Radon Journal
21 hours ago

Prose and Poetry are both open, but we are in most need of flash fiction and short stories!

Please submit and let us pay you 2¢/word and $20/poem for your excellent work.

We especially are looking for positive anarcho-transhumanist visions of the future for issue 6. We have had a number of wonderful critques of transhumanism under dystopian corporations and capitalism, but want to also put forward our idealistic vision of an anarchist society using advanced technology.

Direct fee-free Submittable link:

#WritingCommunity #writing #amwriting #scifi #anarchist #transhumanism #shortstory

In an #anarchist society, are there diplomats?

2 days ago

#Trump buddy and overt slob #SteveBannon claims to believe that all non-Christian-Nationalists in #government must be "#purged" by Trump when he retakes the #WhiteHouse.

#Bannon doesn't actually give a shit about #ChristianNationalism. He's an #anarchist whose only guiding principle is the destruction of the government. He views Christian Nationalism as a useful tool to get credulous and blinded #Christians to rally behind his cause.

#Christofascists #religionOfHate

2 days ago

Good night imperial pride
GNIP supports #anarchist fighters in #Ukraine





went to expozine today. wow it was packed!
i got some nice stuff tho: some anarchist poetry, some art, and a cool sticker. i'll post pics later

#montreal #art #zine #expozine #anarchist

David Benfell, Ph.D.
3 days ago


When I was an #anarchist, I blamed most social problems on our system of social organization and, by implication, our elites. As a number of critical theorists have observed, they divide us against ourselves, in part to divert attention from their own shortcomings (sometimes crimes or what should be treated as crimes).

Moving to #Pittsburgh has persuaded me that the problem is much closer than I expected. Once upon a time, we behaved like the social species we are. Now, it's all "I got mine, so f--- off." There is little empathy or compassion for others. Rather, it's all about who can be the most bullying, the loudest, the fastest, the most reckless, the toughest.

On the one hand they insist, even more than they love Donald Trump, that blue lives matter. On the very opposite hand, they threaten a shootout with anyone including the government (meaning cops) who comes to take their guns (still not even a remote threat as far as I know). And they do it with bumper stickers, rejecting rather than denying any possibility that there might be something to be ashamed of, you know, like inconsistency that eviscerates their claims.

You still hold out hope for kindness even from people who know you (a pretty minimal ask, really). I fear you will be disappointed.
4 days ago

What a great time at the #Anarchist Book Fair in #Lawrence, #Kansas! Made new friends, gave out lots of information about MOKANCAN, and it looked like a great time was being had by all! The event goes on until midnight at Ecumenical Campus Ministries on the #KU campus, but I'm old and have a hard time driving at night. 🤓

Utan Kung
4 days ago

I have spent the last three years developing and designing a table-top roleplaying game. It takes heavy influence from George Orwell's (yeah, he is a bit of a douchebag) book 1984. It is a game about resistance against hegemonic repression and oppression. It is a game about the necessity of resistance even when it seems futile. It is, to me, a game that expresses some kind of hopeful message.

I am a one-person project in general, but for this specific game, I have had a friend be my editor. I am also someone who has been involved in anarchist organizing since the early 2000s and this has influenced my design.

In many ways the game is autobiographical and I have incorporated the feelings of loss and failure that it is easy to get when fighting against the hydra of state and capital today. At the end of the day, the game is a dystopian portrayal of the world but it is still at its core an anti-authoritarian game. I think many of you will find it interesting and engaging. And from the many playtests I also believe that you will have a meaningful and good time playing the game.

The game is called Oceania 2084. And, you can find it here, for free:

Until all are free

#AntiAuthoritarian #anarchist #GameDesign #FreeGame #dystopian #TableTop #ttrpg #ttrpgFamily #ttrpgCommunity #orwell #NineTeenEightyFour
4 days ago

Today's the day! #Anarchist Book Fair in #LFK! Join us at Ecumenical Campus Ministries on the #KU campus starting at noon! #Kansas

The first annual LFK Anarchist Bookfair is coming to the ECM this Saturday, December 2nd from noon-midnight! Join us for a full day of presentations, tabling, performances, free vegan food, and lots of conversations with friends!

FEATURING A Boulder on the Tracks, Uncivilized Distro, Anarchist Radio Relay League, Warzone Distro, MEOW, Ruby Teeth Literary Farmstand, Oogle Zines, Bread & Roses Press, Civ Fucks, Head Jobs Zines, People’s Spark KC, Prisoner’s Cinema, MOKANCAN, Lawrence Food Not Bombs, KC Food Not Bombs

PERFORMANCES BY Eye to I Puppet Troupe altosclef God’s Computer Platonic Boyfriends MX.MRS & the Twin Flame

PRESENTATIONS To Create Thought in the Mouth; with T4T Heliogabalus. Religion is Killing the Earth, Only Spirituality Can Save It; with Artxmis Graham Thoreau and Melatha On the Waging of Dream Warfare; with Epoillac Dying Words: Musings on life & death, creation & critique; with Minona Poetry reading from KC poet Zoë

Plus a FREE veggie dinner provided by Subplot Gardens and the ECM, and snacks from KC Food Not Bombs!

4 days ago

Here's everything that will be going on at the #anarchist bookfair in #Lawrence, #Kansas tomorrow! The event will be going on from noon 'till midnight.

