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It took some time to set up, but I’m really happy to have the adequate font for each language (Chinese traditional and simplified, Korean, Japanese) in anki.
The fonts used are Noto from Google fonts.

A screenshot displaying the same Chinese characters in a table of three columns (the left column has two characters, so there are four characters displayed in total). They are all displayed in a different font, so there are minor differences in their appearance.

#chatGPT is great for creating flashcards from notes.

#pkm #obsidian #anki

Aside from #Anki really early in the morning, I didn't do any extra study or immersion yesterday with everything going on.

As a result, it feels like anki is twice as hard today. Nothing has stuck so it feels like having to study twice the amount of words to make up for it.

My brain feels numb already and I've only done anki so far.

Bad brain day.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :cathumbsup:​

#languageLearning #langtoot

2 days ago

2023, 03 juin

J'ai modifié les cartes #anki que je crée pour le vocabulaire que je trouve dans Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa et dans les cours du Genki.
Voici les nouvelles. La seule différence entre les deux réside dans le fait que le vocabulaire tiré de Monster n'a pas de fichiers son.

Monster :

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 days ago

Is there a good alternative to #Anki on #android for making flash cards to memorize stuff?

3 days ago

I have no idea why most students don't use #anki to #study
It's methods are already scientifically proven to be more effective than cramming.


5 days ago

2023, 31 mai

Cinq autres mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :
- 術後, じゅつご, postopératoire,
- 容態, ようだい, condition, état (de santé), apparence,
- 順調, じゅんちょう, favorable, bon, très bon,
- 手術, しゅじゅつ, chirurgie, opération, procédure,
- 院長, いんちょう, directeur d'une institution (hôpital, école etc.).

#anki #manga #books #japaneseBook #japaneseTranslation #japonais #japanese #日本語

5 days ago

2023, 31 mai

Cinq mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :
- 倒れ, たおれ, effondrement, mort,
- 重体, じゅうたい, état critique,
- 伝える, つたえる, transmettre, rapporter, communiquer, dire, propager, enseigner, léguer,
- オペラ歌手, オペラかしゅ, chanteur d'opéra,
- ですが, mais, cependant, néanmoins, pour ce que...

#anki #manga #books #japaneseBook #japaneseTranslation #japonais #japanese #日本語

5 days ago

2023, 31 mai

🇨🇵 Jusqu'à présent, je lisais Monster de Naoki Urasawa et Mindclone de David T. Wolf, les deux en japonais, en parallèle.
J'ai décidé de mettre de côté ce dernier et de me consacrer à la lecture de Monster.


Liens :




#anki #lecture #reading #livres #bd #comics #comicbooks #books #japaneseBook #manga #japaneseTranslation #japonais #japanese #日本語

5 days ago

Many people complain about #duolingo and how they keep changing their trees, resetting progress, and overall making the app more about pay-to-win rather than learning.

Unsurprisingly, Duolingo is closed-source.

The way to deal with it: rush through the trees, export the sentences you find helpful, and use the #foss flashcard program #anki to actually memorize things.

I'm learning #german, #romanian, and #japanese this way!

Do Flatpaks not have access to user fonts? Or is this a bug specific to Anki in Flathub? #linux #anki #flatpak

2 weeks ago

2023, 24 mai

🇨🇵 見事, みごと / 素晴らしい, すばらしい, les deux veulent dire « splendide, magnifique ... » mais dans quels cas les utilise-t-on ? Sont-ils interchangeables ?
Merci de votre aide.😺

🇬🇧 見事 / 素晴らしい, both mean "splendid, magnificent..." but how are they used? Are they interchangeable?
Thank you for your help. 😺

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

دانیال بهزادی
2 weeks ago

PLEASE make it compatible with #Anki

2 weeks ago

2023, 22 mai

🇨🇵 とても / すごく, les deux veulent dire « beaucoup, énormément ... » mais dans quels cas les utilise-t-on ?
Merci de votre aide.

🇬🇧 とても / すごく, both mean "very, extremely..." but how are they used?
Thanks for your help.

