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My lonely münü in the immensity of the forest. I'm just one more among the other beings of the valley; not the center, nor the periphery. I'm a cosmological node. I hunt limpets and peccaries, but jaguars and spirits will hunt me.

#photography #ecology #yukpa #solidarity #climatechange #anthropology

House in the middle of a wooded and green valley.  It looks small because of how far away it is.
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Visual psychological phenomenon may have stimulated early humans to make cave art
Specifically, the idea is
that cave artists may have experienced #pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon where people see meaningful forms in random patterns, such as seeing faces in clouds. #science #anthropology #humans #CaveArt

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One more posthumous book by #DavidGraeber. Is he the Tupak of nonfiction?

"As questions of decolonisation rub up against the legacy of Enlightenment thinking in the West, anthropologist David Graeber argues in his posthumous book Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia (to be published early next year) that Enlightenment ideas themselves are not intrinsically European and were indeed shaped by non-European sources."

#anthropology #decolonisation #TheWest

Miro Collas
1 day ago

Can Pollen Analysis Solve The Ice Age Mystery How And When Homo Sapiens Migrated Across Europe And Asia? - Ancient Pages

#History #Anthropology

#Mississippi auditor says several #college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

“White said there should be no taxpayer funding for “useless degrees” in “garbage fields” like #UrbanStudies, #Anthropology, #Sociology, German #Literature, #AfricanAmericanStudies, #GenderStudies and #WomensStudies.”

Preston MacDougall
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#Mississippi State Auditor and #BananaRepublican #ShadWhite ‘shad himself’ when he said #Anthropology and #Sociology are among the many #woke “garbage degrees” that should be defunded in the state that is perpetually ‘burning’ 🔥 from SOCIAL upheaval resulting from centuries old bigotry and disinformation. 👉

#SaveAmerica from the #MAGA cult of hate and ignorance!

Josh Wells
3 days ago

Prepping next week's activity on #SciFi as #STS critique for my social #informatics and cyborg #anthropology students.

We all watch a short film version of *Car Wars* by @pluralistic and then the class examines the plot from three different critical perspectives.

Students are working together as teams in Google Docs within the same classroom, F2F discussion, shared workspace.

Whole class shares and debriefs toward end of session.

Feel free to reuse CC-BY.

#HigherEd #AcademicChatter

Week 06 Thursday - SciFi Ethics and Doctorow's *Car Wars* a¥ Instructions: Conduct the activity below and when finished, each person copy/paste your group's final answers into a new discussion post for yourself here

Synopsis: Read about the ethics of autonomous vehicles, and the freely available short story *Car Wars* by Cory Doctorow, to consider how the fictionalized (but very plausible) stories of emergent human-technology interactions surrounding self-driving cars can be seen as object lessons about practical and ethical behaviors.
1. Read the concerns of technology ethicist Cory Doctorow regarding self- driving cars. Doctorow, Cory. 2015. “The Problem with Self-Driving Cars: Who Controls the Code?” The Guardian, December 23, 2015, sec. Technology. https:/ driving-cars-who-controls-the-code & 2. Listen to Doctorow’s *Car Wars* short story audiobook with animations (recommended that you consume the story this way) * Best version - https:/ wars-my.html & « OR https:/ (copy/paste link; not activated here to prevent YouTube player on page) « Backup, original story text (if you need to ctrl-f and clarify anything in the text) © https:/ // = 3. With your group, create answers to some topical questions as new posts into the class discussion forum. Your particular answers are assigned by last name: 1. Group Google Docs here [LINK] & 1. Add your name to the table on page 1 2. During the movie, take notes in your area related to answering your questions 3. After the movie, work with your group to answer the questions on page 2
© Relate two chapters of the story to Kling (week 1) - How is the science fiction story a kind of "folksy" version of social informatics with elements of "orientations" or other goals of social informatics? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating an educational story about the sociocultural construction and use of technology?

o STUDENT LAST NAMES G-N (at least 200 words total)

o Relate two chapters of the story to Hanson (week 1) - What story elements can you explain using the concepts of joint responsibility and extended agency? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating a moral and ethical fable about where we are going?

* STUDENT LAST NAMES O-Z (at least 200 words total)

© Relate two chapters of the story to something you've read so far in Coleman (weeks 1+) - how do concepts of openness show up in the story? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating a practical or ethical argument about openness that you can see in other problems portrayed in science fiction?
Dendan Setia (Nins)
3 days ago

Life Sentence for Professor Rahile Dawut Confirmed: According to a source in the Chinese government, Professor Rahile Dawut (راھىلە داۋۇت, 热依拉 · 达吾提), an acclaimed Uyghur intellectual and expert on Uyghur folklore and traditions, is serving a life sentence for endangering state security.

The Dui Hua Foundation (Dui Hua) had previously been told by a Chinese official that Professor Rahile Dawut was tried in December 2018, one year after her detention, for the crime of “splittism” — a crime of endangering state security — by an intermediate people’s court in Xinjiang. She was convicted and appealed the sentence. The most recent information confirmed that her appeal was subsequently rejected by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region High People’s Court.

Professor Rahile Dawut’s sentence comes with the supplemental sentence of deprivation of political rights for life.

#China #Uyghur #xinjiang #ethnography #folklore #anthropology

3 days ago

Study suggests the ritual use of human remains dating from the #Neolithic
The University of Cordoba has participated in an international study documenting post-mortem bone modifications not linked to consumption (phew)

#science #humans #anthropology

James Green
4 days ago

Tsimshian elkhorn club with stone blade from the Skeena River, British Columbia (Peterson 1965, Fig. 20). Peterson notes it is decorated with "incised abstract zoomorphic design" & the distal end carved into an animal head. #history #culture #anthropology

Smoothed, recurvate antler section with short section where a perpendicular tine was removed & now holds a flint point in a socket. The head on the distal end looks something like a seal. The antler above the grip is incised with fancy curvilinear symbols common to the region.
Josh Wells
5 days ago

#OpenData for 209 descriptions of hominins in historic and current scientific literature. Contains type espécimen details and references.

Ref and details: Reed, D, et al., 2022. Hominin nomenclature and the importance of information systems for managing complexity in paleoanthropology. Journal of Human Evolution. 175, 103308.

#anthropology #archaeology #evolution

@ John Hawks & @johnhawks - 9h ¥ Shout-out today to the database of hominin taxonomy built by Denné Reed together with students and colleagues. Incredible compilation: 209 names, many you haven't heard before, and their current status. Archanthropus primigenius? It's in there! Nomina
HOME / ORIGINS ' NOMINA Nomina The following is a listing of the scientific names (nomina, singular nomen) of fossil taxa that have been proposed over the history of human origins studies going back to Linnaeus (1758). The listing aims to be comprehensive and contains over 200 nomina. Currently, taxonomists recognize one extant taxon, Homo sapiens, and another 25-30 fossil taxa as valid. The remaining names in this list were not properly proposed, and thus unavailable for nomenclature, or names that were properly proposed but that are no longer considered valid. The names are presented as they were first published. In practice, these names may appear differently in modern usage depending on the taxonomic opinions of various authors. For example, the nomen Zinjanthropus boisei Leakey, 1959 is listed under this name as it was first published, but modern publications would now give the name as Paranthropus boisei (Leakey, 1959) or perhaps as Australopithecus boisei (Leakey, 1959), because there is near consensus among paleoanthropologists that Zinjanthropus is a subjective junior synonym to Paranthropus (or Australopithecus). Each nomen is listed with its type specimen (if a species) or its type taxon (if a genus), its nomenclatural
5 days ago

The native American Indian earthworks were completely ignored by many for far too long...
#archaeology #anthropology

5 days ago

Is it possible to identify #Tobacco use from human remains?

Our colleague #SheridanStrang is currently investigating this question with five tooth samples from the #Napoleonic #battlefield of #DeutschWagram
The project is funded by the British Association for Biological #Anthropology and #Osteoarchaeology and takes place in cooperation with the #viennabiocenter of the @univienna and the research group #TobaccoAndHealth of the #UniversityOfLeicester

@archaeodons #archaeology #bioarchaeology

5 days ago

I know this is 8 years old but the musician playing it is making some tunes!

Music experts create replica of Iron Age Celtic horn used in warfare

1 min video

#anthropology #music #neeto

5 days ago

@decodingtrolls Fellow anthropologist, I will require physical specimens of your work. Let me know how and when they will be surrendered.

#anthropology #archaeology

5 days ago

"The Neanderthals, in other words, walked erect, hunted big game and knew how to control fire: hardly the knuckle-draggers of stereotype"

Nikil Krishnan examines the research on and attitudes to the Neanderthals. Great long read.

#Neanderthals #Anthropology #Racism #Humans #Hominins

Petra van Cronenburg
6 days ago

Imagine living in a village of 900 people with far too many Le Pen supporters, concrete heads and non-culture - and thanks to computers, the world of #knowledge and #thinking is suddenly open to you. Even after the pandemic. I'm already fidgeting with excitement because tomorrow I have the pleasure to see this #talk of @RadicalAnthro at the UCL in London, while sitting in the middle of French nowhere: Tip: Follow them! #university #anthropology #perspectives #human

1 week ago

@demi7en @KristianHarstad this is so interesting, thanks!! That story about the #dalailama had always disturbed me. #China #anthropology

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 week ago

Also, crossover events between Y chromosome & X resulting in novel recombinations are a fucking thing, as are Barr Bodies & deactivation of chromosomes.

Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) Expertly describes [Complex Systems] & the unpredictability of emergent complexity in systems.

How these genetic variables & hormone products interplay w/brain development, self identity, processing of cultural norms, is an example of a highly variable outcome.

#JurassicPark #Genetics #Anthropology #Identity

1 week ago

‘The Indians’: Historians tell the many histories of India with humanness and scholarly objectivity

The expansive compendium of short essays on India by subject-matter experts, whose perspectives are suited to those who like history without a side of rhetoric.

#BookReview #GNDevy #TonyJoseph #RaviKorisettar #IndianHistory #anthropology #history #histodon #books #bookstodon #india

🇮🇹 Cosimo Posth et al., The origin and legacy of the Etruscans through a 2000-year archeogenomic time transect. Sci. Adv.7, eabi7673 (2021). DOI: #OpenAccess #OA #Research #Article #Science #STEM #Etruscans #Italy #Europe #Archaeogenetics #Biology #History #Anthropology #Archaeology #Archaeodons #Academia #Academic #Academics @science @archaeodons @anthropology

🇪🇸 Villalba-Mouco, V., Oliart, C., Rihuete-Herrada, C. et al. Kinship practices in the early state El Argar society from Bronze Age Iberia. Sci Rep 12, 22415 (2022). #OpenAccess #OA #Article #Science #Anthropology #Archaeology #Archaeodons #Biology #Genetics #Iberia #Spain #Europe
#Archaeogenetics #Academia #Academic #Academics @science @archaeodons @anthropology

Freedom Press
1 week ago

Review: The Dawn of Everything
The Dawn of Everything is a book of anthropology and archaeology which suggests a vision of the prehistory of humanity that is very different from previous evolutionary texts.
#Anthropology #BookReview #DavidGraeber #DavidWengrow

Jeffrey Yost
1 week ago

CBI Image of the Day:

From CBI's current exhibit by Amanda Wick and Darren Terpstra. "How IT Started, How IT is Going"

Atari interface and Atari 1050 disk drive with joystick, Pong game, etc. 1979-1982.

