Piotr Kotnis
4 days ago

@zak have you tried #Arc? It takes time to get used to it, but once you do - it’s hard to go back to the „classic” browsers.

ask me about toast
5 days ago

Bin ziemlich begeistert vom Browser #Arc, auch wenn der #Chromium (immerhin) als Basis hat.

Es gibt wöchentliche Updates, mit Vorstellung der neuen Features, inkl. Team-Vorstellungen.

Direktes Link-Kopieren: schon lange als Shortcut drin. Tracking-Parameter? Werden entfernt.

Text auf einer Webseite markiert? Kann jetzt als Zitat/Highlight geteilt werden.

Collagen aus Webseiten erstellen? Built-in und teilbar.

Mir gefällts, allerdings…

1 week ago

Does anyone have an #intel #arc and running #linux? How is it going for improvements, are the same improvements happening for linux? Probably a long shot as they will obviously develop for windows first then anything else second. Still interested to see how a major underdog would perform

Joao Dordio
1 week ago

One neat #UX detail on #Arc browser is the dismissal animation of the Little Arc. It will collapse the window to the position on the screen where the link was clicked!

Michal :verified: :btw:
1 week ago

For #ffmpeg #av1 encoding on the #intel #arc, after a bit of experimentation I made this work:

$ ffmpeg -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD129 -i source.mp4 -vf 'format=nv12,hwupload'

This results in ~8x realtime encode speed at 1080p.

You can skip the `format=nv12` but then the speed drops to ~2x realtime.

intel-gpu-top reports only ~35% "Video" engine utilization, so perhaps the encoding itself is not a bottleneck?

I will need to play around with the bitrates and compare with SVT-AV1

Michal :verified: :btw:
1 week ago

Many years overdue for a GPU upgrade, I caved in to "Black Friday" deals and got myself an #Intel #Arc 750 GPU. My main use-case is not just (occasional) gaming, but mainly compute (goofing around with LLM / SD) and #av1 video encoding.

The initial #Linux experience is not great. Despite having updated my Arch to latest packages, I could not get my #Xorg #AwesomeWM running. Fortunately #Wayland works at least.

I could also not yet find the right spell for #ffmpeg hwaccel AV1 encoding.

"Intel ARC" logo of ARC750 lighted up brightly inside a computer case.
Rich Rubin :verified_paw:
2 weeks ago

One of the more challenging parts of my current book release is being ghosted by most #ARC readers, at least compared to my other books. So I’d like to turn to the #fediverse and ask if there is anyone out there who would like to receive an ARC copy of my young adult book in exchange for a #bookreview before it comes out next week? #review #bookblog #authorsofmastodon #author #reviewer #writingcommunity #books #bookstodon @bookstodon

2 weeks ago

I’ve been using #Arc for #macOS for the last week, and I really, really like it! The #iOS app on the other hand, not so much…

Features I like:
- Spaces and Profiles
- Air Traffic Control
- Support for Chrome extensions
- Boost ‼️
- Split View
- PiP

Features I'd like to see added:
- An option to have tabs be at the top of the window (I know, I know…)
- A mute button in the PiP player

The sidebar has its advantages (like favourites), but I just haven't gotten used to it yet 🤷🏼‍♂️


I realized my typo later and decided it wasn't a typo so much as an entendre for what I intended and also "losing the plot" so it stands as written.

ALSO: I'm quite happy with my Sonos ARC sound bar and its companion SUB (subwoofer). The sound bar has some media server features that I've always been curious about. Will probably experiment as hubby and I gradually reclaim control over all our media.

#Sonos #Arc

2 weeks ago
Matt King 🍔
2 weeks ago

Been using #Arc Browser for a while now and really like it, but given the direction of Chromium/Chrome (Manifest V3) I'm gonna become a #Firefox user I think.

