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#Act372 of 2023 is a new #Library regulation signed by Gov. Sarah #HuckabeeSanders into law in March
This #Arkansas law holds librarians responsible for leaving or providing books to children with content that some consider harmful -#obscene-
Challenged books would have to be moved to library areas that minors cannot access.
Booksellers who sell banned books to child would go to prison

Banned books in Arkansas and booksellers.
Headlines Arkansas Advocate 2023 May.01
3 days ago

ooooh. Arkansas Rethuglicans, who have never spent a second in libraries,obviously, pissed off their State’s


look, i worked in high pressure jobs in corporate america with, for and around some very very tough folks. lawyers. ranchers. engineers. politicians.

i never met anyone in that was scarier than a school librarian after i switched to education.

i’m being serious.

they don’t start shit, they finish it.

no one in any school ever tested them.
#fascists #arkansas

"A coalition of librarians, booksellers, readers, and authors are filing suit against Arkansas, challenging the state for a sweeping new law that threatens jail time for librarians.

The suit, filed Friday by a group including the Arkansas Library Association and the Central Arkansas Library System, takes aim at Arkansas Act 372, a new library law signed by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders in March."

~ Kelly Weill

#Arkansas #BookBans #SarahHuckabeeSanders

3 days ago

Report: Lawsuit Challenges #Arkansas Law Allowing #Librarians to Be Criminally Charged Over ‘Harmful’ Materials; Freedom to Read Foundation Releases Statement #libraries #publiclibraries

3 days ago

#Arkansas librarians, booksellers file lawsuit against latest book ban law

Plaintiffs argue the new law is an attack on intellectual freedom.

#Books #BookBan

3 days ago

Erum Salam: Group suing #Arkansas says book ban law seeks to ‘criminalize #librarians’: Plaintiffs argue new law is illegal because it is a direct attack on free speech guaranteed by the US constitution

#libraries #censorship #bookBanning

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
3 days ago

When I was an adolescent I would take the bus to #LamanLibrary in No Little Rock, #Arkansas. It was a haven from a dysfunctional, sometimes violent home. When I became a teen I would walk to the same library after school to avoid going home. In 2010 I was living in a homeless shelter in Little Rock & would, once again, ride the bus to spend the day in the same library reading & using the computers. No one ever rejected me in a library. #Libraries mean more than most people know

steve dustcircle ⍻
4 days ago

#Cops Drag Legless Driver After Wild #Pursuit Crash
The driver of a black GMC Sierra, who led the #Arkansas State #Police on an absolutely insane high-speed pursuit, did actually have legs. However, #dashcam video shows that his legs appeared to be injured and totally limp, as officers dragged him across the road, handcuffed, and shoved him into the rear of a #policecar. Was that a #constitutional violation?

Paul Knightly, PhD
5 days ago

Twin Falls is located deep in the Ozarks along the Buffalo River in Arkansas, USA. Following heavy rainfall a third water fall appears and they become Triple Falls. This long exposure of the falls was captured following a wet period in spring 2018.

#WaterfallWednesday #Waterfall #Photography #Arkansas

A series of three waterfalls are seen cascading over a cliff and tucked in among a dense forest of green trees.
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5 days ago

Ron Holland is not going to #Arkansas.

Paul Knightly, PhD
6 days ago

One of our first outings after moving to Arkansas in 2016 was to see the Perseid meteor shower under dark skies. I scouted a location in Google Earth and we set off in the early morning hours to catch a lackluster performance of the meteor shower, but the sunrise made the early morning drive worth it!

It was our first time seeing some of the more rugged portions of the Ozarks and I can't think of a better introduction to our corner of the state!

#Photography #Arkansas #Sunrise

A vibrant sunrise of color ranging from purple to pink, orange, and yellow over the Boston Mountains of north Arkansas. Valley fog punctuates a series of ridgelines in the foreground.
1 week ago

Russian State Duma Chairman: ‘US National Debt Is a Global Financial Pyramid’ - Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the Russian State Duma, the lower house of the Rus... - #vyacheslavvolodin #financialpyramid #russianstateduma #legaltender #u.s.dollar #economics #arkansas #u.s.debt #texas #gold

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#Georgia fan has a ton of respect for #Arkansas fans.