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 weeks ago


Mémoriser est une opération vraiment mystérieuse. Pourquoi 確認、かくにん, 雑誌、ざっし, ne veulent-ils pas rester dans ma mémoire alors que tant d'autres y sont bien installés ?
Je me demande si certains mots ne feraient pas résonner en nous de mauvaises vibrations qui nous feraient les rejeter ... 🤔

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 weeks ago

2023, 20 mai

Lu sur NHK Easy News :


Ma traduction (j'ai fait en sorte de reproduire le style des titres des articles de presse ici, en France) : « Des soldats ukrainiens blessés soignés au Japon. ».

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 weeks ago

2023, 19 mai

Une manière ludique d'apprendre le vocabulaire japonais : J-Crosswords by renshuu ( Les mots croisés sont faits d'après plusieurs méthodes d'apprentissage. L'application contient aussi des grilles de kanjis.

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 weeks ago

2023, 19 mai

ブラックジャックによろしく (Say Hello to Black Jack) manga de Shūhō Satō est libre de droits depuis septembre 2012 à la suite de l'annulation du contrat avec Kōdansha.
Vous pouvez lire les treize volumes en japonais par là :
Bonne lecture !

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

2 weeks ago

2023, 19 mai

Je suis en train de créer des jeux de cartes #anki d'après les listes de (

Ces jeux simples sont destinés à la révision des kanjis, de leurs on'yomi, kun'yomi et de leur signification en anglais et en français.

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

Matt Hadden
3 weeks ago

I seem to be stuck in "reviews due" hell with my #Anki deck currently. The bars representing tomorrow, and the day after, just don't seem to be going down 😅

3 weeks ago

Got it working, thanks to Anki’s excellent documentation and scavenging and adapting old nginx / systemd scripts

Tested with a large-ish deck. Works beautifully.
Now to start uploading *ALL THE DECKS!*

Thank you #Anki!

Tim H
4 weeks ago for the rest of us, there's always #anki! #calckey

Alex Qwxlea
4 weeks ago

Using #obsidian together with #anki is easy, but notes have to follow a certain order for things to work well. Integrating everything, and having one source of truth (my notes) does make it less scary to put a lot of time in setting my things up.

The idea is to write my own cards, as that works better than using other peoples decks. A fitting note to start my new Anki deck with:

OK, 10k cards to go…

@qwxlea Oh I think I need this! I switched from doing flashcards in #Obsidian to doing them in #Anki, and never thought to connect the two. Anki has a cool text-to-speech generator, and Obsidian lets you choose the playback speed of audio. It'd be amazing to be able to use both!

Alex Qwxlea
1 month ago

The #obsidian flashcards plugin is amazing. Easy to add cards, the #anki bridge just works, you can even click back to the respective note back in Obsidian!

Super handy to fix typos (if you made those, I never do, but you know, for *other* people).

It’s not even disturbing the flow or look of the notes in Obsidian. Maybe I’ll fix up the Anki-tag a bit later with CSS (when I want to procrastinate), but for now it’s close to perfect.

Absolutely recommended:

Anki card with the text:

What Impacts the Decline of Memory? #card 

Relevance: We remember less and less of our weaker, non-relevant memories
Time: The forgetting curve shows that learners will forget an average of 90% of new information within the first seven days
The way information is presented can affect learning
Also: Hermann Ebbinghaus suggested that physiological factors, like sleep and stress, influence how well we retain information
1 month ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for an #Anki #Spanish vocabulary deck?


2023, 8 mai

Mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :

  • 気がする, きがする, se sentir comme si …, avoir le sentiment que …, avoir l’intuition que …, avoir dans l’idée que …
  • くも膜下出血, くもまくかしゅっけつ, hémorragie sous-arachnoïdienne,
  • 倒れ, たおれ, effondrement, mort,
  • 重体, じゅうたい, état critique,
  • 伝える, つたえる, transmettre, rapporter, communiquer, dire, propager, enseigner, léguer,
  • オペラ歌手, オペラかしゅ, chanteur d’opéra,
  • 術後, じゅつご, postopératoire,
  • 容態, ようだい, condition, état (de santé), apparence,
  • 順調, じゅんちょう, favorable, bien, très bien,
  • 手術, しゅじゅつ, chirurgie, opération, procédure,
  • 院長, いんちょう, directeur d’une institution (hôpital, école etc.),
  • 先程, さきほど, à l’instant, récemment,
  • 記者会見, きしゃかいけん, conférence de presse,
  • 行う, おこなう, accomplir, faire, se conduire, accomplir,
  • 模様, もよう, conjecture de la situation actuelle, la façon dont elle semble, pronostic vital,
  • ご覧下さい, ごらんください, regardez s’il vous plaît.

