3 minutes ago

Announcing General Availability of Authenticator Lite (in Outlook)

"Authenticator Lite (in Outlook) expands the opportunity to convert users by bringing the enhanced security of push notifications to devices that have not yet downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator App. "

#microsoft #security #mfa #entra #azuread #azureactivedirectory #authenticatorapp #outlook #phone #azure #microsoftsecurity #identity #idp #authentication #cloud #cloudnative #ios #android #mobile

12 minutes ago

Trying out the #dayone beta on #android, mostly for the purpose of evaluation on behalf of relatives, as I am quite happy with my own #obsidianmd setup.

44 minutes ago

Xiaomi 14 Pro opgedoken in renders: symmetrische bezels - #DroidApp #Android

54 minutes ago

Léon – The URL Cleaner

Entfernt Tracking und andere überflüssige Parameter aus Weblinks für die Freigabe.

#Android #OpenSource #App #fdroid 📚
59 minutes ago

#Gmail and #GoogleWorkspace allow you to customize your signatures using your #smartphone and your #computer, but also on your #Android tablet. Here's how it's done.

Cosmin Saveanu
1 hour ago

@dessalines Thank you for #Thumb-Key, a great open-source alternative to no longer maintained, and closed, #MessagEase and #MultilingO for #Android. It is really nice to see the number of #keyboard layouts one can use, delightful.

Web Apps Magazine :verified:
2 hours ago

LongShot | cattura lunghe schermate di conversazioni, siti web, discussioni, ecc
#Android #screenshot

2 hours ago

Update 3.0.0 für Pokémon HOME erschienen

Die neueste Versionsnummer kann nun für Pokémon HOME heruntergeladen werden.

Zur News:

#Update #Patch #Android #NintendoSwitch #PokémonHome #PokémonKarmesin #PokémonPurpur

2 hours ago
7 hours ago

Android phones vulnerable to fingerprint sensor brute force attacks. Phones tested:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ -- Unlocked
OnePlus 7 Pro -- Unlocked
Mi 11 Ultra -- Unlocked
iPhone SE -- Failed, not unlocked
iPhone 7 -- Failed, not unlocked

#Hacking #Android #iPhones #Biometrics #Fingerprint #DataPrivacy #InfoSec #Samsung #Smartphones #Cybersecurity

8 hours ago

OOooof, is 62KB/sec top speed for Android to MacOS Bluetooth file transfers?

Learned this this is actually possible, lacking AirDrop for the one member of the house who has to have an Android phone. Mac Bluetooth sharing is pretty cool, but highly impractical when it takes 8 minutes to transfer 6 picture from the OnePlus 9 to the MacBookPro…

#bluetooth #fileTransfer #airdrop #android
8 hours ago

🚨 Aktualizované články k používání YouTube/YT Music na PC i mobilu bez reklam a s dalšími bonusovými funkcemi

:flipcat: Chcete funkce YouTube Premium a YT Music zdarma? (Android, iOS, PC)

:flipcat:Existují projekty pro YouTube Music bez reklam pro mobil i počítač

#software #mobilniaplikace #android
9 hours ago
9 hours ago

I forget how much I miss using my Galaxy Fold until I go back to it as my daily driver.

I also forget how much I loathe the cameras 😔

#Android #Samsung #Tech #phones #Geek 📚
10 hours ago

The #Android operating system offers a mind-blowing level of #customizability and #features. This versatility makes Android the perfect #mobile operating system for first-time and pro users.

11 hours ago

Donc ce matin j'ai eu une mise à jour #Android, et je me suis retrouvé avec des bloatwares de chez Bouygues alors que je suis chez Sosh, et en prime malgré avoir cliqué sur refuser sur la fenêtre qui suit, je me suis quand même retrouvé avec tout un tas de jeux qui se sont installés sans consentement sur mon téléphone.

Je sens que si ça continue comme ça je vais voir pour installer une ROM custom...

