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1 day ago

Operating Models: The Crucial Element of Digital Transformation Most Companies Overlook

"[A]s organizations consider their investment in technology, they should be considering the operating model that will be appropriate for their organization in the future. The model today may not enable them to compete effectively in the future." -- #PeterCarr #engineeringDotCom

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2 days ago

API Security: Authorization, Rate Limiting, and Twelve Ways to Protect APIs

"In this blog, we’ll cover the 12 methods that technology leaders need to incorporate to secure and protect APIs." -- #PhaniDeepakAkella #securityBoulevard

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3 days ago

Why Customer Value Will Drive The Next Wave Of Digital Transformation

"VSM isn’t a one-and-done solution to improved customer value. It is both a strategy and a practice and requires an investment of time and dedication. With that in mind, here are five crucial steps to help achieve the potential upside:" -- #SergeLucio #forbes

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4 days ago

How to Design a Successful API Strategy (and Why You Need One)

"We’ve put together some tips and best practices to consider when designing your API strategy to help make your API as successful, useful, and profitable as possible." -- #jSimpson #nordicapis

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5 days ago

API Product Management: Beyond API Endpoints To API Products

"API endpoints have matured and [are being] integrated into the functioning of business to the point where they need to be managed as products. As such, they need to be driven by a vision that is aligned with the business" -- #AbhijitDey #apiMetrics

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6 days ago

Research revealed the advantages of digital technologies for business processes

"While analyzing all the digital solutions implemented in the business processes, researchers were able to identify four affordances of these digital technologies. These affordances include accessing, updating, sharing, and initiating."

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1 week ago

"I am far more afraid of machine stupidity than of machine intelligence."" -- #MelanieMitchell in "Artificial Intelligence", 2019

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1 week ago

Bye Bye Swagger and Postman — Built-in Rest Client of VS 2022

"the use of .http files provides below advantages compared to tools such as Postman and Swagger. I believe it’s worth giving it a try." -- #AtakanKorez

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1 week ago

Book Summary: "RESTful Web Clients - Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia"

"By applying the concepts and best practices presented in “RESTful Web Clients: Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia,” developers can build more flexible, maintainable, and reusable web clients that effectively interact with RESTful web services inside and outside an organization." -- #FagnerBrack

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Definitive Guide to API Discovery

"API traffic now represents over 80% of the current internet traffic¹. However, organizations are still struggling to keep them secure." -- #nonameSecurity

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The evolution of embedded finance

"Ronnie Mitra, Senior Director, Technology, Publicis Sapient: Banks should adopt a neobanking mindset and leverage fintech providers and bank-specific platforms for a single proposition venture. Speed is crucial at the outset." -- #paypers

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How companies make it difficult to unsubscribe

"I unsubscribed from 16 online services and documented the ways companies made it, knowingly (or unknowingly), challenging." -- #CarolineSinders

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Monoliths are not dinosaurs

"Evaluating your systems regularly is as important, if not more so, than building them in the first place. Because your systems will run much longer than the time it takes to design them." -- #WernerVogels #aws

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Scheduling Standards Consortium grows ranks, readies API release

"The Scheduling Standards Consortium (SSC) has added seven partners as it prepares new open application programming interface scheduling standards to be released by the end of the year." -- #GraceSharkey #freightWaves

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How NatWest is building a relationship bank in a digital world

"As Wendy Redshaw, Chief Digital Information Officer, Retail Bank at NatWest Group, explains: 'At NatWest we are responding to the needs of all of our customers in building a relationship bank in a digital world.'" -- #ElhamRiziShorvon

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Regulating the Digital Sector, Transforming Consumer Protection Regulation

"UK Government Proposes Significant Reforms With Draft Bill" -- #jdsupra

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The 3 Pillars of Digital Transformation — And the Pitfalls to Avoid

"This article delves into the three essential components that companies must be able to rely on for a successful digital transformation: an integrated technology stack, a sound business model, and a skilled, culturally aligned workforce." -- #AndreaLatino #DigitalFirstMagazine

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Building the Right APIs Is Key to Your Digital Transformation

"organizations can often get mired in the technicalities of building APIs without considering that more is not necessarily better." -- #PatrickDonovan #Axway

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AWS launches generative AI cloud API, Bedrock

"Offers access to its own models, as well as those of Anthropic, AI21, and Stable Diffusion" -- #SebastianMoss

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Why Shadow APIs are More Dangerous than You Think

