Erika Sumner
2 days ago

There is finally a GoFundMe page to support the wrongly accused teen’s family hiring a lawyer. #CitiBikeKaren has already raised $120,000 through hers. It’s time for #antiracist #allies to step up & help. I can’t think of a better use of my funds. #BLM #BlackMastodon

Here’s the link:

Rock'n' Roll Legend Tina Turner Died at 83.

Turner rose from humble beginnings, overcame her #abusive #husband and went on to become one of the most #popular #musicians of all time with hits like, “#WhatsLoveGottoDoWithIt,” “#RiverDeep - #MountainHigh” and “#TheBest."

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Entertainment #Music #Allies #Representation #Culture

#Latino, #Jewish and #Gay: #JoeVogel Would Bring #Diversity to #congress

Maryland Del. Joe Vogel, 26, would become the state's first #openlygay Latino and Jewish member of #Congress if elected next year.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Maryland #Politics #DemocraticParty #Allies

1 week ago

Seeing many #POC, #LGBTQ, #NB peeps (+ CisHet #allies) vocally rejecting #technology events in states w/ regressive laws.

Popular locations like FL, TX, LA have become dangerous for minorities to visit.

Vendors beware! Buyers & users *will* judge you for where you host events.

@LuDwig Es ist - wie in etlichen Firmen - immer eine Leistung der Mitarbeitenden, nicht der Behörde!

#idahobit in solidarischen #teams, in denen #allies, alliierte ihre #queeren Kolleg*innen unterstützen!

Team Idgara
2 weeks ago


Allow me to add, for those in the back, that this is a place to use your #privilege.

This is not about people from marginalized communities moving to red states, it's those of y'all who like to think of yourselves as #allies.

NATO [bot]
2 weeks ago

RT from U.S. Army Europe and Africa (@USArmyEURAF)

The #DefenderEurope exercise #SwiftResponse provides a great opportunity to #train with our @NATO #Allies in Spain, and our sister component from @HQUSAFEAFAF, as seen here in their C-17 Globemaster III transporting #US and Spanish #Paratroopers.

@US_EUCOM @EjercitoTierra

Original tweet :

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
1 month ago

"UK MPs will debate on 12th June 2023 about potential changes to the Equality Act. Before this debate there's a few things all of us can do (#trans or #ally alike): If you haven't signed this petition please do so 💡

"Write to your MP and try to go see them see for some advice" 💡

It's important our voices *are* heard and I have ... both

#transgender #allies

#JoeBiden’s 2024 #presidential #run means ‘high stakes’ for #trans #americans

On Tuesday President Joe Biden officially announced he would run in the 2024 race, with vice-president #KamalaHarris once again joining him as his running mate.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #US #Politics #DemocraticParty #Allies

1 month ago
Amelia 🏳️‍⚧️ Baeddelia
1 month ago

I have a problem with claims that #cis #lesbians, or any other demographic, are "the most supportive of #transwomen", because there are a lot of cis people who describe themselves as "supportive of #trans #women" who would not be described that way by the trans women in their lives! #transmisogyny #allies #twitter #socialmedia

