Identification Systems in New York City.

T2023-3301: Prohibiting places or providers of public accommodation from using biometric recognition technology and protecting any biometric identifier information collected.	

This bill would make it unlawful for any place or provider of public accommodation to use of biometric recognition technology to verify or identify a customer. It would also require places or providers of public accommodation to notify customers if biometric identifier information is collected and to require written consent before any biometric recognition technology could be used. Additionally, the bill would require any such information collected to be protected and for written policies regarding its use to be made available.

T2023-3300: Limiting the use of facial recognition technology in residential buildings.

This bill would make it unlawful for an owner of a multiple dwelling to install, activate or use any biometric recognition technology that identifies tenants or the guest of a tenant.
2 months ago

The real #algorithm in the #Fediverse were the friends we made along the way.

Inverse Phase
2 months ago

OK, y'all. This is off the cuff. It's long. I'm sorry.

The #twitter algorithm is public now.

People have long used "not wanting to be in an echo chamber" as a reason to follow opposing #politics or people with shitty takes.

That time needs to be over.

Even without the #algorithm made public, it was easy to see that people you follow are promoted to people who follow you. Consider the possibility that merely 1% of your followers are gullible. Run the numbers and realise how many people will follow a shitty human simply because they were presented the option and your name was listed next to it. Make no mistake, social media algorithms are banking on those clicks and the resultant bandwagoning effect.

Put shitty people on a private list and unfollow them. Unfollowing them teaches the algorithm they are not important. On birdsite lists, you can opt to follow your private list and you'll see these people in your feed just like you always did, just with no danger of them being shown to others. Or, you know, visit the list when you need to see what's up. See? No echo chamber, *and* your #mentalhealth will thank you!

Don't reply. They just get more attention. Don't react. They just get more attention. The algorithm will show them to more people the more you do. If you MUST post a zinger, do it with a screenshot rather than a quote tweet. But really, don't.

If you don't want to read what these people have to say, mute/block them. It lowers their score. if you need to interact, do it with a burner account that nobody follows.

If you want to make their lives difficult, there are so many better ways to do this than social media.

if you don't care about b̶i̶r̶d̶dogesite, unfollow the shitty people and then delete your account. It's about to get a lot worse, per the muskrat.

I think if this message spreads far enough, and enough people do something about it, it will make an impact. it will need to be a very concerted effort.

I'm just tired of the circus. I want to build these amazing things I've been working on all my life without the daily emotional and mental burden of worrying about things like my partner losing his #rights, me losing my #healthcare, or travelling somewhere I have to worry about weapons. There are lots of places where I wouldn't but I don't have the ability to relocate. Let's make THIS place BETTER. This suggestion here is the best contribution I have the spoons for right now.

Thank you for coming to my #tedtalk.

Johannes Rumpf
2 months ago

@mmasnick @andy agreed. I miss sometimes some #algorithm that puts something new in my timeline. I guess it’s solveable maybe by @IceCubesApp or the other app makers. Or maybe by @Gargron as an extra Algo-filter which may be optional to apply. I mean as the Twitter algorithm is now known.

Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

I'm not sure how many people buy five different heat pumps at once to heat/cool their homes, but I'm guessing it's more of an "infrequently bought together" situation, Home Depot.

#algorithm #heatpump #ecommerce

A screenshot showing a Home Depot "frequently bought together" purchase suggestion with five different heat pumps with a total purchase cost of $13,580.
Eugene McParland
2 months ago

Analysis of Twitter algorithm code reveals social medium down-ranks tweets about Ukraine

Twitter users have long suspected Twitter reduced the visibility of tweets about Ukraine now they have some proof.

After #Twitter made the code for its #algorithm open source, users began to pick through it, and discovered that tweets judged to be about Ukraine were down-ranked – meaning users were less likely to see them in their feed.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine

2 months ago

"What would you say at Twitter’s funeral? "
Good riddance to bad rubbish!
After being taken over by #Elmo the #QLoon, it was destined to die.
It destroys families, friendships, societies, and democracies by means of its divisive #algorithm.
As said: #Twitter should never have been a company Private ownership of #SocialMedia is as unnatural an idea as the private ownership of the #townsquare. It's a natural #PublicGood, which makes it an abomination.

The #Twitter #algorithm! It’s fascinating! Need to spend some time with it.

2 months ago

Problem 2: There is still a HUGE amount of things about Twitter that is kept secret, kept proprietary. What they released is backend stuff. But what is relevant for users even more is e.g. the frontend code, things the user *actually* execute on their machine. Can they actually trust this code? Who knows? Can they legally copy and share it? Hell no, because it is #proprietary. The whole Twitter #algorithm nonsense is a farce.

#opensores #Twitter

2 months ago

#Twitter continues to be and always has been #proprietary software. The fact that they've recently published a bunch of hand-picked code snippets that they claim "run Twitter" ("The #Algorithm") changes absolutely nothing about it. It's a distraction from the real issue: That Twitter as a whole is proprietary.


Jeri Dansky
2 months ago

Mastodon doesn't seem to have a daily Main Character like Twitter did, but sometimes my home timeline is dominated by a few main stories, as it has been today:
- #TransDayOfVisibility
- The ruling in the #Dominion lawsuit
- The #Twitter code / #algorithm release
- All the #tornadoes (and a bit of other bad weather and fire news) #tornado #weather

I wonder if other people's timelines look like this, too, or if they are quite different from mine.

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
2 months ago


This makes me feel better about most of my #git commit messages in my personal code that no one ever sees

#Twitter #TwitterSourceCode #TwitterAlgorithm #Algorithm

The list of issues on #Twitter's #algorithm release is lovely..

I suspect this may not have the expected/intended effect.