Deniz Opal
1 hour ago

@JoeRess I love this. It took me back to the old #Amiga /#Atari ST music creation days.

4 hours ago
Retro Gerry
4 hours ago

Treated myself to a few #retrocomputer bits n pieces this week. Mostly some quality of life bits for the #amiga. I got a gotek drive, which came inside a metal Zydec external drive. the seller included the original 3.5" drive from the casing, which hopefully will replace my dying FDD. So to compliment this, i got a little boot selector switch as well so i can boot from the gotek or the internal drive. I also snagged a nice wee joystick. Its clear. And clear #retrogaming gear is always cooler.
Nerdwelten Podcast: "1869 Hart am Wind – Erlebte Geschichte Teil I". #amiga #amiganews

Marcin Kamyk Kamiński
6 hours ago

I wtedy w naszych głowach pojawia się tylko jedno.
#MortalKombat #FinishHim #Amiga #game #gaming

Brilliant piece. Pete Cannon discusses with SoundOnSound the history of sampling in the jungle scene, and how samplers like the Akai S950 and S1100 have become synonymous with the genre.

He then outlines his favourite jungle production techniques, with tips and tricks on how to recreate classic synth chord stabs, and onto sequencing a drum and bass track using OctaMED tracker on an Amiga computer.

#MusicProduction #Sampler #Atari #Akai #Amiga #RetroComputing

Charlie Balogh
7 hours ago

I am totally braindead from an extremely long week at work, so a small project - replace the original plastic isolation sheet on the back of the 4000T A/V board. This thing was crumbling, wanted to do this for a long time. #amiga

Mr Creosote
10 hours ago

There is a certain pleasure in looking back at those not so great games. Not to mock them, but rather as a reminder of the realities back then. Retrospectives focus on the big hits of their days. But we also spent our time with stuff like #DasMagazin. I'd be really curious to know the story of its development. Were there people behind who really stood behind their work? Maybe, one day, we should try to research all this.


10 hours ago

@ball It should definitely fit in reasonable memory sized #VAXen, say 16MB. The kernel can be stripped back and the ramdisk needs just enough to prompt for source and target devices, plus gzip - so much less than the current #sysinst based images. Something akin to the old #SunOS miniroot boot tape.

As it happens #NetBSD/ #amiga still has a miniroot install option - you partition with #AmigaOS native tools, write the miniroot to what will be the swap partition, then boot into it to complete.
Modul-Player: NostalgicPlayer 2.0.0 für Windows. #amiga #amiganews

Gerard Braad
13 hours ago

This rolling demo was so good, it made my brother buy the #Amiga version of Wing Commander... and it was probably one of the games I played the most.

Video: Grundlagen des Kondensatorentauschs im Amiga 1200. #amiga #amiganews

22 hours ago

Skinvaders - In dev Space Invaders clone for the Commodore Amiga gets a new WIP version #Amiga #CommodoreAmiga @Indie_RetroNEWS

@TechConnectify In the early '90s, you could store ~500MB of data on a video tape, using a cheap "open source" adapter for #Amiga machine. (Technically the adapter is only required for reading, not storing.)

Video Backup System


1 day ago

Mentioning again for the weekend crowd.😎

My latest AMOS video is about Sprites again.

Check out my latest AMOS tutorial video, looking at Channel and Move commands. 😁

#amiga #retrocomputing #indiedev #youtuber

Nikoh :verified:
1 day ago

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #amiga #amiga2000 restoring :commodore: 😍

Nikoh :verified:
1 day ago

#retrogaming #retrocomputer #retrocomputing #amiga
The 20230606 @amiga_vision #megaags exceeds 8gb so i have to buy a new card for my A1200 ide interface...
Do you have any compatibility tips like brand, speed etc.?

1 day ago
Finally overcame my laziness and almost finished my next #Amiga #demoscene tutorial post! :bun_doodle: :win3_control_panel:

Wrote and explained a very simple example effect and made instructions for setting up the dev env.