Appli Bloatware qui me demande de cliquer sur « accepter » pour personnaliser mon smartphone avec une sélection d'applications gratuites, utilisant un outil de la société Digital Turbine.
Exemple d'aplications installées sans sollicitation par Bouygues AppCloud : Block Puzzle, Dice Dreams, Solitaire, Woodoku
ShawnT 🐀
13 hours ago

I was today-years-old when I discovered that the #Calibre #ebook app can manage the #Books folder on my #Android #tablet. I sometimes miss carrying my #epaper ebook around, because it's awesome in good lighting, but I carry my tablet everywhere and I like reading sometimes. So, it's a good day.

IzzyOnDroid ✅
14 hours ago

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 54 updated and 3 added apps:

* KryptEY: Keyboard for secure E2EE communication
* Music Player Lite: elegant and light weight music player
* URL to PDF Converter: convert any web page into a PDF file

At the same time, 13 updated apps at

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

15 hours ago

Task: migrating to a new #Android phone without having a Google Account.
#Deltachat: export, install, import, done.
#Telegram: install, get confirmation code on old phone, enter on new phone, done. #Whatsapp: read docs, create backup, put backup into specific location on new phone, install, no restore is performed, try with other restore location, fail, StackOverflow, retry, try sth. else, verification call, Reddit, no success, profuse sweating, more Reddit, finally success. #whatsappNotEvenOnce

15 hours ago

droidcon NYC (

Secure your #Android speaking spot at #dcnyc23 🍎

We're looking for #AndroidDevs that will inspire, educate & captivate other #AndroidDevs. If you think this could be you, submit your talk today!

17 hours ago

Voice of Cards takes all the things you've seen before and gives it a new coat of paint, making it feel fresh again.

#VoiceofCards #SquareEnix #YokoTaro #Alim #RPG #Tabletop #Gaming #GameDesign #Review #GameReview #Playstation #Nintendo #Switch #PC #IOS #Android #Shorts

Reto Eugster :mastodon:
18 hours ago

#FileManager für #Android, muss nicht das Google-Ding sein. Nutze zB FX File Explorer, auch in der kostenfreien Version werbefrei

"No ads. No annoyances. No tracking. Manage your files. Retain your privacy."

[C]hicken [G]od
19 hours ago

This battery saver app for #Android looks interesting.

SaverTuner (Extension to the built-in Android Battery Saver)

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #21/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

‣ 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 #NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook without consent
‣ ☁️ Severe Flaw in #Google Cloud's Cloud #SQL Service Exposed Confidential Data
‣ 🇨🇭 💰 US govt contractor #ABB confirms #ransomware attack, data theft
‣ 🦠 🤖 #Predator: Looking under the hood of Intellexa’s #Android spyware
‣ 🇦🇿 🇦🇲 Hacking in a war zone: #Pegasus #spyware in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
‣ 🦠 🎮 Dark Frost #Botnet Launches Devastating #DDoS Attacks on Gaming Industry
‣ 🇷🇺 🦠 Mysterious #malware designed to cripple industrial systems linked to #Russia
‣ 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 ‘Operation Magalenha’ targets credentials of 30 Portuguese #banks
‣ 🩹 #GitLab 'strongly recommends' patching max severity flaw ASAP
‣ 🇮🇷 🇮🇱 Iranian hackers use new #Moneybird ransomware to attack Israeli orgs
‣ 🇺🇦 Cyber Attacks Strike #Ukraine's State Bodies in Espionage Operation
‣ 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 Chinese state hackers infect critical infrastructure throughout the US and Guam
‣ 🐍 👨🏻‍⚖️ #PyPI was subpoenaed
‣ 🇰🇵 🦠 N. Korean #Lazarus Group Targets #Microsoft IIS Servers to Deploy Espionage Malware
‣ 🦠 🤖 Data Stealing Malware Discovered in Popular Android Screen Recorder App
‣ 🇩🇪 Arms maker Rheinmetall confirms #BlackBasta ransomware attack
‣ 🦠 New ‘GoldenJackal’ APT Targets Middle East, South Asia Governments
‣ 🇺🇸 🇰🇵 Treasury Department sanctions entities tied to North Korean IT scams, hacking
‣ 🇺🇸 📰 Cuba ransomware claims #cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer
‣ 🇺🇸 🏥 After ransomware attack, state’s second-largest health insurer says patient data stolen
‣ 🇯🇵 🇮🇳 🏍️ #Suzuki motorcycle plant shut down by cyber attack
‣ 🇺🇸 🪖 #Pentagon explosion hoax goes viral after verified #Twitter accounts push
‣ 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 #Meta Fined Record $1.3 Billion and Ordered to Stop Sending European User Data to US
‣ 🦠 🎬 Cloned #CapCut websites push information stealing malware
‣ 🇰🇷 🇺🇸 Warning: #Samsung Devices Under Attack! New Security Flaw Exposed
‣ 🍏 #Apple fixes three new zero-days exploited to hack iPhones, Macs

#hacking #cyber #cyberdefense #security #health #cloud #infrastructure #OT #ICS

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Cyber Defense Matrix: The Essential Guide to Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape" by Sounil Yu

Subscribe to the #newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every Sunday ⬇️

19 hours ago
Android Infotech
20 hours ago

Fix Google Pixel 7a Fingerprint Sensor Issue. 📱☝️ #Google #Pixel7a #Android #TeamPixel
This article explores workarounds to fix the problem.

21 hours ago

Does anyone in the #Fediverse happen to have the last / an official #LineageOS 16 build for the Moto X 2014 (victara) lying around somewhere?

I've already looked in the Wayback Machine with no luck, so if no one has an #Android 9 build for the device, I will have to resort to building it myself from the sources. Would have been nice to have a build signed with the official LineageOS keys though. ;)

Thanks for your help!

21 hours ago

Multitasking auf Samsung-Geräten: Windows 11 Updates verbessern die Leistung #Android-subsystem #windows11 #Windows #samsung

Sharpen your low-resolution pictures with the power of AI upscaling

SuperImage is a neural network-based image upscaling build with the MNN deep learning framework and the Real-ESRGAN algorithm.
By leveraging the power of your device's GPU, SuperImage is able to upscale and restore the details of your images without uploading them to the internet, keeping your data secure.


#foss #android #OpenSource #Security #Privacy #superimage #AI #upscaler

Has anyone used Signal without microG? How's the battery performance? Did it impact you in the long run?

#signal #degoogle #android #microg

IT News
22 hours ago

5 smart Chrome browser alternatives for Android - Google Chrome is the default browser on Android phones. But maybe you want to use anot... - #smallandmediumbusiness #browsers #android #mobile

Zachary Powell 🥑:androidHead:
23 hours ago

Day 2 of my Vlog from @androidmakersfr is out now! another brilliant day of chatting with #developers about the Vonage #Android SDK... oh and of course giving away lots more cool Android figures!!

1 day ago

De 19 beste kampeer-apps voor je vakantie met caravan of camper - #DroidApp #Android

Rob_Oost 💙💛
1 day ago

No raw transfers from the #FuijFilm XApp 🤔
Requires permanent geolocation tracking 🤪
And still it appears better than the previous app. I like to option to backup the camera setting.
Now I only need to find the location of that backup file on #Android. Suggestions welcome.

1 day ago

News from the #android front! After more than a year of work and almost 250 tickets close, we are almost ready to release Kiwix for Android 3.7.0! Full refresh of our Android custom apps is in the pipe as well. Install a nightly and share your feedback. APK download at #foss #offline #zim

1 day ago

Libre Camera

Moderne Kamera-App zum Aufnehmen von Fotos und Videos.

#Android #OpenSource #App #fdroid 📚
1 day ago

Knowing how to make #WiFi calls on #Android comes in very handy when you're out of cell signal but need to send or receive a call.

1 day ago

#GWB - Android: Schon gewusst? So könnt ihr eure eigene(n) Telefonnummer(n) herausfinden – nur wenige Schritte - #android #Google #tipp

1 day ago

#Android ⚠️ #ATTENTION
Si vous utilisez AuroraStore:
Il semblerait que Google fasse la chasse aux magasins alternatifs et *supprime* des comptes Google s'ils sont utilisés avec Aurora Store.

Si vous utilisez le compte anonyme par défaut vous ne craigniez rien (à part que ça ne marche plus), mais si vous avez entré votre compte Google, vous risquez de le perdre.
Faites attention.

1 day ago

Manche Menschen haben so gut wie alle paar (zwei) Jahre ein neues #Android #Handy / #Phone, weil ihre Dienstleister es so bezahlen – meistens in einem Betrieb mit integrierten #Handy-Vertrag 📱

Kennt ihr solche Menschen die evt. Verantwortung haben und auch was vergeben können. So zu sagen, dass wurde ersetzt und geben wir nun an @kubikpixel im #Spital weil Problem an Feiertag 🤷‍♂️

Ich bin wohl wieder der #Problem #Nerd im Spital während den Feiertagen... 😒

Chema Alonso :verified:
1 day ago

El lado del mal - Google y Apple trabajan (juntos) para dificultar la vida a los Stalkers que usan Location Trackers (Como los Apple AirTag) #Apple #Google #iOs #iPhone #Privacidad #Android #airtags #stalkers

1 day ago

:BoostOK: Frage an euch Follower:Innen aus meiner Gegend in der #Schweiz:
Habt ihr ein stabieles #Android #Telephon das ihr übrig habt und verschenken könnt?

Warum: Mein Android #Phone geht als #Hardware jetzt kaputt und ich brauche ein neues, auf das will ich dann die Programme & Daten übertragen & nutzen :yayblob:

Ich bin im #Spital #Winterthur und es ist auch noch ein Feiertag, deswegen auch Probleme neues #Smartphone zu erhalten 😒

#support #geschenk #mobilephone #winti #züri #zürich

Android Handy
1 day ago

@ameel Yeah, I was impressed by the earthquake notice as well, though I'd never seen it before so I wasn't expecting it. I felt the earthquake and then received the notification on my #Android #Samsung phone.

Well done Google

OpenStreetMap BaWü
1 day ago

Man könnte #Tourismus in #Europa 🇪🇺 etwas attraktiver machen, indem man die Datenbasis* für die meisten #HarmonyOS-apps 📱 pflegt (#OpenStreetMap). #Handelsblatt : "Die Zahl der Übernachtungen chinesischer 🇨🇳 #Touristen ist Daten der europäischen Statistikbehörde Eurostat zufolge von 22,2 Millionen auf 1,6 Millionen im Jahr 2021 eingebrochen."

* auch für #Android und #iOS apps

Bilder :

#DearHivemind Have any other #Android #AuroraStore users noticed that not only searches but now logins are being rate-limited by Google?

Any known workarounds or fixes / progress toward fixes I should be aware of?

(For the uninitiated: the Aurora Store is an alternate interface to the Google Play Store. I rely on it for a small number of apps not available via F-Droid. Aurora Store itself is available through F-Droid:

There are several related issues on Gitlab:


Neither seem to offer an unambiguous fix, though uninstall/reinstall is mentioned. Sigh. I may try that.

(What if any data loss might result?)

1 day ago
2 days ago

@ferricoxide #Google really has a #glanceability issue. I remember when people were giving them flack for their icons all being different sizes on #Android, now they have the inverse problem.

#Microsoft at least seems to vary symbols a little more heavily when colors are the same.

Google’s worst offender at the moment is #Keep and #Slides. Their functionally the same icon with only a small inner icon to differentiate them.

Paolo Amoroso
2 days ago

Are there any non root Android apps or tools to figure what app scheduled a pending alarm?

On my phone I see alarm icons in the status bar, possibly scheduled at odd times by some astronomy or space app as reminders of celestial events. Yet nothing relevant shows up in their settings. And the alarms never fire.


