3 days ago

The state of the left right now is so sad and scary. The lack of organizations that can teach people collective action and organize outside of a liberal framework is tangible. I worry it causing such a rise in political active fascists with such a small rise in the left.
#antifascism #communism #left

Brian Hawthorne
4 days ago

You really need to read this thread (or the full essay at the link) about permission, persuasion, bullying, and fascism in the USA today.

#fascism #antifa #AntiFascism #GOP

4 days ago

Croisé a Avignon ce matin ✊

"bouffez des fachos, pas des animaux"

Spotted in Avignon this morning

"eat fascist, not animal"

#antifascism #freeanimals #sticker

autocollant avec une personne tout en noir, et cagoule de même couleur, tenant un lapon blanc dans ses bras. Slogan "bouffez des fachos, pas des animaux" avec logo "animal liberation . human liberation" comprenant une patte de chien et un point levé côte a côte

sticker with an person weared in black, with hood, and a white rabbit in her arm. "eat fascist not animals" with logo "free animal. free human" with dog paw and human fist
g. suave
4 days ago

HEY ALL - looking for newsfeed recommendations on here. Have finally cut the cord and ditched the other socials. And already feel healthier!
But another consequence is that I have lost a daily, tailored newsfeed.

Am looking for good accts to follow that offer news on
Black radical tradition
#indigenous #sovereignty

Feel free to tag others who might have suggestions!

No Borders Media
5 days ago

The Quebec neo-Nazi Gabriel Sohier Chaput (aka Zeiger) - previously a prolific contributor to the Daily Stormer and Iron March forum - was sentenced to 15 months prison time, and 3 years probation, for inciting hatred against the Jewish community. @nobordersmedia was present in court, and live-tweeted the whole thing; you can consult our twitter thread here:

#Antifa #AntiFascism

Todd Walker
6 days ago

Luminous beings! I’m looking for #FollowFriday recommendations! Share your faves in #design #socialism #zen #buddhism #antifascism or whatever topic you like!

1 week ago

🎵 :antifa: :anarchismred:

MISANTROPIC - No Pasaran! 🇸🇪


#DIY #muSICK #music @music #crust #hardcore #punk #metal #antifascism #live #Sverige

1 week ago

Known as "Lady Death," Lyudmila Pavlichenko became one of the most famous and heroic Soviet women ever. She defied gender expectations by serving as a sniper on the front line during The Great Patriotic War against fascism. Watch Lady Izdihar explain why, despite her status as a Soviet and anti-fascist legend, when Pavlichenko traveled to the US, her contribution was overshadowed by misogyny.

#SovietUnion #AntiFascism #WWII

Freedom Press
1 week ago

Ten years since Pavlos Fyssas’ assassination: A turning point in Greek antifascist struggle
Pavlos Fyssas, a musician and antifascist, soon died of his wounds, but his death began the defeat of Golden Dawn.
#antifascism #GoldenDawn #Greece #PavlosFyssas

A photograph of a wall with writing in red on it. It reads: IF YOU'D HAVE REACTED TO IMMIGRANT MURDERS PAVLOS MAY BE ALIVE

“The MV Louise Michel is a former French Navy boat we’ve customized to perform search and rescue. Measuring 30 meters in length and capable of up to 28 knots, she was bought with proceeds from the sale of Banksy artwork - who then decorated her with a fire extinguisher. She is operated and crewed by a team of activist rescue professionals drawn from across Europe. Named after the French anarchist Louise Michel, she aims to combine sea rescue with the principles of #feminism, #antiracism and #antifascism. She runs on a flat hierarchy and a #vegan diet.”

A photo of a large pink and white ship with “Rescue” written down the side in the open ocean. “Solidarity and resistance against deadly border policies” is written on the graphic.
2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 15, 1931: Sailors at Invergordon, Scotland, mutinied, causing a panic on the London Stock Exchange and ultimately forcing England off the gold standard. The sailors mutinied primarily over a 25% cut for the rank and file. They sang “The Red Flag” and refused orders. Order was restored without bloodshed, with the pay cut reduced to 10%. One of the mutiny leaders later defected to the USSR, where he was imprisoned in the gulags as a British spy. Another mutiny leader later commanded the British Battalion of the antifascist International Brigades, fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #scotland #mutiny #navy #anarchism #antifascism #fascism #spain #CivilWar #ussr

British Atlantic Fleet on exercise in the late 1920s. By Underwood & Underwood - Official U.S. Navy photo NH 57183 from the U.S. Navy Naval History and Heritage Command, Public Domain,
Integration Nightmare
2 weeks ago

You still remember Jeff Monson? Former anarchist MMA fighter turned Russian vatnik... He got a new tatoo and became a elected representative in #Bashkortostan from #Putin's united russia party. #Antifascism #Russia #Cringe

2 weeks ago

Read "Why I Write" by George Orwell...

