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New! Bonus Apocalypse Project behind-the-scenes stuff now at

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Word for Word Bible Comic
6 hours ago

“The site of the hospital of St John the Evangelist was excavated in 2010, uncovering hundreds of unidentified graves. For the new study, experts in #DNA and isotope analysis, human skeletal variation and a range of other disciplines examined up to 50 individual characteristics of each skeleton, to build what they believe is one of the richest such datasets ever compiled for medieval #England."

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Miro Collas
16 hours ago

73 intact Wari mummy bundles found in Peru – The History Blog

"They date to the second half of the Middle Horizon period, between 800 and 1100 A.D., a period when the Wari Empire was expanding in territory and political power."

#History #Archeology #Peru

1 day ago

Scientists Discovered More Than 100,000 Ancient Coins at an Excavation Site in Japan

Stacked like cordwood in the Sojamachi district under a site where a company was planning to build a factory, many were minted in China, some as far back as the Western Han Dynasty

#japan #archeology #science #numismatology #news

Miro Collas
2 days ago

2,250-year-old saw found in Hattusa – The History Blog

"The German Archaeological Institute’s excavation of the ancient Hittite capital of Hattusa has unearthed a rare iron saw dating to the 3rd century B.C. It is the first saw from this period discovered in Anatolia."

#History #Archeology #Turkey

Word for Word Bible Comic
3 days ago

KOINE TYPEFACE: Last week I paid for my first typeface. One that changes biblical Greek text to look like handwritten Koine Greek of the period. The guy who sold it to me also gave me some pointers on how to make it more historically accurate but removing the spaces and getting all the lines fully justified by squishing the words in.

#Bible #biblestudy #bgbg2 #biblegateway #archeology #biblearcheology #biblicalarcheology #ancienthistory #biblehistory #koine

Jeroen SZ 🦣
3 days ago

A 27,000-year-old pyramid? Controversy hits an extraordinary archaeological claim | Nature (institutional access)

The massive buried structures at Gunung Padang in #Indonesia would be far older than Egypt’s great #pyramids – if they’re even human constructions at all.


A #solarpunk #story about cyber- #archeology , #hacking old databases of fallen #bigPharma giants. A race against time to find treatments to a new pandemic which might have been already discovered, but were put aside as not profitable enough. Doctors, hackers, bioengineers braving through old corporate-speak like an ancient language to understand: what happened to the cure?

This and more in the last #solarpunkPrompts : The Pharmacists!

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1 week ago

Woman the Huntress

Mounting evidence from exercise science indicates that women are physiologically better suited than men to endurance efforts such as running marathons . . . early humans are thought to have pursued prey on foot over long distances until the animals were exhausted. Fossil & archaeological records, as well as ethnographic studies of modern-day hunter-gatherers, indicate that women have a long history of hunting game.
#Food #Running #Archeology #Hunting

Niklas Alt
1 week ago

Greetings to all who are into #digital #archeology. A while back i was told that people who would like to #switch2QGIS feel stuck with proprierary solutions as particulary the #leastCostPath analysis was more capable than within #qgis. Any experiences / opinons on that? I would figure that there are funds for the development of a capable core plugin, especially in relation to overall licensing costs... thanks for sharing 👍

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Obsidian from Neolithic shipwreck recovered off Capri – The History Blog

"The block they recovered measures approximately 11 by 8 by 6 inches and weighs almost 18 pounds. It bears traces of chiseling and processing, which is how archaeologists know it was trade material, not a random chunk of obsidian that made its way to the seabed on its own."

#History #Archeology #Neolithic

Project Gutenberg
1 week ago

"The true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth."