Sadly it will have to wait until we finish cleaning up and backporting framework changes we made during Revision preparations, but it is also almost done~
FS-UAE emulator screenshot, showing an example effect, simple Copper gradient.
1 day ago

After looking for years, I finally got an NTSC/USA version of Dune II "The Building of a Dynasty". Westwood Studios was an American developer based in Las Vegas. In 1992 they got bought out by Virgin, then eventually merged with EA in Los Angeles.

Anyway, stoked to get this box w/ legit artwork and floppy disks with actual stickers instead of just blue disks with white paint.

#retrogaming #commodore #amiga #Dune #scifi

1 day ago

Diablo 4 for the PS5 is 75 GB. Or for old-fashioned Amiga gamers like me: 85,000 disks. Would be a fun game. “Insert disk 68331 into any drive”… #diablo #diablo4 #amiga

Peanut Hamper
1 day ago

Lo-fi Workbench for the sake of my poor graphics-card-less #Amiga 1200

Took me a while to make it look pleasant

Still uses VisualPrefs, MUI, Reaction, MagicMenu, ClickToFront, AssignWedge, AmiDock, ToolsMenu and idk what else of course

1 day ago

Added a bunch of new sites to the #amiga directory since yesterday.

I've recoded the whole thing to make it really easy to add stuff and have allowed for future functionality to allow sites with different languages to be flagged up.

It would also be completely easy to make a page for any platform or subject, so if anyone has any requests ;)

Metin Seven
1 day ago

A picture of me in 1992, looking bored, sitting in a cheap garden-chair behind my #Commodore #Amiga 2000.

On the wall: a map of our Amiga game Hoi, published in Amiga Action magazine.

On the fridge: a print of my game over picture for the Borobodur game, published by Thalamus, and peanut-butter jars as reference for a 'Calvé Peanut-butter Power Game' we were creating for a TV commercial.

On the fridge door: Psygnosis and Rainbow Arts stickers, souvenirs from our visits to them.


Metin from Team Hoi, in a photo from 1992. The post text provides all info.
AmigaNews (inofficial)
1 day ago
Textadventure: Vorbestellung der Boxed-Edition von "Tristam Island". #amiga #amiganews
Linux: ATi-Radeon-Updates für Bugdom und Nanosaur 1. #amiga #amiganews
Diskettenabbilder am PC oder Mac: Greaseweazle Tools 1.13. #amiga #amiganews
SCSI-SD-Adapter: ZuluSCSI-Firmware V2023.06.03. #amiga #amiganews
MUI-basierter SFTP/FTP(S)-Client: RNOXFER 1.4 für AmigaOS 3/4 und MorphOS. #amiga #amiganews

2 days ago

Another AMOS video about Sprites?

For sure. Check out my latest AMOS tutorial video, looking at Channel and Move commands and loading sprites from an image bank. 😁

#amiga #amos #retrocomputing #indiedev

Amiga AMOS video thumbnail, all about Sprites again.
Didier Malenfant :amiga:
2 days ago

That Workbench that @amiga_vision is using in the background looks mighty fine. 😍

Where do I get the HDInstall disks for this?

#Amiga #Amigaaaaaaa

Screenshot of a really nice version of the Amiga Workbench.
2 days ago

Dopo aver corretto un po' la palette generica che ho provato tempo fa mi sono messo a lavorare sul campo di battaglia e sulla gestione delle animazioni: nel breve video si vedono le posizioni dell'eroina e dei suo eventuali alleati a sinistra, mentre a destra ci saranno i nemici, da 1 fino ad un massimo di cinque :D

Video girato sotto #WinUAE che emula un #A1200 a velocità reale.

#kta #AMOS #Amiga #RPG #gamedev #AMOSProfessional

2 days ago

Chopper Duel for Amiga has been released:
#Amiga #Retrogaming

2 days ago

I've added a new bunch of #amiga sites to

Let me know if you want me to add anything else

2 days ago

I've been fooling around with #Doom on the #MiyooMiniPlus recently... partly because it's cool that I can, but also because Doom is, somehow, still an amazing game. It feels, forgive the pun, eternal.

It's easy to forget just how seismic Doom felt in 93. It appeared from nowhere, when everyone was talking about #SNES or #Megadrive or #Amiga... and somehow made PCs a thing!

