14 hours ago

In 1995, #SmashingPumpkins gave us the amazing Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. One single off that album, Tonight, Tonight. had a wild music video with an old timey feel.

This week for #MusicMonday, I tried to capture the feel of the #MV with some of my islanders. I don't quite have the instruments 100%, but I think it gets the job done.

Also, Filbert as Billy Corgan - it works somehow.

Have a great one.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Shino, Raymond, Walt, and Filbert are set to look like Smashing Pumpkins from the "Tonight, Tonight" music video. Filbert is standing in front singing as though he's Billy Corgan. The rest of them are behind him are various angles with a starry background and a cloudy floor to give the appearance that they are playing in the clouds.
Cheryl Lindo Jones
23 hours ago

If you’re looking for an adorable background music video for chilling or working, may I recommend this #AnimalCrossing themed video I just found? 🙂


No me lo puedo creer, es de mis vecinas favoritas, pero ahora mismo no quiero que se vaya nadie, me duele muchísimo dejarla marchar y espero encontrarla próximamente. :pika_sad:

No quiero que se vaya ninguno de mis vecinos y quiero pasar todas las navidades y fiestas con ellos en mi isla. Que para eso están las fiestas, pa pasarlas en familia. :bun_cry:
Así que estas navidades no se va NADIE, lo siento, aunque vengan vecinos favoritos. :gif_acnh_catty:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Me ha llegado una carta en botella de PÉCORA :gif_acnh_felix:

Encima dice que la novela que estaba leyendo es de espías, la simulación. :acnh_haunt:

Se la tengo que enseñar corriendo a Cabriola, no se lo va a poder creer!!! :acnh_amazed:

Gracias @MontseMartin por tener a Pécora a salvo y hacer que no se coma las cartas antes de mandarlas. :gif_acnh_canela3:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH


El ayuntamiento y MiniNook ya han decorado sus fachadas, me encanta. 🎁

Ahora solo falta decorar la isla... aún tengo qué pensar cómo, tengo que darme prisa porque la navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina. :nkoBrain:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

3 days ago

Me checking tomorrow's weather and getting excited #acnh #AnimalCrossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons screenshot. The player character sits in a white couch facing a tv on the wall. The room is lightly cluttered with photos and plants on nearby shelves. On the TV, the weather report is showing snow
3 days ago

Bandai reveals Animal Crossing: New Horizons trading card series:

A collection of resident and landscape cards

#animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons

💜 Puffy 💜
3 days ago

October 2023 Pate-Leon™ poll winner, Tangy.

See future polls and comics early by supporting me 💜

#nsfw #animalcrossing

:ac_regalo: ,¡CABRIOLA ME DIO SU FOTO! :ac_regalo:

No me lo esperaba, me ha hecho mucha ilusión, si hace nada que se mudó, al menos a mí se me hace que lleva poquísimo tiempo, pero es normal, nos tenemos muchísimo cariño ya, yo la amo. :gif_umbreon: :iluvu:

Me encanta la frase de su foto. :gif_bun_happy:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Tere modo invierno con su gorrito, está preciosa! 🥹❄️🌨️

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

4 days ago

Since the commercial district moved on Moduland, it was time to also move the beachfront amenities. So, yes, our beachfront bar.

This also meant that as we are in island-wide Christmas decoration mode, we needed to make some new offerings. We also switched up some ofnthendecore to be a bit more festive.

Stop and by and share a drink with us some time!


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Image intended to look like a beachfront bar with white barfront / wooden tabletops and stools set up. On the two ends of the bar are holiday candles. There are various drinks on the counter and a yule log. There is a beachy canopy structure in the middle for the bartender to stand under. On either side of the bar near the back are palm tree lamps. Visible behind the bar are the Able Sisters shop and Nook's Cranny.


Saqué mis outfits calentitos para la ocasión, qué ilusión ver nevar!! 🌨️🏔️❄️⛄

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

4 days ago

Now that I'm home again I gave him his birthday cupcake, and a black mocha coffee with a spoonful of sugar! Just the way Kicks likes it.

