1 week ago

I made a new Swift Package!

Need to trigger a behavior when all, or some rules are fulfilled?
Something like ... opening a paywall, requesting for an App Store review?

Inspired from the TipKit API with event donation, Introducing RuleKit, my new Open Source library for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS !

Feel free to share, contribute, star, and obviously, use!

#OpenSource #Swift #iOSDev #AppleDev #MacDev

Sample code of using RuleKit for triggering an App Store Review Prompt
Juan Arzola
2 weeks ago

I'd love it if #xcode could save the call stack for some OSlog. Selecting the log in the log viewer would open up the Debug navigator with the stack of the log, and the log's stack frame variables in the variable viewer.

Alternatively, this could be a feature of breakpoint actions - an action for "save call stack”which would also log to the console a special log that when selected, allows you to inspect the call stack retroactively. #AppleDev

Juan Arzola
1 month ago

#SwiftData defaults had it unintentionally (to me) delete a whole folder of an item when deleting any of the items in it.

Without any explicit attributes, it defaulted to making `folder` the inverse of `items` in the parent node, instead of being this node's own folder. I feel all inverses should be enforced to be explicit, otherwise they are hard to spot because their source relationships aren't colocated.


Jake Henry :St_Louis_City_SC:
1 month ago

Attending tonight’s #AppleDev Online session about the Game Center. My first one. Kinda excited.

Stefan Scholl
2 months ago

Why do people talk about 30% #Apple tax? For most developers it's just 15%!

#AppleDev #IndieDev #Swift #AppStore

2 months ago

Finally readying the first beta build of this iOS app for Adobe video editors. Here's to hoping the reviews are painless! Anybody having any tips? #iOS17 #videoediting #iosdev #appledev

2 months ago

Friday release on ?

#AppleDev #Apple

We’ll be back soon.
For details and updates, see the developer system status page
Marcin Krzyzanowski :clippy:
2 months ago

Added working "Spelling & Grammar" to over the weekend.

That was fun:

✔ Use 3yo "modern" NSTextCheckingController API with 0 documentation, and nobody seems to use it - "About 22 results" results in Google.

✔ disassemble AppKit to understand how it works

#macdev #appkit #appledev #programming

@Jeehut Suitable, as I do get great ideas after a nap 😴 Another option is #AppleDev.

Stefan Scholl
3 months ago

The r/Swift welcome message mentions r/SwiftUI and r/iOSProgramming. Both subreddits don't exist anymore on #reddit. 😞
#swift #appledev

Sarah A
4 months ago

the following article was read by my #elevenlabs clone with some modifications to make it clearer in audio format.
#audiomo #appleDev #WWDC23

article voiced by my clone entitled: Apple makes iOS 17 developer beta free for everyone. This summarizes the bug we thought was around when iOs 17 was first released to devs. turn's out it is not. the links have been omitted. see the link in the body for the article as the way to do this is in there. the ending statement was also omitted.
Mark Bessey
4 months ago

Apple's "System Status" page: EVERYTHING IS FINE!

Me: submits build to Notary service, times out, never finishes.

Apple's "System Status" page: EVERYTHING IS FINE!

#macosdev #appledev #xcode

David Blue ※
4 months ago

Does anybody know if there's like... an aggregated single documentation index for all the settings in this menu?

I could have sworn I found it way back when, but that absolutely would not be an unusual dream for me to have and mistake for reality at this point lol.
#iosdev #iPadOS #AppleDev #iOS165

Mocked-up screenshot of iPadOS' Developer Mode settings menu.
Adrian Thomas
5 months ago

In case anyone was wondering if submitting an app for unlisted app distribution was any easier than regular app review, it’s not. #AppleDev #appreview #iOSDev

Sandro Pennisi
5 months ago

Another example at 2x speed: rounded rectangle with radial gradient. You can see you can even edit the gradient. Then adding and subtracting a text etc.
And you magically have the #SwiftUI code for this view. It’s pretty cool you can do this all on your iPhone. #design #AppleDev

Sylvain G.
7 months ago

I clearly love the declarative pattern in SwiftUI but I still don’t get why it’s so difficult to know if a tap event occurred inside a view. Using GeometryReader is the way to go but why does it need to break my simple design? This feels so wrong #swiftui #ios #AppleDev

