Diane Bruce
3 days ago

@falcennial Putting some hashtags on this post would have helped this be seen sooner by more people I follow some hashtags and I only saw this post by accident. This comment needs to be seen by more people. Wow. Such illogical thinking . 😠​

#Fascism #AntiFascist #Propaganda

4 days ago

Well-known members of the #Jewish #Antifascist Cmte, formed during the war to organize international support for the #Soviet military effort, were arrested, tortured, & executed. In what became known as the “Doctors’ Plot,” a predominantly Jewish group of #physicians ministering to the #Kremlin leadership was accused of poisoning or deliberately mistreating patients; the medics were tortured, some to death, to extract “confessions.”

When times get tough, people look for someone to blame. In the 1930s it was Jewish People, and now it is the #lgbtq community. Only by tearing down the capitalist institutions that divide us can we break the vicious cycle.

#socialism #protecttranskids #AntiFascist #revolution #fascist

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

"I Hate the Company Birds"

An inter-millenial #AntiFascist #AudioCollage by @etherdiver & #ArtFED

I think of the music in the collage as the overwhelming confluence of capitalism, fascism & apathy trying to drown out the lone voice crying out their truth.

What do you think?

#Antifa #Surrealist #Music

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
1 week ago

You are not an #AntiFascist, if you ask for regulating Migration! I'm really not picky in such a generic term. But that would entirely empty the words meaning.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

Want to name your own price for some awesome pro-democracy #music and help raise some money?

"Let the people vote."

#ArtFED #Antifascist #Art

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

I think that I actually "get" Surrealism now, or at least what it means to me.

Most of the Surrealists (not you Dali) were antifascist (communist and/or anarchist) and I think much of their work was intended as an antifascist psyop.

I've made posts like "Normalize being weird" & ranted about HOA's enforcing homogeneity because I see that as part of fighting fascism.

They were trying to shatter that same "impulse towards normality". I used to think they were just "being weird artists" trying to push the limits for fun or arts sake. Maybe some of them were, but we need an #Antifascist #Art movement with a quickness.

Use it to counterprotest fascists interrupting a trans event. Use it to make a point. Use it to fundraise for local candidates that allign with your values.

#ArtFED #Surrealism #Pataphysics

Excerpted Letter to Franco

Classic vintage surrealism manifesto cover Surrealisme
GOFLOWOLFOG Cat in outerspace with radical liberals bernie and warnock
Pseudo-Novalis art collage with Fernando Arrabal
Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 week ago

Biden uses executive power to create a New Deal-style American Climate Corps

"In an announcement Wednesday, the White House said the program will employ more than 20,000 young adults who will build trails, plant trees, help install solar panels and do other work to boost conservation and help prevent catastrophic wildfires."

#ClimateCorps #ClimateChange #Fascism #AntiFascist

Hateful people said Hey! ... Good people across Canada said NO! 4 of 5 top stories on right now are #LGBTQ #TransRights #SOGI #antifascist #canpoli #cdnpoli #bcpoli

A screenshot of 4 top stories on CBC in “Popular Now in News” the headlines are:

Protesters and counter-protesters shut down Ottawa streets over LGBTQ rights in schools
924 reading now
Rallies against LGBTQ rights in schools met with counter-protests across Canada
404 reading now
Protests for and against teaching gender diversity in schools happening across B.C.
401 reading now
Protests over LGBTQ school policies descend on government buildings and parking lots in Newfoundland
1 week ago

The anti-LGBTQ people were flying swastikas in #Ottawa today.
#antifascist #canqueer #transrightsarehumanrights

Nazi flag in front of monument
1 week ago

Skyrocketing CEO Pay Is Fueling a Historic Auto Strike

The United Auto Workers strike is historic.
Not just because it's the first time in history the union is striking all Big 3 automakers – Ford, GM, and Stellantis – at once, but because they're fighting for the whole working class.

Workers are tired of generating massive profits, and getting so little. One union member stuck it to the CEOs: "Is your time really worth 300-400x more? Do you really work 300-400x times harder than we do? No, you don't.”
#UAW #strike #antifascist #fairwages #corporategreed #CEOpay #workingclass #global

1 week ago

@evan I say "you" a lot in this reply. I am referring to the climate movement, not you personally.

The #ClimateChange movement could learn a very great deal indeed from the #AntiFascist and #Anarchist movements, you know, the grassroots.

The green movement must abandon and systematically dismantle the notion that environmental issues and fighting them is a nice little club for nice middle class white people.

