Philip Cardella
4 months ago

Still seeing new news stories about #allentexas #MassShooting but seeing almost nothing about the #brownsville murders by vehicle is #venezuelan refugees the same day and same number of murdered and casualties.

I know the Brownsville alleged murderer didn't have RWDS on his shirt but he yelled anti immigrant slurs while being detained AFTER plowing in to twenty people with his car.

Please explain to me how this wasn't THE SAME hate crime as Allen?

5 months ago

Musk has a history of engaging with right-wing conspiracies, and his reaction to the mass shooting in Allen, Texas continues the trend.
#Technews #elonmusk #allentexas #MassShooting #Conspiracies #MauricioGarcía

5 months ago

Rachel #Maddow on the Trump/white supremacy mass murder connection, "There is also these apparent connections, right? Between this bleeding, ragged right-wing mass violence and the bleeding ragged right-wing edge of politics. The most mainstream possible electoral GOP politics." #allentexas #allen

Rachel Maddow
5 months ago

Karen Attiah: After the #Texas mall massacre, I witnessed a different sort of death

"I was witnessing in real time the variety of social deaths that don’t get captured in victim counts or statistics. How do you capture the social death of someone who will be forever traumatized by seeing children bleed out on a sidewalk? How do you capture the social injury to a child who is now too afraid to go to a mall to hang out with her friends? Or, if the Allen outlets close for good, the loss of a place for families to spend time together?

And is it not a type of social death for a young man to now be so distrustful of Texans that he would contemplate buying a gun? And being trained to potentially kill? If this were another country — say, Nigeria — we would call this an example of youth radicalization. In Texas, we call it 'freedom.'"

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Larry Mathys :verified:
5 months ago

When are politicians going to be forced to view the carnage that they have wrought on all of us?

Get them all on the front lines. Make them see first hand what world they have created for our children.

No more disingenuous posts on social media from afar, no more empty speeches. Force them to see blood-soaked bodies, faces torn to shreds, and children lying dead on the sidewalk.

I've said it countless times: I cannot believe people want to live like this.


Scott 🐂
5 months ago

The complete lie is Republican "thoughts-n-prayers." 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️✝️ #AllenTexas

David Ano
5 months ago

Less than 5 days ago, I wrote a letter to Rep Dingell, Sen Stabenow, & Sen Peters on the #MassShooting in Cleveland, Texas & the facts of #MassShootings, #AssaultRifles, #HighCapacityMagazines, & #GunControl. Since then there have been 17 more shootings. The avg is now 1.74/day.

Today I sent it again for #AllenTexas. (see first letter @

Now it is your turn. Contact your representatives by going to

#guns #GunControlNow #gunviolence #AR15 #news

Scott 🐂
5 months ago

"How do you stop a BAD man with a gun? It's a GOOD man with a gun." (14:00) 🙄 #AllenTexas #GOPGunsOverPeople

5 months ago

They looked for a manifesto in this most recent mass shooting in #AllenTexas. They didn't find one. Remember the good old days when an #ActiveShooter needed a couple of days and a manifesto? I miss those days.

Which is scarier?

RelUnrelated 🏴🏴‍☠️
5 months ago

“I think we ought to look at the issue of fatherlessness. We also ought to look at weed,” she continued. “We know that cannabis increases psychosis by five times.” — Fox Newz’ Rachel Campos-Duffy on the murders of nine people in Allen, Texas

The vapid ignorance and misinformation is palpable. #GunSense #AllenTexas

Joel :very fried:
5 months ago

Thoughts and prayers represents a dead faith.

It might be good for Rep. Keith Self to reflect on how to do justice, and to love kindness...

Or, at least look at Matthew 17:20 again and realize prayer and action are completely intertwined.

#AllenTexas #Allen #GunViolence #MassShooting #Faith #Christ*1v2r0id*_ga*MzA1OTA2OTk5LjE2ODM0NDczNTI.*_ga_E21CV80ZCZ*MTY4MzQ0NzM1MS4xLjAuMTY4MzQ0NzM1Ny41NC4wLjA

Texas congressman says people who think 'prayers aren't cutting it' as a solution to gun violence 'don't believe in an almighty god who is absolutely in control of our lives.' 9 people died in a mass shooting in his district today.
5 months ago

Since the #GOP love efficiency

My $SPOUSENAME and I are devastated to hear of the horrific shooting in $CITYNAME. Our thoughts and prayers are with $COUNTYNAME and my team is working with $GOVERNORNAME and $LISTSTATEAGENCIES. Now is not the time for politics.

#allentexas #masshooting #formletter #mailmerge

There was a mass shooting at my local outlet mall. People died. I wasn’t there but I’ve been there a thousand times. I’m sick and tired of this bullshit. #Mastodon #AllenTexas #AllenTx #AllenTexasShooting #AllenOutlets #MassShooting #America #ThisisAmerica