Ivan Rodriguez
8 hours ago

I'm wondering why many open-source projects, like #angular, #react, #vuejs, #svelte, and #bootstrap, are not abandoning #Twitter like many people are, especially after what Elon Musk did to the platform.

#twittermigration #twitterexodus #foss #opensource #software

Matti Järvinen
17 hours ago

@dustinrue same goes for #Angular vs. #React. When you add everything you need to build a business application to React the size is equivalent to an Angular app.

And because React is just a library and not a framework one ends up with a mismatch hodgepodge dependencies which aren't necessarily maintained even for the duration of active development.

Danny Blue
2 days ago

Looks like #Angular is going to be using #vite for it's dev server. Pretty cool.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
2 days ago

People's opinions on the effectiveness of in-person angular training vs 100% zoom training vs conference vs I don't know, watching really long recorded videos?

#angular #training

3 days ago

Episode 23/12:

Alex Rickabaugh, tech lead of the #Angular framework, gave a "must-watch" talk, why Angular will introduce Signals. Spoiler: It is not mainly about the performance.
Playwright, an E2E testing framework, released v1.32 with a an interactive/UI mode.

- Alex Rickabaugh:
- Playwright 1.32:

Kai Klostermann
3 days ago

And #Angular is still fun! :blobfoxcofe:

Santosh 🥑 | GitHub ⭐ | GDE 🅰
4 days ago

Do you want to explore how you can use @angular Router Standalone APIs?
And there are some hidden gems in the talk too.
My talk from @ngbeconf is available on YT

#angular #router #ngbe

5 days ago

#angular : relating to an angle or to angles

- French: angulaire

- German: eckig

- Italian: angolare

- Portuguese: angular

- Spanish: angular


Join our new Discord Server for language learners @

w00t! Angular Experts with #AngularNation Directives! #Angular

Gil Creque
1 week ago

I wish you could store <Map>s in Firestore without converting to/from an Object. I also wish that AngularFire implemented withConverter(). #firebase #angular

John :dotnet: :csharp:
1 week ago

Not sure what happened, but I now have 26 failing tests out of 194. #Angular. Enough for tonight. Time for bed.

John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 weeks ago

Fixed another major issue with my #jest tests where it was including the #NgRx modules, and throwing errors. Now only 22 failing tests out of 176. #Angular.

2 weeks ago

Episode 23/11:

Last week, we had the final release of #TypeScript 5 which comes with stable support for decorators. In addition, Ng-Poland released some of their conference recordings.

- TypeScript 5 Release:
- #Angular PR for TypeScript 5:
- Matt Pocock - TypeScript 5:

- Ng-Poland Channel:

- Cypress 12.8:

Ayo Ayco
2 weeks ago

Wrote a blog! After more than a year of not writing anything there 😄

Notes on using web workers in Angular

#webdevelopment #webdev #frontend #angular #webworkers #tech #blog

Jobs for Developers
2 weeks ago
Dioramic Life
2 weeks ago

DEFINITELY some funky shiz with the #reactjs model for lifecycle event callbacks -- at least with functional components.

I'm noob, so maybe it's just that, coming from an #angular, event-driven background.


John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 weeks ago

Back on my #Angular project, fixed an issue with the routing. Now, having an issue with running #Jest tests: Cannot find module '@angular/core/testing' from 'node_modules/jest-preset-angular/build/setup-jest.js'

Philip Kiff
2 weeks ago

@jscholes @KaraLG84 That aria-hidden="true" does seem to be breaking everything.

It looks like the site is an angular commerce application built using something called Spartacus. Spartacus itself claims compliance with WCAG, and they have significant documentation on it, so that site-breaking code is probably a local developer error.

Why can't Body Shop care enough to fix it?


SAP Accessibility Compliance


John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 weeks ago

Spoke too soon, found the issue and have my #Angular project building again.
Noticed that ng-bootstrap has dropped the buttons module too. Ah well.

John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 weeks ago

Damn, first time I've looked at my #Angular code in a couple of years. I've upgraded from v12 to v15, and things have unsurprisingly changed. I'm having issues with #NgRx and I can't remember enough about it to fix it. I'm going to have to relearn it.

John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 weeks ago

Just wasted hours of my time when reinstalling #Angular by running npm install -g angular-cli instead of npm install -g @angular/cli. It was trying to install something, but failing and I was trying to fix the issues. I finally went back to the website to check the docs. Feel like a bloody idiot.

