2 days ago

@op Unfortunately, it's not even remotely POSIX compatible. It might therefore be removed from the #AlpineLinux BusyBox config in the future. See

dak :emacs: :openbsd:
3 days ago

After reading the nice blog article by @vermaden about a Dell Wyse 3030 LT as #freebsd backup machine. I bought some to tinker with #qemu #netbsd #nvmm and #alpinelinux. #runbsd. On the long run I want to get rid of my RPi's and seal them for collectors ;-)

screenshot shows four tmux panes. the two panes on the left side showing top in a vm. the pane top right is neofetch. the right bottom pane shows htop.
4 days ago

#postmarketOS (and maybe #alpinelinux) users, how big is your apk cache? You can check the size using `$ du -sh /var/cache/apk`. Preferably this would be done on an installation you've been using for a while.


@JustineSmithies and if you forget to add the 'o', then you can just run xbps-remove -o later.

I think in #alpinelinux that "apk del" automatically removes them without specifiying any additional flags

I never understood why, at least in Linux, #doas does not have the "persist" function working. Or the support is shaky: #AlpineLinux seems to get it right, but some others don't, so I have to type the password a lot more often.

But at least it seems that Debian #Sid has a version with the feature working. Hopefully it gets into other distros too!

2 weeks ago

How to Install Alpine Linux and Set up a Desktop Environment

Ready for a lightweight and customizable Linux experience? Dive into our guide on installing Alpine Linux and setting up a desktop environment.

#linux #opensource #alpinelinux

Midgard @zeus
2 weeks ago

I'd like to write on my CV that I have experience with the most common #OS‌es: #Gentoo Linux, #Ubuntu, #Debian, #Devuan, #Fedora, #ArchLinux, #Artix Linux, #LinuxMint, #FreeBSD, #RedHat EL, #OpenBSD, #VoidLinux, NetBSD, #OpenSolaris, #NixOS, #AlpineLinux, Hannah Montana Linux, Red Star OS, OS/400, Plan 9, Emacs, DOS, Windows, macOS...

But I'd need to brush up on my knowledge of Windows and macOS first

2 weeks ago

Also I am glad to anounce my first contributions to #alpinelinux aports. German travelers using the german railway might enjoy using diebahn. It is already available on the testing aport so it is available to #postmarketos edge. Thanks to the developer of flare for this application!

Lexxy 🦊
3 weeks ago

Today I'm switching to Alpine Linux as my daily driver OS.

That might sound silly, but here's all the thingies that just worked for me:

  • Sound 🔊
  • 3D/2D accelerated graphics (AMD)
  • Networking 🖧
  • XFCE, with nice lookin' themes
  • Firefox 🦊, with native messaging and HW video decoding
  • Steam
  • WINE / Proton
  • All of my Steam games
  • full disk encyption
  • Lots more!

Thingies that didn't just work:

  • Power off / restart
  • Audio applet icon too big!
  • Booting without GRUB :c

Yay #alpinelinux

3 weeks ago

#AlpineLinux, a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox, has announced the release of version 3.18.0.

... and it broke. How classy!

Probably something with /boot not knowing how to figure out the partition of my encrypted disk or something I guess. But it's a quarter to midnight and I have no idea on how to start looking into it.



Off to update #AlpineLinux to 3.18! Featuring Kernel 6.1 :D

pancake :verified:
4 weeks ago

#AlpineLinux update time

Marc Vertes
4 weeks ago

@Em0nM4stodon #alpinelinux
Tiny, secure, everywhere in containers, and surprisingly good on bare metal.

4 weeks ago
Alpine Linux has released version 3.18. Version 3.18 brings a number of package upgrades including the Linux 6.1 LTS kernel, musl libc 1.2.4, Python 3.11, Ruby 3.2, GNOME 44 and KDE Plasma 5.27 desktops, Golang 1.20, Rust 1.69, and more. Alpine Linux can be a good distro to try out if you're looking for a more minimialist distro that doesn't use SystemD.

The project's official website can be found here:

Full release notes can be found here:

Alpine Linux has a presence on Mastodon:

#foss #linux #alpinelinux #mastodon
\x1b orhun 👾
4 weeks ago

I'm happy to be a part of the #AlpineLinux 3.18.0 release! 🏔

4 weeks ago

Nice, #AlpineLinux 3.18 released with Kernel 6.1 :D

Gotta do some release updating tomorrow

#rollonapk #smallbutfierce

4 weeks ago

#Alpine Linux 3.18 Is Out with #Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS, Experimental Support for Unattended Installs, #GNOME 44 and #KDE Plasma 5.27 Support

#OpenSource #alpinelinux

Alpine Linux 3.18
Natanael Copa
4 weeks ago

#alpinelinux 3.18.0 is out!

