@jerry Please share how you doployed #matrix! Do you use #ansible?

9 hours ago

@pkw i use #ansible to manage few #openbsd machines.

My setup uses a collection of roles that configure certain applications or system capabilities (such as mail, ftp, nextcloud, matrix, tls etc).

I don't upgrade systems. I install fresh and run #ansible scripts instead.

Paul SomeoneElse
11 hours ago

#ansible #openbsd

I'm learning ansible.
I don't love it. I don't hate it.

My systems are OpenBSD for the most part so I think I have to do things less "out of the box".

Which is fine, because usually you get there anyways.

I'm using it for single systems.

Like I would like to have my setup of a VPS on digital ocean or Vultr automated. I think I would do more complex things, like run a mailserver or an icecast server, if it was easier to repeatedly setup.

Hugo Trentesaux
12 hours ago

Je viens de migrer mon site perso de #Scaleway, devenu trop cher au fur et à mesure des augmentations de prix vers #Pulseheberg.
Merci à #Ansible qui permet de migrer simplement sans rien oublier !!
Et pour une fois j'ai pensé à réduire les TTL avant migration, ça aide quand même beaucoup !

2 days ago

Trying to update #ansible from version 2.10.5 to version 8.0.0. Wish me luck.

Jobs for Developers
2 days ago

Sunscrapers is hiring Fullstack Developer (RoR & JS)

🔧 #rubyonrails #javascript #python #ruby #api #ansible #aws #css #postgresql
🌎 Remote; Warsaw, Poland
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $210k (Estimate)
🏢 Sunscrapers

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Florian Maury
3 days ago

This is bullshit, #Ansible!

> Using roles A and B which have the same common role with handlers inside.
In a play, I execute the 2 roles A and B with a when condition (usually, I apply a role if host is in the right inventory group).
If first role A is not executed because of the when condition, but B is executed, handlers notified by common role (dependency of B) are not executed because already not triggered by role A.

#ansible is a little-known treasure - use this to finagle your yaml->jinja mumblings. My one wish is that RedHat sponsors this, and adds a pastebin-like link function.

3 days ago

Playing with #ansible The plan is to not manually touch anything on my new server.

It's a slow process

Hello #Mastodon! We are new on the block, so #introductions are in order.

We are a devops company from Germany, and we love all #opensource infrastructure tools, like #OpenStack #Terraform #Ansible etc. Why are we here? To contribute back and take a more active role in the community.

Mostly looking to contribute code, documentation and maybe some time to projects. Also lots of interesting discussions would be great. 🥰

5 days ago

In this video, @JayTheLinuxGuy walks you through the process of building and configuring a Linode instance using some of the most popular infrastructure as code tools: #Jenkins #Terraform #Ansible

Daniel S. Reichenbach
5 days ago

Lately I have been trying out #OpenStack builds using Juju and Charms instead of #Ansible. At this point I do not quite feel at home with throwing away a machine in MAAS in a charm gets stuck and fails to provision or provides no course to fixing an issue. Apart from that charmed OpenStack is nice of it works in first juju deploy. If not, it’s a quite painful experience to fix. Documentation is often missing important information you would have needed.

Peter J. Welcher
6 days ago

Followup to post re Cisco's Federal Innovation Challenge (BlueAlly/Netcraftsmen 3rd place award). A key component was Event-Driven #Ansible ("EDA"). I hear RedHat Summit/AnsibleFest big push on EDA. Arista demo'ed EDA with CloudVision, Slack, ServiceNow.

1 week ago

Dibujar en Inkscape el logo Ansible Tools 2D para generar Slides y Remera

#2D #Ansible #AnsibleTools #Blog #Design #Inkscape

Ansible Tools Logo 2D Inkscape
Daniel S. Reichenbach
1 week ago

Looking for some freelance work. It you need #devops support as in infrastructure from some cloud instances to that multi-region OpenStack install, #ansible etc. I can help. 25 years of development and operations experience. I love this work and do it to feed my family 😊 message me!

Phil Thomas
1 week ago

I'm working on a multi-part series for automating your Homelab with Proxmox, Cloud-init, and Ansible-- Part 3 is up!
#homelab #ansible #automation #IAC

Günter :mildpanic:
1 week ago

From my #mastoadmin series - #convocasa behind the scenes - server edition:

We run on 11 VMs. 3x Elasticsearch + Redis + HAproxy, 2x Postgres DB, 2x Frontends (Docker), 2x Streaming (Docker), 2x Sidekiq Workers (Docker)

All services are failoverable. I use Route53 health-DNS as overarching HA.