1 week ago
Statmonkey 🙊
1 week ago

Remember when the Republicans claimed racism was dead in America? What will it take to get these slime back in their holes?

Note location: Christian Revival Center

#racism #arkansas #KKK #Christofascists

Klan meeting openly promoted in Arkansas.
Paul Knightly, PhD
1 week ago

Signing off for the holiday weekend, so here's a sunrise over the Ozarks captured a few years ago. We're now firmly in the season of finding a watering hole to cool off and seeing views like this en route.

Northwest Arkansas, USA

#Photography #Arkansas #Drone

A road winds through the hilly terrain of the Ozarks, looking towards a blazing sun shining through light fog.
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2 weeks ago

This #Arkansas fan raised his daughter right! #Texansarerediculous

Dietrich Duke 🇺🇸
2 weeks ago

@bobhenryphotos Every time I go up there it's like it's frozen in place. Glad to see it moving again -- maybe I'll ride out there later today and check it out again :)

#arkansas #northlittlerock #littlerock

While #Arkansas isn't #lousiana, it's geographically close enough for me to justify using it as an excuse to promote an urgent fundraising request!

Fay was recently kicked out of her home and is trying to reach her friends in another state. Her situation is urgent. Please consider helping her out.

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #trans #queer #lgbt #gtfomystate

<tv advertisement voice> do you enjoy trans sex-positive shitposts? Then you might also be interested in: help trans people not die. *jarring tonal shift*

Fay, who is in #arkansas , was recently forced out of her parents’ home because she is #trans, along with her two dogs. She is trying to make it to a friend’s place, but needs help affording getting there and getting essentials. Consider donating to help keep her off the street

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund #gofundme

MistressPrime :verified:
2 weeks ago

"As #Arkansas prepares one of the country’s most expansive school-voucher programs, its attorney general is seeking to end decades-old legal settlements meant to end racial segregation, arguing that they are outdated and interfere with state policies favoring #school choice."

#desegregation #JimCrowLaws

The most underrated story is the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is considering removing segregation orders from schools in her state. If she goes through with this she would be violating the constitution and the Supreme Court case Brown V Board of education which ruled that segregation to be unconstitutional. #arkansas #GOPfascists

South Arkansas school resegregation likely as AG taps courts to erase integration measures

Ah-ha, they need to close a loophole to move forward with the privatization of public education…

It couldn’t be #Racism

#PublicEd #Education #Arkansas #ChristianNationalism #WhiteSupremacy #PublicSchools

Steve's Place
2 weeks ago

The #Arkansas coaches are watching the #Harvard 2 #NotreDame 5 elimination game as one of these plays them in the next elimination game to get to face #Oregon. #NCAA #softball #championship #tournament

Steve's Place
2 weeks ago

It's nice watching #softball on TV. Played at the pace #baseball was once played at, batters get time to recover after being hit and pitchers get sufficient time between pitches to help avoid repetitive motion injuries that cut short careers. No fans leave or complain games are too long. They had a 40-minute top of the 5th in the #Oregon - #Arkansas game and not one person stomped their feet in disgust it wasn't completed in 10.

#MLB is so wise.

Steve's Place
2 weeks ago

#Oregon is well ahead of number 11 #Arkansas 10-3 in the 5th. 13 batters and 8 runs crossed the plate this inning. #softball

Paul Knightly, PhD
2 weeks ago

Logging off for the weekend. Since we're on baby watch and won't be traveling too far from home the next several weeks, here's a view of nature that's bringing me peace of mind.

View from along the Buffalo River, Arkansas, USA taken two years ago.

#Photography #Landscape #Arkansas

River gravels are visible through clear water along the Buffalo River, with a towering sandstone and forested bluff in the background.
Kristin Ides 🧁
2 weeks ago

A rainy Friday in Eureka Springs. 🌧️🪵

#nwa #arkansas #workremotely #wfh #photography

Woman standing on a balcony in the woods.
An infrared edit of a photo of the woods, giving it a red and black color tone.

