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Aw crap, it's the LAST DAY for this promo! 👀 Meant to give more time!

Is the winning mood a Tasty Nibble🍪over a Huge Binge? 📚

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30 #IndieAuthors of #SciFi & #Fantasy 💫

#Novellas & #Anthologies Only!

Interested in "Carl Sagan's Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe" by C. Gockel 😁

#ShortStory #Novella #SFF #Humor #Android #DarkFantasy #EpicFantasy #AlternateHistory #Dragons #Aliens #FreeReads #BookToot #Bookstodon
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A planet rising above a shortline futuristic city with the sunset peeking behind clouds. Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories/Novells May 10-June 10, 2023
Undead Bug
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Ιπτάμενες ασημένιες σφαίρες έχουν παρατηρηθεί να κάνουν τουρισμό πετώντας πάνω από όλο τον πλανήτη

μόνο κατά δώθε δεν έχουν έρθει, δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατί, δε θέλουν να ζήσουν το μύθο τους στην Ελλάδα 2.0 τώρα που έρχεται καλοκαίρι;

αλλά μετά σκέφτομαι ότι έχουν αφήσει ήδη τους πρέσβεις τους στην ντόπια πολιτική σκηνή

#ufo #sightings #aliens

Κυρ.Βελόπουλος και Κυρ.Μητσοτάκης

We may be alone in the universe, or at least very rare. A new analysis of the Drake equation, which estimates the number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy, suggests that the probability of finding another one is very low. This means we should cherish our planet and species as unique and precious.

#drakeequation #aliens #life

Acabo de releer la colección de "Los dioses del universo" y me ha sorprendido de nuevo.
Editada entre 1978 y 1981 adaptaba al cómic las teorías de Von Däniken y así llegar al público juvenil de la época.
Las teorías que tanta polémica causaron en su día sirven de base para una genial historia de ciencia ficción que en muchos adolescentes de finales de los 70 y principios de los 80 sirvió para despertar nuestro pensamiento crítico frente a los dogmas de todo tipo.
Hoy en día difíciles de encontrar, son totalmente recomendables 😋 #libros #cienciaficcion #comics #aliens #antiguosastronautas #manipulaciongenetica

I’ve written a 10 song #UFO album, now just need to record the remaining 8 songs. #Cows #Aliens #Filk

Jakub Erebos
12 hours ago

#JamesCameron se vrátil po 13-ti letech.
#avatar jednička, krom vizuálu, nebyla nic moc. Vlastně to byla jen obšlehnutá #pocahontas ve #SciFi kabátě. Na #disney+ vyšla dvojka a tak mi moje žena řekla, že si ji v pátek večer pustíme. No, nebyl jsem zrovna nadšen, ale co bych pro svou ženu neudělal.
3h 15min čistého digitálního pekla.
Když si uvědomím, že stejný režisér má na svědomí, mimo jiné, kultovní snímky jako #Aliens nebo #Terminator a #terminator2, tak je mi do breku.


Jeremy Adam Smith
19 hours ago

For example, you do see genderless #robots and #aliens under glass; you also see dudes and cishet couples. Sometimes it’s aliens or animals or alien animals gazing at the women. Sometimes she’s clearly the subject of an experiment by mad scientists. Sometimes, she’s threatened by a #yellowmenace; the anti-Asian racism in mid-century #sciencefiction was quite intense. Occasionally, the bikini-clad babe is the one in control, with a man or creature under glass. 4/6

#vintagemagazines #sciencefiction

Blake Patterson
19 hours ago

A good piece from The Hill on the UAP / UFO whistleblower situation claiming a dozen recovered craft of non-human origin. The whole thing seems uniquely credible.

#UAP #UFO #aliens #US #defense #military #space #whistleblower #DavidGrusch

ManyRoads :coffeecup:
19 hours ago

"A New Report Claims the U.S. Is Hiding Alien Technology to Reverse-Engineer It. There’s a 75-year-long history of allegations the government is hiding pieces of crashed UFOs. Is this time any different?"