I used to be a core activist with one of the big global environmental action groups. I was the only working class person there and there were no black and brown people at all other than the cleaning staff and the security staff.
I came away, after loosing everything I had (because I was a full time volunteer, food, tools, work clothes etc all had to be bought out of my pocket, so I sold all my possessions to continue the work.)

I left with the conviction and a string of convictions, that it was a nice middle class club to make the countryside nicer for people exactly like them and exactly no one else at all.

When I wasn't travelling doing or prepping for actions I'd do, among many other things, street campaigning to raise awareness of issues with the general public.
My petition signature count was as good as or better than anyones. I'd only talk to ordinary working class people because I saw that all of the other campaigners were actively ignoring them.

This is why the movement has failed by all meaningful metrics and is why it will continue to fail.

You cannot expect people in a permanent, very high state of stress from just trying to survive to throw open their arms to the universe in blissful generosity.

People who are cold in their homes and are regularly missing meals, ever more angry and ever more powerless, unable to properly provide for their children, then add all the guilt and coping strategies, that people denied all of the tools that would help them cope better have to create themselves out of nothing. Those improvised coping strategies are very unhealthy and don't really work, all they do is bury it all deeper and ever deeper, building and growing, ready to explode and destroy them and everyone around them, and they know this.

People who's very skin makes them a target for violence and death at the hands of those who are supposed to protect everyone. Who are accused of all societies failings, when it is they who have been failed and marginalised in the most inhuman brutal and relentless ways imaginable, today, tomorrow and for hundreds of years backwards.

How can you stand above them, of us, in judgement and expect them to just snap to attention at your every whim, when you won't even speak to them or communicate with them in any way. You just sit there judging on forums they don't even know exist.

Climate action must be a mass movement or it will continue to fail.

You can't say you are trying to build a mass movement if you exclude most of the people on the planet.

Throw open your doors, go into the streets and ask them to build a mass movement that works for them and their lives, actually help and empower them.

They, we, are the people who make, move, store, build, clean and maintain absolutely EVERYTHING and you wonder in disbelief why you can't build anything substantial without us.

Politicians do not work for us.
Change only ever comes from us.

2 weeks ago

As a person with strong beliefs about #individualliberty and #bodilyautonomy, this technology concerns me. It has legitimate uses, but I suspect that various far right groups and government are already looking into how to use it to advance their agendas.

#privacy #reproductiverights #reallibertarian #freedom #personalfreedom #personalliberty #antifascist

Johnny B. 𓅇
2 weeks ago

This is ridiculous. Guess I should request my instance to be added to #TheBadPlace because I'm a #white #leftist #antifascist #queer on a #single user instance with no #description and no #moderation. That should qualify, right?

#transphobia #queerphobia #falseFlag #RacismIsReal but #notATechSolvableProblem

3 weeks ago

#piss will always be #antifascist

Rest In Paradise
3 weeks ago

Czech painter, #humanrights activist, and #dissident Juliana Jirousová, died of natural causes on Aug. 25, just a few weeks shy of her 80th birthday.

#activism #antifascist #obits #obituaries #restinparadise #rip #deaths #whodied

Juliana Jirousová
pro time theft
4 weeks ago

The Nazis are coming even stronger in the USA. It's becoming serious. Shit I told my dad pre #Trump. That #Bannon is a white supremacist. They didn't believe me, voted for Trump (we haven't spoken since) - now look at the country.

My dad. A #history buff, has an English degree, worked for the US government. I don't get it.

We fought #Nazis so hard in #WWII (my mom's dad fought in that, navigating a B-17 over Germany).

And #Germany now has SUPER strong anti-Nazi rules now- FOR GOOD REASON. Not in the #USA. But #hate speech isn't free speech.

The #racists and #eugenicists in the USA- #fearmongering, a coming #recession (if we're not already in one) - that's exactly when things slide into #fascism. The decline is here. The #MAGA folks are #complicit with white supremacy.

The USA like this isn't #sustainable for 100 years. Maybe not even 40, or 20.

Just be ready to fight Nazis and #fascists.

I am.

#FuckNazis #WhiteSupremacy #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #KillNazis

Jay Baker (they/he)
1 month ago

The "proudly antifascist" antiX operating system has released its latest edition #AntiFascist #Linux #FOSS

Atlanta Antifascists :antifa:
1 month ago

This month, two neo-Nazi groups, Blood Tribe and the Goyim Defense League, are planning a large rally in #Florida. Blood Tribe and the GDL have not publicly released the rally date but over the Labor Day weekend seems likely. Comments on the Telegram messaging application suggest that the neo-Nazi rally will take place in or near Orlando.

Today, we are exposing the leader of the "Dixie" regional division of Blood Tribe, who has been marshaling his forces for the Florida rally.

Steven Jason Parr presently lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife but hopes to eventually move to Maine, where Blood Tribe’s leader has purchased land. Before he became a fully-fledged neo-Nazi, Parr was an active Proud Boy in Georgia.

As we document in our article, Parr frequently posts about violence and has a history of harassment. We hope #AthensGA residents will circulate this information and warn about Parr. We also seek further details about Parr's work -- he has mentioned working on air conditioning but we do not presently have a company name.

Read the full article here:

#Florida #Georgia #Antifascist #AthensGA #OrlandoFL

Steven Jason Parr selfie
Steven Jason Parr in suit and wearing skull mask
Integration Nightmare
1 month ago

Cops attacked an #antifascist boxing tournament in #Jaroslavl shortly detaining participants and beating up an organizer (also using taser against him). #Russia.

The event itself was very weird with even representatives of russian communist party being there..

Joe Quinlan 🇵🇸
1 month ago


I found it took awhile to get the hang of Mastodon. If you have hash tagged items in your profile (ie, #antifascist) a lot more people will see your posts. Good luck!

Angry Education Workers
1 month ago

"This is a union busting tactic. All of this is. Vouchers, charter schools standardized testing, and teacher evaluation schemes were all created with two purposes in mind: destroy the teachers' unions and privatize education. The end goal was 'dismantling tax-supported public education in urban areas' (Rooks 2017).

From "The Industrialization of Education: Phase Three, 1992-Today", see the whole piece, and find Phases One and Two on our website and blog.

#libraries #museum #colleges #university #archives #workers #classwar #antifascist #anticapitalist #1u #hotlaborsummer #socialism #anarchism #communism #solidarity #education #history #politics #highered #union #teaching

graph shows how as union membership fell, inequality between rich and the working class widened at the same exact pace.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
1 month ago

“Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct.”

The White Rose Society:
Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, Willi Graf, Kurt Huber, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell.

#WhiteRose #beauty #antifa #flowers #antifascist #bloomscrolling

A small white rose on a bush
Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 month ago

Old article on the achievements of #Antifascist #Women #Teens like this one are really just inspiring to read.


In perhaps their most daring act, they seduced their targets in taverns or bars, asked if they wanted to “go for a stroll” in the forest — and “liquidated” them, as Ms. Oversteegen put it, with a pull of the trigger.

“We had to do it,” she told one interviewer. “It was a necessary evil, killing those who betrayed the good people.”

#fascism #resistance

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

And now for something completely different...

Ministry isn't a band that's in my normal rotation, but I know they are talented and huge.

They just put out the clearest anti-#ProudBoys #AntiFascist music video that I can think of.

This is THE time to make explicitly #Antifa #Art

This is also what I'm trying to do with #ArtFED & #TVAC, but with more of an #Appalachian influence.
#Ministry #Metal #Rock #Activist #Music

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

And now for something completely different...

Ministry isn't a band that's in my normal rotation, but I know they are talented and huge.

They just put out the clearest anti-#ProudBoys #AntiFascist music video that I can think of.

This is THE time to make explicitly #Antifa #Art

This is also what I'm trying to do with #ArtFED & #TVAC
#Ministry #Metal #Rock #Activist #Music

Sage Sharp
2 months ago

Found this literal fash trash in front of a house with anti-conservative signs.

The lighter had an american flag on it and the quote "We the People. It doesn't need to be rewritten. It needs to be re-read. 1776."

The lighter was open, with a cotton ball fire starter nearby.

The back of the lighter had "F U" written on it.

The barista marker used for the text was slightly worn, but the lighter was prestine and full. Based on that, I suspect fascists are carrying around supplies to send "messages" to leftist neighbors.


A green lighter, open, placed against a lawn that is dried and brown from summer heat.
Atlanta Antifascists :antifa:
2 months ago

Two new articles out today!

Our second article exposes Adam Ray Davenport of Lilburn, metro Atlanta. Davenport is a key member of the racist and fascist Patriot Front in our state. He also operates "The Atlanta Alternative"--a white power propaganda outlet--and is behind the newly formed "Atlas Active Club" where white supremacists train for violence.