Feeling perfect out of the gate, it made other platforms chase that elusive beast - the worthy Doom-clone. Few came close.

A Miyoo Mini Plus playing the 1993 FPS Doom.
3 days ago

おお! #Amiga のWorkbenchだ! Ctrlキーを押しながら下にドラッグすると裏のタスクが見えるところまで再現されてる。すごいな。Ctrl+Ami+Amiは試してないけど、これも再現してたら笑うな
30年以上前に苦労してAmiga 1200を買ったけど、いじりまくって壊れたんだよな。懐かしい。A500 mini買おうかな

3 days ago

Chopper Duel - "The ultimate two-player air combat game!" Now for the Amiga! #Amiga #ChopperDuel @Indie_RetroNEWS

Didier Malenfant :amiga:
3 days ago

Speaking of German hackers, one of my oldest friend from the #Amiga scene, Zeronine from Quadlite, sent me this epic photo tonight.

So much awesomeness from what will forever remain some the best times of my life.

Spotted a lot of familiar faces in there…

#DemoScene #OG

An epic collection of old school Amiga floppies from the 80s scene.
3 days ago

Okay so was made as a joke

However it’s got a lot of hits today. So in all seriousness, if you run an #amiga related site or thing. Let me know and I’ll add it. (At some point)

3 days ago

Backing up #amiga floppies with GreaseWeazle and a regular PC floppy drive under MacOS. The idea is to backup my original boxed games on a raw flux level and possibly restore them to a new surface if the one in the original disk is damaged. #floppy #GreaseWeazle #RetroComputing

3 days ago

My next AMOS video for the Amiga drops tomorrow (Thursday) at 18:15 UK time on my YouTube channel. (See bio for link etc.)

Teaser image attached. 😁

#amos #amiga #retrocomputing

Teaser video thumbnail image.
3 days ago

I've spent another 30 mins or so fiddling with the css to make it look more #Amiga Workbench 1.3.

Lets say 2 hours.

Games That Weren't
3 days ago

MicroProse's flight sim, A.T.A.C was previewed for the #Amiga in various magazines back in 1992, but sadly only got a #DOS release in the end.

We take a look at the conversion in the hope that something could be found one day:

3 days ago

@AmigaBoing Yeah. Nebulous is crazy hard, but also delightfully clever.

I love that #Evercade is bringing games to cartridge that haven't been before (#arcade games), or at least haven't been on cartridge for a long time (in the case of #Amiga and #C64).

Richard Troupe
3 days ago

Anyone in Ireland (North or South) who can recap Amigas? I don't fancy sending my Amiga 1200 off to be recapped and have to wait months for a turnaround.

#Amiga #Commodore

3 days ago

I mean, I could spend more time on it and make it better, but seriously there's loads of #amiga sites that have links to places on them. We don’t need another one.

I just made this to be petty

And I needed some procrastination from the real job.

But mainly the pettiness.

Didier Malenfant :amiga:
3 days ago

Almost every #Amiga game and demo ever made… in my pocket… 🤯

Amazing work @amiga_vision and Mazamars312!

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #AnalogPocket

An analog pocket console running the Amiga core with Amiga Vision game collection.
John Girvin
3 days ago

I just backed Immortal Joysticks - High quality, retro, arcade joysticks on Kickstarter 🕹🕹🕹

#Amiga #ZXSpectrum #Amstrad #Commodore #Atari #SEGA #RETROGAMING

Gabriele Svelto
5 days ago

@tomxcd I somehow managed to keep using an #Amiga until 2001 when I finally decided I should give Linux a spin. I started with #Slackware which I liked, but I figured I needed to be going the extra mile so in 2002 I switched to the newly-released #Gentoo which I still use to this day.

John Girvin
5 days ago


Twinstick roguelite shooter coming for your #Amiga in Summer 2023!

Latest WIP: [YT]

How deep can you go?

#RetroGaming #RetroDev #GameDev

5 days ago

Blue screens of death created groans of hatred and anger.
Guru meditations? Laughter and cheers in 2023.