#Aliens #Space #Astronomy #Technology #UFO #science #Research #History

21 hours ago


Retro SciFi Film of the Week…

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

This is one of the better-made films that I've seen in a while. The acting in this film is world class starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in the lead roles, with Anthony Mackie in the primary supporting role. John Slattery gives a good supporting performance as one the antagonists and character actor Terence Stamp delivers a stunning performance as the evil guy. The writing is very good with regard to the characters and dialogue and there's great chemistry between Damon and Blunt as the romantic couple. Overall it's very well made.

There are not a lot of technology devices shown in this film. In fact almost all of them are shown in this unauthorized trailer attached this toot. One of the issues that people might have with this film is that the technology that is demonstrated in the movie is done in a manner that makes it look like it's magic or supernatural because there aren't devices that are associated with it. (kind of hard to explain without spoilers)

In any case this film requires a little bit more suspension of disbelief than your typical scifi just because of the mode in which it's done.

I highly recommend this one.

- - - -
#science #fiction #ScienceFiction #SciFi #FTW #film #movie #time #lobotomy #reset #micromanage #senate #extortion #chairman #aliens
- - - -

accessible video description:
fade in Emily Blunt's character as a ballet dancer with Matt Damon's character watching her, Terence Stamp’s character walks up and makes a comment to Damon about Blunt, then Damon and Blunt are on a bus flirting, the bus pulls up to a stop and Damon spill some coffee on Blunt's lap, cut to Damon walking into an office where some of the people are frozen in place, there are men in helmets with devices that are scanning the people who are frozen in place, the men look startled by Damon, there's a man in a suit, John Slattery, who orders others to grab Damon, cut to Damon walking through a medium-sized crowd of people to give a speech as a candidate for Senator with the Brooklyn bridge in the background, then Anthony Mackey is sitting in a very large opulent library looking pensive as music plays, he gets up to leave and walks through the large library, then cut to Damon and Mackey talking in a bar, Damon is wearing a baseball cap, Mackey is wearing a suit, then a woman bartender asks them if they need something, then Mackey's character says that they can’t talk there, and to meet him later and he leaves, then Damon and Mackey meet on a boat in the harbor, cut to Damon and Blunt dancing in a large crowded dance club with flashing lights, then cut to two men in suits looking at a book that is displaying animated graphics and looks very high tech, they are talking about inflection points, then Damon and Blunt walk out of a subway onto a city street as tense music plays, they are moving quickly then a quick cut to men in suits busting open a door, then cut back to Damon and Blunt running through the city, Blunt stops running and looks visibly confused and distressed Damon convinces her to keep running, so they continue running and almost get hit by a car but continue running, then fade out and fade in to the movie title The Adjustment Bureau, in a gold typeface.
- - - - - -

**** Content warning: flashing lights ****

see the toot for an accessible description
RobotWig :mastodon:
1 day ago

“Hudson! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training. - Right?”
“Why don't you put her in charge?”

All shot practically using figures and miniatures

#aliens #acba #toyphotography #miniaturephotography #lv426 #ripley #newt #80sscifi #scifiart

Newt, Ripley, Hudson, Hicks, Bishop, Burke all together in a room newt is wearing a marine helmet and saluting to Ripley. Hudson is distressed in the background
1 day ago

What if #Aliens find us cute like capybaras or something and start giving us shit to play with for free so they can watch us balance on sticks with wheels and stuff like that?

1 day ago

It seems most likely the aliens were anthropologists studying a primitive culture of an un-evolved species. It is also possible they were only doing so while they had the chance before we went extinct.

#UFOs #UFO #DavidGrusch #UAP #WeAreNotAlone #alien #aliens

Martin Holland
1 day ago

Ganz ehrlich? Ich hab die Geschichte erst ignoriert, das klingt zu unglaubhaft. Aber die Autoren sind renommiert und der #Whitleblower wurde ausgiebig geprüft. Bleibe aber natürlich skeptisch:

#UFOs: US-Geheimdienste verheimlichen Kongress angeblich außerirdische Technik

Ein "über jeden Zweifel erhabener" US-Geheimdienstler wurde angeblich informiert, dass sein Land intakte UFOs geborgen hat. Das werde intern verheimlicht.

