PC Gamer
9 hours ago

The new Fallout TV series looks like a bright and colorful post-apocalypse—and thank god for that

Check it out! 👇

#BethesdaSoftworks #AmazonPrime #AmazonStudios #Rpg

Mac King
14 hours ago

Um 21 Uhr geht es los:
AC Milan - B.Dortmund bei #AmazonPrime und
Manchester City - RB Leipzig bei #DAZN
#ACMBVB #MCIRBL #UCL #Prime #fußball

1 day ago
Enrique ☯️
1 day ago

#IsraelGazawar #antisemitismus #roadmovie

Schaue mit Frau #Gemahin den Film: Nicht ganz koscher auf #AmazonPrime an.

Aktueller den je. Kann ich empfehlen.

Würde bestimmt auch @Herr_Aviv gefallen

2 days ago

Ahh ich merke an #AmazonPrime
wird wieder gebastelt 👎 Erst verliert #PrimeVideo die Konto Verbindung, jetzt stockt plötzlich die Filmwiedergabe und dann reagiert #AmazonPrimeVideo
nicht mehr.

Ich könnte im Strahl brechen 🤮

3 days ago

Ist das nur bei mir so oder ist die Bildqualität bei #amazonprime an Sonntagen schlechter? Habe oft Fragmente und Buffer Probleme. Aber eben nur sonntags. Den Rest der Woche geht’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Decided to watch #ViolentNight on a lark, and it's actually more entertaining than I thought it would be.

#Movies #Christmas #DavidHarbour #AmazonPrime

Abby Crofton
4 days ago

Watched 4 movies in the last 2 days. Quick thoughts:

Something from Tiffanys (Amazon): meh, the characters were inconsistent and a bit annoying

Genie (Peacock): Melissa McCarthy steals every mediocre movie she agrees to be in

The Marvels (theater): meh storyline and villain, loved the interactions between the three mains.

The Flash (DVD from library): oof, rough from storyline to CGI, pretty much everything.

#movies #TheMarvels #TheFlash #AmazonPrime #Peacock #Marvel #DC #comics #reviews

4 days ago

#PrimeVideo ist echt praktisch, um im Ausland öffentlich Rechtliche zu gucken, ohne dieses bescheuerte Geoblocking. #AmazonPrime

The Hollywood Reporter
4 days ago

Amazon’s Announcing New Lightning Deals During the NFL Black Friday Game: Here’s How To Get All of the Deals Online
#Lifestyle #Shopping #Amazon #AmazonPrime #BlackFriday #NFL #Shopping

How-To Geek
5 days ago
5 days ago

Samsung ve Amazon Türkiye işbirliğiyle şimdi herkes için 6 aylık Amazon Prime üyeliği bedava! Detaylar için hemen tıklayın. #SamsungAmazonPrimeFırsatı #samsung #amazonprime

SHUT Breaking News
6 days ago

Shop Black Friday deals on HexClad cookware - get what Gordon Ramsay calls the Rolls-Royce of pans for 40% off: Get ready for the best kitchen deals ever with Amazon's Black Friday sale, featuring all-time low prices for HexClad cookware. #Amazoncompany #Yahoo #AmazonPrime #AOL #BlackFridayshopping

1 week ago

Amazon Gives Series Order to Drama "Motorheads" Starring Ryan Phillippe, Nathalie Kelley, Michael Cimino and Melissa Collazo #Motorheads #Amazon #AmazonPrime #AmazonPrimeVideo #PrimeVideo

How-To Geek
1 week ago

How to See the Amazon Price History of a Product

Check it out! 👇

#Deals #Amazon #AmazonPrime #Deals

1 week ago

Thinking of cancelling my #AmazonPrime not sure what I'm paying for, tbh? I don't really watch any of their videos and I never get Same Day Delivery which is mostly why I paid for it.

I'd keep the #Audible though.

1 week ago

Amazon Orders Limited Series "A Very Royal Scandal" Starring Michael Sheen and Ruth Wilson #AVeryRoyalScandal #Amazon #AmazonPrime #AmazonPrimeVideo #PrimeVideo

Matemático fã do Euler
1 week ago

Um monte de amigos reclamando que a #AmazonPrime tem um monte de filmes somente com opção dublada. Eu quase não assisto nada lá, então nem sabia. Que porcaria, hein?

Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

This message is worth reading if you take medicines. I'm in the US, by the way.

