1 week ago

So I'm just sayin':

If you're a press, and you're looking to publish a slightly edgy but quite serious scholarly article...

Maybe don't release it on 1 April, okay?

Thx; we later scholars will appreciate the delay

#AprilFools #ScholarlyPublishing #PlanAhead

4 weeks ago

Though this particular post was an #AprilFools joke, this #Apple blogger posts some fun and interesting things, including free-to-download wallpapers. On this post, though, I would love to see the iPod reintroduced, for real. #tech

1 month ago

#winter #aprilfools #30days April 1 we got 10 inches of snow. I had to drive 1600 miles, but May 1 this is my view.

A car covered in snow in the foreground. A single story house and garage deep in snow is behind the car.  The caption is April first we got ten inches of snow.
An view of the ocean beach with clouds on the horizon.  The tops of the clouds are golden from the setting sun.  In the foreground is a beach with waves breaking on the shore.  The caption is May first, I had to drive one thousand six hundred miles but today this is the view.
2 months ago

We'll be posting the #solutions within the next #week or so!

#IRC #ircpuzzles #chat #Libera #puzzle #puzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

Keep an eye out on our website at,

2 months ago

The #top10 for individuals have been filled up!

Thank you to everyone participating this year!

You can still finish/compete as a #team

#IRC #puzzle #puzzles #ircpuzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #TaylorSwift #TaylorSwiftErasTour

2 months ago

Glad to see that my local police department has a sense of humor.


Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
2 months ago

@cragsand @Vchat20


I put in

> has:cw

in the search field and #ZeroResults on:
* All, yep 0 results.

Did they implement it for #AprilFools?

2 months ago

Thanks to everyone who came out, in-person and virtually, to our #tour of #Tacoma in #WashingtonState last weekend!

Special thanks to my (#Bihotz) co-host, IrishGinger (PNW RES)!

#tacomawa #WA #WAState #PNW #ladygress #ingresswa #tacomawashington

#IngressFS #ingressenlightened #ingressresistance #ingress#Enlightened #Resistance #FirstSaturday

#AprilFools #aprilfoolsday

2 months ago

I am fascinated by the April joke of #Prusa . #Prusament has really made hex shape filament!

Well played @jozefprusa !

#3dprinting #filament #aprilfools

2 months ago

Is it just me or #April fools day passed unnoticed?

I guess the world is so crazy lately that nothing seems like a joke 🙃

#aprilfools #aprilfoolsday

2 months ago

Spoke with a couple of editors this week: one had referenced an #AprilFools day article the other had written a last year and used it to make a genuine scientific point.
Turns out other cultures use the internet outside of Anglo-America & April 1st BS isn’t universal. Maybe knock it on the head yeah?

Benjamin Spider 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

I missed Satisfactory's April Fools joke, and it trolls Elon.

#satisfactory #aprilfools #gaming #videogames #coffeestainstudios

Boozebuddy Update
2 months ago

#newvideo Today's Booze News: Brewers Joke Backfires, Bar Rescue Bourbon, & Perfectly Prepped Martinis #boozenews #kolsch #AprilFools #BarRescue #jontaffer #greygoose #martini

2 months ago

Current progress: Track A Done (2), Track B Done (6), Level C6 (1)

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #IRC #puzzle #puzzles #ircpuzzles #April Finally, textual descriptions for images/videos of cats in and around containers have been standardised! Now we can easily and accurately describe them with RFC9402 Concat notation!

(This is an April Fools joke)

#AprilFools #CatsOfMastodon

2 months ago

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the #snow in April.
This poor #magnolia says hi.

#april #aprilfools #blossom #nature #naturephotography

The trilling conclusion to The Murder of #Sonic The Hedgehog returns...RIGHT NOW!
#themurderofsonicthehedgehog #aprilfools #vn #visualnovel

bitsmasher the bumbling
2 months ago

I had a blast playing the Minceraft April Fools update! But next week we'll be back to "normal"!