Jill Minor
2 weeks ago

I have an #ARC of Leigh Bardugo’s next book, THE FAMILIAR (April 9, 2024). I’ll be telling you #sff fans my impressions soon! @bookstodon #bookstodon

SciPost Physics
2 weeks ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Stress Tensor flows, birefringence in non-linear electrodynamics and supersymmetry

Christian Ferko, Liam Smith, Gabriele Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli
SciPost Phys. 15, 198 (2023)


My #Arc card was excited to have a new friend in the form of a #Lama!

Image of the inside of a workstation computer.

All parts of the workstation are black and have any integrated lights also turned off. 

The only exception is an Intel Arc A770 graphics card.

That graphics card has all LEDs on and showing a bright blue colour.

In from of the graphics card is a plush Lama like toy wearing a navy blue Intel Tshirt.

In the background can be seen a few sticks of ram, fans that aren’t spinning and a stack of hard drives.
Epiphanic Synchronicity
3 weeks ago

Upvote this post in the #Arc #browser subreddit if you’d like to see Arc notes save into your #Obsidian vault


Andreas Fischinger
3 weeks ago

Das Zusammenfassen Feature des #Arc Browsers ist schon genial...

In eastern #Syria, Russia moved in when #putin #stooge trump removed US forces.

Simultaneously, #Iranian militias operate unchecked.

Against pentagon & Military leaders criminal defendant trump took US out which was a victory for #Iran & Russia, and a betrayal among #Kurdish and Arab opposition forces. Experts: the move provided “Iran with solid control over the entire #arc of the #Levant from #Baghdad to #Beirut” and allowed Russia and Iran to emerge as the dominant players in #Syria.

The decision to withdraw was abrupt & led to a combat zone growing more unstable by the hour. Despite warnings from senior US officials & commanders that the fight against ISIS was not over and that without more help and training from #American troops, #ISIS extremists did regroup and return.


🧵 1/

3 weeks ago

#forj travail du #bois ce coup ci. J'essaye de faire un petit banc 60x47x22, genre médiéval. En chêne massif. Avec des ajours en #arc d'ogive trilobées.

Les pièces de bois découpées avec les tenons mortaises et les ajours en arc d'ogive trilobées.
Jill Minor
3 weeks ago

On "David Small, the Master" and his 2024 graphic novel THE WEREWOLF AT DUSK
#graphicnovel #bookblog #bookreview #ARC #bookblogger #bookstodon @bookstodon

Illustration of a boy inside a wolf, both with fangs and red eyes. Text says "THE WEREWOLF AT DUSK AND OTHER STORIES DAVID SMALL Author of STITCHES"
3 weeks ago

Have been using this #ArcBrowser everybody is talking about for a couple of days now. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back again. Such a great way to rework this whole #browser thing. #arc

1 month ago

The recent #arc #DiscoveryProjects announcements had 421 funded projects. About 10 of them didn't have a full professor or associate professor (i.e. Level E or D) in the team of applicants. That's less than 1 in 40.

I guess networking is everything, if one is working on something that is very new in this country and doesn't have senior people already working on it yet.

Rich Rubin :verified_paw:
1 month ago

The Challenges of Being Me is now on #GoodReads! The #book comes out on December 1st.

I’m still looking for #readers interested in receiving an #ARC in exchange for a #review

#bookblogger #bookreview #newrelease #authorsofmastodon #writingcommunity #stockingstuffer #bookstodon @bookstodon

Bartosz 👋🏻
1 month ago

Picture in picture w przeglądarce Arc podczas spotkań na Google Meet to dla mnie killer feature. Lubię synchronizację pomiędzy telefonem a komputerem w Safari, ale Arc jest zbyt wygodny żeby go ignorować.
#przeglądarki #Arc #TheBrowserCompany #nowomowa

Łukasz Jasiński
1 month ago

Does anybody have issues with #Arc Browser, #bitwarden and 2FA? After last updates butwarden intercepts #2FA requests making my #Yubikey unusable

Yorkshire Bylines
1 month ago

🆕 The Alliance of Responsible Citizenship conference: the most depressing show on Earth | Ann Moody

When will the right give us a break from cringing public displays of their existential crisis?

Read more 🔗 #ARC #AllianceResponsibleCitizenship

1 month ago

Where Marc writes about #ARC, an improvement over #DMARC.

(With much appreciation for #Fastmail and their engineers: I’m a client and I recommend them.)

Dr Di Cook
1 month ago

#ARC #statistics my proposal on statistical inference for data visualisation wasn’t funded. What happened? Three detailed reviewers ranked it 1st among their reviews, with letter grades two As and one B, two top 10%, one 10-25%. The ARC college of “experts” shifted the score to a letter grade of E, bottom 75-100%, no explanation, no reason. I want to thank the detailed reviewers for believing in the research, and this message is to make public what happened to it in the final stage.

Anthony Baker
1 month ago

Really, really digging #Arc from the Browser Company on MacOS. Hadn't really been into it during the betas, but am now coming to love it. Lots of features that definitely provide value for me. System-wide Little Arc, split views, some of the new AI features, spaces, the command pallette.

1 month ago

Canadian climate science denier Jordan Peterson’s new right-wing project, the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, launched this week with claims that carbon emissions have “declined” and that the climate crisis is a “secular religion”.

This DeSmog report goes through its claims and its shady backers (suprise, surprise, the usual suspects)
#ClimateDeniers #ARC #JordanPeterson #Legatum #ClimateEmergency

Jill Minor
1 month ago

Of all the things to trend on Mastodon for, I'm trending for having been a nutcase in my misspent youth. Ah well: confession is good for the soul. To get back to books, I'm reading an #ARC of CALAMITY by Constance Fay and I love it so far. #scifi #bookstodon #sff @bookstodon

Cindy Weinstein
1 month ago

Honored to be discussing #FindingTheRightWords: A Story of #Literature, #Grief, and the #Brain with members of #UCLA's #ARC (Americanist Research Colloquium) on November 9th from 4 to 5 pm. Thank you #ChrisLooby and the UCLA #EnglishDepartment for the invitation.


Hola ARTicstas, We meet for our first colloquium of the year on Thursday, Novemer 9, 4:00 p.m. in Kaplan 193. Our guest is Prof. Cindy Weinstein, Eli and Edythe Broad Professor of English (Caltech), with whom we will discuss sections of her recent memoir, Finding the Right Words: A Story of Literature, Grief, and the Brain. This book blends an account of her late father's early-onset Alzheimer's disease with her contemporaneous experience of graduate school at Berkeley. Cindy wrote the book in collaboration with Bruce L. Miller, MD, a renowned neurologist at UC San Francisco.
Jazzilla [ME] CCT, CA
1 month ago

No better description of American #politics than this. #democrats and #republicans gather with a foreign super power at #WEF rebrand #ARC meeting to get domestic policy directives, while #Americans get led around by the nose with left/right/#Trump/#maga #media stories.

Marco :prami:
1 month ago

🤯 Wondering why the #Arc browser needs 4 GB (!) of data in my library folder?! #macOS

1 month ago

Here it is! FigFix, a set of tweaks that make Figma’s layer panel easier to use with deeply nested layers.

Available as Arc Boost here:

Spent quite a bit of finetuning, hope you enjoy it. Boost or repost appreciated! 🥰 #Figma #Arc #ArcBoost @Figma

Figma in browser, tweaks to the layer panel to make it scrollable for deeply nested layers. Available as Arc Boost or custom stylesheet.
Jon McLaren
1 month ago

@dpom I'm a weird one in that while i only use 1 browser for work, i use multiple on my phone (based on purpose), and have been trying #opera GX on my gaming laptop (so i can keep the browser open with minimal impact on performance). Once #Arc browser comes to #windows that will be hitting that computer too.

Honestly #chrome has become vanilla ice cream. But i still like the dev tools in it the most.