#manga #japonais #japanese #日本語 #japanesestudy #日本語の勉強 #learningjapanese #anki #日本語の語彙

After I had so many issues with the free and otherwise awesome #flashcard learning app #Anki (sync, crashes, losing track of what I already learned) they also don't seem to understand what a #GPG/#PGP keyserver is used for.

Screenshot of
Serlwch ✨
1 month ago

It’s nice to find here other people who are… er… in a committed relationship with

Good luck!!

My situation with my
#Norwegian deck is quite similar (23713 mature cards).

Stats for my Nowegian deck. It has 23713 mature cards, and 27281 cards in toto.

2023, 7 mai

Mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :

  • 来てる, きてる, être venu, être là,
  • 東ドイツ, ひがしドイツ, Allemagne de l’Est,
  • 西側, にしがわ, côté ouest, rive ouest,
  • 亡命する, ぼうめいする, fuir son pays, demander l’asile, faire défection, émigrer (pour des raisons politiques), s’exiler, devenir un réfugié (politique),
  • 東独, とうどく, Allemagne de l’Est (1949-1990),
  • 貿易, ぼうえき, commerce extérieur, commerce international, importation et exportation,
  • 局, きょく, bureau, département,
  • 顧問, こもん, conseiller, consultant,
  • 氏, し, [honorifique] M., Mme, Mlle,
  • 妻子, さいし, femme et enfant,
  • 伴, とも, compagnon, suiveur, accompagnateur, suite,
  • つて, 伝, moyen de contact, intermédiaire, médiateur,
  • マスコミ, communication de masse, médias de masse,
  • 前に, まえに, devant, avant, il y a,
  • 姿, すがた, figure, forme, silhouette,
  • 現す, あらわす, révéler, montrer, exposer,
  • 夫妻, ふさい, mari et femme, couple marié,
  • 様子, ようす, apparence, air, manière, comportement,
  • 二卵性双生児, にらんせいそうせいじ, faux jumeaux,
  • 表情, ひょうじょう, expression faciale, contenance,
  • 一家, いっか, la famille,
  • 当分の間, とうぶんのあいだ, pour le moment.

#manga #japonais #japanese #日本語 #japanesestudy #日本語の勉強 #learningjapanese #anki #日本語の語彙

1 month ago
I’m currently learning #Japanese vocabulary with #Anki. And it’s really interesting how memory works.

Anki shows me a new word, I look at the reading, the meaning, and think “Nice, I will remember this now.” 30 seconds later, when the same card is shown again, I have absolutely no idea how to read this word or what it means. Then, after another try, the information may stick for 10 minutes but could be gone again when the card is shown at the end of this review 30 minutes later.

Of course, this is nothing new. Trying to remember information that is completely isolated and cannot be connected to existing facts you already know is quite hard. I’m just surprised, every time when I see that I instantly forgot the content of the previous card.

2023, 4 mai

Mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :

  • こら, コラ, ゴルァ, hé !,
  • 役柄, やくがら, rôle,
  • 逆, ぎゃく, renversés, inversés,
  • でしょう, でしょ, on dirait, il semble,
  • 目覚める, めざめる, réveiller,
  • あたし, 私, je, moi ,
  • みたいな, quelque chose comme ça, un peu comme ça, semblable à ça, dans cette veine,
  • お姫様, おひめさま, princesse, enfant gâtée,
  • はず, 筈, devrait (être), attendrait d’(être), s’attendrait à (être).