The first annual LFK Anarchist Bookfair is coming to the ECM this Saturday, December 2nd from noon-midnight! Join us for a full day of presentations, tabling, performances, free vegan food, and lots of conversations with friends! 
A Boulder on the Tracks, Uncivilized Distro, Anarchist Radio Relay League, Warzone Distro, MEOW, Ruby Teeth Literary Farmstand, Oogle Zines, Bread & Roses Press, Civ Fucks, Head Jobs Zines, People’s Spark KC, Prisoner’s Cinema, MOKANCAN, Lawrence Food Not Bombs, KC Food Not Bombs

Eye to I Puppet Troupe 
God's Computer
Platonic Boyfriends
MX.MRS & the Twin Flame

To Create Thought in the Mouth; with T4T Heliogabalus.
Religion is Killing the Earth, Only Spirituality Can Save It; with Artxmis Graham Thoreau and Melatha
On the Waging of Dream Warfare; with Epoillac
Dying Words: Musings on life & death, creation & critique; with Minona
Poetry reading from KC poet Zoë

Plus a FREE veggie dinner provided by Subplot Gardens and the ECM, and snacks from KC Food Not Bombs! 

Gigi 🥚
5 days ago

I'm having thoughts.
You have been warned.


Substandard Nerd
5 days ago

This Bandcamp Friday I recommend 'Apocalipstick Blues'
by Efa Supertramp.

We all need some empowering anarchist folk punk in our lives!

🎵We can beat these fascist fuckers - there’s less of them than us
We can beat these rich ass bosses - there’s more of us than them🎵

#BandcampFriday #Anarchist #Folk #Punk #ProseccoPunx #EfaSupertramp
6 days ago

Only a few more days until the #Lawrence, #Kansas #anarchist bookfair! Join us on December 2nd at Ecumenical Campus Ministries on the University of Kansas campus from noon until ???. We'll be giving away stickers and all kinds of handouts promoting free expression, #security, #privacy, #creativity, and access to knowledge. Our friends over at @eff were even kind enough to send us some EFF stickers, materials, and webcam covers to give out at the event. See y'all there!



And all the wannabe #Anarchist s on Mastodon will finally get what they've wished for.

David Benfell, Ph.D.
1 week ago

New instance, new #introduction.

I see this instance has a *nice* *long* character limit for posts.

I have a Ph.D. in Human Science (2016, Saybrook University), which is about the experience of being human in social contexts. It is the mother of the social sciences but is now, at least in the English speaking world, and at least as far as I can tell, a dead field.

I studied #conservatism for my #dissertation. And yes, the #Democrats are far too #conservative for me.

Once upon a time, a very, very long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a computer programmer. It was the wrong career choice.

I am a #vegan #LibertarianSocialist (recovering #anarchist) mostly from the #SanFrancisco #BayArea in #California, presently residing in #Pittsburgh, #Pennsylvania, hoping to move to #erie

In #kyriarchy, I mostly focus on #classism and #ageism, but since arriving in Pittsburgh, have been confronted with blatant #racism (and yes, many white people here do see it). But #SocialJustice has to be for everybody; to focus on any one identity, to the exclusion of others, is nothing more than to elevate that identity over that of the predominantly wealthy white males who are now in charge.

I oppose all #imperialism and #SettlerColonialism, not just U.S. and NATO imperialism and settler-colonialism. Having lived on the underbelly of #capitalism most of my life, I am #anticapitalist and ferociously opposed to #neoliberalism. I oppose physical and structural violence.

Human beings have #HumanRights. These rights are not constrained by their governments' failures to ratify certain human rights treaties.

#Borders exist to mark off territory controlled by elites whose competition accounts for most if not all wars and to deny human beings on the "wrong" side of an arbitrary line rights and privileges available on the "right" side. This cannot be justified ethically. I am hostile to #xenophobia

Finally, I am pessimistic about the future of humanity. #COVID19 and the #ClimateCrisis demonstrate our unfitness for survival.

1 week ago

I finished reading "After the Deluge" by Chris Carlsson. Sometimes the male gaze is a bit annoying. Otherwise it's a good #anarchist #utopia with thoughts on e.g. economics, public transport, work distribution, science, ethics, and how to deal with harmful behavior.

The PDF is available here

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
1 week ago

Sleep #anarchism sleep. While you focus fighting some rightwing, proclaimed fascists, liberals have overtaken you on the left claiming to be socialists and fueled the #IPCC report with white bourgeoise ideology according which none of the poor white western nations have to pay for global climate justice. Sleep #anarchist sleep. Your home is praxis, and your theory is home. #ClimateJustice

Pungent argument: the hope that benevolent superordinate institutions will allow us to change bad processes is a vulnerability that malevolent elites exploit over and over again. The capture of code repositories and coding tools by a multinational, and the capture of the IPCC COP meetings by petro-oligarchs (to pick two examples) are so similar that we should seek to find and fix the social flaw that causes good people to squander their political movements. Unfortunately, it's an attitude that is overtly taught in schools: trust the state, admire the wealthy, compete against each other to find true merit. We need #anarchist teaching across our homes and families to immunize children against this vulnerability.
This is a separate question, though related, to the objectification of non-human life and capitalist extractivism, which also needs to be called out and neutralised in the education system.
Home schooling is not the answer, because in the long run solidarity across communities is essential for long-term transformation, and that solidarity is learned in school. But as families who care about the future, we must transform how young people engage with teachers and curricula, from the very first moment of nursery.