I've been comparing the price of some medicines:

A. Bought at the local pharmacy *with insurance*.

B. Bought at Amazon Pharmacy *without insurance*.

Guess what?

Some of the drugs are cheaper at Amazon Pharmacy *without insurance.*

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Oh, and tell me again that we're not getting screwed by the system.

I recently lost my coverage for medicines. So as we speak, I have no insurance for medicines. I'm on Medicare for the other stuff, however. (Yes, I'm getting on Part D, which covers drugs.)

I'm moving one prescription to Amazon Pharmacy so far. I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm an Amazon Prime member. The calculus might be different for someone who's not a Prime member.

(I'm hoping that there won't be surprise fees, but if there are, you'll certainly hear about it.)

#medicines #AmazonPharmacy #AmazonPrime #USHealthCare #HealthInsurance #MentalHealth #PhysicalHealth

1 week ago

Ia cancelar a minha subscrição no #amazonprime, mas não resisti e vi uma das recomendações do algoritmo: "Bárbaro". É meh, mas a fugir para o está fixe. Deu para "acordar".
Safou-se do cancelamento, portanto. #Filmes

#Kassa geeft dan wel de prijspakker van de week aan Amazon Prime (van € 2,99 naar € 4,99), maar Apple TV kan er ook wat van: van € 6,99 naar € 9,99
#AmazonPrime #AppleTV

All the players’ faces are blurred out like they’re in witness protection. #nfl #amazonprime

Anyone else’s #AmazonPrime stream of the #NFL game tonight hot garbage? Mine looks like VHS police footage from an ATM camera across the street from a liquor store that’s been robbed. At night.

2 weeks ago

Amazon Announces Premiere Date for New Drama "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine #MrAndMrsSmith #Amazon #AmazonPrime #AmazonPrimeVideo #PrimeVideo

Stefan :veritrek:
2 weeks ago
Top Games Italia
2 weeks ago

Soccer Brawl è gratuito su Amazon Prime Gaming

Soccer Brawl è un gioco di calcio pubblicato da SNK nel 1992. Volano scintille mentre le rappresentative di 8 diversi paesi combattono per il campionato. Ambientato in un futuro prossimo, le squadre sono composte da 7 giocatori robot, così la difesa può andare anche all'attacco o altre tattiche insolite.

#topgamesitalia #videogiochi #GRATIS #amazonprime #vídeogames #videogamesitalia #videogiochitalia #FREE

2 weeks ago

‘Coyote Vs. Acme’: Warner Bros Setting Up Screenings For Streamers Of Axed Looney Tunes Film; Amazon A Prime Candidate – The Dish
#News #AmazonPrime #AppleOriginalFilms #CoyotevsAcme #Netflix #TheDish #WarnerBros

2 weeks ago
Mr A. Cloud
2 weeks ago

@Kathrin @astefanowitsch Handmaid's Tale Staffel 1-5 läuft auch auf #AmazonPrime

De vuelta a la piratería por exceso de opciones y falta de privacidad 🏴‍☠️💿🌐 #DePirataAMaratonista 😄 #netflix #disneyplus #amazonprime #max #appletv

Un ratón descargaba películas piratas en el 2000, en el 2010 conoció Netflix y dejó de hacerlo, en 2020 la oferta de tantas plataformas de suscripción que además colectan datos lo saturaron, ahora volvió a la piratería
Karen Strickholm
2 weeks ago

@flexghost If you enjoy farce and loved Broadchurch (or even if you never saw it), check out Deadloch. It's the oddest little thing that I hope gets renewed. Take the tropes of a murder-mystery formulaic smashed into the Broadchurch story line, steeped in New Zealand rural and old-new immigrant culture. Laughed SO HARD!! #AmazonPrime

3 weeks ago
Prime Video notification on my phone telling me that Upload season 3 is available, now.
Silver Huskey
3 weeks ago

For my contribution to tonight's Quarantine Control on @damagecontrolblog, I wrote about Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War - Separation. The battles in this part were more interesting. @Dio_Senrab wrote about Gen V and CWTyger wrote about Zero Punctuation. Check our work out!