- Linux kernel 6.1 – with signed modules
- musl 1.2.4 – with TCP DNS
- Python 3.11
- Ruby 3.2
- Node.js (current) 20.1
- Rust 1.69
- Go 1.20
- GNOME 44
- KDE Plasma 5.27
- Unattended installs via tiny-cloud

Alpine Linux :alpine:
4 weeks ago

Alpine Linux 3.18 has been released.

- Linux 6.1, the new LTS kernel
- Kernel modules are now signed (but not yet enforced)
- musl 1.2.4 includes DNS over TCP support
- DT_RELR, resulting in smaller binaries

See for more information.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.


1 month ago

Testing orca and sending midi to my modular synth. Running on a raspberry pi 2b, recording with OBS.

#alpinelinux #raspberrypi #orca #obs #modular #synthesis #eurorack

low resolution video showing a person playing a keyboard connected to a modular synthesizer, the orca interface is visible on screen as a semi-transparent overlay

postmarketOS (pmOS), is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices. @postmarketOS

#android #mobilephone #phone #alpine #alpinelinux #smartphone #tablet #postMarketOS #linux #opensource

codeHaiku :fosstodon:
1 month ago

Public Service Announcement (PSA): You can do a lot with #alpinelinux, a lot. The wiki is concise and to the point, just like the distro. #iusealpinebtw


Roxedus :lsio:
1 month ago

Don't suppose there is some more 3rd party friendly way to get live packages in #alpinelinux

Parsing just seems wrong, and I do not feel like writing some regex to parse APKINDEX

1 month ago

I mean, immutable Alpine Linux might be good for postmarketOS.

#linux #postmarketOS #alpinelinux

1 month ago

I just found out Alpine Linux can be immutable and I don't know how to feel about that.

#linux #alpinelinux

Easily mounting #sftp shares in a distro-agnostic way.

With this solution, I now can add a line to mount the share in my .xinitrc so as to have it done automatically when I log in!

Works in #alpinelinux #freebsd

Natanael Copa
1 month ago

#alpinelinux 3.18 release candidate 2 is out!

1 month ago

Hi #fediverse , any one-time-password (2FA authenticator ) software available on #alpinelinux / #pmos , recommend?

1 month ago

@zachdecook I built mine with #alpinelinux and #ansible. Always up to date, does exactly what I want, and nothing more.

swashberry :verified:
1 month ago

Well, I got an #AlpineLinux box working on my old laptop with an #Openbox desktop running #tint2 as its taskbar, #Xfce terminal, and #Falkon as its web browser.

It can confidently run #SuperTuxKart and #Minetest and I'm working on seeing if I can get #Minecraft running.

It's still more than a little clunky and held together with duct tape, but I love this thing. This is probably how my little brother feels when he's tinkering with his truck.


1 month ago

Podcast episode 30 is out now. The creator of Alpine Linux @ncopa joins us to talk about:

* Alpine's origins in Gentoo
* Why apk2 is so fast
* Plans for making apk3 even faster
* What's missing in Alpine for reproducible builds
* Going from openssl to libressl and back
* What he would do if he didn't work on Alpine


Natanael Copa
1 month ago

Builders for #alpinelinux 3.18 are up and running

2 months ago

@ibrahim @andyholmes @verdre postmarketOS supports really any kind of device, but laptops/desktops aren't our primary target.

Personally I think that if you have just a regular PC you should just install #AlpineLinux instead, as postmarketOS is literally just that with a repo for mobile stuff on top.

Justine Smithies
2 months ago

@craftyguy Also convince me some more that #AlpineLinux is the missing piece of the jigsaw in my life over Arch 🙃

Justine Smithies
2 months ago

@rakoo Well when it comes yo uninstalling packages on Arch I find that it's not straight forward to remove that package with the exact dependencies it installed in the first place. Where as #AlpineLinux you just doas apk del package name and it removes everything it installed. But that's just my take and there are plenty of other pros too.

Justine Smithies
2 months ago

I do have to say that between both my #OnePlus6T and my #PineBookPro both running #PostmarketOS I'm of digging their package manager apk. In my opinion it's way better than pacman / paru on my #ArchLinux setup. I'm not switching though as it would take a lot of convincing that I could daily drive #AlpineLinux on my main. Never say never though as every day is a school day. 😜

Justine Smithies
2 months ago

@fedops I'm actually testing #aerc out kind of under #AlpineLinux aka #PostmarketOS on my #PineBookPro before it goes anywhere near my #ArchLinux thinkpad setup 🤣

2 months ago

I had some issues installing #Docker with container isolation using user namespaces on my #alpinelinux server. For some reason, my /boot directory was messed up, and I couldn't fix the warnings I got from "docker info".