David Benfell, Ph.D.
1 week ago

@rainynight65 @mattblaze Prior to the pandemic, I regarded myself as an #anarchist, opposing "illegitimate" authority (which ultimately relies, even if at some remove, on violence or the threat of violence).

The trouble with #anarchism is that it depends on humans to behave like the social species we are, including compassion and empathy for others.

Those values could not more clearly have failed to prevail than in the pandemic and indeed have been little in evidence in my adult lifetime (I turned 18 in 1977). So I have to ask, who would I be anarchist with?

Humans as we know ourselves today lost those values sometime in the last 5,000 years. We are no longer fit for anarchism.

Ness of the Emerald City
1 week ago

Looking for other #trans #robot #catgirl #anarchist fediverse users, preferable in the #pnw ... and no, I don't think that is a little too specific. I'm just trying to get my trans robot catgirl anarchist collective going!

Add me on matrix or message me if you're a trans robot etc, I'm already sick of typing the whole thing.

2 weeks ago

:lobster: Dear Friends of #anarchist #governments,

Wot? They don’t exist? YET … they don’t exist Yeti … :acongablob:

If we combine … :black_block_blob:

… with for example my local Borough …

#Mash-up? #Co-op? Believe in #impossible #futures?

All we need is some fairy dust … :ablobpride1: :ablobpride2:

#BOTD: Ba Jin 巴金 (1904–2005),né Li Yaotang 李堯棠, Chinese #anarchist writer who also wrote in #Esperanto and is most renowned for his semi-autobiographical novel 'The Family' #. #ChineseLiterature #ModernChina

2 weeks ago

well #vlc #anarchopunk #music has outdone itself in #anarchist #punk #tunes so far... #love it :antifa_100:

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
2 weeks ago

> the absolute possibility of another world – that is to say, a world other than our “civilisation”

Rather rule in hell than serve in heaven? Is #Satan a good #anarchist? Milton makes him sound like a dual god rather than a would-be transcendent liberator.

I like the synthesis of anarchist principles with the theology of the war in heaven in the essay you shared. But I am not sure we "rewild" with Satan. Jesus was also a wild #subversive. More than holding sway as an omnipotent #Tyrant, God absconds in time leaving Durkheimian All-too-human Society. God is a domineering society and human wildness is the Satanic rebellion? So God in this view was always the villain. Reminds me of #PhilipPullman. #HisDarkMaterials Reading the whole series, you get the sense that there is something (very) wrong with the Creator of the Universe(s).

Kote Isaev
2 weeks ago

When someone post picture showing #anarchy as a burst of violence and nothing more, I wonder whether that account is controlled by #ACAB as part of covert op to forbit any real #anarchic activity and outlaw any #anarchist movements.
Because such bursts of violence did not bring any serious long-term change.
Mutual aid, self-organization, decentralization, is what can be done here and now to bring real anarchy closer to reality. Not that BS from Hollywood that often labeled as "anarchy" in movies

Leftist Lawyer
2 weeks ago

Cutting to the chase:

If George Conway had an ethical bone in his body he would not have been a member of the *Federalist Society* to begin with.

#lawfedi #law #socialist #anarchist #news @Teri_Kanefield

blake shaw 🇵🇸
2 weeks ago


Take for example this statement from #Palestine #Anarchist group Fauda on Hamas

In 2020, when we saw the anti-racist demonstrations for George Floyd and actions of anarchist Americans, we decided to create this movement in Palestine. On the one hand, we did not want to be like Hamas military groups, and on the other hand, we did not want to remain neutral and forget the cause of Palestine. There are about 15 anti-Zionist resistance groups in Palestine, of which our movement is one. H***s and Islamic Jihad are among these groups. All resistance groups are together and follow the same goal. We should not divide them. Israel wants to
divide between the left and groups like H***s and use this division for its own benefit. So we must be alert and not play. in the enemy’s playground. H***s, Islamic Jihad, Kitab al-Agsa and other armed resistance groups in Palestine have always been destroyed in the Western media for their anti-Zionist stance and actions.

The image of H***s reflected in the media is not real. When they entered the settlements of the Gaza Strip, they didn’t go after the elderly and children, they didn’'t cut off anyone’s head. In the first hours of the war, Israel announced that H***s would behead and slaughter the Jewish people, later the Americans said the same thing. A day later they retracted their statement, and said that they don’t have evidence to prove their claim!

But there are differences in the fighting pattern. Fauda movement has invited all people, whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian, to join the popular and national resistance against apartheid. Well, H***s is purely
Islamic and has no non-Muslim forces. But it doesn’t matter, now is not the time for internal conflicts.

In the early months when the movement started, senior members of ***** contacted us. And we had a meeting and they asked about the quality and quantity of our work and we talked together. They fully agreed that Palestinian Christians and Jews should also be helped as part of the anti-Zionist resistance.

Therefore, the goal is the same, but there are differences of opinion in some fields and patterns, which are not the place to raise them here. In addition, H***s is currently engaged in a war and we cannot comment further.

@antiaall3s Sadly #Anarchist work well to make that association with chaos mainstream.

What If #Money Expired?

A long-forgotten German #economist argued that society and the #economy would be better off if money was a #perishable good. Was he an #anarchist crank or the prophet of a better world?

Jürgen Hubert
3 weeks ago

I am in a perverse mood for today's #ttrpg session.

What kind of song would a talking, #anarchist racoon sing if he were to challenge a black hound to a singing contest?

A grinning racoon with its hands folded together, with the caption "Just as planned"
Trash Robot
3 weeks ago

These are #anarchist #pants
we take trash and make the #pants and walk around and say "HEY DO YOU WANT SOME FREE PANTS" and try to replicate the set. Tomorrow we will begin on a pile of #textile waste.

pattern replicates by means of #cardboard trash. Can we do this using the sewing machines at the library? I think so. That makes them ALL THE WAY FREE. One can borrow the machines from the library and run them on solar in the park and we're off grid as well.

When people say "free like freedom" or "free like beer" I say "no, free like these pants". Become the media which replicates the means of replication of the media.

This is the #internetofpants

these pants are not for sale at any price.

i am wearing pants i made myself from scratch out of quilt material from the trash, with the word "free" stitched on in felt.
Esperanto Kollektiv Wien
3 weeks ago

@MrGR Ja, das stimmt, man bräuchte nicht diese Hashtags für die Nachricht. Uns ist aber wichtig, dass #Esperanto auch mal in #queer bubbles oder #lgbtiq bubbles aufscheint. Genauso in #socialist und #anarchist bubbles. Oder auch einfach in deutsprachigen #lang_de bubbles.

Einfach damit Jemensch mal darüber stolpert, vielleicht leben davon Leute in #Wien und wären geneigt die Sprache zu lernen und zu einem unserer Treffen zu kommen, wo wir diese Sprache praktizieren.

Genauso sind unsere Treffen offen für Leute links von der Mitte. Also hier liegt ein kleines Missverständnis vor, was verständlich ist, weil sonst diese Hashtags bei Inhalten dran hängen, die explizit einem Inhalt angehören. Und daran könnte man auch ein bisschen ein Ziel von Esperanto sehen: Solidarische internationale Bildung von Gemeinschaften von Menschen mit unterschiedlicher Herkunft.

Und zum Unverständnis: Nicht abhalten lassen, sollten genug Leute die Sprache lernen und nutzen, dann gäbe es einen Nutzen. Wie wenn wir alle solidarisch miteinander wären, dann ginge es jeden von uns besser. Aber irgendwer muss damit anfangen.

Oder beim Geld, irgendwer muss damit anfangen zu glauben, dass der Wert auf dem Geldschein auch einen Wert hat. Oder irgendwer muss mal eine Religion prägen und predigen und nur wenn genug Leute diese dann glauben, dann existiert diese erst.

Have you ever thought about how Alcoholics Anonymous #AA and Narcotics Anonymous #NA are probably the most successful* living #anarchist organizations? It's proof that the bottom-up decentralized confederated model works on a global scale.

If you're an anarchist and unfamiliar, I recommend checking out The Twelve Traditions (

#anarchism #socialism #recovery #politics

* Yes it's actually bigger than the population of #Rojava in case you were going to bring that up.

Oli Mould
3 weeks ago

@HeavenlyPossum An #anarchist future is a #solarpunk future! No states, only communities and cities from the ground up, using technology to liberate, not incarcerate.

1 month ago

Today in Labor History November 8, 1923: Hitler led a failed coup d’etat in Munich, known as the Beerhall Putsch. Inspired by Mussolini’s march on Rome, roughly 2,000 Nazis marched on Munich, but were repelled by police, who killed 16 Nazis in the process. Hitler escaped, wounded, but was eventually caught and imprisoned. The putsch brought Hitler to the attention of the German public for the first time, and his trial gave him his first significant public platform. In prison, he dictated “Mein Kampf” to fellow prisoners, Rudolf Hess and Emil Maurice. Nearly 11 years later, on May 2, 1933, in one of his first acts after coming to power, Hitler abolished all labor unions. Storm troopers occupied union offices across Germany. Union leaders were arrested, beaten, tortured and imprisoned, or sent to concentration camps. In the coming months, thousands more communists, anarchists and labor activists were arrested and murdered.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #unions #nazis #hitler #prison #torture #communist #anarchist

Nazis at the Marienplatz in Munich during the Putsch. By Bundesarchiv, Bild 119-1486 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,
Utan Kung
1 month ago

Ok so. On friday 10th of november I will be publishing the game I have been working with for three years! An #AntiAuthoritarian #tabletop #Roleplaying game. It is going to be free of charge. It is going to be creative commons license. It is meant to be shared. It is meant to be read and played. It is meant to be built upon. I am nervous. I am psyched. I am afraid to get my hopes up. It is deeply personal and it is also deeply political.

Link to page:

The game is what I consider to be a spiritual successor to George Orwell's book 1984. But as a game. It is set in our world. In the year 2084.

With the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the West bank I hesitated to do this now. I think we all should focus on that and making sure that thebpower that be cannot operate along business as usual. But I do not want to put it off any longer. The game is about resistance to the opressors of the world. The game is about finding eachother and building resistance with what we got.

