Stuart Gibson
7 minutes ago

Current #Twitter #API status:

“Here are the rate limits for the new paid API access”

“OK, what am I currently using so I know what level I need?”


Luca 🔨
53 minutes ago

A new #Twitter #API announcement. This time it sounds specific enough to get implemented.

- API v1 will be shut down completely
- Free tier allows only the posting of Tweets (1500/month)
- $100 tier gets developers 10 k GET and 50 k POST requests. Edit: Apparently the amount of requests isn't as relevant as in the past. There is a hard 10 k Tweets limit per month.
- No solution for academic research.

This means I have to shutdown .

I'm currently thinking about possible solutions for #fedifinder. Crowdfunding $100/month seems reasonable. But I would have to add account level caching on the server to be able to help more people migrate. You would upload the followings file from your Twitter data export, get cached matches in realtime and info about unchecked IDs. Every time there are 1000 unchecked IDs, the server requests those through the API and caches the results. A bot could inform you about new matches. At the end of the month remaining requests are used to re-check oldest/most popular IDs.

Today we are launching our new Twitter API access tiers! We’re excited to share more details about our self-serve access. 🧵
Business profile picture
Twitter Dev
Introducing a new form of Free (v2) access for write-only use cases and those testing the Twitter API with 1,500 Tweets/month at the app level, media upload endpoints, and Login with Twitter. 

Get started:
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Twitter Dev
We are also launching a new Basic (v2) access for hobbyists with 10,000 GET/month and 50,000 POST/month, 2 app IDs, and Login with Twitter for $100/month. 

Subscribe now:
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Twitter Dev
If you are a business or have any scaled commercial projects, we encourage you to apply for our Enterprise tier to get managed services, complete streams, and access that meets your specific needs. 

Apply now:
Over the next 30 days, we will deprecate current access tiers such as Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium so we recommend that you migrate to the new tiers as soon as possible for a smooth transition.
Business profile picture
Twitter Dev
Ads API will continue to be available at no additional cost to approved Twitter API developers, including developers on the new Free tier.
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Twitter Dev
For Academia, we are looking at new ways to continue serving this community. In the meantime Free, Basic and Enterprise tiers are available for academics. Stay tuned to @TwitterDev
 to learn more.
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Twitter Dev
Thank you for your patience as we introduce you to our new API access tiers and evolve our Developer Platform. We are excited for the future of our developer ecosystem and are looking forward to seeing what you build next! 🚀
2 hours ago

Uwaga, jeśli masz kubek z poranną kawą przy ustach, odstaw na chwilę ☕

#Twitter ogłasza nowe poziomy dostępu do #API.

Można IMO zapomnieć o apkach działających jak wcześniej...

Niech płonie.

Źródło ->

Today we are launching new Twitter API access tiers! We’re excited to share more details about our new plans and what you should expect in terms of next steps and timeline.

We will offer two access tiers for developers via our website:


For write-only use cases and testing the Twitter API

Low rate-limit access to v2 tweet posting and media upload endpoints
1,500 Tweets per month posting limit - at the app level
1 app ID
Login with Twitter
Cost: Free

For hobbyists or students learning code

Low-rate limit access to suite of v2 endpoints
3,000 Tweets per month - posting limit at the user level
50,000 Tweets per month - posting limit at the app level
10,000 Tweets per month read-limit rate cap
2 app IDs
Login with Twitter
Cost: $100 per month
If you need additional limits and endpoints, we recommend that you apply for our Enterprise access API 292.

Current access plans including Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium will be deprecated over the next 30 days, so we recommend that you migrate to the new tiers as soon as possible for a smooth transition. Any non-migrated developer accounts will be impacted by April 29th, 2023 at the latest.

For Academia, we are looking at new ways to continue serving this community. Stay tuned to @TwitterDev 24 to learn more. In the meantime, Free, Basic and Enterprise are available for academics.
Eana Hufwe
2 hours ago

Almost thought #Twitter is gonna think twice on paid #API tiers, turned out they are still as aggressive as usual.

The new free API tier would only allow limited POSTs, and GETs are limit to... guess what, only `/users/me` 🤡

Twitter announces new API pricing, including a limited free tier for bots — Engadget

@izaya I mean I know how to do something similar with a @Raspberry_Pi or similar...

Maybe use some and maybe learning to use @nextcloud's #API's [incl. #CalDAV] to make a "smart alarm clock"...

Sadly I'm not a good #WebDev like @fuchsiii and I can't stand all the #GAFAM spy hardware, so my condo stays stupid...