1 month ago

Had some time to finish up the best compromise (css only) so far. Digging the added outlines, not so much the selected rows’ background not extending to the edge.

Also would like to stick the layer actions to the right but the current tree structure makes this hard without going the js route.
#Figma #Arc

Figma layer list that is horizontally scrolling, with additional vertical outlines.
Hans van Zijst
1 month ago
I'm reading up on #ARC, the stuff that I thought was going to solve all my mailinglist and #email forwarding problems with breaking #SPF, #DKIM and #DMARC.

But it's not nearly as nice as I had hoped.

It boils down to someone offering you an email that, according to DKIM and DMARC has been tampered with and should be rejected, assuring you he had to change a few things that broke security, but that it was all in good faith.

And you having to trust him...

You've made it this far, nice. I have to warn you that there's a lot more, some of it technical talk about email, some of it about trust.

Would you trust an ARC seal, on a message that doesn't check out, because the one offering it says it's OK?

That depends.

If I recognise that seal as one of my own servers, or a colleague I trust: I would. If I recognise it as my ISP or one of my favourite mailing lists, I probably would, depending on the context. But a random -possible- spammer, phisher or "state actor"?

How do I know who's who? My mailservers get hammered by hundreds of different machines every day, how do I know if I can trust them if they offer me a message with smoke coming out?

That's basically the problem with ARC: who do I trust?

Technical background

Now, some technical stuff to see what we're dealing with. Say, we have two small companies, one does plumbing, the other runs an office and needs some plumbing done. They both have their private email addresses; the plumber has his own domain at his ISP, the office uses GMail to forward mail to theirs.

Now the plumber mails an offer to the office, through his ISP, who adds a DKIM signature and has configured a strict DMARC policy for the domain.

GMail accepts the message, but to successfully forward it to the office's mailserver, they can't use the original envelope-from, because SPF says they're not on the list for that domain. So they use #SRS to circumvent that: they "wrap" the original "mail from:" address,, in one of their own, like:

That satisfies SPF (somewhat), because their servers are allowed to send from addresses within the domain.

But it breaks alignment for both SPF and DKIM, because now the envelope-from doesn't match the from-header anymore. Those are two indicators that something fishy could be going on.

The DKIM signature itself is still valid though, so DMARC is fine and the office's ISP accepts the mail.

What if

But what if Google were to change stuff in the actual message? That would break the signature. Like what mailinglist servers do: they change the body, for example by adding an unsubscribe-URL to it. That's legit, but it does break the DKIM signature, causing DMARC to reject the message.

Let's say, they want to add a link to one of their advertisers ("you need a plumber? pick me, pick me!") as an "added service to both parties".

The plumber's DMARC policy would tell the office's ISP to reject that message: exactly what should happen to forged/manipulated messages, that's what DKIM and DMARC are for.

But then there's ARC...

Google adds an ARC seal to the message that basically says "although DMARC says this message stinks to high heaven, we guarantee that it's ok; we had to change a few things, all with good intents. Trust us, we're Google"

BAM! "Approved by Google".

Would you trust that seal?

I think most parties would. If you're in the email business, you can't just go about and refuse email from Google, that would basically excommunicate you. You'd be out of business in a few weeks, but more on that later.

But would you trust others?

Would you trust some unknown server in a country with a dubious reputation when it comes to cybercrime and spam, if it tried to deliver a message that DMARC warns you has been tampered with?

Would you trust your government's seal..?

Would you trust those ARC seals enough to override DMARC's verdict, just because that server says it's ok? If so, why? Because they were tech savvy enough to add it?

Before you accept an ARC seal, you should know who's behind it, and that you trust them enough to ignore the alarm bells. DMARC is there for a reason: if every forwarding/relaying system can override it with its own ARC seal, what's the point of having it?

Winston: "Charles, why have we got that cage?"

Charles: "Er, security?"

