Der Rest des Pakets hat aber gestimmt:
- Eine wirklich absurde Historie (11 mal Meister, unzählige Rekorde, tragisches abrutschen während der Professionalisierung)
- geile Fans, mit viel Platz für linke Positionierungen und wenig Platz für Gewalt und stumpfen Hass #toutesmavie
- Und dann das Stadion: denkmalgeschützter roter Klinker; #ArtDeco,das sich voll ins Straßenbild einschmiegt; voller Geschichte; etwas abgeranzt; es werden Spezial- & Craftbiere verkauft.

Uncanny Noir💀☕🐈‍⬛ ^◇^
2 days ago

Self portrait in the green Bugatti
by Tamara de Lempicka (1925)

#Art #ArtDeco #Deco #Noir

Art Deco painting 

Tamara Lempicka in the green Bugatti
Juno Rowland
2 days ago
Have you ever heard of the Arcadia Shop on #OSgrid? Maybe you have, but I wanted to breathe new life into my Art Déco District category. If you haven't, well, now you have. And this place is certainly worth a visit.

First of all, there's a common misconception that #ArcadiaAsylum is behind this. Yes, it's a misconception. She isn't behind it. She has never even been in #OpenSim herself.

The real creator of the shop, the whole sim and all items in the shop is Aaack Aardvark, a very skilled and creative mesh builder and script developer. The product range he offers is impressive: a few clothes which Aaack increasingly makes for #Ruth2 and even #Roth2, a few avatar attachments (bunny, neko, satyr), a whole lot of furniture, home decoration etc., a few vehicles, various lamps, some of which can be automated, even entire buildings plus scripted things like a security system and a weather system.

Not exactly few of his items are made in an #ArtDeco style, as is the shop itself. By the way, if you like art déco, there is an armchair to be picked up in the dressing room which Aaack got as a gift. It fits well with the rest of his creations. There are also a few #Steampunk items. In fact, the #OpenSimWorld beacon standing in front of the shop, an official one actually, was designed by Aaack.

There's also White Lies, a separate shop which offers classic clothes for ladies; they can partly also be worn with #BakesOnMesh. More recently, Aaack opened the Kinky Shop where his OsCollar items can be found now. Both shops can be reached via bridges, and if you don't want to walk, there are automated "monorail eggs" you can ride.

#OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds
Me standing in front of the Arcadia Shop building
Atlas Obscura
3 days ago

Tinside Lido in Plymouth, England

A 1930s Art Deco swimming pool with a design inspired by grand ocean liners.
Tinside Lido

Jeffrey A. Stvan
3 days ago

📷 It's FOR[A] Friday! 📷

A detail of one of Lee Lawrie’s carved marble screens which grace the Singing Tower (Milton B. Medary, 1929) at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL.

#LakeWales #Florida #Architecture #ArtDeco #Art #Photography #Monochrome #BlackAndWhite #Detail #Sculpture #FORAPhotography #FORAFriday

Black and white photo of a decorative screen carved from marble which depicts a striding male figure who is carrying a basket from which he feeds flamingoes and other birds, all of which are set against a background of densely intertwining vines
Perlaurel bijoux
6 days ago

Après les broches Art déco, le collier ! Une idée de cadeau pour la fête des mères, il est encore temps...
#diy #bijoux #collier #pendentif #bijouxfantaisie #bijouartdeco #artdeco

Art History Animalia
6 days ago

#TwoForTuesday: love these #ArtDeco serpent-shaped andirons seen on display at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! 🐍 🐍
Edgar Brandt (French, 1880-1960)
Pair of Andirons, 1926
wrought iron
#serpents #snakes #metalwork

photo of the serpent-shaped andiron pair on display at the museum, front view
photo of the serpent-shaped andiron pair on display at the museum, side view
Silverworker He/Him
1 week ago

Here’s a fun Festoon necklace with a bit of Art Deco style to it. Enjoy the tutorial and make sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel for more fun metalsmithing content! #art #jewelry #jewellery #artdeco #necklace #tutorial #amethyst #diy #crafts #maker #bespoke

Kat ♾️
1 week ago

We can’t pass this place in the Cascade Mountains just outside Leavenworth without getting milkshakes.

#Washington #ArtDeco

Art Deco styled retro diner wrapped in shiny chrome and glass block with pink and aqua colored bands and a black and white checkerboard motif.
2 weeks ago

Dott Deco.
Eastern Necropolis.

#Glasgow #ArtDeco #grave

Perlaurel bijoux
2 weeks ago

Boucles d'oreilles d'inspiration égypto-art déco.
#diy #bijoux #bouclesdoreilles #bijouxfantaisie #bijouartdeco #artdeco #acetate #Egypte

2 weeks ago

I love #ArtDeco

Stylized plant in Art Deco statuette
3 weeks ago

deuxième insectoid deco, autoportrait, série fragilitées.

#visualart #photography #selfportrait #psychedelicArt #blending #artdeco #surrealistPortrait

Female selfportrait photography in portrait format (head and upper body), dark soft colour palette (rose, blue, violet), the original motion blurred photo is blended with a semi-transparent symmetric pattern of insect photos, following the contours of the portrayed person.
3 weeks ago
female selfportrait photography in portrait format (head and upper body), dark soft colour palette (rose, violet, blue), the original motion blurred image is blended with semi- transparent insects. The insects form a symmetric pattern overlay, following the contours of my face.
3 weeks ago

Burgh Island Hotel (Bigbury, Devon)
Exterior & Interior (30-odd years ago)
#photography #BurghIsland #Devon #ArtDeco #Seaside

A white, Art Deco hotel, perched on a island
An Art Deco cocktail bar, with many mirror tiles
damian entwistle
3 weeks ago

Prague: Na Prikope.

Today's photo with the most hits, this imposing art deco building, from 1929, headquarters of the Komercni Banka.

#ArtDeco #architecture #prague #praha #KomercniBanka

Imposing art deco building on a triangular plot, showing strong architectural features. A semi-circular, pillared entrance  at the apex, with horizontal band extending along the facades. Above, a stepped back tower with three floors. The windows are echoed in the flanking facades, emphasised further by horizontal banding.

The Garfield Building changed hands six weeks ago, but it still looks as woebegone as it has for decades under the previous owners. We hope it won't be much longer until this National Register gem gets a little of the love it so desperately deserves. #esotouricroadtrip #artdeco

A striking detail on the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch (Parkinson and Parkinson, 1929). What do you imagine it sounded like? #esotouricroadtrip #signgeeks #artdeco

Silverworker He/Him
3 weeks ago

My newest YouTube video tutorial. This one shows how to make an Art Deco inspired link bracelet with a box clasp. Check it out, like the video, and subscribe for more metalsmithing content! #metalsmith #art #artdeco #maker #diy #tutorial #tutorials #jewelry #jewellery #bracelet #retro

Sheila Scarborough
3 weeks ago

The sleekest, sexiest train ever! Wandering through the historic Pioneer Zephyr is a highlight of any visit to MSI Chicago - the futuristic design is only part of what you'll see.

#travel #TravelTuesday #RailFan #trains #railroad #ArtDeco #design #Chicago

The sleek, shiny Burlington Pioneer Zephyr train engine at the Museum of Science and Technology in Chicago IL.
Den of Earth
3 weeks ago

@vwdasher I love watching the #Poirot series, they always have beautiful cars from the thirties. Bentleys, Lagondas, ahhh. Also more mundane cars like taxis. And invariably someone is murdered in an epic #ArtDeco mansion!

Dominik Gehl
3 weeks ago

The Capitol Theatre Singapore is located inside an iconic building in the heart of Singapore's Civic District, built in 1930 to plans by British architects Keys and Dowdeswell. It is a wonderful example of Art Deco design with geometric shapes and bold use of colour and ornamentation. #architecture #theatre #artdeco

Capitol Theatre Singapore facade
Capitol Theatre Singapore - entrance
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 weeks ago

Thank you for this day. 🌇

This is the Carbon and Carbide Building, peeking through the urban canyons created by skyscrapers.

Nicknamed the Champagne Building, its spire is real gold. It’s in the Art Deco style, representing the luxury of the 1920s.