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ
2 hours ago

#Twitter #API new tiers…

Basic For hobbyists and prototypes - Rate limited access to a suite of v2 endpoints and v1.1 media upload - Publish 3,000 Tweets per month - limit at the user level - Publish 50,000 Tweets per month - limit at the app level - Retrieve 10,000 Tweets per month - limit at the app level for Tweet GET requests . 2 app IDs - Log in with Twitter - Cost: $100 per month
Free For write-only use cases and testing the Twitter API - Rate limited access to publish Tweets (POST /2/tweets) and media upload (/1.1/media/upload) endpoints - Publish up to 1,500 Tweets per month - limit at the app level - 1appID - Log in with Twitter . Cost: Free
4 hours ago

$100/Monat ist ja richtig günstig.


Today we are launching new #Twitter #API access tiers!


For hobbyists and prototypes
Rate limited access to a suite of v2 endpoints and v1.1 media upload
Publish 3,000 Tweets per month - limit at the user level
Publish 50,000 Tweets per month - limit at the app level
Retrieve 10,000 Tweets per month - limit at the app level for Tweet GET requests
2 app IDs
Log in with Twitter
Cost: $100 per month

phildini @ the shop
7 hours ago

Random idea I need to put down somewhere: any #API that supports #webhooks should also have an `events` endpoint that can be polled, and an optional param for that endpoint should be "from last successful webhook”

If a client goes down and can't receive webhooks, we should make it easy for the client to "play back" what they missed and keep going.

(As an aside, know any APIs that do this? boosts appreciated)

Tomas Ekeli
9 hours ago

when creating an #api it helps to be friends with the users of that api

it makes you care a lot that it's nice to use

also, they give feedback

Nicolas Fränkel
12 hours ago

The #API #Landscape, a comprehensive view of all stakeholders creating the programmable economy

Mike Bifulco
14 hours ago

Excited to say that as of this morning, APIs You Won't Hate (the newsletter) is back in action! If you're interested in APIs, you'll get a fresh infusion of knowledge in your inbox from the biggest community of API devs on the web.

Read today's newsletter, and subscribe here:

#api #dev #devX #codegen #openapi #rest #graphql
14 hours ago

We're proud to support Memo Bank on improving engineering efficiency, customer care, reputation, and #DSP2 #API compliance management. We love what you're doing, keep it up!

Martijn Smit
17 hours ago

I recently learned about #OpenAI's text moderation #API and that it's 🆓

Enabled it on some of sites that have user profiles and happy with the outcome!

Read my blog post to understand how to use it with #PHP

#textmoderation #textanalysis #AI

@dansup I think that an instance that actually does verify said accounts and offers them basically unlimited #API access can work...

I would've started something like that ages ago if I had the €€€€€ to do so properly.

21 hours ago

#Android14’s Regional Preferences #API allows users to set their regional preferences – customize temperature units, date formats, & numbering systems. By @navczydev

Jan D
1 day ago

Is it a bad idea to create PUT sub-routes for changing properties of entities?
Like /user having

instead of PUTing the whole resource or writing logic to send PATCH-es to their appropriate checks at the Domain Entities.

#API #dev

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#API #APIs #APIDesign: "In this guide, we will answer the key question of ‘what is API design,’ as well as cover the basics of API design.

API design is the collection of planning and architectural decisions you make when building an API. Your basic API design influences how well developers are able to consume it and even how they use it.

Just like website design or product design, API design informs the user experience. Good API design principles meet initial expectations and continue to behave consistently and predictably."

🎧 Tiago 🎮 [ティアゴ]
2 days ago

Credit to /u/patrick330602 . If your #API does this, that's a paddlin'

#meme #programming

iX Magazin
2 days ago

GPT-4: Microsofts Azure OpenAI Service bietet jetzt API-Zugriff

Per Rest-API und Azure OpenAI Service können Microsoft-Kunden das KI-Modell GPT-4 in eigene Anwendungen einbinden. Beim KI-Anbieter selbst geht das noch nicht.

#API #ChatGPT #CloudComputing #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #news

Jobs for Developers
2 days ago
2 days ago

Frikkie has been building the Relive app for the past 5 years, helping to scale it to 16M users. In the process, he's learned a lot about React Native and its intricacies, and he's sharing those learnings at DevConf!

#architecture #React #API #analytics

Tom Naylor
2 days ago

Trying to shed some light on what an API is for non-engineers.

#software #Cloud #api #medium

Jobs for Developers
2 days ago

Diligent is hiring Software Engineer (Python)

🔧 #python #c #django #api #rest #aws #cicd #sql #tdd
🌎 Budapest, Hungary
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $230k (Estimate)
🏢 Diligent

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

phildini @ the shop
2 days ago

Hey @tapbots are @ivory mutes local-only? I'm noticing that muting an account in #iOS or #macOS doesn't seem to apply to the server, but there is an #API for it

Tech news from Canada
2 days ago
Prof. Sundar
2 days ago

#ChatGPT4 .. I got access to the #API.
Anyone else?