#BleachTYBW #GenV #ZeroPunctuation #Anime #AmazonPrime #TheEscapist

Samhain Night
3 weeks ago

I live way out in the country. We lost our cable provider a few yrs ago so I stream shows on my tablet with a cell signal, & put them on my big monitor with an HDMI cable & listen with an Airplay speaker.
For some reason, when I’m watching a show on Amazon FreeVee, Amazon tells me that I can’t use Airplay for these shows. Not for Amazon Prime in general -it works fine for Star a Trek, for example, just FreeVee shows. Any thoughts as to why or what can be done?
#AmazonPrime #FreeVee #TechHelp

How-To Geek
3 weeks ago

You No Longer Need Prime for Amazon Grocery Deliveries

Check it out! 👇

#AmazonPrime #Amazon #News

Top Games Italia
3 weeks ago

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters - Deluxe Edition è gratuito ancora per poco su Amazon Prime Gaming

Scopri i segreti del regno delle ombre ed evita un assassino psicotico.

#topgamesitalia #videogiochi #GRATIS #FREE #vídeogames #amazonprime #videogamesitalia #videogiochitalia

Bill Vinson
3 weeks ago

Nice... a new season of #Reacher is coming out in just a bit over a month. Thoroughly enjoyed S1, so hoping this one hits the same way.

#AmazonPrime #Reacher #Trailer #TV

Josef Schmitt
3 weeks ago

@lobbycontrol Die Quersubventionierung von #Amazon #Prime und Video durch andere Geschäftsbereiche ist in meinen Augen schon lange eine unsägliche Angelegenheit und gehört zumindest hier in Europa beendet. Die anderen Bereiche dieser Verkaufskrake habe ich da noch gar nicht angesprochen.
Danke für euere Aktivitäten!

Simply Syd 🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

I've managed to place two separate orders with Amazon and avoided triggering the Prime trial both times.
A bit nerve wracking though.

#amazonprime #Amazon

3 weeks ago


One of the uniquely good things about #AmazonPrime #PrimeVideo was that the "next episode" button included the length of the next episode

Very handy to help users manage their time/attention

But, it seems like it's gone and now I get the same unhelpful binge-encouraging button as in other services

We've been successful at weaning ourselves off #Amazon purchases the last couple of years. I have an Amazon credit card that we only use for Amazon purchases (thus earning maximum AmazonBucks rewards). We maintained the Amazon Prime subscription in part because of Prime Video.

Prime Video is incidentally the only streaming subscription service we have active. We paused all others for strike solidarity.

If you use Prime Video's clunky "hide movie" or "hide season" feature, you quickly realize how threadbare their video catalog actually is. It's Cinemax in the '80s & '90s with content that's only on service for 30 days to trick you into thinking Prime has relevance or quality. Threadbare.

Trust me on this: only put "free for streaming" entries in your wishlist and wait 30-60 days; a lot of the entries will be rent/buy again.

Lede, buried:

Which is to say, Amazon announcing the introduction of ads is the final straw. We'll be cancelling Prime this year or early 2024.


Bill Vinson
3 weeks ago

Finally got around to watching the Atom Eve special and also the first episode of season 2 of #Invincible. The story continues to be excellent, the voice acting is wonderful & it's got a dark enough story that it doesn't make me put it in the same box as other superhero fare. I can't wait to continue on with season 2…

There are so few bright spots on #AmazonPrime, but there are a few and they're so good, I wish they were on a proper, higher-quality streaming service…

4 weeks ago

‘Sound of Freedom’ Sets Streaming Debut on Prime Video After Surprise $242 Million Box Office Run
#Variety #News #AmazonPrime #SoundofFreedom

Silver Huskey
4 weeks ago

None of this surprises me about Amazon. I guess I'm a little surprised the FTC is going after them. I'm not holding my breath on a change being forced, though. Recently, I've soured on Amazon purchases anyway. Years ago I noticed that other retailers had better prices.

#Amazon #AmazonPrime

@gartentechniker Fakt 6: #amazon prime delivery ist Unsinn

Da die Zustellung immer schlechter wurde, hab ich #prime gekündigt.

Was soll ich sagen:

• Zustellung funktioniert besser
• persönliche Übergabe der Pakete
• mehrere Teile in einem Karton & ein Carrier, statt jedes einzeln über verschiedene Paketboten
• jetzt fährt uns sogar DPD an, bei prime sind die immer zum Paketshop
• trotzdem fällt kein Porto an, wenn Umsatz hoch genug

#onlineshopping #shopping #versand #amazonprime #konsum

Esta mañana recibo en el teléfono de mis padres una supuesta llamada de Amazon Prime que iban a subir las tarifas a 199€ (una grabación telefonica). Los de #AmazonPrime (yo lo tengo contratado) decían que pulsara 1 si estaba de acuerdo, 2 para darme de baja y no sé qué más porque les he colgado directamente. Ellos no tienen mi teléfono familiar, tan sólo mi móvil personal, y además estamos en la lista de Robinson. Tened mucho cuidado con este tipo de llamadas, son una #NuevaEstafa. Es un aviso.