Winston: "That's right, that's right: security. So what's the point in having it, if we're not gonna fucking use it?"

#^Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels - Cage scene

So, by the time the world starts to be really careful with whose seals they're trusting, the big ones will have theirs on every allow-list on every system in the world. They can offer mailinglists and email forwarding that "just works", while at the same time being able to manipulate the email flow and getting away with breaking signatures.

The smaller shops that run legitimate mailsystems but can't get the whole world to trust their seal, are going to see some of their forwarded messages being rejected. For every rejected message they should contact the receiver and convince them to add their ARC seal to their "trusted ARC sealer" list, as Microsoft calls it:

So their customers, when confronted with email delivery problems, will hear the same advice over and over again: just use Google or Microsoft, that works.

As a small mailadmin from the Light Side, I don't think I like ARC very much.
ricardo :mastodon:
2 months ago

#Intel #Arc Graphics See Faster Performance On #Ubuntu 23.10 :ubuntu:

2 months ago

#Arc#AI による自動タブ整理機能を開発中っぽい :tony_astonished:


2 months ago
2 months ago
Linux ☑️
2 months ago

Intel works for Linux gaming | Vulkan sparse support for newer games on Arc GPU's ℹ️

This one's needed for running many new DirectX 12 Windows made games via Valve's Steam Play using VKD3D-Proton.

Own an Intel Arc GPU and game? These'll work now then:

►Elden Ring
►Street Fighter 6
►Assassin's Creed Valhalla


#Intel #Linux #gaming #SteamPlay #Proton #VKD3D #Directx12 #Arc #GPU #EldenRing #AssassinsCreed

Jill Minor
2 months ago

@lunalein @bookstodon I think I already read #ARCs of all of my most anticipated fall reads and a good number of winter ones. My most anticipated Spring 2024 read is THE FAMILIAR by Leigh Bardugo. No #ARC last time I checked!

2 months ago

So happy to finally have the Safari / iCloud Passwords available in Arc (or any other Chrome-based browser)

#Arc #Chrome #Safari

Arc (browser) showing pinned plugins, the iCloud Passwords plugin highlighted
iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome/Chromium browsers. Configuration dialog saying “Your passwords are synced with iCloud Keychain”, and a button to Manage Passwords
Kristina W Kelly
3 months ago

Projects I hope to release in the next year include:

IMAGINARI - a sci-fi and fantasy poetry collection

Want early access as an ARC reader? Sign up here

More writing at

#scifi #fantasy #poetry #arc #support #bookstodon #writingcommunity #ReadingCommunity

Helen Pugh
3 months ago

...It is aimed mainly at people with a link to the county of Somerset in England, e.g. living there or nearby, being born there, having Somerset ancestors etc. But I hope anyone can enjoy it!

My book differs from others in its focus on women, its timescale from pre-Roman times to the 20th century and its inclusion of Somerset’s incredible diversity in terms of ethnicity, religion, culture, sexuality and so on.
#somerset #localHistory #book #arc

Helen Pugh
3 months ago

Hey Mastodoners!
I'm looking for readers for my upcoming book about women in #Somerset through the ages. Details in comments.

You get to read it in advance in exchange for a review (and any short feedback you'd like to give me e.g. typos).

Reviews can be on Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books etc. And the book can be sent as an epub, mobi or PDF file.

DM or comment below if you're interested!

# readers #readingCommunity #arcReaders #arc #reading #bookstodon #books

Old Map of Somerset plus the words readers wanted
Jill Minor
3 months ago

Just downloaded an #ARC of MAKING IT IN AMERICA by Rachel Slade from Pantheon/PRH. I'm fascinated by the topics of American manufacturing, offshoring, consumer behavior, economics, all that stuff! #nonfiction #business #economics #bookstodon #books @bookstodon

Text says "Making it in America The Impossible Quest to Manufacture in the U.S.A. And How It Got That Way Rachel Slade Best-Selling Author of Into the Raging Sea." Cover image of a navy blue hoodie with drawstrings and a zipper and a Made in USA label. Subtitle is on the care label of the sweatshirt.