#pong #videogames #videogame #computergames #computer #science #technology #tech #games #gaming #exhibits #sociology #anthropology #gamers #games

Color image of display case with Atari game system from the late 70s & early 80s including screen, dial controllers, cartridges of games, joysticks, a disk drive....
Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was an engaging discussion with Penny Spikins on the evolution of empathy in humans and beyond at the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. I particularly liked the portion on the archaeological evidence for empathy going back over 1 million years (6/9) #anthropology #archaeology

1 week ago

All we see/hear/touch/taste/smell/contemplate/author/image/draw/paint/discuss/discern/investigate/probe/examine/love/hate/create/destroy/imagine/dream up/speak to/comment on/rely upon/dismiss/embrace/trust/decline/affirm/avow/rebuke/destroy-is a human construct. Everything. #Human #Humanity #Cosmology #Philosophy #Anthropology #Zooarchaeology #Sociology #Psychology #Senses

1 week ago

The Ugly Tax: "That pattern also occurs in married couples: Attractive, well-educated, high-earning people tend to marry people like themselves. In fact, economists say that this growing trend of “assortative mating” is a major cause of income inequality, because a household with two high earners makes so much more money than a household with two low earners (or only one earner)."
#relationships #marriage #divorce #sociology #anthropology #mating #selection #psychology

1 week ago

【 Our entire civilisation has been built on the premise of expansion until self-destruction. Changing this requires not a “shift”, but a revolution of civilisational proportions
#amwriting #overshoot #anthropology #necrocapitalism

Josh Wells
2 weeks ago

Watching 1984’s “Voyage of the Rock Aliens” and the second scene has a Nacirema-themed Easter egg #anthropology

Starchy Compliment
2 weeks ago

"Now, nearly 30 years after the killings, she is determined to identify the last of the dead--a task that seems all the more pertinent amid increasing Serb denial about what really happened."

'1K Families Waiting for Our Phone Call': Lone Anthropologist Still Working Last of Srebrenica Genocide via BBC
Photo: BBC
#BosnianWar #SrebrenicaGenocide #Srebrenica #Anthropology #Genocide

Furqan Shah
2 weeks ago

Unearth the #Cairo Toe! 🦶 Dating back to 950-710 BCE, this wooden prosthetic toe from ancient #Egypt, now in the British Museum, reflects remarkable innovation. More than art, it's functional, enhancing mobility. A testament to resilience through the ages.

#prosthetics #prosthesis #culturalheritage #archaeology #anthropology #bonehealth #biomaterials #ancientegypt #surgery #forensicscience #forensics #historyunveiled #innovation #sciart #qualityoflife #britishmuseum #history #engineering

Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was a short talk by Penny Spikins on emotional vulnerability and #evolution. Spikins goes beyond modern humans by examining dogs, Neanderthals, and more. Highly recommend (6/10) #anthropology

2 weeks ago

This house, the Karacha, is occupied only once a year to store and grind corn, for the great Kuhe (corn bun) festival. Only those who are going to grind the corn can enter and the presence of the chief is especially repelled in it. Wealth must not be manipulated and managed by an idle individual. It belongs to the festival, for the collective joy.

#ethnography #photography #ecology #economy #anthropology

A long wooden hut in the jungle.  Its entrance is dark.
2 weeks ago

"Where Walter Benjamin claims that, since history is written by the victors, every document of civilisation is a document of barbarism, Graeber and Wengrow seek to re-write certain foundational documents. However, while Benjamin writes against the grain in the name of the oppressed, the proletariat, Graeber and Wengrow appear to do so in the name of ‘freedom’."


#history #anthropology #WalterBenjamin #DavidGraeber #DavidWengrow #freedom #civilisation

Always fun to see someone puncture the unwarranted hype around Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey, but this one is extra-detailed. Every time I expected the author to wrap up and say, "Okay, I think I've ripped it apart enough", they simply pivoted to an entire new *category* of things to destroy. Simply outstanding. (h/t @JulietEMcKenna via @marthawells) #writing #anthropology

If anyone for some reason is looking for a review essay assignment on #petroleum, #shipping, #capitalism, Mah's Petrochemical Planet would go well with Oil Beach and Negative Ecologies by David Bond.

@academicchatter @geography #Anthropology #STS

Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago

CBI Image of the Day:

Nancy Gradwell, left, and Bradley Johnson, 8th graders at Philadelphia's Wagner Jr High, listen intently as Mrs, Phyllis Eggleston,
mathematics teacher, explains how to use an IBM 1050 terminal to help solve homework problems, 1966.

#technology #tech #gender #education #africanamericans #math #computing #computer #history #sociology #anthropology #science #mathematics #stem

Black and white image of a student at an IBM terminal with another student looking on as a teacher explains how to use the machine. A blackboard with mathematical notation is on the black board.
☆ joene ☆
2 weeks ago

TED Talk by David Wengrow: *A New Understanding of Human History and the Roots of Inequality*

#History #DavidWengrow #DavidGraeber #archeology #anthropology #TEDtalk #books #anarchism

Flipboard Science Desk
3 weeks ago

Did humans nearly go extinct about 800,000 years ago?

Popular Science reports: "An ‘ancestral bottleneck’ took out nearly 99 percent of the human population" at that time.

#Humans #Anthropology #Archaeology #Evolution #ClimateChange #Science

Bob Jamieson
3 weeks ago

New Scientist
Our ancestors may have come close to extinction 900,000 years ago

A genetic analysis suggests our ancestral population fell as low as around 1300 individuals nearly a million years ago, but other experts aren't convinced
The population of our ancestors may have plummeted to as low as 1300 around 900,000 years ago, possibly as a result of our ancestral species splitting from other early humans.

#EarlyHumans #anthropology #prehistory

Ben Waber
3 weeks ago

Last was a short film highlighting voices from the Eastern #Pequot on their heritage, culture, and collaborative archaeological/anthropological research with UMass Boston (11/11) #archaeology #anthropology

Dr jwwr
3 weeks ago


Well, firstly you mind your own business. If it’s not your culture, it’s not your business. If someone asks for your assistance, and if you agree to provide it, you ask exactly what you’re being asked to do. Then, when your services are no longer required, you stop, and you don’t brag about it. Most importantly, you don’t use somebody else’s struggle for cultural equality to platform your own career. #anthropology #CulturalAnthropology

3 weeks ago
Richard Grant
3 weeks ago

An entire issue of The Asia Pacific Journal of #Anthropology devoted to “potent places and #animism in Southeast #Asia“! This is excellent.

Milcom Miasma
3 weeks ago

I watched a documentary last night (yep, I'm one of *those* people)

Unknown: The Cave of Bones streaming on Netflix.

Extremely interesting subject (discovery of the new species Homo Naledi in South Africa)

Loved the information they provided but was kind of annoyed with some of speculation. I was expecting the scientists to be a little more conservative in their conjecture. (Maybe I'm just being an under-educated coot.)


Same-Sex Moche Art: Scholarly article on the depiction of homosexual acts in Peruvian erotic art from 100-800 AD. (Full article is on sci-hub.)
#anthropology #homosexual #moche #peru #lgbt #sex #gay #+

Moche Erotic Pottery Vessels: NSFW, a collection of sexually explicit art from pre-Columbian Peru
#anthropology #pottery #moche #nsfw #peru #sex #+

Lydia Schoch
1 month ago

If you like reading about prehistory and want some recent recommendations for this genre, here’s a short thread about two books on the subject that I recently enjoyed.