#Geheimdienste #Raumfahrt #USA #Ufo #Aliens

Eingang zu Area 51
1 day ago

Story ohne Wertschätzung

hier noch nie - hier
Heimat ERDE

Umgang mit dem Artefakt mehr so UNKONZENTRIERT aber läuft .. ?

Wie Dritte GEWÜNSCHT Region definieren

Das WORT MACHT wird vermieden ?


Sammelbegriff #Aliens

Seti I für #Intelligenz Project

DER BELIEBTE HEIMAT-Begriff zum Thema Region
#Erde (#Planet) soll in Ecke des #KOSMOS sein
Forschung läuft aber noch

A Plausible Beschreibung einer Region

Manche Sekten oder andere Gemeinschaften erzählen dir natürlich was anderes aber vieles aus der WISSENSCHAFT spricht für die Annahme das die Region des MENSCHEN die ERDE ist

Er kam so Forscher aus Afrika und machte rüber bis u.a. Europa - später Amerika - vorher schon Australien ?

Planet ERDE
gewöhnlicher Aufenthaltsort des MENSCHEN

Bild Sat BILD
so EINFACH kann man die ERDE HEUTE dank Satelliten aufnehmen - die abseits der HEIMAT im Orbit fliegen

Credit NASA
2 days ago

I hope I am not the first person to see the #aliens. I need someone else to be brave before I can be brave. Maybe I should work on that. After all I may very well be the first person to see the aliens. I should be prepared. They know where we are. They will be back. #UFO #ufos #alien #UAP

2 days ago

Okay these #UAP things are out of control. Guy claims to have seen #Aliens with his family in their backyard.

Future News
2 days ago

Future News 6/8/23 C.E. | 6/9/38 T.A.D.
🔘 Reporting live via the Kuznetsova Gateway 🔘

Mysterious Crop Circles Reveal Unexpected Message: A Call for Unity?

The intricacy of the patterns baffled locals and experts alike until an inspirational hidden message was revealed.

Read on:

#scifi #sciencefiction #timetravel #ufo #aliens #UK #writing #news

Concentric crop circles in a green wheat field near Somerset, England.
2 days ago

Swear to God if David Grusch is just yet another fucking grifter and doesn't deliver I'm genuinely gonna be crushed

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

Repeated signals from the center of the Milky Way could be aliens saying hello, new study claims 👽 #Aliens #AlienLife #Astrobiology

A hypothetical alien craft transmits radio signals into space. Scientists are on the hunt for signals like these.
2 days ago

#LasVegas family claims to see #Aliens after several report something falling from the sky #UAP

lmao this is so bizarre?

Miguel Dante
2 days ago

Out of This World? #Police Bodycam Video & 911 Calls Show #Mystery #Flash in the Sky, #LasVegas Family Report a Crashed #UFO & #Aliens on Their Property in Exclusive #News Story out of #Nevada: #UFOs #Vegas #Disclosure

One year ago I created this Aliens miniature photograph all shot using practical effects and real sets.
“Bishop! God damn you!”

#aliens #scifiart #toyphotography #photo #lv426 #miniatures

Alien queen behind Ripley and Newt
3 days ago

If it's fake, I think it's a whopper of a grift, and I'll admit, it's suckered me.

My belief: It's true and happening. I haven't fully processed it. I don't know if it's a happy thing, but so far I do believe it's a thing.

But it's not a straight story.

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

No-one has at all explained why supposed advanced beings from outer space can manage to travel across the galaxy to meet us and then keep "crashing" so often that we're assembling a complete collection of extraterrestrial debris.

We're definitely not getting a straight story.

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

If it's all fake, then clearly something has gone *spectacularly* badly wrong inside US agencies. They're currently fighting over themselves, contradicting each other about what they do and don't know and it's not a healthy thing. There will be big investigations either way.

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

There's something EXTREMELY deliberate about the choice of media outlet they're talking to. All non-mainstream, some obscure foreign: The Debrief, NewsNation, Le Parisien, But conspicuously dead silent so far: WaPo, NYT, MSNBC, BBC... Why!?!?

