20 hours ago

@dizzy everything is either #debian or #armbian

1 day ago

@solene a mixture really. My email server for my handful of domains runs on vultr and at home I run a number of #sbc’s with #armbian for dedicated services #jellyfin #immich #nextcloud local #restic backups

Rui Carmo
1 week ago

Yep. I can work with this. #armbian #portable #homelab

Why do i even bother with this shit?

On top of that I have to pay a significant sum of money for each of the contribution only to be treated like shit and having to rewrite my code into disfunctional trash.

#OSS #FOSS #Armbian #riscv #licheepi #lm4a

Zoe :rainbow_infinity:
2 weeks ago

My rockpro64 arrived in the mail today so I installed #armbian and set up #openmediavault, #jellyfin and #pihole. The pihole is set up to be a dhcp server as well as recursive dns. My Pi4 that was running pihole will be used as a media centre

Earl Novy
3 weeks ago

Can someone tell why #Debian is naming there arm based distro #armbian and not Debiarm?!?!

3 weeks ago

Обновился тут на #raspberrypi4 с #armbian 23.02 до 23.08.
Пропал wifi. Облом, надо разбираться теперь.

Armbian Linux
3 weeks ago

We’re excited to announce new release of Armbian, v23.08, codename Colobus. Check what's new #release #upgrade #features #fixes #aarch64 #armhf #amd64 #riscv64 #embedded #linux #armbian #debian #ubuntu #yocto #buildroot #infosec

3 weeks ago
SBC Linux distro "Armbian" has released version 23.08.1. This update adds SPI boot support for the Rock5A; enabled the driver for the MT7921U wifi on all kernels; added Gnome-calculator to the default package base; added support for the ThinkPad X13s as a WIP; many bug fixes; and more. The code to Armbian is licensed using GPLv2.0.

The main website for the Armbian project is here:

The changelog for this update is here:

If you wish to help the project financially you can do so through Liberapay; Paypal; Bitcoin Github and Patreon:

#foss #linux #armbian #liberapay #github
3 weeks ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for September 3rd, 2023: #Firefox 117 and 118 beta, #Nitrux 3.0, #Armbian 23.08, #GNU Linux-libre 6.5, Linux kernel 6.5 on #Ubuntu, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for September 3rd, 2023
ricardo :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

#Armbian Wallpaper Contest: Showcase Your Talent and Win SBC :armbian:

Ced ᴸᶦᵛᵉ
3 weeks ago

Armbian 23.08 was recently released. Now supports more SBCs (Single Board Computers) and ARM laptops.

9to5Linux article:

#Armbian #ARM #SBC #Linux

3 weeks ago

@hmoffatt I love #Armbian but it do have it's qurks

3 weeks ago

#Armbian 23.08 Brings Support for Lenovo X13s, Orange Pi PC Plus, Official Distro Upgrades, and More

#Linux #Debian #OpenSource

Armbian 23.08 logo
Linux TLDR
3 weeks ago

Linux Weekly Roundup: Linux 6.5 Kernel, Firefox 117.0, Qubes 4.2, and More!
#Linux #Linuxnews #Kernel #Firefox #Foss #Qubes #Privacy #Security #Armbian

3 weeks ago

#Armbian community has launched a wallpaper contest with some nice rewards! More details at

#Linux #ARM #Debian #OpenSource

3 weeks ago

Armbian Wallpaper Contest: Showcase Your Talent and Win SBC

Designers, don’t miss the Armbian Desktop Wallpaper Contest – an excellent opportunity for anyone to have their work featured on Armbian.

#linux #opensource #arm #armbian

1 month ago

#nanopi r5s progress. Blinky lights blinking appropriately.