Eventually after some tinkering, I couldn't fix it, tried restarting, and realized I couldn't SSH back in anymore. So now I'm reinstalling everything back...


#sysadmin #linuxserver #homelab

Justine Smithies
2 months ago

OK #PostmarketOS community I'm obviously missing an apk or two as clicking on Firefox's accept button appears to do something but it never authorises Giara to login to my reddit account. I had the same issues with the GTK Mastodon client Tuba but it allowed me to login another way as the click to accept on Firefox won't work. #Help #OnePlus6T #AlpineLinux

Please boost TIA

Oneplus 6T showing Linux Giara reddit client waiting for authorisation and Firefox browser below it asking to accept or decline Giaras access.

I wonder if I should give #NetBSD a try in this quite low-specs computer I've got lying around?

Usually I'd think #AlpineLinux and case-closed. But I've been digging BSD more and more, so maybe it'll be interesting? I mean, if anything this machine is a few notches above a toaster :)

Alpine Linux :alpine:
2 months ago

Alpine Linux 3.17.3, 3.16.5, 3.15.8, and 3.14.10 released

Those releases include security fixes for openssl:



2 months ago

[...] unless you're using one of the smaller, faster-moving distros like Alpine Linux you'll likely be out of luck

wow, that's a rather unexpected reference

#AlpineLinux ftw

@dangillmor it's a pity there are not open source operating system "distributions" that vet "package maintainer" individuals for all of the thousands of software application packages that most people might actually need, who then function as gatekeepers to weed out bad software releases, not to mention imposters, from infiltrating a distribution system of cryptographically signed and QA'd software, that is verified to comply with "distribution" policies.

Some day, perhaps.


My first #AlpineLinux package contribution got merged! 🏔️

jbz :catjam:
2 months ago

🪤 Why I Will Never Use Alpine Linux Ever Again
— @martinheinz
「 Usually, you would not notice this difference, because most of the time a single UDP packet (512 bytes) is enough to resolve hostnames... until it isn't enough and your application (running on Kubernetes) that previously worked completely fine for months suddenly starts throwing "Unknown Host" exceptions for one particular (very critical) hostname 」

#Alpine #AlpineLinux #Kubernetes #musl #DNS

3 months ago

doing some #AlpineLinux aports housekeeping and i realized my disk space is slowly running out... whoops

terminal screenshot, showing that /var/cache/distfiles takes up 28 gigabytes and has 4993 files

@atarifrosch @Haydar For example #AlpineLinux doesn't use #SystemD either - They use #OpenRC - but at least they commited themselves to that instead of halfassing several competing options...

Scott Williams 🐧
3 months ago

Some good news! I got #qbsh to run on #AlpineLinux. I needed to apk add libstdc++ support.

#basic #linux #qbasic

qbsh running on Alpine Linux
Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Wonder if anyone has any ideas why the new Alpine Linux musl/ARM64 Node.js build is failing and/or can help fix it.

If we can get this fixed soon-ish (before it’s reverted) it’ll mean – among other things – that Node.js will run on @postmarketOS on phones and other mobile devices.

CC @martijnbraam @alpinelinux

#NodeJS #postmarketOS #musl #alpineLinux #arm #arm64 #helpWanted

... aaaand success! My bootstrap script works :D

Unfortunately, it's still too dependent on some specific stuff in my own network (my git server storing the configs) to be useful to share with everyone at this point :( but it did pass the test. I was able to build my #AlpineLinux VM in less than 5 min!

Aral Balkan
4 months ago

Imagine Node.js running on a @PINE64 PineBook or PineBook Pro with @postmarketOS… could be very useful for education (not to mention make development more accessible in general).

(If this pull request gets merged, Kitten – – will be able to run on the PinePhone and be used for Small Web development on it.)

#nodeJS #postmarketOS #alpineLinux #arm #musl #JavaScript #SmallWeb #SmallTech #mobile #education

me@alpinelinux_3.17$ apk search -v fetch scripts
arch-install-scripts-27-r0 - Scripts to aid in installing Arch Linux

lol wait wuuuuut


@tdarb another #AlpineLinux desktop user, I see? I never tried either WM there (fluxbox or awesome-wm user here), but I'm impressed by how usable alpine is as a Desktop distro. How's wayland in it, though? I frankly haven't explored much about it in general.