#Cloudflare for caching and edge protection.

All in code and fully automated via #ansible, #terraform and #jenkins with regular automated updates (and ofc backups).

#wasabi as media storage.

Lars Wirzenius
1 week ago

Every time I upgrade to a new Debian version, my #Ansible playbooks need to be fixed. This isn't a great sysadmin tool experience.

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 week ago

Is it worth my time to start learning #ansible ?

Timotheus Pokorra
1 week ago

#dendrite ist die leichtgewichtige Alternative zu #synapse als #matrix Server. Noch ist Dendrite im Beta Stadium, aber es ist schon einsetzbar. Ich habe nun ein #Ansible Skript für #Hostsharing geschrieben, und auch eines für Element Web.

Reto Hasler
1 week ago

#Ansible ist ja schon recht nice wenns mal die Platte zerlegt hat.

1 week ago

Anyone else using #ansible to install #helm repos/charts? I’ve been using it lately and it’s kinda cool, if a little throwback.

Ansible Community Team
2 weeks ago

🔈 Ansible Project Mission Statement - have your say!

As part of our efforts to strengthen the #community this year, it seemed right to make sure that the aims of the project - as a whole - are clearly communicated.

So we would like to ask you all - What does #Ansible mean to you?. Give us your thoughts! We’ll use the data to inform the work on making our messaging consistent, and we’ll update you on the results later in the summer.

Thank you!

Daily Notes for 2023-05-23
Doom's UI-building affordances. A little more on Denote. Fences are weird.
#daily #DoomEmacs #denote #ai #ansible #townie #bikes #fences

Alejandro Baez
2 weeks ago

On my voyage for more #idempotent systems, deploy-rs is really resonating with me right now. 😁 It's a #nix #flakes profile deployment system.

Fancy for, you write a declarative config and it gets what you need correctly. 😅 It's really making me rethink of my #ansible usage. At least for provisioning.

For troubleshooting though, you'll need to pry ansible from my dead hands to get rid of the love. 😁

2 weeks ago

Ce n'est pas tout vert parce que je bosse dessus, mais quel plaisir de gérer son infrastructure avec des pipelines. Ici se sont #ansible, #droneio et #gitea qui sont à la manœuvre. Oh bordel ça y est, je suis #devops...

Il me reste d'énormes chantiers à réaliser, mais les bases sont là et ça fait du bien de ne plus s'en occuper !

Dashboard de #droneio sur smartphone.
Colin McNaughton
2 weeks ago

Y’all ready for this? #rhsummit #ansible #ansiblefest

Jobs for Developers
2 weeks ago

Scaleway is hiring DevOps Engineer - Storage Team Feature (Flex/Remote)

🔧 #c #cplusplus #golang #ansible #kubernetes #awss3
🌎 Remote; Paris, France
⏰ Full-time
💰 $100k - $220k (Estimate)
🏢 Scaleway

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

#ansible deploy complex configurations with ease to multiple different systems, then lose hours to figuring out some asinine intersection of the subtle differences between python, yaml, and jinja definitions of yes/true/False and other bullshit.

2 weeks ago

Incrementar la version de un project o job template de AWX usando awx-json-bump-version

#Ansible #AnsibleTools #AWX #JSON #Release #SemVer

Timotheus Pokorra
2 weeks ago

Neue Installationsanleitung im Wiki und #Ansible Skript für bei #Hostsharing: ist eine Open Source Alternative zu #calendly, um #Terminvereinbarungen mit Beraterinnen oder Sachbearbeitern zu vereinfachen.

Ansible Community Team
2 weeks ago

📯 The Bullhorn 103
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

Check out the antsibull-docs 2.0.0 release, give us your thoughts on the Ansible project mission statement, vote on removing unmaintained collections, and attend some meetups!


The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).
Carol Chen
2 weeks ago

On my way to #Boston for #RHSummit, including #AnsibleFest and #Ansible Community Day!

A backpack with Ansible luggage tag on top of a suitcase with Miffy luggage tag, plus a handbag strapped across both.
Finnair Airbus A330-300 with Marimekko livery (flowers).
2 weeks ago

@kyva no he usado nunca #ansible ¿algun tuto recomendable para empezar?