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

If it's real, why now? Some reasons:

(A) too difficult or dangerous to contain it any longer, and better a smooth release than big ugly leak

(B) acceptance that it's plain immoral to keep the truth of our nature a secret

(C) fear that China/Russia/baddies have gained ground at reverse engineering, and with fewer ethical barriers

(D) disclosure allows far huger teams for reverse engineering potential life-saving and world-changing tech

(E) imminent mass contact scenario we need to be prepared for

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

There's a certain type of mind that lashes out "conspiracy" at everything it doesn't understand. I always thought when disclosure happened, some of these would pivot from "government is hiding aliens" to "government is faking aliens".

But I never expected just ignorant silence.

If (if) this is real, of course naturally they're slow-rolling it to control the narrative smoothly, to let people process, and minimize upset and alarm. But they might be playing it a bit *too* slow, because most people don't even seem to be noticing it!

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago
3 days ago

We think photographs this weekend, of the supposed 1933 vehicle shaped as a 'bell' or 'beehive' or 'acorn'. The theory is because it landed on Italian soil, and because of its age, US military would be happier to declassify it. We won't see craft caught in the US.

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

3 days ago

It's plain to me that David Grusch is not a random nut or your standard grifter.

What's happening this week has many high-level people and *very* serious weight behind it.

So, two possibilities:

(A) This event is for real. The grand disclosure is finally happening and we are living thru it.

(B) Grusch is knowingly or unknowingly part of a massive orchestrated government conspiracy to make people *think* there are aliens. For what purpose they'd go to all this effort, I really hate to imagine.

👽 #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps #aliens #grusch

Alastair Bor 🇦🇺
3 days ago

With the #US information space being shaped this week around the key issues of their concern such as #UFOs, I thought I'd share this tape I re-discovered while digitising some old family movies from #VHS. #aliens #AlienAbduction

Wurfi :mastodon:
3 days ago

At the Gate of the Gods (by Jaime Jasso)

#DigitalArt #MattePainting #Aztecs #Aliens #SciFi

Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin 👽

#UFO #Aliens

khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
4 days ago

What are your thoughts on the latest claims that crafts of "non-human" origin have been recovered? 👽

Personally, I find it extensively fascinating, whether it's true or not, that they aren't immediately saying it's "aliens" or "extraterrestrials." Instread, they're using terms like "exotic" or "non-human intelligence." The possibility that it could be something more "exotic" than aliens just blows my mind lol. Of course, I'm still skeptical of the current claims and likely will be until we see some concrete proof either way.

Edit: Here's the article in question, if you haven't seen it floating around already!

#UFO #UAP #HighStrangeness #Aliens

Steve Herman
4 days ago

“A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin,” reports The Debrief. #ufo #uap #aliens

Luke MacNeil
1 week ago

This is at The UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado. It's a super cool place with a viewing area and people come from all around to stand up there and search for extraterrestrials. It's also a campground.

#MilkyWay #Aliens #Photography #UFOs

A plastic alien standing in a field of trash under the milky way.
Corey S Powell
1 week ago

UAPs (formerly UFOs) are in the news again today.
Here's some helpful guidance from astrophysicist David Spergel, discussing his NASA panel's initial analysis of UAPs: "The lesson of my career is, you want to address important questions with high-quality data and well-calibrated instruments." #UAP #aliens #NASA

David Spergel, chair of NASA's independent study on unidentified anomalous phenomena and President of the Simons Foundation, speaks during a public meeting of NASA’s unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) independent study team, Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

Available now: New "Observers" episode, entitled "AI".

You can watch the normal flat-screen version, or the 360 VR 3D version on the website here:

#animation #scifi #aliens #vr #3d #existential #ai #cartoon #intelligence #xrisk

GIF loop of the title screen. "Observers, Ep 10, AP" and a round space-ship pod. You can just see the aliens dancing though the windows.

One year ago I created this Aliens miniature photo which was part of a series of shots I made forming parts of the movie from beginning to end.

All shot practically

#Aliens #scifiart #toyphotography #photo

Queen chasing Ripley
2 weeks ago

#aliens if you are lost and dont know where to land your spaceship, you can use the rocket silo !@metalab its a bit tight but if you managed to get here, im sure you manage that as well :awesome:

a video zoom from space to the location of the metalab; a hackerspace in vienna.
2 weeks ago

ils font des crop circles dans l'eau maintenant. tout fout le camp.
#aliens #cropcircle #photo #mastoart

2 weeks ago

#TheBond: Scientific Entanglements

Martin and the other leads of the first contact crew regularly spent their evenings together with dinner and discussions since the launch of the mission. One day, about four months after the first contact, Amanda, the chief biologist, came out of nowhere with a topic. "These are no aliens", she said and got the attention of everyone in the room. ...

#Aliens, #SpaceOpera, #SpaceTravel, #SciFi


Full Post:

Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

Verfolgt das jemand? Das Signal ist ja da. Ich versuche, auf #Discord dran zu bleiben, aber so richtig passiert da nichts. Vielleicht woanders?

#SETI: Aufruf zur Mithilfe bei Dekodierung von simulierter Alien-Nachricht

Eine ESA-Sonde wird am Mittwoch eine simulierte Nachricht von Außerirdischen zur Erde schicken. Wer will, kann sich dann an der Entschlüsselung beteiligen.

#Aliens #Astronomie #Kunst #Wissenschaft #außerirdischeIntelligenz #außerirdischeZivilisationen

Radioantennen unter Sternenhimmel
How To Love Comics
2 weeks ago

Discover why Dandadan’s mixture of ghosts, aliens, romance, and comedy have it set to be the next manga hit.

➡️ Read:

📁 File under: #manga #dandadan #ghosts #aliens

Jyn Erso Lives!
2 weeks ago

#ScienceFiction fans: why on Earth (and beyond) should #aliens invade or destroy us?

There's no scarcity in the universe (enough energy and water for gazillions of species, along with enough materials to build all kinds of large technostructures), no need to have the space equivalent of a "war for oil".

I can see no "economic" reason for starting and winning a large-scale interstellar war. Also given the vast scales of time and space, most species would probably kill themselves anyway.

heise online
2 weeks ago


SETI: Aufruf zur Mithilfe bei Dekodierung von simulierter Alien-Nachricht

Eine ESA-Sonde wird am Mittwoch eine simulierte Nachricht von Außerirdischen zur Erde schicken. Wer will, kann sich dann an der Entschlüsselung beteiligen.

#Aliens #Astronomie #Kunst #SETI #Wissenschaft #außerirdischeIntelligenz #außerirdischeZivilisationen

2 weeks ago

In honour of Alien (1979) turning 44 years old, I'll be posting a some clips or random trivia over the next few days.

Did you know that the slime dripping from the alien's mouth was just K-Y jelly? Also, the production crew sued shredded condoms as the tendons in the alien jaws.

#Movies #Film #Alien #Aliens #RidleyScott #SigourneyWeaver #HRGiger #Nostromo #MUTHUR #LV426 #OTD

Sanchez y su equipo nos tienen acostumbrados a programar espectaculares juegos para Spectrum como el legendario Castlevania Spectral Interlude.
Ahora presentan una adaptación del universo cinematográfico de Alien a #ZXSpectrum e incluso aprovechan las superiones capacidades gráficas del #ZXSpectrumNext
Así se gestó este Aliens Neoplasma; una videoaventura con tintes de arcade sencillamente gloriosa y con buena ambientación, una atmósfera sonora impactante y una altísima jugabilidad.
El argumento no está basado en ninguna de las películas y es una historia totalmente nueva. La protagonista puede correr, andar, agazaparse, lanzar granadas… ¡hasta puedes quitarte una cría de xenomorfo de tu cara!
No lo dudes y descárgalo ya desde la web de Sanchez
¿Serás capaz de sobrevivir y descubrir los dos finales posibles del juego? 👍😊🕹️ #retrogaming #retrocomputing #retrogames #retrojuegos #videojuegos #videogames #arcade #plataformas #videoaventura #retrocomputing #aliens #xenomorfo

"Just one of those things managed to wipe out my entire crew in less than 24 hours. And if the colonists have found that ship then there's no telling how many of them have been exposed. Do you understand?”

Thought I’d create some new Aliens photos to see how far I’ve progressed, Its been a while.