I hope you will check it out on friday. I hope we will all change the world for something better. Love you all.
#Ttrpg #TtrpgFamily #indieDev #IndieGameDev #anarchist #ReleaseDate #Orwellian #Dystopia #fuckBigBrothersEverywhere #BigBrother #NineteenEightyFour #Oceania2084 #jocherGames

The #RadicalCommunalCare group who led on the above letter aims to be a network - with it currently connecting people across Europe - for disabled, chronically ill people & their partners where communal care can be discussed from an anarchistic/feminist viewpoint, but also put into practice. We have a Signal chat for exchange of information & support in the day-to-day & we aim to meet every 2-4 weeks via Signal video - with pacing - for thematic discussions (for instance: #MutualAid #AbolishTheFamily) alongside support & solidarity. It is an #AntiAbleist #AntiCapitalist #AntiFascist & #Intersectional space.

Being part of this group has had such a positive impact on me in a very short time. Despite being very introverted & also struggling with intense social anxiety - made worse by my #LongCovid & #OCD - from the first moment I got involved I have felt at ease, safe, welcome & heard. I have seen my confidence increase, my ability to advocate for myself - especially in terms of the #pandemic & my Long-Covid - improve. It's a place of solidarity & comradeship, approached from an intersectional #anarchist perspective.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, help co-create & grow as a group & space, please get in touch!

#CovidIsNotOver #Anarchism #Disability #DisabilityJustice

North Shore Counter-Info
1 month ago

When we leave we do not march: #Anarchist thoughts on #Palestine solidarity

"Anarchists, please don’t waste your time organizing webinars. Someone else will write the petitions, make the memes, write the tweets. Leave the begging of the state to the liberals. Hundreds of thousands will inevitably fill the perennial role of those who grovel for scraps, for concessions, for living death, instead of full and ecstatic life. They will film themselves dancing out these rituals.

"What are these social movements that march and beg? Mass theatre. It’s fine and understandable, but don’t overestimate it.

"We don’t beg. We take."

Trash Robot
1 month ago






Rose Ⓐ 🏳️‍⚧️ (it/its)
1 month ago

I am an autistic, trans, egocom, White, got enough sight, and wish I was a computer. My main goals in life revolve around using mutual aid as the basis to overthrow capitalism and the state, to do cool physics with sky shinies, and most importantly of all to make a permadeath full dive vr open world dragonball game so I can go super sayian for real.

I talk a whole lot about ableism, hierarchy, transphobia, and some of my endeavors into mutual aid. I focus more on the introducing people to mutual aid side of things there. Teaching ppl how to grow plants is cool uwu

I will listen to others, and am always doing my best to understand the hierarchy others face. But I do not shy away from being controversial, my own experiences are valid too. For example, I don't think three abled people should be able to overrule two disabled people on the topic of disability, and so hate democracy. I also block quite a lot of people over ableist language, as I have strong opinions on that.

In my free time I read books, play video games, grow fun plants, or dabble in tech. Often the books are on physics or mathematics. I play a lot of TF2, dbd, dark and darker, mc (run my own servers uwu), PlanetSide 2, and recently Pokemon showdown. They are good backgrounds for talks on political theory and all that.

I stream and make YouTube videos. Links to that are in my bio. My goals with streaming are to bring people together to do things they didn't have opportunities for before. Ttrpg groups are hard to make, and it's hard to find people to play team based games with that are not pieces of shit as it turns out. A place where you don't have to deal with ableist language or being called slurs is not common when it comes to shit like TF2. I also like going over news weekly, like what's going on with covid, and talking about mutual aid and physics. The videos are mainly on the basics of my anarchist ideology and all that. As I get better at videos I'll do more complicated stuff.

Also more organized groups of queer people in games lets us not be kicked by fascists and so provide a little bit of hope to queer people who stumble on us, as well as outing fascists so we can kick them instead.

Anyways, if y'all are interested in my account or thing others might be, please boost. I spend more money upkeeping servers than I actually make doing this, so at least having enough people around to break even so I can keep doing it would be nice lol

Anyways, tag spam time. Also feel free to ask questions and all that

#intro #Introduction #Introductions #ActuallyAutistic #Queer #LGBTQ #LGBT #LGBTQIA #Anarchism #anarchist #egoist #egocom #Physics #Astronomy #Twitch #Streaming #streamer #trans #NonBinary #enby #autistic #autism #Antifa #anticapitalism #anticapitalist #YouTube #youtuber #tf2 #planetside2 #DarkAndDarker #dbd #mc #Minecraft #MinecraftServer

1 month ago

Today it’s the third day since I moved to #Berlin.

I spent the first two days getting things sorted, cleaning and setting up the house, and getting acquainted with this incredible city.

Now that the basic things are out of the way, I am starting my tour of Berlin’s hackerspaces.

I want to get to know the city by connecting to its #independent, #communal, #anarchist, #cyberpunk spaces. I believe hackerspaces are the best way to do so. There are too many, it is wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. I love it.

My first stop has been #xHain, the hackerspace closest to where I live, in Friedrichshain.

It seems like exploring a dreamland. Not exaggerating: this #hackerspace embodies my greatest ideals and dreams.

I feel I will be spending a lot of time here.
@xHain_hackspace #FreeSoftware #MakeYourOwn #Doocracy

xHain seen from the outside
A sign outside xHain, saying: “XHAIN: HACK, MAKE SPACE”
The underground bar of xHain.
The 3D printing room of xHain
Gigi 🥚
2 months ago


Drunk Uncle Shane finally got ONE thing right though:

I am an anarchist.

It's too bad his entire understanding of the word came from a Sex Pistols song.

Don't worry about them, though.
Neither of them is smart enough to figured WHY they might be embarrassed by any of this.


BirdChan screenshot of a conversation between two numpties:

Rita Rewerts @rita_rewerts . 5h
Replying to @OldManGrumpee
@criticofpolecon and @sasa_ghada

Apparently they're a communist group these days, with their exploiting of these events to promote the, new to me, communist org Fightback. I think they're trying to tarnish Palestinians by the wearing of balaclavas and behaving like terrorists.

Old Man Grumpee @OldManGr.... 5h
Replying to @rita _rewerts
@criticofpolecon and @sasa_ghada

They want y ou thav are led by
want you to think they are
communists but they are led by an anarchist. The person the teaches the legal observer training is a proclaimed anarchist.
2 months ago

#Jordan, the “#Judiciary Cmte” “chair”, has mounted an aggressive pressure campaign to gain the support of >50 #Republican holdouts skeptical of his ability to lead. Jordan can only afford to lose 4 votes on the floor.

The #House is scheduled to meet at 12PM ET. There could be multiple rounds of voting. It’s 2 wks to the day since fmr #speaker #KevinMcCarthy was ousted.

#Democrats plan to nominate House Minority Leader #HakeemJeffries.

#GymJordan #extremism #MAGA #anarchist #ChaosCaucus

2 months ago

The #House is expected to vote Tues afternoon on whether to make Rep #JimJordan its next speaker. Jordan, a #RightWing conservative agitator, who spews #ConspiracyTheories & #propaganda, is allied w/ Trump. He was chosen by fellow #HouseRepublicans on Fri to lead the House but must win a majority in the full chamber to take the gavel.

#GymJordan #extremism #MAGA #anarchist #WeaponizationOfGovernment #grievance #ChaosCaucus #dysfunction #PublicDisservice

2 months ago

Aus dem Englischen übersetzt:

"Bist du ein Anarchist? Die Antwort könnte dich überraschen!"

"Wahrscheinlich hast du schon etwas darüber gehört, wer #Anarchisten sind und was sie angeblich glauben. Wahrscheinlich ist fast alles, was du gehört hast, Blödsinn. Viele Menschen scheinen zu denken, dass Anarchisten Befürworter von Gewalt, Chaos und Zerstörung sind, dass sie gegen jede Form von Ordnung und Organisation sind, oder dass sie verrückte Nihilisten sind, die einfach alles in die Luft jagen wollen. In Wirklichkeit könnte nichts weiter von der Wahrheit entfernt sein. Anarchisten sind einfach Leute, die glauben, dass Menschen in der Lage sind, sich vernünftig zu verhalten, ohne dass man sie dazu zwingen muss. Das ist wirklich ein sehr einfacher Gedanke. Aber es ist einer, den die Reichen und Mächtigen schon immer für extrem gefährlich gehalten haben." (October 17, 2023 – The Polar Blast)

#Zitat #Zitate #Anarchie #Anarchist



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A new version of the #anarchist site is online. English language texts are now properly separated from German language ones. Not all texts are translated though - so if you speak both languages check out both language versions of the site.

2 months ago

So after finishing up #Ahsoka I went back to watch the last season of #Mandalorian again.

Am I the only one getting
#anarchist vibes?

I mean the running theme seems to be: the state can't do a damn thing for you. It's up to you and your community to take care of each other.

Jay Baker
2 months ago

I'm now on Todon! Time for another #introduction? I'm a #NonBinary #queer #punk #StraightEdge #vegan #anarchist #media / #tech freelancer and unpaid carer for my partner who has #LongCovid. I'm trying to help develop a UK version of the French Mutu Network of radical media sites. My interests and passions include #MutualAid #Linux #FOSS #films #coffee #ComicBooks #ProWrestling. I've come here to share information and ideas, connect with interesting people, and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of bubblegum. Feel free to check out my links - thanks!

Radical Resilience Film
2 months ago


"Hi friends! Today we are launching a project called ✨ Sick Comrade ✨ which is seeking to connect anarcho-sickos and radical crips across the world to build #access oriented #anarchist #community. It is a project for resource sharing, #zine making, comradeship and connection, created from Berlin and radiating everywhere.

Please can you share this message within your networks? We want to reach sickos who were/are/want to be politically engaged but may be excluded/disillusioned/exhausted/resting and to reach beyond the instagram universe and outside of places where crips are already gathering.

It would be great if you can share amongst your networks and mailing lists, whatever the topic you are working on, there are always sickos in every space and group, and every sicko needs a comrade!! Thank you ❤️‍🩹 We are looking forward to connecting.

In love and solidarity,
Sick Comrade

2 months ago

One of my favorite texts on #anarchist economics is currently "The Issues of Tomorrow" by Marie Goldsmith, 1919.
Especially part 3 is a very good and concise description of what we could aim for.

2 months ago

What are your favorite texts or books on #anarchist economics?

3 months ago

@evan I say "you" a lot in this reply. I am referring to the climate movement, not you personally.

The #ClimateChange movement could learn a very great deal indeed from the #AntiFascist and #Anarchist movements, you know, the grassroots.