#armbian #SBC

lane's roadmap basic armbian support ¥ add CSC definition for board ¥ add udev config to build for renaming NICs to WAN LAN1 LAN2 ¥ add DT Overlays to configure LEDS (overlay works better than a script because lights dont turn on if link is already hot before trigger is changed) @ static interrupt assignment for NICs
1 month ago

I got a #nanopi r5s and I'm just weirdly excited about it unlike most #SBC I have, because I truly believe I can make it a sane all-linux router/firewall

Thanks to other people's hard work there's bleeding edge mainline kernel and uboot support. I added a CSC for it to #armbian

Console of nanopi r5s showing kernel 6.5.0-rc6 and typical neofetch fufu bullshit
Valentin Sawadski
1 month ago

As much as I like #Armbian, the fact that it does not start the PWM fan of my #nvidia Jetson Nano device is a serious problem during the summer. 🥵

My device already overheated and shut down today. Only workaround I found so far was to throttle #CPU at 50% max speed, which for now keeps the system stable at below 60°C, but is far from ideal.

Anyone who knows how to get the #PWM Fan working, please talk to me 🙂

#Linux #FOSS

1 month ago

is anyone else using #armbian on an #odroid N2/N2+ and had a weird upgrade to #kernel 6.1.42 while 6.1.11 is still the latest in the repo? the upgrade didn't really finish and left my machines without network.

Mike Harrison
2 months ago

Need a fresh updated NMAP for an odd CPU box/Linux OS. Source and good docs at: - You know it's the right/good docs 'cuz they a little crude, and work. Why do I never trust the pretty page instructions? Because they are typically out of date and wrong-ish for a my needs. Now if it'll just compile before me SSH tunnel dies. Oh, I used "screen".. but it's still a pain. #armbian #nmap

2 months ago

After hours of trial and error my #nextcloudpi works, again😃 . I manually replaced the new #armbian kernel 6.1.42 by the old one (6.1.11).
The problem with loading kernel modules which is reported by kernel 6.1.42 is solved by installing /lib/modules/6.1.11-meson64 and using the old 6.1.11 kernel.
I think that the problem with the 6.1.42 kernel for Odroid N2 is the modules directory. No required modules are loaded after an error message at reboot. The module "firmware" is not found.

2 months ago

#nextcloud on #armbian : The external (USB/SSD) disks are no longer found. No network interface either on Odroid N2, Kernel 6.1.42.
USB Keyboard works, HDMI works. That's it.
Because I don't want to install a Google Authenticator App on my smartphone (which is required to act on the forum) I can't answer to this post with "me too":
This happened during last night. Unfortunately there is no older kernel image available on the internal disk to rule out HW, Disks are OK

2 months ago

Nextcloud broken again ( #armbian bullseye CLI on Odroid N2). Armbian forum now requires to use a Google Authenticator App to let you login and search/post responses to articles. If you "opt out", the only thing you can see is your profile. WTF ?

@tiesselune so installed #armbian it works well so far

Premierskandidaat Jarno
2 months ago

Hm, I accidentally (...) removed the last panel in #xfce on #armbian and can't seem to put it back. xfce4-panel doesn't seem to exist. Any pointers? #linux #help

Reading about the #Xiegu #X6100 . If I understand right, it's built around an Allwinner R16 quad-core Cortex-A7, running a binary-blob build of Linux as control plane firmware. Enough details have emerged to let people build a run #Armbian on it, though there doesn't seem to be open-source drivers for everything.

On the one hand, hackable radio! But how much of your radio time do you want to spend hacking on the radio, vs. making contacts?

via @kb6nu
cc @sad_electronics @edolnx

Michal :verified: :btw:
2 months ago

I just installed #Armbian 23.05 with 6.1.30 kernel on my rusty old #Odroid C2, and apt-updated it with no problems.

This is how all hardware should be! >7 years old and still very usable.

#linux #s905 #sbc

2 months ago

#armbian / #nextcloudpi Nextcloud läuft seit dem letzten Update nicht mehr. Nextcloudpi hat nextcloud aktualisiert ohne auf das Vorhandensein von PHP 8.x zu schauen. Habe eine Anleitung zum Update auf php 8.2 gefunden. Mal sehen, ob es klappt.
Nextcloud check: error
HPB: down

2 months ago

I won't shame the user, but I def won't take PrismOS seriously.