You're invited to use the #OpenAI GPT-4 API!
You can now access GPT-4 models with 8K context via the existing OpenAI API.
Get started
As an early customer we'd love to hear about your experience. Feel free to share feedback on our community forum or reach out directly to our team.
The OpenAI team

3 days ago

👀 Another hot 🔥 tutorial by Daniella Freese fresh off the presses!

🤓 Learn how #KongKonnect and #OPA can help solve #GraphQL authorization challenges at the #API Gateway in our latest blog post!

Let's dive in!

@0xffff danke für's "reverse-engineering" der #API.

4 days ago

Aha! #Pi-hole besitzt auch ein API

ich hab bisher aber keine gute Doku dazu gefunden.

Das ist zwar Doku aber nicht gut !

Ich kann einfache API-Abfragen mit meinem Token machen, würde aber gern auch mal das Hole für 5 Minuten abschalten.

Kennt sich da jemand aus ?
#Pihole #API

Jobs for Developers
4 days ago

Space and Time is hiring Streaming Engineer

🔧 #dao #dapp #api #blockchain #defi #nft #web3 #kafka #sql
🌎 Remote; United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $110k - $200k (Estimate)
🏢 Space and Time

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Decided to check out one more provider, hoping their API onboarding experience is better: Purolator.

Their API uses SOAP and XML. Documentation can only be downloaded, not readable online. 😨 Code samples in Java, C#, and PHP. 😓
Not mobile friendly site, and it feels like it hasn't changed since 2000s 😵
This site just makes me feel so old ... 😟😓😭

#API #learning #programming

It took me some time to come up with the next post in my #CASBAN6 series, but here we go – I just published:

#CASBAN6: Implementing the API endpoints with #AzureFunctions

#Azure #API #dotNET

5 days ago

ChatGPT Plugin 官方外掛開放 結合 Expedia、KAYAK 買機票、訂酒店、訂立行程
OpenAI 在其官方網誌宣布正式開放外掛,以協助 ChatGPT 查找最新的資訊,運算及使用第三方服務。據 […]
The post ChatGPT Plugin 官方外掛開放 結合 Expedia、KAYAK 買機票、訂酒店、訂立行程 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#科技趣聞 #AI #API #ChatGPT

USPS also uses XML in their REST APIs 😅
FedEx and DHL use JSON

Of the above, I found DHL has the best developer API doc and learning experience for exploring their APIs. It has code samples in 16 languages, including Python. It even lets you try the APIs on the browser. Well done, DHL.

#TIL #learning #API #programming

@wariat @chlopmarcin @8petros "Normalsi" mają do dyspozycji więcej niż jeden domyślny frontend #friendica. Od niedawna friendica obsługuje już całkiem dobrze #api mastodona do którego jest kilka ładnych i funkcjonalnych UX'ów np #soapbox :
screenshot: strona oglądana przez domyślny interfejs oraz przez stronę soapbox
Jobs for Developers
6 days ago
Sindre Wimberger
6 days ago

So Oarg 😳 Die ChatGPT Plugins bestehen nur aus einem Satz der eine bestehende Schnittstelle beschreibt. 🚀

ChatGPT versteht selber den Inhalt und Aufbau der API und übernimmt auch selbständig die Ausgabe und Darstellung der Inhalte.

Jeder der schon mal mit Schnittstellen gearbeitet hat weiß, wie Aufwwendig eine Anbindung oft ist.

Für mich mein „gestriger“ #GameChanger Moment. Mal schauen was heute an neuen AI Ankündigungen kommen. 😜

#ChatGPT #Plugin #API

6 days ago
heise Developer
1 week ago

betterCode() API 2023: Nächste Woche gibt es die Heise-Konferenz zu Web-APIs

Am 30. März und 27. April bieten die Vorträge der Online-Konferenz einen Querschnitt zu den derzeit wichtigsten Themen der Entwicklung von Web-APIs.

#API #Softwareentwicklung #news

@lina @fuchsiii @AsahiLinux yeah, that'll be the #Steamworks #DRM kicking in, cuz #CSGO literally not only constantly queries it, but pulls player data like #STEAM_ID and the configuration (like loadout, cursor cobfiguration, etc.) from the #SteamCloud via the Steamworks #API.

Older games like CS 1.6 could be cracked easily with a modified steamapi.dll but Steam will detect and replace all steamapi.* files through newer ones when it runs.