#plushie #birthday #animalcrossing

A plushie of a blue skunk named Kicks from animal crossing. They are looking directly at the viewer and wearing a small party hat. To the left of him is a coffee in a large mug, and to the right of him is a plated chocolate cupcake with a lit candle. There is a small sign on the cupcake which reads "happy birthday."
5 days ago

No one:

Not a soul:

Seriously, no one at all:

Ankha, Raymond, and Walt out of nowhere: It's "Eat Soup in the Plaza Day"

...What? 😅


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHAnkha #ACNHRaymond #ACNHWalt

Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Set in the town plaza with the Town Hall and bulletin board in the background. Three islanders are sitting in a row on wooden stools. From left to right is Ankha, Raymond, and Walt. All three of them are holding bowls of soup in their hands and looking at the camera.
Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
5 days ago

I think I beat #AnimalCrossing - it isn't fun anymore and it looks like the basement upgrade is the last upgrade, so not much to spend bells on other than misc items that show up in the shop every day.

What #Nintendo #Switch game did you enjoy playing or have been into lately?

Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
5 days ago

Oh yeah, #AnimalCrossing another installment of my pumpkin farming investment, made almost 700k bells today. Paid off the 2nd floor loan in 2 days, hah.

Just got the basement order, it's 2.5 million bells, going to take several days.

I want to play more games with people on my days off. Things like #animalcrossing and #pokemon right now.
I've been playing around with building my first casually competitive teams in Scarlet and Violet the past month or so and I've been looking at a lot of inspiration porn for elaborately decorating my island in Animal Crossing.

#nintendoswitch #gaming

For those tired of politics, here's an article about the satisfaction of cutting grass in #VideoGames

Includes mentions of #Zelda, #AnimalCrossing, #StardewValley and others

5 days ago

そういえばこのしずえさんの前にあるノートPC、ずいぶん懐かしい型のやつだよね #animalcrossing #あつまれどうぶつの森 #nintendoswitch

oh, yeah, it's the Egyptian porn cat from #AnimalCrossing!

  • @Fanfalla , upon seeing Ankha from Animal Crossing
6 days ago

Phew, all that shopping in our new commercial district on Moduland can be exhausting. Especially this time of year.

So, we've recently added a new little relaxation area just north of the shops. Take a load of, enjoy the festive tree and lighting. At night, the area absolutely looks magical especially last night as we had shooting stars.

Next time you're on the island, make sure to check it out!


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Set at night with a gorgeous, clear sky and a single shooting star in the background in the upper right. Light skinned, bald, bearded human villager wearing a black sweater and khakis is standing in a small rest area with two blue garden benches on either side. Along the back behind the villager is an illuminated tree and a blue pile of presents. On either side of them are snowflake lights all lit up.

Further in the background, lit streetlamps and some ice fencing can be seen.
Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
6 days ago

Successful pumpkin harvest day today (all were three pumpkins each plant), about 650k bells. I had zero bells at the start of the day :) #PumpkinKing - I may be breaking the game.

#AnimalCrossing #Nintendo #Switch

(Yeah I know the switch can take screenshots but I can never get them off the switch)

RosieSoCosy :cosified:
6 days ago

Wolf prompt on the #SketchADay app. I had to do something with #AnimalCrossing, and then I realised I don’t care for most of them. More + backstory on my blog! :starfrag:

#MastodonArt #MastoArt #ACNH #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #AnimalCrossingArt #DigitalArt #CuteArt #KidlitArt #Illustration #Art

An illustration of a wolf villager in Animal Crossing. She has blue grey fur, olive green eyes, rosy cheeks and she is wearing a yellow plaid dress. Behind her is a big moon and some sparkly stars.
Jason McFadden
6 days ago

Finally got Walt! Took some doing. Almost didn’t work out.

#animalcrossing #switch

6 days ago

My Nintendo offering WarioWare: Move It! and Pokémon Scarlet/Violet wallpapers, Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2024 Birthday Calendar:

Time to spend some Platinum Points

#nintendo #pokemon #animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons

1 week ago

Well, Shino heard right. I really do love those...

...the those being photos of my villagers.