Seriously there's a lot of built in power via userpatches and params like VENDOR equals if you _really_ wanna skin your own build of #armbian and make build tool better instead of a low-rent fork for your product or ego

a PR to armbian that only rebrands everything to PrismOS
3 months ago

Although I still generally think the ARM Linux desktop experience is pointless due to vendor kernels and general state of mainline support, I still dig my pine64 pinebook pro.

it's not fast, but youtube plays fine at 1080p fullscreen in chromium, and I've got 30% battery remaining after 6 hours of having chromium, webcord and terminal stuff all day.

Currently running an Armbian build of Debian Sid w/ Cinnamon and mainline kernel 6.3

#pinebook #pinebookpro #armbian #pine64

Thomas Berker
3 months ago

Moving from openmediavault (#omv) to plain #armbian with #nfs file sharing and a simple #rdiff backup cron job on my underpowered #helios4 #nas has dramatically reduced power consumption and overall stability. Highly recommended!

L. Falkenstrom
3 months ago

När minneskortet till min Banana Pi gav upp och med det även reklamdödaren Pi-hole gick ner, ja då var man ju tvungen att göra något.

Kompilera om linux image för Banana Pi med senaste Debian, Bookworm så nu ska vi se om det funkar. Kan rekommendera er om ni behöver ett slimmat system för Raspberry Pi cloner.

För Raspberry Pi så rekommenderar jag Dietpi som nu finns baserat på Bookworm.

#armbian #bananapi #sbc

Linux Magazine
3 months ago
Linux Update No. 313 | June 15, 2023 | A CLoudless Data Synchronization Solution: If you need a cloudless solution for syncing data across multiple devices, Syncthing could be just the thing.
Josh :budgie_orig:
3 months ago

For now I have switched back to #Armbian on the #MangoPi . Since hopping around some new packages are available and I was able to install #Newsboat and #Cmatrix.

I'm very much diggin' the theming I put in place :ferrisdance:

Screenshot of Armbian running on a Mango Pi. Multiple terminals open running Neofetch, Newsboat, and Cmatrix.
3 months ago

@josh Yeah, I was (and am) impressed with the Duo2's hardware. You can drop it into designs that would otherwise only fit a micro and get a full Linux system—with Ethernet (on headers), WiFi, and a camera connector in addition to GPIO. Super neat.

The mfr's "one and done" attitude towards software is unfortunate, but #Armbian has impressed me a lot so far.

I'm currently compiling a custom kernel for it, but if I'd been smarter about ordering parts I could have avoided that.

#hardware #Linux

Carsten Raddatz
4 months ago
4 months ago

For the curious, it's a #NanoPi "Duo 2", a not-too-terrible little SBC built around the #Allwinner H3 SoC (aka sun8iw7p1), which is itself built around the #ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core processor.

In keeping with the finest traditions of low-cost Chinese hardware, the manufacturer seemingly only produced 2 Linux builds for it, they're both ancient, and contain an alarming number of mysterious binary blobs and arguable GPL violations. 😬

However, #Armbian 6.1.30-sunxi runs just fine!

ricardo :mastodon:
4 months ago

#Armbian 23.05 Released, Based on Debian 12 :debian: :armbian:

4 months ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023: Immutable #Ubuntu Desktop, #LinuxMint gets touchpad gestures, two new Linux-powered laptops, #GNOME 44.2, new #LibreOffice features, Ubuntu 18.04 EOL, #KaliLinux adopts #PipeWire, #Armbian rebased on #Debian 12, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

The 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023
4 months ago

#Armbian 23.05 Brings Debian Bookworm Based Images, i3 Desktop Support

Original tweet :

4 months ago

#Armbian 23.05 Released with #Debian 12 “Bookworm”-Based Images, Official i3 Support, and Updated #Ubuntu-Based Images

#OpenSource #ARM #RISCV

Armbian 23.05 distribution is now available to download for supported ARM and RISC-V hardware, as well as other platforms with new features and updated components.

its booting first time with #armbian #riscv

a plugged in mango pi
first lines booting the riscv device
Josh :budgie_orig:
5 months ago

Woooooo hoooo! I got it up and running! Now what to do with it…..