All shot practically

#scifiart #Aliens #toyphotography #creative #photo #miniaturephotography #xenomorph #80sscifi #popculture

Newt hiding from Xenomorph
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

WINTERAGE Release “The Cult Of Hecate” Video
Winterage will release the new album Nekyia on July 7 through Scarlet Records. First single and video (made by Giancarlo Galante) for "The Cult Of Hecate" is streaming below. Produced by Winterage, recorded and mixed by Gabriele Ravaglia and Gianmarco Bambini at Fear Studio...


ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Italian prog power metal titans Winterage have released the official video for the single, ‘The Cult Of Hecate’, taken from their latest masterpiece, The Curse Of Medea, released on April 10th through Scarlet Records. This is an exciting, visually stimulating video produced by Senmuth Film that will transport you through the complexities of the tale, exposing the nightmare of Medea through animated sequences, acting, and special effects, as well as clips from the film of the same title that is currently in post-production. Winterage deliver another weighty, challenging work, straying from the beaten path to arrive at a music entirely their own and unique from anything else out there.
Kathaja Krim
3 weeks ago

A wild [Vortecc] appeared!

You see the six slits on their chest? They are nostrils.

Below-waist-line-info is in the reply.

#Vortecc are my #alien species and belong to #WorldOfKrim

#MastoArt #monster #MonsterArt #aliens #sketch

a sketch of an alien creature with a humanoid body and a long reptilian head. they have six eyes and three bendy appendages on their head. on their chest are six slits, three on each side of the sternum.
Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

Das klingt richtig cool, oder?

A Sign in Space: ESA-Sonde soll am Mittwoch Nachricht von Aliens simulieren

Eine ESA-Sonde wird am Mittwoch eine simulierte Nachricht von Außerirdischen zur Erde schicken. Wer will, kann sich dann an der Entschlüsselung beteiligen.

#Aliens #Astronomie #Kunst #SETI #Wissenschaft #außerirdischeIntelligenz #außerirdischeZivilisationen #ASignInSpace

Radioantennen unter dem Sternenhimmel

The next episode of #TheXenopod is in the can, pending @simonxix's editing magic. You may be surprised by our opinions on #JamesCameron's #Aliens and its influence once we got into it - even I was. Stay tuned to the @TAKEONECinema socials for when it goes live.

One year ago I created this Aliens miniature photo which was part of a full series of images I created reimagining the whole movie in miniature form using figures, homemade sets and practical effects.

#Aliens #scifiart #toyphotography

Ripley and newt facing the queen

One year ago I created this Alien3 miniature photo. All shot practically using figures and miniature sets

#alien3 #scifiart #miniaturephotography #xenomorph #aliens #mastoart

Alien trying to break through fencing Commandos calling it in
billyidle :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

"Aliens: Defiance", 2016 by Tristan Jones

#alien #aliens #defiance #xenomorph #scifi #art #TristanJones

Bill Lamb
3 weeks ago

A good take on where we are.

"We’re effectively alone in the Universe, and that’s OK: Solitude is not a curse—it urges us to explore the mysteries of our galaxy and beyond."

#space #life #aliens #astronomy

Corey S Powell
3 weeks ago

If we ever discover an alien artifact, will we be able to understand it?
Archeologists can't even understand these ubiquitous objects made by the Romans 1800 years ago! #astronomy #aliens

Two ancient Roman bronze dodecahedrons and an icosahedron (3rd c. AD) in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn, Germany. The dodecahedrons were excavated in Bonn and Frechen-Bachem; the icosahedron in Arloff.

“No one understands the lonely perfection of my dreams. I found perfection here. I've created it. A perfect organism.”

All shot in camera, I digitally illustrated some extra drippy goz onto the neomorph for added effect.

#aliencovenant #scifiart #neomorph #toyphotography #filmastodon #photography #miniaturephotography #horrorart #aliens

Baby Neomorph hatching from victim

One year ago I created this shot which was part of a series of shots I created celebrating Aliens…

All shot practically using miniatures

#Aliens #scifiart #toyphotography #photo #photoart

Ripley and newt meet the queen
Hannah Celsius
4 weeks ago

On May 31, NASA is holding a 4-hour meeting of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Independent Study Team (UAPIST).
People can ask questions, and there is a list of all questions that are submitted, and you can vote for the questions you'd like answered.!/dashboard

It is an interesting and very long list. We've all learned there are no wrong questions, so i'll leave it at that.
I like the one, asking if NASA is working on Warp drive. Or:
"Do you get tired of people asking you about aliens?"