#tyftd #ThankYouForThisDay #goodMorning #gratitude #ritual #thankYou #goodVibes #GoodMorningPhoto #Chicago #architecture #DailyPhoto #POTD #PhotoOfTheDay #StreetPhotography #ArtDeco

Profile picture of the Carbon and Carbide Building, taken from the eastern side (a block or so toward the lake, away from Michigan Avenue). It’s golden hour, so most of the frame is in deep shadow, but the sun has illuminated the spire, which is covered in real gold.
Atlas Obcsura
4 weeks ago

Plaza Theatre in Stockport, England

Opened in 1932, this theater in Stockport's Mersey Square is a bonafide Art-Deco gem.
Plaza Theatre

Modernism in Metro-Land
4 weeks ago

Tooting Bec Underground Station, Wandsworth


Charles Holden

#architecture #artdeco #modernism #london #tube

A colour photograph of one of the entrances to Tooting Bec underground Station
J. Martin
1 month ago

The Batman in “Crimson Harvest”

A Novelette by Francesco Francavilla
Artwork Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla started posting artwork on “Crimson Harvest” in July 2013, commenting it were “probably set between Batman 1934 and Batman 1972.” He also remarked that he were “crossing fingers and hoping” he’d be able to tell this tale at some point in the future as well.

I hope it’s still on his mind!

#batman #francavilla #1930s #1940s #pulp #artdeco #comics

Duotone-sepia artwork: The Batman, wearing a mask reminiscent of art deco/gas masks and holding a batarang, climbs up a ladder to a roof against a dark sky and a smoking chimney in the background.
Ele Willoughby
1 month ago

Mélusine for #MerMay!

This hand-printed Art Deco-inspired lino block print illustrates Mélusine at her bath, spied through a keyhole. Mélusine was the legendary half-fairy ancestor of the House of Lusignan & royals including the Plantagenets, whose lower half became a serpent when she bathed. She married a nobleman but insisted he must never observe her in the bath; of course he did, & she left him.

#artDeco #linocut #printmaking #folklore #fairytale #MastoArt #mermaid #compositeCreature

Linocut in an Art Deco inspired style of Mélusine in her bath, spied through a keyhole. Outside the keyhole is gold with a pattern of white lines. Inside is blue with an arc at the top with the word “Mélusine” and then she sits in a round tub running her fingers through her hair with her serpent lower half spilling out.
Timothy Andrew
1 month ago

Photo I just took from page 51 of ‘Art Deco Graphics’ by Patricia Frantz Kerry.

It’s one of favorite vintage art book finds. This piece is:

JEAN DUPAS, Aquarius, oil on canvas, c. 1928 (Primavera Gallery, New York)


#WaterfallWednesday #ArtDeco #Wednesday

Art deco styled painting of a woman seated on a cloud in space. She’s wearing a flowing light purplish dress and is holding large bluish teal vase over her shoulder. Water is flowing out of the vase and into a bluish fish’s mouth.
Timothy Andrew
1 month ago

Photo I just took from page 72 of ‘Art Deco Graphics’ by Patricia Frantz Kerry.

RENITAL, "Bridlington," poster, c. 1925, Great Britain (coll. Aiden Donovan)

#Meerwitoch #ArtDeco #Wednesday

Art deco illustration of a crowded beach evidently made for the city of Bridlington. The city’s name appears across the top in green font. View from the water. A row boat crowded with swimmers features a woman standing with a green and yellow towel flowing like a cape. She’s holding a black and yellow beach ball.
Modernism in Metro-Land
1 month ago

The Hoover Factory in Perivale was officially opened on May 2nd 1933. Designed by Wallis Gilbert & Partners it has become a much looked forward to fixture for many generations of motorists on Western Avenue.

#architecture #artdeco #London #modernism #factory #suburbs #1930s #Ealing

A colour photograph of the art deco front office block of the Hoover Factory in Perivale
1 month ago

En savoir plus sur l'histoire de la gare internationale de Canfranc ?
Découvrez cette gare grandiose au milieu des Pyrénées entre #France et #Espagne depuis sa construction jusqu'à son abandon et sa renaissance possible !

#gare #train #canfranc #artdeco #architecture #pyrenees

Dominik Gehl
1 month ago

Opened on March 25, 2017, Atlas Bar is located on the ground floor of Parkview Square. Its aesthetic is inspired by the 1920s and it features a 15 meter-high gin tower ! #artdeco #architecturephotography

Full photo series:

gin tower inside Atlas Bar
Atlas Bar
Atlas bar
Timothy Andrew
1 month ago

Photo I just took from page 146 of ‘Art Deco Graphics’ by Patricia Frantz Kerry.

It’s an Asia Magazine cover by Frank McIntosh in 1931.

I thought y’all might enjoy :)


#Caturday #ArtDeco #Saturday

Black and white magazine cover with “Asia” in white font on gray background at the top. Illustration of two stylish cats. A black cat sits facing left. A white cat lays facing right in front the other. The white cat is looking straight at the viewer.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

Thank you for this day. 🌇

This is the Chicago Board of Trade, an Art Deco skyscraper that anchors LaSalle Street in Chicago’s Financial District. Represented Bruce Wayne Enterprises in Batman movies. The aluminum statue atop the building is Ceres, representing abundance.

#tyftd #ThankYouForThisDay #goodMorning #gratitude #ritual #thankYou #goodVibes #GoodMorningPhoto #Chicago #architecture #DailyPhoto #POTD #PhotoOfTheDay #stocks #Batman #movies #ArtDeco

Steep perspective looking up at the Chicago Board of Trade building on LaSalle. It’s flanked by Wintrust Bank in the left and the Fed on the right.
Art History Animalia
1 month ago

For #WorldPenguinDay check out this delightful #ArtDeco #penguin cocktail shaker/jug! 🐧
"This special edition for the 1939 New York World’s Fair may have been produced to complement an exhibit called Admiral Byrd’s Penguin Island...[it] featured 50 live penguins, the largest number ever shown."
"Probably acquired by King George VI & Queen Elizabeth during their visit to the fair as part of their US/Canada tour."
Silver plate, 31.6x13.2x11.5cm, Royal Collection Trust:

A silver plated cocktail shaker or jug in the shape of a penguin, with hinged beak as pourer, wings to side, S-shape handle and claw base. The base is stamped with the Napier patent mark D-101559.

Designed by Emile Arthur Schuelke (1901–86), an art deco penguin cocktail shaker was first produced  for the Napier Company in September 1936. This special edition for the New York World’s Fair, complete with octagonal blue emblem on the penguin’s head, may have been produced to complement an exhibit called Admiral Byrd’s Penguin Island. Taking its name from the American explorer Rear Admiral Richard Byrd Jr (1888–1957), who had made several expeditions to Antarctica, Penguin Island featured fifty live penguins, the largest number ever shown. Alongside them was Admiral Byrd’s personal team of five Huskies, born and reared at Little America, Antarctica; and Advance Base, the hut in which Byrd had stayed during his most recent expedition to Antarctica in 1934–5.

From the New York World's Fair, 1939. Probably acquired by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to the Fair on 10 June 1939, as part of their tour of US and Canada.  Later recorded in the collection of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at Clarence House."
Modernism in Metro-Land
1 month ago

Our 9th Anatomy of a House blog examines the Studio House in Duke’s Head Yard, Highgate, designed by Tayler and Green for artist Roger Pettiward aka Paul Crum. The house was designed with a studio on the 3rd floor for the artist. Read more about the house, its patron and the architects here

#modernism #artdeco #highgate #haringey #architecture #suburbs #house #1930s #London

Colour photograph of the entrance to the Studio House, Duke’s Head Yard, Highgate
Colour photograph of the staircase tower of the Studio House, Duke’s Head Yard, Highgate
1 month ago

It's not just a TV, it's a fine piece of furniture and a work of art!
#ArtDeco #RetroTV

Retro Art Deco TV
1 month ago
Black and white photography of the roof part of the Bacardi Building in Havana. One can see art deco architectural elements line mosaiques of women to the left and right of some windows, and a a sphere of red clear cut glass topped by a bat with outstretched wings (as known from the bacardi logo). Construction was completed in December 1930 and at the time it was the tallest building in Havana
Mike Riversdale
2 months ago

"1950s SciFi Backlot"

It's movie town here in Wellington and this plays into it beautifully.

Sort of 😁

#StreetArt #SciFi #statue #ArtDeco #building #Wellington #Aotearoa #NewZealand #photography

1950s sci-fi scene in central Wellington
Julie Howlin
2 months ago

French artists were exhibiting works in an Art Deco style as early as 1905.

Today is Art Deco Day. Here are ten things you might not know about Art Deco.

#ArtDecoDay #ArtDeco #Art #Architecture

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

@PastGlasgow fantastic thread! I live in Chicago. The Carbide and Carbon Building is my favorite building in town. It’s nicknamed “The Champagne Bottle,” and that’s real gold leaf on the spire:

#ArtDeco #architecture #Chicago #drone #DronePhotography #photography

Modernism in Metro-Land
2 months ago

Extension to the Hunt Partners Factory, Clapton, Hackney


Owen Williams

#architecture #modernism #artdeco #London #Hackney

Colour photograph of the former Hunt Partners Factory in Clapton
Anne-Sophie Pereira De Sá
3 months ago

[Art inspiration] Discovered the works of artist and activist Jeanne Malivel, and the #Artdeco movement she pioneered in Brittany, through a free exhibition organised by the library Forney in Paris. If you are in town until June, I’d recommend popping in.

Octogonal white plate with geometric patterns in navy blue and yellow
Wooden large clock with art deco motifs
Draft of a fabric floral pattern in blue and  red
Draft of a floral pattern in yellow and navy blue
Matt Sexton
3 months ago

CLE in green ☘️

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have fun and be safe out there everybody. Slainté.

#photography #foto #picoftheday #stpatricksday #green #terminaltower #guardians #architecture #artdeco #cleveland #ohio

Night view of the Cleveland Guardians and the Terminal Tower lit in green for St. Patrick's Day.
4 months ago

These fan-like motifs seem to be a common feature of #ArtDeco design

Experimenting with noise() and lerpColor() for the marble effect

#genuary20 #genuary #genuary2023 #Processing #CreativeCoding #GenerativeArt

Art Deco styled wall - dark blue wallpaper tiled with golden fan motifs.
A central feature in the wall is a large diamond shape that is divided up into triangular and quadrilateral tiles, each coloured either dark green or brown with a marbled texture, and golden edge trim. The triangle tiles together form the shape of a fan.
Jewish conversations
6 months ago

Battersea Power Station is amazing! Love the #ArtDeco look and aesthetic

After selling my own art from ages 7-15, I started dealing in antiques in my teens - to earn money before college I flipped glass & antique #Avon from the 1920s that my great-grandmother had sold through the 1930s

This love of #craft & art objects informs my work in worldbuilding & 3D world #design

Now that love of #art glass, handpainted porcelain, gifts from #artnouveau to #artdeco living art objects still excites me with everyday artistry

There's 1970s and 1980s Avon here too #glassart

6 months ago

Wallowing in nostalgic design feelings is also a great time to (re)read this nice little piece by Tobias van Schneider on #artdeco and hope it'll become reality in 2023

Anne-Sophie Pereira De Sá
6 months ago

On the lookout for #design #inspiration for #dataviz projects, always amazed at how #artdeco posters use #typography to create movement.

Art Deco Ad for Spidoleine by by AM.CASSANDRE. Back ground is black, only things that pop out by contrast are very simple shapes (a white circle) and the simplified drawing of a battery + the minimalist text: Securite (security) written in yellow sans serif and the name of the brand, that is written diagonally and creates a movement, similar to the one when you pour the liquid in the battery
Art deco arts for the cycles Brillant. Only 4 colours are used (cream background, back, burgundy and yellow), the drawing of the cyclist is simplified and stylised. The cyclist is on his bike and there is a diagonal effect (to increase dynamism) the same diagonal is following by the text in italics (that just states the name of the product).
Art Deco art for a aviation conference in 1932.
The main drawing of the ad is an helix on which the artist has zoomed. the helix is so big it overflows on the sides of the poster. there is 3 lines of text: the main one is to state that it's the 13th aviation conference, and the rest of the text explains when and where.
But instead of having the whole text in 3 horizontal lines, which would break the drawing of the helix, the 2 sublines (when and where) are semi circles and have the same shape as the circular helix. So when you read the text, your eyes actually reproduce the movement of a helix moving!

My new design lab and gallery #Realitycraft is open December 17-18-19 or by appointment for your #holidaysale #gift #antiques #vintage #art #glass #tabledecor #centerpieces with hundreds of #artnouveau #artdeco #psychedelic #visionaryart pieces to buy starting at $25

Special pieces ready to box & ship include #Harrach #Bohemian #artglass #1899 late 19th century posters and sculptures of all types - Quan Yun #porcelain to Navajo #etchware - most art glass & sculptures are $60-300 for #giving

Richard Littler
6 months ago

Beautiful #ArtDeco #typography. Night Mail is a 1936 British documentary #film directed and produced by Harry Watt and Basil Wright, and produced by the General Post Office (GPO) Film Unit.

Night Mail title
Night Mail  'Presents' card
Night Mail 'The End' card.
Night Mail film poster designed by Pat Keely
Henrik Sørensen
7 months ago

Mand 57 år fra København. Mine interesser for øjeblikket er #dyrevelfærd #økologi #artdeco #frankrig #danmark #dieselpunk #dkmastodon #electroswing #swing men også #brewing #beer #dtu Og på den mere personlige del: #adhd #add #ibd #intro