#MangoPi #Risc #armbian #MicroComputers

MangoPi size comparison to a standard pc mouse
MangoPi running Armbian with the XFCE desktop environment
5 months ago

@indyradio big fan of Debian for remote server but currently most of my servers run on #ubuntu
Debian I use for my monitoring needs on small servers #armbian

The articles argues for more hybrid DE/WM but I don't know I'm quite happy with the offering.. Took me a few years to love tilling WM but now I can't go back 😉

@lunareclipse if you just want it to be a stupid server that doesn't even need to call, sms, wwan but only do like Ethernet over a USB dongle [potentially even get powered vis PoE] then maybe #Armbian or some #Busybox / #Toybox distro may also work.

6 months ago

Check @rpardini interview about @armbian - valuable info to understand improvements and changes that has been applied to the #armbian #next build framework which was recently upgraded too #debian #ubuntu #iot #linux #buildframework

Neil Armstrong
6 months ago

The #armbian support for #bananapi CM4 module with BPI-CM4IO board has been merged !
Now, the BPI-CM4 module should work with RPi CM4 compliant boards, but I only have access to the BananaPi one... So could people can test on some other base-boards *or* send me some base-boards for testing and I'll upstream Linux/U-Boot for them!

7 months ago

The delivery arrived during the week, and I was able to do some tests. But until now, I like this SBC almost the best as a raspberry pi alternative. The features and performance are perfect!

#radxa #rockpi #armbian @radxa

Attempting to get my Pinebook Pro back in working order with #armbian

With a periodic cycling commute, if I can make this passable for work web browsing I could cut a couple pounds off my pack 🤞

LeRoy Miller
9 months ago

With Raspberry PIs SBCs still hard to find or out of my price range, I found this Libre Le Potato Board for $35.00 bucks, doesn't have the WiFi - but does have 2gb of ram, It seems to run #Armbian fairly well, but I haven't had a chance to try out any hats or do any real tests on it. It does seem to have a overscan problem with this display, but otherwise it's good.
I didn't mind adding USB WiFi - kind of reminds of how things were with the Rpi 2B.

#RaspberryPI #LibreComputer #LePotato #RPI

Box showing the Libre Computer Board AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato)
display showing the armbian logo.
Armbian Linux
9 months ago

Check our freshly recreated #armbian #test community images with kernel 6.1.y and latest user-land packages #ubuntu #debian #orangepi #bananapi #radxa #librecomputer #pine64 #odroid #raspberrypi #linux #riscv #aarch64

9 months ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for December 11th, 2022: Linux Kernel 6.0, new #KDE Gear and Frameworks releases, #Armbian 22.11, #Blender 3.4, Tor Browser 12, #OpenShot 3.0, new keyboard from System76, #Debian 12 default theme, and much more

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for December 11th, 2022
10 months ago

@Andres4NY I hope my #rockpro64 #NAS running #openmediavault on #debian / #armbian doesn't die. At this point it looks like low-power #X86 systems would be easier to obtain. I'm disillusioned with cheap #ARM systems in general. Sure they are power efficient, but they require a bunch of hacks, and some functionality is still broken/buggy afterwards. If I were rebuilding today I'd get an atom board, throw in two NVME drives in RAID1, and call it a day.

10 months ago

#Armbian 22.11 Released with #RISCV 64, Banana Pi M5, ODROID-M1, and Rock Pi 4C+ Support, Many Improvements

#Debian #Linux #ARM #OpenSource

Armbian 22.11 released

Pine64 PineDio Gateway img (Debian) Running Linux 5.15.74-sunxi64

#Pine64 #PineDio #radio #LoRa #sbc #Armbian #A64 #Debian #tech #Linux #FOSS #Gitea #Tor

📁 Download link / checksums (Tor Browser Link):

Pine64 PineDio Gateway img Available (Debian) Running Linux 5.15.74-sunxi64

#Pine64 #PineDio #radio #LoRa #sbc #Armbian #A64 #Debian #tech #Linux #FOSS #github

📁 Download link / checksums:

📡#PineDio gateway .img available. (02.26.2022)

#Debian + #RAK2287 Concentrator + #GPS enabled/packet forwarder running.

Switch between #Chirpstack private #LoRaWAN + #TheThingsNetwork easily.

#Pine64 #Linux #Armbian #IoT #RAKwireless #Radio
credentials/dl here: