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3 days ago

Womp womp.

“. . . the decision says, Interior Health didn't challenge Szezekpaniak's right to refuse the vaccine, but it did hold her accountable for the fact that choice left her unable to work under provincial law.”


Ramon Taback
1 week ago

@rlaimondas @darren given that the source of most problems in the world (from international #terrorism to wars to #ClimateCrisis denial to #antivax hysteria) is so called #Russia , learning about #Ukraine and it's fight against that same Russia is instrumental for your own struggle. It's a sort of education that can help to bring a happy and sustainable future for the mankind 😉

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago

#SwineFlu #Vaccines #AntiVax

🚨*The first human case of swine flu detected in North #Yorkshire!*🚨

One person in the UK has been confirmed to have a strain of flu similar to viruses spreading in pigs, health officials say.

It's the first time this strain has been detected in the UK & close contacts are now being traced.

The A(H1N2)v case was detected as part of routine flu surveillance.

This comes hot on the heels of a growing #UK measles outbreak. 😳

Porky Pig - Swine Flu outbreak in the UK
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2 weeks ago

@deonandan of course, the #antivax cherry-pickers would overlook this little detail:

“The relative risk (RR) for myocarditis was more than seven times higher in the infection group than in the vaccination group“

2 weeks ago

I've always thought the antivax movement was just natural selection just doing it's thing.

#antivax #vaccines #evolution

A meme with the words the more anti vaxxers the less anti vaxxers showing a smug man possibly Darwin with with a glass of sherry

guys i've suddenly decided i'm now #antivax

have you seen what they put in those things? there's NO WAY i'm letting my child become #skibidi #toilet...

Forrest Tanaka
3 weeks ago

“‘The recent outbreaks of measles in the U.S. are a stark reminder of the consequences of #vaccine hesitancy, emphasizing the need for robust public health campaigns to bolster confidence in and uptake of the MMR [#measles, mumps and rubella] vaccine,‘ Brownstein said.”


Benji Mauer
3 weeks ago

If I were a foreign adversary, accelerating #antivax sentiment would seem like a cheap bet to weaken the U.S.

Why are the #AntiVax #AntiMask people not ranting on just as much about the #evils of #antibiotics and #HandWashing ?

1 month ago
Bruno Miguel
1 month ago

"The Anti-vax Movement is Even Worse than you Think"


#Science #Covid #AntiVax

1 month ago

“while the bill was easily voted down by Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québécois MPs, Poilievre’s full-throated support of it serves as a reminder of who #Poilievre is and to what lengths he will go to cater to the #antivax hardliners who support him.” Via @alandrummond2

Toni Aittoniemi
1 month ago

What worries me most about #strongimmunity #antivax crowd is not the challenging of vaccinations, not at all. Scientific blunders like Wakefield are always falsified eventually.

What worries me is the high prevalence of ”the weak deserve to die of covid” -attitudes among the yoga bourgeoisie that spread within the health-conscious young.

This and notions of bodily purity as basis for policy are nothing but #farright ideas. The only place they deserve to be is thrown in the trash!

1 month ago

Ce mini documentaire Arte me fait philosopher à propos des croyances ; sur quelles bases érigeons-nous un message au rang d'information ?

Ce qui est sûr, c'est que les interviewés, ici, sont loins du précepte VIA (Verification, Independence, Accountability)

Citizen Facts (1/5) - Du discours antivax au conspirationnisme - Regarder le documentaire complet | ARTE

#antivax #conspi #educmedia

Paria sans portefeuille
1 month ago

« Dès le début de la pandémie de #Covid19, des théories aux assertions souvent fausses, parfois dangereuses, émergent sur les #RéseauxSociaux. En quelques semaines, #JeanJacquesCrèvecoeur, un conférencier belge basé au Québec, devient l’une des figures emblématiques des "antivax". »

Du discours #antivax au #conspirationnisme

#complotisme #désinformation #documentaire

2 months ago

Myxomatosis went from mortality in rabbits from something like 99% to 1%, not because Myxoma became kindler and gentler. Chance genetics in the host provided protection. My memory is that Myxoma subsequently ratcheted up and then rabbits died at 30%.

To whatever degree decrease in virulence occurs, who will say that the death of many, many grandparents and parish priests in Italy was worth it?

#Antivax #publichealth

2 months ago

I've run into the antivax use of the argument that viruses tend to become milder. To focus on one facet of the complicated subject of virulence and virus evolution requires a willed ignorance of both statistics and the evidence of the senses. Yes, after all those at immediate risk quickly die, the pathogen has a harder time killing the rest.

#Antivax #publichealth

2 months ago

Píplo mi upozornění, že už mám být mrtvý, protože vakcína proti covidu. Škoda, že už jsem FB zrušil a nemůžu pánovi napsat, že mu ta predikce moc nevyšla 😄
#covid #antivax #dezinfo

Phil Landmeier
2 months ago

RFK Jr. spent years stoking fear and mistrust of vaccines. These people were hurt by his work.

So, RFK Jr is just as bad a scumbag as I thought.

#USPol #politics #vax #antivax #covid-19

Stuart Clark
2 months ago

And one of the main things that put him in power was that New Zealanders don’t appreciate any government curbing their God given right to cough over each other whenever and wherever they want.

Autistic Writer
2 months ago

Part 147: Max Vaxx Facts
In this week’s blog, a look at the legacy of Andrew Wakefield, anti-vaxx conspiracy theories, and what it all means for autistic people.
You can read it here:

David Bloomberg
2 months ago

Narcissism and pandemic attitudes and behaviours
“individuals with high levels of narcissism self-reported greater non-adherence to [non-pharmaceutical public health interventions], COVID disregard, anti-vaccination attitudes, and psychological entitlement.”

No surprise but good to have scientific backing.

#Science #Covid #antivax

Autistic Writer
2 months ago

In tomorrow’s blog, a look at vaccines, conspiracy theories, and Andrew Wakefield.
It goes live on Sunday 15th October at 08:00 GMT, here:

David Bloomberg
2 months ago

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces independent run for president, ending Democratic primary challenge to Biden

RFK Jr. isn’t going for “a long-shot general election bid.” He’s just found a different way to spread his antiscience lies and continue the grift.

#Politics #USPolitics #News #USNews #RFKJr #Antiscience #Science #Medicine #Pseudoscience #Antivax

2 months ago

#RFKjr, an *environmental* lawyer, has been lionized by a movement that has expanded beyond #AntiVax sentiments, incl’g opposition to the mandatory #vaccination of children, to push back more broadly against state #PublicHealth measures. In recent years, his open suspicions about the government’s handling of the #coronavirus & his criticism of lockdowns & #vaccine policies gave him a new platform & earned him popularity among many Americans who wearied of the #pandemic.

#Democrat #politics

come on in #twitter lovers
here at the twisted twitter we are slashin morale values in half!

give us an offer on our vast selection of #fearmongering, this is a #bigot blow out!

alright! we got #rassist tweets, #putin tweets, #conspiracy tweets!

we got #rightwing #antivax #reactionary #sexist #climatedenial tweeets!!!

come on in #musk lovers!


for those with account;
feel free to spread this on the #birdsite

#gimp #x #meme #mamema

"titty twister" (let me finish here XD) trucker and biker bar from cult movie "from dusk till dawn" at dusk.

non sign over the bar altered to "twitter twister" 
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diverse neon signs on the bar:
"open musk till dawn"
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text under it all:
"i wonder what will happento those, who are still inside, when the doors close"

@chemoelectric @selzero

As I explained previously, I'm not even going to pretend that it's my area of expertise, or that I fully understand your claim

I respect what you say, but you're quite right with what you said earlier. If 99% of scientists are in agreement, I'm highly unlikely to go with the 1% outlier

I have this same issue with my #Antivax brother who chooses to believe the 1% above the 99%. I respect your research, but how do you expect me to comment on something I'm not expert in?