The Google #Android #keyboard app of my wife is broken: it doesn't show word suggestions although it should. (I even compared its settings 1:1 with mine where it works.)

What alternative would you suggest?

Requirements: LineageOS-compatible, no network permission (necessary) and working word suggestions for EN and/or DE.

Ameel Khan
2 days ago

That was fucking impressive from #Android on my #Pixel phone! I felt the #earthquake in #Melbourne *just* as this notification came through.

Screenshot of a notification from an Android phone. The time is 11:42pm on Sunday, 28 May. The notification is from 'Android Earthquake Alerts System' with the title "Earthquake nearby". The alert reads "Expect light shaking. Initial estimate M4.5 about 16.2km away".
Terence Eden
2 days ago

🆕 blog! “The limits of General Purpose Computation”

Should my bank be able to block me from using their Android app, just because my phone is rooted? I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion that... yeah, it's fair that they get to decide their own risk tolerance. Sage of the Internet, and general Sooth Sayer, Cory Doctorow once gave an impassioned…

👀 Read more:

#android #CyberSecurity #LineageOS #security

A pet cat typing on a computer keyboard.
Lukey Sixx🍿🔪
2 days ago

These have arrived at my place..
Snow or Charcoal?
Which would you go for?

I ordered Charcoal...and Mrs Sixx went for Snow
#google #pixel #pixel7A #TeamPixel #NewPhone #android #tech

Cyb3ric 🇧🇪
2 days ago

Attention! Le Lemon Group, une organisation de #CyberCriminalité a pris le contrôle de millions de #smartphones #Android dans le monde.
Ils volent l'identité et les comptes de médias sociaux et les utilisent pour divers stratagèmes.

#Malwares #Pirates

Écran d’ordinateur reprenant une tête de mort noire sur du code informatique bleu
IzzyOnDroid ✅
3 days ago

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today with 28 updated and 4 added apps:

* Audio Notes: take audio recordings
* Notesnook - Private notes app: end-to-end encrypted note taking app
* gptAssist: WebView wrapper für ChatGPT
* SaverTuner: Extension to the built-in Android Battery Saver

Enjoy your #free and #foss #android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

Is it weird that all those developers were cheering on the thing Google is building to replace them?

The MajorLinux Show: Google I/O Keynote (05/10/2023)

#AI #Android #Google #GoogleIO #Technolgy #Twitch #YouTube #BlackMastodon #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring an anthropomorphized duck mascot costume that has lips at the end of its bill and wearing a purple jacket and green beanie on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Nick @ The Linux Experiment
3 days ago

In this week's #Linux, #OpenSource and #Privacy News video, we have #Fedora #KDE proposing to drop X11 when Plasma 6 is out, a nasty vulnerability in #Android and its fingerprint reader implementation, #Meta receiving an enormous $1.3B fine from the EU, and Intel proposing a new x86 architecture that would drop bare metal support for 32 and 16 bit:

Thomas Rigby
3 days ago

I am really looking forward to the #calckey #android #app 🥰

heise online
3 days ago

5 Zero-Day-Exploits: Einblicke ins Innenleben des Staatstrojaners Predator

IT-Sicherheitsforscher zeigen erstmals, wie sich die Spyware Predator von Intellexa auf Android-Smartphones einnistet und im großen Stil Daten abgreifen kann.

#Android #Cybersecurity #LinuxundOpenSource #Smartphone #Trojaner #news

Scottish Lass
3 days ago

Useful gizmo of the day: a thumb drive with USB-A one side, USB-C on the other. e.g. download audio/video on a computer, copy to stick then plug it into your #Android phone. No cables needed, small enough to go on a keyring, rather neat. Handy if you are running out of space on your main phone storage.

TudbuT :v_bi:
3 days ago

If you own an #android device and an external keyboard for it, and are annoyed by it not having an escape key, I just found which can remap any keyboard layout and you can just install the remapped layout - without root!