Kat Moss
2 weeks ago

there are still some software who haven't changed their paradigms as of today; #Ansible is one; #powershell is no longer just a windows technology. We need to see more scripts for other platforms written in it. I intend to eventually practice what I preach. Generically, though, right now, until Ansible changes their stance. I might bug Jordan about that.

Alex Willmer
3 weeks ago

#Ansible tip: Underscores can make large numbers easier to read, e.g.
$ ansible localhost -m debug -a "msg={{ 1_048_576 == 2**20 }}"
localhost | SUCCESS => {
"msg": true

TSM at Work
3 weeks ago

Less than 72 hours before the next great #production #cutover.

We’ve done the #dryRun several times. We have documents, #playbooks (#Ansible and otherwise), and #pullrequests. (We had past pull requests that were specifically about making our current pull requests easier!) We have #troubleshooting scenarios queued up. We’ve got the work items on our #board. Not much left to do but #divide and #conquer.

I hope the rest of the #enterprise is as well-#prepared as my #team are.

#ansible hates me today:

/usr/local/bin/python3: can't open file '//"'"'"'~ansible/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1684306178.7639482-9073-181872861430869/'"'"'"': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

good luck me debugging those nested double-triple quotes

Ansible Community Team
3 weeks ago

📯 The Bullhorn 102
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

- ansible-core 2.15.0
- antsibull-docs 2.0.0a2
- Ansible provider for Terraform 1.1
- community.general 7.0.0
- purestorage.flasharray 1.18.0
- community.hashi_vault 5.0.0
- 6.0.0, 5.5.0 & 4.5.0
- 6.0.0, 5.5.0 & 4.5.1

New maintainers:
- betanummeric for community.mysql
- aleksvagachev for community.postgresql

- São Paulo
- Singapore
- Zürich
- Québec/Montréal
- Bern


The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).

Bei mir entwickelt sich langsam eine Hassliebe zu #Ansible und #YAML.

Alex Willmer
3 weeks ago

#Ansible tip: access a count of how many loop iterations you have been through
- name: Task Loop using index_var
msg: Hello {{ item }} this is iteration {{ idx }}
loop: "{{ people }}"
index_var: idx # Starts at idx == 0

3 weeks ago

Today feels like a good day for wearing #ansible socks!

Ping @cybette

A pair of Ansible socks!
Andreas G.
3 weeks ago

Suche ein gutes #Ansible Playbook für eine #Nextcloud Installation incl #Postgres Datenbank. Hat jemand ne Empfehlung für mich? Oder macht man das heute mit #Docker oder #Podman 🤪 #Linux

I'm watching The Mother while waiting for an Ansible script to do its job, it's just been release on Netflix, and I'm very surprised by how bad is Jennifer Lopez's Spanish.

She's understandable, but it sounds awful.

The movie is good though and I hate action movies but I'm hooked.

I'm doing something weird on screen number 2. My laptop has 16GB of RAM and 6 cores that go up to 12 threads, so I'm running WSL 2 (Ubuntu) on one side and FreeBSD inside VirtualBox.

My job is to automate FreeBSD image creation via Ansible. To test this as if it were a remote thing I have those 2 VMs talking to each other, obviously Ubuntu running multiple times faster than VBox. Doing the SSHing from inside a different type of VM into another different type of VM wasn't easy.

But this is the easiest solution I could find considering the almighty resources of this laptop.
#freebsd #ansible

Ansible Community Team
4 weeks ago

📯 The Bullhorn 101
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

- antsibull-core 2.0.0
- antsibull 0.56.1
- antsibull-docs 2.0.0a1
- #AWX 22.2.0
- AWX operator 2.1.0
- Ansible 8.0.0 alpha3
- many updated collections

Contribute to:
- docs user journeys
- ansible-galaxy command
- collection inclusion reviews

- Infra config as code office hours
- #Singapore meetup
- #Zurich meetup


The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).
Alex Willmer
4 weeks ago

#Ansible tip: ansible_play_hosts_all & ansible_play_batch contain the hosts targetted in a play. To also account for any --limit restrictions use
{{ ... | intersect(query('inventory_hostnames', ansible_limit | default(''))) }}

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@randomgeek Coincidental post from earlier this week:

“I know people in the industry who maintain their own personal #Ansible playbook to install and set up the apps they prefer in the configuration they like. They install a standard distro, then install Ansible, then deploy the playbook on top to configure a single machine. If you know what you want in such detail, it's probably worth checking out #NixOS, where all that would require a single file.”