Read the whole article here and please spread the word to anyone living near Davenport:

Please get in touch if you have further tips about Davenport, especially about his employment:

#Atlanta #Georgia #antifascist #antifa #Lilburn

Adam Davenport, image shared to Facebook, January 2023.
TC Workers Defense Alliance
2 months ago

Later tomorrow!

Music show fundraiser for the International Antifascist Defense Fund, presented by the #TwinCities Anarchist Black Cross

Saturday, July 29th 7–10pm

$10 optional donation

#Minneapolis #Anarchist #Antifascist #fundraiser #music #concert

International Antifascist Defence Fund Benefit

Saturday, July 29th




Anarchist Black Cross Presents

Join us for an evening of Song to Raise Funds for the International Antifascist Defence Fund.

The IADF helps Antifascists around the World with Legal Fees, Hospital Bills, Relocating when Forced to, Replacing Possessions destroyed by Fascists, and other needs of care resilience, and resistance in the face of reactionary and bigoted terror.

Soft & Hard Beverages for Purchase
A Table with Zines for Sale will be Available!

2614 S. 30th Ave.
MPLS, MN 55406

With a hand-drawn image of a fist grasping barbed wire with the arm forming a cross with the letters "A B C" labeled Anarchist Black Cross, all black and white and the above text that surrounds the image is a combination of many different fonts, hand-done lettering, and a very indie-punk zine feel including misspellings ("Antifacist" used throughout for Antifascist).
2 months ago


Hello new folks,

I am naura.

I am a 40 something stay at home mom living in #eastbay. I was born and raised in #SoCal.

✨ I’m interested in:

#MathNerd - Currently working on my #MathEducation degree from #WGU

#ADHD (inattentive) #latediagnosed at 39

#Trekkie since 1988 and #JCshipper since 1995. I am also a huge fan of #warehouse13 and need a reboot!

✨i am a #TeaSnob i’d love to meet other tea snobs 🍵🧋🫖☕️

✨i consider myself #leftist and #antiFascist I want to find leftist theory media that is more accessible to my ADHD brain. (Recommend graphic guide to…. Series)

Thanks for reading and following


Proud to be Spanish and having this be my first Spanish election. Clearly it was history changing.
“”No pasarán," supporters chanted outside Socialist HQ - they shall not pass - referring both to far-right party Vox and the anti-fascist slogan of the Spanish civil war.”

#antifascist #spain #eleccionesgenerales #elecciones #espana #PP #PSOE #VOX

cc: @michaelgemar

2 months ago

I made a sticker for a #Antifascist #Archives Action, in English and German. You can download the sourcefiles (png, svg, eps) via

The logo of the Antifascist Archives Action. It shows the text "Antifascist Archives Action" and two archive boxes.
The logo of the Antifaschistische Archive Aktion. It shows the text "Antifaschistische Archive Aktion" and two archive boxes.
Atlanta Antifascists :antifa:
2 months ago

We have added a Frequently Asked Questions section to our website:

In this FAQ, we give an overview of what we believe and what we do as an anti-fascist group. We also dispel common misconceptions about "antifa" and our group in particular.

Check it out!
#antifa #antifascist #Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions on Atlanta Antifascists website:

"This FAQ includes a wide variety of questions we have seen asked about antifa: basic, advanced, historical, good faith, as well as bad faith questions that arise from misleading news coverage."
David López :dnd:
2 months ago

I'd rather be a pig than a fascist.

Prefiero ser un cerdo, a ser un fascista.

Piuttosto che diventare un fascista meglio essere un maiale.

#miyazaki #gibli #porcorosso #antifascist

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 months ago

It's all one fight.

Check out this gallery of some Anti-fascist and/or Anti-billionaire Memes

Have some more to add?

#Antifascist #Anticapitalist #Memes #TeamOrca #TransRights

Their "record
profits" are
your unpaid
Chris Ⓥ
3 months ago

Euch ist schon klar, dass in 10 Jahren 1933 100 Jahre her ist, ja?
Es hat nicht einmal 100 Jahre gedauert, bis genügend Menschen in diesem Land vergessen haben, was es bedeutet, wenn man Faschisten freien Lauf lässt und wozu das führt.


Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 months ago

The brilliant YouTuber Shaun created a 2 hour deep dive into Kelly-Jo Keen / Posie Parker and the Let Women Speak #TERF movement. These events are now popping up in the US as well. If you can stomach intense #transphobia and want to understand this fascist movement better, highly recommended:
#JKRowling #fascism #UK #Australia #fcknzs #antifascist

Herr Irrtum!
3 months ago

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM!, your only constant needed in the chaos of those times… is back! \o/ Tonight,
2023-07-08 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin, at FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream: .