@brammm You can also give a try to #Arc:

3 months ago

BTW there are many good browsers out there. Very happy with #Firefox, but there’s #Vivaldi and #Opera and #Arc, and #safari for the Apple world and #Edge for the Microsoft world.

No need to let Google track your potential ad interests baked into a browser. The times of “don’t be evil” are long long past.

Jill Minor
3 months ago

Early Word Galley Chat #ewgc –where librarians talk about great upcoming books– has moved entirely back to Twitter/X so here are 7 galleys I want to download after yesterday's chat! #alttext for details! #bookstodon #ARC #TBR #books @bookstodon @librarians

My highlights from Early Word Galley Chat on Twitter/X yesterday. First uploaded image: Images of three book covers with text: "Nonfiction 1. The Palace: From the Tudors to the Windsors, 500 years of British History at Hampton Court by Gareth Russell December 2023. 2. If You Can't Take the Heat: Tales of Food, Feminism, and Fury by Geraldine DeRuiter March 2024. 3. Unbecoming a Lady: The Forgotten Shrews and Sluts that Shaped America." My apologies that full cover image descriptions cannot be provided for these cover image icons within the character limit provided.
My highlights from Early Word Galley Chat on Twitter/X yesterday. Second uploaded image: Images of four book covers with text: "Fiction 1. A True Account: Hanna Masury's Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written By Herself by Katherine Howe. November 2023. 2.The Parliament by Aimee Pokwatka January 2024. 3. The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo February 2024. 4. The Tainted Cup by Robert J. Bennett February 2024." My apologies that full cover image descriptions cannot be provided for these cover image icons within the character limit provided.
Jill Minor
3 months ago

Early Word Galley Chat #ewgc where librarians talk about great upcoming books has moved back to Twitter/X so here are some galleys I am determined to get after yesterday's chat! #bookstodon #ARC #books @bookstodon @librarians

Jill Minor
3 months ago

#AmReading an #ARC of #TheMadstone by #ElizabethCrook, a Civil War-era western and loving the powerful narrative voice. #bookstodon @bookstodon

Saying good bye to #Arc browser. After several months of trying to use it, it just doesn’t mesh with my brain. The only feature I liked as the slim border, which made presenting a site in a zoom call quite nice. Otherwise, Arc and #Chrome are gone. #Safari and #Firefox remain in. It appears that the Firefox made Multi-account containers add-on will do roughly what Arc profiles did. Bon chance Arc!

3 months ago

Been using #ArcBrowser since March, but now I’m kind of fed up with it. I’m sure its amazing and I’m probably using only about 5% of its potential but the learning curve has been pretty steep.

I often have to go back to Safari because “it just works”, where the #Arc experience is so different that I find my productivity being reduced because of it.

Also it less well integrated than Safari with the Apple ecosystem, but that I knew from the start.

Colin Devroe
3 months ago

Today I wrote a letter to The Browser Company asking them to allow us to pay for Arc and to join the fediverse.

🔗 Dear Arc


#Elk もさっそくブーストして見た目を変えてみる。 #Arc は楽しい。

Tyler Plesetz
4 months ago

@caseyliss have you tried #arc yet?

4 months ago


What made you select #chrome vs #firefox, or #brave, or #arc, etc etc…?

Especially given your feelings re. 1password… doesn’t that run on an encapsulated chrome binary (or suchlike)?

Aside — I 1000% share your feelings re. 1password. 🤬. Apple can’t Sherlock them fast enough.

Henrik Nyh
4 months ago

Made an #Arc boost to get this beautiful dinosaur into my Gmail.

I used to have it back in Atlantean times when I was running SquirrelMail on DreamHost.