Kevin P. Fleming
1 month ago

If you're a user of WireGuard, Ansible, and systemd-networkd, you may be interested to know that I've just published version 2.0.0 of my 'ansible-systemd-network' roles collection. The addition in this version is a role to manage WireGuard tunnels 🙂

#Ansible #WireGuard #systemd

1 month ago

I'm looking for a back end / devops / SRE role that can hire me in Vancouver, BC (happy to do remote/hybrid)

I'm experienced and can be trusted around computers, especially ones that aren't my own.

I love #nix and functional languages (such as #clojure #elixir) and have experience with all the fancy industry standard tools (#terraform #kuberenetes #docker #ansible) as well as with all the other things expected of my role (cloud providers, CI/CD, IaC, networking, postgres)


📯 The Bullhorn 98
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

Check it out now: 5 upcoming meetups, 4 collection releases, 3 help wanted, 2 blog posts, and a lot more news you don't wanna miss!


The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).
Marcel Koch
2 months ago

@frederic I think, I'm gonna drop the whole vagrant in GitHub action thing and will go for: #terraform + #hetznercloud + #ansible + #newman

2 months ago

Can one configure #Ansible to fail if no hosts from the inventory matched the playbook/limit?!

2 months ago

New blog post dropped. All about deploying and running #ansible with #docker or other container software.

Marcel Koch
2 months ago

✅ The #ansible playbook I wrote for setting up my vServer is now working with slightly changes (self-signed cert) on my local #vagrant box. In addition I'm using vagrant triggers to run system tests after provisioning.

I do wonder how much work is it apply this idea to #github actions. I read that it's possible running vagrant in a GitHub action job using #macOS but I haven't tried it, yet.

Any suggestions from you?

2 months ago

Ich schreibe momentan einige #ansible Tests mit #molecule. Und ich liebe es. Habe jetzt podman, docker und libvirt (via vagrant) Testumgebungen die ich einfach starten und wieder abreißen kann, komplett automatisiert 🥰

Christian Stankowic
2 months ago

@danielzenzes Ich konfiguriere jeden Host mit #ansible - für reine dotfiles gibts aber sicherlich eine elegantere Lösung..

3 months ago

VirtualBox does have a developer preview available for the m-series processors, so I installed that and Vagrant. Now I can keep following along with Jeff’s (@geerlingguy) book Ansible for DevOps.

I was writing a yaml playbook for my Pi4 devices, which failed due to me not knowing what I’m doing yet, and I got nervous. Jeff tells the reader in the book to “always test playbooks locally!” Good advice, so I don’t brick the machines my network relies on! #Ansible #RaspberryPi

Dear #Ansible Community!

If you've been following some of our events and online discussions recently, you are probably aware that we are working on a couple of proposals to build a central web presence and reduce fragmentation for our community.

Please vote on the following plans:

- "Adopt a new upstream community website", voting ends 2023-03-21

- "Use a forum to build project-wide participation & discussion", voting ends 2023-03-27


Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
3 months ago

@rtyler #Docker has been a prime example of #OpenWashing for a while. This move is, sadly, no surprise.

#RedHat is still a tad more careful with #Ansible, and will likely remain so for a while. Still, it's clearly #OpenCore, which is just a slightly more acceptable version of the same problem.

#Kubernetes is a good example of a slightly different approach. Instead of being open core itself, it's an open framework for a component ecosystem that permits vendor-locked parts.

3 months ago

Ich hab mir heute Vormittag erfolgreich ins Knie geschossen und die SD-Karte von meinem OctoPi unbootbar gemacht (Pi blinkt 7x - Kernelimage weg).
Statt Frickeln: Komplett neuaufsetzen. Dank #ansible weitgehend ohne Interaktion und dank ein paar Notizen ohne Google-Orgie.
Zeit von "ok, mach neu" mit Image-Download und Docker-Volumes von der alten SD-Karte kratzen bis Octoprint mit allen Einstellungen wieder da: ~35 Minuten 💪
Automatisierung im #homelab lohnt sich!

Mikael Hansson
3 months ago

@glennf Du you prefer pets or cattle?

Coming from a similar situation I‘ve gone to writing #Ansible plays, to have my configuration as code. Once there, the choice of distribution can easily be revisited - perhaps at that point even #Fedora Server is a viable choice, providing newer package versions and more flexibility if required, as well as spreading the upgrade pain into much smaller chunks with easier but biannual upgrades.