#Amiga #Commodore #retrocomputing #crash #80s #nostalgia

Richard Downer
5 days ago
A plastic case for the Amiga 1200 computer, in a translucent dark blue colour. Case badge reads "Asahi Series Limited Edition"
Peanut Hamper
5 days ago

The #Amiga Castlevania remake by Dante Mendes is coming along nicely! :blobcatheart:

Demo footage ↓

Sometimes #demoscene is not about flashy colors and obscene amounts of beer. Sometimes it's spending your Sunday afternoon in an empty university's classroom, scribbling on a whiteboard about exec formats and memory management.

First #Amiga struggle session since Revision concluded, we've had postmortem of Electric Lifeforms, discussed the future of our framework and started setting up a roadmap to a next production :>

It means progress in my next demoscene tutorial blogpost, so stay tuned! 🐇

A picture of a whiteboard, showing a loose idea of organizing a different part of an Amiga demo executable
Just a selfie of me going back home from the meeting. The day is sunny and I felt pretty happy, so why not
John Girvin
1 week ago

Getting to the end of RDZ development. I have a short list of (mostly simple) things to do in June leaving July for a lot of playtesting and balancing.

August will be a holiday.

September, something new.

#Amiga #AmiGameJam #RetroDev

1 week ago

For a very brief moment in time, before a single Amiga was sold in any stores (photos by moi)...

#amiga #commodore #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #80s #nostalgia

Metin Seven
1 week ago

Pixel art for the 1993 Amiga version of our game Moon Child. After Commodore went bankrupt in 1994, Moon Child was reinitiated for Windows and published in 1997.

Download the game and lots of assets here:

#game #gaming #gamedev #gamedevelopment #retro #retrogame #retrogaming #retrogamer #platformer #1990s #pixelart #art #artwork #graphics #commodore #amiga

Four screenshots of the Amiga version of our platform game Moon Child.
Ms Mad Lemon
1 week ago

A New Nostalgia Time #gameplay video has been uploaded. I do a revisit on Parasol Stars on the #Commodore #amiga as promised :-)
Watch here and enjoy:

1 week ago

Happy International #Amiga Day!

Shrig 🐌
1 week ago

My first computer was an #Amiga 500+ btw, I learned to type my name before I could write it properly on that thing so I'll always have a soft spot for them =p
Pushing through my dyslexia as a child in the 90s in a school that was rated dogshit from Ofsted every year I was there was rough as fuck so it was nice to spin one of these things up when I got home haha

Shrig 🐌
1 week ago

It's #Amiga day today apparently, so I'm boosting my 1200. Still really want that new wireless tank mouse thing to properly complete it one day :blobpeek: x

1 week ago

Many years ago, I rendered my first 3D picture on a computer. It was on an #amiga 500, running Real3D 1.4, on 1MB of RAM.

The image was something simple I threw together: a logo with some textures. To fit it into memory, I had it done at 16 colors grayscale, at 640 x 400.

It took my A500 one week of uninterrupted rendering to get it done. I used to wake up in the morning to see how much further each line had progressed.

I finally managed to find the picture in a floppy disk, after many years.

Spike :donor:
2 weeks ago

Anyone got any idea where to get an Amiga "Kick Start" floppy? #retrocomputing #amiga

2 weeks ago

I've started working on a new costume, scheduled to be debuted at Amiga38:

Zombie LeChuck from Monkey Island 2!

...But wait, there's more! This is not a solo project. My best friend has joined the fun and will cosplay Guybrush. In fact, we have several other Amiga cosplay duos planned already. How cool is that?!

#amiga #amiga38 #monkeyisland #cosplay #arrr

Metin Seven
2 weeks ago

In 1992 our Commodore Amiga platform game Hoi was released worldwide on two 3.5 inch diskettes, but as the US-based publisher didn't pay the royalties, we decided to release an AGA chipset remix for free in 1993.

Here's a full longplay video of the Hoi AGA Remix. We had lots of fun creating the game as three youngsters.

#commodore #amiga #retro #retrogames #retrogaming #game #gaming #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedeveloper #platformer #1990s #video #chiptune

2 weeks ago

I have a new music release out today. It’s a batch of old skool rave tunes I did on my Commodore Amiga:

#chiptune #demoscene #commodore #amiga

Cover art for the release depicts a gwEmDMA logo in magenta with some small yellow sweets and a smiley face.
Hynek Schlawack
2 weeks ago

“A worthwhile waste of time.”

I've been a subscriber to Ahoy's YouTube channel forever, but this video lingered in my to-watch list.

wtf even is a “Four-Byte Burger”? But if you know me, the #Amiga was incredibly influential to my computering. I've used a tuned A500 until 1997 FFS.

I have no memory of the original art, but the process of reconstruction, the booting of Workbench 1.3 & 3.1… the DPaint cameo, the Commodore 1084…

This video is a piece of art on its own.

8-Bit Boyz
2 weeks ago

A simple process that has worked many times for me in salvaging failing floppies to become read/writable again.
Video here:

#AMayGA2023 #Amiga #Commodore #Floppy #Disk #retrocomputing #Atari #PC #Apple

3 weeks ago

An Amiga game that should have been...

(Cover of Dragon Magazine #143, March, 1989 -- by Den Beauvais)

#Amiga #Commodore #DnD #Dragon #retrogaming #80s

Jogeir Liljedahl Compilation #1

> 01 - [00:00] Physical Presence
> 02 - [05:36] Nearly There
> 03 - [12:09] Oro Incenso
> 04 - [18:24] Nes-Tea Peach
> 05 - [24:56] Guitar Slinger
> 06 - [29:49] Signia……

#JogeirLiljedahl #Amiga #AmigaMusic #ChipMusic (in the widest sense) #DemoMusic #MusicMod

Shujin Academy VGM Club
3 weeks ago

Get ready! There's an all new episode of Shujin Academy VGM Club and we're checking out Barry Leitch's work on the Lotus and Top Gear games! It's the most Amiga music I've ever played on one episode, and some great SNES stuff too! Listen now or get left in the dust!

#VGM #VGMpodcast #VideoGameMusic #GameMusic #GameMusicPodcast #VideoGames #TopGear #TopRacer #LotusTurboChallenge #BarryLeitch #ClassicGaming #Amiga #SNES #SuperNintendo

3 weeks ago

"Ikee could Uiuokka sworn Ut was Ai moon...."

"I could have sworn it was a moon..."

#starwars #amiga #commodore #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #80s #nostalgia

🕹 Wow ... We now have 1.5k members on the Discord. Thank you sooooooo much for your support guys! 👍


#Commodore #Amiga #C64 #RetroGaming #RetroComputing

3 weeks ago

This is the only Commodore-branded one of these I’ve ever seen in my life. And it still works!

#retro #floppydisk #floppydisks #90s #commodore #80s #commodoreamiga #amiga #retrocomputer #solar

3 weeks ago

My favorite “social media”.
- No algorithm
- No text limit (except for the RAM buffer)
- No likes
- No ads
- No tracking

Free moments of Zen.

#commodore #amiga #commodoreamiga #vintagecomputer #retrocomputer #80s #bbs #16bit

Dan van Moll
4 weeks ago

Ready for a trip down memory lane? How of you remembers #NewZealandStory? I've played this way back in the lat #80s on #C64 and later on #Amiga. #RetroGames

1 month ago

I miss Next Gen

Final episode: May 23, 1994.
Commodore bankruptcy: April 29, 1994.

1994: The Devourer

#Amiga #startrek #AmigaComputer #commodore #90s #scifi #retro #retrocomputing

🕹 If you love 💙 Commodore Computers, please check out my popular Discord Server @


1,475+ Members Worldwide! 🚀

#Commodore #Amiga #VIC20 #Commodore64 #C64 #C128 #RetroComputing #RetroGaming

Kay Savetz
1 month ago

Washington DC-area retro computer people: Glenn the 5200 Man's hardware will be for sale Saturday May 13, 2023 in person DC area. #Atari #8-bit, Atari ST, and #Amiga hardware, lots of manuals and magazines. More details and pix at

Toni Aittoniemi
1 month ago