#NASA #aliens #UFO #UAP #space

1 month ago

#TheBond: Diplomatic Connections

For Martin, the first contact was a life-changing moment, but the weeks, months and years after that were the most work-intensive. He became the first ambassador representing Earth as a whole while over there on his old home planet they still thought in dimensions of states and corporations. ...

#Aliens, #SpaceOpera, #SpaceTravel, #SciFi


Full Post:
1 month ago

#HappyBirthday to #LanceHenriksen, the intense, versatile New York character actor, born #OnThisDay in 1940. Early roles include cops for James Cameron and the Antichrist's ally in #DamienOmenII (1978), but particularly memorable as benign android Bishop in #Aliens (1986), a centuries-old vampire in Kathryn Bigelow's #NearDark (1987)...


Lance Henriksen with Jenette Goldstein and Bill Paxton in 'Near Dark' (1987)
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 month ago

#mothersday #mom #aliens #ancientaliens -- um I wonder how big the gift box will be.

1 month ago

Some aliens I've drawn in past years on Alien Day, which is today.

#art #mastoart #digitalart #alien #aliens #AlienDay #LV426

Digital sketch of an alien from the movie Alien(s)
Digital sketch of an alien from the movie Alien(s)
Digital sketch of an alien from the movie Alien(s)
1 month ago

I watched this local news story fully intending to make fun of it but nope. This old lady with Alzheimer’s liked to wave at her alien statue every morning. Then some prankster abducted it! The family has looked for another alien statue but can’t find one with that “waving stance.”


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I'm curious about the connections between shadow work and UFOlogy. At first glance, it may seem like these two practices are entirely separate from one another.

But if "aliens" (or "extraterrestrials;" or "ultraterrestrials;" or even "faeries," if you're feeling fancy) are often perceived and understood as "The Other," then it would follow that we'd assign traits and attributes to them that *we* possess but ultimately reject or repress. The same applies to other beings that are given "Other"-status, both human and otherwise.

I wonder how different the fields of UFOlogy, occultism, and High Strangeness would look if shadow work was considered an integral part of the practice. And I wonder how that would affect the common lore, tropes, and archetypes associated with these Phenomena.

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This story is bonkers!

Six cattle that died mysteriously in Texas had their tongues removed, authorities say
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Mark 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Some people believe they're #aliens trapped in #human bodies. Who’s to say they aren’t. Some experience severe mental #trauma and #depression as a result. Psychologists discuss.

2 months ago

Imagining aliens with a faster subjective experience of time looking at us and thinking we're some sort of slow geological process of a strange hydrocarbon filled planet.

Perhaps this is a solution to the Fermi paradox: we're just part of a rare group of living things that experiences time either too slow or too fast.

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dance along the edge 💬
2 months ago

Virgil Finlay illustration for “Jackpot” by Clifford D. Simak, from the October 1956 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction. Also in this issue is the first part of “The Stars My Destination” by Alfred Bester.

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Two figures crouch on either end of a table. On the left is a human-appearing figure in what looks like a spacesuit with the helmet removed. On the right is a naked wrinkly alien with a rooster-like comb on his head and bony hands and feet. Behind them are hazy images of the two of them in chairs with virtual reality headgear on. Behind them are various onlookers.
Richard Littler
2 months ago

What was it about the late 1960s to the late 1980s that produced so many stories about contact with advanced alien intelligences? Less concerned with intergalactic colonising/warring aggressors, the nature of the contact in all these stories is spiritual or quasi-religious with profound environmental and evolutionary concerns.
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John Wyndham: Chocky
2001: A Space Odyssey.
'The ultimate trip'
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
'We are not alone'
Carl Sagan: Contact
2 months ago

#TheBond: First Contact

The following weeks brought inflation of knowledge. The probes on the surface of Rana 3 worked perfectly. The translator AI learned the new languages within a week. In the same week, the crew gathered geographical and sociological data. After that, the working teams augmented their observations with statements from the aliens. ...