#Radio Irrtum! is my German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the #underground. Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if you don't speak German at all, you’ll still be sonically pleasured! :)

This time there will be literally a
meeting of sheer lots of different musical styles, all insanely cramped into one wretched hour of air time.

That means in particular:

- melancholic UK
- finest UK
- bloody
#Techno (seriously, and I will dissociate myself by showing yøu what shitshow became of it by practical examples ;) )
#Bass, Halftime, 140 whatever (as always)
#Berlin electro #PostWave
#ContemporaryClassic formed by stylistic devices of #MusiqueConcrete
- lots of
#alternative #Indie
- pure cold
- phenomenal
#emo #punk’y punchy #antifascist #powerviolence from #Dortmund (and it’s #CreativeCommons too!)
- Goth Spaghetti

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, Eure Konstante im Irrsinn des Alltags ist wieder da:
Heute Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforschen.
Diesmal wird es sich wie ein
Meeting jeder Menge verschiedener Musikstile anfühlen:
Im Detail:

- UK Pop
- UK Rap
- Techno (kein Mist, und ich werde anhand praktischer Examples beweisen, dass dieses Genre verkommt! ;) )
- Bass, Halftime, 140 (wie gewohnt)
- Post Wave (AUUUUS Berlin!)
- Contemporary Classic geformt mit Mitteln der Musique Concrete
- viel Alternative/Indie
- pures hartes Hardcore
- geiler Emo-Punk bzw. antifaschistische Powerviolence aus Dortmund (Creative Commons!)
- Beatmaker
- Goth Spaghetti Western

Playlist nach der Show (spätestens Sonntag) genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen – ich antworte!
Bis heute Abend :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! logo with a soviet(?) woman holding an old soviet(?) transistor radio in front of a wall with lots of musical genres written on it. This time it includes (think eastereggs in summer) a little meeting scene originally done by WKUK. And that is, because this episode of Radio Irrtum! is called "The meeting".
3 months ago

Wagwan? Say hello, follow, share your SpIn.


Wordsmith, wanderer, ponderer,, implacably fierce for self-determination. Pacifist until you victimise anyone. Eschew borders and countries and currency and profit. Cooperation > competition most of the time. Love my famble everyday.

Likely to reply if you reach out for any or no reason. Don't be awful, of course.

Big up

#Consciousness #Vedanta #Tantra
#Lyricist #Bars
#AntiCapitalism #AntiFascist

Hi, friends. 👋🏻 Lots of new people so here’s a fresh #introduction. I’m a family man and an #activist working as a #UX #designer and #researcher with a focus on #accessibility and #usability. I #protest in the streets as an #antifascist #abolitionist and work towards #equity and #inclusivity as a #writer and #KeynoteSpeaker, using my privilege in both spaces. I’m a moderator. Happy to offer advice. Please say hello!

Please hashtag responsibly:

it's kat!
3 months ago

hi. hello. :) i'm an #illustrator from #scotland who likes to draw good-hearted humans, but i'm also obsessed with #suprematism, #proun, the cologne progressives, #bauhaus, surrealism, abstract expressionism & 1920s/1930s (mostly french) graphic design. merging left-wing #politics with #sustainability (i mostly work digitally) is my bag. would love to meet people with similar interests. :) #art #illustration #filmNoir #existentialism #antifascist #antiracist #feminist #transRights #vegan #france

reimagined book cover design i drew for mary shelley's 'frankenstein'.
digital portrait i drew of french gender fluid polymath, claude cahun.
digital portait i drew of gender fluid french polymath (surrealist artist, photographer, writer), claude cahun. her red hair is shaved close to her scalp & she's on a turquoise-coloured square over a light peach background.
Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 months ago

@persagen #Unions and #TransRights are both #Antifascist AF.

We are stronger together, and it's ALL one fight.

New instance, new #introduction!

Hey y’all, I’m Kat. I’m a #bisexual #StayAtHomeMom of two, ages 13 and 16. I’m a #creative type and love all forms of art. Currently, I’m standing my ground in Florida (fuck you Desantis).

I’m proudly #AntiRacist and #AntiFascist and can’t stand capitalism. I tend to be an optimist, but my internal doomer pops up sometimes. I’m *very* sarcastic and have a twisted sense of humor.

I’m involved in #activism, especially for #CivilRights and #equality.