I never want to hear a certain group of people use Orwellian terms ever again.

#books #Novels #leftism #antifascism #Bookstodon

Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism, as I understand it. It seems to me nonsense, in a period like our own, to think that one can avoid writing of such subjects. Everyone writes of them in one guise or another. It is simply a question of which side one takes and what...
The British ruling class were not altogether wrong in thinking that Fascism was on their side. It is a fact that any rich man, unless he is a Jew, has less to fear from Fascism than from either Communism or democratic Socialism. One ought never to forget this, for nearly the whole German and Italian propaganda is designed to cover it up.
What this war has demonstrated is that private capitalism — that is, an economic system in which land, factories, mines and transport are owned privately and operated solely for profit — does not work. It cannot deliver the goods. This fact had been known to millions of people for years past, but nothing ever came of it, because there was no real urge from below to alter the system, and those at the top had trained themselves to be impenetrably stupid on just this point.
It is not certain that Socialism is in all ways superior to capitalism, but it is certain that, unlike capitalism, it can solve the problems of production and consumption. At normal times a capitalist economy can never consume all that it produces, so that there is always a wasted surplus (wheat burned in furnaces, herrings dumped back into the sea etc., etc.) and always unemployment.
2 weeks ago

Periodic reminder that your favorite socialists supported World War One and condemned antifascist direct actions in the 1930s for their "violence."

#Socialism #Antifascism #Antifa

Ryan Smith
2 weeks ago

The white nationalist cult known as the Asatru Folk Assembly is planning on holding a blot at Stonehenge on October 28th. It is incredibly vital to call this out, the Asatru Folk Assembly calls for holy race war, is highly organized, and dangerous. Please sign this statement, pass it on, and speak out.

Todd Walker
2 weeks ago

If you think of yourself as a moderate, reasonable person and you blanch at the title of this video, get over it and educate yourself. #police #incarceration #abolition #antifascism

Luke Martell
3 weeks ago

On holiday in #Valencia #Spain. This #graffiti is everywhere. #antifa #antifascism

Graffiti on a wall that says "Nazi Vox Fuck Off".
3 weeks ago

"We'll show these fascists what a couple hillbillies can do"

#rural #folk #banjo #music #antifascism

3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 5, 1936: Photographer Robert Capa captured the death of 24-year-old anarchist Federico "Taino" Borrell in the iconic photo The Falling Soldier. Borell was an antifascist fighter, killed during the Spanish Civil War.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #spanish #spain #CivilWar #fascism #antifascism #anarchism #republican #photography #RobertCapa

Original title Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936. By © Cornell Capa (For reproduction please contact Magnum Photos,, Fair use,
pro time theft
3 weeks ago

The Nazis are coming even stronger in the USA. It's becoming serious. Shit I told my dad pre #Trump. That #Bannon is a white supremacist. They didn't believe me, voted for Trump (we haven't spoken since) - now look at the country.

My dad. A #history buff, has an English degree, worked for the US government. I don't get it.

We fought #Nazis so hard in #WWII (my mom's dad fought in that, navigating a B-17 over Germany).

And #Germany now has SUPER strong anti-Nazi rules now- FOR GOOD REASON. Not in the #USA. But #hate speech isn't free speech.

The #racists and #eugenicists in the USA- #fearmongering, a coming #recession (if we're not already in one) - that's exactly when things slide into #fascism. The decline is here. The #MAGA folks are #complicit with white supremacy.

The USA like this isn't #sustainable for 100 years. Maybe not even 40, or 20.

Just be ready to fight Nazis and #fascists.

I am.

#FuckNazis #WhiteSupremacy #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #KillNazis

P Gurgel-Segrillo
4 weeks ago

Via The people of Cork came out in their droves to show support for Cork City Library workers and the Cork Rebels for Peace group at a rally on today ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼🌈💗 #Cork #AntiFascism #StandUpToHate #StandUpToRacism #CorkCity

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
4 weeks ago

We are always #AntiFascism 🏴

#Anonymous collective :anonymous:

Delia Christina
4 weeks ago

Y'all, did you know there was a far-Right bomb threat made against Chabot Elementary this week??

These culture wars are coming closer and closer to the Bubble. I hope folks are prepared to shut this down.

(h/t @AntiPoliceTerrorProject on Insta)

#Rockridge #sfba #Oakland #antifascism

not ch1c
4 weeks ago

I know people have opinions on the political efficacy of Democracy Now these days, and #acab forever and fuck laws too, but I really appreciate them going to The Clash to play out their proud boys got #fafo’d segment

#antifascism #antifa

1 month ago

Today in Labor History August 31, 1933: Italian American labor organizer and socialist, Giovanni Pippan, was murdered during his campaign to organize the Italian bread wagon drivers of Chicago. In 1921, he was beaten by fascists in Albona, Italy. The workers of the region rose up, occupied all the mines, and declared the Albona Republic. They organized their own government and “red guard” to protect themselves from law enforcement. They managed the mines by themselves with the support of a section of farmers. 1 month later, the republic was violently crushed by the state. For his role, Pippan was threatened with death by local fascists and fled to the U.S. There, he helped organize the silk workers of Patterson, New Jersey; participated in the organization and defense of Sacco and Vanzetti; and fought against fascist elements within the Italian-American community.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #socialism #communism #italy #italian #fascism #antifascism #antifa #GiovanniPippan #solidarity

The Red Flag of the short-lived Albona Republic. By MakaroniX - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Beth P
1 month ago

Many of the beliefs discussed here gave me head-explody, but there was also this hopeful tidbit: "The far-right scene looks different from how it did at the outset of [Trump’s] term: more scattered, more spacey, more incarcerated." #rightwingextremism #newyorker #antifascism

🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️
1 month ago

“Trans Radicalism, Anti-Fascism, and the Three-Way Fight”
Hosted by Washtenaw General Defense Committee, August 6, 2023

#Antifa #AntiFascism #ThreeWayFight #Midwest #Trans #Queer #CommunityDefense #AntiCapitalism

1 month ago

Being antifascist, when it comes down to it, to some people just means: being against Nazis. It doesn’t necessarily mean being against Nazi ideology or supporting (all!) those fascists harm.
It seems to me it wasn’t always this way. Antifascism also being a lifestyle has led to this: the movement partly solely serves itself.
I say partly, because this does certainly not apply to every antifascist.
#antisemitism #antifascism #left

LCWebsXOXO [mod] #NYCCPirates
1 month ago

You'll call Atlantans who haven't signed the petition to put Cop City on the ballot. Then, we'll drive to them and get their signature!

#stopcopcity #antifascism

You'll call Atlantans who haven't signed the petition to put Cop City on the ballot. Then, we'll drive to them and get their signature!
L. Rhodes
1 month ago

"Inspiringly, and maybe a little quixotic, Cook takes a heroic view of booksellers, fighting to 'open what fascists strive to close,' making the business of bookselling sound more like a higher calling than an occupation. And maybe it is." #bookstodon #bookReview #antifascism

Integration Nightmare
1 month ago

Genuinely happy for #Prigozhin's, Utkin's and other Wagner's mercenaries deaths. Learning to appreciate small things in this life... #Antifascism

1 month ago

😈 🎵

Black Metal ist Klassenkrieg​!​!​! - Antifascist Black Metal Network

:antifa: antifascist #blackmetal #RABM compilation 🔥


#DIY #muSICK #music @music #antifa #metal #antifascism

1 month ago

This will be old hat to a lot of you but it's super simple:

Fascism is not politics. Fascism is a statement of murderous intent that you've been taught to think of as a political formation by? A society that embraces a significant amount of fascist ideology, from its very inception, for the purpose of what? Yes, doing capitalism for the enrichment of a small number of very wealthy people who "own" all our (as a species) shit.

If I went around, saying "I will kill you" or "someone should kill you" to every person I didn't like, they'd lock my ass up eventually. But if you run around saying "we need to decide if people LIKE you should exist" that's politics? My puckered asshole that is.

So spreading fascist ideology, and advocating for fascist political solutions and organizations are absolutely not a question of speech rights, personal opinions, or political advocacy at all; any more than I have a right to found the Murder Party around my purely hypothetical desire to merc billionaires through the use of increasingly elaborate mechanical traps, for sport and entertainment in a new society built around a non-secular religion where the deity looks suspiciously like me.

Once you understand that fascism isn't politics, it's a statement of intent to commit violence, the question of someone's "right" to be a fascist, falls entirely away. And if you were in fact someone who had good reasons to actively FEAR being the target of that fascist intent to commit violence and murder, that would be something very easy for you to understand, but not always that easy to express. If this idea is utterly alien to you, it's because you haven't ever had to ask yourself if the nazi was serious about exterminating you yet, in a world where you're not allowed to fight back.

Bitch is good at words tho, so here ya go.

#Fascism #Theory #Politics #Antifascism

Unsalted Counter-Info
1 month ago

Patriot Front & Michigan’s Troubled Future

"Patriot Front was most active in Massachusetts, Texas, and Michigan this year. We rank third in activity in their hate campaign. ... Active opposition and rejection of their ethnonationalist ideology, on the ground, is not only needed but principally necessary."

"The concept of direct action inherently works."

#Michigan #AntiFascism #DirectAction

1 month ago

Watch for the crypto-fascist two step.

How it works is that one of these shit tier strasserist influencers fronting a left wing image, will post some blatantly fascist propaganda, while trying to couch it as speaking truth to power. They have to be blatant, because they're trying (for money) to pull their audience to reactionary positions, on behalf of rich fascists. So they'll say it, and a whole bunch of people will start yelling "wait that's fascist nonsense" but a whole bunch of their little ballsacks will start engaging those people, and quickly it will devolve into a huge online fight anyone who isn't a weird extremely online mutant, will avoid like the plague.

This will then be followed up, usually the very next day, with that same influencer dropping some extremely yomi-layer zero criticism of an easy target in our media; some corrupt ass politician, cop, or journalist - someone with no integrity, or credibility, or fundamental honestly; it used to be Neera Tanden, but you can think of a ton of examples. This pretty much amounts to racking up easy points to "left wash" the fascist shit they just said the day before; because they will be mass retweeted and a whole bunch of people will assume this criticism is from the left, and knowing that the target is a piece of shit, reinforce their idea that "of course these guys are on the left."

If it gets bad enough, the crypto-fascist influencer will add a THIRD step, which usually involves suckering some silly fanboy "leftist" with bad fucking fundamentals, into having them on their podcast to talk about again, another unrelated, but low-hanging fruit subjects - "bankers are bad, forever wars suck, holy shit is Taylor Lorenz a hard person to like, and let's talk about why Joe Manchin is corrupt..."

These folks know what they're doing; they're keeping a scoresheet of where they stand in the perception of people operating online in this discourse, and they're working to stay obfuscated for as long as possible, all while pumping out reactionary ideology for their wealthy masters. The crypto-fascist two step, is a very successful part of that obfuscation.

#Antifascism #Fascism #Greenwald

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 month ago

Fidesz, AfDers, Brexiteers, MAGA, National Ralliers, Convoy Supporters.

Same Anti-Enlightenment Billionaire funded Nazi movement, different longitudes and latitudes.

#antifascism #fascism

2 months ago

No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.

–Buenaventura Durruti

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #fascism #antifascism #durruti

Image of Durruti, with the quote: No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.
2 months ago

Today in Labor History August 12, 1952: The Soviet authorities murdered 13 prominent Jewish intellectuals and writers in the Night of the Murdered Poets. All were members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, which fought for the USSR against Nazi Germany. They were falsely accused of espionage and treason, and then imprisoned, tortured, and isolated for three years before being formally charged.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #communism #soviet #ussr #massacre #antisemitism #jewish #Poet #poetry #writer #books #censorship #FreeSpeech #torture #prison #nazis #antifascism @bookstadon

Order to arrest Lozovsky, one of the 13 victims of the Soviet terror known as the Night of the Murdered Poets. By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
Lorraine Lee
2 months ago
@AnarchoNinaWrites #Antifascism is always a 3+ way fight.
2 months ago

Today in Labor History August 11, 1964: Stuart Christie, a Scottish anarchist, was arrested in Madrid, Spain while attempting to assassinate Francisco Franco. At the time, Christie was 18 years old. He faced execution by garroting, but was, instead, sentenced to 20 years. Franco released him after three years, supposedly because of his mother’s plea for his release. He went on to found Cienfuegos Press, The Free-Winged Eagle and The Hastings Trawler. In 2006, he created the online Anarchist Film Channel.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #IWW #antifascism #FranciscoFranco #fascism #spain #Scotland #StuartChristie

Industrial Workers of the World picket in Australia in 1981, calling for the release of Christie's wife Brenda from prison. By Tirin - also known as Takver - - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
2 months ago

Today in Labor History August 10, 1923: Italian-American anarchist and IWW organizer Carlo Tresca was arrested in the United States on the charge of publishing anti-fascist literature. Tresca opposed fascism, Stalinism and mafia-infiltration of unions. He was assassinated in 1943. Some believe the Soviets killed him in retaliation for his criticism of Stalin. The most recent research suggests it was the Bonanno crime family, in response to his criticism of the mafia and Mussolini. Tresca wrote two books. His autobiography was published posthumously in 2003. He also wrote a book in Italian, “L'attentato a Mussolini ovvero il segreto di Pulcinella.”

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #CarloTresca #mesabi #mining #books #writer #author #stalin #anarchism #soviet #mafia #fascism #antifascism #mussolini #union @bookstadon

1913 photo of Paterson silk strike leaders Patrick Quinlan, Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessig, and Bill Haywood. By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
Integration Nightmare
2 months ago

Former activist of anarchist movement from #Belarus and antifascist "Gvir" died in combat in #Ukraine. Huge lost for the antifascist movement and in general anarchist supporters... #Antifascism

"Cork City Library staff call for barring orders and injunctions to permanently ban far-right protesters."

Do it.

#Libraries #Books #Cork #MastoDaoine #AntiFascism

2 months ago

Dear liberals and establishment types who aren't in the ruling class; have you ever considered weaponizing your borderline pathological need to "well akshully" every single thing on the internet to thwart nazis and weekend warrior types, instead of people who'd rather not die so the line keeps going up tho?

Be the change in the world you want to see; and for Ksenia Coffman that means stubbornly refusing to let crypto-fascists glorify literal fucking Nazis on Wikipedia. You could be like Ksenia, but instead you playing... usually in my mentions, and often concerning subjects you don't actually understand but can repeat several NBC nightly news talking points about.

Everyday antifascism is a real thing mates; we come after them on all fronts, in all ways, from all vectors of society who ain't fascist - and they will eventually crumble. You can buy a lotta things, but you can't buy love, loyalty, or obedience. And some of us got that stubborn mule inside that won't let us bow down to a pack of yelling nazis. Embrace that mule; you libs too.

#Fascism #Antifascism #Wikipedia #disinformation

2 months ago

So look, this is basic as bricks, "I used Wikipedia" level history; and I think the person is altogether too kind to Hindenburg, who very much made it clear the only thing he hated more than Hitler's personality was the entire German left, but... when I tell you they have never told you the truth in mainstream discourse, about how Nazism happened in Germany, and that it wasn't a magic man who cast a spell over a people against the whims of its establishment, like YOUR establishment has always told you. This is what I mean.

A very simple case study of one tinhorn Nazi, and three "Very Serious PeopleTM" conservatives, who were each instrumental to putting Hitler in power. There are definitely better sources than this rough outline, and there were definitely more rich and respected people that helped the Nazis take control, but this covers the essential point - they didn't "seize" power, they were given it, by rich and powerful people who hate the masses, the left, and sharing.

Sound familiar?

#Nazism #Hitler #History #Antifascism #Capitalism

2 months ago

"Trump had seemingly no lawyers willing to help him hide nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago, but a jolly band of them happy to overturn an election even as they knew they were lying and believed that violence would ensue."

#GOP vs #Democracy
It's really that simple, y'all. I'm not a Biden fan by any stretch it doesn't look like our #election system is gonna penalize for #AttemptedFascistCoup so my vote goes to #Antifascism

Nashville Anarchist
2 months ago

This coming weekend, the fascists are congregating again at the American Renaissance Conference in #Burns #Tennessee. They have escalated in recent years and must know they are fiercely opposed.

Burns is about an hour from #Nashville and we need all the support and protestors we can get. We cannot let this tumor grow within our communities.