#manga #japonais #japanese #日本語 #japanesestudy #日本語の勉強 #learningjapanese #anki #日本語の語彙

Letters to my children
1 month ago

@hollie yes I can imagine this will be the case. Still very early in language learning with it but can see how it won't be a great help for much complexity. This seems to be the same for most learning with #anki, as the answers always seem to need to be fairly simple

Letters to my children
1 month ago

@hollie interesting. I'm currently feeling a lot of benefit using #anki for learning French. I'm only really using it for nouns currently though

Alex Maryson
1 month ago

Я тут подумал, что мне нужно организовывать языковые карточки как графовую базу данных. То есть беру какое-то слово, и внутри пишу ссылки на другие слова. А потом уже из этой паутины формирую карточки для изучения каким-нибудь софтом типа #Anki. Да поможет мне #orgroam


I think that I need to organize my language cards as a graph database in #orgroam. Like, I take a word and inside write links to other words, translations, synonyms, whatever. And then combine cards with #Anki

2023, 29 avril

Mots nouveaux rencontrés en lisant Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa :

もん/もの, indique une raison ou une excuse,
外来, がいらい, ambulatoire, soins ambulatoires, clinique ambulatoire, service ambulatoire,
し, le fait est que, d’une part,
ゆっくり, bien (ex. dormir), confortablement,
そういえば, そう言えば, maintenant que vous le dites, j’y pense, cela me fait penser, à ce sujet, au fait,
同じ, おなじ, même, identique, égal, uniforme, équivalent, similaire, commun (origine), immuable, semblable,
ころ, 頃, (approximatif) temps, autour, à peu près, vers,
一件, いっけん, (un) article, (une) affaire,
労働者, ろうどうしゃ, travailleur,
担ぎ込む, かつぎこむ, transporter quelque chose dans un endroit,
執刀, しっとう, pratiquer une opération chirurgicale ,
結果, けっか, résultat, conséquence, issue, effet.

#manga #japonais #japanese #日本語 #japanesestudy #日本語の勉強 #learningjapanese #anki #日本語の語彙

Didier Villers
1 month ago


#Anki is a popular #flashcard system that helps you learn new info through spaced repetition. And you can build your own deck using popular tools. In his article, Otavio Ehrenberger helps you harness the power of #ChatGPT + #Python to create helpful study cards programmatically:

How to Supercharge Your Studying with Python, Anki, and ChatGPT

1 month ago

#Anki is a #FOSS flash card app for #learning.

Lets you create and practice your own flash cards or download flash card sets provided by other users. There are already tons of sets on any topic you can think of: #Languages, #Programming, #physics, #biology, #chemistry,

You can create text or multmedia flash cards.

Also, every new user gets a cloud account to synchronize their devices for free! Runs on desktop, mobile, web.

Very cool application!

Gergely Imreh
2 months ago

Finally it seems I managed to sort out my Chinese input method on #ArchLinux well enough to work across the whole system, including #Anki.

Thus another thing that I don't have to rely on another system to get things done!

This is one big weight off my chest, and one where the Arch Wiki wasn't completely helpful either and had to do a bunch of guesswork to get fcitx, rime, the XFCE settings, and so on to work together...

Weekend off to a good start? 🤞

Chinese input demonstration in Anki's "add card" interface.
2 months ago

Why #Anki kinda stinks for language learning. I don't know the content maker well at all, but his list is everything I found frustrating and ineffective about the app/program. It really derailed my novice Spanish studies. I don't recommend it anymore, _especially_ to folks with #adhd issues. He's inspiring me to get back to my old notebook methods, and I want to check out his routines further as well.

#LanguageLearning #LearningSpanish #LearningFrench #SpacedRepetition

#Sprachen lernen und #Typographie - beides meine Hobbys.

Zum #Französisch lernen mit #Anki Flashcards nutze ich jetzt die tolle Schrift:

Name Sans von @arrowtype, veröffentlicht durch FutureFonts. In den Screenshots, die Text-Variante.

Wie gefällt Euch diese Schrift?


Spencer J
3 months ago

@rauschma I got excited about recommending #Anki until I saw the file-based requirement. I’m pretty sure it uses SQLite. It is my favorite flash card app though.

4 months ago

I got into #chess. On the topic of #opensource, I want to give praise to @lichess. Great website, great tools for studying chess.

I'm using their Analysis Board to go through openings and pasting the PGNs into #anki.

I also want to link the chess Anki template making it possible:

Very happy with each of these projects.

Does anyone use #Anki to memorize #algorithms? When I try to use the built-in list format, I can't seem to create nested lists, and I'm not sure if it's possible to import algorithm packages to the #LaTex used by Anki. Mostly it's just really ugly when I try to typeset algorithms.

4 months ago

I am trying to make flash cards (in Anki) to learn Irish words. But what is the best format?