It never gets old 😁


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Set inside Shino's home which has light colored wooden screen walls, a low table in the foreground, and a reddish Japanese dresser in the background. Shino (white deer with yellow eyes and long red horns) is wearing a maid's dress and handing a green leaf to the human villager (bald, light skinned, blue eyes, bushy brownish beard, wearing a black t-shirt). Shino is saying, "Here, I'll trade you! It's Shino's photo and I hear you LOVE those!"
1 week ago

In 45 minutes we celebrate 100 episodes with the #livestream choice our patrons made: #animalcrossing

Join here:

1 week ago

The #nintendo Winter 2002 promo book/catalog. This was available for free in big stacks at places like K-Mart, which is where I think I got it. I loved the #gamecube and #gba . This generation really cemented my adult Nintendo fandom. #retrogaming #animalcrossing #metroid

1 week ago

🎵 OOTD this my fashion
Shut up, no more questions 🎵


Since Dreamcatcher dropped their new mini-album, VillainS, last week, and as a Sommie, I absolutely had to remake some scenes from the music video!

I really enjoyed the song. Loved the beat, loved the video, just all around cool.

Check out the video here:


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #Dreamcatcher #MusicMonday #InSomnia #OOTD #Music #MusicVideo #MV #ACNHScenes #HarvsIsland #드림캐쳐 @kpop

Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Both of them have a group of seven villagers dancing simulating the Dreamcatcher OOTD music video. The upper image has them in a circle with a pink, flamingo villager in the center with them all wearing black jackets over white shirts and grey ball caps. There is scaffolding and low, white counters in the background. In the lower image, they're standing in a W shape all wearing white tank tops with green background with various symbols on it and stripes. The low, white counters from the upper image are also present behind the villagers.

Más fotitos del día del pavo. 🦃
Fue muy divertido y lo pasamos genial :acnh_applause: :acnh_flourish:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

👨‍🍳 Mis preciosos vecinos cocinando por el Día del Pavo 👩‍🍳

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH


#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

2 weeks ago

Score Black Friday savings in Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

Microtransactions, but mini

#animalcrossing #fireemblem

Rebecca Celeste
2 weeks ago

Pixel Art – Animal Crossing Fossil

This shows the bigger, detailed version and the smaller, more pixelated version. I love to pixel the same thing in two sizes.

#AnimalCrossing #MastoArt #Art #PixelArt #PixelArtist #Artist #Illustration #ACWW #ACNL #ACNH #Nintendo #FanArt #AnimalCrossingWildWorld #artistsonmastodon #Fossil

A fossil illustration in pixel art style (detailed version).
A fossil illustration in pixel art style (small version).

Nunca me esperaría que iba a ver a Tere enfadada, menudo berrinche tenía... :gif_acnh_luna:

Sidney le hizo spoiler del libro que estaba leyendo y por eso se enfadó, igualmente le duró 4 minutos. :ac_villager:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Belinda y sus outfits, la más hippie de la isla.

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

2 weeks ago

So, I think I'm finally happy with this #ACNH build!

I decided that since the #HolidaySeason is fast approaching, I figured our shopping district needed a toy store.

The side by sides are first during the day, then at night where my character is staring at all the #Gunpla kits in the window!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have made any recent faux buildings on your island.


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHToyStore #ACNHFauxBuilding #ACNHChristmas #Christmas

Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. The upper screenshot is longer than the lower screenshot. Both are showing the same area during the daytime in front of a concrete walkway of a faux building designed to look like a toy store with windows holding toys in them, simple panels used to make glass doors. There are two pink ornament trees on either side of the door. In the windows there are blue / purple shaded signs that read "Toy Store." On either side of the faux door are a paper bag (left) and a stack of shopping baskets. In the lower picture, in front of the door is a light skinned, bearded human islander with blue eyes wearing blue overalls, brown boots, a brown cowboy hat, and a red flannel shirt. He is standing proudly with his hands near his hips.
Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. The upper screenshot is longer than the lower screenshot. Both are showing the same area during the daytime in front of a concrete walkway of a faux building designed to look like a toy store with windows holding toys in them, simple panels used to make glass doors. There are two pink ornament trees on either side of the door. In the windows there are blue / purple shaded signs that read "Toy Store." On either side of the faux door are a paper bag (left) and a stack of shopping baskets. In the lower picture, in front of the door is a light skinned, bearded human islander with blue eyes wearing blue overalls, brown boots, a brown cowboy hat, and a red flannel shirt. He is standing with his back to the camera staring longingly at the window looking at what appear to be a stack of model kits.
Cheryl Lindo Jones
2 weeks ago

Sometimes Pascal is really contemplative and insightful, and sometimes he’s more practical. #AnimalCrossing #PocketCamp #quote #widget

Quote from Pascal, “If you’re gonna pretend to be asleep, then you have to snore a little bit.”
2 weeks ago

If you haven't seen the #MusicVideo, you can check it out here:

Also, if folks like the custom design, I could beef it up a bit and upload it to the custom design portal. Let me know!