Love Dr Hotez

#Vaccine Scientist Warns Antiscience Conspiracies Have Become a Deadly, Organized Movement

Peter #Hotez is no stranger to scientific backlash. The esteemed pediatrician and vaccinologist has been working to develop vaccines for neglected tropical diseases for decades and has encountered fierce opposition to his work. But in recent years the backlash has gained momentum and spread beyond vaccines to science and scientists in general
#antivax #conspiracy #fascism #covid

Text Shot: Why did you decide to write this book?
I think one of the things the book does is: it helps connect a few dots. People call [the antiscience movement] “misinformation” or “the infodemic” as though it’s just random junk out there on the Internet or social media, and it’s not—it’s organized, it’s well-financed, and it’s politically motivated. It’s really its own ecosystem that’s doing a lot of damage to the country and to American science and scientists. And now it’s reached a new level. It’s become a lethal force. It’s the fact that [at least] 200,000 Americans needlessly perished [between June 2021 and March 2022] because they refused the COVID vaccine during the [Delta and Omicron COVID waves], and they were victims of this organized campaign.
Your book discusses how the modern antiscience movement grew out of false claims in the late 1990s that vaccines cause autism, right?
In some ways, it’s a sequel to one of my previous books, Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism. So…

Since conspiracy theorists (whether sincerely mislead or troll) were claiming the covid vaccine was going to activate a zombie virus with a test of the US amber alert system today... I present (with alt text for the visually impaired) Doom: Repercussions of Evil by Peter Chimaera
#zombies #antivax #conspiracytheories #doom

Screen shot of Doom Repercussions of Evil. Just a warning if you're using a screen reader this is a short fan fiction with many (possibly intentionally) typos.

John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them, now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships, daddy."
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons.
"This is Joson," the radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US," said the demons!
"I will shoot at him," said the Cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the demons," he shouted!
The radio said "No, John. You are the demons."
And then, John was a Zombie.
Kevin Guertin
2 months ago

Stephen King Knows Anti-Vaxxers Are Going to Hate His Latest #Book : ‘Knock Yourself Out’
Stephen King talks about his new book 'Holly' and why #covid plays so heavily into it.

You could really pick out the dumbass #antivaxxers and #Trump culters in reviews on #Goodreads and #Amazon.

#StephenKing #vaccines #antivax

2 months ago

@emilygorcenski Anyone who ever had to deal with a "symbolic stack dump" is with you! #antivax #antivms

The Icarian
2 months ago

The #AntiVax movement won't be happy until we have polio and smallpox back in circulation. But at least they will have saved their children from the vax so they can submit to God's will and natural selection by removing themselves from the gene pool.

#COVID #COVID19 #Vaccines #AntiVax #CONspiracyTheories

🚨**Nobel Prize goes to scientists behind mRNA Covid vaccines**🚨

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Professors Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman.

The technology was experimental before the pandemic, but has now been given to millions of people around the world to protect them against Covid-19.

The same mRNA technology is now being researched for other diseases, including cancer.

Professor Katalin Kariko - Professor Drew Weissman.
Grégory Gutierez
2 months ago

“Les Vivi disent n’avoir qu’un objectif : « Renverser la société sans violence. » Mais leurs échanges sur la messagerie chiffrée laissent une tout autre impression. Les dialogues en lettres capitales matraquent la lecture. Le vocabulaire épuise le champ lexical de la guerre. Les photomontages de personnalités politiques attisent la haine.”

FF @lesjoursfr

#Antivax : qu’on leur donne l’envie, l’envie d’être un Vivi

2 months ago

Measles, mumps, rubella making a comeback thanks to #AntiVax movement and #VaccineHesitancy: Cases of deadly disease double in England as parents avoid jabs

Sick kid with rash on face

This photo, of the local Safeway’s coupon, shows that the store is incentivizing shoppers to get a #flu #vaccine - shocked me. In a good way.

Shocked because this was in my wife’s hometown in northern #idaho where #antivax protestors made a huge fuss during the #covid lockdown.

So I’m curious…

Are any of you around the #US also seeing this at your local #safeway or other drugstores?

The top few inches of a Safeway grocery store receipt stating "Free Flu Shots". You'll get 10% off a grocery order with every immunization.

Immunizations are free unless your insurance requires a copay, and restrictions apply.


I wish I could wave a magic wand & rid us of the #COVID #CONspiracyTheories which blight modern life.

A prominent #AntiVax "COVID is fake" #CONspiracyTheorist friend of mine had no issues reverting to the advice of NHS Consultants when diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully his operation was a success.

HOWEVER, when it comes to #Vaccines & COVID, he STILL believes he knows better than the same time served specialist doctors who recently saved his life. 😳

Go figure! 🙄

2 months ago

If you ever think #vaccination is a bad thing, consider the family that lived in this cosy house; out of their 13 children, 6 died. And think about the mammy's, Rosanna's, experience in the first week of May 1902, when her little girl died of TB aged 10 on the 3rd, and her little boy died of TB aged 8 on the 8th. "Mother present at death" in both cases. The BCG tuberculosis vaccine wiped out this horror. Of course, there were many opposed to it, including Church and State #AntiVax


Herd immunity dictates that 95% of the population are inoculated. The remaining 5% are those allergic to vaccines, or for whom it's ineffective.

The #AntiVax movement makes zero sense, but illustrates all that's bad about the internet.

From the initial scepticism caused by Dr Andrew Wakefield, the movement really took off with the advent of social media.

It exploded with #COVID & much of it was traced back to #Russian troll farms trying to sow social discord in the #West.


It's a novel approach! 😂😂

I get where you're coming from. I was an early #COVID sceptic (not #antivax) until a mate who was working on the vaccine put me straight with empirical evidence. I then fell foul of the #Plandemic & antivax brigade! 🙄

A friend who I repeatedly clashed with online over COVID tragically died 18 months into the #Pandemic.

Unfortunately he succumbed to the very COVID he said didn't exist. He was ill for days & refused to seek medical help. C19 got him. 😓

#Vaccines #COVID #CONspiracyTheories

🚨The #AntiVax movement is on the rise across the globe. #Biden is at a loss over what to do about it in the #US🚨

Officials have felt handcuffed for the past 2 years by a #GOP lawsuit over Biden’s attempt to clamp down on anti-vaxxers.

They allege The Dems violated the 1st Amendment in encouraging Social Media companies to crack down on Anti-Vax posts.

This is where free speech meets disinformation, as millions died unnecessarily.

Anti Vaccine protest

Just a reminder @BetaCuck4Lyfe has a habit of going around and mocking vaccinated masked doctors who work with COVID infected people and catch COVID... Real piece of work.

Here is the link he has in his comment in the screen shot for reference:

This was in response to me pointing out some misinformation he posted to his page that would fuel anti-vaxxers, which apparently really pissed this dude off.

inb4: This was in response to me making a sarcastic comment that was clearly sarcastic in context but when shared out of context may be misleading... So be prepared im pretty sure his tactic will be to link an out of context quote but when you see the thread it is clear im arguing for the opposite. Luckily I took screenshots of his anti-vax/misinformation nonsense in case he tries this shit.

#Antivax #COVID #COVID19 #misinformation

"Anti-vaxxers: give us liberty or give us death. And thanks to the rabid right, it’s entirely possible to attain both. …

Anti-vaxxers are literally dying for their beliefs—and for the disinformation that’s being thrust upon them."

~ Bill Lueders

#vaccines #antivax #antivaxxers #Covid

Bob LeFridge
3 months ago

The National Party are running a cooker in Hamilton East. He's called Ryan Hamilton, he's a long-term flouride opponent and anti-masker. And he doesn't have time for the poors.

"In social media posts, Hamilton claimed Covid deaths data had been inflated and once said poverty was not a reason to fluoridate water because "most lower socio economics filled their tap water with raro"."

Reflecting National values?

#NZPol #National #AntiVax

#Republicans #Trump #Covid #Vaccines #Antivax #CONspiracyTheories

🚨The #GOP Turned Its Back on #Science, so Science Turned Its Back on the GOP🚨

For physicians, their leftward turn is a reversal from decades past, when doctors commonly identified as Republican

The leftward shift toward the #Democrats was gradual, but was suddenly intensified by the Covid pandemic, when a large share of doctors perceived GOP politicians as displaying a sceptical antipathy toward science

COVID Ward United States

"To ignore Kennedy, or his supporters, on the grounds of their holding such easily falsifiable beliefs seems extremely shortsighted. A lot of Americans believe things that aren’t true—which, given the (literally) whitewashed version of history most of us get taught, shouldn’t be surprising."