1. Picture on front with Irish and English word on the back

#gaeilge #anki

I find it strange how educational institutions don't seem to know about spaced repetition systems in general, and Anki specifically.

For some subjects it may not matter, but if there's a significant memorization component involved, like in anatomy or language learning...

About Spaced Repetition:

Guide to Anki: (The dude is trying to sell you his course, but the advice is rock solid.)

#learning #anki

Quinten Steenhuis
5 months ago

A workflow I've figured out for memorizing my students' faces before the semester starts: I use and create flashcards. #Anki uses a #SpacedRepetition algorithm to help you memorize things quickly.

There's a simple web interface, and a free Android app to connect to your cards that are stored on the web.

#lawschool #teaching

Has anybody tried designing flashcards that are like: "what is wrong in the following statement? An elephant is a big land crustacean." ?

That sounds like it would make for pretty vivid recall, instead of "What animal kingdom does an elephant belong to?"

#spacedRepetition #anki #Learning

Shine McShine
5 months ago

Una de los #propósitos que tengo para este 2023 es hacer varios #micropropósitos.

Por ejemplo, aprender #morse

Me he descargado un mazo para #Anki (si no conocéis anki, ya estáis tardando)

Gergely Imreh
5 months ago

A mild annoyance on Linux today: I'm using #Anki for my #Chinese vocabulary on Linux/Mac/Android - on #ArchLinux with #XFCE the input method switching doesn't work as the package is installed so all I have is ASCII...

There it goes, another distraction to do meta-work, instead of the thing I actually wanted to do, quite used to it by now. (not that I should be).

Whadyamake Jake
5 months ago

toki! I've made a #TokiPona learning resource. It's an #anki flashcard deck but with separate cards for up to 5 different English translations (I'm able to recall all of the words but I'm forgetting some of the different meanings)

6 months ago

Der schmerzhafteste Teil des Tages. Ich hoffe ich komme auf wenigstens 80 Vokabeln runter

#langtoot #anki

Screenshot meiner Anki Anzeige. 15 neue Vokabeln, 1 falsche Vokabel und 150 Vokabeln zum Lernen.
Anki sagt mir ich brauch dafür eine Stunde
Abishek Muthian
6 months ago

Memory Hammer is the best lifestyle augmenting project I've recently built, As the improvement in my memory has not only translated to better productivity but the act of remembering things have improved my mental health significantly.

I'm planning a complete rewrite of the application in Nim (or) Rust to improve latency.

Find Memory Hammer here -

Suggestions are welcomed.

#mentalhealth #productivity #spacedrepetition #anki #memory #nim #rust #foss #rpi

Elektronik- und Metallbaukästen oder Experimente in Chemie und Biologie: Viele Hersteller versprechen Spielzeug zum Lernen. TechStage hilft bei der Auswahl.

Elektronik- und Metallbaukästen oder Experimente in Chemie und Biologie: Viele Hersteller versprechen Spielzeug zum Lernen. Dieser Ratgeber hilft bei der Auswahl.
Kosmos, Fischertechnik & Co.: Von Roboter bis Experimentierkasten ab 8 Euro

@aristeon #Duolingo is ok for basic vocabulary, but if you want to really remember every new word you're better using a Spaced Repetition System, like #Anki

Linux Guides
6 months ago

Du bist in der Schule oder in der Universität?
Diese 5 kostenlose und freie Software-Programme helfen Dir durch den Alltag!

#xournalplusplus #anki #rocketchat #libreoffice #jitsi #opensource #freesoftware #schule #uni #learning #lernen #kostenlos

Spencer J
7 months ago

I recently started to use #anki
and I am beyond impressed after finally giving up on Quizlet. My existing decks were easy to import, and I have much more control over how I'm studying. I am looking forward to exploring more user-generated content!

7 months ago


Generally, if something doesn't harm others, I don't have a reason to be against it.

I've had a #3Dprinter (#Ender3) for ~2.5 years now. I haven't done much with it, but I'll use this space to post images of things I print.

I'm (VERY) slowly self teaching myself 日本語の漢字 with the help of the #Anki app at a rate of ~20 - 30/week.

I don't care for #sports, listen to #WJRR most of the time, and am #atheist but will say #agnostic if you're also a #pedant like myself.