2 months ago

It will be a great day when on "amazon prime day" the lead story for every news outlet in the Country is how Amazon is evil

#Amazon #AmazonPrime #News

Today's Boston Globe a tepid step in that direction


screen shot from Boston Globe home page 11 Oct 2023
ON amazon's prime day, you can get a 55 inch TV for $249. But is it really good for consumers ?

The company's big discounts benefit consumers, even though Amazon's overall behaviour has drawn regulatory scrutiny
The Explorographer
2 months ago

If you are shopping on Amazon "Prime Days" be careful! I have run across several items that are being advertised as 40-50% off but when viewed in a price tracker were marked up by as much as 75% prior to the "Sale". Use a price tracker so you know. Some of the "deals" are only deals for the seller!!

#amazon #PrimeDay #amazonprime #shopping

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago


Okay... Maybe, I overlooked it.

One of 2022’s most overlooked video games is free right now on PC

#GhostwireTokyo #TangoGameWorks #PC #AmazonPrime #Free #GamingNews

2 months ago


They canceled the two high quality shows I used to watch on their platform (Mrs Maisel, The Peripheral) so they are lowering the cost/quality of their programming, they are charging more, and they will be displaying ads.

The obvious choice is not to pay and not to watch. I don't know what they're thinking.

#Amazon #Prime #AmazonPrime

Thomas 🧸
2 months ago

Wie niedlich! Auf #PrimeVideo gibt es den Film der „kleinen Raupe Nimmersatt“, mit den Zeichnungen des Originalbuchs. Dauert knapp acht Minuten, die restliche Zeit sind es andere Geschichten. #AmazonPrime

2 months ago

#Amazon leaders were 'okay' with people being secretly signed up for #AmazonPrime, lawsuit alleges

The #FTC named three senior leaders they allege played a key role in Amazon enrolling customers unwittingly to the program.

It’s 2023, and streaming platforms still provide a very limited set of subtitles (e.g French only).
Looking at you, #AmazonPrime, and #Netflix

Paul Chambers
2 months ago


Are you talking about #AmazonPrime Video adding commercials unless you get the $2.99 commercial free add-on or another price increase? I just went through one Prime increase recently.😔

Ooh, what's this, a new #AmazonPrime series based in the John Wick world.... hmmm... maybe I'll check it out.

Oh, lifelong noted anti-Semitic pustule #MelGibson stars in it?

No thanks.


Fuck Gibson and fuck every anti-Semite. I hope you all die in agony, you utter fucks.


Paul Chambers
2 months ago

Amazon's Prime Video will start including commercials

They are adding an add-on package with a fee of $2.99 to remove commercials. #Amazon #AmazonPrime #Video #TV #Streaming

Ted Curran M. Ed. 🆒
2 months ago

@cdlhamma Hooboy #playstationplus #youtubepremium and #AmazonPrime lately have been just pushing their luck haven't they? Daring a brutha' to dump those subscriptions. Don't forget there's a lot more streaming out there than we have time to watch, and we know it....

realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 months ago

Big day for #Twitch I guess since #AmazonPrime will be airing #TNF there soon

#NFL @nfl

Sean Murthy
3 months ago

Wow, on delivery day, Amazon Prime tells me how far the package is from me right now: "5 Stops Away" and shows exactly where the truck is currently.

I assume this works only for first-party delivery, but still 🤯

#amazon #prime #amazonPrime

Icon of a delivery van/truck on a map with a callout reading "5 Stops Away" (black text on white) - Apple-Blog
3 months ago

Im Juli hatten wir schon von den Ergebnissen der #Streaming-Studie berichtet, die die Unternehmensberatung Simon Kucher weltweit durchgeführt hat. Nun wartet das Unternehmen mit weiteren Studienergebnissen für #Deutschland auf: Der beliebteste #Streamingdienst der Deutschen bleibt #Netflix, dicht gefolgt von #AmazonPrime. #WOW und #DAZN steht hingegen womöglich eine Kündigungswelle bevor.

Alle Details:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac

Auf vier gestapelten Retro-Fernsehern sind die Logos von Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix und Amazon Prime Video vor einem weißen Hintergrund zu sehen.
David Brent 📚
3 months ago

The 7yo's Little League team celebrated their end of season at a Schaumburg Boomers (local seni-pro team) game. The team was introduced on the field before the National Anthem and each kid got a player's autograph.

I am really enjoying #GoodOmens S2. It's so good!

The heat on Thursday was BRUTAL, but I managed to keep my combined outdoor exposure to about 10 minutes. I'll take that win.

#Sports #Baseball #Streaming #AmazonPrime #Weather @3goodthings

Wintrust Field (Schaumburg, Illinois, USA) Jumbotron screen showing adult baseball players in white uniforms and boys in red jerseys standing with their caps off for the National Anthem.
Queer Lit Cats
3 months ago

Pink News: A League Of Their Own co-creator tells LGBTQ+ fans ‘you are the main characters’ after cancellation #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #ALeagueofTheirOwn #AmazonPrime #PrimeVideo #TVseries #Culture #TV

3 months ago

got e-Mail from #Amazon that I started #AmazonPrime on Sat. The Sat where I enjoyed the last day of CCCamp.I did not buy anything on that day and certainly do not remember signing up for prime. Rather I am always very careful to avoid the prime-trap.

So either Amazon really fucked up and signed customers up for prime unsolicited or the dark patterns on bigA have gotten so dark, even I did not notice signing up.

That kind of #enshitification is indicative of a failing business 😞

Amazon: Get Prime and watch GREAT TV when you want, no ads!

Me: Cool. How about this film?

Amazon: Naah, that's 13 quid!

Me: Ummm... I thought I'd already paid for it but.. okay, how about this one?

Amazon: Good choice, that's FREE... with ads.

Me: Hold on...


#Streaming #Netflix #AmazonPrime #Disney+ #Paramount+ #AndFortyOtherFuckingChannels

4 months ago

If you haven’t finished the season yet, click at your own major spoiler risk. But. David Tennant really is the best, and bigots that hide behind religion can die mad.

“Tennant also addressed accusations from angry Christians that Good Omens mocked religious ideology, arguing that it is actually pro-religious because it promotes values of ‘kindness, community, tolerance and understanding.’”

#GoodOmens #DavidTennant #TV #AmazonPrime

4 months ago

#Streaming companies are playing a very dangerous game with regards to the ongoing #wgastrike.

As a #filmworker previously employed by Netflix & other companies, I am currently out of work due to the never ending #greed of their rich studio execs.

Today, as we pass day 100, my wife and I concluded to drop our #AmazonPrime and #Netflix accounts in support of the #WGAStrike. We’ve been on Netflix for two decades now, what an end to an era!

At this point I wonder what it will take for these studios to ever bring us back…

Streaming companies have shown their true colours; their greed is toxic to writers, artists and the industry itself.

Is capitalism winning? Not in our home. We control own own dollar, and we’re done shelling out to #corporate junkies.

#WGAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike #Paramount #Disney #Apple #CorporateGreed #Capitalism

Goddess of dark Ashes
4 months ago

Okay, i want to try something new. So let's try #7SeriesToKnowMe! I hope that's something new.

- Person Of Interest
- The Equalizer
- Seal Team
- Warrior
- Star Wars: Andor
- House of Cards
- Money Heist

#serie #series #tv #stream #netflix #amazon #amazonprime #starwars #disney #disneyplus

Dr. Michael Blume
4 months ago

Schaue gerade die Klimakrise-Doku von Joko Winterscheidt: „The Most Dangerous Show“ - und bin von der ersten Folge schon mal sehr angetan! #Joko #Doku #Klimakrise #AmazonPrime

@carnage4life Very good discussion! For me at least, 11€/mo is too big of an ask when I can listen to #YouTube and #YouTubeMusic for free and when comparing to #AmazonPrime (#PrimeVideo).
Paying nearly double for #Spotify just makes zero financial sense for me even if it wasn't that profitable for them.

But paying 11€/mo is still better than paying up nearly 20€/pc for physical media. CDs just aren't a modern format anymore...

Ricardo Harvin
4 months ago

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend #SorryToBotherYou, 2018, #DirectedBy #BootsRiley.