" For those that aren't familiar with the term, shadow APIs are a type of application programming interface (API) that isn't officially documented or supported." -- #TheHackerNews

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The Layers of API Security

"In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how APIs can be compromised across various areas and how to secure each layer in an API." -- #SecurityBoulevard

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Digital transformation: 3 ways it improves hybrid work

"In today’s hybrid world, digital transformation does much more than boost operational efficiencies. Here are three examples of how it supports disparate teams." -- #RitishReddy #EnterprisersProject

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Growing a Language

"Today, we take a short diversion from our normal journey through The Language of API Design—though we’re not deviating very far off our path." -- #DavidBiesack

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What is API Inventory: An API Inventory Overview?

"API inventory is an integral component of API governance and compliance and is the process of identifying every API deployed across all organization environments, its use, users, limitations, and security profile." -- #TonyBailey #SecurityBoulevard

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GM created its own open-source software protocol and wants its competitors to use it

"The automaker is joining the Eclipse Foundation to underscore its commitment for more open communication standards between connected cars." -- #theVerge

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What’s New in OWASP API Top 10 2023RC: The Latest Changes and Enhancements

"As APIs continue to increase across industries, so too do the threats to their security. The OWASP API Top 10 list is an essential resource for businesses looking to secure their application programming interfaces." -- #Indusface

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Automotive must address API security, ASAP

"Adam Fisher outlines the risks of automotive cyber crime, as well as some potential solutions"

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"It is far easier to add a new service than to change an exisiting one." -- #Anon.

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Adopting an API Maturity Model to Accelerate Innovation

"Developing a mature API program will unlock new opportunities for accelerated business innovation, leading to growth." -- #infoq

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Application, API attack prevalence spikes

#SiliconAngle reports that cyberattacks aimed at applications and application programming interfaces have increased by 137% in 2022, resulting in the highest number of attacks on record." -- #scMagazine

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What Is a Unified API? When Should You Consider Using One?

"Unified API is a type of application programming interface (API) that enables developers to access information from multiple sources through a single interface." -- #VyomSrivastava #NordicAPIs

#api360 #unifiedAPIs

What is API Discovery and API Visibility?

"API discovery offers granular visibility into your apps, their spread, availability, accessibility and whether they are protected or unprotected." -- #TonyBailey #SecurityBoulevard

#api360 #discovery #visibility

How to develop an API test automation strategy

"A suite of automated API tests can set up an application for success but only if QA teams determine the right tests to automate and implement them correctly." -- #AmyReichert

#api360 #testing

How To Successfully Approach An API Endeavor

"APIs are often viewed as a panacea of opportunity—a must-do for innovation and competition. But this is only half of the story." -- #JasonHarmon #Stoplight

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How to fix the top 5 API vulnerabilities

"Security teams must concentrate on eliminating the following five vulnerabilities, which -- despite being well known -- are still often present and exploitable in today's APIs." -- #MichaelCobb #TechTarget

#api360 #security

The secret ingredient for successful digital transformation

"Here, we hear the story about the secret ingredient for successful digital transformation, as engagingly told by Mark Vincent, Owner of Applied Change Ltd." -- #MarkVincent #openAccessGovernment

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Programming the Web with HyperLANG and HyperCLI

"Imagine if cURL and NodeJS were tossed in a blender together with a dash of COBOL for flavor (yes, COBOL!)."


Visa partners with PayPal, Venmo and others to power interoperable digital payments

"Visa is partnering with a host of financial service and payment companies for a new interoperable peer-to-peer (P2P) payment offering, one that allows people to transfer money to friends even if they use a different payment service." -- #PaulSawers #TechCrunch

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5 Traits That Popular APIs Have in Common

"Examining some of the most valuable APIs helps us discover what essential features make up an excellent API developer experience." -- #jSimpson #nordicAPIs

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most of my talks are conceptual and/or storytelling. this year i'll be doing more code-centric talks w/ the #HyperLANG and #HyperCLI tooling i created a couple years ago.

join me at #GOTOChgo using promo code “mike10” for 10% off:

we'll explore "Programmingthe Web w/ HyperLANG and HyperCLI"

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the words "Programming the Web with HyperLANG and HyperCLI" along with "Mike Amundsen @mamund" superimposed on a background shot of a 1960s-style 80 column programming card

for ~2 yrs, i've been using my #HYPER CLI tool to make prorgramming the web easier, safer, and more resilient. think CURL + nodeJS with a dash of COBOL <g>.

i continue to work on improve, document, and expand the app and welcome feedback and updates.

join me at #GOTOchgo in May for a full-blown talk on the power of HYPER. Register for your ticket with the special offer “mike10” to get 10% off your ticket:


happy to share that I will be speaking at #GOTOchgo May 2023, taking place in Chicago, May 22-24.

looking forward to catching up w/ old friends and discovering new ones!

hope you can join me. promo code “mike10” for 10% off:

see you there!