If you've been thinking about getting a big ass #SDCard the #Lexar Play 1TB is marked down to $64; that's six cents per GIGABYTE!! #electronics #memory #switch #android #camera #memoryCard

FOSS Android :verified_twtr:
3 days ago


A streaming app with zero ads built in react native with scrapers built in python. NoFasel requires no extra premissons or accounts and is free to use forever


#foss #android #oss #OpenSource #Streaming #Movies #series #Anime #python #reactnative #Amoled #Netflix #nofasel #wesima #akwam #fasel #app #IzzySoft #izzyondroid

"Alien and Predator work hand in hand to bypass restrictions in the #Android Security model, most notably ... SELinux"

Jim Parsons
3 days ago

@GottaLaff @donmelton

#PhonyStark's relentless "magic beans” promotion of #Tesla full self driving + other ‘advanced technologies’ has a single purpose:

*harvest human+device behavioral #data*

Every EV's main job #JTBD = save incumbent auto industry capital structures NOT the 🌍

Every vehicle is bristling with sensors that feed a range of #Elmo controlled #AI's. They're like #Android #smartphones on 4 wheels.

"The Radical Scope of Tesla’s Data Hoard” - IEEE Spectrum

4 days ago

Ich weiß ja noch immer nicht, was ich von #Bluesky halte. Aber mit dem neuesten Update der #Android App rennt diese auf jeden Fall genau so gut wie das #iOS Pendant.

Otro consejito, para recién llegados y no tan recién llegados. #Mastodon y el #Fediverso en general pueden usarse desde muchas #apps. Su protocolo es abierto, lo que permite que cualquiera diseñe una app con todas las funciones, variando diseño, implementación, etc.

Por eso hay tantas opciones, para todos los gustos. Y, para conocerlas, tenéis esta tabla comparativa de características. Para iOs, Android y Web/Pc:

Mi favorita en #Android es @moshidon, aunque hay otras muchas muy buenas. Recomiendo que probéis alguna, porque la app oficial aún tiene pocos ajustes y carece de algunas funciones interesantes :mastodance:

Grinning Cat :heart_bi:
4 days ago

@esther Thanks! On #Samsung phones you can use a Bixby routine or "Modes and Routines".

For #Android phones in general, there are also third-party apps like Easer and Automation in the #FDroid #FOSS (#FreeAndOpenSource) repository; see .

(Haven't tried those two.)

Or more simply though less musically: you might be able to set a vibrating alarm without sound. 📳🔇

Or the alarm clock might have a setting to vibrate instead of playing sound whenever the phone is on vibrate or silent.

Hi, #BlindMastodon #BlindFedi #BlindTwitter. I need to use my Pixel 5 #Android phone to record lossless raw audio from the phone's mics. What #accessible apps would you recommend I use? Thanks. #Blind #VisuallyImpaired #Accessibility #A11Y

Andre Louis
4 days ago

Added a new card to #Monzo today. On #iOS, I'd have to line the card up using the camera for it to be added. On #Android, I just held the card to the back of the phone, ding, done. #NFC for the win. Couldn't have been easier.

4 days ago

A new version of Arcticons is here!
📱 Dashboard update
✨ Material You theming inside the app!
🎉 84 new and updated icons!
💡 Many fixes for icons not applying.
🔥 6254 icons in total!

Download it on GitHub, G-play & F-Droid

#arcticons #iconpack #android #opensource #icons

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
4 days ago

The #Mattermost app for #Android has this weird, but intuitive pull-up to refresh action, which I've never seen anywhere else. I know why it's not needed anywhere else, but it's so definitive, I want all messaging apps to do this!

Matthias Kirschner
4 days ago

Good intro in how to use the new #fdroid libraries which were developed for the #NextGeneration #Fdroid client. @grote explains how #CalyxOS by @calyxinstitute uses this.

PS: Follow @fdroidorg if you don't want to miss updates from FDroid about #FreeSoftware on #Android.

4 days ago


Hi everyone,

I have got a question.

I have quite a few new followers, which I would like to vet fairly, i.e. first-in, first-vetted.