A screenshot of a Twitter thread posted by @dirtycitybird on 6 November 2021 that reads as follows: Fuck it. I'm done cleaning the house and I have time. I present to you the RULES of surviving as a trans woman in dyke space. Keep in mind that this is my experience in certain locales and spaces and DO NOT by any means translate over to other places. Like, none of this applies to Ireland at all. So, a murder of dykes (the collective term for a group of dykes) has decided that you're gonna be their new best pal. Excellent. BUT, Darling, do you know the rules? Let me tell you that. 1. There can be only one. Want to invite your trans woman best pal out? No, sorry, *You're* the good one. She? She's kinda, know...
A screenshot of a Twitter thread posted by @dirtycitybird on 6 November 2021 that reads as follows: 2. Invited to an event, gig, whatever? Cool. Can you work door / merch table / grab drinks? Can you do our hair before we go? Meaningful connections/friendship? Ha. Except for... 3. You are the Magic Trans Woman. Explain how vaginas work? There. Do their hair/makeup. You. Shoulder to cry on. You better be available. Else you're a selfish man. 4. OK, this one is important. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EVER EXRPESS INTEREST IN ANYONE AND CERTAINLY NOT ANYONE IN THE GROUP. Ever. EVER. Like, OK, celebs, sure, the cute dyke at the bar? No. NO. 5. If you BREAK the above, you are a rapist, a harasser, a sex pest, and you will get dropped and everyone will be told how much of an awful person you are because you...asked someone out on a date and she said no. 6. You want to be mostly stealth? HAHAHA NO Love. You are their "We're down with the tran" pal. They will CONSTANTLY out you.
A screenshot of a Twitter thread posted by @dirtycitybird on 6 November 2021 that reads as follows: 7. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CALL THEM OUT ON THEIR TRANSPHOBIA. EVER. Now. This is a really small (these days, not so much 20 years ago) subset of the community. That shit fucked me and so many of my contemporaries up. Luckily, it's a dying out thing, BUT, as you've seen, it still fucking happens. I should also mention because I don't want people to get any ideas. I've had a pretty good time dating post-transition. Much better than before to be honest. Like, it's not like this with everyone is what I'm trying to say. Just certain subgroups.

This #family #moved to #Minnesota to access #genderaffirming #healthcare.

As several #RepublicanParty-controlled #statelegislatures surrounding #Minnesota and around the country are passing laws meant to prevent #transgender individuals from getting gender-affirming care, Minnesota has done the opposite.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #Minnesota #TransKids #Parents #Allies #Healthcare

1 month ago

To all #LGBTQ #allies out there, this is good #news.
This form ( as posted by the #Missouri AG, seems to have been taken down after being up for only a short while. Looks like the culture warriors lose again.

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

People make assumptions about each other every day. But in all of my experiences, I’ve still had the benefit of having white skin. What does that have to do with fish, water and resilience? Plenty:

#WhiteSupremacy #LongCOVID #accessibility #pandemic #allies #COVID19 #humanity #economics #writer #writing #spoonie #kindness

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

FAO all #queer folks & #allies within the #UK

If you haven't done so already, please sign & boost this UK #Government petition seeking to get #NonBinary as a legally-recognised #GenderIdentity :NonBinaryHeart:

#England #Wales #NorthernIreland #TransRightsAreHumanRights #NonBinaryIsValid #pride #LGBTQ #petition

'You can't #celebrate with us at #WorldPride and then scatter when the #attacks come' #TransRights activist tells #allies

#Transgender #activist #GeorgieStone has called for "strong, committed #allies" instead of "#FairweatherFriends" amid repeated #attacks on the #trans and #nonbinary community in Australia.

This is how you can #celebrate, #advocate during #TransDayofVisibility. #TheSouthland has dozens of #events planned for today!

The transgender community, as well as #allies, will once again gather on Friday, March 31, to celebrate — advocate — and fight for their rights.

#President #JoeBiden issues #TransDayofVisibility #proclamation. The President said that #trans and #nonbinary people are "some of the bravest people I know."

The Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know — people who have too often had to put their jobs, relationships, and lives on the line just to be their true selves.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #TransDayOfVisibility #Allies

Oregon lawmakers consider expanding insurance coverage for more gender-affirming care

Insurers would be required to cover laser hair removal and facial feminization surgery. The legislation aims to protect access to abortions and care providers from legal repercussions.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #Oregon #Politics #allies

Auschwitz Memorial
2 months ago

The Auschwitz II-Birkenau gas chambers and crematoria never became targets for Allied bombing.

Listen to our podcast in which Dr. Piotr Setkiewicz from the Auschwitz Museum Research Center who talks about the issue of bombing the camp.

#Auschwitz #history #allies #bombardment #podcast #boms #education #Holocaust #Jews #Shoah #ww2 #war

The aerial photo of Auschwitz II-Birkenau from 13 September 1944. Bombs that targeted a nearby chemical plant visible in top right corner.
🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 months ago

We are #allies to our #minority #gentile population, and we realize that some #religions prohibit the celebrations of #certain #secular #holidays, and we do our best to ensure that we honor everyone’s sincerely held beliefs by providing educational worksheets and books to keep their children #productively #occupied during #classroom #celebrations.

We do the same for your children.


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

Then suddenly at lunch he claimed to be fasting, which of course doesn’t make sense because he already ate the morning snack. We are #allies to our #Christian #minority, but you can understand how none of this made any sense; it sounded like a ploy to get more cookies instead of a nutritious lunch.


ManyRoads :coffeecup:
3 months ago

"Russia Demands U.S. Withdraw ‘Soldiers and Equipment’ From Ukraine: The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. ambassador on Tuesday over what it called “Washington’s expanding involvement” in the war in Ukraine, the Interfax news agency reported."

#Military #War #Conflict #Russia #US #Ukraine #Allies #NATO #EU #Putin #Weapons #Biden #POTUS

ManyRoads :coffeecup:
3 months ago


"Putin's Ukraine gamble seen as biggest threat to his rule: Russian President Vladimir Putin's gamble to invade Ukraine a year ago seems to have backfired spectacularly"

#Military #War #Conflict #Russia #US #Ukraine #Allies #NATO #EU #Putin #Weapons #Biden #Failure

Since joining the #Fediverse 💫 early last November I realise I have signed more UK Petitions than in the whole rest of my life ... makes me want to thank all those keeping a safe space for us as #trans :flag_transgender: by

✅ Posting things (like petitions!!) that encourage *actions* rather than re-tweeting transphobia :birdsite:

#Allies taking and promoting tangible actions too 💜

✅ Self-moderating and CW-ing transphobic content - yes, it does help on #MentalHealth

✅ Actively moderating at all levels eg. report-not-just-block, calling out Fediblock recommendations etc

✅ Welcoming and boosting #Introduction posts

Coming back after few weeks time-out from our UK media (and social media) just reinforces for me how much we need a safe online space as a haven/respite

I hope more continue to see the light 💡 (I still have trans friends on the birdsite) ... but one has to experience it

#Transgender #Twittermigration

Becky is not a bear
3 months ago

Hey- #allies- you know who you are...

What I'm about to say, I saw with love, but,

If a person from a marginalized community, whether they're #trans, #bipoc, #jewish... If they tell you they've had enough and they're getting the hell out of Dodge, i.e. the US. Don't fucking ask them/us "Don't you want to stay and fight?"

Because I can tell you, for some of us, we've already done that math, and have decided that going somewhere else is the best plan for us right now.

And I don't even know at this point if I really can leave or if it will work in the end, but I sure am going to fucking try.

Konomi Kitten
3 months ago

"This right here is exactly what’s going on with the Wizard game and why so many LGBTQ people are calling y’all out. You’re here for the party, not the protest."


#LGBT #Transphobia #Homophobia #Allies

what-the-hel-man 17h ago

Honestly, this shit with Hogwarts Legacy is just like what happened with Chick-fil-A like ten or fifteen years ago. Some of y'all might be too young to remember it, but it went almost exactly like this shit today, only the target was technically gay people (not like we aren't all lumped together when push comes to shove, but gay was the political scapegoat in US politics at the time, as trans people were still on the fringes of social awareness).

It came out that the people who own Chick-fil-A were donating to organizations in other countries that were actively working to get gay people there killed, and were also very monetarily invested in stripping gay people of any legal rights they'd amassed in the US. So a lot of queer folks were asking for allies to boycott Chick-fil-A to show solidarity.

And it turned into a giant fuckin circus for bigots to rally around. There was even a support Chick-fil-A day, I remember it because I was a server at the time and our restaurant was empty most the day - while the line for Chick-fil-A down the road was like a mile long consistently.
But while that was obviously annoying, that wasn't what hit people the hardest. Cuz we expect clowns to wear the shoes, right, it's not shocking.

