4 days ago

💪 Never skip ARM day! Train your #ARM64 exploit muscles in Saumil Shah's (@therealsaumil) ARM64 Exploit Laboratory! Dive into ARM64 #assembly, debug 64-bit processes, and practically #exploit memory corruption #vulnerabilities on ARM64!


The ARM64 Exploit Laboratory, Saumil Shah, Aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas
Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
4 days ago

Sieht so aus, als wäre die Frickelei in #golang von Erfolg gekürt!

Das Ding lässt sich auf #arm64 kompilieren und läuft dann auch.


Danke für eure Hilfe!

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Immerhin der Compile Job für #ffmpeg unter #arm64 läuft mal und wirft noch keine Fehler...

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Ich hab ja immer große Stücke auf #golang gehalten, aber das ist halt mies.

Brauche da was wichtiges, das in golang gebaut ist.
Aber lässt sich nicht auf #arm64 bauen -.-

daemon_linux.go:236:11: undefined: syscall.Dup2

@sidequesting Will #Bungie make #Marathon release first on #Apple #macOS as well?

Cuz #ARM64 #ARMv8 aka. #AppleSilicon has the #GPU power equivalent to a #1070Ti even in the smallest #M1 & #A14X chips...

Wolfgang Tremmel
2 weeks ago

@rvstaveren really looking for an #arm64 based server for my home in Intel NUC-like form factor....

der plueschmoors
2 weeks ago

Klar. Ich hab mir für diese Instanz drei
#Hetzner VMs der neuen #ARM64 Serie gemietet. Für eine Person mehr als ausreichend. 😆

Das Frontend (nginx,
#Calckey Master + Worker) laufen auf dem #CAX21 (4 Kerne, 8 GB RAM). Für Dateien nutze ich das 1 TB Storage Paket. Elasticsearch und Redis laufen auf einer #CAX11 (2 Kerne und 4 GB RAM), die DB ebenfalls auf einer eigenen VM.
Sollten sich weitere User anmelden, wird vermutlich das Frontend zuerst mehr belastet. Soweit ich das verstanden habe, lässt sich Calckey im Worker-Mode betreiben und somit auf weitere VMs ausweiten. Mich juckt es in den Fingern, es einfach mal zu testen.

Der Traffic im Frontend für eine aktive Person ist nach einer Woche Nutzung moderat, aktuell 3 GB ausgehend und 20 GB eingehend.

Hier der Load über einen Tag für das Frontend.

#Calckey #Frontend #CPU
der plueschmoors
2 weeks ago Hey Jason. Welcome and good to see another one hosting on #Hetzner. I'm running #Calckey on their #ARM64 VMs and it's working like a charme. 😃

@paul *nodds in.agreement* the fact that #Apple doesn't do #eGPU's on #ARM / #ARM64 is still pissing me off...

Not shure how far @AsahiLinux is in that regard, but I also think that's on their "nice to have eventually" #backlog with no ETA on when and how it's gonna be suppirted if at all..

@sima @marcan @LunaFoxgirlVT @G33KatWork @tnt @lina *nodds in agreement*
#Apple did really leverage the solid basis of #ARM / #ARM64 as a cleaner [not entire clean tho!] slate on their machines.
And whilst I can only speculate upon how Apple 'feels' about @AsahiLinux , I do am convinced that a lot of driver and hardware engineers there would love to commit code if they weren't under dozens of NDAs.

@marcan It's different market nieches or at least use-cases.

@fuchsiii won't do modern retro gaming and stuff on a #fanless #ARM64 #MacBookAir and in return that #MacBook just works as silent daily driver for office and productivity.

Only #TechIlliterates do absurd comparisons like racing 50cm³ two-stroke scooter made in GDR against a 15kW electric motorcycle.

And #AMD64's roots are as old as the #M541 engine of the former...

@marcan imagine how mich better performamce and battery will be once decoding in hardware is being supported with something like a VAAPI driver...

Either way, the most power-consuming part on all #ARM64-#MacBooks is the screen by a long shot...

3 weeks ago

A few folks from #Ampere computing (specialises in #ARM servers) will run a #ARM64 #Devroom at #FOSSY :

"AArch64/ARM64 Servers and Open Source - The Who, What, Why, and How"

So if you're in Portland in July and have a cool ARM story to share, head over to the Ampere community discussion for more information or go straight to the FOSSY dashboard and submit a proposal.

Submission deadline is May 18th, so there's some time left to participate.