If its commentary on #race, #capitalism, #art, and, presciently, #unions and #WorkerRights don't hook you, then seeing #ArmieHammer play what we now know is a fairly true-to-life version of himself might be what you need to be convinced (#NiggaShit).

Too bad #Boots' new show is going to #AmazonPrime, but I hope his projects do well.

Tommaths (he/him)
4 months ago

#Recommendations please:


(mainly TV series available on #AmazonPrime or #Netflix, but open to #movies & #books too)

... that are rooted in and do something interesting with #TimeTravel.

Note: Doctor Who is not, for the most part, about time travel. Time travel is merely a contrivance to allow for a breadth of stories, so Who doesn't count here (though I could probably think of some specific episodes that do something interesting with time travel if I put my mind to it).
The same is true of Quantum Leap.
I guess The Time Traveler's Wife (Niffenegger) would fit to a degree, but it's not quite as time travel focused as I'm looking for.

Essentially, if I get introduced to some decent stories I'll be happy.

4 months ago

Alexa popped up on my TV announcing her arrival. I didn't come for her. She does too much.
#Alexa #TV #Blackmastodon @blackmastodon #Blackfediverse #Amazonprime

5 months ago

I keep forgetting Amazon even has a streaming service because they mix rentals in with Prime Video and its hard to browse without "Oops, nope, thats a $5 rental" so I literally never open it.

I also don't think they have a proper dedicated website to just browse whats available but I may be wrong.

#StreamingServices #Amazon #AmazonPrime

5 months ago


Für blödes Wetter.

Absolut spannend.
The Nightmanager

Zb auf

PS. Nein ich bekomme nichts für meine Empfehlungen.

5 months ago

Para los nuevos refugiados de #twitter, boosteo / actualizo mi #presentacion. Me llamo Audric, 35 años, #informatico.

No soy muy muy activo, pero participo comentando sobre todo sobre lo que voy descubriendo del #fediverso, también sobre el resto de mis hobbies / pasiones: #tecnologia en general, #videojuegos, #cine, #series, #musica..

No hablo ni #politica ni de #deportes

Amante de los #animales, tengo a Limón. Un adorable podenco de ahora 7 años que adopté hace 2, que era maltratado / abandonado sus 4 primeros años de su vida..


Soy anti redes globales, me di de baja hace tiempo de #netflix, #spotify y #amazonprime. No estoy ya ni en #facebook ni #twitter ni #instagram. De #google también estoy migrando poco a poco.

Por no ser tan ambiguo en gustos de series música etc, mis favoritos:


Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existence
#dimmuborgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions
#Igorrr - Hallelujah
#MirrorThrone - Of Wind And Weeping



Laura Lis Scott
5 months ago

@dangillmor This morning I canceled #AmazonPrime for the principled reasons that #Amazon sells crap & knock-offs, delivers the wrong thing (late), treats its employees terribly & is anti-union while Bezos rakes in more $/hr than the rest of us make in a lifetime

And I can’t afford the annual subscription

Scene from It’s a Wonderful Life: George Bailey is all wet, wrapped in a blanket after Clarence, his guardian angel, saved him from drowning.

Clarence: We don’t use money in heaven.

George: Comes in pretty handy down here, bub.
5 months ago


#StarTrekProdigy was good and real #StarTrek somehow, actually. Here's hoping #Netflix or #AmazonPrime pick it up.

I wish more of us had watched it and bought thier merch.


Though enjoyable, the game was overpriced for the target demo. If it wasnt co-op, on sale, and my wife didnt love the show so much it likely wouldn't even be in my steam library.


Game :steam: :link:

Steam Banner for Star Trek Prodigy Supernova Game.
Andy Carolan :prami:
6 months ago

So, here's an odd problem. I'm an Amazon Prime Member, and occasionally rent movies from Prime Video.

In the £1.99 “Prime members only" section, if I click on any title, it shows the full price, not the prime price. I've gone as far as confirming rental, and it still shows at full price.

I've tried different devices inc Browser, iPad, Apple TV, and it's the same across all.