~ D.D. Guttenplan

#RFKJr #ConspiracyTheories #AntiIntellectualism #vaccines #antivax

Bob LeFridge
3 months ago


The Herald began asking Seymour questions about Boness two weeks ago.

(Sorry for the Harold link)

- - -

Seymour said he was not aware of anything problematic relating to Boness’ departure.

Asked whether he would check again, Seymour replied: “Probably now, yeah.”

- - -

Another anti-vax loon or worse?

ACT -- the stinking cesspool of NZ Politics.

#NZPol #ACT #Antivax

Stop the GQP & Fox News
3 months ago

As MAGA flocks to Florida to escape the modern world, they are demanding that Ron DeSantis bans the COVID vaccine. Walking towards the light doesn't seem like the best life hack, but do you honestly think we can convince them otherwise?

#politics #uspolitics #uspoli #uspol #floridapolitics #florida #desantis #rondesantis #antivaxxer #antivax

Ron DeSantis talking about something with an awkward hand gesture.
Bob LeFridge
4 months ago

Two of ACT's candidates have bitten the dust after being exposed as rabid anti-vaxxers.

Toxic parties attract toxic people.

#ACT #Antivax #Losers

Do not shrug, or dismiss this as an #antivax/#mask Twitter troll doing what trolls do. This is #antisemitism. My great grandparents and my grandfather’s four sisters and the rest of his extended family were murdered in the #Holocaust. This is the rise of #whitesupremacy in North America today. Don’t tell me to stay offline; it occurs IRL. As a Jewish school board trustee, in #Ottawa, #Canada, I need a “safety plan” to do my work at @OCDSB. Let that sink in.

“Concentration camp - this is vermin that is a threat to a normal healthy society,” says @cov_data

“They can put a key on their forehead. It sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them and they can stick, because now we think that there’s a metal piece to that."

All those millions of people now walking around with metal bits hurtling through the air to stick to them because theyve been vaccinated against Covid: wonderful that Sherri Tenpenny blew the whistle about this, isn't it?

#Covid #antivax #medicine #Ohio

"An Ohio doctor who claimed that the Covid vaccine “magnetised” people and promoted 5G conspiracy theories has had her medical licence suspended by the state’s medical board. ...

'I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the Internet of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetised,' Dr Tenpenny said at the time."

~ Kelly Rissman

#Covid #antivax #medicine #Ohio

Raymond Scott Pert
4 months ago

This doctor said vaccines magnetize people. Ohio suspended her medical license. -

>Two years ago, a #Cleveland area physician strode into the House Health Committee room and told state lawmakers that COVID-19 vaccines magnetize their hosts and “interface” with cell towers. #covid #covid19 #antivax #coronavirus #vaccines #vaccine #provax #maga #antivaxxer

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopathic doctor who says she’s been researching for 21 years vaccine adverse events, testified before a legislative committee this week that people can stick keys, spoons and forks to their foreheads after getting the coronavirus vaccine possibly because they've been magnetized. Tenpenny’s Tuesday testimony also claimed the vaccines may contain some material that “interfaces” with 5G cell towers. (Ohio Channel)
Adam Cook
4 months ago

On synthesizing and evaluating the potential superconducting properties of #LK99

I really am starting to be convinced that live-streamed “open science” via social media is a net negative.

It seems that amateur claims and leaps have, once again, handily eclipsed competent commentary in a extremely complex field.

It erodes public trust and respect for *actual* scientific inquiry and rigor - and I would submit that the boom in #antivax “science” we see is a natural byproduct.

Hey, everyone. Quick update. The #antivaxxers said that the Pfizer #Covid vaccine would mutate my DNA. It's been almost 4 years since my first injection and I'm sorry to report I still have yet to grow Wolverine claws, super healing powers, or the ability to fly.

EXTREMELY disappointed.

#CoronaVirus #Covid19 #Antivax

edgeoforever 🍎
5 months ago

'Disinformation can kill': How RFK Jr. 'had everything to do with' a measles outbreak in American Samoa - #uspolitics #antivax Murderer!

we have a new superspreader event developing in the tri-state area 😒 🙄 😠


anti-vaxxer handegg player Aaron Rogers donning a New York Jets uniform

RFK Jr's conspiracy theories and Republican supporters

"the unusual backing he is receiving from right-wingers and his history of amplifying conspiracy theories has raised suspicions about his motivations.... Further compounding misgivings about the rebel Kennedy is that he is unusually close with the Trump wing of the Republican Party."