#minecraft #aprilfools #aprilfool #imafoolallthetimetoo #twitch #streamer

Poetry News
2 months ago

Monstrously taking up time
Head-down and scrolling away
Lurking in addictive shadows

#screen #aprilfools #limerick #rhyme #cinquain #poetry

2 months ago

Current progress: Level A6 (6), Track B Done (4), Level C5 (14)

#ircpuzzles #IRC #Libera #LiberaChat #chat #Discord #puzzle #puzzles #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023

Tory Anderson
2 months ago

Was it an #AprilFools that #Spotify made autoplay on my home screen as I browse in supposed silence? Scathing responses: . Found a sort-of official work-around.

Poetry News
2 months ago

Amidst all the laughter and jokes,
We can hear the sanity's yokes.
It's time to err on the side of caution,
And question it all, every notion.

Before you act and make a sound,
Take a pause; look around.
Is it an April Fools' prank, or just a weird product?
Take charge; move ahead, but be cautious and select.

#aprilfools #skepticism #questions #ode #poetry

@VoicesofWentworth Oh i'm genuinely thrilled, surprised... & relieved it's not an #AprilFools joke.

2 months ago

🐾🍀 Caught in the act! 😺 Just found out my cat has a secret life while I'm at work—she sneaks off to the Temple Bar for a Guinness! 🍺

Looks like we've got a *late* April Fool's Day jokester on our hands! 🤣📅 Better late than never, amirite? 🙌 Cheers to this paw-ty animal! 🐾🍻

#TempleBar #Dublin #Guinness #CatsOfMastodon #AprilFools #BetterLateThanNever #CatAdventures #PawsAndPints #MyCatIsAJokester

Michael T. Richter
2 months ago

UBC went for the throat.


April 1, 2023
Dear students,

We regret to inform you that the Computer Science Major, Honours, and Minor programs at UBC are slated o be canceled in the next Winter session (2023W). This decision was made after a thorough review of the program's offerings and the job market's need for computer science graduates. Computer Science Co-op will also be cancelled after the 20238 term, and student access to Scope will be terminated after April 30, 3023. Students who are currenty registered in Co-op, but have not completed all assigned work terms, will forfeit their Co-op fees. 

Given the emergence of new technologies such as Al and machine learning, we have concluded that ChatGPT, an advanced language model, is now capable of replacing the need for human computer science graduates in many fields. As a result, the Faculty of Science has decided to discontinue its computer science programs (to realign with the current technological advancements.

... and so on ...
Annette Harris
2 months ago

I called my husband yesterday to let him know that someone hit my recently paid off Jaguar in the parking lot.

I purchased my car on April 1 and it was her birthday. Ironically, she gets hit on April 1. Why did he think this was an #aprilfools joke?

Unfortunately, it was not, but luckily the person was still there and didn’t even realize she hit my car. #aprilfoolsday #kittwashit

Black jaguar
Dave Rahardja
2 months ago

In case you missed it #AprilFools

“The Post ruins April Fools’ Day, 2023 edition”

2 months ago

Thanks to #JamesFell for this hysterical tidbit.


“Hey, honey, I just bought you a brand-new car. Check it out!” “Haha. Very funny.” “No, really. This car is all yours.” “Yeah, right. I checked the calendar. It’s April Fool’s Day. That thing looks like a dump truck had sex with a Japanese toaster oven.” In the 1970s, in North America alone, AMC sold almost a million of the ugliest car you ever saw.

--On This Day in History Shit Went Down: April 1, 1970--

Ugly yellow, AMC, gremlin
Heidi Betts
2 months ago

ICYMI, I am very sorry to say that yesterday's announcement of new #charcuterie nail polish strips was merely an #AprilFools joke. :(

Lydia Conwell
2 months ago

I think we need to expand #AprilFoolsDay to the entire month.

That way, we can all learn to be on our guard a little bit more.

#AprilFoolsMonth #AprilFools

Paul Ryan (Wisteela) ✅
2 months ago

Megxit to McNugget boots: some of the best April Fools’ Day 2023 gags | Media | The Guardian


2 months ago

For future reference: this was obviously an #aprilFools joke.

However, there is a kernel of truth in there: #MapComplete is pcurrently getting a big refactoring: we are switching to @maplibre and in the wake of it, I'm cleaning up rhe codebase and restructuring the UI slightly (and porting some more UI-components to #Svelte)

@Florie Je suis très mal à l'aise avec cela également... Parce que cela met à mal ma classification mentale des sources fiables et non fiables, fait naitre de faux espoirs et de fausses désillusions... :blobugh: #aprilfools #mentalhealth

Henceforth April Fool's Day should just be called ChatGPT's day because it creates mostly convincing content that when you scratch the surface turns out to be full of bullshit.

#ChatGPT #aprilfools

Sean Riley
2 months ago

Yet another problem with algorithmically derived news feeds (not here!) - Google phone news, Facebook et al are still showing random April fools joke stories mixed in with the rest. V.annoying!

#algorithm #AprilFools

2 months ago

LMAO! Best I've seen on Weekend Update in years. "Weekend Update: Donald Trump Indicted" - SNL
#SNL #weekendupdate #colinjost #michaelche #aprilfools

PJ Coffey
2 months ago

@Abstruse - #RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News for April 2, 2023: #DnD Beyond freebies and sale on digital books, lots of free #AprilFools products including #WorldOfDarkness #VampireTheMasquerade the last week of the #TTRPG for Trans Rights bundle, Humble Bundles for #Shadowrun #OSR #Traveller #Warhammer40k #DarkHeresy map creation software, 3D printed miniatures, and more!

Darryl Mott
2 months ago

#RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News for April 2, 2023: #DnD Beyond freebies and sale on digital books, lots of free #AprilFools products including #WorldOfDarkness #VampireTheMasquerade the last week of the #TTRPG for Trans Rights bundle, Humble Bundles for #Shadowrun #OSR #Traveller #Warhammer40k #DarkHeresy map creation software, 3D printed miniatures, and more!

Mark Carter
2 months ago

😊 Elon Musk: #Tesla Cybertruck Is Dead, $20,000 City Car Is Coming - CleanTechnica #aprilfools

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
2 months ago


This one really caught me. At first, I just thought it was a stupid #AprilFools joke, but then people started talking about the advantages of hex shaped filament, and I actually thought about it. Now I am not sure anymore😂

@3dprinting #3dprinting

Unsigned Long
2 months ago

Screw it, #AprilFools is a good time to finally finish a joke.

Eastern dragons are great because the cuddling options are endless. I mean, just imagine how adorable it would be to have two noodle dergs hugging in a double helix.

They'd be like twisted-pair cabling :)

But the existence of twisted-pair dragons implies the existence of coaxial dragons...

Dragons in two scenarios: twisted pair and coaxial.

In the scenario labeled "twisted pair dragons," the dragons are hugging each other and forming a double helix.

In the scenario labeled "coaxial dragons," one of the coaxial dragons is voring the other.
2 months ago

#April 1st is the most dangerous day to be on the internet...
I guess happy #AprilFools day!

James Hare
2 months ago

99% or more of the April Fools jokes are just unfunny or outright cringeworthy. 😬

I wish tech companies & programmers either work at acquiring a better sense of humor or just stop this silliness. Mostly the latter. 😒

Le Groan.

#AprilFools #Silly #Humor

Rich Johnson
2 months ago

Muhahah! Had the President of our local Bicycle Racing Association, American Bike Race, send an email as a blatant #AprilFools so I responded with:

"Alrighty, I've posted this to all of the Chicagoland club lists and posted it on all of the websites! Here is to a killer 2023 bike racing season!"

I'm so hoping he responds with, "It was an April Fools!" just so I can respond "So was mine. BOOYAH!"

Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 months ago

quite unexpected
April first had the last laugh
... ice crystals as rain

#amwriting #nature #observations #haiku #senryu #3lines #aprilfools

♞ Pixel Prophecy 🇺🇦🇪🇺
2 months ago

In case you’re wondering: This is the video in question:

#YouTube #aprilfools #satire

2 months ago

Remember that fake “Pope in a Puffer Jacket” image? Looks like #HyperAlergic decided to run with it for an #AprilFools story:

Vatican Partners With Balenciaga on “Spiritual” Menswear Line

2 months ago

#AprilFools it’s me

Giant bag of Easter candy
Avoid The Hack!
2 months ago

Fake #ransomware gang targets U.S. orgs with empty data leak threats

I thought this was a joke, but turns out it’s real!

#cybersecurity #security #infosec #aprilfools

Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
2 months ago

On April First we foolishly advertise plays we will (probably) never stage!

An uncensored version of our original Defenders of Neo-Nippon 3 Team Henshin-H anime fanservice farce parody play "Magical Bishōjo Scout Shibari-chan's Naughty Knotty Problem Special DELUXE!!"? Yeah, that *IS* a fake production! 🤣

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFirst #parody #theater #improv #improvisation #Marcon #MarconOH #ScienceFiction #SciFi #anime #MagicalGirl #CatGril #DragonBallZ #DBZ

Seven actors bowing after a performance of an anime parody play on a raised stage in a hotel conference center panel room during a science-fiction convention. The actors were playing a parody of a Z-Fighter from "Dragonball Z", a perverted teacher (wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a towel), a foolish friend (in patchwork), a tsundere magical girl (with most of her costume off), a school girl, a school boy, and a catgirl in a fur bikini. The tsundere magical girl is covered up with a Photoshop "censorship" bar. All as a gag to advertise a fake play.
Tiesa Meskis
2 months ago

Now this is my kind of #AprilFools #prank.

Silver car wrapped in plastic wrap.
2 months ago

Never one to miss a hype cycle, today we're pleased to announce we're joining the metaverse — or uh, infusing with the mighty power of AI!!!

Read more, and generate endless meaningless content from your own blogs here:


Jesse Hallett
2 months ago

I fit in one final "prank": colorful pasta for dinner. #aprilfools

servings of casarecce pasta that has been dyed purple, teal, and orange with food coloring
Jesse Hallett
2 months ago

The kids reversed the upside-down monitor change immediately. That left them with a conundrum with respect to the upside-down videos. I turned that into a CSS lesson with my 11-year-old. #aprilfools

2 months ago

Well, that is certainly interesting. #ADSB #avgeek #AprilFools

Flight tracking with butterflies and birds instead of plane icons
Ted :astro:
2 months ago

PeopleMaking.Games is proud to bring you PMG Purple :pmgpurple:​. For a simple $10/m, you get the ability to post up to 1024 characters, edit your posts, translate other posts on request, verify your profile via a link-back system, and create and interact with polls!

*Note: all functionality also available for non-paying members

#AprilFools #ButAlsoNotAprilFools

A purple checkmark
cynthia rose
2 months ago

Bailey’s very wise reminder on this here #AprilFools: don’t forget to nap. Even if the sun’s out. Sleeping is highly underrated. #caturday #tabbycats #catsofmastodon #cats

A brown/tan/cream tabby cat is curled up inside his cubby hole, fast asleep.

My favorite thing about April Fool’s Day is everyone online being as skeptical about anything they see and read on the internet as they should be every other day of the year.


Where can you stream any of the prior D&D movies? I believe Mazes & Monsters (which I'll count) is on Tubi, which is free. I can't find the others anywhere. It's like the owners want it suppressed, but that can't be right. They're masterpieces. #DnD #AprilFools

Dr. Jorge Caballero
2 months ago

I made Bard apologize for failing to generate funny #AprilFools jokes.

Screenshot of Bard (a SALAMI chatbot) apologizing for being an unfunny, overhyped gimmick

We did something really fun and really stupid for April Fools...we had an AI create our entire episode and review The Room

#badmovies #moviereview #aprilfools

Dr. Jorge Caballero
2 months ago

<insert #AprilFools joke> Send toot.

Ivan Rodriguez ♠
2 months ago

I think I just fell for my first #aprilfools #prank on the #fediverse by a fellow #Texan:

Nice one, @jamescanup and @TexasObserver! Y'all got me good! 🤣

2 months ago


#PepperAndCarrot #AprilFools

Congratulations to One Twentieth AOL Time Home Lucas Discovery Century Box Warner Disney Office Brothers Studios Film Muppets America News Network.