Inspired in the many talks from the #JsConf #Chile about #web #performance , and heavily inspired in Netanel Basal's ng-suspense code ( ) I just released an #Angular 15 library with some extras. Documentation is in Spanish but Google translate does a pretty good job for an English version. #React #Suspense

Santosh 🥑 | GitHub ⭐ | GDE 🅰
2 weeks ago

I used to charge $400 to $1000 for my @angular workshop, and now it's available for free on @freeCodeCamp, learn @angular for free with my course which has 500k+ views

#angular #webtechnology

Jobs for Developers
2 weeks ago
Dioramic Life
2 weeks ago

Really liking the new #ionicframework landing page for their web site. They've come a long way since the beta days of AngularJS, and the very messy days of early Angular. #angular #sveltejs #reactjs

Oh, und auf Seiten meines favorisierten Component-Frameworks für #Angular, #Vue, #React und #Java gibt's auch coole News: #PrimeNg hat den Theme Designer als Open Source freigegeben. Ein echt cooler Move ✊🏻

Jobs for Developers
2 weeks ago

Uruit is hiring Senior .Net/Angular Developer

🔧 #dotnet #angular #css #html #awss3 #csharp #rest #azure #seniorengineer
🌎 Remote; Bogotá, Colombia
⏰ Full-time
💰 $95k - $185k (Estimate)
🏢 Uruit

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Symfony Station :symfony:
2 weeks ago

Explore our article: Frontend Madness: SPAs, MPAs, PWAs, Decoupled, Hybrid, Monolithic, Libraries, Frameworks! WTF for your PHP backend? #javascript #PHP #symfony #Laravel #Drupal #WordPress #React #Vue #Svelte #AlpineJS #Angular #Viewi #PWAs :symfony: :laravel: :drupal: :wordpress:

Screenshot of code
3 weeks ago

Episode 23/10:

Eduard Krivanek gave an overview of all performance-related Angular elements. Armen Vardanyan wrote about common Angular misconceptions, and we had a panel discussion on how signals might impact RxJs.

Daniel Glejzner - RxJs & Signals -

Eduard Krivanek, #Angular Kenya - Memoization & Functional Calls in the Template:

Armen Vardanyan, Angular Misconceptions:

Christoph Miksche
3 weeks ago

Just started my first #reactjs app… I have to say, as a longtime #angular and #vuejs developer, I didn’t thought creating #SPAs could be that easy…

Florian Spier
3 weeks ago

This is for the RxJS lovers in Angular:

The `fromObservable` pipe:

Please upvote the comment in the Angular Signals discussion. 🙏

The `fromObservable` pipe would convert from Observable to Signal internally. RxJS users could then benefit from the better "Signal" change detection without the conversion step in TypeScript. You would not even have to know about Signals ;)

#RxJS #Angular

Doug Parker
3 weeks ago

@developit Could the error handling be done in some kind of dev mode? I know #Angular and #Lit both have the concept of "dev mode" for additional validation.

Personally I like the strict #XML approach, I just didn't realize #JSX was that strict (it's a new experience for me), and figuring that out took a solid 45 minutes of debugging which an error message would have cut down to 1.

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago
Rocky Lhotka 🌴 🤘🖖
3 weeks ago

Interested in presenting on **#dotnet** **#devops** **#azure** **#aws** **#gcp** **#sqlserver** **#angular** **#react** **#blazor** **#aspnetcore** **#azuredevops** **#agiletransformation** **#ai** **#machinelearning** or similar topics?

The deadline for the VS Live, Cloud & Containers Live, SQL Server Live, TechMentor, AI Live, and Cybersecurity & Randsomware Live CFP has been extended to 20 March.

Chris Sainty
3 weeks ago

Just finished my first full week at the new job. Already working on a proof of concept for moving our existing legacy front ends in MVC and Kockout.js over to #Blazor as well as some existing #Angular stuff.

Exciting times! 🤗

#dotnet #aspnetcore

#Angular 16 removes NGCC. If you depend on any View Engine-compiled library, you are stuck on Angular 15

On manque de #développeuses
– isaweb

Ah, mais tellement !

D'ailleurs #JeRecrute toujours des #Dev sur #Lyon pour #dotnet | #Angular | #symfony

Suggestion for igx-grid group by row template #development #IgniteUI #Angular #Grid #FOSS 🤘💻 @infragistics @KonstantinDinev

3 weeks ago

Episode 23/09:

Andrew Scott wrote about the RouterTestingHarness, which makes router-related testing a joy. Then, Manfred Steyer discussed the future of Change Detection in a world of signals, and Marko Stanimirović with a masterclass on advanced TypeScript techniques.

Andrew Scott - Write better tests without Router mocks/stubs:

Manfred Steyer - Signals in #Angular: The Future of Change Detection:

Brandon Roberts, Marko Stanimirović - Revealing the TypeScript Magic Behind NgRx APIs:

El Greco
3 weeks ago

@spierala @angular
I think people are already using async/await and promises with Angular in large numbers, and that these people are just not as vocal in social media and github as rxjs proponents. It is an illusion imho that all Angular codebases look the same because Angular is an “opinionated” framework.
#angular #signals #rxjs

maya blog post time!

"Revamping my Bachelor's project" (20 minutes to read)

smol link:

#dev #docker #research #angular #loopback

Deborah Kurata
3 weeks ago

Are you an Angular developer that also does C#?

Join me at the VSLive conference in Nashville in May!

I'm talking about #rxjs and new-ish features in C#.

Use this link to register:

#angular #csharp #conference

Florian Spier
3 weeks ago

I am still not sure about the Signals stuff in Angular.

At first it looks great:
- faster and simpler Change Detection
- easy for devs to go first steps with reactive code

On the other hand I am not looking forward to see code which mixes Signals, Observables, Raw Values. Convert from Signal to Observable and vice versa.
RxJS also shielded us from Async Await code, Promises, custom Callback code.
In the end, life could have been easier with just RxJS everything. 🤔

#Angular #RxJS

3 weeks ago

#FreeDownload the latest edition (v7.0) of #JHipster Mini-Book by Matt Raible!

This edition includes an updated microservices section that features WebFlux and micro frontends with React:

#InfoQ #SpringBoot #Angular

Florian Spier
3 weeks ago

It is time to leave your comfort zone.js!

Angular Signals!


Florian Spier
3 weeks ago

What is the benefit of state management with Signals if you compare it to "traditional" state management with RxJS based libraries (e.g. NgRx, Elf, MiniRx)?

Of course, Signals are great for a faster Change Detection.
But you could convert your RxJS state Observables to Signals as a very last step to feed your templates. Like that you also get the faster CD.

IMO, if you do non-trivial things, you will reach out to RxJS anyways. Then RxJS state mngt can make your code more consistent.


Announcing RxAngular CDK and Template 1.0 stable. Introduction to the packages and future plans described. #Angular #OpenSource #RxJS

4 weeks ago

@nikoheikkila ahh, had an internal workshop a while a go with the topic of setting up #unitTest #framework in #angular

It lasted almost an hour!

🎙️ Gestern haben wir uns im Stream von @webdave_de über die aktuelle 4. Auflage unseres #angular Buch 📕 unterhalten. Hört gern mal rein! 🎧

Florian Spier
4 weeks ago

Kevin Kreuzer exploring Angular Signals:


This talk about the #Angular Template Context by Tomas Trajan explains an important concept very well

Florian Spier
1 month ago

Starting to feel sorry for React Devs 😅

I never understood the React hype. But the Angular hype is real!

Angular will get one of the best Signal implementations! Angular will be a very fast framework! Combine that with the batteries included approach, opinionated nature, first-class typescript support, smooth upgrades, great ecosystem, great lovely community... show me a better JS framework!

#Angular #React #Javascript

Florian Spier
1 month ago

If I know for sure that the first value can not be null then I use non-null assertion in the template

`(myvar$ | async)!`

It would be strange to make the Input to support null, if there is effectively never null pushed to that Input. PLUS not needed null-checks in the child: 🤮

#angular #rxjs

Preston Lamb
1 month ago

So when using the async pipe in #angular, the value passed into the child component can be null, which can cause type checking errors. What do you do to get around this? Just make the Input type possibly null as well? Any other options?

1 month ago

Every time I have to enhance/update this one project, I am happy that I choose #Angular. Its Dependency Injection and Service/Subject/Subscription is such an relief. #RxJS