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #Itzy_KillMyDoubt #ItzyComeback #ACNHScenes #ACNHDesign #MusicMonday #KPop #Itzy

2 weeks ago

Happy #MusicMonday!

This week, I went with a #KPop pick, specifically I went with #Itzy's "Bet on Me."

The first pic is a side by side of the scene at the end of the video where the entire group is running through the tunnel. I don't quite think I captures the look of the tunnel, but I think I got my villagers as close to what Itzy was wearing as possible.

I even made a custom shirt to match Chaeryeong's shirt in the video.


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #Itzy_KillMyDoubt #ItzyComeback #ACNHScenes #ACNHDesign

Collage of photos. The upper photo is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot showing a group of villagers (Ankha, Shino, Judy, Agnes, and Muffy) dressed similar to the members of Itzy from the "Bet On Me" music video on a roadway in a tunnel. The lower image shows the members of Itzy running in a road tunnel from the "Bet on Me" music video.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Image from the custom design screen for a design entitled, "Itzy Bet On Me." The design is of a white t-shirt with a rectangle on the front that shows the zoom in of a human's eye crying a single tear.

:ac_regalo: CUMPLEAÑOS DE MERALDA :ac_regalo:

¡Qué bien lo hemos pasado!
Que cumplas muchos más. :acnh_applause:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Aquí tenéis las dos fotitos del calendario :acnh_shout:

Sabía que la de Filberto iba a salir porque la vi en el encabezado del correo que me mandaron pero YUKA!???!? QUE NO ME LO ESPERABA JAJSJAJAJAJA me asfixio, se ha colado hasta en el calendario, qué fuerte!! :acnh_amazed: no se lo podrá creer... allá donde esté, será feliz.

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

AAAAAAAAAA QUE EMOCIÓN :acnh_exclamation: :acnh_exclamation: :acnh_exclamation:

¿Os acordáis que envié algunas fotos de Animal Crossing para una agenda?

Acaban de anunciarla y mirad!!!!

MI QUERIDA YUKA sale ELLA SOLITA en un mes del calendario. :acnh_flourish:
Y mi niño Filberto también, no me lo creo!! :bun_aww: es que me paro a pensar y digo esas fotos LAS HE SACADO YOOOOO y son MIS vecinos!!! aaaa q guay :gif_acnh_droid:

Me hace muchísima ilusión, no sé si habrá más fotos mías por ahí pero las que subieron a Twitter son justo esas. :gif_acnh_canela3:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

2 weeks ago

La sveglia la domenica mattina? Follia!
Non voglio lavorare per tom nook. Mai più! In passato ho permesso mi sfruttasse, ma ero giovane e ingenuo.
Voglio vivere in un mondo, senza debiti, scegliendo di viverci proprio per questo.
I cosiddetti "cheats" nei videogiochi, dove possibile, non sono il male che si racconta, ma un modo per rendere l'esperienza unica, cucita addosso in modo risulti comoda dove necessario. Pretendiamoli!
Firma MaAncheNO! per quelle dannate rapeDiDomenica

Cheryl Lindo Jones
2 weeks ago

Oh, Pascal. When you’re right, you’re right. #AnimalCrossing #widget #quote #funny #PocketCamp

Screenshot of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp widget showing a quote from Pascal, “Sometimes I think about learning to make bread, but then I remember I’m already pretty good at buying it.”
3 weeks ago

Spent some time yesterday working on the new shopping district, including the new surprise pop-up shop coming in. And what did Shino do?

Plop down on her duff in the beach with a lollipop. No help at all.

But, really cute shot.


More posts on the new area next week...


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHShino #GoldenHour #NooksCranny #ACNHBeach

Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Image of Shino (white deer with long red horns and yellow eyes) sitting on the beach wearing a black t-shirt with a red robot hero on it while holding a cartoonshly large pink swirly lollipop. Behind her is Nook's Cranny and a shut off "We're Open" sign.
3 weeks ago

#LegendOfTheRiverKing for #GBC is like #AnimalCrossing if Animal Crossing was only fishing and punching villagers (animals) in the face because they're trying to steal your fish.

takes 20 hours to beat; 15 waiting for fish to bite (this gives you a lot of time to think about life n stuff) and 5 walking around completing fish-delivery-quests.

it's a cool little thing if you like fishing or *the idea* of fishing.