I look forward to seeing which characters will be killed off and replaced with alternate-reality android clones and which will just have their character arcs chopped up and spread across everyone else's shows.

#PepperAndCarrot #AprilFools

Visions of Napa
2 months ago

#caturday #CatOfMastodon

My cat graciously moved over so I could sit on the hassock.

Just kidding! April fools! My cat would never willingly move over for me. She is just on the edge of the hassock because that’s where the sun is. #AprilFools

A cat sits on the edge of a house sick in a little bit of sun.
Ashley Porciuncula
2 months ago

The 9 yo subscribes to the Phoenix Comic Magazine. Today she opened it to find a high-end spoon magazine. 😆

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2023 #AprilFoolsJoke #ComicBook #ComicBooks #Kids #Funny

The cover of a Phoenix comic magazine
The cover of a Phoenix comic magazine
The cover of Spoon Weekly magazine, with a photo of a spoon.
2 months ago

For an #AprilFools joke #Zelenskyy should have yelled PUTIN HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN!

Talya (she/her)
2 months ago

#JohnGreen making a space video and @hankgreen making a tuberculosis video is a very good #AprilFools joke.

Rui Alves
2 months ago

Breaking #Google #Bard: How I got Hijacked by a Chatbot on April Fools’ Day
A #chatbot explores the shenanigans and silly shams behind a day of pranks

Read more on @medium:

TildalWave :toot:
2 months ago

Not an #AprilFools joke, we had a #hail #storm today ... on April 1st, northern hemisphere!! On the upside, it created some decent #lighting once the rain was over. Sorry about all the #aberrations in existence, I was playing with some new lenses that aren't best suited for this task.

#Photography #Urban #Landscape #Cityscape #Sunset #WindowsFriday #FensterFreitag #SamsungNX #NX30 #Konica #Hexanon

A sunset through a multi-pane window at slow aperture using 6-blade Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7, showing hundreds of hexagonal reflections of the sun on drops of rain on the window.
Sunset shot through the window covered in raindrops. Lens used was also the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7, but this time at a fast aperture and shutter speed and focused on the raindrops. There's a lot of aberrations in it, from "onion rings" to "coma" at the edges. Moody atmosphere.
A vertical "portrait" orientation shot of a sunset through a window covered in raindrops, focused at infinity. Lens used was Samsung NX 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom (semi-pancake lens). Clouds were dispersing after a hail storm, showing some blue tones and  contrasting nicely with admittedly bad quality out-of-focus reflections of the sun on the raindrops on the window. The tree outside the window is still covered in partially frozen snow-like cover, remnants of smaller and soft-ish hailstones.
2 months ago

Hello everyone, big news today: we've rebranded Alola Darumaka! Going forward you'll be seeing the adventures of Darumaka from the Galar region on adventures in Alola with her partner Darla!

Happy April Fools, thanks for playing along and we hope everyone has a fun April 1st!

Newest page:
First page:
Early Access:
#AlolaDarumaka #Webcomic #WebcomicUpdate #AprilFools

Two images; the first is a redraw of the original cover page for Alola Darumaka but now Galar Darumaka is standing on a sandy beach with the comic title above her. The second image is a comic redraw from the third page of Alola Darumaka, but this time Galar Darumaka stands on a pier waving her hands saying "hello!" as her partner Darla stands next to her with a suitcase saying "Hello, you must be Leif. I'm Darla." It's an April Fools joke that the comic is about Galar Darumaka instead of Unova Darumaka.
Two images; the first is a redraw of the original cover page for Alola Darumaka but now Galar Darumaka is standing on a sandy beach with the comic title above her. The second image is a comic redraw from the third page of Alola Darumaka, but this time Galar Darumaka stands on a pier waving her hands saying "hello!" as her partner Darla stands next to her with a suitcase saying "Hello, you must be Leif. I'm Darla." It's an April Fools joke that the comic is about Galar Darumaka instead of Unova Darumaka.
VM (Vicky) Brasseur
2 months ago

Today's Nancy comic is very good:

Olivia Jaimes used #AprilFools as a springboard for commentary on the challenges comics artists face at the intersection of traditional publishing and modern technology.