3 weeks ago

💪 Never skip ARM day! Train your #ARM64 exploit muscles in @therealsaumil 's ARM64 Exploit Laboratory! Dive into ARM64 #assembly, debug 64-bit processes, and practically #exploit memory corruption #vulnerabilities on ARM64!


The ARM64 Exploit Laboratory, Saumil Shah, Aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas
radare :verified:
1 month ago

This release comes with some improvements in the #debugger.

* Large 64bit register values and cpu flags are now properly displayed in columns
* Implement breakpoints for the #RISCV (no cpu flags here :D)
* Add support for native debugger in the #OpenBSD and #NetBSD on #ARM64
* The new cmd.step eval var allows us to define a command to run on every step
* Fix dcu <address> when there's a breakpoint set in there
* Graph view in debugger mode now shows the register state on top and on the left of the instructions

Raúl Caro Pastorino
1 month ago

Virtualizar Windows 11 en Macos M1-M2 con UTM (ARM64)

En este vídeo explico cómo preparar el instalador para una instalación de windows 11 como máquina virtual en el software UTM que utiliza por debajo qemu.

En el momento de preparar el instalador para generar la ISO con él en arquitectura arm64 podemos encontrar algunos problemas que resolveremos

#utm #arm64 #macos #apple #virtualization #aarm64 #m1 #windows #windows11

Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
1 month ago

Announcing a new version of the .NET Upgrade Assistant with support for .NET MAUI and Azure Functions by @oliagavrysh.

(UWP to WinUI upgrades too)

#dotnet #visualstudio #dotnetmaui #cloud #AzureFunctions #azure #arm64 #winui

And here the situation for VMware Fusion:

#macOS #vm #arm64 #arm

Compatibility considerations for Arm guest operating systems in Fusion VMs on Apple silicon (90364)


#macos #VM #ARM #vmware #arm64

1 month ago

Po dvoch rokoch sa do distribúcie #Debian dostane oprava pre nefunkčný Secure Boot na architektúre #ARM64.

1 month ago

#Vaultwarden #arm64 Paket für #Debian?

Eine erste Testversion ist jetzt verfügbar ->

Damit man das auch auf den neuen Hetzner Servern installieren kann ;)

1 month ago

now all (re)installed! Nothing like doing stuff over and over because you screw it up hahahahaha.. :ablobcatcry:

I guess it is true, experience is the thing you get just after you need it. Anyway, #Akkoma now migrated from #x86 #Debian, and all up and running on #arm64 #Fedora woot!

Dirk Hohndel
1 month ago

Installing #Linux on my (new to me, but refurbished) Mac Mini M1...

Slowly but surely migrating most of my systems to #arm64 🙃

The M1 MBP has been a really great experience so far, but my "default Linux system" at home has still been an x86 (a fairly decent AMD NUC-alternative) as I struggled to find a reasonable arm64 option. I'm excited to see how well the MMM (Mac Mini M1) will work for that!

2 months ago

Migrated #Akkoma from Linode in Sydney (x86 Debian OTP installation) to Hetzner arm64 VPS with a source build!!!

I didn't actually think this would work!
(because I only have enough knowledge to be dangerous lol)

I am shocked. I still have some kinks to work out but am so happy to get this far an make a post from it! :D

#Fediverse #arm64
2 months ago
#Akkoma nearly all installed on #arm64 vps (ended up using #Fedora to get everything needed)... but it's bed time, and gosh darn it, I do love sleep. :blobcatsleep:
2 months ago
Some great news if you're looking for a more privacy friendly tablet: Pine64 has launched preorders for the PineTab2 and the PineTab-V. The main difference is the Pinetab 2 is Arm based while the PineTab-V is RISC-V based. Both will use the semi open BIOS of U-Boot. The PineTab2 will have support for various Linux and BSD distros out of the gate but the PineTab-V will not as RISC-V suppport is in much earlier stages. In any case you have to be willing to put in some work and be willing to find alternatives as this will not function as an Android tablet or an iPad but from a privacy and security standpoint these tradeoffs are worth it in my eyes.

Both tablets feature a 1200×800 10.1” IPS screen. Both will have two hardware configurations of 4GB LPDDR4 RAM / 64GB eMMC and 8GB LPDDR4 RAM / 128GB eMMC. The only real difference will be the CPU and architecture. Both retail for $159 USD plus shipping and import fees for the 4GB/64GB models and $209.99 USD for the 8GB/128GB models.

#privacy #security #pine64 #foss #riscv #arm64
C-onner :tux:
2 months ago

#Hetzner hat nun #Arm64 #Cloud #Server cool?!
Die Frage welche ich mir Stelle macht das überhaupt Sinn? Wenn ich mich nicht irre ist Arm64 doch auch Raspberry Pi & #smartphone Architektur oder?
Jim Spath
2 months ago

Almost finished pass 1 of auto test framework for 4 #NetBSD10 BETA install architectures.

939 test programs:
10302 passed
0 failed test cases.
60 expected failed
656 skipped
10510 passed
12 failed test cases.
76 expected failed
559 skipped
#arm32 (pi0)
9255 passed
21 failed test cases.
55 expected failed
662 skipped
#arm64 (pi4)
9424 passed
1 failed test cases.
59 expected failed
689 skipped

2 months ago

Shotcut 23.04 Open-Source Video Editor to Bring #Qt 6 and #FFmpeg 6 Support, #ARM64 #Flatpak Build, New and Improved Filters, and Much More

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

Shotcut 23.04
Chris Offner
2 months ago

What's the best and most convenient way to look at how #SwiftLang translates to #ARM64, given that #Godbolt #CompilerExplorer doesn't currently support #Swift -> ARM64?

Theo Salvo
2 months ago

Glad to see #bitnami enabling #arm64 support. I missed the announcement back in February but it's a WELCOME ADDITION!

Andrew Tropin
2 months ago

Guix System for PinePhone Pro:

Wifi, sound, calls and all the stuff should work, however, I tested only wifi connectivity.

#guix #rde #linux #arm #arm64 #pinephone #pinephonepro #pine #pine64

@slowbyrne I'll be waiting for @frameworkcomputer to deliver that.

Once they get a #fanless #ARM64 version that boots #UbuntuLTS out of the box maybe @fuchsiii would even be interested.

@anna @alilly why?

You got some#fanless yet powerful #arm64 machine like @fuchsiii?

2 months ago
Any users of the RockPro64 out there want to recommend a distro ? Nothing I try even wants to boot when burned on EMMC or SD card. Tried Manjaro; PostmarketOS; and Armbian. These used to work well about a year ago, has support gone down hill ?

#linux #pine64 #rockpro64 #foss #arm64

@lina damn...

I would try some launch options to force it into OpenGL or DX9 as well as force 120fps max...

Sadly I've got no #ARM64-based #Apple device to test with.

I guess once @fuchsiii is done with her #wvm [#Wine Version Manager] for #retro #Windows games she may try @AsahiLinux on her #M1 #MacBookAir...

Jon Stewart
3 months ago

What resources do people recommend for learning x86_64 and arm64 assembly? I was pretty comfortable with MIPS and 68k for those couple of semesters in college. Would love to know about modern tooling, too.

Eventual use cases: confirming proper optimization of C++ routines by the compiler (Godbolting?) and writing a few routines by hand.

#x86_64 #arm64 #assembly

Rob Jess
3 months ago

I wish we had a powerful arm64 linux laptop (or mini PC along the lines of Mac Mini or Project Volterra, for that matter)...

@frameworkcomputer @PINE64 @system76

#Arm64 #Linux

Chris Funderburg 🐝
3 months ago

My Gitlab server builds an AMD64 version of #Mastodon via CI, generally in 18 minutes or so. That runs on a general #GCP VM.

Just as an experiment, I just build an #ARM64 version on my M1 Max #Macbook. 5.5 minutes! What the actual hell? I need to rethink my life choices. Aside from the speed, that would run on my home Raspberry Pi cluster and save me £200 a month...

Tim Nolte
3 months ago

So what are #FOSS projects doing to serve up #Docker images? I just got a stupid email from Docker that states that I now have to pay them to host my free #OpenLiteSpeed image for #arm64 that I've spent months on tuning and supporting. I'm really starting to hate Docker. 💩

3 months ago

The MNT Reform is getting some updates. The Reform is an ARM based laptop that is made to be a more FOSS friendly option that provides more horsepower than some alternatives. It is being updated so that when you order one there are now options for an even more powerful CPU and more RAM than before. Instead of 4GB and 8GB options for RAM you can now choose 16GB and you can also choose the LS1028A CPU over the previous i.MX8MQ CPU. If you want a laptop that has privacy and security in mind than you may want to look into the Reform as one of your options.