#TN #Antifa #USA #USpol #Fascists #UniteTheRight #AmericanRenaissanceConference #Antifascism #CommunityDefense #Protest #Defense #Solidarity

Information image titled "No Safe Space for Hate" accompanied by an image of a broken fasces.

At the top it explains "On the 6th anniversary of the tragic Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA,  the conference that the organizers attended to plot the event will be held. Enough is enough!"

Below the title it says "Oppose the White supremacist 'American Renaissance Conference' on August 12th, 2023 11am-4pm at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, TN (1hr from Nashville)"

At the bottom it says "For more information, go to"
2 months ago

Today in Labor History July 14, 1912: Folk singer Woody Guthrie was born. During World War II, he wrote the song "Talking Hitler's Head Off Blues." Around this time, he also painted THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS on his guitar. He saw fascism as a “form of economic exploitation similar to slavery.” During the Great Depression, he romanticized the deeds of outlaws like Jesse James and Pretty Boy Floyd as legitimate acts of social responsibility and protest against those who were responsible for the worsening social and economic conditions of working class people.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FolkMusic #WoodyGuthrie #communism #fascism #antifascism #union #hitler #slavery

Woody Guthrie in March 1943 with his guitar labeled "This machine kills fascists." By Al Aumuller/New York World-Telegram and the Sun (uploaded by User:Urban) - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs divisionunder the digital ID cph.3c30859.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,
Solarpunk Now!
3 months ago

We can't wait for the singularity - the resistance starts now! Author + activist @danmcquillan of Goldsmiths joins me to discuss the political resonances of models like ChatGPT, the immediate danger AI already poses, and the why & how of an anti-fascist response.

EP14 is out now on the algorithmic recommendation + data mining platform of your choice!

#AI #technology #chatgpt #antifascism #Podcast #BigData

Banner image for episode 14 of the Solarpunk Now Podcast. Title reads "AI is already existential: the case for an anti-fascist resistance, featuring Dan Mcquillan." On a background picture of a data center, with a retro color filter.
Donald “chronos” King
3 months ago

“The danger of worldwide fascism is being accelerated by the one thing few people want to talk about”

TL;DR: going back to #ArabSpring, fascists like Putin have been intentionally stoking various ongoing refugee crises, such as the one in #Syria, and most such crises (including the situation in Syria) have ultimately been rooted in the famines, droughts, heat waves, and desertification of farmland caused by #ClimateChange. The fascists have then used the refugee crises stoked by the fascists themselves in order to spread anti-immigrant, anti-refugee fascist ideology.

#AntiFascism must include a push for environmental and ecological justice if it is to succeed against fascism.

#ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming #AntiFa

My blog post on Twitter is up! I wanted to briefly talk about Twitter's history, using and leaving Twitter, and to talk about the fediverse some too.

The life and death of Twitter:

#Twitter #SocialMedia #QuitTwitter #fascists #fascism #ElonMusk #tech #blogs #blogging #antifa #AntiFascism #AntiFascist #Qwitter #Qwitters #tech #history #Mastodon #JoinTheFediverse #JoinMastodon

A tombstone with the Twitter bird and the words 'Rest In Peace'.
Brian Hawthorne
4 months ago

@auschwitzmuseum @IAmDannyBoling Never forget. This is why we have to stay vigilant and fight the rising tide of fascism and antisemitism in all its forms.

#NeverForget #antiFascism #AntiFa

Weltschmerz à Gogo
4 months ago

Ugh, Lina got 5 years and 3 months in prison for beating up poor, defenseless Nazis. The other defendants got between 27 and 39 months. She’s already been in police custody for 2.5 years, so presumably that’ll at least factor in as time served.

#FreeLina, #antifascism, #antifa, #Leipzig,

Unsalted Counter-Info
4 months ago

Drag Event Defended from Proud Boys in Portage, MI

"Debating love-based approaches to handling bigots is best done when not immediately physically defending a queer event from bigots who don’t tolerate queer existence."

"... a scuffle broke out, with proud boys throwing the first punches, but being handily dealt with in return. ... one of the proud boys was cuffed and taken away. No antifascists were detained or arrested"

#Michigan #Antifa #Antifascism #LGBTQ #DragDefense

A single Proud Boy getting handcuffed by police in Portage, Michigan