#OMGItsLIKEa #ComputerGames #Review #OrSomething

fishin on a small island
catching striped fish
monkey battle
catch b.bass screen

La casita de Meralda es súper acogedora, le pega muchísimo, es 100% ella total. 🤍☕

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

3 weeks ago

So, I did a major clearing in the southeast corner of my island. No more hay maze. Hello new shopping district.

The entire region is under construction, so be careful in this corner of Moduland. We have a few things coming in soon, so stay tuned!


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHShoppingDistrict #ACNHLayout #ACNHInspi #ACNHIdeas #ACNHExterior

Animal Crossing: New Horizons screesnhot. As seen from above, showing  light skinned human villager wearing a knit cap and a flannel shirt thinking. There is nothing around them at all but grass in the entire rest of the frame.
A collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots with a black frame around them both. Both screenshots include a light skinned, bearded villager wearing a white hard hat, khakis, red flannel shirt, and brown shoes. In the upper panel he is facing sideways in front of a new construction site with a Nook Inc sign showing something is moving there. He is standing on a concrete walkway that goes along the front of the property. In the bottom picture, he is facing front and has his hands on his hips with pride. He is also standing on a concrete walkway. Behind him are various toys and two pink ornament trees on either side. Behind that is a cliff face with simple panels with custom pink brick designs on them on the upper level.
3 weeks ago

3. Mitzi. Mitzi is definitely a dreamie and I've never had her on my islands before. I might take her home with me (what a quick hunt!) and see if any others are willing to leave.

I am a sucker for cat villagers, not gonna lie.

#ACNH #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons

Rosie is talking to Mitzi, a cute white and blue cat villager with a "normal" personality. "Well, hello there! My name's Mitzi. You're Rosie?"

today i learned that #AnimalCrossing's engine was actually from Ocarina of Time??

4 weeks ago

From ReWilding magazine: wildlife crossings are effective! They reduce car-animal collisions and allow animals to re-populate areas from which they had been previously excluded. This article shows five examples, including this crab bridge on Christmas Island. There's even an aerial monkey crossing in Brazil.

#environment #rewilding #infrastructure #AnimalCrossing #conservation

Photo of a metal structure over a road, with red crabs crowding around its base and clambering up the screens that compose its main surface. A man stands next to it, giving a sense of scale--it's about 4 times his height. Green trees on the opposite side of the road provide background. The crabs are prevented from going into the road by a low metal barrier, about 2 ft (less than 1 m) tall

Creo que Cabriela ha enterrado algo (quizás para que yo lo encuentre) y como me vio que estaba desenterrando fósiles me preguntó de manera "sutil" pa ver si había descubierto algo :bun_think:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Unseen Crafts
1 month ago

My husband made a little Nook’s Cranny model for our dear friend’s birthday 😁 #nintendo #art #AnimalCrossing

1 month ago

It's midweek #Wednesday. So, have a Happy Hunchday, as Kabuki calls it.

Love these little old man conversations 🤭


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHKabuki #ACNHConversations

Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Set in Kabuki's home with a futon on the upper left, tatami flooring, and wooden walls. A bamboo partition is in the back left between the characters speaking and a kettle tub. Kabuki (white cat with red striping on his face similar to a kabuki mask wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and holding a cup of coffee) is speaking to a human islander (bald, bearded, light skinned, wearing a pale purple shirt and a black hat as seen from behind). Kabuki is saying, "I call Wednesday 'Hunchdays' because my back's usually killin' me by midweek. Gahaha! Ow."

real dialogue from resetti in the gamecube version [source]

#AnimalCrossing #Resetti

resetti from animal crossing saying

"......I never noticed before, but you got some nice eyes. Yeah, real hypnotic..."
1 month ago

It's a Happy #Halloween on Moduland!

All the Halloween decorations and setups have been finished. The spooky Boardwalk. The hay maze. The trunk or treat area. All ready for you to check out on an updated #DreamIsland here: DA-0198-8300-5284.