The update list can be found here:

The Reform can be ordered here:

MNT has a presence on the Mastodon:

#foss #linux #mntreform #arm64 #mastodon

3 months ago

BeagleBoard has announced their new SBC the "BeaglePlay". It uses a quad core ARM CPU; has gigabit ethernet; 2GB RAM; full size HDMI output; dual band wifi; a PowerVR Rogue GPU; and 16GB onboard EMMC. You can use an SD card to obtain more storage. If you're into ARM boards this may peak your interest. You can pick one up from various stores listed on the page below. The page also lists it should at least work with Debian but may work with other distros.

#arm64 #foss #beagleboard #linux #beagleplay

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Sadly, it looks like no one was able to solve the issues around creating a Node.js binary for Musl on arm64, so it looks like Kitten¹ won’t be available on @postmarketOS on mobile phones, etc., in the foreseeable future (unless someone with the necessary knowledge and time can step up right away before this commit is reverted).


#musl #nodeJS #arm64 #arm #kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech

For tracing a Block of #Arm64 Instructions in #UnicornEngine ... Use a Block Execution Hook


To intercept every #Arm64 Instruction that will be emulated by #UnicornEngine ... Just attach a Code Execution Hook to the Emulator


Ben Hardill
3 months ago

Yay! bitnami have finally pushed ARM64 container builds for all their helm charts

#kubernetes #helm #arm64

3 months ago
RaspberryPi OS
Mudd ~: :blinking_cursor:
3 months ago

Hello! Let's get my #introduction going here.

Professionally right now I work as an SME in a #PenTesting group for a regulatory company, but it's really not my bag of tea in the long run. That I can feel. I much prefer to be in an investigatory and tool-making field for something related to #DFIR . I was especially happy doing #ReverseEngineering of #malware .

I'm into reverse engineering, assembly languages like #IA32 and recently #ARM / #ARM64, programming (old classics like C/C++ / #Python but learning the newer stuff like #RustLang ), big into #forensics, #RasPi and #Arduino projects and such.

Still trying to figure out what I am career wise, though, like job title and such! It's all great fun to me, just haven't found the direct niche to sink into.

Hobby wise, I'm also really into #GuildWars2! Long time gamer at heart.

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Wonder if anyone has any ideas why the new Alpine Linux musl/ARM64 Node.js build is failing and/or can help fix it.

If we can get this fixed soon-ish (before it’s reverted) it’ll mean – among other things – that Node.js will run on @postmarketOS on phones and other mobile devices.

CC @martijnbraam @alpinelinux

#NodeJS #postmarketOS #musl #alpineLinux #arm #arm64 #helpWanted

#Arm64 Top Byte Ignore: "When TBI is enabled the processor ignores the top byte of addresses"

Ciel! :blobhearttranscat:
4 months ago

Hello fediverse, I'm having some issues running #openbsd 7.2 #arm64 on my #RaspberryPi 4.

First problem is that OpenBSD won't update properly. It starts to boot /BSD.upgrade and then stops right at the point shown in the first picture (after that picture was taken, I created /etc/boot.conf and put "set tty fb0" in it, and tried the upgrade again multiple times; it did not help). Thankfully, I'm still able to boot into the pi if I type in "/bsd" before it tries to upgrade.

My second problem is that xrandr doesn't seem to be able to properly recognize my display, and I'm unable to set a new resolution. As you can see in the second picture, xrandr will frequently complain that it "failed to get size of gamma for output default", and upon creating a new resolution (1920x1080) with --newmode and --addmode, it will fail if I try to set it to the new resolution.

Any help with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated! :blobcatheart:

A picture of an OpenBSD tty. I will type out the output in between two "--" symbols.
disks: sd0* sd1 sr0
>> OpenBSD/arm64 BOOTAA64 1.12
Upgrade detected: switching to /bad.upgrade
Booting sr0a:/BSD.upgrade: 
After listing out some random numbers and a sequence of letters, the upgrade sequence is supposed to begin, but instead it just stops, with no further output to the tty.
A picture of the output of running the xrandr command. It states "Failed to get size of gamma for output default", and proceeds yo list out the specs of "Screen 0". It says that the maximum resolution for "Screen 0" is 640 x 480, despite the monitor being capable of a 1920 x 1080 resolution. In the listing out of screen resolution options, 640 x 480 is the only option.