Books by Jagadish Chandra Bose at PG:

#books #science #physics #biology #botany #archeology

1 week ago

“Stratigraphy” is an interesting word/concept. #TimeTeam #NowWatching #Archeology

1 week ago

Being an environmental archaeologist looks like genuine physical effort given the difficulty they’re having getting that auger started. And I can’t imagine the four meters they have to go down will be much easier. #TimeTeam #Archeology #NowWatching

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Discovery provides further evidence shipwreck is Captain Cook’s Endeavour, maritime scientists say | Captain Cook | The Guardian

#History #Archeology

Oliver Mantell
1 week ago

Amazing #archeology story: 'Remarkable' 1,400-year-old possible temple found near Sutton Hoo’

(Sutton Hoo is one of the most captivating places I’ve been in recent years: exciting to think this is only c. 4 miles away and could be Raedwald’s temple…)

Sean Bala
1 week ago

This was a truly masterful collection from @FediFollows

Thanks for all your hard work and making me hopeful about Mastodon and the wider Fediverse!

#History @histodons
#Archeology #Histodons #FollowFriday #Mastodon #Fediverse

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Ancient municipal archive building found in Doliche – The History Blog

"Doliche was famed in antiquity as the home of the shrine of Jupiter Dolichenus. Jupiter Dolichenus was a composite of the Greco-Roman god of lightning and the Hittite storm god Tesub. Rome conquered Doliche in 64 B.C., and over the next few centuries, the cult of Jupiter Dolichenus spread widely throughout the Empire"

#History #Archeology #Roman #Turkey

Adam Bishop
2 weeks ago

Little explorers, entering the darkness of the Dolmen de Menga, Antequera, 3750–3650 BC.

On the way out, they face towards Lovers' Rock, and the small cave now known as Goat Butcher's Shelter, with its cave paintings from an earlier period of around 3900 BC.

#UNESCO #Dolmen #archeology #history #explore #exploreHistory #megalithic #litteExplorers

Little explorers, entering the darkness of the Dolmen de Menga, Antequera, 3750–3650 BCE.

On the way out, they face towards Lovers' Rock, and the small cave now known as Goat Butcher's Shelter, with its cave paintings from an earlier period of around 3900 BC.
Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Marble “Apollo lizard-killer” found at San Casciano – The History Blog

"...depicting a youthful Apollo leaning against a tree about to catch a lizard climbing up the trunk. It’s a Roman copy of a bronze original by the renown Greek sculptor Praxiteles, one of about forty known to exist."

#History #Archeology #Roman

Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

50 intaglio gems found at Roman site in Northern Italy – The History Blog

"Archaeologists have unearthed 50 intaglio gemstones, 3,000 coins, including one rare piece from the Roman Republic, in the remains of a theater at the ancient Roman town of Claterna, in Ozzano dell’Emilia, near Bologna."

#History #Archeology #Roman

Project Gutenberg
2 weeks ago

Derveni Papyrus Found in Greece: Europe’s Oldest Book.

The Derveni Papyrus was discovered near Thessaloniki at the Macedonian Tomb of Lagadas in 1962. It is an artifact that doesn’t merely belong to the past but is more like a bridge that connects us to the intellectual world of ancient Greece. Dating back to around 340 to 320 BC, it is the oldest legible manuscript discovered in Europe, making it a treasure of unparalleled value. via @greekreporter

#books #archeology

The Derveni Papyrus discovered in Thessaloniki, Greece is the oldest “book” in Europe, registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Credit: Wikipedia.
Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Iron Age engraved ivory found at Hattusa – The History Blog

"It is around 2,800 years old. The piece of elephant ivory is about a foot long and four inches wide. Carved on the surface are a sphinx and a lion in profile, back-to-back, with two tree of life figures on each end."

#History #Archeology #Turkey

Nihil Curits
2 weeks ago

An extraordinary discovery suggests very early hominids created #art, much earlier than previously thought. #archeology

Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Winged phallus wind chime found at Viminacium – The History Blog

"The object, known as a tintinnabulum, is made of bronze and has an intricate design of a central winged phallus with additional projecting phalluses and four bells hanging from chains. It is only the second tintinnabulum ever found at Viminacium, and the only one found in its original archaeological context."

#History #Archeology #Roman

Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Archaeologists uncover colourful walls and fireplaces of London workhouse | Archaeology | The Guardian

"Little had been known about the building beyond its shape on parish maps, but archaeologists found walls up to a metre high, with brightly coloured plaster, and fireplaces that once warmed the rooms."

#History #Archeology #London

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago

From 11 Nov: Mummified baboons point to the direction of the fabled land of Punt - Enlarge / Drawing of a trade expedition to Punt during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. Note... #ancient-dna #ancient-egypt #archeology #baboon #dna #egypt #egyptian-mummies #genetics #science

Project Gutenberg
3 weeks ago

Indian Egyptologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, historian, and folklorist Margaret Murray died #OTD in 1963. In 1902–03 she took part in Flinder Petrie's excavations at Abydos, Egypt, there discovering the Osireion temple and the following season investigated the Saqqara cemetery, both of which established her reputation in Egyptology. via @wikipedia

Books by Margaret Murray at PG:

#books #archeology #anthropology

Margaret Alice Murray
Unknown (Lafayette Ltd)
Flipboard Science Desk
3 weeks ago

Thousands of years ago, a woman underwent two surgeries to her head — and survived both procedures. The discovery comes after scientists analyzed a skull that was unearthed in a Copper Age burial site in Spain. Live Science has more:
#Science #CopperAge #PreHistoric #Archeology

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
3 weeks ago

Hi! New Introduction toot. I'm a genderfluid mum who still uses her cis pronouns. I'm Autistic, an ADHDer, Osteoarthritic, diabetic mum with breast cancer. My kids are all young adults and also autistic. Two of them are ADHDers and twins. I'm interested in science, history, archeology, paleontology amongst other things.

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

Italica - mosaic restoration project

Ruins of Italica, a Roman city outside Seville, and an active archeological site. Mosaics are found on the floors of some buildings.

#Photography #Archeology #History #Spain

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

Italica - main street

The entrance to Italica, ruins of a Roman city outside Seville, and an active archeological site.

#Photography #Archeology #History #Spain

Lieschen Müller's father
1 month ago

Gefühl ist alles - 5000 Jahre sind Schall und Rauch.

Steinzeitmädchen mit Ziehspielzeug auf einer Schautafel am #Lautariusgrab bei #Metze:

Girl with Balloon in der Grebengasse in #Fritzlar:

Hinten links der Giebel eines Fachwerkhauses und die Turmspitzen des Doms:

Der Baumkronenhimmel über dem Lautariusgrab im Stadtwald von #Gudensberg.

#myphoto, #TourDeChattengau

Gefühl ist alles;
5000 Jahre sind Schall und Rauch,
Umnebelnd Himmelsglut.

#FaustByGoethe, Vers 3456 - 3458

Feeling is all;
5000 years are sound and smoke,
beclouding Heaven’s glow.

Translated by #PeterSalm

Le sentiment est tout,
5000 ans ne sont que bruit et fumée,
qui nous voile l’éclat des cieux.

Traduit par #GérardDeNerval

#Banksy, #GirlWithBalloon, #graffiti, #Wartberg-Kultur, #Steinzeit, #StoneAge, #Archäologie, #archeology, #Vorgeschichte, #Prehistory, #Foto, #photo, #Natur, #nature, #Radtour, #biking, #Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, #Nordhessen, #Hessen, #fedibikes, @fedibikes_de, @fedibikes

Rachel Burch
1 month ago

Bronze age roundhouse remains at Merrivale yesterday #Dartmoor #Devon #archeology

A granite rock circle in moorland.
1 month ago

Looks like trying to age your wine for 5,000 years doesn't quite work (all the liquid evaporates!) #egyptian #wine #archeology

Sarah Dal
1 month ago

The Amstel river was excavated between 2003 - 2012, everything that was found was put on this amazing archeological website. Scroll back in time for remarkable everyday objects