Finding themselves. Fighting together. Growing apart.

Your occasional reminder that RUBICONS is available for pre-order wherever fine books are sold. Support #IndieWriters and #IndiePublishers.

#writingcommunity #writerslift #Writers #Writer #author #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writersoftwitter #AuthorsOfTwitter #fiction #fictionbooks #fictionwriter #sciencefiction #youngadult #horror #superheroes #Arkansas

Grateful Dread
3 weeks ago

Truths are emerging about all three families (the polygamist Browns of "Sister Wives," whoa), but right now it's the #Arkansas Duggars of "19 Kids & Counting" fame. Scandals over the years have shown more and more evidence that the motives behind the Duggar rise to fame had sinister intent. #PrimeVideo on June 2 debuts "Shiny Happy People: #Duggar Family Secrets," which looks into one reason why US "#democracy" is in chaos. They're making #MAGAts. #realityTV #TLC 3/3

3 weeks ago

Imagine the possibilities if States had AG’s paying attention to domestic terrorism organizing rather than wasting taxpayer $$ in the courts on benign cultural issues.

#Missouri #Arkansas etc

Supreme Court rules for Google, Twitter in closely watched cases

Paul Knightly, PhD
3 weeks ago

It appears that there was a plane crash in southern Washington County, AR yesterday, resulting in the death of the pilot and sole occupant, a former Mississippi state senator. A witness reported hearing the plane sputter and crash around 12:30 PM and the wreckage of the Beech King Air E-90 was located by a helicopter crew in rugged terrain at 3:46 PM.

#Arkansas #ArkansasNews #Aviation

Statmonkey 🙊
3 weeks ago find a juicy list of all the books Republican women have forced themselves to read so they could warn you about all the sexy stuff inside.

#lgbtq #arkansas

The site includes a link I really appreciate these fine Republican women and have personally taken the time to write each of these folks and let them know my thoughts on this organization and these books. I even went so far as emailing them several times apiece. I hope you will do the same.

Paul Knightly, PhD
3 weeks ago

Among the numerous waterfalls in Northwest Arkansas are several at urban parks, including this one at Tanyard Creek. This perspective may no longer be possible with recent trail improvements and restrictions, but it was a fun shot to compose nonetheless - captured in 2018. Hoping to get out there this weekend following recent rains.

#WaterfallWednesday #Photography #Arkansas

Long exposure photo of a waterfall, framed by sandstone banks with lush vegetation in the distant background.
Paul Knightly, PhD
3 weeks ago

Northwest Arkansas has slipped a little but is still ranked in the top 10 of the updated best places to live in the US. For those of us who live here, that's hardly a surprise when factoring in the low cost of living, abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, and the rapidly growing arts and culinary scenes.

#Arkansas #NWA #NWArkansas

Hubbub World
3 weeks ago

#Arkansas #COVID19 Weekly Forecast

😎 As the weather cools down this week, #COVID19 cases will stay moderate though still rising
👀 Little Rock prevalence is 7 /area 📈
🙂 Fayetteville is low at 1 /area 📈

😷 smart, check real time updates at:

Paul Knightly, PhD
3 weeks ago

Starting the week off with serene thoughts. Somebody turned on the humidity switch last week and with summer vibes I thought back on the time I spent in a cabin to write a chapter of my dissertation near the Buffalo River two years ago.

I would love to recreate this trip in the future, minus the writing part. But even with a busy itinerary, I still took time to get out in nature in the mornings and evenings. This was captured en route to the river one foggy morning.

#Photography #Arkansas

A brown dirt road cuts through a foggy, dense green forest, fading into the distance.
3 weeks ago

The Student Protesters Were Arrested.
The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn’t.
#College students #arrested. A parking lot altercation. A retired #teacher waking up to a broken window.

Events at a school district in Conway, #Arkansas, illustrate the alarming trend of unrest at school board meetings across the country.

#School #SchoolBoards #Arrest #Police #Protest #Students #Teachers

David Waldman
1 month ago

1 in every 230 residents of #Arkansas has died of #COVID-19.