The green movement must abandon and systematically dismantle the notion that environmental issues and fighting them is a nice little club for nice middle class white people.

I used to be a core activist with one of the big global environmental action groups. I was the only working class person there and there were no black and brown people at all other than the cleaning staff and the security staff.
I came away, after loosing everything I had (because I was a full time volunteer, food, tools, work clothes etc all had to be bought out of my pocket, so I sold all my possessions to continue the work.)

I left with the conviction and a string of convictions, that it was a nice middle class club to make the countryside nicer for people exactly like them and exactly no one else at all.

When I wasn't travelling doing or prepping for actions I'd do, among many other things, street campaigning to raise awareness of issues with the general public.
My petition signature count was as good as or better than anyones. I'd only talk to ordinary working class people because I saw that all of the other campaigners were actively ignoring them.

This is why the movement has failed by all meaningful metrics and is why it will continue to fail.

You cannot expect people in a permanent, very high state of stress from just trying to survive to throw open their arms to the universe in blissful generosity.

People who are cold in their homes and are regularly missing meals, ever more angry and ever more powerless, unable to properly provide for their children, then add all the guilt and coping strategies, that people denied all of the tools that would help them cope better have to create themselves out of nothing. Those improvised coping strategies are very unhealthy and don't really work, all they do is bury it all deeper and ever deeper, building and growing, ready to explode and destroy them and everyone around them, and they know this.

People who's very skin makes them a target for violence and death at the hands of those who are supposed to protect everyone. Who are accused of all societies failings, when it is they who have been failed and marginalised in the most inhuman brutal and relentless ways imaginable, today, tomorrow and for hundreds of years backwards.

How can you stand above them, of us, in judgement and expect them to just snap to attention at your every whim, when you won't even speak to them or communicate with them in any way. You just sit there judging on forums they don't even know exist.

Climate action must be a mass movement or it will continue to fail.

You can't say you are trying to build a mass movement if you exclude most of the people on the planet.

Throw open your doors, go into the streets and ask them to build a mass movement that works for them and their lives, actually help and empower them.

They, we, are the people who make, move, store, build, clean and maintain absolutely EVERYTHING and you wonder in disbelief why you can't build anything substantial without us.

Politicians do not work for us.
Change only ever comes from us.

Cory Doctorow
3 months ago

#5yrsago Six years ago, #NorthCarolinaRepublicans passed a law decreeing that the seas weren’t rising

#5yrsago How #anarchist organizers in rural #PuertoRico rebooted their power grid after the privatized power company abandoned them

#5yrsago#SpreadPricing” transparency reveals the millions #CVS rakes in by gouging #Medicare and prisons on prescription markups


3 months ago

I am going to buy some #books for my #anarchist #communist political office to entertain children aged 0-12 can I please get some recommendations? Have you written a children / young adult book that fits the bill? let me know!

Trash Robot
3 months ago

If you want to spread the anarchist server using QR codes here are some. What I plan to do is print, cut, and then paste to trash squares with all three on each square, then there's something physical to hand people in #anarchist spaces where it's got the separate links for the client and the server signup. I'm finding that explaining the fact that "mastodon", the specific server, and the app are three things is somewhat challenging with a lot of people.

The files are here:

page of qr codes pointing to signup page for
page of QR codes pointing to link to download tooot mastodon client app
page of QR codes to download Tusky android app

Who are we? Who are you? What is going on?
Don't worry about reality anymore child - i am here!
Hello! My name is Nikola Orsinov (or Joseph Grimaldi)
Shadow Circus Clown and Administrator of THE UNKNOWING DANCE

i'm a wierd 20yo
#queer #twink boything with #genderfluid tendencies, working in #software #dev in germany.
I'm kind of an
#anarchist generally - lately i feel like i'm kind of resigning myself to the current state of things which is depressing.
We work, to earn the right to work, to earn the ...
Being better locally organized politically is on my bucket list
I definetly been on some crazy
#fff #climate protests, right i'm in germany yk what i'm sayin we have a few coal locations

I'm at my most euphoric when i'm
#singing - the world anew or in a #choir
I'm also trying out
#theatre and having a lot of fun loosing my mind to morph into different things.
Conversely, i love
#musicals, although i've not had the opportunity to see many, and theatrical crazy musicians such as #willwood #tallyhall and their ilk.
I play the
#guitar semi-regular and can clunkily play a bit #piano

When i am not listening to ppl screaming manically, i listen to people screaming
#metal ly
I am a big fan of
#bmth #soad #motionlessinwhite #BadOmens and other generally popular bands
i also listen to a lot of
#rock and silly #rap
idk if it vibes i love

I would love to get more into
Occasionally i've written a few long moody posts on here, or a nice page, but i just can't seem to find a start for a longer project.
I love hearing about it though, i am a sucker for
#trope talk and #worldbuilding, which is why i am an enjoyer of the #osp youtube channel.