When a #network #share in #fstab won't #automount on boot in #alpineLinux, here you go.

rc-update add netmount boot

#linux #alpine

Matt Thalman
6 months ago
Screenshot of running an Alpine Docker container and installing the dotnet7 package.
Alpine Linux :alpine:
6 months ago

Hello Mastodon, we have our presence here now.

Alpine Linux 3.17.0 has been released.


- bash 5.2
- GCC 12
- Kea 2.2
- LLVM 15
- OpenSSL 3.0
- Perl 5.36
- PostgreSQL 15
- Node.js (lts/current) 18.12 /19.1
- Ceph 17.2
- GNOME 43
- Go 1.19
- KDE Plasma 5.26
- Rust 1.64
- .NET 7.0


6 months ago

alpine linux sudo

# apk add sudo

# echo '%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL' > /etc/sudoers.d/wheel

# adduser <USER> wheel

#alpinelinux #linux #sudo #bash #shell

6 months ago

alpine linux xfce + i3wm

# setup-xorg-base

# apk add xfce4 xfce4-terminal xfce4-screensaver lightdm-gtk-greeter

# rc-service dbus start

# rc-update add dbus

# rc-update add lightdm

# rc-service lightdm start

# apk add i3wm i3status dmenu

#xfce #alpinelinux #linux #i3wm #i3

6 months ago

alpine linux with rootless docker

# nano /etc/apk/repositories (enable community repo)

# apk add doas

# adduser <USER> wheel

# nano /etc/doas.d/doas.conf (check if permit persist :wheel)

# apk add shadow-uidmap fuse-overlayfs iproute2

# nano /etc/rc.conf (uncomment rc_group_mode and set to unified)

# rc-update add cgroups && rc-service cgroups start

# modprobe tun

# echo tun >>/etc/modules

# echo <USER>:100000:65536 >/etc/subuid

# echo <USER>:100000:65536 >/etc/subgid

# apk add docker docker-cli-compose

# addgroup <USER> docker

# echo "ip_tables" >> /etc/modules

# modprobe ip_tables

# curl -fsSL | sh

create an init script in /etc/init.d/docker-rootless:


description="Docker Application Container Engine (Rootless)"
supervise_daemon_args=" -e PATH=\"/home/<USER>/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH\" -e HOME=\"/home/<USER>\" -e XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=\"/home/<USER>/.docker/run\""

reload() {
ebegin "Reloading $RC_SVCNAME"
/bin/kill -s HUP \$MAINPID
eend $?

make the created init script executable, add it to the default runlevel and start it:

# chmod +x /etc/init.d/docker-rootless

# rc-update add docker-rootless

# rc-service docker-rootless start

create a .profile file in your home directory with the following contents:

export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR="$HOME/.docker/run"

export DOCKER_HOST=unix://$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/docker.sock

export PATH="/home/<USER>/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH"

log out and log in again.

check if Docker Rootless works:

# docker ps

# docker run --rm hello-world

allow ports < 1024 (optional)

by default, only ports >= 1024 can be exposed by non-root users. to change this, change the minimum unprivileged port in /etc/sysctl.conf:

# echo "net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start=80" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

#alpinelinux #podman #docker #linux #containers

6 months ago

alpine linux with podman

# nano /etc/apk/repositories (enable community repo)

# apk add doas

# adduser <USER> wheel

# nano /etc/doas.d/doas.conf (check if permit persist :wheel)

# nano /etc/rc.conf (uncomment rc_group_mode and set to unified)

# rc-update add cgroups && rc-service cgroups start

# apk add podman

# modprobe tun

# echo tun >>/etc/modules

# echo <USER>:100000:65536 >/etc/subuid

# echo <USER>:100000:65536 >/etc/subgid

# echo "ip_tables" >> /etc/modules

# modprobe ip_tables

# podman run --rm hello-world

allow ports < 1024 (optional)

by default, only ports >= 1024 can be exposed by non-root users. to change this, change the minimum unprivileged port in /etc/sysctl.conf:

# echo "net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start=80" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

#alpinelinux #podman #docker #linux #containers

Daniel Isaksen
7 months ago

I'm having a bit of an #ADHD moment and I am considering cooking together a new minimal #Linux distribution, something along the lines of #AlpineLinux but with #glibc and #tdnf.

Is there even space for a new contender or will this become yet another half-finished directory in ~/projects?

I just hit 300 Posts - So I guess it is #introduction time:

I'm a computer science student from Germany, who has been using #linux for about 6 years now.
I'm into #foss and started maintaining some #alpinelinux packages.
I identify as #nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.
If you are into photography, you can also find me on #pixelfed