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X-Files news! Chris Carter officially announces Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) is (remounting, rebooting, remaking) X-Files with a new, diverse cast, and there's a documentary on the original show coming later this year, in the fall. NICE

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X-Files logo in black and white
Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, making new X-Files series)
2 months ago

Disclaimed: None of it is real. It’s just a movie, made mostly with AI, which took care of writing the script, creating the concept art, generating all the voices, and participating in some creative decisions. The AI-generated voices used in this film do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of their original owners. This short film was created as a demonstration to showcase the potential of AI in filmmaking.

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3 months ago

Various sketchbook entities from another dimension.

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A black and white, abstract ink drawing on white paper. Intertwined, angular lines mix with stippled dots and organic shapes to create a singular form floating in the center of the page.
A black and white, abstract ink drawing on white paper. Drippy, organic tentacle-like shapes mix with stippled dots to create a singular form floating in the center of the page.
A black and white, abstract ink drawing on white paper. Drippy, organic tentacle-like shapes mix with stippled dots to create a singular form floating in the center of the page.
A black and white, abstract ink drawing on white paper. Drippy, organic tentacle-like shapes mix with stippled dots to create a singular form floating in the center of the page.
J. Martin
3 months ago

Aliens Magazine Vol.1 No.1
Trident Comics UK, February 1991

Cover Art: Denis Beauvais

My own copy.

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Alaiens magazine cover by Denis Beauvais; several aliens with stenciled numbers on their foreheads against the backdrop of a thunderstorm

From DeviantArt, by 'ivewhiz'.

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Four caricatures of Ellen Ripley from the Alien saga. From left to right: Alien (she says 'Micro changes in air density my ass); Aliens (she says 'Did IQs just dropped sharply while I was away?'); Alien 3 (she says 'Don't be afraid, I'm part of the family'); Alien IV (she says 'Who do I have to fuck to get out of this boat?').
3 months ago

#TheBond: Arrival

Arriving in the Rana system was less spectacular than Martin thought. The blackness of the space there followed the blackness between the systems. The only difference was a star that shone a bit brighter than usual. They still had two days until they were supposed to reach the orbit. ...

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Here it is folks, my newest animation in which the aliens discover a planet where a sports commentator was silenced for calling out a fascist government that was persecuting refugees.

Y'all can boost this one, even if it feels a bit late to the party now.

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Werkgetreu James Cameron
3 months ago

@codenaga, @Hoaxmaster und @schlingel machen eine unterhaltsame #Analyse der #Filme von #JamesCameron. #TheTerminator, #Aliens und alle weiteren. Abschweifen gehört dazu genauso wie pixelgenaue Bildbetrachtung und interessante Hintergrundinfos. #compendion

Unsere Website ist und abonnieren könnt ihr uns, wo es #Podcasts gibt.

Das Logo des Podcasts Werkgetreu James Cameron mit seinen Ziffern WGJC vor blauem Hintergrund.
3 months ago

#TheBond: The Crew

Martin, the chief diplomat in the crew of the Rana Mission, stood in line with the others as Captain Persson gave her speech. It was the departure speech. Martin was a little nervous and proud. He would most likely be the Armstrong of his era, the person who was supposed to make first contact with an alien. ...

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Made in DNA
3 months ago

The latest issue of Samuraipunk explores the creepy premise of ROOTS SEARCH.

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4 months ago

#TheBond: Planning the Mission

During the 22 missions before one of the probes targeted the Rana Starsystem, the Gemini project already had found two planets with lifeforms. One infected with funghi and another one with an almost breathable atmosphere and grass-like plants. ...

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Chris Jags
4 months ago

Enjoy faerie #fantasy? Demonic #DarkFantasy? Maybe some unscientific #SciFi?

Check out Nomad's Hollow - a story of tiny #faeries fighting to save their homeland from human invaders!

Tree Mouth - a descent into a twisted underworld of dead gods and mad #demons!

The Starless Market - an interdimensional marketplace where #aliens come to trade, now under threat!

And more:

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

The government says that they're aren't aliens. But didn't we just go through a period of discoveries from the 40s and 50s about #UFO

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