Twitter API Client: No need for API keys with this Python client
#scraping #twitter #python #code #api #+

BTW: Since :birdsite: didn't figure out how to kill their own #API, I'd recommend to re-ru. just to get as many of your Tweeps as you want in the :fediverse:...

1 week ago

#Laravel Orion

The simplest way to create #REST #API with Laravel

Fully featured REST API for your #Eloquent models and relationships with the simplicity of Laravel as you love it.


1 week ago

Several features have been added to #MinimalAPIs with the #dotnet7 release. This tutorial shows how they are now almost as powerful as traditional controller-based APIs while being far less verbose.

#InfoQ article by Fiodar Sazanavets:

#dotnet #ASPNETCore #API

1 week ago

Minimal website in hugo | #api #go

iX Magazin
1 week ago

heise+ | Webentwicklung mit VueUse: Funktionen für Vue-Komponenten

Die Bibliothek VueUse liefert eine umfangreiche Sammlung an Hilfsfunktionen, die Webentwicklern die Arbeit erleichtern.

#API #Framework #Server #TypeScript #Webentwicklung #news

Chris Hardie
1 week ago

Am I missing something in observing that there's no recommended #PHP client library for the #WordPress REST #API?

Kai Tödter 🎹📷
1 week ago

I released version 2.0.4 of JSON:API for Spring HATEOAS, see

This is a bug-fix release, based on Spring Boot 3.0.4.

#rest #api #jsonapi #spring #hateoas

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
1 week ago

@davew @mike @Mastodon Users shouldn't have to trust Mastodon to do the right thing re its #API (which is an opinionated #ActivityPub implementation).

Mastodon cannot get blinded by its short-term growth (which is still minuscule in the grand scheme of things re #SocialMedia) and forget the ultra-importance of a #Fediverse where clients and servers are loosely-coupled.

A number of us have watched this movie repeatedly, over some 30+ years. The outcome is predictable.

/cc @atomicpoet @judell

Android old app deprecation: Google made a change end of January where old Android apps no longer will install even if they probably could run, claiming security concerns (Apple does this too)
#compatibility #android #google #apps #api #-

@emilis the latter...

#eMail timeouts are in the magnitude of hours if not days, but even the worst #API|s will timeout within 15mins of not a few seconds.

And faster comms like #X400 & #AS2 never caught traction outside nieches where security and traceability of communication paths was more important..

@emilis because #eMail sucks and is way too slow than #HTTPS - #API's?

J. Mijin Cha
2 weeks ago

TIL that #API and #PriceWaterhouse count "impacts from the personal purchases of employees and business owners both within the oil and natural gas industry and its supply chain, as well as from the personal spending by shareholders out of the dividends received from oil and natural gas companies" as part of the job losses that will occur from decarbonization.

In other words, if we move away from fossil fuels, wealthy shareholders won't receive more dividends and therefore will buy less Rolexes, which in turn will cause Rolex to layoff people.

I would die from laughter, if I wasn't already at risk of dying from fossil-driven #climatechange

Abolish all consulting firms. PWC, McKinsey, all of them.


Tane Piper
2 weeks ago

Wrote my own #ChatGPT API with #alpacaCPP 😂

(Basically, it runs the chat executable as a spawned process, then that file is forked from another that has an expressjs server running - working with this stuff with events is a mess but it works per request at least)

#nodejs #ai #api

A locally running ChatGPT bot using Alpaca.cpp
Andreas Amsler (in English)
2 weeks ago

The National Council and the Council of States adopted the #EMBaG.

The 'Federal Act on the Use of Electronic Means for the Performance of Official Duties' ( regulates:

Art. 9 - #OpenSource
Art. 10 - #OpenGovernmentData
Art. 12 - #Standards
Art. 13 - #API
Art. 14 - #Interoperability
Art. 15 - Pilot tests

What does ist mean in concrete terms for the units of the federal, cantonal and municipal administrations?

Let’s talk:

#OpenData #OGD

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

Anyone know of a good #API for searching #ISBN book data?
I need something which is free for low use.

Looking for personal recommendations - I know how to use a search engine 🙂

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

Has anyone managed to get the accounts/familiar_followers Mastodon endpoint to work?

Seems to be returning an empty array for me.

#mastodon #MastodonAPI #WebDev #API

2 weeks ago

Kann hier eine Tröte einen verlässlichen und günstigen SMS API Anbieter empfehlen für Mittelständige Betriebe? Oder ist es besser (günstiger) gleich ein kleines SMS Gatway zu kaufen und es selbst zu betreiben? 🤔

Hat hier jemand Erfahrungswerte die er gerne teilen möchte?