7 months ago

Oh no, this is annoying. Guess it‘s a smart move to make sure that developers use actual testing devices for the betas…

"Your iPhone or iPad must be signed in with the same Apple ID you used to enroll in the Apple Developer Program in order to see this option in Settings. In future iOS and iPadOS releases, this new setting will be the way to enable developer betas and configuration profiles will no longer grant access." #iOSDev #AppleDev #SwiftDev

Paris B-A
7 months ago

#DevWorld ticket sales are open! Join us in #Melbourne for the #conference! Early bird discount now available! Follow @auc for updates! #iOSdev #AppleDev #macOS #Apple

Some blank pieces of paper with empty iOS app icons and coloured pens on a table with the heading “Apps I Made”, for people to draw on at the /dev/world event!
Full Report Below
7 months ago

NSNetService is deprecated, and NWBrowser does not support resolving DNS.

So I did that with DNSServiceResolve. In Objective-C, of course, because doing it in Swift is way too painful.

#iosdev #macdev #appledev

WWDC 2022 Screenshot: "The best way to build an app is with Swift and SwiftUI"
Jon Schwenn
8 months ago

Talking EC2 Mac on in 15 minutes. Check it out and chat about macOS in a cloud environment

#MacAdmins #MacOS #aws #AppleDev

8 months ago

Does anyone know how long it takes for Apple to process EndpointSecurity framework capability requests? I’ve been waiting 2 months now and reached out to dev support but they couldn’t give me any estimates #apple #appledev

Gauche Douglas ☀️
8 months ago

omg StoreKit 2 is so much better 😅 why wasn't it always like this #swift #iOS #appledev

Evan K. Stone
8 months ago

Just thinking out loud here, but would there be interest in a virtual iOS/Mac/Swift development conference this year? 🤔

#iosdev #swiftui #swift #swiftlang #macdev #macdevelopers #appledev #appledeveloper

Mars Buttfield-Addison 🛰
8 months ago

After a 2-year COVID hiatus, the /dev/world #conference is returning to #Melbourne in late March!

A few things are staying the same:

✅ the fantastic AU/NZ Apple community
✅ a new-speaker-friendly CFP + audience
✅ the fab dietary-friendly catering

But with a few key additions:

💟 #MacAdmin talks alongside the existing #AppleDev stream
💟 a thoughtful COVID-safe plan and largely outdoor venue
💟 increased speaker support, to include consideration for travel insurance

We think it'll be the best one yet!

Feel free to reach out if you want to chat talk ideas with me, or check out our #CFP directly at

Photograph of a speaker standing in front of a projected slide presentation. The speaker is a young caucasian male in a casual suit, standing in front of a slide with a picture of a hand holding an iPhone. The slide text reads "To compile and redeploy your app at every step of development is for chumps" and a link at the bottom of the slide directs the audience to iconic framework dot com.
Photograph of a person enthusiastically gesturing to a slide projected behind them. The slide shows the logo for Omni Automation. The speaker is an older male with a trimmed white beard and curly hair, wearing a black polo shirt and beret. To those familiar with Apple history, he may be recognisable as Sal Soghoian - a core developer of AppleScript, Automator, and more.
Selfie of a large group of people in conference lanyards, taken from above all their heads. Seven people of various race and gender are looking up at the camera with their arms all wrapped around each other, each smiling widely as if in the midst of laughter.
Photograph of the inside of a lunchbox, made of compostable recycled cardboard. Inside the box shows a wrap whose contents cannot be seen, a small dish of watermelon cubes, and a slice that looks to be made of rocky road that is dusted in pistachio. Below the box, a pile of similar boxes are closed. One reads "Veg Fal..." and presumably says "falafel", indicating the lunchboxes have varied contents by dietary needs.
Paris B-A
8 months ago

Hey! #DevWorld is back! Come join us in #Melbourne for the best little #AppleDev #conference in the world! #CFP now open!

Paris B-A
9 months ago

Hey folks who’ve attended #AUC events, like #DevWorld and #XWorld... #HoldTheDate for March 30 & 31 in #Melbourne next year! 👀😎 #SwiftLang #AppleDev #iOSdev #macOSdev #Apple