#Neanderthal #Prehistory #AmReading #HomoSapiens #Archeology #Paleontology #Anthropology #Evolution #Hominids #HomoNaledi #BooksOfMastodon #Bookstodon #Biology #Denali


Ben Waber
1 month ago

Next was an incredible group of talks on Europeans and war in 18th century #Africa at #CRASSH - Allegra Ayida on reading African agency in French trader memoirs, Christopher Brown on war&trade on the West African coast, Rafaël Thiébaut on intermediaries in the slave trade to Madagascar, Lindsay O'Neill on the journey of 2 Maputo princes, Paul Grant on the Akan moral imagination, and Kenosi Molato on the scramble for the Okovango Delta. Highly recommend (6/7) #anthropology

Solarpunk Now!
1 month ago

Asking #DigitalHumanities scholars or social scientists working w/ the internet...

I've been a #solarpunk for a while now, but how would I do research on the community itself? I want a "vibe check" on what people are talking about, the sorts of arguments we tend to have, what texts/theories/people we canonize. I follow a lot of folks, but that's a mix of my interests+auto recommendations. Any way to get a view driven by my research questions, not The Algorithm?

#sociology #anthropology #etc?

1 month ago

My latest for CNN: New analysis of skulls dating to 1,300+ years ago in ancient Japan hint at cranial modification practices in the Hirota people.

Skulls of men and women alike were flattened & squared off in the back, & may have been reshaped during infancy to demonstrate group identity.

Hirota burials were richly decorated with shells that came from thousands of miles to the south, likely acquired through trade.

#science #SciComm #archaeology #anthropology #japan

Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

"Oetzi the Iceman has a new look. Decades after the famous glacier mummy was discovered in the Italian Alps, scientists have dug back into his DNA to paint a better picture of the ancient hunter."

The AP reports:

#Anthropology #Italy #Turkey #Science #DNA

Josh Wells
1 month ago

Excited to see @opencontext in the Fediverse!

Follow them for primary #data and #scicomm in #archaeology #anthropology

cc @anthropology

| Open Context @ 22h

el (@opencontext Hello! This is our first post from our organizational account on Mastodon. We publish research data in #archaeology, and try to better align data management with ethical, instructional and research needs. Several members of our staff will be using this account. We look forward to chatting with you all!

- 1+ S * n <

CONTEXT H Open Context Open Context ( reviews, edits, annotates, publishes and archives research data and digital documentation for archaeology and related fields. Through advocacy, education, research, and wider collaborations we work to promote ethical data management in support of teaching and understanding. This account is managed by multiple colleagues at our organization (see:


Aug 14, 2023


scholarly communications




open data


digital humanities
1 month ago

Another striking similarity is between what I was writing about regarding the butterfly story in the Zhuangzi and this passage from "Beyond Nature and Culture" by anthropologist Philippe Descola:

#Daoism #Taoism #Zhuangzi #Anthropology

Kolokoko Bird!
1 month ago

I’ve been meaning to share this article with you for a while. What would the Runa think about the way you were raised?

#parenting #Runa #indigenous #anthropology #Ecuador #childhood

Fiona Tribe
2 months ago

The truth is, mafias are not readily accessible to ethnographers. Neither are Boards.

#anthropology #consulting #OrgDesign

Pauline von Hellermann
2 months ago

*** We are hiring! ***

We are looking for a professorial researcher to lead "Health, Migration, Climate Change: Human Stories in Complex Systems" - a project inspired by #ClimateDiary and which I am very keen to build up together with whoever gets this post.

Please share widely and feel free to contact me with any questions

#Anthropology #Ethnography #PlanetaryHealth #ClimateMigration #ClimateCrisis @academicchatter @RadicalAnthro @AnnaAnthro

2 months ago

With less than seven weeks to go until QED 2023, we are delighted to add two more speakers to our main-stage lineup: human behaviour specialist Dr Kirsty Sedgman, and forensic anthropologist and decomposition expert Professor Anna Williams.

#qedcon #skeptic #forensics #anthropology #culture

2 months ago

In “The Giving Environment: Another Perspective on the Economic System of Gatherer-Hunters,” the #anthropologist Nurit Bird-David described an interesting social institution among the Nayaka, a forager society in southern India. Bird-David calls this “demand sharing.”

“Nayaka give to each other, request from each other, expect to get what they ask for, and feel obliged to give what they are asked for. They do not give resources to each other in a calculated, foresighted fashion, with a view to receiving something in return, nor do they make claims for debts.”


#Anthropology #DemandSharing #HunterGatherers

Catherine Munro
2 months ago

It is publication day for the paperback edition of my book.
Ponies at the Edge of the World tells the story of Shetland ponies and the people who love them. Based on my PhD research, and journey to live in Shetland, it reflects on how our relationship with others, human, animal and landscape, affect how we feel at home in a place.
#Shetland #Shetlandpony #book #naturewriting #anthropology #horses

Catherine standing in sunset holding a copy of the ponies at the Edge of the World
Hashtag Lists
2 months ago

Scientists in the Social Sciences

• Published (not necessarily in field)

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Battles, Heather @anthroetc
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Archaeology (#Archaeology)
Auchter, William
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Dittrich, Dennis Alexis Valin @davdittrich

Antarctic Explorer (#Explorer)
Choy, Emily S @EmilySChoy
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#SciFedi #Scientists #FediScientists

Carwil Bjork-James
2 months ago

We need to devote as much attention to these aspects of contemporary technology giants as we do to their monopolistic and surveillance practices.

An #anthropology of contemporary capitalism must address these kinds of daydreams and delusions. They don't only cloud the minds of isolated billionaires. They shape real institutions in ways unpredictable by studying markets and profit alone.

Carwil Bjork-James
2 months ago

Those of us trying to understand capitalism in the age of #billionaires need to pay attention to what besides profit itself is inspiring accumulation and shaping investments.

Fantasies and imagined futures are shaping billion-dollar flows of money.

#anthropology #capitalism #TheFutureTM #TESCREAL

Quote from the newsletter Disconnect:

Bankman-Fried’s supposed plan with his brother Gabe is significantly more ambitious, and shows just how much power, wealth, and self-confidence tech billionaires have accumulated over the past decade. He wanted to purchase an entire country through the FTX Foundation, where the pair would build a bunker to be certain that if there was an “event where 50-99.99% of people die,” they could ensure “most [effective altruists] survive.”

The revelation is another knock against effective altruism (EA) too. When Bankman-Fried was on top of the world, he used the concept to frame himself as caring and empathetic; he was only making his crypto scams so he could help the world. But as his narrative has fallen apart, the EA movement — or at least its dominant branch — has been revealed as just another tech cult looking to cement its power and privilege.
Elisabeth M
2 months ago

I'm excited to say I'll be presenting at the American Folklore Society conference (Portland) and also the American Anthropological Association conference (Toronto) this November. Learn more and register to attend!

@anthropology @folklore
#anthropology #folklore #conference #story #transition #roots #rooted #scholarship #research #theory #culture

The European Network
2 months ago

Indo-European dialects dispersed across Eurasia in successive waves over the course of 8,000 years.

Word origins and ancient DNA reveal the evolutionary path traveled by the languages spoken by half the world.

#Europe #Eurasia #Languages #IndoEuropean #ProtoIndoEuropean #Science #Anthropology

Dr jwwr
2 months ago

@simon Are we allowed to apply this to French philosophy as well? #Anthropology

Pauline von Hellermann
2 months ago

@Loukas I am not really qualified to answer this as I am not a political scientist (I am in fact writing a paper right now about what my own discipline, #Anthropology, can and should do, this is why I am thinking about different social sciences). Yes, there are political scientists working on the threat of fascism, as there are, of course, ones working on #climateemergency. But i don't think the discipline as a whole has stepped up, collectively - no discipline has. We all need to do this