Below The Surface

#archeology #canals #Amsterdam

Miro Collas
1 month ago

Excavation of 6th c. folding chair complete – The History Blog

"The chair was deposited at the feet of an adult woman between 40 and 50 years old at time of death. She was adorned with fine jewelry, including a necklace of glass beads and a chatelaine attached to her belt with two bow brooches. Archaeological evidence suggest that she was not just wealthy, but held political office. "

#History #Archeology #Germany

Very happy & proud about this "Dialogue Article" with Dr María Del Mar Guerrero Pico in Kleos. ^_^

Picture is the famous Alfred Jewel, which I saw live at the British Library in London <3

#medievalmerge #medievalism #alfredthegreat #fanfiction #archeology

Jussi T Eronen
2 months ago

This is interesting, and shows we don't know much about the past, although we think we do....
#archeology #stonehenge

Jussi T Eronen
2 months ago

Interesting.. this will be discussed widely, again (and I am not sure how well this will "resolve" it, but this is how science works ..)
#AncientHumans #NorthAmerica #archeology

Tom Maxwell
2 months ago

An archeological presupposition has finally been proved wrong.

“The White Sands footprints walk us through a different origin story. A 2021 study had dated them to 21,000 to 23,000 years ago. Not only does this mean humans were here during the last ice age, but it also could change what we know about the first people that came to North America.” #Clovis #archeology #FirstPeople

Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

The team found fires and fire-created grassy areas that predate #human settlement by millennia and actively corresponded to #droughts likely driven by a regularly occurring #weather pattern known as El Niño.
#Anthropology #Archeology #EarthScience #sflorg

Bob Mottram :debian:
2 months ago

Footsteps into the Past at White Sands National Park #archeology

Jack William Bell
2 months ago

Holy fuck! I mean, holy asteroid!

> Biblical sin city Sodom destroyed by asteroid stronger than nuke - expert. Excavations in Jordan offer compelling evidence for the authenticity of the biblical tale of the destruction of Sodom, but by an asteroid impact…

Note: There isn't as much #science supporting this theory as I would like. What they do have could as equally indicate a nuclear bomb.

(And now my #SFF writer brain is buzzing.)

#history #archeology #WTF

Anna Anthro
2 months ago

Norwegian family finds #Viking era #artifacts while looking for a lost earring with a #metaldetector. #norway #archeology

Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

The researchers were surprised by the large number of small passerine #birds identified at Göbekli Tepe, comprising mainly #starlings and #buntings. In principle, the Early #Neolithic inhabitants of Göbekli Tepe hunted birds in all habitats
#Anthropology #Archeology #sflorg

2 months ago

Taosi is an archeological site in China, named for a nearby town, near the confluence of the Yellow and Wei rivers. Covering just over a square mile, the site was once a Neolithic city belonging to the same Longshan culture as Pingliangtai. Its people made sophisticated pottery and grew millet, rice, and wheat while raising pigs for meat.

The city was likely founded around 2300 BCE and, from the beginning and in sharp contrast to Pingliangtai, showed signs of sharp social stratification and state violence. The whole site was enclosed with a rammed earth wall and contained within it a smaller section, enclosed by a separate wall, that appears to have been a palatial district. This section, at the center of the city, was separated by an empty zone and elevated on a mound, suggesting to the Chinese archeologists excavating the site the principles of “the king in the center” and “the king lives up high and looks down upon others.”


#archeology #china #longshan #taosi

A satellite photograph of the Chinese countryside, marked off into many tiny rectangular fields that are rich greens and browns.

Overlayed is a schematic map of the site of Taosi, showing the roughly round outline of the city walls. Inside that circle is a smaller section marked “palace enclosure” and another nearby marked “lower elites’ section.” There are also labels for a royal cemetery, industrial district, and storage zone.
2 months ago

Interesting long read about Neanderthals and the archeological techniques used to discover more about them
#Science #Archeology #Neanderthals
Justice for Neanderthals! What the debate about our long-dead cousins reveals about us | Neanderthals | The Guardian

Ferdi Magellan
3 months ago


#RioTinto blew up Juukan Gorge. Australia’s Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura peoples kept it safe for 46,000 years and Rio Tinto blew it up. Someone resigned.

“The gorge is known primarily for a cave that was the only inland site in Australia with evidence of continuous human occupation for over 46,000 years, including through the last Ice Age. The cave was permanently destroyed by mining company Rio Tinto in May 2020.

“Prior to its destruction, the cave in Juukan Gorge was a sacred site for the traditional owners of the land, the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura (Binigura) peoples.

“…46,000 years old, and rich in artefacts including animal bones in middens showing changes in the local fauna, grindstones and various sacred objects. One particularly significant finding was a length of plaited human hair, woven together from strands from the heads of several different people, about 4,000 years old. DNA testing revealed that the hair had belonged to the direct ancestors of Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura (PKKP) people alive today.”

#archeology #auspol #juukanGorge #Yes23 #VoiceToParliament

Preslav Rachev
3 months ago

"The discovery of this ceramic water pipe network is remarkable because the people of Pingliangtai were able to build and maintain this advanced water management system with stone age tools and without the organization of a central power structure. This system would have required a significant level of community-wide planning and coordination, and it was all done communally."

#goodnews #goodreads #china #science #archeology

Bill Minarik
3 months ago

#vivianite growing in the pore spaces of bones from a 4000 year-old tomb in Sardinia (Rodriguez et al. (2021) J. Arch. Sci. Reports). Phosphate bones plus dissolved iron equals vivianite. #MinCup23 #Archeology

Blue vivianite (hydrated iron phosphate) growing in the pore spaces of a bone from a Sardinian timb (Rodriguez, 2021, J. Arch Sci. Reports)
Noel Kelly
3 months ago

A fascinating reconstruction of Tenochtitlan and its environs by @thomas_kole

Would love to do a detailed environment like this, and import it into a game engine to be able to walk through and fly over it.

#history #archeology #aztec #Tenochtitlan #MexicoCity #blender

Above the fold.
Tenochtitlan and Popocatepetl
Past and present. Temple plazas, Cathedral square.
Thanks & Licence
3 months ago

A stunning reconstruction of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Empire capital, by Thomas Kole. Nowadays Mexico City. This should be used in schools and other places. #history #archeology #aztec #Tenochtitlan #Mexico #MexicoCity #blender #3D

A reconstruction of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, by Thomas Kole. The realistic images is from a high viewpoint, as if taken by a plane, which shows the central island in the Texcoco Lake, including the central temple complex.
A comparison of the reconstruction of Tenochtitlan, with a photo of modern day Mexico City, looking West towards Chapultepec.
Anna Anthro
3 months ago

#unesco is set to announce new additions to its list of World #heritage Sites.

The list was created in 1972 to recognise the world’s most significant cultural and natural attractions.

Now the UN agency is considering its first-ever site in the US state of Ohio, where an ancient #indigenous culture left its mark on the countryside.

The #hopewell Effigy #mounds will finally get recognition. “ #usa #archeology

Martin Holland
3 months ago

#Human ancestors nearly went extinct 900,000 years ago

A new technique analysing modern
#genetic data suggests that pre-humans survived in a group of only 1,280 individuals.

“About 98.7% of human ancestors were lost,” says Haipeng Li, a population geneticist at the University of Chinese Academy of
#Sciences in Beijing, who co-led the study. He says that the fossil record in Africa and Eurasia between 950,000 and 650,000 years ago is patchy and that “the #discovery of this bottleneck may explain the chronological gap”.

#Science #History #Evolution #Humanity #Archeology

3 months ago

Even the most affluentof the ancient Romans scorned the wasteful #UniTasker.

Egads, and you thought that splinter in your finger hurt.

#History #Archeology #GoodEats

(Article Headline & Photo ofBrown Speaking into Microphone)

Alton Brown Is Right to Scorn Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets and the People Who Buy Them
DEC 11, 2015 4:10 PM
Scientists think they found a 2,000- year-old dildo in ancient Roman ruins

Is it an ancient sex toy, a good luck charm, or a pestle for grinding medicine?

(Image of a 7 inch long tapered wooden "pestel" with a pronounced helmet on tip.)

Kitchen Gadgets Alton Brown Can't Live Without
We love a good knife or cast-iron skillet. But sometimes you just need a good gadget.
Charles Thorp Apr 17, 2018 5:28 PM EDT
Food Network
If you ask food scientist and professional life hacker Alton Brown for his list of favorite kitchen buys, don't expect him to rattle off the obvious, like a sharp knife or a great frying pan. Instead, prepare to be introduced to a whole new world of culinary gadgetry you never knew existed.
The Comfortable Spot Podcast
3 months ago

Hi all,

Looking to publish a podcast episode on ancient Ireland and hoping to source an expert on that period so if anyone is interested or may know someone, please let me know at
#History #IrishHistory #Culture #BronzeAgeCollapse #RuralHistory #BronzeAge #Histodons #Archeology #AncientIreland

4 months ago

I wanna quit my professional bureaucrat career and go back to school for something else. I have a Masters of Public Administration so I’m not even sure how to convince schools to consider me for undergrad work. And I don’t have the prerequisites required to just jump into a #PhD or another masters… thinking #archeology or another career path with research and analytical thInking. #careeradvice #academia #mpa


"imagine a platypus the size of an elephant" was not in my bingo card for 2023


this rendering is a fucking platypus billed elephant.


i didn't ask for this!!!!

#TIHI #archeology

Tomasz Jedrzejowski rendering of 2 platybelodons grazing in some swampy forest with the most ridiculous looking mouths in the history of paleontological artistic renderings.
there are literally two big ass teeth protruding from the lower lip of this Platybelodon. 

imagine the most rectangular of teeth, sticking out of your lower lip. 

that's what's rendered in this image. 

thanks. not thanks. i totally hate it, LOL
Thomas Beduneau
4 months ago

Passion essayer de faire tourner des vieux projets nodejs. Aujourd'hui, enfin ce soir, un projet de 2014-2015. On y trouve des joyeusetés dans le package.json comme “bean”, "jade”, “phantomjs”, “grunt-spritesmith”, "reqwest”. Merci à npm de garder toutes ces version et à docker de me permettre de faire tourner nodejs 0.10 et npm 2 sans me soucier de la compatibilité sur mon ordinateur. (Et à @renchap de m'avoir montré comment lancer facilement docker avec la config voulue) #webdev #archeology

I think this definitely qualifies as art: Nijmegen cavalry helmet, second half of the first century, an iron mask sheathed in bronze and silver, Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Probably worn for ceremonial occasions, although experts disagree. #arthistory #archeology

A Roman calvary face mask, including a hinged top with figures at the top.

One of my favorite dishes is Thai style coconut curry. Seems that apart from the chili peppers the basic recipe has been pretty consistent for over 2000 years!

#archeology #food #curry #Thaifood

Miro Collas
4 months ago

Viking House The Size Of Two Tennis Courts Discovered In Norway - Ancient Pages

#History #Archeology #Viking #Norway

I guess it's time for another #Introduction. But, since I'm lazy, I'll just C&P my profile.


Blippy, apparently a mutant Sea Slug of some sort, was found in a Nuclear/Biological waste disposal facility near Oldenburg, DE sometime in 1959.

👉 Potty mouth. 👈


#Bassist #EveryDayIsCaturday #Audrey #Tolerance #Poetry #PoultryCoroner #Technology #RandomShoes #Astronomy #Physics #Archeology #History #Rome #Germania #Cannabis #Bong #ZiegfeldFollies #Antifa #PMOW #GangsOfNovember

4 months ago

Apple Maps view of the mystery location. I bet I found a new location... but will never know for sure, because the odds of someone going out there and surviving to take a look at it are almost nil. It's either another mystery cemetery, an asteroid, or a UFO crash site, LOL. #mystery #Xinjiang #satellites #archeology

Mystery location in Xinjiang, China
Different view of same object, Xinjiang