Despite having 2x #HoneycombLX2 systems that are still in pre-prod, this #ClearFog #LX2162A #arm64 #networking dev system needs to come home with me like, now. 🤩

They just need to offer an m-ITX case + backplate for all those sexy ports, and then it would be perfect.

SolidRun product page for the pre-order option on a ClearFog LX2162A
SolidRun ClearFog LX2162A spec sheet
SolidRun ClearFog LX2162A in side view to show the various ports.

Just finished RE-compiling #FFMPEG static binary from my bash script I used to compile #macOS #X86_64 & #arm64. I thought I had it solved yesterday. Ended up it worked on X86_64 to compile in #HDR10Plus and all relevant CPU optimizations, but something I did messed up ARM64’s compile - so it showed as no #NEON optimizations AND only 32-bit in the x265 section of ffmpeg!

Wha’??? 👀

Tim Nolte
4 months ago

@alexstandiford I'm currently in the process of migrating my current #DigitalOcean droplet setup over to a container-based setup on the #OracleCloud Infrastructure free tier, all running on #arm64. Sort of got into the weeds as I ended up building my own #OpenLiteSpeed #Docker image that can run on arm64. I'm on the fence on whether I really like the setup or not. It's not 1-click simple, so I may look at figuring out a solution to that. It seems with #containers nothing is every 1-click.

STILL Trying to compile all the appropriate #FFMPEG #libraries statically and then FFMPEG 5.1 on #macOS.

(Please don’t tell me #macports or #homebrew! I want a portable #static build WITH ENABLE_HDR10_PLUS=ON, HDR, and other flags)

Been at it for 3 days and always some other problem with a dependency - or STUPID things like #x264’s lack of a “—disable-shared” flag to the ./configure! 😡

Sometimes it’s #arm64 #compile issues, others it’s the #intel! ARGH!

Michael Paepcke
4 months ago


Hello Filippo,
do you know if there is already a interface (planned?) to check the x86/arm64
MRS/DIT register state via golang/syscall to mitigate within golang/crypto
or at least on application layer on demand? (at least for the *BSDs I found none)

Thank you,

#go #crypto #x86 #arm64 #mrs #dit #Linux #FreeBSD #OpenBSD

Sven A. Schmidt
5 months ago

What are my options to deploy an #arm64 #SwiftLang binary to #AWS Lambda via a Github action? I could of course self-host an Apple Silicon (or other arm64) runner but the update rate will be so low that that’s overly complex. I don’t think GH has any sort of arm64 runners, does it?

Are there any offerings with free arm64 GH action runners?

Jeremy Sinclair #ฺNET
5 months ago

ICYMI: The #JetBrainsRider 2022.3.1 release brings Windows #Arm64 support!

Get downloading and developing!


Tim Nolte
5 months ago

@tmichellemoore actually I haven't tried it out yet. I'm currently only using the #ActivityPub and #Webmentions plugins. I need to get back to some of this again but I've been wrapped up in building a new #Docker container web hosting infrastructure and developing an #arm64 #OpenLiteSpeed Docker image for use on arm64 cloud hosting.

Jeremy Sinclair #ฺNET
6 months ago

Woo hoo! My contribution to bring #Arm64 support is merged into main for #specflow! Next release should include the #VisualStudio extension, or you can install it from their CI Build on the Github repo.

OH WOW! Free #ARM64 server with 4 CPUs, 24GB of RAM and 200GB storage! The catch is that it's in Oracle cloud, but I'll take it h/t @awakecoding

Jeremy Sinclair #ฺNET
6 months ago

And with this PR merged....

.NET 7 support for #PowerToys is in the main branch! \o/

Want to know the best part?

ALL of this work was done from Project Volterra / Windows Dev Kit 2023 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 #Arm64

Yup you read that correctly!

Jeremy Sinclair #ฺNET
6 months ago

Rejoice! The Roslynator 4.2.0 update is out with my contribution to bring #Arm64 extension support for Visual Studio 2022 \o/


Changelog of Roslynator 2022 version 4.2.0
DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab
6 months ago

ooh, just got a tracking number for the two #rock5 #arm64 #sbc boards I ordered. looks to be an amazingly powerful little system. if all goes well one should become a #cybredecke and the other maybe a purpose-built live video workstation for #newEllijayTV and stuff or something.

edit: I accidentally an extra word

9 months ago

...btw, master_me is cross platform, linux, macOS, win32, win64 and there is even an arm64 installer... clap support coming soon :)

#clap #arm64 #linuxaudio #plugin #audio #mastering #foss