Check it out and feel free to ping me if you do. Would love to hear what people think!


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHCommunity #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHDreamIsland #ACNHDreamAddress #ACNHLayout #ACNHBoardwalk #ACNHJudy

Collage of four Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. In the upper left corner is a bald, bearded islander wearing a magical girl dress hanging around a trunk or treat area. In the upper right is a spooky boardwalk area alongside the beach. In the lower left area is what appears to be a hay maze with Judy (blue to purplish-pink bear cub with starry eyes) walking through. In the lower right corner is a beachfront fishing area with Walt (greyish-blue kangaroo seen from behind wearing a blue kimono) checking out a fish vendor stall. In the center in white letters it reads, "Moduland - DA-0198-8300-5284"

Esta Cabriela es muy misteriosa... :bun_think:
¿Qué tiene que terminar?
¿El qué no quiere dejar a medias?
Tengo miedo gente

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Cabriela: no quiero incomodar a nadie con mi disfraz de Halloween

Also Cabriela re tranqui: tengo a una amiga encerrada en un pozo jaja

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Elizabeth Grey ⚙️
1 month ago

Time to play #AnimalCrossing til 5 o'clock in the morning 🕹✌️

Canela y Satanás, digo, Tom Nook, ya están listos para Halloween. 🎃

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Pili de Hermanas Manitas ya está preparada para Halloween 😈

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Tendo y Nendo ya están preparados para Halloween 🎃 mirad qué graciosos por favor :acnh_applause:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Tere me ha dado su foto!! :acnh_applause:

Sale guapísima con su gorrito :acnh_joy:

Hacía tiempo que no recibía una, con esta ya van 12 fotos :ac_regalo:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

🎃 ¡Comienza la semana de Halloween! 🎃

Qué gracia que al entrar al juego Canela ya esté disfrazada de brujita 🧙‍♀️

Os voy a poner los disfraces de todos los personajes que ya se han disfrazado, estoy deseando que llegue Halloween de verdad para ver de qué se disfrazan mis vecinos. :acnh_flourish:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Tras las duras declaraciones de la última conversación que tuve con Cabriela, mi mente está más confusa que nunca, así que he pedido cita con Katrina para que me diga lo que sale en su bola sobre Cabriela.

Atención a los datos: en la mente de Cabriela hay MUCHAS CARAS y el 20% de las visiones son mi cara, vamos, una caca de vaca :acnh_worry: yo creo que ese 80% restante pertenece Yuka y Pécora.

También me dice que forjaremos un lazo que va más allá de ser vecinas... :nkoThink:

¿Qué pensáis?
#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Al principio de la conversación pensé "genial, ya me está intentando sacar información para conocerme más" pero EL FINAL ???? :gif_acnh_felix: :gif_acnh_felix: :gif_acnh_felix: ME QUEDO TIESA

¿Qué me quiere decir? Tenéis alguna teoría que pueda sacar de esta conversación porque es bastante reveladora pero me he quedado en shock, no sé qué pensar...

Iluminadme mastodontes, confío en que saldrá alguna teoría que le dé sentido a esto.
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kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 month ago

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if Animal Crossing and Yakuza had a baby? No? Me neither, but I'm extremely hyped about this! 😅

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Tengo una TEORÍA acerca del pasado de Yuka y Cabriela y es la siguiente:

Cabriela tiene en su casa una foto de otro personaje de Animal Crossing, Pécora, lo cual no es lo habitual en este juego, nunca se había visto esto.
Hasta dónde se puede ver, Pécora es muy importante para Cabriela.
Ya sabíamos que Yuka había cometido muchos crímenes en otras islas y la pregunta era: ¿QUIÉN FUE UNA DE SUS VÍCTIMAS? Exactamente, la pobre Pécora.
Yuka y Pécora eran vecinas, un día Cabriela nunca supo más de su querida "amiga" (¿?) y decidió iniciar una investigación.
Cabriela está aquí porque quiere encontrar respuestas y saber qué es lo que verdaderamente le pasó a Pécora y si sigue viva, porque en el fondo de su alma sabe que lo está.

Aunque esto solo es una teoría y todo puede cambiar de un momento a otro y dar un giro inesperado.
P.D. Me encanta leer vuestras teorías también, son muy interesantes!