#followerpower #sms #electronic #api

#Twitter’s $42,000-per-Month #API Prices Out Nearly Everyone

Tiers will start at $500,000 a year for access to 0.3 percent of the company’s tweets. Researchers say that’s too much for too little data.
3 weeks ago

Twitter might be a pile of slowly burning trash these days, but if you've been making bots with their API for some time, you've surely had a chance to interact with some of their (mostly former) dedicated developers and developer advocates.

You know what to do.

#devrel #DevrelAwards #awards #development #API #TwitterAPI

3 weeks ago

On the Homebrew Slack we have a channel that receives all of our Twitter mentions. Is it possible to do this for our Mastodon account too, so that folks don’t have to be logged into the account all the time to keep up? How?

#api #integrations #tooling #mastodon #webhooks #lazyweb #hivemind

Luca 🔨
3 weeks ago

To be more precise: #twint got un-archived on 2023-02-17. #twitter #api #research #waybackmachine #OSINT

(I don't know if it works at the moment.)

GitHub twint repository from February 16th 2023 in the internet archive with the message at the top: This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 2, 2022. It is now read-only.
Twint repository snapshot from February 17th 2023 in the Internet Archive without an archived message.
Luca 🔨
3 weeks ago

Apparently #Twitter sent some ridiculous #API pricing to academics ($42k/month).

In other news: #twint got un-archived.

That's a crazy amount of money for API access.

"The cheapest, Small Package, gives access to 50 million tweets for $42,000 a month. Higher tiers give researchers or businesses access to larger volumes of tweets—100 million and 200 million tweets respectively—and cost $125,000 and $210,000 a month."

#Twitter #Birdsite #API

3 weeks ago

#Development #Introductions
SPA view transitions land in Chrome 111 · The present and future of a much-requested feature from developers

#Animation #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Chrome #Frontend #DOM #SPA #API #ViewTransitionAPI #JavaScript #ProgressiveEnhancement

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago

vaya, migrar #mntnwttrbot de #teloxide 0.3 a 0.12 no fue tan doloroso como pensé pese a los grandes cambios en su #api. Por un lado porque los cambios fueron simplificaciones y por otro porque afortunadamente no estaba tan acoplado a su funcionamiento...

#telegram #bot

que infierno es interactuar con los productos de #facebook (actualmente con la #api de #bot de #whatsapp).

Interfaces rebuscadas, ocultas y dispersas. Procesos burocráticos. Documentación Mala


no se lo deseo ni a mis enemigos.

son casi tan malas como las de #amazon #aws

3 weeks ago

#Development #Launches
Carbonyl · A Chromium-based browser built to run in a terminal

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Rust #Chromium #API #Terminal #CLI

n8chz ⒶⒺ
4 weeks ago

@ProPublica Is there an #API for filing online or is there some kind of law that says all tax filing software has to be #proprietary? I still file my snail mail, largely b/c I'm afraid if I look behind the curtain I'll learn that there's no other ethical (i.e. free software) way.

David Weinberger
4 weeks ago

The #German National #Library is trying to archive all German-language tweets. The Twitter API limits access so it will take 400 months to do this. But if you have academic access to the #API, you can pitch in.

⌛ We're live in 10 minutes with @Hiteshdotcom and @ReynaldAdolphe talking about how Hitesh teaches everything from #cplusplus to #react to #api development to his millions of students using #vscode! Join us and bring your questions for Hitesh! 🎬


Media source:
1 month ago

[#Question] about the #Mastodon #API #MastodonAPI

Why are there two fields for "avatar" & "header", they hold the same value

"avatar", "avatar_static" &
"header", "header_static"


📢 @Hiteshdotcom joins @ReynaldAdolphe this week to demo how he uses #vscode to teach everything from #cplusplus to #react to #api development to his millions of students. Mark your 📆 and join us


Media source:
heise online
1 month ago

Open Gateway: Die Telcos öffnen ihre Netze für die Cloud

21 Netzbetreiber und zahlreiche Unterstützer aus verschiedenen Tech-Branchen arbeiten bei der Linux Foundation an einheitlichen Schnittstellen zu Netzdiensten.

#API #AmazonWebServices #MicrosoftAzure #CloudComputing #DeutscheTelekom #LinuxFoundation #Microsoft #MWC #Netze #LinuxundOpenSource #Telefónica #news

Serhii Kulykov
1 month ago

📢 #WebComponents bookmarks update: #API #design.
If you're already familiar with basics, do check it out.
You'll find some useful tips and things to consider.

#CustomElements #ShadowDOM