📯 The Bullhorn 94
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

- notice on Galaxy for Project Wisdom
- recordings from #Cfgmgmtcamp and Contrib Summit
- community strategy and survey

- #AWX 21.13.0
- AWX Operator 1.3.0
- antsibull-changelog 0.19.0
- ansible-core 2.14.3, 2.13.8

- review new collections
- improve UX for docsite
- easyfix / good first issues
- opinions on static site generators
- attend meetups!

Have a look, and have a great weekend!

The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).
3 months ago

📣 New blog post:
Back up all your Linux servers to a single local and remotely synced repository with Restic, NFS and rclone.

#linux #restic #rclone #ansible #backup

📝 Ansible Contributor Survey

We have put together a survey after #Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.02 to help us learn for next time.

It also covers more general questions about how the #community feels to you at the moment, so even if you couldn't make it to the Contributor Summit (or CfgMgmtCamp) it's still worth a look.

Appreciate a few minutes of your time and feedback!

Jeff Geerling
3 months ago

Data analyst @gregsutcliff has some extremely insightful data in his 'Ansible - State of the Community 2023' post: #ansible #opensource

See my whole thread over on the birdsite:

Marek Küthe
3 months ago

I find it stupid and sometimes shameful to see FLOSS projects ignoring bug reports (or close without looking closely) or replying with "PRs welcome". The bug reporters don't want to annoy the developers, they want to help and get help if necessary.

I also find it stupid to automatically close an issue after a certain time. This does not make the problem go away.

#floss #ansible #community #github #issues #foss #freesoftware #opensource #contribute #bug #bugs #developing

Scott Williams 🐧
4 months ago

Congrats to @ansible on the #AWX 21.12 release! #ansible

An #introduction post for my new account.

I am a systems architect for a major cloud provider. I specialize in secure distributed systems, code based change management systems (#chef, #ansible) and continuous delivery.

My other interests include my 12 year old #minpin , Harvey. I also enjoy cooking and and rock concerts. I hope to someday complete my home renovation. My husband and I have been married to @BrassNuckolls for 11 years.

Carol Chen
4 months ago

For the next couple of days we'll be at @cfgmgmtcamp in Gent! If you're here, come hang out with us and chat about what you like about #Ansible and what we can improve on.

We also have an Ansible track both Mon and Tue afternoons, as well as a Contributor Summit on Wednesday!

#opensource #Cfgmgmtcamp

4 months ago

I try to switch to #Ansible on my server. Are there any tools which create an Ansible role or playbook from an already existing #Docker container? Apparently the Ansible role I wrote for my #nginx proxy container does not include all the information necessary, as it totally broke after an upgrade today. When I tried the docker-compose script which initially set up the container, everything was fine; so I am obviously missing something in my Ansible role :(
#askfedi #askfediverse

Matt Knight
4 months ago

Got my #CI / #CD pipeline working end-to-end today. Running `npm version <patch|minor|major>` will push to #selfhosted #Gitea, run tests in #Drone CI, if they pass build a #Docker image and push it to our private self-hosted package registry. A webhook is triggered to then tag the image for the staging environment and deploy it automatically. All self-hosted, secure, private and managed with #ansible. Next step is manual production promotion.

#devops #webdev #infrastructure #coding

Carol Chen
4 months ago

Come by the #Ansible stand in building K at #FOSDEM and chat with these wonderful Ansiblers!

A group of 4 standing in front of the Ansible stand at fosdem

📅 Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.02

The schedule for #Ansible Contributor Summit on Feb 8 is available!

In addition, we're thinking of having an Ansible Community Social on Feb 7 in #Ghent (as part of #CfgMgmtCamp), please indidate your interest here by Feb 4 so we can find a location to accommodate us:

Bookmark the event HackMD note and refer to it for possible last minute updates!

#FOSDEM and #CfgMgmtCamp

If you are attending @fosdem (Feb 4-5) or @cfgmgmtcamp (Feb 6-8), we will have an #Ansible stand at both events!

For FOSDEM, we'll be in building K level 1:

Come by and chat with members of the Ansible team and community!

Mike Garuccio
4 months ago


Yea it’s surprisingly good at it. I primarily work in #python and #ansible and it can do both docstrings for classes and ansibles in-line yaml docs very well. Still needs an editing pass but gets things about 90% of the way to complete.