Roni Laukkarinen
2 months ago

@britt I don't celebrate #AprilFools either for these reasons.

Archangel Steel
2 months ago

LOOK!!! 👀 A New Product Line from Archangel Steel!!
Musical Instruments! 🎶🎵🪕🥁🎻🎸🎺🎷🎹🎼
"Rattle-Ready, Functional Art"

#ArchangelSteel #detroit #Morningstar #swordsmith #bladesmith #bladesmith #art #artist #fun #music #musicalinstruments #new #April #aprilfools

LOOK!!! 👀 A New Product Line from Archangel Steel!! 
Musical Instruments! 🎶🎵🪕🥁🎻🎸🎺🎷🎹🎼
"Rattle-Ready, Functional Art"

#ArchangelSteel #detroit #Morningstar #swordsmith #bladesmith #bladesmith #art #artist #fun #music #musicalinstruments #new #April #aprilfools
Dr. Jorge Caballero
2 months ago

Melon Husk is going to claim that his failed extortion campaign of Verified accounts was just an elaborate #AprilFools joke, isn't he?

Switchback Studio
2 months ago

I think these sound effects came out just about perfect, what do you think? 🔊🔊

#GameDev #IndieDev #SoundDesign #AprilFools

My personal favorite is "Brick!"
Grid Studio
2 months ago

Guess what? We've framed the newest iPhone because we know you want it.🔥

It's the frame that takes your workspace to a whole new level!⚡️😉 #AprilFools

2 months ago

Local food/services ads have been trying to outdo each other today. I've seen a Toasted Siopao Ice Cream, a Bangkas delivery service (jetski angkas, anyone?), a Grilled Halo-halo, a Sarap-Asim deodorant... Hahaha. Very creative! #AprilFools #Philippines

Damon Thomas
2 months ago

In high school a guy approached his girlfriend on 4/1 and told her he had cheated with her cousin. She was upset and confronted the cousin.. it turned out to be true. This guy obviously had no idea how April Fool's Day worked. Still.. this "Andy Kaufman does 4/1" bit is more interesting than anything we'll see today. #AprilFools

The Public Domain Review
2 months ago

Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, fell for one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century when he became convinced that the "fairy photographs", taken by two girls from Yorkshire in the 1920s, were real. Mary Losure explores: #AprilFools #hoax #photography #fairies

Photograph of girl with fairy
Photograph of girl with fairy
Photograph of girl with gnome-like fairy
Photograph of girl with lots of fairies dancing in front of her.
Eric Shivak
2 months ago

Fair Notice... if I see an April Fool's scam... I will call it!


Jon Lunman
2 months ago

Well played #Oura, well played.

Happy #AprilFools day.

#clippy #ringy

2 months ago

Lee Valley continues #aprilfools tradition with their newest #woodworking jig

Roni Laukkarinen
2 months ago

The year has been so absurd that it's very hard to know what's true or not anymore today on #AprilFools...

No #AprilFools shenanigans from me today.

I find it stressful and unnecessary. Social cues are already difficult enough as an #Autistic person, no need to make things worse.

Please be kind today. ❤️

2 months ago

Hm, has Reddit Ireland been hacked by any chance 😂

Reddit Ireland front page with "Home of the West Brits" and English icons (including Kitchener, but never mind)
Laura Kishimoto
2 months ago

An early reminder that you may want to ignore the internet for a while today.

Erika Hammerschmidt
2 months ago

I would like to reiterate my perennial position on #AprilFools which is that this day, due to its position approximately midway between 3/14 and 4/20, should be devoted entirely to celebrating pot pies.

any kind. chicken pot pie. vegetable pot pie. even a #pot pot pie, or a #pi pot pie, if you figure out how to make such a thing. April 1 is no longer about fooling, it is #PotPieDay.