What disappointed people, or really demoralized a lot of young queers at the time especially, was the allies who would still go there. Because they like the sandwiches or fries or whatever. The people who'd march with them in the parade or be supportive of marriage equality, who would then turn right around and give their money to people who were trying to actively harm their friends.

Because the chicken was good.

I remember a friend of mine being really just absolutely broken up over that, trying to understand some of her friends reasoning and at the time I couldn't give her an answer. I could now, though.

And it's this:

Talk is cheap.

It costs nothing to say things. A person can say whatever the hell they want, any feel good flowery thing, and it doesn't really cost them.
But when they are asked to actually give something up - or put their money where their mouth is and just....can't do it. Well then there isn't much else for them to say, is there? At least nothing that's worth anything.

Some people had to find out the hard way that the choice between a chicken sandwich and funding people who did not believe in their dignity as a human being was, in the eyes of certain allies, apparently really hard. Too hard, in fact.

These allies would march in the colorful parades and go to the bars for drinks, but in the end, you couldn't actually depend on them to inconvenience themselves. They were fair weather allies, and they were there for the party and that's about it. They wanted entertainment, and it didn't matter if that came from having fun gay friends or a tasty sandwich.

This is the same thing, really, or pretty close to it. These types of people just wanna have fun. Either you, their friend or whatever, are fun or the game is fun, and if you stop being fun by incidentally making them feel a little guilty about where they spend their money, then they might just choose the thing that doesn't make them currently uncomfortable.
And I'm not saying these people who say trans rights online but who also really, really want to play wizard game and already have are horrible people or anything - they're just not very good. They have no real character. And unfortunately there's not much you can do to change that, other than investing time and energy in people who do.
ManyRoads :coffeecup:
4 months ago

🇹🇷 :nato: OPINION:
"Turkey’s two-faced ‘sultan’ is no friend of the west. It’s time to play hardball -Simon Tisdall"
#War #Conflict #Russia #US #Ukraine #Allies #NATO #Weapons #Putin #EU #Turkey #Erdogan

squidward's cousin
4 months ago

“Any social movement in recent memory that has attempted to break the mold of permitted realities and marches, and raise the economic cost of doing business as usual, has had to face a social justice industry designed to channel social unrest back into electoral politics elite representation, and fantasies of political reform without mass popular resistance,”

from “Dangerous #Allies by Tipu’s Tiger”

#Ally #Liberalism #WhiteSupremacy

squidward's cousin
4 months ago

“The concept of #Allyship had been instrumental in imposing more moderate power brokers and elite protest managers on decentralized movements in an attempt to reign in disruptive protest.”fron "Dangerous #Allies" by Tipu’s Tiger

#Ally #Liberalism #WhiteSupremacy

@BobWilliams @Papa @thewebmusician I think there needs to be a place where #allies can be allowed to seek understanding without being held up to ridicule because even though we don't own skin in the actual game, we are aware of or concerned about the issues our fellow humans, no matter what t-shirt they wear, or what experiences they bring to the table are suffering through.

I'm not black but I know because I read and know black people some of the shit they are confronted by, and I own my right to be concerned about those issues, since they have their nurture in my skin colour, but not in me.

My only friend in my village is #trans and we talk daily and I know the shit she has to deal with as a result of 8 cvnts in the village who I'd be happy to see disabled in their emotional violence against her.

I'm #queer not #trans but that doesn't stop me listening and learning and acting, the same as I do with my kangaroos being killed daily in the biggest slaughter of wildlife on the planet. I haven't yet been shot by someone I regard as being sub human because of his choice of work. But I haven't written off the possibility of it happening. What I do know is the pain and grief of my animals because I live that grief daily as I rehabilitate them ready to go to the wild.

Why does my concern for marginalised people mean less in the eyes of some of them? If there is no support from others than their own group how can they expect changes in attitude in the wider population?

End rant.

@Ibie welcome #friend. Use #hashtags to find your family here. Follow many. Boost many. Use #hashtags ( twice as important).

Enjoy your time here and you have many #allies here.