Here's Hellraiser as an example…

#AmazonPrime #PrimeVideo

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video “Movies to rent for £1.99. Only for Prime members” 

IT FOLLOW, Strawberry Mansion and HELLRAISER are displayed.
Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video showing Hellraiser rent/buy screen with price of £4.49 for rental, £8.99 to buy
PuttyCAD (Ric)
7 months ago

I released a range of retro jotters for game dev and stuff. You can get them on Amazon Prime. No more scrabbling around for squared paper! #gamedev #pixelart #gameart #indiedev #retrodev #amazonprime #puttycad

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
7 months ago

This is it! The #WoTIdol2023 Finals are soon to start. Come join in #live chat and vote to get your favorite through to win it all. Starting at Noon eastern, so around 35 minutes from the time of posting.

There will also be a drop-in by #SpecialGuest Kate Fleetwood, the Tony-nominated performer and actress that plays Liandrin in #TheWheelOfTime on #AmazonPrime

#WoTIdol #WoT

Decorative logo for Season 3 of Wheel of Time idol, advertising the Finals.
Kate Fleetwood in the role of Liandrin from The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime. Caucasian woman dressed in red, her blonde hair pulled back and styled into many tiny braids.
8 months ago


I'm rethinking my relationship to Amazon Prime. It's $20 a month and they still treat their workers like shit so where is that money going, exactly?

#Amazon #AmazonPrime #Workers

8 months ago

So, I recently watched the first episode of #TerminalList on #AmazonPrime.

The journalist used @protonmail as their email address that was used to contact them. Chris Pratt also used the web app to contact them.

Such a fun little detail for a journalist that works on sensitive topics! Also, it's so cool that #ProtonMail has come this far!

#privacy #Proton #Amazon #Prime #TheTerminalList

Ashley Porciuncula
8 months ago

Watching Swarm on Amazon. Donald Glover is so unbelievably good at everything he does.

🎞️ Trailer:

#Swarm #SwarmTV #SwarmAmazon #AmazonPrime #DonaldGlover #JanineNabers #TV #Television #Music

Tim Mackey 🦥
9 months ago

@anthonyfloyd OMG, you weren’t kidding! Amazing 😂
#AnInconvenientItalian on #AmazonPrime

Screencaps from the Italian Job film, with subtitles from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” incorrectly showing instead of the correct subtitles. Edward Norton and Charlize Theron are talking, and the captions read: “This guy is so far off in the environmental extreme, we’ll be up to our neck in owls and out of work for every American.”
Screencaps of the Italian Job, with subtitles from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” incorrectly showing instead of the correct subtitles. Mark Walberg is talking to Charlize Theron, and the captions have him saying: “If you see the breakup of ice shelves along the Antarctic peninsula, watch out, because that should be seen as an alarm bell for global warming.”

Say what you will about #amazonPrime but they've never lost faith in my ability to go back to school and finish my degree! #amazon #primeStudent

Mark H
9 months ago

Do you remember when the big draw of the streaming platforms was that they'd release all the episodes at once so you could watch what you want when you wanted instead of fuddy-duddy, has-been TV and its weekly release format? Stupid old, fuddy-duddy, has-been TV! What was it thinking!? That's so old! You need to get with the times! This is the future, TV!

Anyway, here's to me trying to avoid #StarTrekPicard spoilers for the next few months.

#StarTrek #AmazonPrime

10 months ago
Phil Tanner
11 months ago

Just finished watching #Uncharted on #AmazonPrime.

What a great romp. An #IndianaJones of our time, but done properly (instead of the recent films in that franchise).

Highly recommended.


11 months ago

Since lots of people don't seem to know this: there is a totally free library app called borrow box where you can download free ebooks and audiobooks to your heart content. The books are returned automatically, so there are no late fees. You can reserve and renew books for free, too. All you need is a standard library membership. #books #library #BorrowBox #freebooks #audiobooks #audible #amazonprime

Picture of borrow box app.
Simon Walters
11 months ago

Daughter says she's going to have to pay yearly for the family #amazonprime from 23rd December - says monthly is no longer going to be an option - is this true?

Ricardo Harvin
1 year ago

It is done. I just cancelled #AmazonPrime, 33 days early (getting that sweet $10 refund).

I reviewed my order history and, since #Prime started, I've placed an average of 11.35 orders per year (9.5 since 2001).

10 years with 6 or fewer orders; 2 with 38; 1 with 32; 1 with 25; 2 with 13; 1 with 10.

So, not at all a sacrifice beyond convenience, but this small act is more than most people are willing to do.

Amazon is a monopoly, an entity attempting to swallow all of consumer commerce whole.

1 year ago