However, of the 3 #Android apps I use # the PC browser version, none seems to be able to either (better) filter the Followers for people I do NOT yet follow back, or at least show them in reverse chronological order (which would also be important to eliminate inactive accounts, e.g. #MAGA and #Russian #SleeperCells .

Any idea how to solve this?

Devin Prater :blind:
4 days ago

So, iOS developers, how easy was it for you to make your app accessible to VoiceOver? Android developers, how easy was it to make your app accessible to TalkBack?

#accessibility #development #Android #iOS

Megan Fox
5 days ago

Anyone know what weird corporate goal has #Android screaming about cleaning up files constantly?

It changed in the last year kinda, just begging you to clean out like 300mb of files, every couple of days. This when you have gigabytes free. It's just, absurd.

5 days ago

I kinda wanna make a Material You flavor for Arcticons.
But I have no idea how to approach it. :(

Anyone got some advice for making an adaptive icon pack?

#iconpack #arcticons #opensource #android #helpwanted

5 days ago

Oh this is a cute little blast from the past! World of Goo Remastered is now on Netflix Games!

#tech #technology #game #gaming #mobile #android #geek #netflix #videogames

5 days ago

Early Access on Patreon! #XPERIA1V External Monitor mode tour!

Sure. A Sony is expensive if you just do BASIC phone things with it, but that really isn't the point of an XPERIA is it?
Taking a quick tour through the External Monitor mode, it's crazy to think how little we're really tapping into the amazing compute power of our phones...

#tech #technology #android #geek #photography #video #youtube #tutorial #review #apps #content #mojo #contentcreator #photographer #cinema #camera #sony

Aaron Ouellette
5 days ago

it's 9:20, and my phone battery is at 48% and dropping. My new phone couldn't arrive soon enough.
@cliffwade I took your advise and ordered used off swappa
My s9 was from there and I got almost 5 years out of it. If the battery was still functional I'd not be replacing it either.
#android #Pixel7

IzzyOnDroid ✅
5 days ago

I need to repeat that number, it's too nice:

1,111 apps available now in my repo at :awesome:

(next such number means doubling the amount, which will take some™ time 🙈)

#FDroid #IzzySoftRepo #Android #apps

5 days ago

Do you have some issues with #aurora ? The anonymous session doesn't do anything ...

#android #lineagesos

Duchess of Umbrage
6 days ago

Attention Android nerds, I have to get a work phone for my new horse guy. He wants the Android OS, but I’ve been Apple-only since forever and don’t know anything about the phones. Recommendations for a decent affordable model appreciated. #Android

6 days ago

The new TicWatch Pro 5 is HERE!
Let's look at the updated hardware from @Mobvoi_Official, and chat about some of the concerns I have for future smartwatch software updates...

#tech #technology #smartwatch #fitness #health #geek #gadgets #android #wearos #google

6 days ago

各 OS 別のバージョンのデザインも PDF が公開されてて、上で自分が待ち望んでる #Android 版の #Thunderbird のロゴも!

K-9 っていう #Android 向けメールクライアントを吸収してそれが今後 #Thunderbird になるっていう話を聞いたのもそういえば結構前だし、このロゴへと変わるタイミングと一緒に #Android 版も正式リリースになったらいいな〜(期待 :tony_santa:

Devin Prater :blind:
6 days ago

So yesterday, I grabbed a Braille display from work that is compatible with TalkBack's current Braille support. I opened a book in Google Play Books. I began to read. I crossed a page boundary, and continued reading. And again. And I didn't have to press any other button but the panning key to scroll forward to the next line of Braille. I still saw "page content," but it looks like the Play Books team has indeed made one able to read continuously. Pretty nice!

#accessibility #Google #Android #Braille #blind

6 days ago

Infinix Note 30 Pro First Look!
It's SHOCKING how much phone you can buy for THIS low of a price!

#tech #technology #android #infinix #smartphone #smartphones #geek #gadgets #youtube #review

Anders Borch
1 week ago

Last time I did cross platform mobile dev I was using jdk 11. Today I just installed jdk 17 to get the latest toolchain up an running.

Currently I am:

- relearning c++ after 20 years
- relearning react native after (?) years
- learning rust
- security reviewing some php code
- security reviewing a mysql setup

I hope it pays off in the end.

#ReactNative #Cpp #Rust #Java #Android #iOS #Swift #PHP #MySQL #SecOps

That may seem like tag spam but I have actually been doing all of that in one week.

At least I get to sit outside while working.

My laptop running an Android simulator and an iOS emulator at the same time, while my dog is enjoying the sunshine in the background.
Devin Prater :blind:
1 week ago

Please boost for reach for developers: Trying to figure out ways that developers could use TalkBack, and VoiceOver, better in games and more interactive apps. So, in most screen readers, there's a way for developers to speak things without them appearing on the screen. Like, "item added to cart." or in a game, "You win," or in a QTE, "swipe up." So, I found this stackoverflow post for Android developers.

So, hopefully, that allows developers to do things a bit easier. Also remember accessibility actions and such like that too.

On iOS, you'll use the post notification interface:

Posts a notification to assistive apps.
Call when you have view components that change very frequently or that appear or disappear. .announcement, argument: "some text")
Once the line above gets triggered, VO will read “some text”.

For setting a direct touch area, where touch exploration is off so that taps are sent directly to the app, great for games, in Android you may be able to use the following:


I got this from

This lead me to,

I don't know if apps can use this directly, but it's worth looking into.

For iOS, you'll just use the method on this page:

Hopefully this helps, especially in making awesome games that blind people can play!

#accessibility #blind #android #apple

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago
A fingerprint on a reflective surface with circuitry designs around it.
1 week ago

#Vivaldi 使ってるとなんでもカスタマイズできるのが当たり前みたいになってきて、#Android とか OS レベルで長押しメニューの並び順とか項目の添削出来ないのなんで?とかつい思ってしまう #おれあるある #おれあるあるはただのおれ

Paolo Amoroso
1 week ago

My best views of the Moon and Venus on May 22, 2023 from Milan, Italy, with my Pixel 7 Pro.

In the first photo, at 19:44 UTC with 2X optical zoom, Mars shows up at the top left and the stars Castor and Pollux are above Venus. I took the second at 19.39 UTC at 5X. I'm pleased eartshine appears clearly in both photos without the lunar crescent blowing up.

#astrophotography #android

View of an urban area at dusk from an upper floor of an apartment building, with part of some treetops at left and the upper floors of an apartment building in the distance at the horizon near the bottom of the frame. In the sky, near the earthlit lunar crescent is a bright star with two dimmer ones above it. Another star can be seen at the top left.
Closeup view of the dark sky with the earthlit lunar crescent and a bright star to its top left.
Pirate Praveen
1 week ago

Are you an #android/java developer?

We are hiring developers/freelancers to build public beta release of @prav

Looks like I forgot to mention we are willing to pay people for this work in my previous post (which has the specifications)

Thanks @aryak for pointing this out.

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 week ago

#Android users I'm looking for:
- In normal mode: notifications make sound, but no vibration
- In silent mode: notifications do not make sound but do vibrate

For me either I get vibrations all the time. Or no vibrations on silent. No idea how to make them alternate?

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

@Edent I've always used @k9mail on #Android and can't see past past it. Would 100% recommend Terence !

1 week ago

I don't know if this is a bad idea:
What if Gnome or someone made GTK compatible with Android. I don't think it is currently. There are so many great Apps built with GTK, which could or would be popular on Android phones. #Linux #Android #gtk #gnome

Pratik Patel
1 week ago

A brand new Pixel 6 Pro, which I got in December last year and which I haven't used as my daily driver, is having a hardware issue that this phone should not have. I mainly use it as a testing device. The speakers are dying and bluetooth is not workingon a regular basis. The attached hardware keyboard works intermittently and the Pixel Buds often cut out.

no wonder that Samsung is eating Google's lunch when it comes to #Android hardware. And #Google wants $1800.00 for a foldable?