Behind the Scenes: What I’ve Experienced So Far With Building and Nurturing An API Community

"While I'm not an API guru or expert, I firmly believe that improving the developer habitats where our colleagues work on a daily basis will lead to stepwise improvements in how we build and deliver products." -- #JoyceStack #LinkedIn

#api360 #apiCommunity

Analyzing Your Existing API Testing Through a Security Lens

"API security testing is an integral part of any API development project. Making sure that your APIs are secure and resilient to attack is just as important as ensuring that they work as expected." -- #DanaEpp

#api360 #apiSecurity #apiTesting

Too many startups focus on feasibility first. They love building, so they build.

Too many corporate innovators focus on viability first. They need to prove (on a spreadsheet) that the business can be big enough.

Both are usually a path to failure.

Ben Yoskovitz on Twitter

#api360 #apiProduct

Protocols, APIs, and conventions

"e’re in one of those internet moments of rapid innovation, when new conventions can unlock emergent behaviors. Enjoy it!" -- #JonUdell

#api360 #innovation

Correct technical explanation order

"Why most writing explains things in the wrong order..."

#api360 #apiDocs

The Language-Oriented Approach to API Development

"... an approach that encourages people to create their own language for the way they talk about APIs and to capture that language in a DSL. " -- @smizell


Security robot protects PG&E’s SF turf —residents are not amused

"Knightscope rents out the machines for $7 an hour – considerably less than the city’s minimum wage of $16.99 an hour."

#api360 #automation

"Chipotle Mexican Grill is testing whether a robot can make tortilla chips in stores. Sweetgreen
plans to automate salad making in at least two locations. And Starbucks
wants its coffee-making equipment to lessen the workload for baristas."

#api360 #automation

How much I’ve spent so far running my own Mastodon server on AWS

"If you are running your own Mastodon server on AWS (or really anything at all on AWS) do yourself a favor and head over to AWS Budgets and set one up for yourself."

#api360 #mastodon

Julius Gamanyi (@julius) has pointed me to an excellent 2018 talk by that explores innovation, design, and modularity as drivers for #OpenBanking.

my advice to all is to stop what you are doing and listen to this clip right now:

#api360 #systemThinking #softwareArch

The lawsuit that could rewrite the rules of AI copyright

“AI systems are not magical black boxes that are exempt from the law.”

#api360 #API

AWS Publishes Guide to Architecture Decision Records

"AWS proposed this ADR process to facilitate architectural decision-making, avoid repetitive discussions about the same topics, and communicate decisions effectively."

#api360 #SoftwareArchitecture

Who Invented the API? | Nordic APIs |

"That being said, this is arguably the first true incarnation of the concept of the API."

#api360 #apiHistory

REST APIs don’t need a versioning strategy - they need a change strategy

"Whatever approach you take to managing change you will need consistent and active governance over the evolving contract."

#api360 #apiVersioning

Fallacies of Distributed Systems

"Fallacies of distributed systems are a set of assertions made by L Peter Deutsch and others at Sun Microsystems describing false assumptions that programmers new to distributed applications invariably make. "


Postman’s Chief Evangelist Kin Lane Releases New Book on the API-First Transformation

"The API-First Transformation shows readers how to create their own API strategy, assemble the right technology, and put solutions to work. Thirty executives from leading brands including 7-Eleven, National Basketball Association (NBA), and Twilio also share stories of how they have embraced API-first and the benefits that approach has delivered."

#apiNews #api360

Quit Believing In Framework “Magic”!

Do you really need to use all these frameworks and libraries? Would you know to implement them? Can you remove any of them?

#api360 #news

BMW starts selling heated seat subscriptions for $18 a month

"BMW has slowly been putting features behind subscriptions since 2020."

#api360 #apiTransactions #microtransactions

copies of my "RESTful Web API Patterns and Practices Cookbook" arrived today. Always a great feeling when i can feel to pages in my very own hands. #luckyMan

loosely-packed pile of books in a large shipping box.