Barnett is not trans, but states,

"Ultimately, when I'm fighting for trans rights, I'm also fighting for my own rights. If you don't show up for… people who are marginalized, the people who are facing the most severe oppression from the government, if you don't show up to help them, then you're screwed whenever they come for you."

The judge who sentenced Barnett, Chris Carnahan, is former executive director of the Arkansas Republican party.

#Arkansas #trans #Republicans

Judd Legum and Rebecca Crosby report on the story of Alex Barnett, a student at Univ. of Central Arkansas sentenced to 10 days in jail for his role in a peaceful protest against anti-trans policies enacted by the local schoolboard.

The Conway, Arkansas, school board enacted anti-trans policies after having a public hearing at which one speaker called for LGBTQ people to be killed, since the bible commands this, he stated.

#Arkansas #trans #Republicans

Paul Knightly, PhD
1 month ago

Another photo from the Ozarks this past weekend, this from White Rock Mountain (Arkansas, USA). We had some good friends visit from out of town and it was a lot of fun getting to show them around an area that we love.

#Arkansas #Landscape #Photography #Spring

A person is seen standing center frame on a light grey and red outcrop of sandstone with dense green forest-covered mountains in the background. An ominous cloudy sky is overhead.
Paul Knightly, PhD
1 month ago

We had an opportunity to hit some back roads in the Arkansas Ozarks this past weekend to take advantage of the vibrant greening of the Boston Mountains. The views didn't disappoint!

#Arkansas #Photography #Landscape

View of lush, green rolling hills in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. A pine tree is in the right hand foreground perched on a reddish grey rock ledge.
Paul Chambers
1 month ago

Arkansans must return Medicaid renewal packets to keep eligibility

Now that the pandemic Medicaid removal ban is over, More than 400,000 Arkansans could lose Medicaid coverage if they don't return a renewal packet within 90 days. #Arkansas started sending packets out in February. #Medicaid

1 month ago

And this isn’t just in #Ohio. In #NorthDakota, the state legislature passed a bill increasing the number of signatures required for constitutional amendments and required these measures pass in both the primary and general elections. In #Arkansas, where voters rejected a constitutional amendment making it more difficult to get an initiative on the ballot, the state legislature just passed it as law instead. This is how #Republicans plan to keep their unpopular views as law.

1 month ago

A former #Arkansas state senator was stopped at an airport with two *loaded* handguns in his carry-on bag. He was allowed to take his guns to his car, come back, board his flight, and continue his trip.

A different Arkansas man was stopped at an airport with one *unloaded* handgun (plus mags) in his carry-on bag. He was arrested, will be fined up to $15,000, and the TSA issued a public statement admonishing him.

Two Americas...

Former Arkansas senator stopped with loaded guns at Little Rock airport
Arkansas man arrested after TSA detects gun at Pittsburgh airport
Richard Sparrow
1 month ago

@smeg My spouse and a group from the local #trans community (east #Arkansas) did a winter recon trip to Minneapolis a few months ago.
They still seem encouraged to relocate and are planning another scouting expedition for summer as the political climate worsens.

2 months ago

Arkansas Republicans see girls with no future as a good thing. Take Afghanistan or Iran, swap out the Quran for the Bible, and that's the vision they have for this state.

How Rural America Steals Girls' Futures #Arkansas #arpx #uspolitics #gop #women #womensrights #RuralAmerica

Statmonkey 🙊
2 months ago

Oh look! It's the freedumb, small government party.

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday signed legislation, the Given Name Act, which says that school officials cannot call a student by a name that does not match the name listed on the student’s birth certificate without a parent’s permission. Likewise, educators cannot address a child by a pronoun that does not match the child’s sex.


2 months ago
2 months ago

Via Rachel Maddow:
"Want to apply for a state board or commission in Arkansas? There's an essay question. Topic: "What is an accomplishment of the Governor's that you admire the most?"

Sanders' office now saying it was a "web vendor" error."

Error my fucking pasty ass.

