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3 months ago

#Intro #Introductions

Hello, I'm Phoenix (they/them)! I'm a #PNGTuber livestreamer, #contentcreator and #digitalartist primarily on #youtube I've been #streaming for 3 months now and it's been a lot of fun 😄​

I love making art entertainment stuff—Think participating or hosting #events #challenges and general #activities that people can follow along with ❤️​

On a less frequent basis I do gaming for #indiegames #horrorgames and #partygames as well as some other experimental stuff I haven't tried before.

I participated in #artfight23 and in October I plan on streaming a lot for #Drawtober 🎃​

That's all for now 😎​

4 months ago

Forgot to post my last attacks I did at the end of July! Here's Bib for Saurgazing 💖

#DigitalArt #artfight23 #illustration

Demi :bisexual_triangles:
4 months ago

This is my fourth and final attack for #artfight23, Cupcakewarp's Rust!

When I saw this character... I had to draw it. Such a fun color palette and design, I love it!

I decided to try doing another lineless piece and I had a lot of fun doing it! I'll probably do more stuff with this style in the near future.

#artfight #art #furry #furryart #lineless #linelessart

Lineless drawing of front a facing canine's head.

Detailed description: they have black hair with a bit of white at the tip of the strands between their eyes. One eye is pink and the other is covered with a white and pink square. Their face is mostly black with a white jaw. Their nose is pink and their upper jaw has three pink triangles in each side. The ears are long, flopped down and are half black and half white. The spot where the color changes is stitched. The interior of the ears is pink. The pink parts have white doodles, and the white parts have the same in pink, a bit plush-like. They have a cat doodle over the snout too, a bandaid to the side of the jaw and under the floating head is a white collar with pink spikes.
Garbage Data :raccoon:
4 months ago

#ArtFight #ArtFight2023 #FurryArt #Furry #Anthro #Axolotl #ArtFight23 #ArtFightRevenge #ArtFightAttack #ClipStudioPaint #DigitalArt #MastoArt
AF2023 revenge for _a_can_of_soup_!
My poor poor battle ratio! I GOT TWO MORE ATTACKS! GAH!
But they're very neat designs, regardless.
More last minute attacks (probably) coming!

A digital illustration, in a cartoony style. It is a headshot of an off-white anthro cat character. They are looking towards the camera with their yellow eyes. They have a mullet, with it being pink on the viewer's left and blue on the viewer's right, with purple in between. They have a bandage in the colors of the non-binary flag above their nose, and little kitty fangs poking out from their lips. They have hoop piercings on their ears, above some black star-shaped markings.
Demi :bisexual_triangles:
5 months ago

My third Art Fight attack is done! First time in a while I finish a drawing in a single day lmao.

I present you DeckOfCards' Axel! I found out this cutie didn't have any attacks so I chose him as my target this time!

#artfight #artfight2023 #artfight23 #art #furry #furryart #tiger #anthro #anthroart #heterochromia

A headshot of a cream/orange tiger with heterochromia inside of a dark blue circle. His eyes are orange and blue, with two V-shaped arrows under them. The insides of his ears are electric blue (the same color as his left eye) and has red hair falling right under the side of his right eye. From the nose down he's cream-colored, above he's light orange. The markings under the eyes are a darker shade of that orange just like his eyelids and ears, which have a little round black earring. He has a smug expression, grinning and looking at the viewer. The signature "Demirramon" follows the circle's curve at its bottom left area.
5 months ago

Elf girl I drew as an Art Fight attack!!
(AF: serazebruh)

#alt4me #elf #artfight #artfight23 #artfightvampires #dnd #digitalartist

5 months ago

Oozing with Empathy🫠

Art trade with @/ smirkingraven and their character, Empathy.

#artfight23 #darkaesthetic #gothicart #digitaldrawing

5 months ago

Prepping some chars for art fight 2023 but not quite sure I'm doing things right, count ferretas #artfight23 #mastoArt #traditiinalArt #acrylics #wip

Me as a vamp will limited pallet