#rfk #rfkjr #kennedy #gop #republicans #antivax

Peter Nimmo
5 months ago

The curse of Andrew #Wakefield- thousands at risk of #measles in #London, with #university age #students most at risk as they didn't get #vaccines during the fake #MMR scare.
#antivax #conspiracytheory #health

London is at serious risk of an epidemic outbreak due to its density of population and the fact that in some parts of London the In some parts of London, coverage of the first anti-measles vaccine at two years of age is as low as 69.5%.

The WHO says that coverage of 95% or greater of two doses of measles vaccine is needed to create herd immunity.

#measles #vaccines #vaccination #antivax #London #England #UK

In the UK, measles were considered to be eliminated in 2016-7, but since 2018, they're back. As Hannah Devlin writes,

"Between 1 January and 30 June this year there have been 128 cases of measles, compared with 54 cases in the whole of 2022, with 66% of the cases detected in London, although cases have been seen in all regions."

#measles #vaccines #vaccination #antivax

Paranoid Factoid
5 months ago

Based on funding sources alone, it's clear RFKjr is a cutout puppet for MAGA interests to split the Dem vote.

Regardless, his anti-vaxx and pro-virus message is irrational, illogical, and downright dangerous. Rolling Stone has a disturbing feature on RFKjr and his many anti-science views.

#rfkjr #democraticprimary #democrats #primaryelections #spoilercandidate #spoiler #ratfuck #antivax #antiscience #vaccine #vaccines #vaccinessavelives #covid #COVID19 #polio

Ross Cranford
5 months ago

One of my colleagues in the UK is taking the GMC to court in an attempt to hold them to account for their inaction on registered doctors that spread vaccine falsehoods - if anyone wishes to donate, the link is here:

@gyamey - wonder if you might be able to publicise 🙏

#antivax #antivaxxers #MedMastodon #vaccines

David Bloomberg
5 months ago

It’s Not Possible to ‘Win’ an Argument With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
“You can come armed with all the facts in the world, but when you’re dealing with a conspiracist, there’s no real way to ‘win’ an argument. For people whose views aren’t anchored to facts, winning is simply getting attention — and when you publicly argue with someone like Kennedy, you’ve already lost.”

#antivax #antivaxxers #science #News #USNews #Politics #USPolitics #Conspiracy

6 months ago

Stop the witch-hunt against vaccinologist Peter Hotez!

Fight for Free Speech and truth in science!

Fascists stalked Hotez at his home on Sunday. He regularly receives antisemitic and antivax death threats. He is publicly vilified by Steve Bannan, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk & RFK Jr.


*Led efforts to develop a low-cost, patent-free vaccine for COVID-19.
*Public opposes right-wing pseudoscience.
*Calls proponents of anti-vax propaganda neo-fascists

#FreeSpeech #covid #CovidIsNotOver #vaccine #antivax #pseudoscience #JoeRogan #ElonMusk #fascism #PeterHotez #antisemitism

UPDATE on #twitter #CommunityNotes

we seem to have had some SLIGHT improvements

currently notes are succeeding on the WORST of the #antivax #cooker #bullshit

but there are not many people WRITING the notes, a precarious situation, and who knows what the next batch they let in will include…

@TEG Yeah, I agree. I put those practices to use already. I think, at least in the US, there are a lot more people susceptible to mis/disinformation because of how bad our education system is. Kids aren't taught media literacy or to have skepticism. Something like 15-20% of the country believes in #QAnon conspiracies, and even more are #AntiVax.

Dr. Samuel Wein
8 months ago

"Hodges, the BMC editor, said in a statement: “We take our responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the scientific record very seriously..."

No, you very clearly don't, otherwise we wouldn't be here now, would we? As academics we pay a stupid amount of money to publishers, precisely because they claim to protect us from exactly this bullshit.

#academia #publishing #antivax #misinfo