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1 month ago

That'd be very punk-rock of you 🐝🎸

Flick is from Animal Crossing!
Monthly Fanart, made possible thanks to my Ko-Fi supporters.

Wallpaper & Lockscreen files:

#fanart #animalcrossing #digitalart #illustration #art

Un poco más tarde del acontecimiento de la estatua, encontré a Jereza pensativo por la isla y me propuso ir a su casa :nkoThink:

En cuánto entramos por la puerta me dijo que ya podíamos hablar de lo que nos diera la gana y me preguntó si creía que nos espiaban en nuestras casas también. :acnh_amazed:

Me da qué pensar, Jereza es el más mayor de la isla y considero también que el más inteligente (tengro pruebas, todos se van a mear en el bidé de mi casa y él se va directo al váter, solo por este dato ya lo considero el más inteligente JAJAJAJAJAJA :gif_acnh_luna:), pienso que él ya se dio cuenta de que Cabriela está investigando la isla, cabe destacar que él vive en la casa de al lado por lo cual es SU VECINO más cercano. 🕵️‍♀️

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Tras estar un rato observando a Cabriela me acerqué para preguntarle qué opinaba de la estatua porque me daba curiosidad :nkoThink: a lo que me responde AQUÍ HAY CABRA ENCERRADA :acnh_haunt:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Cabriela investigando la estatua que hay en la zona vecinal donde vivía Yuka

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

🕵️‍♀️ DETECTIVE CABRIELA 🕵️‍♀️: La Serie

Los que veis mis toots sabéis que tenía a Yuka de vecina, que estaba en busca y captura por cometer varios crímenes en diferentes islas y al final se mudó.

Cuando empecé la búsqueda de nuevo vecino apareció Cabriela, y me dijo que ya había sobrevolado mi isla en uno de sus viajes, no le presté mucha atención a ese dato tan valioso que me dió en ese preciso momento pero más tarde todo cobró sentido...
Me di cuenta que Cabriela se dedica a investigar con una lupa todos los rincones de la isla, sobretodo el sitio dónde Yuka tenía su casa, en el que ahora vive ella.

En este hilo voy a poner todas las capturas e información que vaya obteniendo hablando y espiando a Cabriela.

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

No paro de sacarle fotos a Cabriela, haga lo que haga me parece digno de fotografiar, podemos decir que es mi musa ahora mismo.

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Sidney reaccionando a su fotito en mi casa, más bonita ella, la amo :nkoHeart:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

No hay nada como un buen libro y Cabriela lo sabe! :nkoBrain:📖

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

La casita de Cabriela es tan preciosa como ella :nkoHeart: me ha sorprendido mucho que tuviera una foto de Pécora en la pared, supongo que serán hermanas (o novias) :nkoThink: :nko3c:

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fanta ☑️
1 month ago

No existen malos en #animalCrossing pero ... de esta lista ¿cual crees que es más malo?

Puedes desarrollar tu respuesta

Anna :Blourgh_left:
2 months ago

I love Animal Crossing so much.

I just learned from it that barreleye fish exist. And that they have transparent heads, filled with liquid, where two big green eyes can move around to look upwards and forwards. And some of them have glowing parts too!

Photos source:

#AnimalCrossing #fish #barreleye

A fish that's mostly covered with dark scales, except for the head that is fully transparent. The eyes are enclosed inside the transparent part, some of the other organs are partially visible as well. The eyes are two huge green lenses, they look like marbles inside the fish's head. The fish has a very small mouth and two bulky nostrils.
Two photos showing the barreleye fish head from the side. On the left one the eyes are facing upwards, on the right they are facing forwards.

La séptima en aparecer en la isla fue 💗 Cabriola 💗 que la tenía en mi lista así que no lo dudé, ME LA LLEVOOOOO :acnh_joy:

Mira que pensaba que iba a tardar la vida misma en encontrar alguno de los personajes que tenía apuntados porque nunca tuve suerte con esto de las búsquedas y tenía los bolsillos llenos de tickets para la ocasión y solo me hicieron falta 7 :acnh_exclamation:

Super contenta con mi nueva vecina que LA AMO, las cabras son mi animal favorito y Cabriola es mi cabrita favorita de Animal Crossing junto con Morfeo (espero encontrarlo algún día también) :acnh_smile:

Bienvenida a Sukha, Cabriola!!!!
te vamos a querer mucho. :nkoHeart:

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

¿Quién ocupará el solar que dejó Yuka? :bun_think:

La primera en aparecer fue Boni, que me encanta, pero quería seguir buscando.