I love programming in
#rust and #javascript, and am an avid ORM Hater and #SQL Enjoyer
DNI if you unironically use ORMs in your free time

I love these shows:
#nimona #DragonPrince #Arcane #evangelion #cyberpunk #Shadowandbone

I have been on here for quite some time, but have never made an
#introduction post! (#newhere)
Apperantly they are quite good at finding likeminded people hehe

Me, walking down the parkinglot street, with blue sky and clouds on the top left, parking lot on the bottom left, and supermarket to my right.

i am wearing a hoody with a swirly trippy black and white batic patzern, and my hair flows onto my shoulders in messy curlyish strands

i have a backpack hanging over my left shoulder, and am pointing at the supermarket, with chipped black nail polish on my thumb
4 months ago

Hello! I'm a 24 year old #bisexual #trans guy. My interests include #monsters, #werewolves, #videogames, #anarchist politics, #anime, and #queer topics. #introduction

Vitalia Ann Conners (She/They)
4 months ago

I'd like to announce not one, but TWO new #Discord servers for #Neurodivergent people in the #UpstateNY area! Both have been in the works for a while, but have now actually launched. If they apply to you and you're interested, I would be overjoyed if you joined either or both. If the links have expired by the time you're reading this, feel free to message me.

The first is a general server for #Autistic people with any connections to anywhere in Upstate NY. Open-minded #Allies seeking to listen to autistics and become better allies are also welcome. It's a #SafeSpace for building #Community, making #Friends, chatting, and possibly hanging out together IRL or planning #LocalActivism. This server is pro #Neurodiversity, pro #SelfDX, #Intersectional, and not for parents or service providers (unless you're autistic yourself).

The second is for the Neurodivergent #Solarpunk #Anarchist Community Space. This is a very long-term project for a brick-and-mortar #Cooperative community space in the #FingerLakes area. The hope is that, when the place can actually be built, it will be a site for #MutualAid, #Permaculture, #Education, #Recreation, and all sorts of other projects of, by, and for the community, with the overarching goal of building and supporting neurodivergent solarpunk anarchist community at a local level. This cooperative also embodies the hope of bringing genuine #Joy, #Connection, and #Inspiration to the world as a whole.

Trash Robot
4 months ago

Can anyone recommend an #anarchist #squat in #Rome? My fellow trash magician is wandering the streets of Rome at the moment and any connection would be a most helpful #mutualAid thanks!

Trash Robot
4 months ago

My friend Alex is currently in #paris and is sleeping in and around train stations at the moment prior to having a place to stay in #Amsterdam in about a week. He's a super awesome #anarchist #compost and #mechanical person who does media production with the #homeless population in #denver and is a car and truck mechanic with a compost company for a day job here. I'm hoping this use of hashtags might find a #anarchist #squat somewhere in the vicinity of Paris or Amsterdam where he might crash for a couple days. Any ideas? Any squats need a good mechanic for a few days? He also brings memes of trash magic weirdness!

Alex Prichard
4 months ago

#Oppenheimer is a great film. See it.

Nerdy criticism (spoiler?):

To drive home his youthful intellectual affinity with socialism, Nolan’s Oppenheimer states that he’s read all three volumes of #Marx Das Capital, ‘in the original German’. Nolan has him argue that Marx’s phrase ‘all property is theft’ should actually be translated as ‘all ownership is…’

But this isn’t Marx’s phrase at all. It’s actually the #anarchist #Proudhon ‘s most famous dictum.

Is Nolan gaslighting anarchists?

TC Workers Defense Alliance
4 months ago

Later tomorrow!

Music show fundraiser for the International Antifascist Defense Fund, presented by the #TwinCities Anarchist Black Cross

Saturday, July 29th 7–10pm

$10 optional donation

#Minneapolis #Anarchist #Antifascist #fundraiser #music #concert

International Antifascist Defence Fund Benefit

Saturday, July 29th




Anarchist Black Cross Presents

Join us for an evening of Song to Raise Funds for the International Antifascist Defence Fund.

The IADF helps Antifascists around the World with Legal Fees, Hospital Bills, Relocating when Forced to, Replacing Possessions destroyed by Fascists, and other needs of care resilience, and resistance in the face of reactionary and bigoted terror.

Soft & Hard Beverages for Purchase
A Table with Zines for Sale will be Available!

2614 S. 30th Ave.
MPLS, MN 55406

With a hand-drawn image of a fist grasping barbed wire with the arm forming a cross with the letters "A B C" labeled Anarchist Black Cross, all black and white and the above text that surrounds the image is a combination of many different fonts, hand-done lettering, and a very indie-punk zine feel including misspellings ("Antifacist" used throughout for Antifascist).
4 months ago

Hi Fediverse!
Let's finally do an #introduction :blobyeengrin:

I'm Mic, and I'll be your resident demon fox creature here. There are 3 main things you need to know about me:
- I'm a furry
- I love #Linux and #opensource software.
- And I especially love #macro woman 😈 and #sizetodon in general.

I will be boosting a posting a lot about these 3 things.

I feel #genderfluid, and want to explore that more. I'm all for #transrights. #intersectionality is key. On the #Marxist to #anarchist spectrum, so be gay, do crime and jazz like that 😘

Feel a bit bohemian due to my underlying adhd so have an interest in many things, from #history #art #writing #music and #gamedev to #architecture #cityplanning #sociology and #engineering.

An almost born free from South Africa 🇿🇦, but currently living in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. Anti-racism is my vibe.

I am loving this new paradigm of the fediverse that mastadon has introduced me to and looking forward to exploring it with all you beautiful people 💜

A commissioned piece by kiaun showing Mics demon fox fursona working on a laptop and wearing femme clothing which includes a top, fishnet arms, a skirt and thigh high socks (also known as programmer socks)