Żyjemy w świecie kapitalistycznym, w którym wartość człowieka dla społeczeństwa jest mierzona tym na ile "użyteczny" jest ten człowiek dla rynku pracy, dla interesu państwa i korporacji. Według logiki tego świata osoby chore, starsze, niepełnosprawne, słabsze fizycznie są zbędne. Zatem działania proeugeniczne są zgodne z kapitalistycznym sposobem myślenia. Jeśli świat ten ma się zmienić na lepsze absolutnie niezbędne jest odrzucenie eugeniki i dyskryminacji osób uważanych za zbędne. Każdy powinien mieć takie samo prawo do życia, realizowania swoich potrzeb i do istnienia w przestrzeni publicznej. Noszenie masek, filtracja powietrza, dostosowywanie budynków do potrzeb osób o różnej mobilności itp itd są absolutnie niezbędnymi działaniami, nie tylko umożliwiają one ludziom korzystanie z owych podstawowych praw, ale też są niezbędne do walki z kapitalizmem.
#CovidIsNotOver #AntiAbleism #AntiCapitalism

Anti. 🐘
1 month ago

@anarchy2023 How can you speak of accessibility and inclusion, when you don't even have a mask policy or any sort of safety protocol in regards to the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic, which by the way is ableistic, and because of that many people, including myself, who are chronically ill, immunocompromised or disabled can't even think about attending?

#Anarchy2023 #Ableism #Anarchy #Anarchism #AntiAbleism

@MakersDozn Ahhh, conditioned resilience in the face of interpersonal & systemic discrimination.
I wish we lived in a world that accommodated & accepted/welcomed difference & wasn’t so damn determined to categorize everyone who deviates from dominant social norms as deficient.
I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to dismantle institutional oppression & push back against conformity culture. I’m so grateful I can, but I wish I didn’t need to. #DEI #AntiAbleism #PeopleB4Profit

HRH ginsterbusch
6 months ago

@jensimmons I wont.

There is different reasons why I am "like that", one being #antiableism

As I dont have the time today (nor the whole week) to lengthily rant into this topic, I'm gonna drop a lengthy one-size-fits-all blog post in my blog at some point, and then reference it here.

The Future Is Disabled: Prophecies, Love Notes, and Mourning Songs | Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Summary: "An essay collection that expands on Leah's bestselling book Care Work, centring and uplifting disability justice and care in the pandemic era. In The Future Is Disabled, Leah Laksmi Piepzna-Samarasinha asks some provocative questions: What if, in the near future, the majority of people will be disabled--and what if that's not a bad thing? And what if disability justice and disabled wisdom are crucial to creating a future in which it's possible to survive fascism, climate change, and pandemics and to bring about liberation? Building on the work of her game-changing book, Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice, Piepzna-Samarasinha writes about disability justice at the end of the world, documenting the many ways disabled people kept and are keeping each other--and the rest of the world--alive during Trump, fascism, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Other subjects include crip interdependence, care and mutual aid in real life, disabled community building, and disabled art practice as survival and joy. Written over the course of two years of disabled isolation during the pandemic, this is a book of love letters to other disabled QTBIPOC (and those concerned about disability justice, the care crisis, and surviving the apocalypse); honour songs for kin who are gone; recipes for survival; questions and real talk about care, organizing, disabled families, and kin networks and communities; and wild brown disabled femme joy in the face of death. With passion and power, The Future Is Disabled remembers our dead and insists on our future."-- Provided by publisher #Disability #DisabilityJustice #Ableism #Antiableism #MutualAid

6 months ago

Time for an introduction.

I am living in Japan, originally from the United States.

Systems engineer, interested in automation, devops, and reliability.

Trying to break through intentional ignorance of racism amongst my white friends and colleagues. My lane is cis-hetero white men.


Christy Dena
7 months ago

I'm interested in folks feedback on that facilitation guide/rule I posted above.

This is building on the work of adrienne maree brown's "Emergent Strategy", AORTA Collective's Handout on "Anti-Oppressive Facilitation for Democtratic Process," and Brian Arao and Kristi Clemen's "From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces"...

#EventDesign #Design #Neurodivergence #AntiAbleism #SafeSpace #Facilitation #WritersRoom

HRH ginsterbusch
7 months ago

Can we maybe acknowledge the fact that image descriptions are not only for the benefit of "visually impaired" persons?!?

This term particularly annoys us. Descriptive image information is also very "nice" for people with other "impairments" .. eg. #autism #adhd
cognitive dysfunctions etc. And thus, "Describe the image" should be the correct term, and nothing else.


#antiableism #rant #accessibilityfirst #gui

Screenshot of the image description editor in the mastodon web gui, with the label "Describe for the visually impaired".
HRH ginsterbusch
7 months ago

So yes, I might come over snarky once in a while, "odd", "strange", "nasty", "weird", "behaving like a troll" - which happens, when my social masking, that I'm primarly running for YOUR convenience, so I can interact with YOU, the "neurotypicals" and YOUR world, glitches, and you see the actual person looking through the cracks of the mask. Bear with it, after all, its so that YOU can feel "safe".

#marginalized #minority #autism #unsafespace #antiableism #ableism #neurodivergent #sarcasm

HRH ginsterbusch
7 months ago

After the recent influx of new people rushing onto the Fediverse, some of who may be part of the before-mentioned crowd, but also a lot of positive posts, like the one by @cel

We decided its time to NOT get our #safespace taken away again. We won't remain silent just for YOUR convenience, because YOU feel threatened when marginalized people are living their lifes without being excluded and removed from THIS world that is OURS, too. #autism #notsilent #antiableism

HRH ginsterbusch
7 months ago

on #autism, #neurodivergent and #antiableism

We have been part of the #silenced crowd for far too long. Whenever we decided to speak up just a bit, neurotypicals, "normies", but also a lot of "supposedly" equals, have mercilessly and ignorantly pushed us down with acidic comments like "you're just using your autism/diagnosis/disability as an excuse for being an edgelordish troll/to gain attention" etc. Including stalking or defamination actions against our social network profiles, etc.

HRH ginsterbusch
7 months ago


Hello World! I'm a #genderqueer, #neuroqueer, #actuallyautistic, sight-impaired (aka #disabled) person. Working as a professional #webdesigner and #webdeveloper since the late 1990s, with #WordPress since 2004. #ClassicPress Founding Committee member. Native #german speaker, near-native #english.

Our passions include #djing, #blackmetal, #industrial, #goth, #usability, #accessibility, #antiableism, #smallformfactor, #thinkpad, #linux, #cooking, #baking, #cats, #opensource

8 months ago

La maravillosa Itxi Guerra pone a libre disposición su dropbox con bibliografía #anticapacitista

#anticapacitismo #antiableism

Y tengo el inmenso honor de que haya incluido la #RevistaAutista
Lee todo gratis! No te la pierdas 👌