Animated GIF in the Gmail footer of a sauropod dinosaur with letters falling from its mouth into a red mailbox.
4 months ago

ミツエーリンクスのエグゼクティブ・フェローにして、同じ #VivaldiSocial の住人でもある @kazuhito さんの記事、とても共感できる内容だった。
自分も #Arc の Boost 機能は画期的だと思っていて、Web のこういう機能とか側面がもっとユーザーに認知されて一般にも使われるようになったら Web そのものの未来も良い意味で少し違ったものになる気がしている。

4 months ago

On Arc Browser I wish I could show the Toolbar when Sidebar is hidden, then, hide the Toolbar when Sidebar is shown.

#arc #ArcBrowser

@Syltti @matt @ayeayerobot OK my initial findings: The Arc interface is very different to Chrome, very quirky and takes a while to work out. On initial load there are a lot of annoying howtos that may be useful. There are some useful things beyond themes, like the notes (Markdown) and the little Arc browser. I kind of like it, if only it wasn't Chromium underneath (bonus your extensions can load and be imported from other Chrome based browsers). #arc #arcbrowser

A screenshot of Arc Browser, showing a blue bar on the left hand side, with a YouTube video playing in cinema mode on the right, playing a video by Titus Meeuws artist talking about discipline in art and where can we find it. There is a head and shoulders image of Titus Meeuws talking. The YouTube interface has been recoloured to blue.
Tim Reiser®️
4 months ago

I use #Arc #Browser since a couple of weeks now. It was quite awkward in the beginning, but after a week or two you get the hang of it. Now I don't want to go back to Chrome any more.

Epiphanic Synchronicity
4 months ago

For all its advantages, I find the opaque nature of #Arc’s business model concerning, given its heavy VC funding. See

Say what you like about #Brave, but their monetization is transparent and you can opt out with a click. #Vivaldi is bootstrapped and seems to be making enough with search engine deals, automotive, etc. to sustain themselves.

But Arc? Who knows? Time will tell, but the possibility of eventual #enshittification seems very real.

Der alternative Browser #Arc ist jetzt allgemein verfügbar (also ohne Einladung). Ich benutze den Browser – der wie viele andere auf #Chromium basiert – schon seit einer längeren Zeit und er macht einiges anders und teilweise auch besser als andere #Browser .

So this new #arc browser by .

Some good ideas, like pinned tabs. (Will soon be copied I would think.)

Some concerning: lots of data apparently gets sent to Google, unless you turn if off/

Some features I would miss from Firefox, particularly containers. I have walled off some companies (like Meta) and use them to easily access multiple accounts at others (like

But the biggest question is: what's their business model? They have venture investment.

4 months ago

"Arc browser is now available to download for everyone"

No, it is only available for iPhone users and Mac users, who are not everyone.

In fact, most people are on Android (mobile) or on Windows (laptop/desktop).

When will these writers realize that Apple users are still a minority?

#Arc #Browsers #ArcBrowser #Windows #Android #iOS #iPhones #MacOS #Macbooks

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
4 months ago

Oh what fresh hell is this, a browser with mandatory sign-in!!!

#Arc #ArcBrowser #Wat

Screenshot from the Arc browser asking for an account to start
Moritz Gießmann
5 months ago

Here are some more #Arc invites. First come…

Matt Lehrer
5 months ago

Just boosted #Arc's reader view to set my own fonts, font sizes, and paragraph max-width. 🥰

Kristina W Kelly
5 months ago

Projects I hope to release in the next year include:
IMAGINARI - a sci-fi and fantasy poetry collection
TAVERN TALE - a sapphic fantasy novella inspired by RPG side quest set in cozy autumn

Want early access as an ARC reader? Sign up here #scifi #fantasy #poetry #arc #support #novella #bookstodon #writingcommunity #ReadingCommunity #sapphic #rpg

@devxvda @quidcumque I was melting et sweating badly under mine.

Found that ans use it since few weeks. Heavier than a regular sheet, weirdly fresh, I wrap into it and it saved a bit my poor sleep…