#USPolitics #Arkansas

Hrefna (DHC)
2 months ago

#NorthDakota: We know better than the #NCAA and believe that #trans athletes should be banned from sports.

#Arkansas and #Kentucky: We don't think that teachers and school faculty should use someone's chosen pronouns without consent of that person's parents.

#Utah: No one else can be treated with hormones unless they were diagnosed with gender dysphoria before a certain date.

Privileged people and HR departments: "Not talking about things may be political, but not _as_ political as talking…"

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 months ago

LOL. How pathetic! "Hmmm. The inbreeding? The lying? The stink eye?"

#SarahSanders #Arkansas

Sarah Sanders asks state board applicants to name what they admire about her most while applying for job

2 months ago

I am creating pixel art portraits in exchange for proof of a $10 donation to The American Red Cross, to people affected by the tornadoes in the south and midwest united states!

I live in a state that got beat up by the storms this past week & now and would like to do something to help!

Boosts highly appreciated!

Please see detailed information here:

#PixelArt #Tornado #TornadoOutbreak #Donations #Arkansas

In front of a background of a downed power pole, there is 3 pixel art portraits shown. The text of the image reads:
The American Red Cross
Tornado Donation Incentive. Help those affected
by the tornadoes
across the south
and midwest! Get one of these for
proof of $10 donation! (below the pixel art portraits)
Steve Herman
2 months ago

President Biden declares a major disaster exists in #Arkansas and orders federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by severe storms and #tornadoes.

Thanks to some incredibly heartfelt testimony today at the Capitol, the #Arkansas #antiTrans #bathroomBill is DEAD!! It came down to a literal last minute amendment that added the language "for purposes of sexual gratification" to the bill.

#trans #lgbtq #bathroom #transgender #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights

Hippy Steve
2 months ago

Trial began today for man who shot the crotch out of Johnny Cash silhouette in Kingsland water tower in #Arkansas

Photo of a white water tower painted with a silhouette of Johnny Cash in black holding a red guitar.

There's a hole in the crotch area and water is spraying out like a stream of urine.

@smeg I'll never get to be proud of my home state. At least I got out.

#childlabor #arkansaspolitics #arpx #arkansas

2 months ago
2 months ago

Another day, another…

Two people were killed and five were injured in a pair of #shootings in Little Rock, #Arkansas, on Sunday evening, local police said

"And now, across the country—or at least in those parts where Republicans are in charge—we have come at last to the revival of child labor. ...

Arkansas is the most recent test case for the new 1871. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed into law a bill that repealed restrictions on work by children who are 14 or 15 years old. Her office explained that, yes, it was really only for the good of the children."

#ChildLabor #Republicans #Arkansas #SarahHuckabeeSanders

2 months ago

When I was a child in Arkansas a field of red clover grew behind our house. When I lived in Arkansas again in the early 2000s seas of red clover grew alongside the highways.

#OutdoorPhotography #Wildflowers #Plants #RedClover #Arkansas

Grimm :bc:
2 months ago

Haven't seen #Arkansas get its ass kicked that bad since 1863.


I Like Books
2 months ago

"Affecting public schools across the state, the bill, signed Tuesday (21 March), makes Arkansas the fourth state in the US to place anti-trans bathroom laws on students.


Known as bathroom bills, similar legislation is being used across the US.

Sanders’ spokeswoman, Alexa Henning, said: “The governor [former president Trump’s press secretary] has said she will sign laws that focus on protecting and educating our kids, not indoctrinating them, and believes our schools are no place for the radical left’s woke agenda.

“Arkansas isn’t going to rewrite the rules of biology just to please a handful of far-left advocates.”

It comes shortly after Sanders signed a bill permitting children under the age of 16 to work in the state."

#USA #Arkansas #Transphobia

> “The inmates received Dr. Karas’ treatment protocol for #COVID19, but did not know it included #Ivermectin,” Brooks wrote. “Dr. #Karas and his staff falsely told the inmates the treatment consisted of mere ‘vitamins,’ ‘antibiotics,’ and/or ‘steroids.’ Critically, the inmates had no idea they were part of Dr. Karas’ experiment.”