La segunda en aparecer fue Victoria, que somos viejas conocidas porque fue una de mis vecinas en Wild World, de hecho, conseguí hasta su foto. Le tengo mucho cariño y en otro momento la hubiera aceptado como vecina pero ya tengo dos caballos fijos en mi isla :ac_villager:

A continuación me salieron César, Groucho y Carla, los dos primeros horribles jsjsjsjs y la última era una cabrita que no estaba mal pero sin más... :acnh_worry:

La sexta que apareció fue Avelina, que también le tengo mucho cariño de Wild World y me gusta mucho pero no era lo que estoy buscando.

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH


Me gustaría encontrar a Luna o Minina, pero si las encuentro se quedarían fijas en mi isla lo cual dificultaría que quiera dejar marchar a alguien y conseguir más fotos, así que bueno, adjunto foto de los personajes que me gustaría que fueran mis próximos vecinos, si me sale alguno me lo quedo por un tiempo. :nkoBrain:

¿Cuántos tickets me gastaré en total para conseguir alguno? Quién sabe :nkoThink:
Seguiremos informando. :nkoMoney:
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2 months ago

I know #Lego is a bit late to the party, but since a lot of people in my timeline did play #animalcrossing you might be interested in this!
#acnh #afol

Así quedó la zona de Halloween en mi isla. 🎃

Me encanta la calavera de rosas que hice, creo que es la joya de la corona. 💀🌹

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2 months ago

Like, why bundle Rosie’s house in this instead of just making Nook’s Cranny twice as big & better?

It’s pretty bad.

#AnimalCrossing #LEGO

Sebastian Laube
2 months ago

Die Animal Crossing Lego Figuren sehen zum Teil aus wie die Happy Tree Friends.
Wer kennt sie noch?
#Lego #AnimalCrossing #MillenialThings

2 months ago

The Lego sets for Animal Crossing look so cute. We would definitely have bought everything if the kids were a decade+ younger. I might get the smallest one, put it on my desk, fiddle with it during zoom meetings.

#AnimalCrossing #Nintendo

Alex Marshall
2 months ago

Lego Animal Crossing sets are now on the website 🥳 release 1st March 2024 #Lego #AnimalCrossing

Lego Isabelle visiting Diana in her house. There’s a present floating by on a balloon
Lego Bunny using a pole to vault over a river, surrounded by trees and a little tent
Lego Tom Nook and Rosie. Tom Nook has a DIY card and a bag of bells next to him
Lego Kapp’n in a little boat next to a desert island with Marshal on it, surrounded by fish and foliage and deckchairs
TomatoGrilledCheese :saitama:
2 months ago

Anyone here transferred #AnimalCrossing data to a new Switch? Our Switch is dying a slow death, so I want to buy a new one and transfer all the data over. It seems with Animal Crossing all I need to do is make sure my Animal Crossing data is cloud backed up and then I can just restore it. Is this correct, or is there something else I need to do?

Asking for my daughter as it will crush her to lose it.

Tyler Sticka
2 months ago

You know how it is: One minute you’re eating lunch, the next you’re remembering Wendell from the original Animal Crossing.

#inktober #inktober2023 #fanart #MastoArt #AnimalCrossing #walrus

Wendell the walrus waves hello. He is carrying a canvas and has a backpack, umbrella and some sort of container strapped to him.

os enseño mi outfit de hoy, con motivo de la spooky season 🎃 y os voy adelantando la zona que estoy preparando en mi isla. :nko3c:

#Animalcrossing #ACNH


El mes de Halloween ya comenzó y en animal crossing también... :jack:

Es mi primer año y estoy decorando una zona de mi isla con todo lo que voy consiguiendo a lo largo del mes, ya os enseñaré qué tal quedó el día de Halloween cuando lo celebremos. :nko3c:

Por ahora me estoy vistiendo con outfits para la ocasión, mirad qué mona voy. :acnh_shy:
Me encanta este vestido. :gif_acnh_canela3:

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2 months ago

Shut up and take my money, Nook

#LEGO #AnimalCrossing #Nintendo

LEGO animal, crossing Minifigs, releasing in 2024